THERE was a lovely 5-1 winner for Johnb on Friday as his NB Goodtoknow sailed home at Wetherby.

His nap Depth Charge could only manage third so it was a 3pt profit for the day and our man is now 13.4pts up for February.

Johnb's Saturday Tips

Lingfield 2:35
Perfect Alchemy 5-2 NAP bet365

Wolverhampton 6:45
Hollie Point 9-4 NB bet365

Perfect Alchemy & Hollie point 10.38-1 bet365

  1. craig2t 3 years ago

    Two good prices today at them prices Johnb. Can I ask a question, I know you liked tthetbbob of Jessie Harrington for boxing day against Douvan. What’s your thoughts for Cheltenham? It looks like he might be rested now for the big day, I was looking at prices and one firm ( not sure who ) are offering 16/1 without Douvan. Is it worth doing this bet or take the 25s or 28s to take him on? Cheers.

    • Johnb 3 years ago

      He is still entered for Navan on Sunday 8/13 favourite just 3 runners.
      but that’s a good price without Douvan

      • 3 years ago

        Dont bother taking the 16/1 when you can have 33/1 without Douvan with Bet365 if you fancy it.

      • craig2t 3 years ago

        He has been entered 2 times since boxing day and hasn’t run. I would be happy if he didn’t to be honest. Cheers Stevieg, I will have a look. I don’t back with bet365, they ripped me off for 2k so paddy power it is. I will back tomorrow incase it bolts up Sunday if it runs.

        • 3 years ago

          Craig personally i would say the 33s is far better value than the 50s to win the race and if it doesnt win the race tomorrow convincingly you can add another zero onto those odds.

          • craig2t 3 years ago

            Craig personally i would say the 33s is far better value than the 50s to win the race and if it doesnt win the race tomorrow convincingly you can add another zero onto those odds.

  2. alanm 3 years ago

    NAP Seamster 4/1 4.20 Lingfield
    NB Blazer 4/1 3.35 Newbury
    They’re off and running Meet The Legend 7/2 1.20 Newbury GL

  3. duncanpoundcake 3 years ago

    Aristo Due Plessis is now being aimed at the Scottish Champion Hurdle ,anyone who took the big nrnb prices ,no harm done, Onwards and Upwards

  4. ghunt11 3 years ago

    96/1 treble yesterday follow by just a 9/2 winner today :/ bit of a bummer! But profit is profit!! Will look again in morning

  5. moneyrider 3 years ago

    Hey folks,

    13th Feb ’16 (-2.6pts SP 26.32% SR)

    4.50 Lingfield Sand By Me


  6. recoba 3 years ago

    Goodnight for favourite backers this evening. Few good £s back on a speculative 5 folded


  7. craig2t 3 years ago

    Some great winners and ew prices today, I am sure if Boz and Busstop would have contributed it would have been even better. It’s a shame as I only follow 5 tipsters on here and 3 have gone. A few good tipsters coming through but ew thief, Busstop and Boz need to get back on here and start posting. Well done to the new lads on thread who are contributing. Posted on the 11th thread.

  8. theamazingfrankel 3 years ago

    NAP/NB winner today and a 13/1 e/w place which I was happy about. Well done all winners today.

    Roll on Saturday, here’s Saturdays main tips.

    NAP: Newbury 1.20 – Emerging Talent EVENS (Double stake)
    NB: Lingfield 1.25 – Alshan Fajer 3/1

    Outsider of the day:
    Newbury 3.35 – Sternrubin 8/1 E/W (Really think it has a serious chance, especially after Richard Johnson’s praises. Blazer well backed, but e/w as 5 places at 1/4 price means lump on)

    Other picks:
    Gowran Park 2.15 – Smashing 6/4
    Gowran Park 4.35 – Page Turner 4/1
    Lingfield 3.10 – Aguerooo 6/1

    • theamazingfrankel 3 years ago

      Apologises to all following the nap and NB. The nap was strongly backed by many, as went off at 1.56 decimal odds. But just ran out of steam.

      As for NB, just never kicked on, very one paced and didn’t look that keen. Hopefully my other picks will provide some winners. Sorry all.

