THE time has come to put up another thread that should help people identify tips on the main football post.

There have been a lot of complaints recently about tips being missed because the thread has been clogged up by other topics – and when you have up to 1000 comments a day it can be difficult to follow.

I even noticed some quiz questions today so this post is the place for the quiz master to visit as well as anyone who wants to comment on any football subject – or anything to be honest. Discuss your favourite breakfast cereal – whatever you like.

If you think Hibs are the best footballing team in Scotland, if you think Hearts will be crowned champions by March, if you think Rangers will beat Celtic in the League Cup semis or if Celtic will do the Treble this is the place for you. Maybe your Aberdeen wanting to know how to remove a grin from his face.

Of course it's not all about Scottish football so any thoughts on the Premier League title race, relegation battle or Championship promotion fight will be welcomed too anything in fact.

But let's keep it sensible. Bun fights between supporters are for fans' forums – so keep them for those sites.

Chat to each other but don't be abusive, bigoted or racist.

This thread will start as an experiment and let's hope it's successful. Don't put tips on here – keep them for the main thread.

To encourage use of this thread for the next three days admin will give a £10 free bet to what they decide is “Comment of the Day”.

It will be admin's decision only – but any comments mentioning Clydebank FC will have a better than evens chance of winning.

  1. raaljaca 6 years ago

    If nobody else comments on here until after midnight I win ‘comment of the day’ Up the Bankies!!

    • Mr Fixit 6 years ago

      raaljaca, that’s as good as we’ll get I think. Some score for Hearts today – how did the new boy look?

    • raaljaca 6 years ago

      Not match fit but couple of goals and a great win Mr F keeps everybody happy in Gorgie. Great match coming up on Friday at Ibrox and we should have no fear of going there and getting 3 points.

  2. Mr Fishman 6 years ago

    cel v val , worst game of the year ive watched so far and ive backed val zzzzzzz

  3. paulc 6 years ago

    Clydebank, in my opinion, wud at least take 5 aff barca! And thats in the nou camp!

    • Mr Fixit 6 years ago

      paulc, it’s a fair comment – but only if Messi wasn’t playing.

  4. bigmick 6 years ago

    hello there, testing 1 1-2

  5. bigmick 6 years ago

    aye mr f thats a good idea, having this wee forum just for general chit-chat about football and other sports. well done sir

    • Mr Fixit 6 years ago

      bigmick, it’s been overdue – the problem being the volume of comments. The whole issue of site changes has to be addressed and is again being looked at.

  6. ben 6 years ago

    Any problems with keatings anyone? Or just didnt grab one? Happy for the new guy! Two goals in first game!

    • daz1874 6 years ago

      Keatings could easily have scored a hat trick yesterday. Just wasn’t his day in front of goal but luckily for him his teammates were there to bail him out.

  7. bigmick 6 years ago

    i love cornflakes.lol

  8. daz 6 years ago

    Mr F did wet wet wet own Clydebank once ?

    • Mr Fixit 6 years ago

      daz, they couldn’t afford us. Wet Wet Wet were shirt sponsors – late 80s, early 90s. Did I ever tell you Marti Pellow was at my stag night!

    • nathan ufton 6 years ago

      Didn’t he end up a junkie?

      Clive Jackson ( the Dr from Dr & The Medics ) is a friend of mine and he’s still going strong.

      My 2nd cousin is Lesley Hornby – aka Twiggy.

  9. bigmick 6 years ago

    mr f you should give yourself a pat on the back as it was you who started mrfixitstips and when you look at the number of people that visit the site now its a credit to you.

  10. Jamie 6 years ago

    Well my favourite breakfast cereal has got to be bran flakes, bit of sugar sprinkled on the top. Mmmm

  11. Jamie 6 years ago

    Mr F I don’t know if you are aware but there are a few coding issues with this text box that we type in on the mobile site. It’s when you are deleting a word or something it jumps back and starts typing on the end of the other word. Just maybe something your tech guys could have a wee look at.

