JOHNB'S nap failed to come home on Tuesday but he and others blamed the jockey for riding a bad race.

Wednesday's a new start and John's picks are up early and he expects them to be cut so grab the prices.

John's Wednesday tips

NAP 6.15 Kempton SANDFRANSKIPSGO (4-1, William Hill)

NB 4.45 Lingfield TIMOTHY T (7-1 Bet365 but only 10-3 Ladbrokes)

There are Wednesday meetings at Lingfield, Clonmel, Kempton and Musselburgh so put your tips and thoughts as a comment on the end of this article.

Post your picks for the naps contest on the day 3 thread.

  1. Craig K 5 years ago

    Hi guys looking for a bit of advice, managed to squander most of my winnings ive built up over the last few days, never doing the martingale system again! Don’t have a great knowledge of horse racing so just gonna stick with JohnB tips as I have great faith in his ability, do you guys do the same level stakes on his NAP and NB or do you do a higher level stake on the NAP? Just need a plan to stick to, was warned of the perils of martingale and didn’t heed them tbh. Any advice greatly appreciated. Cheers

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      Craig K, Johnb advises double stakes on nap to NB. Martingdale is something I’ve never advised even though it worked well on Super Singles last year.

      • craig k 5 years ago

        Yeah I know mr f, im just angry and gutted at myself, did so well to get ahead and got greedy, I would never abuse anybody on this site for a few unsuccessful tips, you have helped me out in the past as has johnb just really need to be disciplined and im sure in a few weeks//months ill be wondering what the fuss was about

    • Bipolar bear 5 years ago

      ******* DeANdre’s******* NBA tips

      Dallas Mavericks (4/6)
      Chicago Bulls (10/13)
      Oklahoma City Thunder (Evs)
      Treble pays 4.9/1

      Player Performance
      Al Jefferson(CHA) +24.5 Points (5/6)
      Serge Ibaka(OKC) +8.5 Rebounds (5/6)
      Zach Randolph(MEM) +19.5 Points (5/6)
      Treble pays 5.16/1

      • Dancing Brave 5 years ago

        Thanks DeAndre and GL with these :)

  2. davyb 5 years ago

    nap for wed 12 exculusive waters 2 0 lin nb after the storm 3 40 lin

  3. Beenie 5 years ago

    On a good roll at the moment double up today.
    Really like the look of tomorrows tips?

    3.50 muss [nap] Forced family Fun 2/1

    2.00 Ling [Nb] Exclusive waters 7/4

  4. Stormin 5 years ago

    Depending on naps odds I do e/w if long. I stake higher on that than the nb and small stake on double. As I know almost nothing on horse racing as only followed it last couple months

  5. honda 5 years ago

    Just got in, only managed to get 11/4 on John’s NAP, but I’m happy enough with that :)

  6. swany 5 years ago


    NAP 9/4


  7. Webster 5 years ago

    nap civil unrest 2.40 Muss good luck

  8. Jervis 5 years ago

    Nap Clonmel 1.50 Upsie
    Nb Clonmel 4.00 Turban

    Thanks for all the tips guys did well today some nice winners

    • Rustychest 5 years ago

      Jervis, your NAP in the contest thread is different than the selections you posted here. After my Value bet of the day post of course. Why you copying me man? :P

  9. Lee woody 5 years ago

    SPREADABLE 6/1 NAP kempton 6:45
    CIVIL UNREST 9/2 NB Musselburgh 2:40
    These are my picks for tomorrow..good luck :)

  10. Duncan Poundcake 5 years ago

    Sleep in First nb 14/1 much better over fences but very well treated here .Runs for charity so let’s hope he can get a place at least.

  11. Steve The Pirate 5 years ago

    Avast and be quick to act mateys, John Silvers NB Timothy is currently at a bootiful 14/1 at boylesports!

    Anyone intending to back Mr Silvers tips should make haste and set a course for that immediately.


  12. Steve The Pirate 5 years ago

    Garrr, I be on moderation, what be this skullduggery? I have never done anything in moderation in my bleedin life!

  13. DeAndre 5 years ago

    Dallas Mavericks (4/6)
    Chicago Bulls (10/13)
    Oklahoma City Thunder (Evs)
    Treble pays 4.9/1

    Player Performance
    Al Jefferson(CHA) +24.5 Points (5/6)
    Serge Ibaka(OKC) +8.5 Rebounds (5/6)
    Zach Randolph(MEM) +19.5 Points (5/6)
    Treble pays 5.16/1

    • minty 5 years ago

      Cheers d Andre !! Good luck everyone

    • Bipolar bear 5 years ago

      I took your tips and posted them as reply up top of the page so people can find them, ok? [not that i can remove them now :P]

    • Richard 5 years ago

      Sorry DeAndre as sure you’ve been asked a million times before but what bookie do you get the player markets with?

    • dave 5 years ago

      de andre

      nice treble last night

      you line tonight is 5.9 at bet victor if you have an account with them

    • Dancing Brave 5 years ago

      GL DeAndre :)

  14. Steve The Pirate 5 years ago

    Avast and be quick to act mateys, John Silvers NB Timothy is currently at a bootiful 14/1 at Boylesports!

    Anyone intending to back Mr Silvers tips should make haste and set a course for that immediately.

  15. Steve The Pirate 5 years ago

    Avast and be quick to act mateys, John Silvers NB Timothy is currently at a bootiful 14/1 at Boyle sports!

    Anyone intending to back Mr Silvers tips should make haste and set a course for that immediately.

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      Steve the landlubbers took the prices down immediately and put it back up at 3/1 :)

  16. macattack 5 years ago

    Monday – NAP (lost) NB (won)

    Tuesday – NAP (won) NB (won)


    4:15 Lingfield – Understory (NAP)

    4:45 Lingfield – Club House (NB)

  17. Stealth 5 years ago

    Must be piles of money coming in for Timothy T. It’s already backed in from 7/1 to 3/1 within not much more than an hour

    • swany 5 years ago

      Been watchin that Stealth,hope its a good omen.

      • Stealth 5 years ago

        I hope so Swany, could do with another day like last Friday. I know raaljaka warned us it would happen but It’s frightening how fast the price is coming down. As you say, hopefully a good omen. I just feel sorry for the guys who haven’t seen JB’s tips yet for whatever reason

      • raaljaca 5 years ago

        Original with Gregory Peck was the best Omen ;)

  18. Rustychest 5 years ago

    DeAndre, I placed my bet before your post so it’s going to look like I’m going against your picks, but it is what it is.

    Against The Spread Treble:

    CHA Bobcats (plus)+8
    WAS Wizards (plus)+8
    Trail Blazers (minus)-1.5


    Good luck either way :)

  19. DeAndre 5 years ago

    OKC could win by 1 and Dallas could win by 7 then everyone wins :-D

  20. DeAndre 5 years ago

    Just saw your -1.5 Portland…wow that’s a brave pick mate….not afraid if the Durantula?

  21. DeAndre 5 years ago

    Paddy Power eh Dickie?

  22. Rustychest 5 years ago

    DeAndre, what’s your thoughts on why OKC will win mate?

  23. Chris Guy 5 years ago

    Sorry to be padantic but it’s martingale not martingdale lol. Trivial I know buts it’s bothered me for several weeks now so had to point it out. Disappointed I missed the large prices but good luck to anyone who got on. Timothy was 14/1 with Boylesports at 18:15 and at 18:30 changed to SP

    • Stealth 5 years ago

      They’re running scared Chris, doesn’t it just put a smile on your face :-)

  24. DeAndre 5 years ago

    I think that is his smiling face :-)

    • Stealth 5 years ago

      Is that your smiling face DeAndre? Hope you got on before the price collapsed

  25. Rustychest 5 years ago

    I feel OKC are a one-man show at the moment while Blazers hold a much deeper squad, possibly the best in NBA on squad depth. Durant is an inspirational figure, but I feel he’ll be huffing and buffing by the 4th quarter. This win would be massive for Blazers later on down the road.

