HE already has a knighthood and now Sir Andy Murray has his eyes on another first – the Australian Open crown.

The super Scot gears up for Melbourne by playing his first competitive match of the year today and is 9-13 at Marathonbet to beat Jeremy Chardy with a -5.5 game handicap at the Doha Open.

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga gets the Doha action under way against Andrey Kuznetsov while at the Brisbane Open Rafa Nadal takes on Alexandr Dolgopolov and there's an all-French battle between Lucas Pouille and Gilles Simon.

In the NBA there's the usual busy night of games including the likes of San Antonio Spurs and Boston Celtics while on the cricket crease there's Test matches as well as T20 and Big Bash action.

Good luck with your bets and post your sporting tips and chat here.

  1. ryanoneill1995 5 years ago

    Hi guys new to the site!
    Just wanna post a bet I backed a while back and am more convinced will happen since the season went on.
    Falcons to win the NFC championship
    There offence is unbelievable and I know there defence is suspect but I just think Cowboys Dak Prescott will blow up in the playoffs and I’m not convinced by the Packers or seahawks throughout the season but hey what do I know I’m an eagles fan ?
    Falcons to win the NFC 4/1 @bet365

  2. maxxxx 5 years ago

    As a Boys fan, you’re right Eagles fans know nothing ;-) We wont blow up mate Believe me Dak is the real deal, and Zeke will run riot in the playoffs, I am only afraid of the Giants and hopefully after 2 defeats we have a game plan to beat them this time. 3rd time lucky. Our D will stop Matty Ryan if they get to the Championship game and Zeke will run right through them. Bring on Brady!

    • ryanoneill1995 5 years ago

      Fair play man you’s have been quality this year it pains me to say haha!

    • ryanoneill1995 5 years ago

      Nice one man

  3. the lucky filipino 5 years ago

    NBA single

    Derrick rose (knicks) over 4.5 assists 4/5 **LOSE** ✖️ 4 assists

    So close..but Couldn’t get that last assist i needed – too many missed shots when he laid up the ball to the open man..bounce bk tonight..

    Well done all winners
    NBA player prop record
    54 wins
    41 loss

  4. anasewhiz 5 years ago

    Hi guys.. Anybody doing tennis bets here.. ☺??

  5. baggio 5 years ago

    Victor Troicki ML (tennis)
    Melbourne Victory ML (football)

    Evens @ bet365


  6. baggio 5 years ago

    Fun Bet

    Brisbane Heat ML (Cricket)
    Rafael Nadal ML (Tennis)

    Just under evens @ bet365

    GL if you follow

  7. raoul duke 5 years ago

    Knicks -3 @ 1.83 (Bet 365) – *LOST*

    Knicks, what a joke of a team. Will not be betting on them again.

    Updated record

    Week – 1-1
    Season – 48-37

    • the lucky filipino 5 years ago

      Tell me about it mate – was painful to watch..?..will defo stay away from them until they find form again..more tonight for a bounce bk..

    • handyman22 5 years ago

      Will definitely be staying away from them for the future that’s twice they’ve let me down this season!

      *pressed report comment by mistake so just ignore that!

  8. fraser51 5 years ago


    0.78/1 Double – 2pts

    *LOST* After being 15pts up in the 4th quarter, Denver pushed the Warriors all the way and the Warriors only won by 8pts!

    Clippers -2.5
    Knicks -2.5

    3.72/1 – 1.35pts

    *LOST* Along with Warriors, the Knicks were very poor at home once again, Cavs/Clippers sailed in as well.


    When the Cavs were down in the 3rd quarter i placed a 4.5pt single on at 11/20 and a 2pts double with Warriors -7.5 at 1.11/1.


    Total profit NBA last night a massive 0.92pts. I am keeping track of my records, currently at work, will post when i am home tonight.

  9. the lucky filipino 5 years ago

    10/1 longshot

    Draymond o.8.5 rebounds ✔️ 10
    Harden o.7.5 rebounds ✔️ 10
    Westbrook o.10.5 rebounds ✖️7
    Lebron o.9.5 assists ✖️ 6

    Fourfold – *LOSE*

  10. ayeright 5 years ago

    Tsonga to win 3/10 & Muguruza to win 8/11 Double (still waiting Mugu should win now )

    Man U most corners & Cavs half time full time 6/4 LOsss

    Brengle to beat Jamie Loeb 4/6 Nap

  11. ayeright 5 years ago

    Over 1.5 goals in eibar vs osasuna game 4/11
    Celtics to win against Jazz 5/12
    6/5 Double

    Arsenal most corners 11/10
    Arsenal to win 7/10

    • humble tipper 5 years ago

      @ayeright liking this look of this 4-fold
      Davis 4/7
      Strycova 4/5
      Spurs 4/9
      Pouille 1/2