  12. simon Wright 6 years ago

    Great idea, This website is a mixture of tips and banter, so splitting the two will work really well.

    Just as a general question to everyone to kick this forum off, I wonder if anyone else does the same as me here? As a saints fan, I normally back the opposition to Win. Now in the past I won quite a bit of money (when the saints were rubbish) but the whole ethos is that when the saints lose I can cheer myself up with the fact that at least I’ve made a bit of money, and if the Saints win, then i’m too happy to worry about losing my bet.

    It’s a win / win :-)

    Needless to say, you can work out what a certain £20 will be on tomorrow :-)

    Come on the reds…. (either one)

    • Centrecircle 6 years ago

      Simon saints will get a draw tmrw

    • Ad 6 years ago

      Personally, backing against my own team is something I could never do. Even if just one tiny part of me is hoping, whether consciously or subconsciously, that my team will lose because I will be slightly better off financially, then I have contaminated the purity of the sport, and of my support.
      If you’re not a passionate fan then I can understand it, but if you are then I think it triggers a conflict of interests that tarnishes what it is to be a real fan. This is just how I feel about it. I know it’s not the same for everyone!

    • Mr Fixit 6 years ago

      simon, I used to back my side to lose thinking if they didn’t I’d still be happy – but I quickly learned that was daft. I simply don’t bet on them now although I’d be up a fortune if I’d gone against them this season.

  13. Centrecircle 6 years ago

    Just seen todays scottish goals on sky
    Where are all the fans in the gronds gone?
    Loads of empty seats !!!!!

    • Mr Fixit 6 years ago

      Centrecircle, no Celtic today, no Rangers, no Hearts and no Hibs in the top flight – that’s three of the four best-supported teams in the country. Also it was freezing – give me summer football any day.

    • Centrecircle 6 years ago

      Clydebank Football Club is a Scottish football club based in the town of Clydebank, West Dunbartonshire, on the western edge of Glasgow. The present club, formed in 2003, is a member of the Scottish Junior Football Association, and currently plays in West Super League Premier Division. They are not to be confused with either Clydesdale or Clyde.

    • Centrecircle 6 years ago

      The 1965–2002 incarnation of Clydebank F.C. were the third club of that name to represent the town in senior football. The first club was formed in 1888 but never competed at a high level. Of more significance was the second Clydebank F.C. formed in 1914 and a Scottish League member from then until 1931. Although these clubs are not directly connected to the present entity in a business sense, they are discussed here given their shared name and their relevance to the development of the town’s footballing history and its community.

    • Mr Fixit 6 years ago

      Centrecircle, never confused with Clyde but sometimes it’s like watching Brazil. Anyway enough of the hilarity and chocolate jokes – I’m taking the dug a walk before Match of the Day. She hates to miss it.

    • Centrecircle 6 years ago

      Mr f im buttering you up for the £10 free bet
      I need the cash to follow geggs over series !!!
      Up the bankies

  14. Stuart 6 years ago

    My wife left me because of my obsession with chocolates….time for a celebration me thinks

    • Stuart 6 years ago

      ^^^^^^joke alert^^^^^^

  15. daz 6 years ago

    Where did celtic go for the ‘one match’ winter break ?

    • Stuart 6 years ago

      Gran canaria, for 2 games

  16. Hamish75 6 years ago

    Mrf a worked on the same site as marti pellows dad also jim kerrs fae simple minds bobby Williamson, jimmy jinky johntone in ma time nearest a eva got ti stardom ma ambition is ti spend a day in the bookies wi the famous papa smurf aka dougiec ktf

  17. Clarky 6 years ago

    Stuart I think you could pick and mix you’re words better.

  18. daz 6 years ago

    There ids a kikndle book on amazon by a Scottish bookmakers manager.The tales are hilarious.I think I only paid under a couple of quid.