  26. Chris Guy 5 years ago

    Yes they are running scared alright but I wish I’d got those prices too.

  27. DeAndre 5 years ago

    Ibaka and Jackson have been balling recently, just wait and see how good this team will be when Westbrook gets healthy, they’re my tip to get out the West.

  28. DeAndre 5 years ago

    I got 3/1 NAP and 5/1 NB all they need to do now is win!

  29. DeAndre 5 years ago

    Also Rusty he’s not just inspirational he has become one of those players that can take a game by the scruff of the neck like Kobe in his prime.

  30. Stealth 5 years ago

    DeAndre, I’m praying for a favourable result for all tomorrow. For once I managed to get the early price……NAP 4/1 NB 7/1. As you say, just need them to win now fingers crossed

  31. DeAndre 5 years ago

    Fingers crossed!!! Get your arms crossed, legs crossed and if you can your eyes crossed then hold that position until they run, that’s my plan anyway :-D

  32. DougieC 5 years ago

    Im on the nightingale myself or maybe night nurse a well NB swerves and falls bringing down another,Nap second again. so instead of naps and nbs im on a mugs double after Dalglesh/Eaves escapades even although trainer is in Dubai.
    6.45…KEMTON……..CHOOKIES LASS 11/1
    £10ew for a couple of grand

  33. Alex 5 years ago

    My NAP for tomorrow is Timothy T at 5/1

    Has come in from 7’s and with the horse lighter than before and the jockey taking a further 3lb off, it looks good.

    • swany 5 years ago

      Think the 5/1 is well gone Alex,it’s JOHNB’S

    • Alex 5 years ago

      Haha, I didn’t even click that I’d already backed this horse as JohnB’s tip, was too busy bricking myself over the football! Great minds? Probably more like I knew subconsciously!

  34. swany 5 years ago

    I got 10/3 and 7/1,happy with that.

  35. PenguinsJames 5 years ago

    Good evening noblemen!

    Another day down and three to go!

    I was abstaining from betting til payday but I sensed good things from deandre nba tips and jb horses that I’ve combined them in a delightful 86/1 fivefold!

    Plenty of penguin coins to be had tomorrow hopefully! :c)

    Hope all is well!

  36. swany 5 years ago

    Well Dougie if we are back on the seaside theme then it’s got to be doubled with Sandfrank.

  37. Stueyd 5 years ago

    NBA tips

    My top tip is over 183 points in the Wizards Grizzlies matchup

    Treble is the above also with
    Suns +4
    Xavier -1 (this one is college basketball)

    Also fancy the Mavericks and Thunder and may get involved with these also

    Good luck

  38. Davie-S 5 years ago

    I’m on this Rand Club ew at 10/1 now 11/2

  39. swany 5 years ago

    Ten bob ew LEEULOOPJET

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      Didn’t realise that was a real horse swany, I thought you had slipped and banged your head on the keyboard!

  40. Davie-S 5 years ago

    I like racing but gawd do i hate jockeys,,,

  41. DougieC 5 years ago

    Its me swany.raal,demob..happy.Was going to go for Rancid water 7.45 Kempton 20/1 but I will follow the old team tomorrow.Officially resign from NAPS challenge.

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      Resignation accepted Dougie but would like to thank you on behalf of all the NAPs team for everything you have done. Will be a very quiet NAPs thread without you but it is a better place for having you on it for the last 2 days and you will not be forgotten. Hope you enjoy your retirement and your P45 and final wage packet are on the way to Smurf World :)

  42. Rustychest 5 years ago

    I’m posting my race picks early too. I’ve been meaning to add ‘Value’ picks under NB (high odds, good chances, favorable longshots etc.) let’s how it goes. I present to you the world exclusive (pun intended) value pick:

    NAP: Understory 11/2 – 4:15 Lingfield
    NB: Frederic Chopin 4/7 – 1:30 Lingfield
    Value: Xclusive 14/1 – 5.45 Kempton

    Tadaa. Haha :)

    Now, I’m going to go cuddle up and cover half my face as I tune into the Madrid match. Expect me missing for days if the result isn’t good.

  43. Deekster 5 years ago

    NAP lost NB Won
    Too Cool to Fool and Arr Kid saved my day…still playing with bookies money and fortunate that when a couple tips been down had a couple of my own win that’s the fun!
    3.15 Musselburgh Pairc Na Leasa 6/1 NAP
    2.40 Musselburgh Lord of Drums 7/1 NB

  44. swany 5 years ago

    Aye me too Dougie,cannae hit hame on a wet night.

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      Dougie, swany, had probably the worst couple of days punting for a long time. After Friday it was going to be downhill but hopefully tomorrow will bring a change of luck and underpants ;)

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      That wedding is at Rufflets Country House swany, is it ok? Do they let you in with a top hat, tight bleached denim shorts, yellow wellies and a monocle?

      • swany 5 years ago

        They might let you in raal,but the good thing is,its only ten mins from the Whey pat tavern where they are happy to serve rif raff like myself.

        • raaljaca 5 years ago

          Be my once a year pint then swany, will make sure I can sneak away and meet in the local :)

  45. Evansclube 5 years ago

    First time tipper on here…

    2.40 Musselburgh Lord Of Drums NAP 7/1 WH
    6.45 Kempton Spreadable NB 5/1 WH

    Good luck all.

  46. DougieC 5 years ago

    Wait Wait Wait!!!raal och no Just send me the speedos.

  47. raaljaca 5 years ago

    Speedos are on the way Dougie, might want to give them a boil wash when they arrive just to be safe :)

    • Stealth 5 years ago

      raaljaca, I got thrown out of the local swimming pool for wearing mine because the “S” had fallen off

      • raaljaca 5 years ago

        I like that Stealth, laughing my head off here, not sure the PC brigade would appreciate it but I did!!!

        • Stealth 5 years ago

          Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Totally out of character :-)

  48. PlayePac 5 years ago

    Which way hav u gone for the copa del rey rusty chest??

  49. DougieC 5 years ago

    OK LADS..This one is for real,raaljacas’neice and nephews sponsored race
    4.55 MUSSLEBURGH HURRICANE HOLLOW 2/1 or 7/4 likely

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      Spot on Dougie, Dalgleish has pulled it out of 2 races recently so if he lets it run tomorrow it’s a winner. Suzanne and Nigel will both be there, hard for them not to as they are siamese twins. Still think their mum was daft to give them these names, Nigel is fine but his brother hates the name Suzanne ;)

  50. Stealth 5 years ago

    Cool dude, extremely abusive troll

  51. DougieC 5 years ago

    raal I was sure I backed it on New Years day.So now you tell me the fifty quid I gave my son to put on..was on a nag with vets certificate!!! Little barsteward!!!

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      Tell him he owes you 78.13 euros Dougie.

  52. raaljaca 5 years ago

    Everything under control dudes, we use our own Private Security Contractors on here.

  53. Stealth 5 years ago

    MrF sent them away in the termination taxi

  54. Author
    Mr Fixit 5 years ago

    cooldude, don’t defend the guy. Simply a troll of the worst order. Leave it alone now.

