1. Alanm 3 years ago

    Well come back Dougie and all them gold stars to be won :)

  2. dougiec 3 years ago

    Thanks AlanM..Quality at Goodwood and quantity at Redcar,should be a great day, may even have a Judicial Enqiry,nursery debut but will see.

  3. mig 3 years ago

    3.45 goodwood battalion 10/3

    5.15 perth by the boardwalk 4/1

    redcar looks like a betting nightmare with huge fields of runners not my cup of tea might take a look at kempton in the morning.

    Gl whatever you back

  4. pablo 3 years ago

    john b when if you do know is your best month of the year for most points i.e winners

  5. davyb 3 years ago

    emerald asset 2.10 red
    lorimers lot 3.20 fed
    battalion 3.45 red
    save the bees 3.45 good

  6. BARZINI 3 years ago

    Hi scott won the racing comp last month when does the free bet get credited to my account thanks.

  7. HELEN 3 years ago

    In the bull goodwoods first 16/1
    Threave goodwoods last 9/4 (posted last night.)
    Gluk all today esp jb as i know alot follow.

  8. nap time 3 years ago


    GOODWOOD 15:45
    Battalion @ 3/1 —————-NAP————

    GOODWOOD 17:25
    Threave @ 5/2

    REDCAR 17:35
    Instill @ 11/4

    REDCAR 18:05
    French Press @ 13/8

  9. Jason Thomson 3 years ago

    REDCAR 18:05
    French Press (nap)

    PERTH 14:20
    Miss Dinamic (nb)

  10. tommy400 3 years ago

    Yep good to c u back Dougie hope dc and nagman return soon too while I’m on do you or alanm have any thoughts on
    Thames knight 3:10 and castle combe 4:20

  11. Johnb 3 years ago

    Wednesdays Tips

    Silver Quay 5/1 NB bet365

    Osipova 4/1 NAP hills

    • Dariusz 3 years ago

      Timeform comments:

      Silver Quay (4 out of 5 stars), 1m 3f: Shaped well at Windsor last time, looking right back to his best, likely to have given the winner more to think about had his effort begun sooner. Big shout under good apprentice.
      Race commentary: The progressive REVISION can pass another test here and make it 4 wins from 5 starts in handicaps this year. Silver Quay has a big shout under Tom Marquand having shaped well at Windsor last time, while ready Chepstow winner Duke of Sonning should go close again.

      Osipova (5 out of 5 stars), 1m 3f: Showed improved form when taking a maiden over this course (12f) last month before disappointing on soft ground at Goodwood last time. Worth another chance back on this surface and shortlisted.
      Race commentary: OSIPOVA was below form on soft ground at Goodwood last time, but had looked progressive when taking a maiden over this course previously, and is fancied to resume winning back on this surface. Khusoosy is preferred to Royal Toast for the forecast.

  12. Classic Mug 3 years ago

    Advising the double John?

  13. Johnb 3 years ago

    Silver Quay is in the 3:10 Goodwood

  14. Alex MS 3 years ago

    silver quay in 3:10 goodwood. good luck Johnb. are you advising the double today?

  15. ripe tomato 3 years ago





    INSTILL 6.05 NB

    good racing everybody

    waiting for johnb alanm boz always do a nap with their naps and mine

    • ripe tomato 3 years ago

      always do a yank that should be

      • ripe tomato 3 years ago

        Nightmare already DEEDS NOT WORDS made a non runner while im typing gone for PERFECT PASTIME in same race,And INSTILL is in the 5.35

        thats me for the day

        Good racing everybody

  16. Luke A 3 years ago

    Not sure I’ll be backing John’s today. If I don’t, it will be the first time in a while that I haven’t (so expect them to win). But I am torn between revision and Thames knight in 3.10. and in the 8.25, John has once again gone against a fancied bin suroor horse, so I may just leave this race alone. I’ll look into both races further then make a decision, but good luck to John and all those that back his tips, regardless of whether I back them or not.
    had a small stake 5 fold last night. £5 on villa, city -1, Everton, Stoke and Notts County returned £152. If only Capital One cup games were played every week…

  17. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    4:40 p- Hadfield…..2/1……NAP
    8:55 k- encaptulated…..4/1…NB
    3:30 p- solway legend…7/2
    5:25 g- ohsosecret….4/1

    Gl all

  18. Chris 3 years ago

    Lucky 15

    Good Run at 1.73 in the 14:35 at Goodwood
    Dark Devil at 2.38 in the 14:45 at Redcar
    The Scourge at 7.00 in the 14:55 at Perth
    Down Time at 9.00 in the 15:30 at Perth

    (Those are current prices at BetVictor)

    £1 on each (£15 total) wins £722.19 if all win, £57 if Down Time loses & rest win, £7 loss if both outsiders lose & rest win.

