If there's one thing we tend to do well on this site it's Scottish football and our top tipsters turned in a tidy profit last night on Scottish teams in Europe.

Greg's 13/10 Bet of the Day Double landed with 20 minutes to spare as Celtic and Aberdeen both scored Over 1.5 goals. SlipsTips also helped himself to a straightfoward Double thanks to Celtic goals and over two St Johnstone corners, and our run of Super Single winners continued with Over 2.5 Goals to be scored by the Hoops at 5/4. We also added a winning Favourites Four-fold as we tip-toed our way through a few banana skins for another 11/10 winner.

Well done if you were on any of the tips or one of the many posted by members in the comments 👏

On to Friday and the kick-off of the Premier League. Brentford make their bow at home to Arsenal in front of the Sky Sports cameras. The Bees will be desperate to prove they belong at this level despite their limited resources and are 10/3 to begin with a win.

The Gunners still appear to be a club in transition and progress under Mikel Arteta has been slow. They can't be tusted at odds on to away in the Premier League so are best avoided. If Brentford doesn't float your boat, goals could be worth a play with Over 2.5 at 10/11.

In Scotland it's Premier Sports Cup weekend and Rangers will be aiming to get things back on track with a win against Dunfermline. The Gers have had a horrendous week that has seen them exit the Champions league before it's begun as well as suffering their first domestice defeat in 40 matches.

Steven Gerrard is likely to make a few changes to his squad so keep an eye out for some fringe players offering some value in the goalscorer markets. His side were excellent at home last season and kept countless clean sheets. If you want to get onside with Rangers, forget the 1/5 and back them to score over 1 goal and Dunfermline to score under 1 goal for 21/20 on a Bet365 BetBuilder.

In League Two Edinburgh City look vulnerable at home to Stenhousemuir. The capital club have made a slow start to the season and in a sbit of disarray off the field. Punters have taken notice and backed Stenny in from 7/2 to 11/4 to win at Ainslie Park.

Finally, Bayern Munich could also be worth opposing in their Bundesliga opener. They've had a far from impressive pre-season under Julian Nagelsaman, having not won a single match this summer and their squad looks as weak as it's been in many a year. Monchengladbach could take advantage at 17/4.

Super Single

  • Rangers to score Over 1 goal and Dunfermline to score Under 1 goal 21/20 (Bet365 BetBuilder)

Long-shot Trixie

  • Brentford
  • Stenhousemuir
  • Borussia Monchengladbach
  • Trixie (3 x doubles & 1 x treble) 4pts Pays 144pts at Bet365

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Friday's Racing Tips

The Curragh is the venue for both of Friday's selections from Rizzel.

As always, let us know your tips and predictions for Friday in the comment section below and good luck with all your bets!

  1. elvis parsley 5 months ago

    FC Edmonton
    Canadian Premier League


    Last 4 head to heads seen BTTS and overs including this identical fixture just 11 days ago which ended 3-1.

    • wireflyer 5 months ago

      Looks good at the odds Elvis.

      Also on O2.5mgs 5/4
      Edmonton O1.5tgs 11/10

      Repeat of last week will do nicely 👍

    • elvis parsley 5 months ago

      0-0 😝🙃

  2. HullShaker 5 months ago

    Some cracking shouts yesterday gents – no joy for me but hey, that’s betting. I’d like to think that I’ve been relatively successful but humble on the 9 or 10 years on the site.

    Some things are more consistent than betting though and, despite the overwhelming strength of the site there is always going to be the odd bad egg.

    It’s always struck me as funny that the same 1 or 2 characters have come back again and again and just cannot help themselves or moderate themselves despite it being so obvious who they are and what they have done and said in the past that has so upset folk

    I think most of the regulars clocked the latest incarnation some time ago but I think he has shown his true colours once again with almost identical posts to the ones when he ‘lost it’ last time and was found out with no apology ever forthcoming.

    So, to quote ‘Sammy T’:

    “Its a damn shame you two that this is a scottish suck off festival… And not about winning for the forum… ive produced more winners than you both over the last week… thats fact … You fkin clowns. Elvis you dissapoint me your the best tipster left on here now… Dont worry ill wake up tmro.”


    “Great stuff hull 👍👌 you know it was the word of mouth my friends that spread this forum far and wide to the likes of me thanks to the legend that is greg browning with results.. mr fixit it himself was fantastic… And its sad to think you were included in this conversation because i couldnt think of anyone else that is more bitter than you right now…. Ive stuck up profits in late night bets for a long time in the americas mate producing results for people, which i thought was why we were here, far more than some of the shit you post on the regular that i go cross check and find zero reason to tip… And even questioned how you reasoned one tip a year ago or so based on everything known to human beings… And you couldnt provide anything statistic based other than loads goes into this analysis that i or knowone else will ever know… Bollocks hull your an old dog with no new tricks. like you had some crystal ball mere mortals dont. You back the most volatile market in footy regulary … Corners… And you have the cheek to question me when your NAP wins and your NB was for the same price of barely 5% minus 10P for a few corners each team.. and you lose… And then you still want to stand there and justify. Dont even get me started about your NB tonight… Fish no hook mate… And still lost… On corners… Been here before ent we👍”

    Apologies if this brings down the tone but for those that remember what has come before, it is almost verbatim as has been the mounting rhetoric, bigheadedness and self-gratitude alongside newer ‘followers’ springing up almost like clockwork.

