THIS is the latest thread from Simon Wright and GillsRob whose strategy on betting on corners has proved popular.

If you have any queries about what they are doing post them as a comment at the end of this article – and watch out for their daily tips on here or the main Mr Fixit thread.

They have put a system out there and no doubt do their research. They can't, however, dictate results. Remember they're doing the groundwork and you're seeing their thoughts free of charge – so take them or leave them. It's your choice.


Firstly, it’s important to point out we are not professional gamblers following our tips won't guarantee a profit. We are regular punters who share a passion to try to build a system that delivers a high win ratio to bets within a strategy to maximise profits and reduce risks.

We have spent the last year trialling many systems and markets from over 2.5 goals to both teams to score to team goals. However, we were unable to forge a system that produced a win rate over 60%.

After a few months we realised one of the trials we were running was doing particularly well and decided to focus on that.

This was Asian Total Corners. Using corner, formation and some pitch data we were able to produce a decent system. We spent the next few months refining the system and changing the weightings we placed on certain stats to increase the number of winners we had to achieve our target of 70%.

In late 2014 we believed we had a system that worked and started to bet for real on these games. We found our picks were delivering 60%-70% winners consistently and started to show profit.

Our final refinement was in March when we reviewed our results to help narrow down the most successful lines we had used through bet365. Following the test we decided to drop six lines from both the over and under market and only run with the remaining six, which are Over 10.5, 11 and 11.5 and Under 9, 9.5 and 10.

I hope that clarifies what our tips are and why. However, and we feel this is really important. Our 70% success rate is calculated over a calendar month, therefore there are individual days and weeks which are loss making.


Aside from the betting lines the most important area of our strategy is the stake structure. We advise you to divide your bank by 12. This would then be your initial stake (which will allow you to make 12 bets).

The reason we suggest 12 is twofold. Firstly, as I said we do have losses. So if your first three bets are losers you need to have enough bank left to recover from this. The way we advise you count is simply starting from 0. If your first bet wins you move to +1 and if it loses then you move to -1.

Also you need to consider how many bets you place at once and have to have the bank to cover this. On a Saturday at 3pm with a full card we sometimes can have up to eight bets. The figure 12 comes from our maximum number of bets at any one time being 8 and also our maximum minus position is -3.

The risk you need to be aware of is if you are on -3 and you place 8 bets at the same time your bank effectively is more or less 0. So, back to your stake and I asked you to split your bank by 12, so assuming you have a bank of £120 your bet would be £10 per tip.

You are going to count the winners as +1 and the losers as -1 and keep doing that over and over and over again. With a win ratio of 70% you will slowly see it go up. Your aim is to get to about +12. Now I say this is your aim as if our tips were all evens, this would mean at +12 you bank is doubled. In reality the odds on our tips range from 1.7-2.0.

Therefore you actual aim is not +12 but just when you bank is doubled. In the example we are using, from an initial £120 bank and £10 stake, you are looking to reach £240. When this happens you can double your stake and your bank divided by 12 would be £20.

You can carry on doing this over and over or you can raise your stake by £10 every time you achieve the correct bank to do so, so for instance when you reach £360 move to £30 stake, when you reach £480 move to £40 stake and when you reach £600 move to £50 stake.

It is at this point when the strategy becomes most profitable and you then will want to plan when to begin to draw profits (after all that's the whole point) but always reverting back to the £600 baseline and repeating the process.


The other way you can stake, which is a lot easier to manage, is every Monday take your bank and divide it by 12 and that’s your stake for the week. This will deliver faster growth but has greater risk if our tips provide a losing week.

Anything more regular may make it difficult to track the strategy then possibly have an adverse effect on the overall performance.


We only post our selections on Mr Fixit's main forum. Due to busy work and family lives we share the workload equally. Look out for either of us, Simon Wright or GillsRob, usually about 10.30pm for the following day (and including any overnight). This ensures we all get the best odds and also allows plenty of time before the game.

Occasionally we may add one or two in the morning, usually before 10am. Additionally, we do endeavour to have at least one of us available on the site during the day, especially when bets are running.

Finally, there are days when nothing meets criteria, so it is a no bet day. We have no plans to make ad hoc bets in these situations.