    • ayeright 5 years ago

      Looks pretty good I like the spurs bet the most.
      Lucas Pouille against Edmund is a flip of a coin for me .You’re probably right bro.
      Strycova has lost 2 to the 1 she has won against Safarova

      Which leads me to

      Bencic to beat Petkovic 4/6 (won 3/3 matches against her)
      Celtics half time full time against a tired Jazz side 1/1

    • humble tipper 5 years ago

      I think safarova’s game has gone so far downhill the last few years and strycova had a good year last year so hope her form continues. I just think pioulle is a much better player than edmund. Gonna throw in your 2 with my 4fold and take spurs/celtics straight win as a double just under evens

  12. raoul duke 5 years ago

    Toronto Raptors @ San Antonio Spurs

    Pick – Spurs -5.5 @ 1.90 (Bet365)

    No time for a write up atm, I might have time later.

  13. the lucky filipino 5 years ago

    My early prop bet thoughts are in the Celtic vs jazz match..

    Jazz are currently on a 4 game winning streak but played lastnight some tired legs could be a factor here.. On the other hand celtics are fresh and looking to start off the new year with a win in their own yard…

    Isiah Thomas is averaging 33.5 ppg in recent weeks and it won’t be surprising to see another 25+ game again tonight ..jazz are a brilliant defensive team but I feel thomas will be too much for them to handle..gobert will most defiantly be battling with halford under the rim and crowder will try his best to stop the In form Hayward..meaning thomas and Bradley should have decent attempts on the rim..
    Bradley over 15.5 points looks good too but waiting for his PA&R lines…

    Over 25.5 Isiah Thomas 5/6 PP could be the line I choose tonight…

  14. raoul duke 5 years ago

    Quick write up to support to Spurs pick tonight.

    Spurs lost their last game against the Atlanta Hawks.

    Since last season Spurs have gone 18-3 (85.7%) after a loss, with an average winning margin of 17.6 points.

    This is the last of a 6 game road trip for the Raptors, it’s a tough schedule and a big ask to beat the Spurs at the end of a long road trip.

    Either way I don’t think 5.5 points is enough, Spurs should win and cover.

    • the lucky filipino 5 years ago

      Like it dude..?..I’d prob go for Aldridge on this game over 17.5 points..feel with Kwai not being 100% the 2nd biggest threat would be leMarcus…gasol and jonas should cancel each other out leaving leaving Aldridge to do his thang..the 20+ Aldridge points and spurs win 2/1 ,as a long shot single look good too i feel..good luck bro…

    • the lucky filipino 5 years ago

      Over 16.5 Aldridge points 5/6 looks good too sky bet..?

  15. Jordan 5 years ago

    No luck with Booker last night, hit his first three in the first quarter but went 1-5 from then on. Waiting for props as PP have changed their approach and seem to wait for the multiple player props.

    NCAAF playoff game is next Monday night. I don’t know overly a lot about the NCAAF, but I do follow it enough to know the draft prospects and big time teams, also grabbing the Heisman winner fairly early when he was a good price, and tipped it.

    Both these teams have have players that could probably see double digit first round picks if you combined them, but I’m going to side with the Tigers. Bama’s offensive coach Lane Kiffin announced that he would step down a wek before the Championship game. While Nick Saban is obviously the College Coach God, that could be a problem for their QB Jalen Hurts with a new coordinator, because Hurts has only heard one voice his whole Bama career. That could be a problem against a Clemson defense that shutout the Buckeyes and picked off experienced QB J.T. Barrett twice.

    Clemson have the offense and defense to hang with Bama just as they did last year, and Dabo Swinney (best name ever) is a year more clued up on how to play the Tide after their effort in last years Championship game.

    Give me the best QB in the draft, one of the best WR’s (Williams) and a defense that brings a lot of pressure, and I’ll take the +7 @ 365. Bama have one of if not the best defenses in the league, no question, but Ohio State do too, and they got steamrolled.

    Clemson +7 @ 3/4 @ 365 – 8 points

  16. ayeright 5 years ago

    Tsonga & Muguruza 6/5 wins :)

  17. raoul duke 5 years ago

    Anyone notice the line drop on the King’s @ Nuggets game?

    Apologies for not posting earlier, first day back at work and lack of time.

    I locked in Kings +6 @ 1.90 (PP) earlier this morn. Thought it looked good value, with Nuggets on a b2b.

    +6 is looking like incredible value now, as the line is at +1.5.

    This kind of line drop usually says a lot about the starting line ups tonight.. the bookies know something we don’t. But by the line movement alone I expect ex Nuggets player Ty Lawson will play, perhaps with a face mask.. but according to Rotoworld Lawson, Rudy Gay and Afflalo are all still questionable.