    For most, no explanation will be needed…we’ve seen it all before.

    • craneguy 5 months ago

      morning hull lad very well put indeed………………. not been on much recently myself due to the lunatics taking over the asylum once again, been here before many times now over 10 years plus and called many out during that time often falling on deaf ears and to the detriment of myself being asked to leave it alone by admin or having posts deleted etc, greg may recall last year when we attended pauls funeral that i mentioned a couple of names to hin that imo were pretenders and that he would speak to admin re keeping an eye on them, yer man sammy was one of them which again has proven to be correct by the outrageous comments and accusations, it always comes out in the end, hopefully admin dont delete all these posts and let everyone see for themselves what sammy really is and quite obviously who he really is and make their own minds up

      ps hull, i’ll have a fiver of crypto off yer and if there is going to be a “scottish suck fest” can i put my name down for it as only though you did that kind of thing down’t humberside dockers club………….

    • Sammyt1000 5 months ago

      This is brilliant crane.. what outrageous comments? Can you quote em please. Ive not been on the radar of anyone because ive said nothing wrong in the past at all and thats a fact. The only thing below the belt ive said at all ever is last night with suck fest, and it was said in haste because i liked elvis.

    • swedes n tertas 5 months ago

      Put it down Hull & Crane , been following the site for a good few years now an med a few bob off the bookies in the process ,no small thanks to your tips and insights,amongst others ,many thanks and both continue your excellent work. IF we could be right all the time we,d all be millionaires,but its a gamblin site and you pays your money and meks ya choice,Lifes too short for petty sqabbles im sure Mr F would have agreed. This is great site with some great folk aboard. Personally Hull and Crane best to ignore any negative comments and let your tips do the talkin,All the best to all for the season ahead and lets continue to bash the bookies. ATB Swede.

    • wrightysp13 5 months ago

      Next thing we know Harpreet will be back…

      Nothing wrong with corners other than they became my downfall in the end and all my accounts were limited.

  3. Sammyt1000 5 months ago

    Yes we have hull youve bought tone and ethics down from the get go, “i was successful 9 or 10 years ago” and you are humble after what you sent me the other day? Mr contradictary, you bitter man.. dyu not think it was obvious when all i did was stated my peepers went off with a bet you tipped (and probably didnt place) was barely fractionally diff… And then you persist for days to gain/muster support off the forum… I guarantee anyone now who reads this… Go read the forum after the comment in question that i put in jest on hulls tip and then go see the diff before and after of how he is commenting on peeps.. i made a fair comment on your pick hull. Your not GB and your not MRF… It would be no wonder other tipsters leave as you have said would it… Sounds like monopoly to me hull, elvis unfortunately got in on it… A little bit like an election… “Ive been here for 10 years vote for me”… My tip 10 years ago was great im the sheriff… F**K OFF . Anyone please feel free to check winnings over the last few days, and please check hulls weigh in on every tip bar mine since that comment… Its pathetic and obvious

    • Sammyt1000 5 months ago

      Can you explain to me Hull exactly what you mean please… This hate campaign started with you not liking me pointing out something very obvious… And finished there too…? Ive just actually read your post which is repugnent and bullyish. All i did was state facts afterwards aswel.. all i see here is someone thats got respect in the past/present carrying it through to now and using that support to slander me when ive done nothing wrong

  4. Sammyt1000 5 months ago

    And your bad egg mate… Take a look in the mirror

  5. Sammyt1000 5 months ago

    …And also as hull stated any new members or followers … Leave now .. this site is like an old texan town ran by over aged goats with shit premonitions… Hull your comment “alongside newer followers” in deregatory manor are you shitting me appauling🙄

  6. Sammyt1000 5 months ago

    Also this is a guy peddling crypto ads on twitter.. you know the ones that take our parents and family to the cleaners. just when i thought it couldnt get any better👍 https://mobile.twitter.com/hullshaker?lang=en

    • HullShaker 5 months ago

      You’d know all about folk who do things like that now wouldn’t you?

      We knew about this last year as Paul had flagged the username to me – just to be clear, I’m not from Liverpool, not on Twitter, nor am I into Crypto currencies 😂

      Funny how you knew about it though – funnier still that this guy is retweeting tips taken from MrFixits site and Greg Browning – almost like there’s a link but surely nobody would do that now would they..

      Anyway, I’ve said my piece and you have reacted quite tellingly…as you have done each time you have been caught out before.