  9. craig2t 3 years ago

    Well done the amazing Frankel, never followed today??. Doubled up on JB and alanm as my other 3 tipsters never posted. Good luck for tomorrow.will follow. And a few new comers to thread. A good day all in all. ?

  10. de niro 3 years ago

    13-20 Herewego Herewego 4/1 betway
    13-50 Argo Cat 6/1 befred

    13-30 Milansbar 3/1 bet 365 bet betfred nap
    15-15 Letbeso 12/1 william hill nb
    15-50 Cogry 4/1 betfair sportsbook

  11. double carpet 3 years ago

    NAP SMASHING 6/4 2.15 Gorran
    Belfast hurdle AGRAPART 20/1 ew

    Best of luck to all

  12. double carpet 3 years ago

    Bloody phone. I obviously mean betfair hurdle.

  13. davyb 3 years ago

    alshan fajer 1.25 l 11/4
    perfect alchemy 2.35 l 2/1
    kingsley clarion 3.10 l 5/1
    seamster 4.20 l 2/1

  14. ghunt11 3 years ago

    Dont think going to get chance to have a real good look today with work but i fancy the’s at first glance

    1.20 Argante 11/1 EW
    1.50 Argocat 13/2
    2.00 Ilzam 9/4
    3.00 Top Gamble 5/2

  15. rookie 3 years ago

    19.45 Wol Archipeligo 5/1
    21.15 Wol Cahar fad 4/1

    Will be on duncan’s pic in the 15.35.

  16. jimron12 3 years ago

    Kalkir 25/1 3.35 ew
    Taquin de seuil 3.50 10/3 nap
    Dawson city 1.30 NB 11/4

    Quite sweet on this round robin I feel kalkir has been completely over looked for this race sky bet paying 5 places aswell looks a good bet

    My nap is on the comeback trail but was aimed a lot higher
    Than this last season so again at that price looks great value

    My NB is my tracker horse was unlucky last time out where he blundered when just about to make a challenge for the win note there is now a non runner so may be a rule 4 on the NB but my keys are already in the bowl!!

    • ray_ez 3 years ago

      Didn’t back because of the time away but that is one mighty impressive horse. Well done.

    • craig2t 3 years ago

      Well done Jimron, Johnb, Alanm and the amazing Frankel, 1st yank I have ever got up. Thanks again and to DC, had a small ew on Agrapart. Well done lads.

  17. jimron12 3 years ago

    Also like rocky creek 3.00
    And tobacco 1.10 in a double

    If I get back out may Yankee them pair with my nap and NB

    Good luck all off to watch the Welsh try and play rugby today!!

  18. chrisja 3 years ago

    My bet for today:

    Perfect Alchemy at 3.00 in the 14:35 at Lingfield
    Violet Dancer at 8.00 in the 14:40 at Warwick
    Capo Rosso at 21.00 in the 15:45 at Lingfield

    And, oh yeah, it’s a Trixie. Good luck!

  19. recoba 3 years ago

    Put Yankee on last night so some price changes…

    Communicator…1.25. 5/2(was 11/2)**
    Perfect Alchemy…2.35. 2/1*
    Semester…4.20 4/1 now 3s
    Hollie Point..6.45. 9/4

    Small singles on *s
    GL guys ?

  20. duncanpoundcake 3 years ago

    In addition to the one already mentioned
    Broughtons Fancy 7.15 Wolves 7/4
    Beau Lake 4.25 Warwick place only 7/2
    Let’s hope it’s a Smashing day.

  21. duncanpoundcake 3 years ago

    Since they are both in my tracker,spare change rev f/cast
    1.50 Newbury , 1 and 2 GL.

  22. de niro 3 years ago

    posted tips last night for the jumps

    spent this morning looking at the a/w

    backing/laying these at Lingfield

    Lastmanlastround 16/1 e/way coral
    Caius College Girl 12/1 coral
    Mambo Fever/Caius College Girl R/forecast
    LAY OF THE DAY – Summer Chorus (will not win IMHO)

  23. rale 3 years ago

    Emerging Talent very dissapointing.