    Here’s a direct link to the bet:

    Have a play with it…

    (That’s my website, hope that’s OK putting links here, let me know if not!)

  19. de niro's cousin 3 years ago

    tomato wait for jonnys nap and make it a super yankee if i were you

    good racing everybody

  20. de niro's cousin 3 years ago

    oh its already up didnt see it there! gl today jonny

  21. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    De niro’s cousin good luck with your picks today mate and everyone else.

    Will be having a good bet on EPIC WARRIOR in the 5:45 Perth currently 5/4 but I think it will go off odds on!!

  22. Jimron12 3 years ago

    French press 6.05 nap again I know I keep napping but it keeps winning will put up a Yankee shortly just making final decisions

  23. dougiec 3 years ago

    Thanks tommy400,think the ground an issue with Castle Combe and the 6lb,Ive backed Scrutinise. Thames Knight has every chance even up in grade,Very different course to Bath of course.Ten bob ew on Isamol at 14/1 last night hoping all 8 go to post. GL with your bets

  24. Champy R 3 years ago

    Not advising a double JohnB?

  25. Jimron12 3 years ago


    I’ve been using your site for quite a while got a name to the site now good work !

  26. Jimron12 3 years ago

    French press nap 6.05

    Miss dinamic 2.20 NB

    Hadfield 4.40 treb

    Good run 2.35 yankee

    Epic warrior 5.45 Canadian!

    Good luck all

  27. de niro's cousin 3 years ago

    jonny that horse could be named after you in all truth. is this a bat phone tip or one of yr picks mate?

  28. Johnb 3 years ago

    No double today as they are strong picks but just not strong enough
    On my point scoring system

  29. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    It’s not from the bat phone mate but it’s from a good source

  30. Alanm 3 years ago

    Nap Scrutinise 2/1 4.20Goodwood
    NB Field Of Stars.7/4 7.20 Kempton
    Gold Star Judicial Enquiry 8/1 3.55 Redcar if the money comes for this one check it out.
    Good Luck All

  31. Jimron12 3 years ago

    Word getting to me that scrutinise is all the rage at goodwood today quite a decent arcade would love to see first Mohican run well In that an old Cecil product!

  32. Garfo 3 years ago


  33. Johnb 3 years ago

    1 day, 18 hrs ago
    Getting on my nfl NAP early this week as I think the points will rise before Sunday
    Nap has won in weeks 1 & 2

    Oakland Raiders at Cleveland Browns 6pm Sunday

    Oakland Raiders to score over 19.5 points 1/1 NAP Skybet

  34. de niro's cousin 3 years ago

    went all in on good run today at goodwood 2:35 took 8-11. xmas payed for if it lands

    good racing everybody

  35. busstop 3 years ago

    Morning all

    one jump meet today few i like

    Perth 3.30 BAR A MINE 7/2 NB
    Perth 4.05 LITLE POP 10/3
    Perth 4.40 IMPULSIVE AMERICAN 11/4 NAP (won well at Chepstow on the flat about 2 week ago and no better trainer to get him ready for hurdling)

    All my prices are bet365 you may get better elsewhere

    GL ALL

  36. dougiec 3 years ago

    Morning all.
    NB….XCELERATION..5.20..Kempton and those who like Trixie/patent/L15 bets add Judicial Enquiry and Eton Rambler.
    GL today

  37. dougiec 3 years ago

    NAP..4.35 Naas srrry busy looking to see where the betting for Blue De Vaga in the 4.00 was coming from as I had backed Tribal Beat.