  19. Jamie 6 years ago

    Simon I had that exact problem when Kilmarnock played Celtic on Monday. I had Celtic on a treble that was coming in but also wanted Kilmarnock to do well. I wouldn’t have minded Kilmarnock nicking a goal though, I’d have been happy whoever won!

  20. Jamie 6 years ago

    Mr F – email sent.

  21. Edi 6 years ago

    @ Simon i do bet against my team (Man Utd ) for the same reason…when playing against a difficult opponent/tricky tie…Though am backing them tomorrow

  22. Simon wright 6 years ago

    Mr F – I know it’s not logical , it’s my only emotional bet

  23. Simon wright 6 years ago

    Mr F – I know it’s not logical , it’s my only emotional bet

  24. Edi 6 years ago

    instead of going for a straight win…i do bet on a team to win either half. The Valencia game is a good example

  25. wolerine 6 years ago

    Mr F this is why we all follow and contribute to your site, ideas like this are quality. The other thread should be TIPS and betting related advice only. That way we can all benefit from no missed tips and on with smashing the bookies. I’ll be sticking to the Top Tips thread as that’s the dogs wotsits. Hopefully this idea actually works……….Oh aye and Clydebank FC mentioned ;)

  26. joel 6 years ago

    anyone wit thots on d hondurassalvador game?

  27. Smiler 6 years ago

    Daz, what’s the name ov the book ,buddy , am goin to Australia in two weeks think that would b a good read.

    • daz 6 years ago

      ‘From royal ascot to portman park’ by andrew dunn cost me £1.08 amazon kindle.

  28. Smiler 6 years ago

    Raal, I was speaking to Jason holt he says the hearts lads wer down in Manchester for their. New year party ,think that was to blame for lack lustre display v hibs !! Looking forward to end ov season for the two “maroons” winning their leagues. ‘Arbroath /hearts

    • raaljaca 6 years ago

      Smiler, both looking great mate.

  29. raaljaca 6 years ago

    The performance against Hibs was just a poor tactical shout by Neilson. We played to narrow and let them hit us repeatedly down the flanks. The same tactics today were excellent though on the narrow pitch. Still learning week by week and we will improve now as we have our new striker in and a few injuries clearing up.

  30. Smiler 6 years ago

    Raal when will sow be back, I was checking out your team sheet today, even the bench is strong and that’s without Sow, who I think is a top player “since winning me a few bucks in the win at ibrox”

  31. craneguy 6 years ago

    raal, seen the big boy use signed from Groningen a few times wen a was based over there in that part of Holland as only dutch game local to me as all others a good train journey away

    didn’t impress me tbh but think could ruffle a few up in championship an spl too

    boys enormous, carrys a bit of timber though think that’s his downfall………..

  32. Ramey 6 years ago

    This sites so good that the people who moan and whine come back a week later. Most addictive reading even if your not betting. Congratulations to Mr f and the team for creating the the beast that is mrfixit online. (Show me the money

  33. StTipp 6 years ago

    No bestiality jokes I guess lol sorry guys but I’m not great with knock knock humor.

    Here’s something more tasteful what do me and Ryan Giggs have in common? We both lost perms (tumbleweed)

  34. galasify 6 years ago

    hello guys.just wanted to know whether there is a limite for bets to be placed concerning the amount to be placed

  35. Lord Clegg 6 years ago

    I think there should be a campaign or something to stop them using those pink footballs in the FA Cup. I haven’t seen a ball like that since I played Subbuteo.

  36. Leveller 6 years ago

    mr f, Raal greg and anyone else who can give me some insight here’s a question for you boys North of the border.

