Dec 16: The Saint Greg Browning’s Goals Tips


WEDNESDAY was just perfect for Greg Browning with his nap and over 2.5 goals treble both winning.

He’s back with three tips today – two of which come up just before the start or inplay – and the match kicks off at 2pm.

Hearts U-20 vAberdeen U-20 (2pm)

Back over 1.5 first-half goals
Back over 3.5 match goals
Back Aberdeen win 4-5

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  1. Profile photo of thfourteen
    thfourteen 2 years ago

    Hmmm Aberdeen to win is 8/5 on the exchange

  2. Profile photo of warktheline
    warktheline 2 years ago

    Two goals in already!

  3. Profile photo of al
    al 2 years ago

    2nd goal was 28 mins, but, only 26 played??

  4. Profile photo of warktheline
    warktheline 2 years ago

    Think 365 are playing game about 3 mins behind!

  5. Profile photo of warktheline
    warktheline 2 years ago

    Goals are flowing….

  6. Profile photo of warktheline
    warktheline 2 years ago

    goal tally came in Greg, well done. Two out of three, for me two out of four! I added 1.5 Aberdeen goals, thought I was being clever!

  7. Profile photo of superjim
    superjim 2 years ago

    @gregbrowning. Last nights 5-1 treble and Saturdays treble wins has got thinking. These follow on from quite a few overs acc as you have won especially on a Saturday. As you know, To break even on the single naps we need to be winning 3 to 4 out of every 6. To break even with the accas we need 1 win out of every 3 to 5 to break even. I don’t keep your stats for the trebles but I know they are doing very well. Fixtures dictate when you can do a nap and when you can do a treble. I am not bothered about a the nb bet but would love to see the nap along with treble or even a double. Your overs bets in England’s league one and down (championship last night also) to lower leagues and also in Scotland’s lower down leagues are fantastic. I will check the stats for these leagues and post later but this is where you need to be. All the best.

  8. Profile photo of dicko73
    dicko73 2 years ago

    Great idea Jim, nice one!

  9. Profile photo of theboss
    theboss 2 years ago

    Typical I have a break and Greg starts rolling lol!

  10. Profile photo of superjim
    superjim 2 years ago

    Ok, English League one, Two and lower leagues – nap bets only 13 wins from 15 bets. How’s that!

  11. Profile photo of oozie
    oozie 2 years ago

    I’ve been keeping a spreadsheet on all Greg’s bets since I came on board.
    This is week 4.
    First week was profit.
    Second week was about even.
    Third week was a big loss blowout.
    Fourth week profit so far.

    Overall, at a loss over the 3 and half weeks so far based on all bets.

    Most people wouldn’t be able to cover all bets, even with a points system.

    To be fair, I think I’ve picked the wrong time to keep track of Greg’s bets as he had a nightmare last week.

    I’m still not sure what bets to follow, as more often than not, its either the next best or accy that wins and not the NAP.

    And with the NAP or NB less than evens most bets, as someone stated earlier you need about 4 or 5 out of 7 to land to either break even or be in any sort of profit.

    I’ve still not found a routine for gaining profit yet, going by the spreadsheet.
    But I’ll give it time, but so far backing everything isn’t a winning formula.

    I’m not actually backing everything, just keeping a record as if I was backing with a points system of 10 points a day at £25.


    NAP £15
    NB £10
    Accy £5

    If it wasn’t for the bad week, he would no doubt be in profit, but not massive profit.

    The NAP and a double or treble a day might be a good shout like someone else brought up.
    As it’s higher odds.
    But who are we to tell Greg how to bet. hahahaha

    Anyone else found a method in the madness ?

    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
      Mr Fixit 2 years ago

      oozie, you need to be more specific and if you follow someone you probably have to do more bets.