    • cooldude 5 years ago

      mr f, im saying you were clearly within your rights, I would not defend a creep like that.

  55. Stealth 5 years ago

    Cooldude, the troll was extreme and deserves no further mention

  56. Swanjack 5 years ago

    5:15 Kempton Park Polydamos nap

  57. Gaz H 5 years ago

    Anyone any thoughts on the chances of Artemis tomorrow 6.45K. I know JohnB as napped it lately and looks a tasty bet EW at least@ 9/1?

  58. DougieC 5 years ago

    NB…3.15 MUSSLEBURGH SEANCIL OIR 10/1..This horse came over with Gordon Elliots Layla Joan, which as you know won the 2.20 at Ayr..Just made that up but it did run against it last time out.Leading Amateur booked.

  59. markb 5 years ago

    Hey guys after a nice winning nap today with W six times i am going for Rollin N tumblin in the 3.05 Ling tomoz. GL

  60. keady 5 years ago

    Nap BrookLebank 7.15 kempton

    Nb Bretheron 6.45 kempton

  61. DougieC 5 years ago

    Euros? you mean the old of stash of white fivers no use raal!! God save us I only have £30 in ten bob notes. .Better lump on DeAndres trivial pursuits selections,or Lump on the old guards selections..

    • swany 5 years ago

      2 hauf croons= 5 bob

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      Think they accept Provy Cheques in Tenerife Dougie. I am due my divvy from the Co-op this week so will let you have that too ;)

      • swany 5 years ago

        Off to watch death in paradise,love those legs!

        • raaljaca 5 years ago

          Death in Paradise is a crime comedy-drama created by Robert Thorogood and starring Ben Miller, Kris Marshall

          ????? Everyone to their own swany !!!!!!!!!! :) :)

      • raaljaca 5 years ago

        Port Vale 2 Colchester 0

        Doug Loft scored the second from a very promising attick ;)

  62. gipsyboy 5 years ago

    Davy from Milan 5-2 nap.5.05 clonmel . Blow the doors off 7-2 Nb 2.50 clonmel.

  63. Stevie mac 5 years ago

    My nap let me down today , so to tomorrow , wish for more , 19.45 ,Kemp , 9/4

  64. Bipolar bear 5 years ago

    Here is your homework, more tomorrow :P

    nap for wed 12 →exclusive waters← 2 0 lin
    nb →after the storm← 3 40 lin

    3.50 muss [nap] →Forced family Fun← 2/1
    2.00 Ling [Nb] →Exclusive waters← 7/4


    nap →civil unrest← 2.40 Muss

    Nap Clonmel 1.50 →Upsie←
    Nb Clonmel 4.00 →Turban←

    Lee woody
    →SPREADABLE← 6/1 NAP kempton 6:45
    →CIVIL UNREST← 9/2 NB Musselburgh 2:40

    4:15 Lingfield – →Understory← (NAP)
    4:45 Lingfield – →Club House← (NB)

    NAP: →Understory← 11/2 – 4:15 Lingfield
    NB: →Frederic Chopin← 4/7 – 1:30 Lingfield
    Value: →Xclusive← 14/1 – 5.45 Kempton

    3.15 Musselburgh Pairc Na Leasa 6/1 NAP
    2.40 Musselburgh Lord of Drums 7/1 NB

    2.40 Musselburgh →Lord Of Drums← NAP 7/1 WH
    6.45 Kempton →Spreadable← NB 5/1 WH


    5:15 Kempton Park →Polydamos← nap

    →Rollin N tumblin← in the 3.05 Ling

    Nap →BrookLebank← 7.15 kempton
    Nb →Bretheron← 6.45 kempton

    →Davy from Milan← 5-2 nap.5.05 clonmel .
    →Blow the doors off← 7-2 Nb 2.50 clonmel.

    Stevie mac
    →wish for more← 19.45 ,Kemp

  65. Clarky 5 years ago

    Nap for tommorow is willie hall 3.15 @ Musselburgh

  66. DougieC 5 years ago

    Only J.P.Mcmanus would get away with calling a horse Blow the doors off…Wonder if it would be accepted to run over here?

  67. PlayePac 5 years ago

    Any recommendations 4 8.15 kempton, What do anybody think of climaxfor tackle with Luke Morris flying at mo and outsider invigilator.?

  68. DougieC 5 years ago

    Good evening James..I take it you missed DeAnre and steuyd tips last night!!

  69. Ritchie 5 years ago

    Raal. Hello,love the comp.! Except you seem to have missed my winning nap today.. 3.40 Sth Arr Kid @ 5/2 Cheers.

  70. DougieC 5 years ago

    playePac….Fanning came in for a bit of stick five days ago when the opinion was he should have won on Climaxfortackle.Luke Morris rides Secret Millionaire whos wins have come of 5f. Should they go a gallop New Rich for me
    Gl anyway

  71. fred 5 years ago

    Daily Double

    Musselburgh 3.50 Forced Family Fun nap
    Kempton 7.45 Wishformore nb

    Good luck everyone

  72. BenS 5 years ago

    NAP 14.20 Clonmel Urano 3/1

    NB 15.15 Lingfield Aldeburgh 3/1

    Going to get on JohnB’s again so thanks for them.

  73. PlayePac 5 years ago

    Cool dougie c I not backed anything as of yet do like climax4tackle but then again there are a few that hav chances in this race.

  74. Recoba1980 5 years ago

    Ralj i didnt put a NAP on for today is it still ok to put one up for tomorrow and still be in the competition? Or did you have to put one up everyday? Let me Know plz :)

  75. Kerrzeenee 5 years ago

    Bipolar bear – just wanted to that thanks for sticking all the tips together in one comment. I don’t normally have time at work so scroll through the thread and comments to pick the tips up but your updates make it easy! Also cheers to the people who do the research and put the tips up! Much appreciated

  76. Recoba1980 5 years ago

    Here here Kerrzeenee

  77. steadyeddy 5 years ago

    Little Indian 16.45 Kempton (nap)
    There’s something about this horse I think It’s down to the breeding my 16/1 tip last week romped home and something tells me this could do the same at a healthy price Thanks to the others involved, proven c&d winner

  78. Bruce R 5 years ago

    Mr Fixit, I thought I had been lucky with johnb horse Timothy T 4.45 lingfield tomorrow, small bets of £4ew, £2ew, £2 win, £2.50 ew and £2 win all @ 14/1 placed between 18.25 and 18.27 this evening. Also 50p accum tonight of carlisle, luton, watford and west ham and Timothy T @14/1, logged in to see what I had going on to it tomorrow, all bets cancelled, live chat say wrong price. I had taken a screen shot at 18.52 clearly showing movement in price from 14/1, 10/1 then 3/1. Live chat say they will offer 4/1 which they claim was the correct price. Do you think this fair and right?

  79. Bruce R 5 years ago

    With Boylesports, sorry

  80. Kev 5 years ago

    Totally agree, And sorry to waste some more space but I really want to say thanks to bipolar bear aka oak from holland for doing this, makes it much easier to find naps.

  81. Kcang18 5 years ago

    Lingfield 2:00 Exclusive Waters SP. MY NAP.

  82. A BLACK 5 years ago

    One winner and one 2nd place (again) yesterday. Frustratingly chose the 2nd place as my NAP (again).