I hope that provides the clarification you are all looking for. This system is not thrill betting. It is methodical and at times you will go a whole week and only end up at +1) which is just like winning one evens bet. It's not really for the gung-ho gambler out for fun.

However, if your motivation is purely financial and you have the patience and discipline we believe our picks and staking plan could suit you. For others who do not wish to deposit funds anymore this also could be a good system.

All the best,
Simon & Rob

  1. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Morning :-)

  2. TheBoss 3 years ago

    Bloody Toronto :(

  3. Alex MS 3 years ago

    Hi simon/rob.

    Just thought i would check stats of torronto corner history on ‘total corner.’ see link below:

    I was expecting to see quite a few over 10 but according to their stats torronto games haven’t went over 10 in any of their games this year or last year since august 2014!

    That’s 30 games reviewed and only one just reached 10, with 5 games at 6s, 6 games at 8s, 4 games at 5s/9s, 4 games at 3s, and 3 games at 4s/7s. last 5 games before last night were at 5/6s.

    How do these stats compare to your data? Do you think total corner stats are correct and reliable? as if they are that means last night was quite a way against stats.. But i would of thought if it was so much against stats the odds would of been much higher..

    Will be good to hear your thoughts on this.

  4. Alex MS 3 years ago

    Personally, don’t think total corner stats are reliable, as when i checked to see if link working, the stats had changed! seems a bit random, strange…

    • PeteT 3 years ago


      I think it’s sample data – to show you how they present the data – not actual data (they want you to pay for that! ;o) )

  5. JamieW 3 years ago

    @ Alex

    Toronto’s last game was 14 corners, buddy.

  6. JamieW 3 years ago

    I feel a little disappointed with yesterday’s results but also quietly confident. We’re back to basics now and using these I remember a day where there were 8 winners, a void and a loss. Patience is key me thinks.

  7. Alex MS 3 years ago

    Thanks Pete and Jamie. I thought there was something a miss with it! ha.
    Yes, hopefully in good time things will begin to turn our way..

  8. tom 3 years ago

    Where are the tips though I can never see them

  9. PeteT 3 years ago

    @Tom. There aren’t any yet which is probably why you can’t see them.

    Simon did say it was a small card yesterday so probably unlikely they’d tip.

    Best check back later though in case Rob or Simon see something they like

  10. Michael C 3 years ago

    A very quiet day today on here…. wonder what tomorrow will bring….

  11. GillsRob 3 years ago

    Sorry it’s been quiet today. Simon is packing for his move and I’ve been busy with the kids lol

    Tomorrow looks busier so hopeful we’ll have one or two

  12. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Michael – Will be better 8 games into the new season when the system opens up to new leagues again.

    Not looking forward to Friday as always stung me, hoping tom will be diff :-)

  13. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Rob – I have four of those things that take up my time, money, petrol, milk, loo rolls, more money, spare change, tv remote, sky plus record, anything nice i buy myself in the cupboard or fridge, more money, my sleep, my sanity, more petrol, my phone chargers,

    Wouldnt change it though :-) and all four are not teenagers yet (not sure i will survive lol)

  14. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    The only me time i get is my corners lol so lets keep them winning :-)

    As typing one is calling my name due to shadows from the cat cleaning itself, scary stuff.

  15. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    If we get any today lets hope we get a good start before Saturday/Sunday

  16. TheBoss 3 years ago

    Very quiet……………….in here…..

  17. Michael C 3 years ago

    Ssshhhh Boss

  18. GillsRob 3 years ago

    Good Afternoon, here are two tips for today





    That is most likely it for today but of course we will give as much notice as possible. Good luck

  19. GillsRob 3 years ago

    Also FYI our dry run which has started very well, continues. Information only DO NOT BET on the following

    FRANCE W over 4.5 team corners
    CHINA W over 3.5 team corners

  20. TheBoss 3 years ago

    Cheers Rob! Unders again huh? :P

  21. GillsRob 3 years ago

    We’re due a good day. Ireland and Finland generally perform well in unders

  22. John smith 3 years ago

    Decided to go for Argentina v Clombia O9.5 Asian crnrs @8/11 Bet365 based on very favourable stats. Actually stats suggest O10.5 @ 11/10 but i thought i’d play it safer lol.