  12. Profile photo of gebony
    gebony 2 years ago

    My sure 2 points
    Hullcity —1x (eng champions)

    Whitehawk v dagen hem —2x (eng fa cup)

    Fbc melgar —1x (peru)


  13. Profile photo of oozie
    oozie 2 years ago

    Mr F, when you say more specific ?
    Do you mean actual profit / loss per week stats since I started monitoring it ?
    Do more bets ?
    That is me doing every bet Greg has put up since I started monitoring it, NAPs, NB’s, Accys the lot.

  14. Profile photo of oozie
    oozie 2 years ago

    I’ll post this at some point today Mr F.

  15. Profile photo of oozie
    oozie 2 years ago

    These stat’s are based from Monday to Sunday on the last 3 weeks, NOT including this week.

    These total’s also include “next best” “Accys” and all others, although less money on them.

    Based on £25 a day:

    NAP – £15
    NB – £5
    Accy or others £5

    NAP’s are supposed to be the best so that’s where most goes.
    There have been a few 5/1 accumulators landed, but if you are only putting £5 on it, the return is only £25.
    If there was only a NAP on one day, the £25 would be on the NAP.

    WEEK 48

    NAP – 4 won / 2 lost

    GBP 58.32 profit

    WEEK 49

    NAP – 1 won / 2 lost

    GBP -10.90 loss

    WEEK 50

    NAP – 1 won / 5 lost

    GBP -106.67 loss

    OVERALL TOTAL -GBP 59.25 loss

    Just to be very clear here, I am one of Greg’s biggest fan’s so I am not trying to put people off backing his bets, anything but.
    I am just trying to find a winning formula using his bets, but “SO FAR” betting on “everything” is not working.
    The week 50 really was a killer blow and he possibly may never have as bad a week as that again, so I’ll keep with it to see how it pans out over a few months, rather than 3 weeks.
    I for one am not prepared to bet £25 a day (£175 a week) on something I don’t even know about, so that’s why I’m testing the water with the spreadsheet to see if there is success in the long run.

    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
      Mr Fixit 2 years ago

      oozie, I didn’t believe your stats but I now see where you’re going wrong.
      All Greg’s tips should be done for level stakes unless advised.
      So 1pt or whatever on the nap, NB and accumulators. That means 1pt if there is only a nap.
      You can’t just decide to up the stakes because there is only one bet.
      Do everything for level stakes and you’ll be in profit.

  16. Profile photo of oozie
    oozie 2 years ago

    Just for your reference, for week 51 so far we are £38.33 in profit with the Fulham v Ipswich NAP and over 2.5 Treble.
    So “OVERALL TOTAL” is at – £20.92 loss.

    If it wasn’t for the week 50 disaster, it would definitely be sitting at profit.

  17. Profile photo of oozie
    oozie 2 years ago

    Mr F, I just went along with other punters advice before I started it.
    Which was most points on the NAP and less points on the NB and Others.
    I might be mistaken, but I also thought Greg had said most points were to go on the NAP ?

    I’ll start afresh from Week 52 using this method and see where it goes then.
    More often than not, he has 2 out of 3 and it’s the NAP that fails, so makes sense.

    I’ll base it on 10 points at £30

    NAP – 1 bet £10
    NAP & NB – 2 bets, £10 on each
    NAP & NB & Accumulator – £10 on each

    What if there is 4 or 5 bets on for the one day, would you just split the £30 over the 4 or 5.
    OR still bet £10 each on all 5, but that would be breaking the points system per day.

    Do you back all Greg’s bets Mr F, or do you only back your own ? haha

    I’ll give this a bash and see how we go, I’ll report back in 2016. :-)

    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
      Mr Fixit 2 years ago

      oozie, it has to be done almost scientifically – I haven’t seen Greg put points on anything because he doesn’t want the pressure that brings.
      Remember he’s simply a punter trying to help out others.
      So where there is no advice you can’t guess – you have to go with level stakes.
      I don’t my own bets and I do others if I like them – but never blindly. I’ll always check out a tip.
      If you have 10 bets that allows 1pt on 10 bets so yes if there were 5 tips I’d put 1pt on each of them.