    Tomorrow’s first race at Lingfield sees Fred Chopin running. Been tracking this for a while now and see this as its breakthrough race. Unfortunately at 4/7 it is un-backable. Gone for a couple of longer shots with decent chances. Singles only, E/W or probably safer still would be place only on Three Pips

    3.05 Lingfield – Poste Restante 5/1 BetVictor (NAP)
    Solid performer from a yard in form at a decent price amidst a poor field

    6.45 Kempton – Three Pips 12/1 BETVictor (NB)
    Beating of one other contender, unlucky in last. E/W shout, poss winner

    Don’t take these selections too seriously: I’m a novice at Horse Race Betting and reckon running profit of +£17.15 for £1 stake on each selection to date down to beginners luck.

  83. craigiebod 5 years ago

    18:45 Kemp – BRETHERTON – NAP – 2/1 Bet365

    19:45 Kemp – RAPID WATER (E/W) – NB – 20/1 Bet365

  84. Scotland73 5 years ago

    Nap – Musselburgh 2.40pm – Radio Nowhere. (where most of my tips get lol)

    NB – Kempton 5.45pm – Minstrel Lad.

  85. DeAndre 5 years ago

    The Mavs were put in their place by Al Jefferson and co. And unfortunately Z-Bo only put up 12pts, both trebles down :-(
    Pattern of the week win one day lose the next…tomorrow should be fun :-D

    • Dancing Brave 5 years ago

      C’est La Vie, DeAndre you cant be right all the time – here’s to tonights winners :)

    • Bipolar bear 5 years ago

      Played moneyline treble and the safest went tits up :P

      Are you confident for today? I hope so :)

  86. steadyeddy 5 years ago

    Kaney level stakes over time if you can afford the layout you will win! Practising level stakes you should still be very well up. I fancy johnbs picks today although I have picked out a risky e/w shot in one of his races. Get ticked into doing your own bits of research too, don’t back blind

  87. MiniDuffman 5 years ago

    I know nothing of horse racing as I’ve stated before, but going to stick a small stake on a straight forcast:

    7:15 Kempton – 1st Brocklebank, 2nd Light From Mars.

    Best of luck with all your bets today :)

  88. Stueyd 5 years ago

    Same here! The Suns forgot how to shoot baskets in 4th quarter and both Grizzlies and Wizards stopped scoring my points total just fell short. Were both looking great end of third quarter.

    DeAndre also following similar pattern of win lose so perhaps we big bigger on alternate days :). Given the good strike rate still well in profit but solo close to some big ones

    Good luck all and lets hope for a better day in the horses.

  89. georgeh11 5 years ago

    NAP 1.30 Lingfield Plough Boy
    NB Kempton 5.15 Polydamos

  90. Bipolar bear 5 years ago

    Goodmorning All update, 9.45 CET [johnb ‘s are on top of page]

    nap for wed 12 →exclusive waters← 2 0 lin
    nb →after the storm← 3 40 lin

    3.50 muss [nap] →Forced family Fun← 2/1
    2.00 Ling [Nb] →Exclusive waters← 7/4


    nap →civil unrest← 2.40 Muss

    Nap Clonmel 1.50 →Upsie←
    Nb Clonmel 4.00 →Turban←

    Lee woody
    →SPREADABLE← 6/1 NAP kempton 6:45
    →CIVIL UNREST← 9/2 NB Musselburgh 2:40

    4:15 Lingfield – →Understory← (NAP)
    4:45 Lingfield – →Club House← (NB)

    NAP: →Understory← 11/2 – 4:15 Lingfield
    NB: →Frederic Chopin← 4/7 – 1:30 Lingfield
    Value: →Xclusive← 14/1 – 5.45 Kempton

    3.15 Musselburgh Pairc Na Leasa 6/1 NAP
    2.40 Musselburgh Lord of Drums 7/1 NB

    2.40 Musselburgh →Lord Of Drums← NAP 7/1 WH
    6.45 Kempton →Spreadable← NB 5/1 WH


    5:15 Kempton Park →Polydamos← nap

    →Rollin N tumblin← in the 3.05 Ling

    Nap →BrookLebank← 7.15 kempton
    Nb →Bretheron← 6.45 kempton

    →Davy from Milan← 5-2 nap.5.05 clonmel .
    →Blow the doors off← 7-2 Nb 2.50 clonmel.

    Stevie mac
    →wish for more← 19.45 ,Kemp

    →willie hall← 3.15 @ Musselburgh

    Musselburgh 3.50 →Forced Family Fun← nap
    Kempton 7.45 →Wishformore← nb

    NAP 14.20 Clonmel →Urano← 3/1
    NB 15.15 Lingfield →Aldeburgh← 3/1

    →Little Indian← 16.45 Kempton (nap)

    Lingfield 2:00 →Exclusive Waters← SP. MY NAP.

    3.05 Lingfield – →Poste Restante← 5/1 BetVictor (NAP)
    6.45 Kempton – →Three Pips← 12/1 BetVictor (NB)

    18:45 Kemp – →BRETHERTON← – NAP – 2/1 Bet365
    19:45 Kemp – →RAPID WATER← (E/W) – NB – 20/1

    Nap – Musselburgh 2.40pm – →Radio Nowhere←.
    NB – Kempton 5.45pm – →Minstrel Lad.←

    7:15 Kempton – 1st Brocklebank, 2nd Light From Mars.

    K 17:15 →Polydamos← 6/5 @ Bet365 NAP

    NAP 1.30 Lingfield →Plough Boy←
    NB Kempton 5.15 →Polydamos←

  91. Grand Parader 5 years ago




    Last 2 selections for the NAP competition both placed at 11/1 and 26/1, hopefully Gabrial The Boss does the business today.

    Good luck everyone.

  92. Martin 5 years ago

    DEANDRE, RUSTYCHEST and STUEYD , Hi, been following your NBA tips, very impressive !! Any chance of rating the strongest one of you selections as a SUPER SINGLE for more basic punters like myself ?

  93. Martin 5 years ago

    … and thanks for tips so far !

  94. rale 5 years ago


  95. gerdub 5 years ago

    Morning ,my last 6 tips i posted on here have won inc.3 i posted yest ,lets hope today is no different LIGHT FROM MARS 7.15 KEMP NAP SECRET MILLIONAIRE 8.15 KEMP N.B

  96. Craig Alves 5 years ago

    2.00 Fennel Bay Musselburgh 8/11 NAP

    4.15 Gabrial the Boss 8/1 EW

  97. luke a 5 years ago

    4.55 muss Hurricane Hollow (nap)
    3.50 muss Forced Family Fun (NB)

    Each way trixie
    3.15 muss Willie Hall
    4.15 ling Understory
    2.40 muss Civil Unrest

    Good luck all

  98. Rustychest 5 years ago

    Some more goodies. I love this market, but you have to be careful as the ‘favourites’ aren’t always the favourites. The following are both from Mr. JB’s races.

    Betting Without Favourites Double:
    Timothy T – 4.45 Lingfield without Club House & Cathedral – 15/8
    Mossgo – 6:15 Kempton without Sandfrankskipsgo & Pull The Pin – 9/4

    8.34/1 E/W

    For those unaware of the rules, the above would go: If Club House & Cathedral cover 1st and 2nd with Timothy T behind them – it’s a Win. If Sandfrankskipsgo & Pull The Pin cover 1st and 2nd – it’s a Win. I like to add E/W as you can get a return even if the selection comes 4th.

    Good luck :)

  99. Andrew Hargreaves 5 years ago

    If Sandfrankskipsgo & Pull The Pin cover 1st and 2nd with Mossgo behind them* ;)

    • raaljaca 5 years ago


      L 4.15 SEASIDE ROCK 16/1 (E/W)

      L 2.30 SLEIPNIR 3/1 (WIN)

      L 3.05 BRAVE HELIOS 4/1 (E/W)

      M 4.55 HURRICANE HOLLOW 5/2 (WIN)

      M 3.15 IKTIVIEW 20/1 (E/W)

      M 4.25 BEGGARS VELVET 6/1 (E/W)


  100. markb 5 years ago

    No Blayyers or Enda today?