    With Rangers fall from grace the last few years and for what I see personally as celtics inability to take full advantage (by that I mean not hammering teams week in and out and also doing crap in Europe) is this because the standard of football played by other teams is getting better or because of saving money on wages etc? (Feeling that as Rangers are not a threat at the moment then Celtic don’t need to spend as much)

    • nathan ufton 6 years ago

      I agree with you, with no Rangers in the league, Celtic don’t have to spend to compete as theres too much of a quality gap. The Scottish Premiership is Celtic or Rangers and then everyone else in their own group. Since Rangers have not been in the league, its been a one horse race, so why spend more than you have to to get the job done? If they scrape through the champions league group stages, its a good season for them, but also, Scottish football doesn’t have the same tv money as the premier league as the audience not just in GB but the rest of the world isn’t the same.
      The two best paid leagues in the world are the Spanish and English top flight leagues. The operating budget of the top English championship is on-par with the big boys in Serie A !! work that one out.

    • Punting For Fun 6 years ago

      Nathan to me the fact Rangers are not in the top flight is not a reason Celtic should not spend money and champions league footy is the real gravy train so for Celtic to hope and just scrape thru is not a good way to approach it and the Celtic board are far to tight in this respect.

      Celtic should be spending accordingly to make sure champions league footy is a must for the parkhead faithful.

    • raaljaca 6 years ago

      Leveller, in my opinion Celtic are no more than an average side but are a step ahead of the rest in Scotland. The ideal scenario for Scottish football would be Aberdeen to win the Premiership, Hearts and 1 other to come up but Rangers to languish in the championship. It would deny Celtic Champions League revenue and with no Celtic v Rangers games any big pay days. This would reduce the income for them and allow the other teams to get that bit closer and make the league more competitive. Scottish football has been poisoned by the Glaswegian sides and there fall from grace has been incredible to watch from every other teams perspective.

  37. Declan 6 years ago

    Mr F, I’m a regular follower here without posting many comments …. but just picking up on your comment about “Give me summer football anyday” … do you think Scottish footy should move to a March-October season? I feel it would benefit massively from it.

    • Mr Fixit 6 years ago

      Declan, I’d go for summer football but the problem is people on holiday in July and August. I think non-league clubs should trial and see what the effect is on crowds. There should at least be a shutdown in January because no one wants to stand or sit in this weather watching a game.

    • Declan 6 years ago

      Exactly that Mr F. The lower league clubs might generate a bit more interest on a nice summer’s evening instead of a cold dark Saturday afternoon in January. Factor in the cost of floodlighting and under soil heating and it all adds up! The top flight clubs can generate some more TV revenue as well over June, July and most of August as there’s no competition from the English, German, Spanish league etc.

  38. Mr H 6 years ago

    Leveller as far as Celtic are concerned they have never been huge spenders with the first 10yr of the new millennium being an exception. The club has always had a ‘just do enough too win’ attitude so with the current plight of rangers it’s allegedly costing the club £10m per year in lost revenues so it’s natural that the spending and wage bills will be curbed.
    As for doing poorly in Europe,how do you measure success and failure? Given the size of budget and standard of player in Celtic resources in comparison too others in the continental competition then it’s not been too bad. The media and high expectations of some sections of the support make it worse than it actually is. They should take a reality check when it comes too the group stages which is an achievement in itself these days just ask the likes of Man City who have spent over half a billion and still not scratched the surface of CL success.
    As a Celtic fan I see our yearly goals as winning the league,1 of the domestic cups and group stage qualification too the group stages of a European competition.

    It’s hard too say that the standard overall is improving but I’d say in the next 5-10yrs our home grown standard will flourish due too the financial difficulties and inability too bring in the foreign players(was going too say talent but nit all are talented) Hearts are a prime example,for years mad Vladimir threw inflated wages at inflated egos from abroad and look at the mess that produced. Now they have slashed the wage bill,foreign contingent and it’s now bearing fruit with the development of their youngsters. Hearts are the example Rangers next regime should follow

    • Punting For Fun 6 years ago

      Mr H how much revenue does a spot in the champions league get you if you qualify ?

