ARGENTINA were shocking against Croatia and it's amazing how poor the big guns have been in this tournament.
I didn't fancy them to go well as they can't get the best out of Lionel Messi but I reckoned France would be good.
How wrong I was – they were again lucky to win and there was no goal for Antoine Griezmann so the Super Single was downed.
I did though tip Christian Eriksen to score for Denmark in the other game and it was a cracker although they couldn't hang on to beat the battling Aussies.
On Friday let's hope for better from Brazil as they tackle Costa Rica. I don't expect much from Serbia v Switzerland while the other game is Nigeria v Iceland and the Icemen can win to just about eliminate Argentina.
I've posted a preview of all three games and there are separate previews from some of the site contributors so check them out.
My Daily Double is under 2.5 goals at Serbia v Switzerland and Iceland draw no bet against Nigeria.

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2pts Daily Double

  • Iceland draw no bet (4pm)
  • Serbia v Switzerland under 2.5 goals (7pm)
  • (11-5, Marathonbet)

Already advised

3pts Group Winners Fourfold

  • Uruguay (A)
  • France (C)
  • Brazil (E)
  • Germany (F)
  • (18-5, BlackType)

3pts Group Qualifiers Treble

  • Colombia (H)
  • Denmark (C)
  • Argentina (D)
  • (31-10, BlackType)

World Cup Super Singles Total: -4.6pts. Advised Accas: -7pts

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  1. the notorious 12 months ago

    Mr f, John b, would you be surprised if Russian footballers were caught doping? I certainly would not, with their track record of state sponsored doping across all sports.
    Sepp Blatter has recently publicly stated he has no involvement in footballing or political matters, which I find hard to believe, after he recently had dinner with ex Russian sports minister Vitalty Mutko, now President of the Russian football union.
    I wonder what way that conversation went.

  2. friskychaser 12 months ago

    I second that cocker. I was wondering how long it would take before the interminable anti Russian rhetoric of the western media would cast its jaundiced eye over Russian success.

    • xhaka khan 12 months ago

      I for one hope they dont win it!! I would much prefer England to win. In fact, it would be like a whole load of Christmas’ and birthdays rolled into 1. Obviously it’s about as likely as Linford Christie becoming Pope but you’ve gotta live the dream.

    • cockerspaniel 12 months ago

      Nothing against England xhaka but as a neutral the bias against Russia is way over the top as friskychaser pointed out.

    • Alves 12 months ago

      I’d much prefer Russia won it rather than England

    • xhaka khan 12 months ago

      You trash our goalposts in 1978 (?), you beat us at Rugby and you still don’t support us in world cups. What have the English ever done wrong ???

    • Mr Fixit 12 months ago

      It ain’t the English – it’s just the English commentators.
      Never let us forget 19** and then beating Tunisia makes England contenders in their eyes.

    • alex_mufc83 12 months ago

      Bitter ? ? ? ? ?

    • Alves 12 months ago

      Betting wise obviously ?

  3. xhaka khan 12 months ago

    I am to get a mixed response to my view, but I think this world cup has been rubbish so far. 2 or 3 good games.

    32 teams is way too many and whilst you need to try to give a chance to lower ranked teams it rather ruins the spectacle.

    Can’t wait for it to increase to 48 teams. Not.

    • oneoff 12 months ago

      Yeah agree with that going to be shocking if they make it 48.
      Though Wales and Scotland will have a better chance to qualify ?

    • boabee8867 12 months ago

      yep i was at that game in 1977 you are talking about….didnt manage to get on the park…but i finished up with a bit of the turf, but due to my drunken state left it in the hotel….fantastic weekend…..

    • Mr Fixit 12 months ago

      It’s been rubbish but group games often are. Will improve as games go by and knockout stages should still be good.

  4. dc john boy 12 months ago

    Police Tero

    Over 0.5tgs 21/20

    Good luck

    • dc john boy 12 months ago

      LOST – Police Tero failed to score

  5. wasclueless 12 months ago

    Coutinho ATGS 21/10
    GL all today

  6. Alves 12 months ago

    Gone for 10 wee bets in the Serbia Swiss game to get ma free fiver wi Skybet. Done it yday and got ma ££ back wi Perisic, Modric & Rakitic shots on gl plus 1 void. Gone wi this double but too much to write for Serbia bets.