  101. luke a 5 years ago

    Blayyers is only posting his nap in the contest I think. He is picking genuine naps for the contest, and not just bigger prices like some others. His pick today is hurricane hollow in the 4.55 musselborough

    • Craigiebod 5 years ago

      Luke a you shouldnt make comments on other peoples tips until after the races , favourits only win around 1/3 of races , its easy to back a fancied horse everyday it takes a little more to find one coming in under the radar ……

      • markb 5 years ago

        take ur own advice craigie about commenting on others posts. there was nothin wrong with what lukea said.

  102. leewoody 5 years ago


    IKTIVIEW 16/1
    PAS TROP TARD 11/1

  103. alanm 5 years ago

    Nap Bretherton 6.45 kempton 5/4
    Nb Endevour 2.40 mussleburgh 16/1

  104. John Henderson 5 years ago

    Nap Petersboden 5.45 kempt 12/1
    NB Toga Tiger 7.15 5/1

  105. swany 5 years ago

    Lucinda Russell
    On to Musselburgh tomorrow and we start with Fog Patches in the staying chase. He was pulled up lame a fortnight ago and was treated for a sore shin. He should also prefer the better going.

    Elfago Baca is an athletic young horse and while he lacks experience he has had plenty of schooling ahead of his hurdles debut.

    Lord Of Drums seems to enjoy it round Mussleburgh and he has been working well, as keen as ever, at home.

    I do not think that Shooting Times handled the soft going last time and thus he should find tomorrows conditions more to his liking. The trip may be on the sharp side for hiom over hurdles but he has won a chase over two mile four.

    Albatros Tresor is a very likeable youngster and we think that he may prefer tomorrows conditions to the heavy ground that he encountered last time. This is a competitive bumper and he will learn plenty from it.

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      swany, great write up mate, Lucinda would be proud of it herself :)

  106. tommy400 5 years ago

    Musselburgh 3:50 trust thomas 11/1 bet365

  107. WTF 5 years ago

    Hi Raaljaca

    Quick question ref Naps contest, I picked my horse this morning when it opened at 10s but has dropped in price to 7s with bet365 (hores is Seancill Oir 3.15 Muss) I have just put it up now which price do I use?

    Cheers mate

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      WTF, SP will be used in naps contest as stated in the rules.

      • WTF 5 years ago

        Mr F

        The naps contest has got rules, bloody hell that’s efficient, maybe next time I will read them before asking, what now is obviously a stupid question.


  108. swany 5 years ago

    Muss 2-10 PLAN AGAIN

    NB 13/8

  109. luke a 5 years ago

    Not quite sure how you misconstrued my comment there Craig??

  110. luke a 5 years ago

    Think you took my comment in complete wrong way, and I can kind of see how, but strange that you chose to take it in that context. My point was, some people are putting bigger prices in the contest as their “nap” to try get themselves up the leaderboard. Whereas their genuine nap of the day is likely to be a different horse. I’m a perfect example of this today, my “nap” in the contest is Willie hall, but no this thread it is hurricane hollow. The first 2 days of the contest, I was picking b nap regardless of price. Now that it’s been said that people are picking bigger prices to try win the contest (which is just a bit of fun) I may as well too. In other words, only some people are putting their real nap in the contest. I personally wouldn’t use the contest thread for tips. I’d stick to this thread

    • markb 5 years ago

      This is the reason i asked if they had tipped on here yet. I would rather follow the naps on this thread than the comp thread.

  111. Rob Sutton 5 years ago

    Rustychest, Frederic Chopin, nb
    Georgeh11, Plough Boy, nap
    Daveyb, Exclusive waters, nap
    Beenie, Exclusive waters, nb
    Kcang18, Exclusive waters, nap
    Markb, Rollin N tumblin, nap
    A Black, Poste Restante, nap
    BenS, Aldeburgh, nb
    Daveyb, after the storm, nb
    Macattack, Understory, nap
    Rustychest, Understory, nap
    Grand Parader, Gabriel The Boss, nap
    Macattack, Club House, nb
    Steadyeddy, Little Indian, nap
    Webster, civil unrest, nap
    Lee Woody, civil unrest, nb
    Deekster, Lord of Drums, nb
    Evansclube, Lord of Drums, nap
    Scotland73, Radio Nowhere, nap
    Duncan Poundcake, civil unrest, nap
    Deekster, Pairc Na Leasa, nap
    Clarky, willie hall, nap
    Beenie, Forced family Fun, nap
    Swany, Forced family Fun, nap
    Fred, Forced family Fun, nap
    Grand Parader, Pas Trop Tard, nb
    DougieC, Hurricane Hollow, nap
    Blayyers, Hurricane Hollow, nap
    Swanjack, Polydamos, nap
    Stealth, Polydamos, nap
    Georgeh11, Polydamos, nb
    Scotland73, Minstrel Lad, nb
    Grand Parader, Time Square, iwac
    Lee Woody, Spreadable, nap
    Evansclube, Spreadable, nb
    Keady, Bretheron, nb
    A Black, Three Pips, nb
    Craigiebod, Bretherton, nap
    Keady, BrookLebank, nap
    MiniDuffman, 1st Brocklebank, 2nd Light From Mars, nap
    Gerdub, Light From Mars, nap
    Stevie Mac, Wishformore, nap
    Fred, Wishformore, nb
    Craigiebod, Rapid Water, nb
    Gerdub, Secret Millionaire, nb

  112. Griffy 5 years ago

    I see where you’re coming from there Luke, I’ve been doing the same, looking for better value for the contest sake, but as you say might not be you’re actual nap

  113. Blair R 5 years ago

    Polydamos 5:15

  114. Corcaigh Abú 5 years ago

    Jaysus…tats a grand list Rob….!!!! ;-)

  115. Outlaw 5 years ago

    Hoping My Manekineko wins the races today. 5.45 Kemp. 6/1 ew
    Has run ok here before and think trip will suit

  116. skyfly 5 years ago

    I agree with Luke A’s point.

    The negative of having the comp running is tgat it eill skew the previously fantastic ratios.
    I have backed off a bit this week to see the effect.

    Still with Johnb swany and blayyers

  117. Rob Sutton 5 years ago

    Ha. Nice one abu, i like to see who’s having what in each race. Ive picked 4 horses out of that lot and stuck a fiver on a straight win. Returns around 700. Ha. Wish me luck!

  118. abbas 5 years ago

    How u doing lads,

    Nap, toga bear 4-1, kemp, 7-15

    • Bipolar bear 5 years ago

      That’s my well-educated cousin ;P

      • Rustychest 5 years ago

        You’re a real Bear? :o that’s cool. PS. You totally said that I just wanted higher odds with my noted possible upsets, but Bobcats dominated Mavericks while Wizards just lost by a few. My selection was firm but I got bitten by DeAndre’s Durantula (which also only lost by a few, but I really wanted to say that word). My arachnophobia has returned :P

  119. Stormin 5 years ago

    Plough boy on the line

  120. Rob Sutton 5 years ago

    Abbas. Do you mean toga tiger??

