IT was another decent night on Wednesday with goals galore and results mainly going to form.

Greg landed another goals special with a big helping hand from Carlisle and Cardiff while both to score at Cardiff, Monaco and a win for Milan gave me a 3-1 winner and a return to profit for the accas from around 20pts down.

Now to tackle the Super Singles. One game that didn't go as expected was Fiorentina v Atalanta and that cost me 2pts.

Well done to all the other winners including Scott with his members bet and Sean. Both are in good form.

Not too much to look at on Thursday with Parma v Roma in the Italian Cup and not too much else. Is a no bet day as I start concentrating on Saturday's card but Scott covers this on his members bet.

Greg and Selectabet have analysed the third round of the Scottish Cup and found value in a double featuring Aberdeen and Rangers who both should win comfortably at home. Please listen to the podcast I have included below.

Kevinmac has posted also his own views for Rangers vs Stranraer, so check it out!

I'm putting up an early Super Single of Rangers -3 and will add reasoning in form of a match preview later. Already the 11-10 has gone though and best I can see is 8-13. Anyone looking now will need to consider -4 at 13-10 with sportingbet.

3pts Super Single

January Super Single Stats: -10pts

January Advised Acca Stats: +3.5pts

  1. RedJohn 9 months ago

    Parma over 1.5 team goals 2/1

    Parma and Btts 6/1

    • RedJohn 9 months ago

      Wee correct score aswell, why not

      Parma 2-1 Roma 12/1

  2. xbets 9 months ago

    Dallas mavericks ML won
    Toronto Raptors ML won
    Miami Heat 1st Half ML Lost disgusted too see a draw
    @3.75/1 Ladbrokes (boosted)

    • jim burnside 9 months ago

      I followed again and got paid out at slightly better than 2/1 as the team u say lost had push next to my result.i bet on first half money great stuff again more profit.

    • xbets 9 months ago

      Jim mate i thought i lost the bet until i read your comment and logged in to my Lads account and go to see a winning amount displayed in my aaccount… you made my day Jim otherwise i did not bother to check. Thanks mate..

    • xbets 9 months ago

      see you again tonight

    • xbets 9 months ago

      Dallas mavericks ML WON
      Toronto Raptors ML WON
      Miami Heat 1st Half ML PUSH
      @3.75/1 Ladbrokes (boosted)
      WON at a lower odds

    • old al 9 months ago

      Out of interest does push mean voided?

    • Mr Fixit 9 months ago

      That’s correct.
      By the way anyone looking to join you can’t use your mobile number as your username.

    • jim burnside 9 months ago

      Lol GOOD MAN.

  3. Ad 9 months ago

    Paire v Millman has gone the distance, like the Evans v Rublev match before it. So after a predictably unpredictable start to the season it’s two on the spin from the tennis 😊

    Overs double @3.3.

    Should have a tip for tomorrow morning sometime later today

    • Johan14 9 months ago

      Nice one. Followed your advice.

  4. blanco88 9 months ago

    Scottish FA Cup Treble – Fri-Sat.

    Stranraer – Under 0.5 goals 8/11

    Dumbarton – Under 0.5 goals 8/11

    Partick – Under 0.5 goals 7/10

    Pays £2.81/1 just now with Ladbrokes might get a little more elsewhere. 1 point staked (£10)

    I am also staking 1 point (£10) on the following goals treble at the weekend:

    Sat – Arsenal – Over 1.5 team goals 20/23
    Sun – Inter Milan – Over 1.5 team goals 1/3
    Sun – Juventus – Over 1.5 team goals 2/7

    Pays £2.20/1 just now with Ladbrokes.

    Good look with all your bets this coming weekend.

  5. Giovannidez 9 months ago

    Mr fixit…I wonder why you said we shouldn’t check out kevimac’s view on Rangers vs Stranraer….

    • old al 9 months ago

      Long day at work would be my guess.

    • sasaharv62 9 months ago

      Maybe fallen out haha

    • Mr Fixit 8 months ago

      Haha. an unfortunate literal.

  6. dolky123 9 months ago

    Did anyone watch wolves game last night
    As disallowed goal cost me a nice 4 fold
    Why was it dissalowed.

    • cp007 9 months ago

      another ridiculous handball decision confirmed by VAR I am afraid. Cost me my NAP as well

      Mr f is right that the rule is the main problem but the VAR is spotting it in situations where the referee would ever have even seen it

    • El Gooner 9 months ago

      Im often considered a conspiracy but amongst pals but the VAR decision was absolutely spot on in my opinion.
      Wolves player (completely faultless) knocked the ball with his arm and it changed the direction of the ball completely into the path of Neto who scored. Was unlucky but any team would have felt hard done by had the goal stood.