  38. Hamish75 3 years ago


  39. Hamish75 3 years ago

    Best news of the week mamasmurf is away fir her beauty treatment n papasmurf is back postin again yev bin sorely missed mucker health n happiness ti the duchess ktf

  40. azz the wigan 3 years ago

    ponty royal 2,10 e.w winpower 3.20 e.w horse de combat 3,45 nb judical enquiry 3.55 nap and a lucky 15 ew on these good luck today everyone

  41. Gaffer 3 years ago

    I hope you dont mind me threading on your toes as i was about to put my choices for today up and noticed you beat me to it.

    3.30 Bar A Mine
    4.40 Impulsive American
    and will add By The Boardwalk 5.15

    gl all

  42. dougiec 3 years ago

    Cheers Hamish,chap the next door neighbourangethimtafixurpicture Ktf

  43. Hamish75 3 years ago

    Av had the granweans tryin av changed ma password n still hee haw n a don’t no how to clear cache its a wee blackberry tablet av got alex can u help ktf

  44. Geoff 3 years ago

    Like the tips today JohnB and I have backed both.

    Small cover on Isamol in the 3:10 at Goodwood (I got 12/1 but is now as short as 7/1 in places).

    The horse has been competing in much tougher races and today’s trip is ideal. Overpriced in this field.

  45. tommy400 3 years ago

    Cheers Dougie much appreciated mate

  46. Leeb 3 years ago

    520 kempton Compton sky 25/1 NAP NAP NAP !!!!!

  47. Boz 3 years ago

    Just the 2 today

    G 4.20. NOTARISED. NB
    G 5.25. THREAVE. NAP

    good luck everyone

    Happy days

  48. SAV-DOG 3 years ago

    Singles and yankee for me today

    Hors De Combat 3.45 G 9/2
    Judicial Enquiry 3.55 R 13/2 (with you on this AlanM)
    Swordbearer 6.55K 9/4
    Art Echo 2.00 G 6/5

  49. jimmy mac 3 years ago

    Sav dog.
    not a bad looking luck 15.

  50. Phil 3 years ago

    I’m on the double – be daft not to

  51. Abbas 3 years ago

    Hey guys, hope all is well

    2-50 Naas

    Red all star 25/1 e/w looks a good punt for sure

    Good luck

  52. Lamzat 3 years ago

    Jellika 14.50 Naas NAP!
    Hor de couset 15.45 NB
    Hadfield 16.40
    Baseem 15.45

  53. Alanm 3 years ago

    Big move Naas 5.40 Eagle Valley 10/1 to 5/2 :)

  54. Alanm 3 years ago

    Big shout one for Ireland Blue De Vega 7/4 4.00 Naas

    Obviously held in good regard and showed that confidence was not misplaced despite little going right on debut at Dundalk. Lost ground at the start and didn’t enjoy a clear run in the straight before finishing strongly behind chief market rival General Macarthur. Plenty of stamina on the dam side, and should at least win his maiden.

  55. Lamzat 3 years ago

    Ae Fananas 2.10

  56. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    Just noticed Helen put up inn the bull in the first race, what a pick well done helen, and well done azz with ponty royal

  57. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    Is there a echo in here

  58. De Niro 3 years ago

    Simple Verse reinstated as Leger winner

  59. Lamzat 3 years ago

    Simple Verse reinstated as Leger winner

  60. De Niro 3 years ago

    is there an echo in here ;-)

  61. De Niro 3 years ago

    classic :-)

  62. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    Is there an echo in here

  63. Alanm 3 years ago

    helen azz from wigan well done great picks

  64. azz the wigan 3 years ago

    cheers jonny 0902

  65. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    Hav a good Xmas de niro’s cousin well done mate

  66. azz the wigan 3 years ago

    cheers alanm

  67. TrixieTony 3 years ago

    15:45 Goodwood BATTALION 3/1 (NAP)
    16:20 Goodwood SCRUTINISE 2/1 (NB)


  68. dougiec 3 years ago

    Just back and happy to go into the GOLD star box,for Helen,as price when advised merits it for Inn The Bull, and azz the wigan for Ponty Royale..Great picks.