    • oneoff 5 months ago

      So that’s not you in the picture hull 😂👍

    • HullShaker 5 months ago

      Alas, no Oneoff sir – you would have thought the Saudi Arabian looks and cars featured might have been a clue for some 🤔😂

    • oneoff 5 months ago

      no worries hull, full head of hair mind
      keep up the good work mate

  7. The Caddy 5 months ago

    I would just like to remind everyone who’s legacy we are actually continuing on with here and all the hard work that is put in by all the dedicated and brilliant tipsters on this amazing site . Admin in particular puts blood ,sweat and tears into making sure MFT is still the best the web has to offer and I’ll tell you what , he makes a dam good job of it . This always was and always will be the best betting community with fantastic tipsters and punters alike all pitching in and all with the same objective , to have fun whilst making a few Bob at the same time . Its about respecting ✊ and helping 👏 each other that makes MFT and the community so unique and successful and long may it continue.

    • Sammyt1000 5 months ago

      Sorry Caddy very well putt (no pun intended) you are most definately spot on with what you said and i can only apologise to bonafide members and yourself who do follow and repsect the opinions of all other tipsters without mallice no matter who or what there opinion or tip. And the proud community that has been built by MRF 👍

  8. humble tipper 5 months ago

    humble tipper
    1 min ago
    Rangers -1
    Pliskova win (tennis)
    1/1 @ paddy

  9. Sammyt1000 5 months ago

    LONGSHOT TREBLE 2 79/10 (365)🔥✅

    Goto love irony havent you. 3rd longshot landed in 4 nights in americas wdw👍

    • craneguy 5 months ago

      probs best you put the can and burnt spoon down now son and get away tae yer bed…………….

    • Sammyt1000 5 months ago

      Ok Crane enough you braindead tool, i dont eat out of a tin mate hows that working out for you?

  10. ck 5 months ago

    🇧🇩 Bangladesh Premier League & Singapore Premier League 🇸🇬

    [ Double ]

    Saif Sporting Club v Dhaka Abahani – Over 2.5 Goals

    Albirex Niigata v Hougang United FC – BTTS

    Double @2.38 (Bet365)

    • ck 5 months ago

      Bit of a speculative longshot with small stakes.

      [ Single ]

      Saif Sporting Club v Dhaka Abahani – Over 4.5 Goals

      Single @4.00 (Hills)

  11. sean567 5 months ago

    Decent night last night with the NAP and longish shot landing while the other 2 hit the bar with molde finishing 1-1 and kyogo being thru on goal in the first minute and not scoring then having one disallowed.

    Thursdays goals tips

    Celtic to win/o1.5tgs/o2.5 corners✅
    Bodo to win/o1.5tgs✅

    47/50 hills NAP✅✅

    Molde v trabzonspor

    4/5 various NB

    OVER 1.5tgs long(ish) shot

    Just over 11/2 bet 365

    Celtic v Jablonec betbuilder
    Celtic to win✅
    Celtic o2.5tgs✅
    Kyogo atgs❌
    Celtic over 1.5 corners each half✅
    Celtic most corners✅
    9/2 hills

    Hopefully get something up later but there’s not a lot to go on today’s card. Well done all winners last night

    • Mbrownee94 5 months ago

      Missed you Sean lol!!!

    • HullShaker 5 months ago

      Great work Sean 👍

    • Baggy6870 5 months ago

      Top Drawer Mate.. 👍

  12. Mbrownee94 5 months ago

    Morning guys.

    Very disappointed to see the comments this morning. MrFixit built this great community and it’s a shame that this has happened. I am using this site all the time for info and tips. Some I agree Sammy I don’t back as I don’t like but that’s what it’s for right? It’s bettting and the idea is that everyone has different ideas on what they think will happen so who the hell are you mate to get sour like this. You’ve done well recently and you are on a high horse. I suggest you remember that betting is betting and it alone will knock you off it and this community was built to help catch you and get you back up. I’ve seen some of your bets you have quoted to win except the games got to the later stages and got postponed not sure why but I’ve back a few recently like that then find you with your big green ticks in the morning. If you carry on I suggest you are banned as this is a great site and it wasn’t built for you to abuse people. Good luck all for the new season starting and good luck my wonderful Norwich City. Peace

    • boabee8867 5 months ago

      Well done to the Celtic squad last night for performing to land what looked like a few winning bets on the Handicaps.

    • cockerspaniel 5 months ago

      Aye Boabee I had a few bets on Celtic last night that sailed in .

  13. cockerspaniel 5 months ago

    Brentford v Arsenal
    Got to be bookings for me
    Over 3 cards in the game 5/4
    Over 1 card each team is a decent 10/3

  14. dc john boy 5 months ago

    Russian youth double

    Strogino youth
    UOR-5 youth

    Over 2.5mgs double 11/10

    Good luck

    • Baggy6870 5 months ago

      Well Done Mate.. 👍

  15. Baggy6870 5 months ago

    Only joined this Site a couple of weeks ago, and judging by the recent comments I think I’ve definitely missed something.. 😶
    OVER 2.5 GOALS…. 6/1….🤞

    • oneoff 5 months ago

      Stuff been going on for years, don’t worry about it.
      Just get what you can from the site and hopefully win some money.