  24. rale 3 years ago

    War Sound N 3:35 ew 9/1
    Heard few nice things about this one.

  25. alanm 3 years ago

    And yes we our off and running Leg 7/2

  26. Author
    Scott Allot 3 years ago

    Busstop, they were dealt with but then rejoined under a different username. I’ve now cleaned up today’s thread.

    • 3 years ago

      scott there posting below bozstop so nothing changes

      • Author
        Scott Allot 3 years ago

        Busstop, all I can do is delete them, I don’t have the privileges to ban people. Heading out to the football now so just ignore if they post again and Mr F will sort later

  27. ticketyboo 3 years ago

    Good afternoon all racing fans another blank day yesterday,but things can only get better:

    3:10 Lingfield “Kingsley Klarion” 7/2 bet 365 M Johnston/ j Fanning team up.

    4:45 Newbury “Bleu Berry” 11/4 bet 365 Jockey making his way from Warwick for the ride.

    GL all

  28. craig2t 3 years ago

    Well done Johnb. Tad cosy I thought.

  29. champyr 3 years ago

    Well done JohnB, let’s hope the NB can get you a double.

  30. biggee 3 years ago

    Well done johnb

  31. theamazingfrankel 3 years ago

    AGUERRROOOOOOO!!!! 6/1 WINNER. Forget the nap and NB, smashing and aguero bring in the dollar.

  32. shaky 3 years ago

    great shout with Agrapart, DC. 20/1 shots aren’t meant to win that easily!

  33. chilleden 3 years ago

    Yes DC! You are a star!

  34. davisam 3 years ago

    Horrendously hungover so late on:

    4:45 Newbury – BLEU BERRY 11/4 NB

    6:15 Wolve – LES GAR GAN 5/2

    7:15 Wolve – BROUGHTONS FANCY – NAP/Double stake

  35. double carpet 3 years ago

    Some top tipping on here today which is great so well done to everyone and thanks for the mentions
    gl for the rest of the day

  36. 3 years ago

    sensitive lol just had the same old rubbish for years

    • Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      busstop, I’ve been at the football but Scott has already reported to admin. As I’ve said before ignore and they’ll dealt with. Don’t let one or two idiots spoil it.

  37. bazz4nik 3 years ago

    This is a great thread & community , it’s just a pity there’s a selec few that appear to spoil it & try n wind people up . Grow up , you know who you are
    You will only ruin it for the rest of us !!
    Get tipping today guys ,

  38. jimron12 3 years ago

    Nice drift for the nap 5/1 bloody lovely!!!

  39. 3 years ago

    hi everyone

    looks like youve had a good day on here didnt get chance my self today

    done 3 tonight

    W 6.45 COLORFILLY 4/1 NB

    W 7.15 PARADISE PALM 3/1 NAP

    W 9.15 DO IT TOMORROW 14/1 E/W

    off to watch the rugby

    good luck everyone

    happy days

  40. biggee 3 years ago

    Good lad and Gd luck tonight boz

  41. biggee 3 years ago

    One bet from me tonight 7.45 Rising Breeze @7/1 bog

  42. theamazingfrankel 3 years ago

    Great day today team, well done all :)

  43. alanm 3 years ago

    Well done D/C 20/1 WOW mate jimron johnb and of course theamazingfrankel great tipping lads sorry if I missed anyone onwards and upwards on to tomorrow hopefully a great Nap coming soon.

  44. Johnb 3 years ago

    Sunday’s Tips

    Midnight Prayer 5/2 NAP paddy power

    Captain Revelation 4/1 NB bet365

    Midnight Prayer & Captain Revelation 15.25/1 bet365

  45. ray_ez 3 years ago

    Had a look at the wolves card.
    Ew betting for me tonight.

    18:15 John potts 10/1 ew
    19:15 Archipeligo 17/2 ew
    20:15 Handsome Dan 10/1 ew

  46. jimron12 3 years ago

    Like the look of actival 4.10 tomo not got a price yet only have a paper is!?

  47. jimron12 3 years ago

    Ttebbob 2.30 sp nap
    Actical 4.10 sp NB
    Uknowhatimeanharry ew 5/1

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