    • robert miller 3 years ago

      you may be correct Brian but ultimately it will be the performances on the day that will count…. remember stats are not there when we are out there getting the tankings weather wise in training or competitions

      • BRIAN 3 years ago

        I think everybody knows that lol !

        If you dont then your obviously someone whose not playing with the full deck of cards.

        Stats are used as a guide to price an event –

        “Stats are and have always been used to create a price/give odds on any particular event.

        Stats are not taken on training lol so dont worry about that, thats what your team news is for, but they are taken on weather conditions and they are still taken when your getting a tanking. As when you get a tanking in a competition the pissing rain- it will be recorded against the ongoing stats.

        As for a bookie you think hes is going to go and speak with every player before a game starts, to see if they are feeling ok today, if they’ve had a good nights sleep or they up for it today. Simple answer No. So therefore you have to work with stats.

        “Of course it’s not the definitive answer, if it was the betting industry would not even exist !!”

  23. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Good luck all

  24. BRIAN 3 years ago

    That away goal is going to upset the apple cart on this one.

  25. GillsRob 3 years ago

    Robert – I understand your point but stats help guide us, afterall they are generated from actual events.

    Decent first half, we have a good chance

  26. robert miller 3 years ago

    gills/rob… no way i,m knocking you…total and utter respect to that… and yes people place bets on events on stats based before an event…i was referring to what happens when you are phsically out there when all the emotions, tiredness, etc, etc, are whats really happening…yep good luck on this one…..

  27. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago


    Is a good position considering 4 after 20 ish minutes.

    4 to play with

  28. GillsRob 3 years ago

    RobertMiller – no offence taken. You’re absolutely right, stats are a good guide but there are things we cannot allocate for. All we can do is attempt to factor in variables beforehand

  29. Terry DRFC 3 years ago

    Gills Rob, slightly off topic.Knowing that pitch size is one of the factors you use in your calculations,have you already got a fair number of English teams on your radar for the coming season? I ask because my team Dagenham & Redbridge have one of the smaller/narrower pitches in the Football League. Have you an average corner figure I should be looking for when playing at home or is the opposition style a bigger factor?

  30. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    WINNER :-)

  31. Terry DRFC 3 years ago

    Great stuff Rob/Simon. Worth waiting for.

  32. GillsRob 3 years ago

    Terry – we don’t really narrow it down to specific teams as such rather each game goes through the.same algorithm. However from my corner studies, a team with a narrow pitch is likely to yield few corners, due to the congestion caused by lack of width. Same goes for teams playing narrow formations

  33. TheBoss 3 years ago

    Winner winner :) good start

  34. GillsRob 3 years ago

    Nice to get off to a winning start. Lets hope for the irish to bring up the double

  35. Terry DRFC 3 years ago

    Rob, Thanks for the reply. We averaged 10.65 at home. Lowest 6 and highest 15. The average at away games was 1 higher than at home.Too much time on hands I think….

  36. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Terry – Nice research bud :-)

  37. Terry DRFC 3 years ago

    Dave..I’m going for a lie down in a darkened room.

  38. GillsRob 3 years ago

    A nice double today – we were due lol

  39. grimsbyevertonian 3 years ago

    Bloody missed the first one, got on the second though. Well done chaps. France looking good for your trials too

  40. Michael C 3 years ago

    Great stuff!

  41. Alex MS 3 years ago

    Well done lads :-)

  42. GillsRob 3 years ago

    Back to basics feels good lads and yeah the team corners trials continues to go well

    • BRIAN 3 years ago

      Rob Im looking at some stats in the MLS and see that Kansas are coming up U/9.5 @ 1.95

      Obviously wouldnt be covering off an all the stuff that you do but im i on the right tracks here ?

  43. Tunnell 3 years ago

    Well done with your picks today si/rob. May I ask what odds everyone got, finished worked and went out for something to eat so missed the picks. Sod’s law tonight’s results would of paid for my grub haha.

  44. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Get the f in and on we go.

    Been a lovely Friday, 1st good friday since I started lol.

    Lets take this into the weekend.

    Stick with it and enjoy the ride, 2nd game way closer than it should have been. I dont like the last 5 mins lol

  45. Terry DRFC 3 years ago


    Odds I got
    Bet 1 1.825
    Bet 2 1.925

  46. TheBoss 3 years ago

    Wooo 2 winners nice one :)

    Also on your trial corners as a double for a free 5 bet. Gotta have a little tinkle on it.