  39. Leveller 6 years ago

    Mr h, many many thanks. You’ve answered what was going to be my next question as well. That was going to be the effect on the national team.

  40. Alex Walker 6 years ago

    Mr F. The irish league is played during the summer because loads of there fans were going over to watch liverpool or man u or other big english teams. Would be a great thing for scottish leagues to follow suit. The whole set up is going to the dogs and it must change or die on its feet.

  41. Greg Browning 6 years ago

    I’d be for a winter break as well by the problem is when do you have it?

    January seem the logical point but we can have awful weather in Feb and March and who’s to say if we have a winter break Akan won’t be mild and dry!

  42. Mr H 6 years ago

    Regarding the winter break,I would think along the lines of mid December until mid/late January. Not only for weather purposes but financial also. All across the country crowds dwindle at this time of year due too both weather and money issues. Give the paying fan a break at this time of year and cut back on winter football. Starting the league season 2 weeks earlier too compensate would also benefit the European competition qualifier and May is generally a damp squib barring a cup final or a division still too be decided.

    No summer football but a winter break with adjusted league opening and closing dates would be hugely beneficial too both players and fans

    • daz1874 6 years ago

      I personally love the games in between Christmas and especially the New Year fixture. Would hate to lose that to a winter break

  43. Smiler 6 years ago

    Daz,cheers buddy, should be a good read

    • daz 6 years ago

      I also read a couple of kindle books on match fixing which was very interesting.

  44. daz 6 years ago

    Swansea City have agreed a £28m fee to sell striker Wilfried Bony to Premier League champions Manchester City.

    Whatever happened to the FIFA fair play rules ?

  45. dawnisrising 6 years ago

    United fu*king woeful bossed around by scheiderlin sick united please sign this beast up

  46. Baldy45 6 years ago

    Raal, a big thanks for flagging up the price on Hearts for the game v Rangers on Friday. I went onto betfair and asked for odds of 3.40 (just under 5/2) hoping to catch some early birds opposing Hearts. I’ve just checked my account and I’ve had £214 matched at that price. Can’t believe it !! Talk about value. Of course I’ll be greening up now. Just a case of choosing the price. About 6/4, 13/8 I reckon once the market wakes up.

    • raaljaca 6 years ago

      Great stuff Baldy mate, early bird gets the worm and best prices!

  47. dawnisrising 6 years ago

    Look at the state of uniteds defence my good god its so bad

  48. Pomon 6 years ago

    Who out of Qpr , burnley leceister will definitely be relegated.
    All three of them are around even money to go down.

  49. Stu24 6 years ago

    Anyone know how the points system works when betting? for example:

    Total Booking Points 1.

    Under 25 25-45 Over 45
    odds – 7/2 5/1 2/11

    How many points do you get per card?

  50. terry ire 6 years ago

    10 for a yellow.25 for a red stu.

  51. bigmick 6 years ago

    i honestly thought skybet were giving money away today when they boosted the price of a utd and arsenal win from 6/4 to 3/1, i was too late to get on thank god i was, it just shows the bookies are no mugs.

  52. big will 6 years ago

    anyone here taking athletico to win tonight? any tips on a goalscorer for them, first and any?

  53. Stromy9262 6 years ago

    As a concerned forest supporter and season ticket holder the only way to ensure balance in the world back every team to win against them well it makes feel better and should pay me back my season ticket

  54. Stu24 6 years ago

    Cheers mate

  55. Rob Cannon 6 years ago

    Being a Man City fan , obviously i just love to see Man U lose BUT could they at least score a goal today !!! NO i’m sure they didn’t just to wind me up

  56. frankieC 6 years ago

    Hardest thing in the world to pick winners day in day out. Mr F, Johnb, sir raal. Utmost respect, keep on doing what you’re doing.

  57. daz 6 years ago

    Anyone uses betbright is the site down at the moment ?

  58. daz 6 years ago

    Its ok its working now.