  121. luke a 5 years ago

    Thanks guys, glad it wasn’t just me that made sense of my comment! I wasn’t making any comment on anyone’s Tips…for the record, I know Blayyers personally, and I know his genuine nap is hurricane hollow today

    • Blayyers 5 years ago

      I did post earlier but it hasn’t come up :-/

      Sorry guys it’s more laziness on my part. NAP is best bet of the day, so I’ve posted my best bet of the day on the comp thread. Will also post it on here from now on.

      Not been a great few days, which it seems is similar for a few people on here.

      Onwards & upwards, hopefully starting at 4:55 today!!

  122. Damo 5 years ago

    L 3.40 After The Storm nap

    Not for the nap competition or anything just something I fancy for today as I haven’t looked much at the racing lately. Raal or whoever is running it, I commend you for keeping track of that nap thread, it’s is chaos!

  123. Bipolar bear 5 years ago

    craig alves wins with nap →fennel bay←

  124. Bipolar bear 5 years ago

    georgeh11 won earlier with nap →plough boy←

  125. Craigiebod 5 years ago

    Cant f**king believe it lumped on brieryhill boy , 20 length clear jumping like a stag …… falls at the last :-(

  126. Stealth 5 years ago

    Just a quick word of thanks for the two guys putting the lists together, Bipolar Bear & Rob Sutton, you’re doing a great job, it must take quite a bit of your time putting it all together for everyone’s benefit. Well done chaps

  127. Danny 5 years ago

    kicking my NAP IN YES

  128. luke a 5 years ago

    I accept your apology Craig….

  129. Enda 5 years ago

    Not having a good run lately lads I’m gone big on sweet talking guy 8.15 kempton haven’t had a winner since sat so that’s my nap today my biggest bet of the month it’s won I followed since last win need to get back on track and I think he’s massive a 4s glook

  130. luke a 5 years ago

    Cheers enda. Thought I was only one who hadn’t had winner since Saturday. Mica mika in the last Saturday night was my last winner. I too like your pick and shall be backing it again now. Good luck.
    Also, many thanks to bear and rob for the lists, great help and very time consuming as I have attempted myself couple times. I like the way they are set out in race times in the last list in particular. Great work guys

  131. Rob Sutton 5 years ago

    Stealth – No worries mate. If it wasn’t for bipolar bear i wouldn’t be doing mine lol. I just prefer them in race order so i copy and paste his to how i like it :-)

  132. keady 5 years ago

    3.50 Muss honour system 12-1 ew Wish me luck

  133. Lossie jim 5 years ago

    Just noticed in the 4.55 at Muss., Whillans has a horse that was 3rd in it’s only run(class 2)to it’s stable star Meadowcroft boy….and what was 4th in the race…….Splash of Ginge!!!!

  134. Damo 5 years ago

    Get in Whitby Jet, got a email from b365 with a tenner free loyalty bet just before the race started so stuck it on a double along with Hurricane Hollow. 15/1 would be much appreciated!

  135. Rustychest 5 years ago

    So Understory ran really well leading from start all the way ’til the final furlong. I even began counting the returns. Unlucky again :(

  136. Bipolar bear 5 years ago

    We need some winners guys….

  137. Rustychest 5 years ago

    Timothy T is up!

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      Rustychest, fingers crossed for Timothy T. Going a walk so will check the result when I reach the nearest shop and maybe do a few more lines for tonight. I also napped Understory and typically my second choice, Alpha One, came in at 7 or 8-1.

  138. gerdub 5 years ago

    Blayers if you had followed my tips you would of had 5 winners out of 6 tips !

  139. dawnisrising 5 years ago

    Lads whats better to do a yankee or luck 15?

  140. raaljaca 5 years ago

    4.55 Musselburgh

    Race has been run 5 times and each time the SECOND favourite has won it.

    • Rustychest 5 years ago

      raaljaca, I like those kind of stats. Got any more, preferrably for upcoming races? :P

      • raaljaca 5 years ago

        Rusty, the 7.45 at Kempton has several stats that indicate it will be won by one of the top 5 in the weights. One doesn’t run and narrowed down it gives a decent chance to;

        TIJUCA 9/1

        BEAUMONT COOPER 25/1

        Remember a ‘decent chance’ doesn’t mean ‘win’ but stats can be helpful. Second favourite ran 3rd at Musselburgh but the stats indicated the favourite wouldn’t win and it didn’t.

  141. luke a 5 years ago

    Timothy T second last after getting the lead it wanted. No excuses at all, just not up to it again. This week has been nothing other than a write off so far. If even johnb can’t get it right, then unlikely most of us will!

  142. I can only pick a donkey 5 years ago

    Timmy t not even close. I know johnb has picked some excellent winners out the bag, and has won me plenty of money. Not a critisism by any means, but if he is getting his own thread should he not be giving us reasons as to why he has chosen his particular picks just as mtfixit does with the football super single?

    • PeteT 5 years ago

      I’m not going to criticise JohnB because his tips are given in good faith and I suspect if we lose, so does he, as I’m sure he’s backing his own tips too. The good news is that if we stay disciplined and maintain the level stakes he advises it should come good long term.

      That said, I would love to know a bit more about why JohnB picks the naps and bb’s that he does – a little like Mr F does with his tips. By doing this people could challenge or concur with the reasoning John gives and that would allow a more informed decision to be taken by us as punters. I’ve said before that the reason the site is, and can be, such a success is mainly down to the fact we can all add value (in different proportions) but adding our own views and opinions BEFORE a race or match is played out. As I keep saying – the sum of the parts is greater than the whole – by working TOGETHER we get much much more.

      I’ll be sticking with the disciplined betting with JohnB though – his track record so far is really good and I’m hoping his NAP at 6.15pm will do the business.

      Good luck to all.


  143. dawnisrising 5 years ago

    Maybe you should stop backing zebras so donkey

  144. raaljaca 5 years ago

    Timothy isn’t getting any tea tonight!

  145. Rustychest 5 years ago

    Mr. F, unfortunately both Understory and Timothy T had a similar run in leading all the way ’til the last stretch home.

  146. luke a 5 years ago

    Haha, Rhys, there aren’t any roulette machines here pal. Get yourself into town to get your fix

  147. honda 5 years ago

    Last 2/3 days have been my worst punting wise on both the horses/football. Soon the tide will turn :) Funny how it all went downhill for me since John’s 120-1 treble!

  148. I can only pick a donkey 5 years ago

    Agree Pete T. John B is an asset to this site and with level stakes there is now way anybody should be down on money. Fact!

    However, if he is going to have a more official part of the site, and im sure there is some compensation for him to be doing this then i think we are owed some sort of reasoning to his picks.

    His knowledge is quite clearly first class, however it would be interesting to have seen his reasoning for some his recent picks.

  149. Rustychest 5 years ago

    5.15 Kempton looks like it’s going to be between Polydamos and My Renaissance who is at 5/1

  150. Scottbloke 5 years ago

    Blah blah nobody makes you back JohnB tips or how much u put on them, JB has picked some great winners, just so u understand the way betting works if u miss a day or half ur stake that’s when the winning run starts again
    Good luck in the. 6.15

  151. Sparky 5 years ago

    Each day his horses get well backed so simply arb them for a few quid then u don’t need to care if they win or lose

  152. ticketyboo 5 years ago

    Good morning racing fans well I am having difficulty removing this smile from my face today, 2 winners yesterday including my nap @ 6/1 and the Nb 7/2 more of the same today please.

    “LIGHT FROM MARS” 9/2 Kempton 7:15 Nap this horse won this race last year.

    “INSOLENCEOFOFFICE” 12/1 e/w Kempton 8:15 Nb.