  69. azz the wigan 3 years ago

    cheers dougiec

  70. Mig 3 years ago

    Gold stars flying already see jimrons landed his first two as well. Well done all

  71. Alanm 3 years ago

    Merry Christmas you filthy Animal :)

  72. de niro's cousin 3 years ago


  73. dougiec 3 years ago

    AlanM napper cant post for some reason,but he mailed me re Eagle, price vanished at half ten last night.He is on at 10s,but best price now is 4/1.and as short as 9/4

  74. Alanm 3 years ago


    * /.-. *
    * `/&` *
    /_o.I %_ *
    * (`’–:o(_@;
    /`;–.,__ `’) *
    ;@`o % O,*`’`&
    * (`’–)_@ ;o %'() *
    /&*,()~o`;-.,_ `””`)
    * /`,@ ;+& () o*`;-‘;
    (`””–.,_0 +% @’ &()
    /-.,_ “”–….-‘`) *
    * /@%;o`:;’–,.__ __.’
    ;*,&(); @ % &^;~`”`o;@(); *
    /(); o^~; & ().o@*&`;&%O
    jgs `”=”==””==,,,.,=”==”===”`
    ‘` )_`”””””`
    .–‘ ‘)

  75. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    Lol Alan

  76. de niro's cousin 3 years ago

    hahahaha nice one!

  77. Alanm 3 years ago

    opps didnt work lol

  78. de niro's cousin 3 years ago

    lol alanm

  79. Alanm 3 years ago

    | 0 /|
    //+/@\/+o Twas the
    //o//+/\\ Night
    +/////oo+\o before
    o/+@/++/\@\/+ Christmas… in deniros
    //+///o/@o+/+\ cousins house
    o/+//@//||/\o\o _ (Chuckles)
    /__ /| || /__ /|
    | * | | (__)___ | * | |
    |___|/_ /__ /||___|/
    /_/| | * | |
    |_|/ |___|/

  80. charDwar 3 years ago

    My deepest regret at not posting a couple of big winners I had not too far back as my first ever pick a while back flopped. I am very choosy and wait for horses that I like, but do follow Sir JB. I had (unilit 10/1) inside info from an old gentleman in a WH shop, who I watched have big winners. He told me about it and it hit the Bulls eyes. Another horse which I waited for weeks (Royal toast 9/1) won brilliantly after listening to the commentator in his previews race ( his comments warrants a listen and you will know why it won). Saying that Royal toast is a classy horse who is awkward at the first few furlongs but kicks on brilliantly towards the finish. I had been waiting for Royal toast to race again and now it happens to be against JBs Nap and a godolphin fav of the race. But I believe Royal toast shouldn’t be matched n this race as he is downgraded and can go in improving from a 7lb higher mark. However we know horse racing is very unpredictable and with JBs horse in the same race I automatically feel my chance reduced but gonna stick to my pick this time. Good luck everyone. May the best horse win.

    8.25 Kemton – Royal toast 9/2 – Nap/nb

  81. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    Well done all who picked battalion

  82. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    3:55 R – Meister ew 16/1

  83. Alanm 3 years ago

    Blue De Vega 7/2 woop woop

  84. SAV-DOG 3 years ago

    AlanM get in!!!.. thanks for Blue De Vega :)

  85. Wigan John 3 years ago

    Well done Alarm
    Backed it insuring 3 places at Hills, took 10/11 just before opening show, then it drifts!!!!

  86. Jimron12 3 years ago

    Winners flying in everywhere I gave battalion to the lads in work haven’t told them it wasn’t my pick yet see if I can get a few beers first!

  87. AndytheHun 3 years ago

    Nice one Alanm for Vega!Thanks!

  88. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    Thanks for that one Alan mate

  89. de niro's cousin 3 years ago


  90. de niro's cousin 3 years ago

    jonny how we feeling about the nap?

  91. dougiec 3 years ago

    Should have done the forecast AlanM,thanks for the heads up 7/2 decent price.
    On we go

  92. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    as confident as I can be mate!

  93. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    as confident as I can be mate!

  94. azz the wigan 3 years ago

    well done alanm well in

  95. SAV-DOG 3 years ago

    AlanM…what can i say??

  96. SAV-DOG 3 years ago

    TrixieTony, well done with your double.