    Brazil to score 2+, Brazil 6+ corners & 20+ Costa Rica BP’s

    Ice v Nig – BTTS 4+ corners & 20+ BP’s each team

    Free fiver pays £160

    • mervin 12 months ago

      Tempted to try the same. What did you go for if it’s not too much hassle typing them out?

  7. alex_mufc83 12 months ago

    1 of 3 pens came in yesterday. (a 21/10 winner)
    That brings the total tally of my picks to 11 out of 23 (started Spain v Portugal)

    Brazil v Costa Rica
    Penalty in the match
    15/8 (PP)

    Nigeria v Iceland
    Penalty in the match
    2/1 (PP)

    Serbia v Switzerland
    Penalty in the match
    21/10 (PP)

    As always, small even stake singles.

  8. kelly.d 12 months ago

    €50 long an game over 1.5 fhg returns €112.50

  9. buzzer 12 months ago

    the anteposts look a bit doomed Mr F the groups should have been straight forward but how wrong we were

    • Mr Fixit 12 months ago

      Yep, been a weird World Cup with no one really turning up.
      Croatia were my dark horses though.

  10. baggio 12 months ago

    Fancy a flutter on the WC:

    Brazil to win to nil
    Iceland double chance

    2.19 @ bet365

    Gl if you follow

  11. Jordan 12 months ago

    Quick one gents. Random punt more than anything.

    Brazil Over 1.5 Team Goals
    Iceland Double Chance

    51/50 @ 365 – 2.5 points

    • old al 12 months ago

      Similar – Brazil over 1.5mg
      Iceland to score

      Evens @ 365

  12. sean ireland 12 months ago

    Always hoping for and wondering why these isles never seem to have a chance of hosting another World Cup, hoping to see it happen in my lifetime as it would be spectacular given the massive support for the game over here, fantastic stadiums etc. Dont care if its a joint effort from the 4 nations or even just held in England but we never seem to be in with a shout for some reason.

    • alex_mufc83 12 months ago

      one word: Politics

    • Mr Fixit 12 months ago

      There’s talk of a joint bid for 2030 after the Mexico, Canada and USA bid won for 2026.
      Obviously most games would be in England and if only one nation is to qualify they should let it be Scotland.
      Either that or increase form 48 in 2026 to 64 – we might have a chance of making it then.

  13. bullseye 12 months ago

    World Cup 13:00
    Brazil vs Costa Rica – Brazil over 1.5 TG’s
    Brazil vs Costa Rica – over 4.5 first half Asian corners
    Brazil vs Costa Rica – card before 35:00

    Treble 4.23/1 Bet365 **NAP**
    World Cup 16:00
    Nigeria vs Iceland – over 4.5 first half Asian corners 2.025 Bet365 **NB**

    Good luck all

  14. hampy 12 months ago

    Brazil V Costa Rica
    First corner before 9mins 5/6
    Over 6.5 Brazil team corners 5/6

    Brazil -1.5 Asian 4/5

    Brazil to score penalty 3/1

    • hampy 12 months ago

      Well this is going just great just like rest of world cup :S

  15. buzzer 12 months ago

    got to admit the more I see the big guns struggling the more quiet optimism I have for England grows especially if Germany end up facing brazil in the last 16 as then we wouldn’t have to face anyone fearsome until the semis

  16. pablopower 12 months ago

    Marcelo ATGS 9/1

    He knows this Keeper well , although he has cut a lot of mistakes out his game I feel he has one In him today

  17. alex_mufc83 12 months ago

    Another thriller of a first half, edge of the seat stuff

    • hampy 12 months ago

      Clash of the shite uns at the moment this cup. Can only really say Croatia have impressed me so far. Russia have done better than everyone expected but they’ve played no one.
      It’s wide open

    • alex_mufc83 12 months ago

      Yep. really thought after using the first group stage game as a ‘sounding board’ Brazil would’ve come out flying for this one, but nahhhh.

      Will probably take another wonder strike to break the deadlock.