    Sorry had been at hospital today and was late home,

  153. Rustychest 5 years ago

    Oh yeah! My Renaissance :) the odds dropped from 10/1 to 5/1 at SP, glad I had a punt.

  154. Pat L 5 years ago

    Not had a single winner in 3 days. Times are getting tough!

  155. webster 5 years ago

    Wow cant belive Raamz 12-1 5.45 im on that ew

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      5.45 K

      HERBALIST and GREAT CONQUEST both at double figure prices look reasonable bets for me, but what do I know ;)

  156. Bet Your Bottom Dollar 5 years ago

    Just me 2 cents on the matter (as thats all I have left since Friday!)

    I keep reading if you back to level stakes you will be ahead long term, and usually the 120-1 treble is mentioned.

    This is a contradiction though because to back to level stakes means singles /EW , not doubles or trebles.

    Last Friday Harry’s Farewell was 9/1 and the other 2 were 2/1.

    That puts you 13 stakes ahead. Since then there has been 1 winner at 2/1, and 9 losing stakes. So we’re only 6 stakes ahead at this point.

    If you want to quote the 120/1, I have to presume you are not backing to level stakes as doubles and trebles are being done too.

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      The point is that many were on the treble and it was testimony to the mans ability. Horse racing is the hardest sport of all to find winners in so 1 or 2 good days will always outweigh 4 or 5 bad days.

      • PeteT 5 years ago

        Raaljaca – I think we all agree that JohnB is talented and, more so, his results speak for themselves. The 120-1 treble is, in some degree good luck, just like some of the losers have been bad luck because as you say picking doubles and trebles where you have all the variable factors in is a nightmare.

        There will undoubtedly be more doubles (and maybe even trebles) for those who keep the faith and stay disciplined.

        I do hope we get a chance to get a bit more insight into the reasoning behind JohnB’s tips – if that’s practical given his time commitments etc. But in terms of talent – JohnB is a level which I’ve not seen previously.

      • pete 5 years ago

        Raaljaca males it up as he goes along…level stakes can only mean singles. Stop the 120/1 propaganda brown nosing nonsense

        • raaljaca 5 years ago

          I make it up, you male it up ;)

        • raaljaca 5 years ago

          I can say whatever I like but you are the daftie if you back without doing your own research little pete

  157. webster 5 years ago

    25 pound Ew on raamz 12-1 For a nice 360 profit dont let me down!

  158. dawnisrising 5 years ago

    webster hugh taylor gets it wrong too yes i know he beat jb’s fruit pastille yesterday but fruit pastille would of won by 2 lenghts if he set the alarm clock in the stall

  159. John Henderson 5 years ago

    Petersboden cert beat at 16s grrrrrrrr so unlucky.

  160. Dave 5 years ago

    Does anyone know any pro tipsters who I can pay for tips
    Need to win some money back.

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      I give 100% success rate for £867.45 a tip

    • Rustychest 5 years ago

      Dave, there’s a website which charges 100 quid per package per month and claim to be ‘pro’ tipsters with a fancy website. Their overall success rate has fallen below %40. Maybe you’re better off there :p

  161. robroy85 5 years ago

    Hi Dave, I can guarantee a 99% success rate. All I ask for is £1,000 per tip.

  162. Dancing Brave 5 years ago

    I think we all need a bit of a reality check here….Only those people who have followed JohnB in recent times and who may have availed themselves of a 120/1 treble can truly be in front. Anyone who has come aboard since Friday may well be chasing so its not fair to say if you have played to level stakes you will be up.

    Also I have lost count of the number of times someone has had a great run, everything gets formalised, JohnB gets his own page and suddenly he hits a bad patch. I know of a guy who is a pro gambler and who bets 1pt on each of his selections at £500. He bets in handicaps only and selections are usually in the 6/1-33/1 price range so you can guess that his returns when he hits one are healthy.

    This guy had regularly made 50-60pts profit a year from a handful of bets and then he started sharing his selections to a small group of people. This had a major effect on his decision making process and suddenly he felt responsible for their money as well. Upshot of this was he ended the last year with a 2pt profit by far his worst for many many years.

    I sense the same thing is happening here as this site has grown dramatically as word has got round and maybe JohnB having been elevated to ‘legend’ status by some is finding more pressure than ever to deliver.

    He is clearly an excellent race reader, form studier and has great depth of knowledge of the sport but even the best struggle at times and I am sure there have been horses he thought of putting up that have won where the ones he has finally selected have lost. It may also be coincidental that most people I know and respect as ‘experts’ are finding racing just now very very difficult, just look at the weather conditions today which have been dreadful- who knows how a horse will fare when faced with a 60mph wind.

    Anyway my suggestion is to scale back your stakes on John’s bets until he hits another purple patch which I am sure he will, or look out for some of the other great tipsters on here who are on a roll. Without patience and discipline punters have no chance.

    I also think it would be helpful to have a full list of John’s bets from a couple of weeks before he had his own thread and for this to be updated daily so that people can see that he is human and not just lump on everything on the back of past performances…..hopefully that will help reduce the pressure on John and the good times will return soon.



  163. dawnisrising 5 years ago

    dancing brave to fair you are spot on well said fella

  164. Tim Banton 5 years ago

    Dave, once you are in a position of needing to win perhaps its time to give up gambling. Its been said time and time again only betcwhat you can afford to lose.

  165. steadyeddy 5 years ago

    Great words dancing brave

  166. Rustychest 5 years ago

    What’s up with 6.15 Kempton?

    • PenguinsJames 5 years ago


      Jockey had a fall in 5.45 awaiting replacement ambulance

      Think the horses are being taken back to parade ring now

  167. PenguinsJames 5 years ago

    Evening all!

    Heads up! :c)

    This is horse racing after all! Until Mr. F puts up the Penguin racing thread, you have to remember that horses are unpredictable. Penguins are not.

    As is the weather. This could be having an effect.

    Or maybe, it’s because I’ve stopped betting penguin coins for now and I’m the secret lucky pet.

    Onwards and upwards!

    If I were to tip anything, it would be that there could be some shocks in store for teams that contain a lot of warm weather preferred players. Just a hunch!

  168. steadyeddy 5 years ago

    Probably the weather I’m up north and we are being hammered by wind and rain absolutely hammered! If it’s the whole country it’ll be that

  169. John Henderson 5 years ago

    Delay waiting on ambulance i think.

  170. steadyeddy 5 years ago

    Hopefully nothing serious if ambulance involved. Seems to be happening a lot lately!

  171. dawnisrising 5 years ago

    The 6.15 race will be delayed while a replacement ambulance is awaited. Jockey John Lawson has been taken to hospital after a fall in the 5.45…….

  172. honda 5 years ago

    Disciplined stakes are the key, so when you come through the tough times you aren’t far behind

  173. Phil r 5 years ago

    Here here dancing brave

  174. JAY 5 years ago

    johnb! brilliant! thanks mate!

  175. dawnisrising 5 years ago

    thank you john

  176. Alex 5 years ago

    YESSSSSSSSSSSS! JohnB is back baby! :D

  177. DeAndre 5 years ago


  178. Rustychest 5 years ago

    Get in. JohnB’s nap came home by miles. SUP!

  179. craigdon 5 years ago

    JB NAP Cheers!

  180. Rob Sutton 5 years ago

    Get in johnb. U beauty!!!

  181. John Henderson 5 years ago

    All the doom and gloom folks be happy now :)

  182. Chappers 5 years ago

    Well done jb we can call this a return to form, as you so rarely lose!!

  183. Dave 5 years ago

    Well done Jb
    In light of recent comments would it be possible that John could comment on his tips
    What is johns role now mr F. Same as before but with the thread named after him.