  59. sanjay 6 years ago

    Haha. The hand of Messi!

  60. Johnp 6 years ago

    Mr f

    Is double chance the same as (not to lose). Done your treble,(great win thanks) but I couldn’t find not to lose. Thanks for the great tips and fantastic site.

  61. dawnisrising 6 years ago

    Johnp yes its double chance same thing sure

  62. Johnp 6 years ago


    Thanks for that.

  63. nathan ufton 6 years ago

    Mr F.

    Great idea for this thread, sometimes I go off script a bit and one or two people have moaned about my Derby County pre-match essay. ( can you believe it straight after my Leeds double that landed and many people made nice cash off that judging by the feedback).
    In defence of that, I don’t just look at form and stats and very often, back stories are the goldmine that can turn a tip into a very good tip.

    I missed a corker of a piece of info re: Ipswich v Derby.

    Chris Martin bagging his 100th career goal. I gave reference to his price to score at anytime and his Suffolk roots but had I known about the impending milestone, I’d of gone all out and tipped him heavily to score at any time.

    I also called it right on either Ipswich or Derby to win ( no draw ) and this result would put one of the two teams breathing heavily down Bournmouth’s neck creating an opportunity for too much urgency to creep into their game. A Bournmouth fan moaned at my post for saying they have crowds on par with Blackpool and Wimbledon. Apparently a billionaire owns Bournmouth. Same at most clubs, it doesn’t mean they can overspend – otherwise the ffp’s kick-in.

    Anyway , back to my main reason for this post:

    Championship football is my thing, Derby to be precise, but I also follow several other clubs within the same league. I expect its the same for most fans.
    Anyway, as we all know Notts Forest took a huge risk on an ex player with very little league experience, really all he had of any noteable credit was the England under 21 setup. They flew out of the starting gate at championship winning pace and feel free to trawl back to September and I stated that Notts Forest season always falls apart straight after they play Derby. Its been like that for 3 or 4 seasons. Look at their records since they played us.
    Stuart Pearce has been within a hairs breath of being relieved of his duties since late October, and everyone on both sides of the River Trent knows its his reputation alone as a player that has kept him in a job there.
    If either Derby or Forest are on a losing sequence and their respective chairmans are considering a management change and the Derby/Forest game is on the horizon, a loss in that game is usually the excuse they need to justify firing the losing manager.
    Clough was fired at Derby for losing 1 nil to Forest, Forest I believe fired McClaren, Billy Liar was fired after the 5-0 and one or two others before.

    Both Tim Sherwood and Roy Keane were seen at forests last match. Tim Sherwood has next to no experience. Roy Keane is somewhat different.
    Keane is an ex-forest player and he was probably one of their best ever players, he went on to be immense for Man U.

    I don’t know how or why I have the ability to do this, but I retain info, and I remembered this:

    Going back 7 years I believe. Roy Keane was appointed to Sunderland, he had a torrid time, couldn’t buy a point and he was one game away from getting the boot. Sunderland played Derby and Giles Barnes for derby scored a peach of a goal, I think it was the equaliser, but Sunderland scored right near the end to win 2-1. Prior to the match, they were either bottom or 2nd bottom and 3000/1 to win the title. Sunderland went on a 19 match winning streak and they took the title. Birmingham also scored a winner against Derby in the last few minutes. Had those 2 goals not been conceded by Derby, Derby would of been champions, Sunderland would of been 2nd and Birmingham third.
    Derby finished the league third behind Birmingham and we beat WBA in the playoff final – we then had the worst season for a team in the history of the premiership.

    Roy Keane as a player and manager is a ” take no sh*t ” kind of person, and even now, I don’t know many blokes who would want to spill his pint in the local.
    He wasn’t that great in the premiership, but he worked wonders with a bunch of misfiring Sunderland players and transformed them.
    Keane wasn’t at that game for a trip down memory lane, he was there to see what he has to work with, and I reckon he’s a shoe-in for the Forest job. He’d walk into that dressing room and say ” win that game or we’ll be having words “. That is what forest need.