  97. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    Nice one trixietony

  98. Bobman 3 years ago

    Everyone’s opinion of landofhopeandglory at naas 5:10? Waiting on it for quite a good bit, any advice welcome

  99. Recoba 3 years ago

    To busy to do that studying/thinking fir myself today ;)
    So went with some NAPS for a Canadian(Super Yankee?)

    Scrutinise WON(well done AlanM)
    Impulsive American(Busstop)
    King Torus(Ripe Tomatoe)
    Osipova(Oot John)

    GL with your picks guys ;)

  100. Jimron12 3 years ago

    Nice too see first Mohican place !

  101. bazza131 3 years ago

    Cheers dougiec

  102. Recoba 3 years ago

    Can only go by the cartoon ponies on bet365 but DougieC a do believe you owe yourself a star sir!
    6/1 tae ;)

    An its been confirmed as a type ;)
    Make it gold!

  103. Alanm 3 years ago

    Cheers guys one aim to help you all bash the bookies so hopefully the NB wins.

    Yes Dougie I got 3/1 so let’s hope it romps home like a heavy back irish steamer should.

  104. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    Not to be for Hadfield today

  105. Alex 3 years ago

    I am late to the party and see there have been quite a few winners so well done. What do we reckon is the strongest bet from the remainder of the card, I need me to back something?

  106. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    De niro’s cousin I think Uve jinxed me lol

  107. dougiec 3 years ago

    Ill take silver Recoba,thanks, your bet is looking good!!fingers crossed.

  108. Alves 3 years ago

    5.05 Redcar

    The Osteopath 9/1 Cover 3 places

    8.25 Kempston

    Royal Toast 10/3 Cover 2 places

    Double pays 42/1+ @Bet365

  109. de niro's cousin 3 years ago

    lol jonny i wasnt on. think ive got one lined up though. ill be back on shortly to update our fans

  110. jammydodger22 3 years ago

    Sorry it’s a bit late but the osteopath 5.05 Redcar has really good for over this course definitely has a chance and at 9-1 can’t afford to be missed!

  111. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    Gonna hav a little bit on home flyer ew at 33/1 5:05 red

  112. de niro's cousin 3 years ago

    threave 5:25. also monsiuer jamie in the same race e/w

  113. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    I’d already backed ohsosecret in that race de niro’s cousin, may the best horse win matey

  114. ripe tomato 3 years ago

    Well i said id do yank on alanm boz johnb and my own nap


    should stick with the main men lol

    good racing everybody

  115. big chris 3 years ago

    Thank you de niro s cousin!!!! Top class!!

  116. Alex 3 years ago

    Nice one with Threave Bozza even beat the loose horse! Good start to my betting day :)

  117. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    Well done with threave!! That’s it for me now all resting on my big bet in 5:45 and nb in the 8:55

  118. Mig 3 years ago

    2 tips posted and 2 winners for me gutted I didn’t do the double! Good day today lads well done all

  119. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    Bad bad day from me, I could do with that phone ringing!

  120. HELEN 3 years ago

    Just in from work to see both my selection won got 16/1 & 9/4 .
    Happy days…..
    Well done to all posted winners
    Gluk with the nap guys n girls…

  121. de niro's cousin 3 years ago

    no need to thank me big chris. well done mate

  122. Johnb 3 years ago

    Still got the NAP to run but so far September is a 20 point loss

    Thursdays Tips


    Wonderland 6/1 hills betfred

    Flying Officer 6/4 NAP hills

    Rare Rhythm 5/1 NB skybet betvictor

    Also advising 3x 0.5 point doubles & 1x 0.5 point treble with hills odds 6/1 6/4 9/2

  123. Lamzat 3 years ago

    Jacobs cat 7.55 K

  124. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    A lads just came in the bookies and put £300 win on Langlauf, he’s not a regular never seen him before!! Do I follow? Sod it, in for a penny in for a pound!!

  125. Johnb 3 years ago

    Zonderland not Wonderland
    Text prediction worst thing ever invented

  126. dougiec 3 years ago

    Tea over,Star Baker today is HELEN,and great to see plenty tipping winners,Davyb,Jason,Mig,Jimron,AlanM trixie tony A nap a day is the way.Sorry if Ive missed anyone,with French Press,Threave,Scrutinise and others .Well done

  127. hbombs 3 years ago

    I had a four fold that finished with French press payed out 21.4/1….much love to all that shared their fancies

  128. Alanm 3 years ago

    Well done Dougie Helen De niro cousin and Boz great day so far.