    • Baggy6870 5 months ago

      Cheers Man.. 👍

  16. Baggy6870 5 months ago

    Just a little dabble before I go to work..
    KHIMKI U19 v ARSENAL TULA U19 11.00
    OVER 3.5 GOALS 10/11.. NAP
    SKYBET…. 🤞

    • Baggy6870 5 months ago

      Nowt down, finished 2-1.. 👎

  17. maccathered 5 months ago

    Brentford v Arsenal
    Over 0 goals in the match for Brentford
    Both sides to have a booking

    • Baggy6870 5 months ago

      Can’t wait for 8 o clock tonight, when the Premier League starts. Decent football at last.. 👌

  18. W.LOWERY 1 5 months ago

    🇱🇺 Denmark superliga

    Sonderjyske v Midtjylland. Ko 16.30

    👑 My 1st tip for this match is BTTS over 2.5. (playing it safe) 2.30

    👑 2nd tip Midtjylland win BTTS 3.50

    Good luck 👑👑👑👑

    • W.LOWERY 1 5 months ago

      I will also be putting small stake on BTTS to score in first half 👑👑👑

  19. admin 5 months ago

    Guys, really disappointed to see the nonsense comments overnight.

    This thread has been great recently, please don’t let us go down a dark road of biting at each other.

    If you don’t agree with someone then ignore it, if you don’t like someone’s tips ignore them.

    Can we agree to draw a line under things and move one, before we need to start moderating posts?

    Thanks, admin.

    • Mbrownee94 5 months ago

      Well said admin. This is the best community feed for betting going. Game on

    • HullShaker 5 months ago

      Fine by me Admin – last thing I want is to create problems and I apologise to those who may be reading it who aren’t aware of what has happened historically.

      Just pains me to see what has happened before happening again and I’d rather say something than not to prevent it getting to the stage it has before.

      I’ll be clear though, this isn’t about anybodys tips or selections and never was – I’ve always encouraged folk to post without fear of reprisal or dismissal and to celebrate winners whilst commiserating losing picks.

      This is about letting that very small minority (clearly ones who have form of abusing the site) know that it isn’t OK to call out peoples tips after the event, call themselves the ‘betting oracle’ and claim ‘serious profits’ whilst ignoring their losing selections…I know from my years on here that this is what wazzes people off the most and it can grow out of control if unchecked.

      It’s about being fair, not dishonest and it’s about being humble and modest whilst not claiming to be the next best thing since sliced bread.

      Anyway, water under the bridge and there are certainly more important things in life – this is and always has been a fantastic community and there is a hell of a lot of hard work that goes on behind the scenes.

      I just want to see it continue at it’s very best as we head into the season proper.

      Good luck and take care – I’ve said my bit…need to get back to putting up some more losers 😉

    • winners are grinners 5 months ago

      I only pop on here and there so miss most of it thankfully. One poster said i was i one of these fake accounts in past, anything but.

      Let’s get back banging in them winners 👊🔥

  20. dc john boy 5 months ago

    Russian youth double

    Strogino youth
    UOR-5 youth

    Over 2.5mgs double 11/10**WON**

  21. ck 5 months ago

    Bit of a speculative longshot with small stakes.

    [ Single ]

    Saif Sporting Club v Dhaka Abahani – Over 4.5 Goals ✅

    Single @4.00 (Hills) – Winner ✅

    Game played out as expected in Bangladesh with both teams creating plenty of chances to score.

    Final Score – 3-2 👍🏻

    • vishal29 5 months ago

      Nice one ck 👏 keep up the great work 👍

    • ck 5 months ago

      Cheers Vishal👌🏻

  22. jamesylfc 5 months ago


    ◾A Goal in Both Halves Double
    ▪️1.17/1, Hills

  23. tonys 5 months ago

    Could anyone direct me to Premier League antepost (or link) tips please ?

    • HullShaker 5 months ago

      Not sure if there has been one Tony – Macca and a few of the others had a few posts/conversations around EPL antepost picks 2 days if you scroll back.

      Good luck – a high Villa finish seems to be a common theme from a lot of folk!

  24. ck 5 months ago

    🇧🇩 Bangladesh Premier League & Singapore Premier League 🇸🇬

    [ Double ]

    Saif Sporting Club v Dhaka Abahani – Over 2.5 Goals ✅

    Albirex Niigata v Hougang United FC – BTTS ✅

    Double @2.38 (Bet365) – Winner ✅

  25. ck 5 months ago

    🇪🇪 Estonia Esiliiga & Finnish Kolmonen 🇫🇮 (5pm)

    Tallinna FC Flora U21 v Pärnu JalgpallIklubi – BTTS

    HPS v TiPS – Over 2.5 Goals

    Double @2.02 (Skybet)

  26. wasclueless 5 months ago

    Brentford v Arsenal BTTS 19/20 – Main Bet
    GL All!