      Thats not to say certain teams seem to benefit from VAR (or the lack of) *cough cough Liverpool*

    • maccathered 9 months ago

      Check the VAR stats and you will see it hasn’t benefited Liverpool in any way,with it we are where we are,without it we would still be where we are.

    • El Gooner 9 months ago

      You would macca albeit with less points between you and city (who have been on the end of some shocking VAR decisions).
      Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather Pool won the prem this year out of the current top 3, just a shame you have had so many dodgy VAR calls go in your way as it takes a little gloss off the fantastic achievements you’ve made in the last year.

    • Mr Fixit 8 months ago

      With or without VAR Liverpool are miles better than the rest this season.

    • maccathered 9 months ago

      Bull sh*t mate check the stats before posting.Liverpool have no benefited they themselves have had good goals ruled out.

    • RedJohn 9 months ago

      El Gooner that “takes the gloss off” comment is incredibly petty sounding, I love that this Liverpool team is so good that rival fans have to clutch at straws to get any sort of dig in hahaha

    • maccathered 9 months ago

      Well said Redjohn

  7. sasaharv62 9 months ago

    As i keep saying,its swings & roundabouts.
    If VAR helps the team or someones bet,its a good thing.
    If VAR hinders a team or someones bet,its a bad thing.
    NUFF SAID !!!!!

    • El Gooner 9 months ago

      Disagree completely, I had Wolves DC in a bet which went down as a result and it was one of the very few times where I wasn’t annoyed. Majority of the time I think its a load of rubbish. Can think of so many instances where it has been used wrong or not at all when it should have. Makes me wonder what exactly is going on?

      Its been proved to work in other competitions /sports. So why not here? Methinks the FA want it to fail and are trying to look progressive by giving it a go but actually never wanted it in the first place

    • sasaharv62 9 months ago

      El gooner,can you hear yourself?? Conspiracy theories?????? Not a chance,F.A just cant use it properly.I watch the Aussies doing it every week without any problems.

    • sean567 9 months ago

      The problem seems to be in England with how they are interpreting it. This high bar nonsense they came out with at the start of the season was absolute b0llox .
      Every other league in the world lets the refs use pitchside monitors. EPL-no that will take too long. all the commentators that moan about VAR down south seem to have 1 common theme as well- it takes too long. VAR is not supposed to be about how long these decisions can be made in, its about coming to the RIGHT decision, which has been proven to have increased so far. The subjective ones are tough, they were always going to be as one mans fair challenge is another mans foul. That’s not VARS fault.
      Folk moaning about the offside ones- there can be no complaints. offside is factual there are no grey areas, your either offside or not, wether it be by millimetres or 100 yards. When hawkeye is used in tennis folk don’t so “ah but it was only just out so we should give them the benefit”
      For me the 1 thing that needs changed about VAR is the handball law as there are now 2 laws for the same thing. what could be deemed as accidental and play on at the halfway line, now disallows a goal which is wrong. If they want that then they have to change the law to every handball is now a free kick.

    • El Gooner 9 months ago

      Would you happen to be a Liverpool fan by any chance sasaharv? 😂

    • El Gooner 9 months ago

      The FA brought over a VAR “specialist” from Australia and he’s been just as wrong as the rest. I do agree with Sean in that the rules need changing to go with VAR

    • sean567 9 months ago

      If its jarrod gillett your talking about el gooner he wasn’t brought over as a VAR specialist he switched from the A league to England because he started studying at john moores uni in Liverpool.

    • El Gooner 9 months ago

      Yeah thats the one Sean, hes made a couple of absolute stinkers. Read that he was allowed in as the first foreign ref in the uk which was allowed due to his “experience” with VAR.
      Arsenal fans already hate the guy for disallowing a perfectly good goal out v Palace

    • sean567 9 months ago

      Lol I hate him now too then as he cost me a 35/1 acca that day. I agree that that was a particularly bad one But that’s one of those subjective ones where even before VAR referees would get right and wrong during games. VAR is there now to help them get more right but they will never ever be able to get it to 100% for those.

    • El Gooner 9 months ago

      Exactly, which is why i find it particularly strange that it seems to go so wrong over here say compared to rugby or even var used in a different football league.
      Anyways enough on VAR lol.