      Croatia really play as a team, well drilled. I’ve actually been quite impressed with Russia, even though they’ve only played weaker opposition so far, they’ve created lots of chances against teams who have tried to sit back a bit and defend.

    • hampy 12 months ago

      Russia’s next game will show how competent they are. Uruguay a tough nut to crack. Am sure we’ll get 1 or 2 goals 2nd half in this game.

    • alex_mufc83 12 months ago

      Called it right hampy hope you backed that up with a bet pal ;)

  18. alex_mufc83 12 months ago


    Brazil v Costa Rica

    Over 8.5 corners
    2.5 POINTS

    • alex_mufc83 12 months ago

      **WON** ✅

  19. alex_mufc83 12 months ago

    14 mins ago

    Brazil v Costa Rica

    Over 10 corners
    2.5 POINTS

    • alex_mufc83 12 months ago

      Lost – 1 short

      Well done everyone on Brazil O1.5 tgls though – they left that rather late !

  20. buzzer 12 months ago

    and the bafta world cup theatrics award goes to neymar what a dive

  21. wasclueless 12 months ago

    Coutinho ATGS 21/10 :) :) :)

    • hampy 12 months ago

      Cheers pal was on

  22. Jordan 12 months ago

    Never in doubt ?

  23. kelly.d 12 months ago

    €50 basel game over 3.5 fhg returns €95.45

    • alex_mufc83 12 months ago

      Nice one Kel, followed you on this one.

  24. aarron19888 12 months ago

    need a bit of advice..

    waiting on 3.5 cards/ 7.0 corners in next 2 world cup games..

    do i cash out my 30 plus and risk the finboggason 1st and mitrovic 1st double?

    • alex_mufc83 12 months ago

      more info needed to advise

    • aarron19888 12 months ago

      haha what you mean @alex_mufc83 .. as in if there are over 7 corners and 3.5 cards in both games i win 334, as had 2.5 in brisbane knights game 11/10 and 11/8 over 9.0 corners in brazil game and 6.5 brazil shots on target 5/6

    • aarron19888 12 months ago

      so need the ref to actually give bookings like instead of so much benefit of the doubt haha

    • alex_mufc83 12 months ago

      Ah OK I get you now, would depend what the current cash out value is… and also if there is anyway you can cover

    • aarron19888 12 months ago

      yeah @alex_mufc83 cash out is 30ish, just gonna keep it going, getting used to losing at this world cup likes hahahahha, cards and corners was the best to begin with, but the cards are drying up now..

    • alex_mufc83 12 months ago

      Yeah Over 3.5 cards in both games is a bit of an ask… saying that, they’re both expected to be aggressive matches…. best of luck with it

  25. kelly.d 12 months ago

    €95.45 basel game over 4.5 fhg returns €150

  26. duncanpoundcake 12 months ago

    Granit Xhaka’s father was held as a political prisoner for 3 1/2 years ,no love lost here, 3.4 for a card

  27. kirantotti365 12 months ago

    nigeria vs Iceland
    Mathew Conger who averaged almost a massive 7 cards per game in the qualifiers so I’ll be keeping my eyes on the cards market
    bet to consider

  28. kelly.d 12 months ago

    €150 FK ROSICH game over 1.5 fhg returns €235.71

  29. peter b 12 months ago

    Linfield Ladies v Crusaders Strikers

    Around 6/4
    10pts Nap

    • peasandgravy 12 months ago

      Hey Pete, you were spot on the other night with your calls. U a local lad with a bit of inside knowledge I hope.

  30. wasclueless 12 months ago

    Mitrovic > 2.5 Shots 4/5 – half stake
    Managed 4 against Costa Rica with 2 on target

  31. kelly.d 12 months ago

    €235.71 asane fotball u19 game over 1.5 fhg returns €361.42

  32. bullseye 12 months ago

    World Cup 13:00
    Brazil vs Costa Rica – Brazil over 1.5 TG’s ✅
    Brazil vs Costa Rica – over 4.5 first half Asian corners ❌
    Brazil vs Costa Rica – card before 35:00 ❌

    Treble 4.23/1 Bet365 **NAP** LOST
    World Cup 16:00
    Nigeria vs Iceland – over 4.5 first half Asian corners 2.025 Bet365 **NB** ✅ WON

  33. 12 months ago

    Serbia btts@11/10,With Brazil winning earlier im hoping the Swiss take the game to Serbia

  34. humble tipper 12 months ago

    In-play (75 mins) nigeria -1 11/4 paddy

    • humble tipper 12 months ago


    • humble tipper 12 months ago

      Can see nigeria scoring again, nigeria -2 16/5 @ paddy

  35. humble tipper 12 months ago

    Defo a penalty

  36. xhaka khan 12 months ago

    1 out of 2 on the offsides today.

