THERE was no joy for Johnb on Wednesday so it was four points lost.

He's still a whopping 145.03pts up for the month and has a treble and doubles among his Thursday selections.

Johnb's Thursday Tips

Southwell 3:50
Alpha Tauri 9-1 racebets

Vallarta 7-1 NAP racebets

Chelmsford 7:20
Manjaam 5-1 NB racebets

Also 3 x 0.5 point doubles & 1 x 0.25 point ew treble


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  1. dodger22 3 years ago

    Can anyone please tell me when the final declarations are for Cheltenham? When we find out who runs in what thank you

  2. recoba 3 years ago

    Superb! Kempton Trixie after a shite day at work and nearly getting NOWT on ?

    Eljadaaff…6.40. 11/0
    Giovani di bici..8.10. 7/4
    An wee £50 BTTS score in first half Chelsea V PSG compliments of Bet365 ?


    • jimron12 3 years ago

      Yea and I backed 50£ pre and 50£ in play on rabiot 1st scorer ????

      • alanm 3 years ago

        Jimron nice one mate well done

      • recoba 3 years ago

        Welll if it it was a dig it was a pis$h effort and don’t know why you wouldn’t believe it? Cause I didn’t post it?
        Am gutted Jimron12 ?
        Meant to get on and post Rigelloto In 7.10 as Eljadaaff was to short to tip and Giovani was Gengars tip I liked from earlier. Also as I said I was running about after work trying to sort stuff so I wouldn’t end up “getting nowt on”
        Mate transferred money to my account about 6.30pm just as i got in from work so stuck ponies on and went for a David Gower and out for the football. Done £50 on BTTS in first half NO and in-play £50 on YES. Same as the first leg Jimron12 pal ? ?
        As for Rabiot. Had 50p on him and 1-1 at 70/1 so don’t know why you think him scoring first is so crazy.
        GL today and ill post anything that I pick thats not tipped just for you IF I can be arsed. Probably tonight’s meeting if at all as I usually just go with guys NAPs or others I fancy as I’m off out asap. Day off ?


        • 3 years ago

          jimron wasnt having a pop there pal . hes a good lad. think he was just saying he’d backed it n all. crossed wires…easy happens by txt these daft txt messages

  3. alanm 3 years ago

    NAP Compton Prince 3/1 8.20 Chelmsford
    NB Sleepy Blue Ocean 8/1 4.25 Southwell
    They’re off and running Swift Cedar 7/1 2.10 Southwell GL

  4. rookie 3 years ago

    15.40 Carl Fly home harry 9/2
    14.10 Sout Busy street 7/2
    18.50 Chel Loyalty 6/1
    19.50 Chel Dukes meadow 16/1

  5. thebz 3 years ago

    Chelmsford 6:20
    FALSE ID 4/1

  6. gengar 3 years ago

    3.05 Isaacstown Lad 9/4 nap
    8.20 Compton Prince 3/1 nb
    5.35 Big Shoes 2/1 nnb
    4.25 Fine ‘n Dandy 8/1 yankee and e/w single

    • gengar 3 years ago

      alright guy’s opinions welcomed but i think ive settled on my banker accum for cheltenham its going to be

      arkle chase douvan
      mare’s vroum vroum mag/annie power
      champion hurdle un de sceaux
      Neptune yanworth
      cross country Josie’s orders
      world hurdle thistlecrak
      mare novice liminni
      Albert Bartlett Bartershill

      so thats 2×8 5 each line pays just over 1700 on each opinions welcome

      • recoba 3 years ago

        Genger they look good,like Josies Order.
        Ive done a treble which is non runner no bet so its no risk . Its from the day Faugheen got injured,suggested by John an Jimron. I’m still waiting and hoping for runners to be confirmed etc but gone..

        Annies Power…Champions Hurdle 2/1
        Vroum Vroum Mag…Mares Hurdle 5/4
        Thistlecrack…World Hurdle 6/5.

        May take them singles,doubles to but prices have dropped and still nothing declared yet but prices will obviously drop ounce they are.

        GL and cant wait it’ll be great ?

      • jimron12 3 years ago

        A man after my own heart have had a 20 on that accy and also 20 on a 6 horse taken out Barters and Annie

        Annoyingly vvm has drifted since last week though!!!

        • recoba 3 years ago

          £10 on the treble Jimron.
          Didn’t see Vroum had drifted though. Hmmm ?

    • markeverest 3 years ago

      As someone trying to decide who’s tips to follow on this site – do you have any idea what sort of success rate you achieve?