      Quick question for you Sean, waiting on Adelaide to score 2 or more goals tomorrow for £200 Similar to last week with Newcastle jets in that having watched them play their last game they created loads of chances and thought they could grab a couple tomorrow. Do you reckon they’re likely? Only really cover if the payout is worth a bit more….

    • oneoff 9 months ago

      I thought VAR was to help with clear and obvious wrong seems like there refereeing the game as every decision is checked cards,penalties,offside,goals,handball the ref is doing f..k all. I thought it was ment create more goals not rob them from the game and players not even celebrating a goal.

    • Mr Fixit 8 months ago

      Only things they check are red cards, goals and pens. They don’t check for offside unless it’s a goal or penalty.
      VAR works to an extent but it needs refined. Don’t call offside unless you can tell with the naked eye and change the handball rule.

    • sean567 9 months ago

      I’m the same el gooner I’ve seen they’re last couple of games where they’ve played well but ultimately have lost. That was against Sydney and Perth tho who are both on fire. If they turn up tomorrow they are capable of netting twice no bother. 1 clean sheet away from home this season for the victory at a poor roar side who were finding their feet under Robbie Fowler at the time doesn’t bode well. Had a look at this last night and my initial thought was this looks like 2-1 to Adelaide.

    • El Gooner 8 months ago

      Cheers Sean 👍
      Yeah will let it run then, Adelaide look like they could hit 4 or more at some point. Might have a cheeky side bet on BTTS in both halves also seeing as they seem to leak goals.

    • 8 months ago

      Correct to a point, but not when your running in on goal, midfield and the ball clearly hits your hand by mistake and goal gets chalked off. Also Goals being ruled out because said player is Inches offside. These two Var rules need changed.

    • sasaharv62 8 months ago

      @el gooner,not at all im Glasgow Celtic through & through,Dont give a shi-ite about who wins down south.
      So yer conspiracy theory of my comments are shot ” oot the windae” nae luck !!!

  8. sasaharv62 9 months ago

    Spot on Sean.

  9. cockerspaniel 9 months ago

    Parma v Roma .
    Red card/Pen in the match . 12/1 Hills .
    Worth a punt .

  10. alex_mufc83 9 months ago

    Had some joy with goals in these world friendlies, appreciate some people swerve non-competitive games but I find they’re laden with goals, plus no VAR 🙏

    Small stake on the following;

    Troyes v Seleccion Afe
    Budissa Bautzen v Bischofswerdaer
    Gran Valencia v Hermanos
    Neusiedl 1919 v Team Fur Wien
    Klosterhardt v Duisburg
    Congrats Ramblers v Saint Patrick’s

    All 6 games O2.5 MGls
    1 POINT

  11. Yaap88 9 months ago

    Not much doing today but going to have a small stake on this which hopefully I’ve got right

    Maccabi Bnei Raina to score against beitar Jerusalem 11/8

    At least two leagues difference between the teams with Jerusalem 3rd in the top tier but the away sides recent form shows they can score a few goals, seems to good a price

    17/2 for them to grab a couple also

    • discodale 8 months ago

      Good shout ,cheers 👍.

    • Yaap88 8 months ago

      Managed 1 goal for the main bet but unfortunately couldn’t find a second

  12. echo42 9 months ago

    Anyone know if 11/10 on Rangers -3 still available at Paddy power? I can’t find the handicap market on their site. It’s 4/7 with bet 365.

    • Mr Fixit 8 months ago

      Could have gone. The handicap markets on a lot of Scots Cup games have been hammered. It’s why I posted early.

    • derekj1978 8 months ago

      I’ve been on all sites for SC and best was 4/5 minus 3 with Sky. Paddy power on line were never 11/10. I checked with my VIP rep. Texted him and he said wasn’t 11/10. Maybe Mr F got in shop

    • micky belfast 8 months ago

      Paddy power pulled the handicap on the game fs

  13. JOE BM 9 months ago

    PARMA O1.5GL

    • JOE BM 8 months ago

      ALL WENT W I N

  14. Nonleagueste 9 months ago

    TRABZONSPOR – 1 to beat Denizlispor Even Money

    • Nonleagueste 8 months ago


  15. Burton111 9 months ago

    Champions tour tomorrow,tom Lehman has a brilliant record at this venue ,I’m on e/w @ 22/1.

  16. elvis parsley 9 months ago

    Spain 2nd division.
    Almeria v real Oviedo.
    Btts evens (hills) NAP.

    Almeria flying high and 8-13 to win the game which is fair enough.
    But they have conceded in 6 of last 8 homes.