  27. Deano86 5 months ago

    Tonight ,

    Lorient o2.5 mg’s
    M’gladbach o2.5 mg’s
    Brentford to score

    Treble 2.89/1 (betfair)

    Goodluck all 👍

  28. Alves 5 months ago

    Bet £5 betbuilder for free fiver with WH on tonight’s PL game. 22/1 for my pop at it.

    Over 0.5 HT gls
    Over 2.5 gls
    Brentford 3+ corners
    Arsenal 4+ corners
    Tierney to be carded

    Will be keeping my free fiver wi 365 for Norwich Liverpool for an interest watching it tomorrow as free fiver for Leeds Man Utd game with PP. Coral also doing money back as free bet £5 max on betbuilder on any PL game aswell.

  29. Alves 5 months ago

    Just checked Skybet and had £2.50 free bet son on the Evening RAB’s special. Big price at 22/1…

    Brentford v Arsenal – 20:00
    Valencia v Getafe – 20:00
    Lorient v Monaco – 20:00

    A goal & 3+ corners in each half 22/1

    • Alves 5 months ago

      A gl & 4+ corners each half is a massive 66/1 and adding a corner for 5+ corners is a whopping 400/1. I’ve maxed my daily limit so can’t be getting on.

    • Alves 5 months ago

      461/1+ for the 5+ corners & go each half wi 365 but only 16/1 for 3+ corners. 365 only slightly better on 4+ corners.

  30. sean567 5 months ago

    Nothing in the way of a NAP or NB tonight, however i like the look of all 4 teams to net in the EPL and Bundesliga openers.

    gladbach v bayern
    brentford v arsenal

    BTTS double 9/5 bet 365

    While im on, fully agree with paragraphs 4/5 of hulls latest post. Certain folk seem to be in some sort of competition in their head to be the best tipster on here. Post your tips, post your results and let the record speak for itself. NWere here to beat the bookies, not each other.

    • obi wan cannoli 5 months ago

      Haven’t been on the site in months, during the off season. Love the look of that double Sean!

      Hull – you’ve always been class, mate. No need to stoop to silly stuff. This site has been the best of its kind for years.

      Sammy – you’ve posted a lot of great tips too on South American leagues in particular.

      In the words of Thumper, if you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.

      Let’s all be kind to each other (but not the bookies!).

    • HullShaker 5 months ago

      Good to see you back Obi – hey, just to be clear the only thing I wrote was ‘feels like deja vu’! What came afterwards was worrying to say the least. Let’s move on as you rightly say 👍

  31. sean567 5 months ago

    hi admin, could you delete the duplicated comment please. not sure how its appeared twice, thanks

  32. billybigbaws 5 months ago

    Afternoon all,

    Just seen a bet I fancy for tonight in the Valencia v Getafe match, it’s usually a feisty game and recent h2h’s seen plenty of cards

    Getafe 3+ cards
    Valencia 2+ cards

    5/4 bet365


    • kyle b 5 months ago

      Yeah I watched both Valencia vs Getafe games last season and the fouling was criminal. Potential red flag this evening though, believe Jesus Gil Manzano is refereeing tonight’s contest and can be extremely lenient bordering on taking the p**s at times. He can however be quick to get a card out when players get verbal or square up to one another, that could happen in this one. Good luck!

    • kyle b 5 months ago

      Been keeping tabs on the game. Ref has been a bettors dream for you in that 1st Half, Manzano really can be so hit and miss in terms of dishing out cards. Maybe helps that crowds are back and players going down like they’ve been broken in half every time there is a mistimed tackle 😂

    • billybigbaws 5 months ago

      Yeah this fixture was good for me last season, Gil can be lenient at times but tonight he was on form, couple red cards too one to keep an eye on for the future ✅

    • kyle b 5 months ago

      Was watching throughout simultaneously with Brentford game. Credit where credits due, Manzano absolutely on point tonight. Had it been a different ref, I would have had a weighty stake on cards myself prematch but had multiple bad experiences with him in the past which was duly noted and put me off. Well done, absolutely blitzed it with the bet and nice price at odds against. Don’t forget the reverse fixture! 😁

  33. spursman 5 months ago

    Edinburgh C v Stenhousemuir
    Over 3.5 goals 15/8

    Can see a few here, willing to take a small chance


  34. maccathered 5 months ago

    Everton have 5 players out due to Covid this weekend,Rafa will only name 1 which is Rodriguez so i’m guessing the others will be first team players will find out later/Southampton sell their best defender Vestergaard and with Ings gone they are going to struggle.

  35. Alves 5 months ago

    Ivan Toney 11/10 for 1 shot on target with PP – £20 max

  36. HullShaker 5 months ago

    Afternoon gents,

    Feels like it’s been a long day already and for fans of the EPL, the wait is finally over!