  18. Profile photo of GregBrowning
    GregBrowning 2 years ago

    Interesting points made Ozzie

    Have to question the accuracy of the stats though as I had two winning Naps last week and not one and for this week so far I’ve posted 5 bets, 4 winners one losers and one of those winners was a 5/1 treble so this week would should consoderably more profit than what was suggested!

    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
      Mr Fixit 2 years ago

      Greg, I also questioned their accuracy.
      To clear something up would you recommend 1pt on every tip if that’s the way someone wanted to do it.
      Ozzie is trying to be helpful but without points advice he’s guessing a lot.

  19. Profile photo of oozie
    oozie 2 years ago

    Apologies Greg, I had Sundays Saints v Celtic Over 2.5 MG down as a loss – not sure how that happened.
    The rest of the information I have should be absolute spot on as I update it on a daily basis.
    “Amazingly” since I have amended the spread sheet to what Mr F said and do level stakes for each bet.

    The “OVERALL TOTAL” to date is £45.17 profit.

    Not great profit for 3 and a half week’s work, but it is still profit.
    Week 50 was brutal, so it would no doubt be a lot more profit had that not happened.

    I am trying to be helpful Mr F, and help others who follow Greg and yourself.

    Greg often says small stakes, for the under 20’s games for first half goals / overall goals.
    You are saying level stakes for every bet, two people saying completely different things.

    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
      Mr Fixit 2 years ago

      oozie, that’s more like it – it should be done for level stakes.
      I wasn’t knocking you – just questioning how you came up with the figures.
      Greg does say small stakes but 1pt is a small stake. He’s simply advising people not to lump on.

  20. Profile photo of simpledxb
    simpledxb 2 years ago

    @oozie – profit is profit. And it’s a distorted view posting profit is “x” against a pre-determined pounds shilling and pence value. If you want to win more profit then increase your stakes. The point is that @gregbrowning has a proven track record of picking more winners than losers… demonstrated by the fact he is in profit as you have proven over the time period you have been following.

    If you take average return on investment of even the most successful gamblers – a strike rate of 10-20% profit against amount staked is exceptional – and at that level it’s enough to earn a living.

    Your exercise is very helpful and I appreciate the lengths and efforts you have gone to in completing the exercise – but to me it demonstrates: i) @gregbrowning is more consistent than most; ii) don’t expect to make massive returns if you don’t make massive layouts – with risk comes reward but with reward comes risk; iii) most gamblers have unreasonable expectations on what constitutes an ‘acceptable’ margin of return. Most investments are deemed solid if they’re paying between 6-10% ROI – and if you’re getting a 6-10% return on the amount invested in gambling then you’re in the money…

    Sorry for the long post – and not having a dig – just wanting to contribute to the discussion. It is this very kind of discussion that makes this site so valuable – everyone has a view and everyone’s view is valid – and each of us can take what we want from everyone on the site (and hopefully contribute something in return).

    At least we can all agree it’s a good day when we smash the bookies. Onwards and upwards!

  21. Profile photo of oozie
    oozie 2 years ago

    The reason I picked Greg’s bets to monitor, is because he has been a standout with so many bets landing since I started following the site.
    I’m glad I posted, as it’s given me a different outlook on how to go about things.

    Keep up the good work Greg, and thanks for the pointers Mr F.

  22. Profile photo of bogey1888
    bogey1888 2 years ago

    Really enjoyed reading this discussion, very helpful.

  23. Profile photo of
    2 years ago

    Agree very informative, personally I generally always back all of Gregs bets for quite a while now. Try to keep stakes of nb and trebles quite similar(level) and the Nap stake would be quite higher, maybe ranging from 2-3 points depending on how confident I am of it.
    Ever since I have started following greg, have been in consistent profit, can’t win every night! his goal bets are second to none! Keep them coming greg!

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