    I’m looking at posting up a nice double involving that game, but I am having aweful trouble getting archive stats from past Derby/Forest games. I need to see shots/corners/cards going back 2 or 3 seasons as I have already spotted a pattern – much like the leeds game. If anyone has that info, please, either post on here or facebook message me please ( I’m unique, theres only one of me ).

    Also, how do I add an avatar and is it possible to timestamp peoples posts so we know how old info is?

  64. Mr H 6 years ago

    Punting for fun I have too strongly disagree with your opinion that Celtic should spend more too make Champions League a must for the fans and get on the gravy train.

    How much is enough too guarantee qualification for the group stages? There is no definitive answer too that when the club is from a league that is lowly ranked. Celtic could throw £40/50m on signings then draw a team such as Valencia,Arsenal,Napoli ,Leverkusen,Marseille or the likes and then that £40/50 million feels like pennies against clubs littered with top international players. They big signings are left with a poor domestic league and a couple of cups too contest. There’s no attraction for better players too come here now. What you end up with is an average player on exuberant wages who couldn’t give a toss about the domestic competitions. I prefer the current signing policy of signing younger promising players with a hunger too succeed and get better,these players fight in every game and are better value for money. If the big signings fail too get you too the group stages then proverbial sh*t hits the fan and before you know it there’s another sinking ship in Scottish football.

    The club is living within its means,a practice that should have been adhered too by the other half of the Old Firm but they went for the route you are promoting and spent outwith their means and this in itself should be enough too dismiss your opinion but each too their own.

    Real you are absolutely spot on about the best scenario for Scottish football. Aberdeen win the league and Hearts and Hibs coming up next season. I feel it would benefit further from both Edinburgh clubs being in the top flight purely for their advantage in attendance numbers over clubs like Falkirk,Qos etc

    Raal I’d like you too explain further your reasoning that the Old Firm poisoned Scottish Football though……

  65. Mr H 6 years ago

    Punting for fun it varies depending on what country you are from,what country your group stage opponents are from,your route of qualification etc but I’ll try break it down for you….

    Participation money makes up the majority of the revenue along with TV money. For reaching the play off stages in qualifying a club will earn approx £1.7m with a further £4.2m for reaching the group stages if they should win. Each club is then given £420,000 per match which guarantees them £2.5m for the 6 matches. So that’s roughly £8.5m before you take in tv money and points earned bonuses.

    Tv money is dependant on the significance and audience appeal of your group stage opponents. Each club is awarded a market pool figure dependant on the TV audience of each club. So for example the group this season between heavyweights Bayern Munich,Roma and Man City would have been hugely beneficial too Cska Moscow financially even though it dwindled their chances of qualification. It’s reckoned that a figure between £7.5m and £8m is guaranteed for a Scottish club who reaches the group stage.

    Then you have performance bonuses which are awarded for wins and draws. Each club are awarded approx £800,000 for each win and £400,000 per draw. The maximum a club can achieve for 6 wins is £4.8m in the group stages.

    So your looking at a guaranteed figure between £16-17m for a Scottish club qualifying with possibilities of an additional £4.8m in performance bonuses.

    £17m would account for around 1/4 of Celtics annual turnover in a financial year that includes Champions League qualification so it has a huge bearing on the finances of the club. A stat that goes further too prove that the club should not burst the bank in the hope of group stage qualification

  66. Mr H 6 years ago

    Small point on the fall from grace statement…you mention the glaswegian clubs fall from grace so let’s look at both clubs and include your beloved Hearts in the equation. 3 clubs Celtic, Rangers and Hearts with 2 of them suffering administration and a fall down the leagues while the other club is financially sound and still competing at the top end of Scottish Football ….from what I can see only Hearts and Rangers have suffered a fall from grace

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