    Betting on the English top-flight has never been my favourite and have always much preferred the lower leagues but I do fancy the hosts to make this a tough encounter for the visiting Gunners.

    Expect a great atmosphere and one that will be a massive advantage for the newly promoted side – it’s a long way they’ve come and fair play to the side I watched so many times at Gigg in my younger years.

    Can the Bees grab the points – possibly. Can they score and grab a few corners with their direct play – probably!

    My money is on just that with their star hitman Ivan Toney (brother of Luca and Swiss 😂) the most likely to sting Arteta’s side, there’s a huge swing in prices so shop around with williamhill being the current best value:

    (6/4, bet365) NAP ⭐⭐⭐

    (21/10, williamhill) NB ⭐

    (12/1, bet365) LONGSHOT ⭐

    Best of luck with all bets!

    • Alves 5 months ago

      Toney anytime boosted to 3/1 on Skybet Hull

    • Alves 5 months ago

      Plus 11/10 for shot on target wi PP

    • Baggy6870 5 months ago

      Definitely see Brentford scoring tonight, Good Luck mate.. 👌

    • HullShaker 5 months ago

      It’s a big price Alves – is that capped? He was 6/4 in places earlier.

      Good luck Baggy!

    • Alves 5 months ago

      Probably £10 or £15 depending on account, I’ve got deposit daily limit at £10 so can’t do it but will happily take the 11/10 for shot on target

    • Alves 5 months ago

      He’s on pens plus freekick depending on left or right so great price

    • jamesylfc 5 months ago

      Got on the Toney shot on target bet with Paddy, maxed at £20.
      Cheers for the heads up Alves 👍

  37. Alves 5 months ago

    WH also doing free £5 bet refund if this loses.

    Chelsea, Leicester & Everton wins 7/2 boosted to 9/2

    • Alves 5 months ago

      5/2 to 9/2…

  38. Baggy6870 5 months ago

    OVER 3.5 GOALS.. 11/8 NAP
    OVER 4.5 GOALS.. 3/1 NB
    Skybet…. 🤞
    There’s been quite a few goals in the Russian Youth League today, let’s hope it continues..

    • Baggy6870 5 months ago

      Nowt down again, finished 3-0.. 🤔

  39. tonys 5 months ago

    This is a Hills promotion, ‘Bet up to £5 on our Premier League Super Odds market – Chelsea, Leicester & Everton all to win – Was 5/2, Not 7/2. Now 9/2 and if it loses, we’ll refund your stake as a free bet.’

    • Alves 5 months ago

      How’s your brother getting on?? Danny, that used to post here…

  40. Baggy6870 5 months ago

    BTTS and 4+ CORNERS EACH TEAM.. 3/1
    SKYBET.. 🤞

  41. ck 5 months ago

    Finnish Kolmonen

    [ In-Play ] ( Currently 0-0, 7th Minute )

    NoPS v Janpa – NoPS -1 ( 1st Half Handicap )

    Single @2.300 (Bet365)

    • ck 5 months ago

      Goal in the 11th minute… not sure if anyone had time to get on.

      Refund secured as it stands. -2 ( 1st Half Asian Handicap ) also looks good here as money back if first half ends 2-0.

  42. maccathered 5 months ago

    Premier league Ante-posts
    Premier League winners
    Chelsea at 5/1

    Liverpool not to finish in the top four at 11/4

    Kante Player of the year at 25/1

    West Ham bottom half finish at 1/1

    Villa top half finish at 5/4******
    Villa top 6 finish at 7/1

    Also done a RequestAbet with skybet
    4+ corners in every Premier league game at 25/1
    Best of luck

    • winners are grinners 5 months ago

      ‘Liverpool not to finish in the top four at 11/4’

      😲 5/1 to win the league is better!

    • maccathered 5 months ago

      Win the league how??they just sold let go one of the best midfielders in the league without replacing him and he’s going to be a big loss.Stood still in the transfer market.

  43. ck 5 months ago

    Finnish Kolmonen

    [ In-Play ] ( Currently 0-0, 7th Minute )

    NoPS v Janpa – NoPS -1 ( 1st Half Handicap ) ❌

    Single @2.300 (Bet365) ❌

    Hope you all missed this one as Janpa managed to equalise with their only shot on target and NoPS struggling to convert their chances 👎🏻

  44. tonys 5 months ago

    Ivan Toney to score boosted to 3/1 from 6/4 on Skybet. Max bet £10

  45. dc john boy 5 months ago

    Emmen btts
    Roda over 1.5tgs
    OSS over 0.5tgs

    Treble 21/10
    Over 3.5mgs treble 18/1

    Good luck

  46. kyle b 5 months ago

    Bit of Arsenal teamnews for anyone interested betting in the Premier League opener this evening, Aubamayang + Lacazette both out for the Gunners. Most will probs know but thought I’d share the info 👍

  47. elvis parsley 5 months ago

    Italian Coppa Italia

    COSENZA to score 11-4 (SKYBET)

    Can’t resist at the price but obviously not a full stake NAP on it.