    Kenneth Faried and Darrell Arthur missed the Warriors game last night, if the 2 big men don’t play tonight.. who’s going to guard Cousins?..

    Maybe wait for confirmed team news, but I can really see Kings taking this one. Nuggets record on b2b is poor (1-5, 16.7%), and whoever wins this game will be in a playoff position. We might only be 1/2 through the season but this is an important game for both teams, and you have to fancy the rested King’s to play hard and grind out a win.

    I won’t count +6 to my record, as it’s not fair, I didn’t post it in time. But I will instead go out on a limb and take the +1.5….. subject to team news.

    • raoul duke 5 years ago

      Apologies that’s supposed to read KINGS player Ty Lawson

    • raoul duke 5 years ago

      ^- ignore that comment haha. Misread what I typed, long day ??

  18. handyman22 5 years ago

    Just one I like the look over today and that’s…

    Kentucky Wildcats -13.5 points @ 10/11

  19. the lucky filipino 5 years ago

    Ello lads locking one prop now ..

    Avery Bradley (Celtics) over 14.5 points 5/6 skybet…

    Rested last game due to sickness now back in the lineup and will be well rested as with the whole team…mr 15+ has scored 15 or more in 13 of the last 15 games..he should provide a lot of support for Isiah thomas who will be leading the scoring again..should have a few decent looks of the basket today against a tired jazz team…let’s see what happens …

    Good luck all
    NBA player prop record
    54 wins
    41 loss

    • baggio 5 years ago

      Bet 365 have the line at 16.5. Still worth taking? I only have another account with PP and they only have rebounds listed!?

    • the lucky filipino 5 years ago

      Ello dude ..it’s on PP at over 16.0 now..I 70% feel he will get 17 tonight mate but pls don’t take my word for it – will b upset if he doesn’t cover and get only 15 and u lose your bet ..?..Have u not got skybet? I think it’s still over 14.5 on it..

  20. raoul duke 5 years ago

    Forget my write up on the Kings, don’t like the line movement.

    If we get positive team news later, it might be worth a go.

    But my only official bet tonight is Spurs -5.5.

    Good luck all.

  21. Jordan 5 years ago

    Joel Embiid (76ers) Over 27 Points and Rebounds @ 5/6 @ PP – 3 points

  22. fraser51 5 years ago

    Raptors are on their last leg of a long schedule on the road over the festive period, going away to Spurs is hard enough and with Spurs having an extra rest day i can only see the home team coming out on top

    Celtics haven’t had a match since Friday, well rested with 2nd home game in a row, well rested and not traveled. Isiah Thomas is on fire right now and he will be too much for the Jazz.

    Priced up Spurs / Celtics double earlier and it was 1.10/1 but now its dropped, i’ll take them both -1.5 to give me 1.06

    Spurs -1.5
    Celtics -1.5

    1.06/1 Double – 2pts

    • the lucky filipino 5 years ago

      Looks like a winner to me mate..good luck..

  23. dazid316 5 years ago

    *Posted Yesterday*
    NBA Bet For Tonight

    5 Fold @ 6.26/1 (£10) LOST
    Cavaliers ML
    (Thunder)E Kanter Over 13.5 Points ✗ got 2
    Hornets +4 ✗
    Rockets ML
    (Warriors)K Durant Over 4.5 Assists ✗ got 2

    Went with Kanter points over Adams over 10.5 points, lets see if I made right choice
    Wrong choice – Adams 12 Points in 1st 10 mins finished on 20 in the end

    NBA (accumulators)
    November Bets 27 Win 3 -£83
    December Bets 30 Win 5 +£95.85
    January Bets 2 Lost 1 -£20

    Gone risky on this as only 2 games
    Double @ 18.25/1 (£5) LOST
    Bruins -1.5 1st period ✗
    Canucks 1st period ✗

    December Bets 26 Win 3 +£12.22
    January Bets 2 Lost 2 -£15

  24. dazid316 5 years ago

    NHL Bet For Tonight

    5 Fold @ 12.7/1 (£5)
    Hurricanes ML
    Blue Jackets ML
    Rangers/Sabres Over 5.5
    Capitals ML
    Sharks ML

  25. dazid316 5 years ago

    NBA Bet For Tonight

    5 Fold @ 7.13/1 (£10)
    Timberwolves ML
    Celtics ML
    Pistons ML
    Spurs ML
    (Mavs)D Nowitzki Over 11.5 Points

  26. the lucky filipino 5 years ago

    Having another pop on a longshot before I go bed…

    Aldridge 20+/spurs win
    Cousins over 9.5 rebounds
    John wall over 10.0 assists

    10/1 treble PP..

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