    Ripe Tomato KTF you put up some great tips so tomorrow you will smash it. No pressure. lol

  129. ripe tomato 3 years ago

    alanm i did manage pick scrutinse so not all bad tomato lol

  130. Jimron12 3 years ago

    Nap wins average day small profit nothing else from me tonifgt

  131. TrixieTony 3 years ago

    Thanks for your support guys. Didn’t think BASEM could step up in trip. It was a big ask. Great at the mile.

  132. dougiec 3 years ago

    GOOJ f/cast 3,7,10..GL

  133. Hamish75 3 years ago

    Alex a c ye helped papasmurf wae his problem postin a can post but wud really like ti get ma gravatar back av tried alot of fings n failed miserably ano a sound like a broken record ktf

    • Alex 3 years ago

      Hamish- I wasn’t sure whether it helped or not but good to see the smurfmeister back. Without having logged into your account the only thing I can think of is whether you are using the same email address on this site, that you used to register at gravatar if that is where you uploaded your image? Log into gravatar and have a quick look. Alternatively you could try setting up a new email address and use that. Let me know how you get on. This will be worth 2 gold starts ;)

  134. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    Been given a one for tomorrow and U’ll be pleased to know it’s not my pick as I’m on a bad run at the minute.
    This is from my friend who has gave us some great winners and he says it should win with plenty in hand!

    8:15 chel – INTRIGUE……2/1

  135. de niro's cousin 3 years ago

    11-4 with ladbrokes jonny mate

  136. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    Cheers mate I just looked on paddy power it was 2/1 he said it was 5/2

  137. Hamish75 3 years ago

    Big fanx alex its the same email address as i use fir heer am no very gud wi technical fings wen ye say get another email address a don’t really hav a cloo am an auld eejit hope ye can help n u can get 10 gold stars ktf

  138. Ben turner 3 years ago

    Does anyone else find it almost mission impossible to get the advised prices from john b at times? Ive been following for 3 weeks and i have no issue with the bad run following the selections that is of course the nature of gambling. But i simply dont get the odds advised and therefore even when/if the selections come good ill be points behind the published figures.

  139. Mick 3 years ago

    Ye I agree Ben 4.1 zonderland started

  140. Ben turner 3 years ago

    I genuinely am quick. I follow the tips from this comments page rather than waiting for the website to put the new page up for the next days racing. Im on for tomoro but at 6/4 3/1 5/1 rather than 6/4 9/2 6/1. Even if we hit the jackpot tomoro ill be the most deflated winner in the country

  141. SAV-DOG 3 years ago

    Thanks for Eton rambler dougie

  142. Alex 3 years ago

    Hamish- I am happy for Mr F/admin to provide you with my email address. I can try and help sort it out. This gravatar better be good ha ha.

  143. Hamish75 3 years ago

    Alex it is the guy av looked up aw ma life popeye the sailor man ktf will a contact admin or will u hav ti do it

  144. dougiec 3 years ago

    SAV-DOG..thanks,its all good for the thread,with some nice winners today.

  145. Mig 3 years ago

    Unlucky John was always going to be close.
    Onwards for tomorrow!

  146. JonnyUTD 3 years ago

    Someones been an idiot and put their life savings on his nap I’m guessing… Chris, why are you on this site if you can’t take a loss. Look at Johns record, hes had an awful month yes, but Im sure he will pull out some miracles.

  147. Mr Fixit 3 years ago

    Chris, that one will be passed to the police. I hope they knock your door one day.

  148. Hamish75 3 years ago

    Admin apologies fir last post that guy Chris ripped ma knittin ktf

    • Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      Hamish75, no worries. Can’t believe he’s sending those from his works email – silly boy.
      Email mrfixit@dailyrecord for Alex’s address.

  149. Alex 3 years ago

    Hamish- I cannot remember the email address for admin, if you have it please email them asking for my email address. Alternatively if Mr F can provide please?

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