    It’s the first competitive game for these 2 and given the way Cosenza ended last year in serie b, fiorentina will be disappointed if they don’t score at least 3.

    Tenuous reason is it’s the first game and teams not up to speed.
    In the last 2 seasons at this exact stage fiorentina conceded home to Monza (serie b) and Padova series c) last season.
    Cosenza scored at Parma at this stage last season.
    Cosenza were relegated last season to serie c, but are still in serie b according to their fixtures which is a mystery so maybe they have kept a better squad, for what that’s worth.

    Bookies price over 3 fiorentina goals at odds on so maybe they know something ??
    Prediction 3-1

  48. jamesylfc 5 months ago


    ◾A Goal in Both Halves Double
    ▪️1.17/1, Hills


    Blank at halftime in Sweden downs the bet early 👎

  49. ck 5 months ago

    Iceland 1 Deild 🇮🇸

    [ Bet Builder ]

    Selfoss v Grindavik

    Over 9 Corners

    @2.21 (Bet365)

    • ck 5 months ago

      Iceland 1 Deild 🇮🇸

      [ Bet Builder ]

      Selfoss v Grindavik

      BTTS ✅
      Over 9 Corners ✅

      @2.21 (Bet365) – Winner ✅

  50. bigwigg 5 months ago

    Willie Collum tonight , can always be an interesting referee 😅

    Bet builder @ 11/10 (bet365)
    Rangers Over 1.5tgs
    Rangers over 4.5 team corners
    Dunfermline over 1.5 cards

    Over 3.5 Match cards @ 15/8 (Bet365)

    Both teams 2+ cards @ 6/1 (bet365)

    Good luck all 🤞

    • cockerspaniel 5 months ago

      When did you get that price bigwig ?
      Best I got today was 10/3 for 2 + cards mate . Still the same price now

    • bigwigg 5 months ago

      😳 yeah iv fecked that one up there sorry mate was in a bit of a rush ( so much so missed the drama above until now 🧐 ) , was 4/1 , checked hills the same time who were also sitting 4/1, down the pan so 💩/1 really now.

  51. wireflyer 5 months ago

    Couple of fancies for tonight.

    Brentford DC
    Rangers -2AH
    Monchengladbach v Bayern BTTS&O2.5

    Over 9.5 corners 4/5
    Brentford to score 2+ 13/5
    Red card 5/1

    Good luck guys. Keep up the good work 👍

    • wireflyer 5 months ago

      If anybody fancies a dabble on the rugby league whilst it’s such a quiet night (😂😂) then these shouldn’t be too far away!

      Win treble 9/5

      Handicap double 3/1
      Wigan -6.5
      Leeds -16.5

      Good luck 👍

  52. cockerspaniel 5 months ago

    Brentford v Arsenal
    Battle of the ex Celts for me .
    Tierney carded 8/1
    Ajer carded 13/2
    2 Singles and a double
    Double pays 66/1 Bet365

  53. dc john boy 5 months ago

    Couple of scorer punts for gers game

    Roofe to score a brace 4/1
    Goldson to score 9/2

    Good luck

    • craneguy 5 months ago

      thers yer roofe brace john boy gallus………………….

  54. craneguy 5 months ago

    evening folks……………… got 4 cans of super lager in, 2 liters of frosty jack cider, a glue bag, a crack pipe ready and a couple of her tea spoons oot the kitchen drawer tae burn the arse oot of, puttin a couple of bets on an gonnae sit up awe nite spoutin shite an gein oot abuse an generally make a cant of masel gallus………………


    bayer o1.5tgs, edinburgh city o1.5mgs, breidablik w overs 9/5
    toney & roofe to score, lewandowski brace 15/1

    hull lad, any dates on the scottish suck fest yer sir?

  55. nate pesh 5 months ago

    Martinelli over 1.5 shots on target 13/8
    Xhaka to be booked 3/1

  56. mint 5 months ago


    Brentford v Arsenal k.o 20.00

    Vitaly Janelt Booking in 90mins.

    Skybet 13/5 Goodluck.

    Gabriel Martinelli to score in 90mins Skybet 7/5


    • mint 5 months ago


      Brentford v Arsenal k.o 20.00

      Vitaly Janelt Booking in 90mins.

      Skybet 13/5 Goodluck.

      Gabriel Martinelli to score in 90mins Skybet 7/5

      Mint… 😷 both lost murder!

  57. ck 5 months ago

    Iceland 1 Deild 🇮🇸

    [ Bet Builder ]

    Selfoss v Grindavik

    BTTS ✅
    Over 9 Corners ✅

    @2.21 (Bet365) – Winner ✅

    • The Brain 5 months ago

      WD mate

    • ck 5 months ago

      Cheers mate👍🏻

  58. HullShaker 5 months ago

    There’s the Brentford goal!