      All the best

      Mark E

      • dodger22 3 years ago

        Personally I like to follow alanm and his there of and running tip usually gets me of to a nice start to the day but everyone has there own reasons on who to follow. I wouldn’t advise following everyone for obvious reasons as you’d end up betting a lot of money and are likely to lose on a whole. Have a scout about see who does well and go from there

  7. davc 3 years ago

    Fine’n’Dandy 8/1 4.25 Southwell
    Cool Strutter SP 3.50 Southwell
    Gevrey Chambertin 11/2 3.05 Carlisle
    Slovak 6/1 6.50 Chelmsford (all boylesports)

  8. davc 3 years ago

    Fine’n’Dandy 8/1 4.25 Southwell
    Cool Strutter SP 3.50 Southwell
    Gevrey Chambertin 11/2 3.05 Carlisle
    Slovak 6/1 6.50 Chelmsford (all boylesports)

  9. townie 3 years ago

    john b I’m on southwell 3.50 azrur

    southwell 5.00 hab reeh double

    6.50 Chelmsford brigliadoro single

  10. biggee 3 years ago

    Nap 3.40 Carlisle Fly Home Harry @4/1 bog I like this trainer/jockey combination very shrewd is Ellison.
    NB 4.25 Southwell Desert Command @9/2 bog Robert Cowell also very shrewd and with visor back on will hopefully go close today.

    Gd luck

  11. ew thief 3 years ago

    Morning all well done winners yesterday
    PRAYER TIME 2.10S @ 11/1
    ALPHA TAURI 3.50S @ 12/1 (JOHNB)
    LITTLE 5.00S @ 16/1
    GL ALL

  12. stupawley 3 years ago

    750C Coillte Cailin 11/4 NAP

  13. singhsimma 3 years ago

    My double for today:

    2:10 Southwell – Hussar Ballad
    4:25 Southwell – Fine n Dandy

  14. gengar 3 years ago

    abuse i was just stating a point rale no need get upset about it i dont mind you calling me a fraud if thats what you belive, people dont have to follow. ive stated numerous times i use several sites and pic from what i deem to be best bets i dont claim to be in johm,boz,alans league its justbit of fun sorry if what i said upset you but it was true

  15. theamazingfrankel 3 years ago

    Morning all, had an unlucky loser the other day with sonny the one. Haven’t done many bets this week as savings money for chelt :) However here’s today’s fancies.

    NAP: Glacier Rock 16/1 Ew – Carlisle 3.40

    NB: Slovak 9/1 E/w – Chelsmford 6.50

    EW Double pays just over 90/1 I believe.


  16. 3 years ago

    hi everyone

    S 2.10 BUSY STREET 5/2


    S 3.50 TRUST ME BOY NAP 11/2

    S 4.25 FINE N DANDY 6/1

    good luck everyone

    happy days

  17. stevie 3 years ago

    Somebody pass rale a tissue…….time to grow up one thinks! Thought we had moved on from clogging up the thread with playground arguments and just bashed bookies these days. I don’t tip many but follow who I like and have followed gengar previously if he has picked any that I already fancy myself. I don’t care who tips what and who copies who……. just keep picking winners. One week from now I will be on the train to Cheltenham ??

  18. haggis44 3 years ago

    Sorry biggee but your nap fly home Harry is trained by A.swinbank not Ellison as Ellison’s horses are flying right now?have you got it wrong my mate?

    • biggee 3 years ago

      Yeh my mistake haggis sorry I meant Swinbank don’t know why I put Ellison maybe because i’ve been following him lately. Well spotted fella.

  19. shmarvel 3 years ago

    early one to start the day off!

    Vaal South Africa 12.15:

    Mythical Magic @ 1/1

    The second fav for this race, Sao Paulo, is a non runner, and therefore i believe that Mythical Magic will take the win here for sure

    • shmarvel 3 years ago

      came on very late from 4th to take the win in the last 100 yards! great start to the day :)

  20. recoba 3 years ago

    Agree Rale mate with your comment being absolutely fine regarding wether Alanm got joke or not.
    Even if it was maird as I wouldn’t post nonsense but Jimron is entitled to try have a giraffe while ill just be happy knowing I have the cash ?
    All good I say!

  21. jimron12 3 years ago

    Wow it’s of pics in the 4.25 today!!!

    Personally I like Vallarta but it’s a no bet race for me

    Only going on small short priced £20 doubles now until Cheltenham try and boost the bank a bit

    Today’s double is

    Rain in the face 3.15
    Grecian King 6.20
    £20 double returns 84.80 currently @bet365

  22. recoba 3 years ago

    HeHe. I’m staying out all “disagreements” or “tiffs” fae now on and as for bring back thr banter its really not happening is it. Folk just can’t tell if someone they don’t know is having a laugh or s dig.
    @jimron apologies if I was a bit short with a long explanation for you comment up top. Joke or not a can’t be arsed especially on a phone as a can’t keep up.