    Oviedo have scored in their last 13 aways with 12 of them Btts.

    They are 8-11 to score which is in my own treble, but put Btts here as its evens.

  17. alex_mufc83 8 months ago

    Main bet for tonight;

    Parma v Roma – O1.5 MGls
    Almeria v Oviedo – O1.5 MGls
    Tranzonspor v Denizlispor – O1.5 MGls
    Stjarnan v Grotta – O2.5 MGls

    5 POINTS

    Good luck whatever you’re on.

  18. El Gooner 8 months ago

    Quick heads up for tomorrow’s game in Portugal.
    Porto v Braga, btts is evens and looks a great bet

  19. maccathered 8 months ago

    WAC Casablanca v HUSA Agadir (Morocco league)
    Over 1.5 first half goals at 2/1*****(NAP)
    Over 2.5 goals at 19/20
    Over 3.5 goals at 12/5
    Over 4.5 goals at 11/2
    Best of luck

    • oxbally 8 months ago

      Get in there Macca,what a spot and great odds👍

    • Yaap88 8 months ago

      Great find Macca, was only on the Nap but fingers crossed for more goals for you 🤞

    • Inkyhead 8 months ago

      Long time, first time etc. Simply needed to post to say .. genius! Took a punt and got on this with zero knowledge of the stats or your reasoning. Cheers.

    • kf 8 months ago

      Great work la…did the 1st half goals. Thanks for posting mate

    • maccathered 8 months ago

      Always well priced for goals and you are always getting at least 2/1 for 2 in the first half,i backed a game the other day and on Christmas day that was 7/1 for over 1.5 first half goals and they landed with ease the prices are ridiculous but beware there can be some duds also.Tunisia is another league i frequent with usually the same prices as these.

  20. Ad 8 months ago

    Haven’t been able to see much tennis from this weeks tourneys, so it’s hard to be confident in picking winners from tight looking matches (especially with some players maybe having one eye on the Aussie Open) but I’ll have a minor go at an overs bet again.

    Paire v Hurcakz over 21.5
    Paul v Harris over 21.5
    Barty v Collins over 20.5

    Treble pays 7/2

    I’ve got one eye on the Aussie open myself so will hold back bigger tips and bets until then

  21. craneguy 8 months ago


    zamora o1.5tgs 6/5
    add parma o1.5mgs, stjarnan o3.5mgs just over 3/1

  22. HullShaker 8 months ago

    Evening gents,

    Iceland for me…

    STJARNAN VS. GRÓTTA (8.10pm):

    OVER 4.5 GOALS
    (5/6, bet365) NAP ⭐⭐⭐

    Best of luck!

    • El Gooner 8 months ago

      O 4.5 is evens at skybet Hull

    • HullShaker 8 months ago

      Nice spot – fingers crossed!

  23. maccathered 8 months ago

    WAC Casablanca v HUSA Agidir
    Over 1.5 first half goals at 2/1*****(NAP) WON

    • HullShaker 8 months ago


  24. GregBrowning 8 months ago

    Evening gents

    This weekends Bets – Scottish Cup and 2 from England

  25. cockerspaniel 8 months ago

    Well done macca .

    • oneoff 8 months ago

      Smashed it macca

  26. carled 8 months ago

    Thanks maccathered ,full house was on them all
    Paid for my weekend

  27. maccathered 8 months ago

    WAC Casablanca v HUSA Agadir
    Over 1.5 first half goals at 2/1*****(NAP) WON
    Over 2.5 goals at 19/20 WON
    Over 3.5 goals at 12/5 WON
    Over 4.5 goals at 11/2 WON
    Full house
    Well done all winners

    • alex_mufc83 8 months ago

      Cracking stuff well done

    • oz777 8 months ago

      Great shout @maccathered 👏👏👏
      Great game to watch too…

    • Nonleagueste 8 months ago

      Well done

    • sonnyboy 8 months ago

      Excellent tipping Macca! Many thanks!

    • craneguy 8 months ago

      belter macca sir……………. WD

    • HullShaker 8 months ago

      Spot on Macca 😀

    • oxbally 8 months ago

      Unreal well done mate👏

    • dc john boy 8 months ago

      Superb macca gutted I missed it

  28. maccathered 8 months ago

    Cheers lads a cracking game all in all.