    Looking to the Brasilian B for the Night Owl 🇧🇷

    GOIÁS VS. GUARANI (11.00pm)

    I did mention a number of times last year that, due to a busy job (Covid has made it 100 times more complex) and a young family, I just don’t have time to write up bets as I used to including all stats and thoughts.

    I spent the best part of 7 or 8 years doing just that but it’s rare I get the time now – rest assured, I still use the same methodology and rigour that I always did but just not the write up!

    Anyway, this one looks a fair shout with a more speculative 90 minute outcome:

    (6/5, bet365) ⭐⭐⭐

    (21/10, bet365) ⭐

    Good luck!

  59. elvis parsley 5 months ago

    San Lorenzo (Par) v Club Guarani de Trinidad
    Paraguay div 2
    13 Aug 22:00


    Small side bet BTTS and overs 7-4 (HILLS)

    Based mainly on San Lorenzo home form
    They scored in 18 of last 19 homes with 15 of them BTTS.
    The last 5 were BTTS and overs.

    Trinidad new to this league scored in 7 of 10 away games with 5 BTTS and overs.
    They have hit a sticky patch recently but win last time so hopefully have a goal in them
    Trinidad have got 16 of their 25 points away which offers hope.

    Reverse fixture was Trinidad 2 San Lorenzo 1.

  60. dc john boy 5 months ago

    Couple of scorer punts for gers game

    Roofe to score a brace 4/1**WON**
    Goldson to score 9/2**LOST**

    No luck with the honking Dutch bets

    Well done all winners

  61. Deano86 5 months ago

    Tonight ,

    Lorient o2.5 mg’s
    M’gladbach o2.5 mg’s
    Brentford to score

    Treble 2.89/1 (betfair) ❌

    Goodluck all 👍


    Absolutely shocking week on the goals front for me 👎👎 well done all the winners………

  62. HullShaker 5 months ago

    Nothing doing in Brentford/Arsenal game – should’ve stuck with a bit more faith in the hosts – 3/1 to win!

    • Baggy6870 5 months ago

      Should of done Brentford 2+ Hull, what price would that of been..?

    • HullShaker 5 months ago

      Not sure – wouldn’t have had the balls but a big price!

    • kyle b 5 months ago

      Brentford were in and around 12/5 to net two or more, tough bet to take on even though Arsenal are shambolic and the gift that keeps on giving. I had the game down as a 0-0 myself lol

  63. sean567 5 months ago

    Nothing in the way of a NAP or NB tonight, however i like the look of all 4 teams to net in the EPL and Bundesliga openers.

    gladbach v bayern✅
    brentford v arsenal👎🏻

    3/4 in early doors but it won’t be the last time Arsenal let bets down. New season same old sh..
    Well done all winners

  64. wasclueless 5 months ago

    Brentford v Arsenal BTTS Lost
    glad I’m not a gooner ..long season ahead …

    • Baggy6870 5 months ago

      No way near clinical enough.. 🤔

  65. maccathered 5 months ago

    Brentford got the goal but no cards Arsenal are to nice.
    Well done all winners

  66. maccathered 5 months ago

    FairPlay to Brentford good result but watching them we should see the big sides open them up if they play the same way.

  67. Baggy6870 5 months ago

    FC ST PAULI v HAMBURG 17.00 ✔️
    BESIKTAS v RIZESPOR 18.30 ✔️
    OVER 2.5 GOALS.. 6/1… 🤞
    Different season, same old ARSENAL. Couldn’t hit a barn door.. 😡

  68. humble tipper 5 months ago

    Rangers -1
    Pliskova win (tennis)
    1/1 @ paddy

    • kyle b 5 months ago

      Nice one HT 💰😎

  69. bigwigg 5 months ago

    Bet builder @ 11/10 (bet365)✅
    Rangers Over 1.5tgs✅
    Rangers over 4.5 team corners✅
    Dunfermline over 1.5 cards✅

    Over 3.5 Match cards @ 15/8 (Bet365)❌

    Both teams 2+ cards @ 4/1 (bet365)❌

    Well done winners 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  70. Hummfoh 5 months ago

    Season is back ….said and done ….🤒🤒🤒🤒🤕🤕2mrw let’s rock &roll….one love..💯..let’s fix it.

  71. HullShaker 5 months ago

    Night Owl 2 – Chile


    Was always one of the more consistent H2Hs and worth a go for anyone fancying a late night flutter at surprisingly big prices:

    (21/10, bet365) ⭐⭐

    And for lower stakes:

    (6/1, bet365) ⭐

    (28/1, bet365) ⭐

    Best of luck and well done all winners!

  72. TheMaster 5 months ago

    All over the river plate tonight for corners.
    River plate currently top team anywhere for getting them and velez not too far behind. Over 9.5 is 8/11. Max stake on this and will also have a go over 10 at 6/5, over 11 at 2/1 and over 12 at 3/1, all bet365

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