    GL today gents!
    Oh and always,always mind your tights! ??

  23. davisam 3 years ago

    Good day backing the favs yesterday!

    Off and Running tip today 2:00 DIVINE PORT 3/1
    NAP 3:05 Carlisle ISAACSTOWN LAD 5/2
    NB 4:50 Carlisle PAY THE KING 10/3

    3:35 Carlisle HARLEYS MAX 11/2
    2:10 Southwell BUSY STREET 2/1

    • davisam 3 years ago

      3:40* for MAX

      Divine Port’s a single, Yankee on the rest.


  24. hamy45gary 3 years ago

    Horses: Thursday 10th march

    2:10 Southwell Busy Street 2/1

    2:35 Carlisle Baby Bach 5/6

    3:05 Carlisle Isaactown Lad 5/2

    3:50 Southwell Trust me boy 11/2 Each Way

  25. 3 years ago

    Afternoon all

    Always difficult to find winners the week before cheltenham on the jumps and a lot of the top jockeys seem to go shy to ride.but hoping for a good day today.


    15.05 ISAACSTOWN LAD .. ** .. 5/2

    16.50 SWING HARD .. *** NB *** .. 2/1

    17.25 REIVERS LAD .. **** NAP **** .. 11/10

    15.40 ONE COOL CLARKSON .. * 10/1 .. E/W

    GL ALL

  26. Mr Fixit 3 years ago

    rale, I’ve been out all morning – I’m not on the site 24/7.
    Also I don’t put comments in moderation – that is automated and can happen for various reasons.
    But don’t make yourself out to be an angel because many times your comments have to be deleted for good reason.

  27. chancer 3 years ago

    2 from me today

    Nap 4:25 Southwell – sir billy Wright 11/4

    Nb 5:00 Southwell – pull the pin 6/1

    Good luck today everyone

  28. chancer 3 years ago

    Not my nap or Nb but I Fancy clockmaker to at least place in the 2:10 Southwell at 11/1

  29. alanm 3 years ago

    And yes we are off and running 7/1

  30. gman 3 years ago


  31. gman 3 years ago


    Why don’t comments appear in chronological order?

    • 3 years ago

      what does that even mean??

      • jamiea1991 3 years ago

        Chronology (from Latin chronologia, from Ancient Greek χρόνος, chronos, “time”; and -λογία, -logia) is the science of arranging events in their order of occurrence in time. Consider, for example, the use of a timeline or sequence of events

  32. davisam 3 years ago

    Well done Alanm, should have stuck to following you with the off & running.

    trying another wee 4fold for interest:
    Dakota Grey 13/8
    Rain in the Face 4/7
    Powerful Symbol 11/8
    Compton Prince 11/4

    36/1 – £10

  33. jamiea1991 3 years ago

    alanm <3

  34. davisam 3 years ago

    Poor day so far, hoping HARLEYS MAX can get me back in profit. Score on at 11/2 now backed into 3/1 fav

  35. jamiea1991 3 years ago

    Here we go #TheDream

  36. 3 years ago

    johnb…..on behalf of a few poor but very decent lads in newcastle want to thank you for yr treble the other day. unfortunatly i wasnt one of them but you made a few people a nice few quid. was great to see them and their familys happy. thanks again johnb nd best of luck

  37. jamiea1991 3 years ago


  38. 3 years ago

    hoping for a good day and got one

    nap and nb both win and e/w bet comes third other selection second plenty in the pot for next week.

    well done all the winners

    gl all

  39. thebz 3 years ago

    Winner winner chicken dinner 4/1

    Ayr 4:50
    VERONA OPERA 4/1 NAP *****

  40. spooky 3 years ago

    Need your help guys need collite cailin and Compton prince for my 5 fold up. Should a let it go or cash out.
    Bracken brae won
    False id won
    Manjaam won

  41. recoba 3 years ago

    Having 2x singles and wee double on…

    Coillte Catlin…7.50. 4/1
    Gullond Rock…8.20. 9/2

  42. Johnb 3 years ago

    1 point profit today
    March 146.03 points up

    Friday’s Tips

    Krystal Heart 7/2 NAP racebets

    Clockmaker 6/1 racebets

    Krystal Heart & Clockmaker 30.5/1 racebets

  43. alanm 3 years ago

    NAP Money Team 7/2 7.15 Chelmsford
    NB Boonga Roogeta 9/2 6.45 Chelmsford
    They’re off and running West of the Edge 7/1 2.10 Sandown
    Limerick pick Routes Choice 5/2 to short to Nap but strong pick GL

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