  47. Tunnell 3 years ago

    @ Terry

    Cheers for that mate, it’s very much appreciated.

  48. BRIAN 3 years ago

    @ Robert Miller
    Don’t know what your smoking but I’ll have some !
    Stats are and have always been used to create a price/give odds on any particular event.
    Of course it’s not the definitive answer, if it was the betting industry would not even exist !!
    Hardly rocket science !

  49. TheBoss 3 years ago

    Come Frence one morw corner girls! Although there 1-0 up now so they won’t need to push for it

  50. Razerbwfc 3 years ago

    Well done lads. Feels an age since we had a +2 day! But, however hard it’s been over the last couple of weeks we’re still in there, fighting.

    I still haven’t put any money in since my initial £60 a few weeks ago (and that was built up from a free £5 bet). If I had continued down my usual betting path I daresay I would have spent at least double that and have bugger all to show for it.

    Once again, many thanks for the continued hard work and selfless attitude. You may not have made me a fortune but you’ve certainly saved me many £££’s by sticking to the plan. You’ve made me see that it’s all about the long game and i thank you for that :)

  51. GillsRob 3 years ago

    Brian – if that’s what your stats lead you to, only a lengthy test/dry run will tell you if you’re using them correctly.

    Additionally, regarding MLS its a league that tends to produce quite a few corners, so predicting an under would be a nice achievement.

    • BRIAN 3 years ago

      I will back the life out of then lol, keep me interested and motivated to take it seriously.

      It produced unders last night in the Dallas game which i had a bet on from another account.

      1 Under 10.5 FC Dallas v Houston Dynamo
      (Corners 2-Way) 27/06/2015 None 8/11 Won

      I will put it to the test and roll this onto Kansas U9.5 @ 1.95 tonight.

  52. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Razor – Great to see bud and I agree with your summary. One day I will return to some wdw or goal bets but it will be with control and a system (not for a while though) This way of betting has helped ensure i keep control whilst still enjoying the bet.

    I am not to proud to admit that i used to do all the things the bookie loved like betting after a loss quickly, lumping to recover my position, quickly looking through the thread and jumping on bets, it did work at times but was just boom and bust and doing that long term is not good.

    Within this corner system i do still play an extra ht bet or an extra inplay at times but its only done as cover and controlled.

    The Boss – Good to see a little liquid on the dry run, been backing them all week. They have perfirmed well.

    2 unluck ones though with china and the french falling 1 short but well up for the week on team corners.

  53. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Brian – Great unders on the mls. Been following the mls closely on corners.

    Last week i think 9 games and only 3 went overs but the week before all games finished overs or void.

    Normally a very good league for overs, good luck with your bets bud.

  54. GillsRob 3 years ago

    Brian – nice work and good luck with your testing

  55. robert miller 3 years ago

    Brian cast your mind back to that precarious apple cart that you mentioned yesterday..think you were gonna heave it when you appeared to give up the ghost after 4 corners in around 20 minutes yesterday on the 16.30 kick off game…. think that one eventually proved to be a winner……………… stick around for 90 minutes.. you know it makes sense…..

    • BRIAN 3 years ago

      Yes there was 4 corners in 20 mins and the 8/13 favorites were 1 goal down, which would lead you to believe that they will push for an equalizer and eventually the winner. So at that stage with what was going on in the game 6 further corners in 70mins with the favorites behind was more likely to happen than not.

      So being on an odds on bet this is not the position you were you want to be, hence upsetting the apple cart. And looking for cover may be a favorable option.
      I have let them all run their course bar 1 bet from i started, which i cashed at 94% profit and the bet was subsequently beat.
      Ive done about 44 bets and watched 90% of them in-play so this was an observation judging on what i have been watching.
      All bets below.