  29. andymac1980 8 months ago

    Small btts double tonight with Parma v Roma and Pau v Bordeaux @ 2.4/1

    Taking a chance on Pau also @ 9/2. Bordeaux are struggling in the league so look to have rested a few players so worth a punt

    • andymac1980 8 months ago

      Gutted with the late equalizer by Bordeaux, missed a chance to cash out there. No Parma goal downs the double. Well done all winners

    • andymac1980 8 months ago

      Wee winner @ 11/8 in-play on Pau who won in extra time. Happier night.

  30. craneguy 8 months ago

    evening macca lad if yer on…………. im down in Hooton Park area next week on business visiting a business client, dont know the area at all but not that far from your neck of the woods, can you recommend any good restaurants in the area for entertaining ? obviously being north of the mersey you will have no idea what a restaurant is though……….. its a kind of place you go in order food, get seated, order a meal and brought to you real plates………….. a wee bit like a maccy dee’s but without plastic trays if ye get me………….. cheers

  31. maccathered 8 months ago

    Chimneys int bad for a meal,new Chester road,Business client lol ya renting yourself out lol doing visits going up in the world haha.

  32. HullShaker 8 months ago

    Late but great 🇮🇸

    Iceland for me…

    STJARNAN VS. GRÓTTA (8.10pm):

    OVER 4.5 GOALS
    (5/6, bet365) NAP ⭐⭐⭐ ✅


    • kf 8 months ago

      We do love a late goal Hull. Nice one fella…

    • alex_mufc83 8 months ago

      Good stuff Hull

    • maccathered 8 months ago

      Well in hull late is great!

    • Yaap88 8 months ago

      Well done mate, followed but stuck it in a double and a treble and was let down by an Oviedo goal 🤦🏼‍♂️

    • cockerspaniel 8 months ago

      Well done Hull

    • HullShaker 8 months ago

      Cheers gents 👍

  33. alex_mufc83 8 months ago

    Bit more like it

    5 hours ago
    Main bet for tonight;

    Parma v Roma – O1.5 MGls ✅
    Almeria v Oviedo – O1.5 MGls ✅
    Tranzonspor v Denizlispor – O1.5 MGls ✅
    Stjarnan v Grotta – O2.5 MGls ✅

    5 POINTS


    • craneguy 8 months ago

      brilliant alex…………. cracker

  34. cockerspaniel 8 months ago

    Got my penalty at Parma but no red LOSER .
    Well done all winners

  35. kf 8 months ago

    Hey Sean, any thoughts on tomorrow mornings A league game?

  36. craneguy 8 months ago


    zamora o1.5tgs 6/5 WON
    add parma o1.5mgs, stjarnan o3.5mgs just over 3/1 WON

    that’ll do me tbh on a poor card………… gallus…………

    WD all with a winner……………

    • alex_mufc83 8 months ago

      Quality odds there well in crane

    • craneguy 8 months ago

      cheers alex

  37. Yaap88 8 months ago

    Just having a look at trying to find some value in the rangers game tomorrow night, not a huge follower of the SPL but is James Tavernier still then pen taker for Rangers? He’s 9/5 anytime for a goal?

    • jim burnside 8 months ago

      Tavs OUT… emergency appendix op this morning be out for weeks.

    • craneguy 8 months ago

      yap, tav is out for a wee while with an appendix problem plus he’s off penalties atm morelos is on them now but he’s also out suspended for 3 games coz of a refs ridiculous late red on the wee man in the last game.

    • Mr Fixit 8 months ago

      Morelos ban is carried over from last season’s cup I believe.

    • Yaap88 8 months ago

      Hahaha not such a good price then! Cheers for the info though 👍

    • Mr Fixit 8 months ago

      He’s ill but we don’t know Rangers’ official penalty taker at the moment.
      Tavernier was off them after a couple of misses but then Morelos missed against Celtic.
      I’m tipping Defoe to take any against Stranraer.

    • recoba 8 months ago

      It was a second yellow CraneGuy for a terrible dive?

    • Mr Fixit 8 months ago

      The cup ban is for bookings in the tournament last season – he will miss the next two league games for the red against Celtic.

  38. Yaap88 8 months ago

    One more for me for tonight,

    Skybet boost on the NBA, Kawhi Leonard and Giannis Antetokounmpo both to score 30+ points in tonight’s games

    Leonard has hit 30+ in his last 3 whilst Giannis is 4 out of 7

    Always a little bit wary with sky’s “boosted” prices and especially basketball as you never know how many minutes a player is going to get but had a couple of winners with these this week when the form matches up


  39. xbets 8 months ago

    Uttah Jazz 1st Half ML
    LA Clippers/Magic Under 223.5
    Ladbrokes 1.36/1

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