    Hoping for under 3.5 on the Serbia game for another day of profit.

  37. HullShaker 12 months ago

    Ah, rats – Icelandic penalty miss brings down the main bet…was 3/3 on the previewed games up til then…bobbins ?

  38. craneguy 12 months ago

    unlucky hull…………… onwards though


    Serbia o1.5tgs 2/1
    mitrovic to score 7/4


    • wasclueless 12 months ago

      WD on Mitrovic !!

    • 12 months ago


  39. alex_mufc83 12 months ago

    Nigeria v Iceland
    Penalty in the match
    2/1 (PP)
    **WON** ✅

  40. kelly.d 12 months ago

    €311.42 serbia game over 0.5 fhg returns €477.51

    took back original stake

  41. klums 12 months ago

    Well done kelly.d keep them coming!

  42. kelly.d 12 months ago

    liking goals here
    €477.51 serbia game over 2.5 mgs returns €732.18

  43. wasclueless 12 months ago

    Mitrovic > 2.5 Shots 4/5 – half stake :) :) 13mins

    • 12 months ago

      Another good shout also

    • dc john boy 12 months ago

      Good shouts crane &WC ?

    • wasclueless 12 months ago

      cheers gents

  44. craneguy 12 months ago

    nice early mitrovic goal lands a nice 7/4………………

    as mrs hull says good to get it over and done with nice and quickly……………….

    • wasclueless 12 months ago

      she’d be delighted with 5 minutes ;)

  45. craneguy 12 months ago

    fkn needed it dc cheers this WCs bin a rotter fur me so far…………….

    • dc john boy 12 months ago

      Yep me to. Just not enough goals

  46. wasclueless 12 months ago

    Serbia > 1.5 TGS (in play) 5/6

  47. 12 months ago

    Serbia btts@11/10 won,brilliant game an added bonus?

    • HullShaker 12 months ago

      Well done Bob/Crane all other winners ?

  48. alex_mufc83 12 months ago

    How’s that not a penalty ?

    Just got suplexed by TWO defenders

    • theboss 12 months ago

      Yup! Fuming! Got doubles and trebles on Iceland game ?

    • alex_mufc83 12 months ago

      Gonna write to FIFA and demand compensation for my two missed penalty bets, this game and Portugal (Ronaldo foul)…… you owe me money Infantino

    • kelly.d 12 months ago

      they do get some right but the likes of that ya cant, maybe its a good thing prem voted against

    • recoba 12 months ago

      Disgrace of a miss call for a PK VAR or not.

      Got on over 2.5 in Serbia game on 86mins at 5/1 just after I seen you post Kelly as I had faith. ?

  49. craneguy 12 months ago


    Serbia o1.5tgs 2/1 LOST
    mitrovic to score 7/4 WON

    will take that on a tough WC so far………… must improve soon surely…………

    WD all with a win……………….

  50. craneguy 12 months ago

    cheers hull needed that one tonite tbh………… was starting to loose faith

    bin keepin an eye on yer new thread sir bin gone like a village fayre so ye huv, keep up the good work gallus………….. :)

  51. kelly.d 12 months ago

    €732.18 charlotte eagles game over 0.5 fhg returns €1025

  52. kelly.d 12 months ago

    €50 basel game over 3.5 fhg returns €95.45
    €95.45 basel game over 4.5 fhg returns €150
    €150 FK ROSICH game over 1.5 fhg returns €235.71
    €235.71 asane fotball u19 game over 1.5 fhg returns €361.42
    €311.42 serbia game over 0.5 fhg returns €477.51
    €477.51 serbia game over 2.5 mgs returns €732.18
    €732.18 charlotte eagles game over 0.5 fhg returns €1025

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