      STAKING PLAN (12 bets plan)

      £15 / £25 / £37.50 / £50 / £60

      £15 STAKES
      1. Pathanokis U9.5 = +1
      2. Tomsk U9 = +2
      3. Gunghazu U9.5 = +1 (L)
      4. China U9 = +2
      5. Fredrica U9.5 = +1 (L)
      ———————————————————–£25 STAKES
      1. Lahti U10 = +1 (+2)
      2. Ural U9.5 = +2 (+3)
      3. Girona U9.5 = +3 (+4)
      £37.50 STAKES
      1. Shamrock U9 = +1 (+5)
      2. Slovenia U11 = +2 (+6)
      3. Wexford Youth U9.5 = +3 (+7)
      4. FC Honka U9 = Void
      5. Japan U9.5 = +2 (L) (+6)
      6. Philpeans U10 = +3 (+7)
      7. Lebanon U9.5 = +2 (L) (+6)
      8. Giorna U10 = +1 (L) (+5)
      £50 STAKES
      1. Andorra U9.5 = -1 (+4)
      2. Norway U9.5 = 0 (+5)
      3. Athelitico Go U11 = -1 (L) (+4)
      4. Tokyo V U9.5 = 0 (+5)
      5. JEF utd U9.5 = +1 (+6)
      6. Breidablik U11 = +2 (+7)
      Prior to this stake profit at £190
      £60 STAKES
      1. Sandringham U9.5 = -1 (L) (+6)
      2. Chilli U9.5 = 0 (+7)
      3. Athletico U10 = -1 (L) (+6)
      4. Fako U9.5 = -2 (L) (+5)
      5. Jeonnam O9 = -2 (void)
      6. Seoul U9 = -3 (L) (+4)
      7. FC Inter U9.5 = -2 (+5)
      8. Zaragoza U9.5 = -3 (L) (+4)
      9. Shimzu U9.5 = -4 (L) (+3)
      10. Kaiser U9.5 = -3 (+4)
      11. Barrum U5 HT = -4 (L) (+3)
      12. Honefoss U5 HT = -5 (L) (+2)
      13. Ranhiem U5 HT = -4 (+3)
      -£300 loss for the week : Overall Total -£110 (+2)
      Continuing at 60 stakes no divide by 12

      1. Lunjskile O10.5 = +1 (-5) (+4)
      2. Archers Utd U9.5 = 0 (L) (-4) (+3)
      3. Monjasay U10.5 = -1 (L) (-5) (+2)
      4. Brann U10.5 = 0 (-4) (-4) (+3)
      5. Toronto O10 = -1 (L) (-5) (+2)
      6. MyPa U10 = 0 (-4) (+3)
      7. Drogheda U10 = +1 (-3) (+4)

  56. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    When it says do not bet on these it just makes me have a little bet, I am still a bit weak lol

  57. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Ribert miller – Was a bad start with 4 in 20 but provided me with an oppurtunity to back under 12.5 in play alongside the tipped bet (bit of cover, not proper cover but a safety line)

    I try not to panic any more, seem so many strange outcomes, the last 5 always panics me though :-)

  58. GillsRob 3 years ago


    Japan J-League
    11:00 Vissel Kobe v Yokohama F-Marinos


  59. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    On that 11am game, be nice for an early winner.

  60. Tunnell 3 years ago

    Cheers rob

  61. GillsRob 3 years ago





    looks like another three for this evening too, will post once double checked in my break at work

  62. Michael C 3 years ago

    Good stuff Rob. On both so far…. Let’s see where we are by 4pm. Another +2 would be great!

  63. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Cheers Rob/Simon

    Good luck those on the below and will take a plus 1 today or be greedy and take Michael C plus 2 :-)

    11:00 Vissel kobe
    Under 9.5

    14:00 Osotspa
    Under 10

    • BRIAN 3 years ago

      Lets not get greedy, Id take a +5 for the day lol !
      Would bring me back to evens.

  64. GillsRob 3 years ago


    Spain Tercera
    18:00 Gernika U8.5

    Campeonato Brasileiro Serie C
    20:00 Vila Nova O11.5

    03:00 Real Salt Lake O10.5


  65. TheBoss 3 years ago

    They have to take us right to the last corner dont they! Grrrr

  66. TheBoss 3 years ago

    Get in! Weekend winners is the name of the game :)

  67. GillsRob 3 years ago

    It’s a good start. Wasn’t too sure at half time but happy in the end. Building some m like momentum now, still four to play today

  68. GillsRob 3 years ago

    New page up now guys – we’re posting there now

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