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      Dave, johnb can comment as much or as little as he likes. He knows his stuff – that doesn’t mean he’ll land winners every day. Look at the Racing Post nap rate – every person on that is a so-called expert but their hit rate doesn’t match johnb’s.

  184. Damo 5 years ago

    What better way to keep the trolls quiet, very happy with the the 3/1 I got last night!

  185. PeteT 5 years ago

    JohnB’s NAP wins and wins pretty comfortably. Lots of early money (and a 10p rule 4 deduction) might mean some get less than the 4/1 opening price but with the early heads up I’m very happy with the 11/4 price I managed to get last night.

    Hopefully this settles some of the jitters – by following JohnB’s advice of double stakes on the NAP and normal stakes on the NB you’ll be quids in by a mile even if you did a reasonably staked double!

    You win some, you lose some – but win Johnb we have a better chance of winning more than we lose! :)

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      PeteT, I’m pleased the nap won because some of the comments were becoming ridiculous.

  186. honda 5 years ago

    Cheers john! :)

  187. Stueyd 5 years ago

    Well done Johnb!

  188. steadyeddy 5 years ago

    Back on it John! Super work mate, keep it up!

  189. skyfly04 5 years ago

    Well in Johnb. Many thanks once again.

  190. winnerallright 5 years ago

    Cheers sir johnb u legend. Great NAP. Cosy 3 length win. Get in there!

  191. raaljaca 5 years ago

    I got 3/1 on a horse that won at 5/4 by 3 lengths over the minimum distance. Never doubt Johnb as he will deliver the goods time and time again. Thank you John :)

  192. swany 5 years ago

    Dear JOHNB,

    I got on your selection Sandfrankskipsgo last night and despite slight reservation’s about the name,I was delighted to secure the price of 10/3,now when I seen the price before the off this evening I was feeling more than a little smug,and then when it won as it did I was cock a hoop!.THANKYOU JOHN,I for one need no explanation as to your choice of horse,especialy as I sit listening to so called pundits on Will Hill radio saying they wouldn’t back it at 5/4 and they don’t fancy it!,thanks again John,ps how much do I get back for 10p ew?

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      After a slight Rule 4 deduction you will receive about 52p swany. However as a regular William Hill customer you qualify for the special ‘He needs it more than us’ bonus and will see your return rounded up to 60p, yes 12 shillings!!!!

  193. John Henderson 5 years ago

    Artemis must be worth 10p ew in next at that price surely :)

  194. steadyeddy 5 years ago

    Well said Mr F, ridiculous indeed! My little story, I’ve followed johnb and his tips for a couple of months now and I can honestly say I’ve never won so much money despite winning more than I lose on football. He is without doubt a superb tipper as if that needed confirming!
    A Little secondary note 5 years ago I was a problem gambler and some of the desperate pleas “I need to win” etc remind me of that time, it’s sad to see and I’m almost certain 4 out of 5 negative comments are from people experiencing problems right now. I wish those people luck and the only advice I can give is consider each bet, can I afford this bet, does this bet have a chance.
    Don’t just read a tip and back it or you will lose money from the sheer amount of tips from these kind people.
    Good luck everyone

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      steadyeddy, unfortunately too many people judge one tip at a time instead of looking at the whole picture.

  195. Phil 5 years ago

    Hello people, cheers johnb for your nap. Got it at 3/1 last night. I’ve been deducted because of that none runner rule 4 thing. Is this correct? Was there a NR? Cheers

  196. dawnisrising 5 years ago

    I mirrored your old situation there steady its a learning curve….its obvious alot of the negatives on this thread are from people with serious gambling problems who will back anything with a heart beat its about being disciplined lads

  197. robroy85 5 years ago

    nice one johnb!!

  198. DougieC 5 years ago

    thanks johnb,I couldn’t tip a wheelbarrow..Wife can now go into duty free this weekend !!!

  199. keady 5 years ago

    Well done johnb did not back it though im still waiting for my nap and nb to race gl everybody in the next races

  200. BenS 5 years ago

    First two days backing JohnB’s tips yesterday and today, Yesterday was unlucky and today it got me to break even.
    So all I can say is thanks and I’ll keep backing them as I try and learn more about racing as it’ll keep money coming back from the bookies. Will send a drink in the next day or two when I’ve made a paypal account.

    P.S. To all the doubters/trolls, instead of posting comments, have a read through the posts from the last month or so as I did and you’ll see his skill.

  201. Azzurri06 5 years ago

    Cheers to Johnb for his winning NAP.

    I’m backing Johnb’s tips regularly but I’m never sure if I should place bets to win or e/w.
    What’s best for long-term profit?

    Any advice is appreciated.

  202. misafir 5 years ago

    Thanks johnb

    Raaljaca i still don’t understand how works this RULE 4 exactly! I am at bet365 and I just searched and found it stands below Johnb NAP “RULE 4: 10p”. Am i missing something? :( I got his NAP yesterday at 3/1, I bet 20€ and won 76€, is there anything wrong in your opinion?

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      misafir, go to google and search for rule 4, it will explain it.

  203. steadyeddy 5 years ago

    Azzuri personally I back 3/1s and below to win as although e/w would cover your bet there’s less to be made. Quite often the night before his tips are above 3/1 so why not take it e/w if you’re new, do your own read ups and follow him for a bit before changing this method maybe. Everyone is different though

  204. Rustychest 5 years ago

    My NBA Picks. Confidence level medium but I’m on ’em as I am with everything I post.

    Against The Spread Treble:

    BOS Celtics +6.5
    CHA Bobcats +9.0
    ORL Magic +6.5

    Game Totals Treble:

    CLE Cavaliers @ DET Pistons Over 201.5
    ATL Hawks @ TOR Raptors Over 195
    DAL Mavericks @ IND Pacers

    Good luck. Thanks again to JB for the NAP among others. I’m off to bed :)

  205. Gerbalsco 5 years ago

    Very comfortable winner johnb and great price early doors.

    Moaners, learn to manage your bank.

    Based on roughly 40% strike rate bettors can expect to hit a losing run of around 14!

    But you cannot allocate 100/14=7% to every bet because if we get a max losing run then our bank is wiped out. So no way back.

    It needs to be way less than 7% of your bank on each bet more like 0.5%

  206. DeAndre 5 years ago

    NBA Bets

    Miami Heat (20/21)
    Toronto Raptors (5/13)
    Minnesota Timberwolves (2/5)
    Treble pays 2.78/1

    Player Performance
    Jeff Green(BOS) +17.5 Points
    Anthony Davis(NOP) +22.5 Points
    Blake Griffin(LAC) -27.5 Points
    Treble pays 5.16/1

    Good luck everyone :-D

  207. Azzurri06 5 years ago

    Steadyeddy, thanks for that. I think 3/1 is a good guideline actually.

  208. kcang18 5 years ago

    Tomorrow’s Nap
    Kempton 5:10 VHUJON 7/2 bet365

  209. Blair R 5 years ago

    Cheers johnb

  210. Gerbalsco 5 years ago

    A wee bit of moan myself here. How come recent posts on Johnb posts are not appearing in recent comments. Golfing posts from 4 o’clock just sitting there.

  211. kcang18 5 years ago

    Your are the great Johnb

  212. davyb 5 years ago

    thurs nap rainbow peak 1 55 kelso nb or de grugy 2 55 kelso

  213. DougieC 5 years ago

    srry DeAndre Got blake whats BOS NOP? ignorance I know

  214. DougieC 5 years ago

    DeAndre got it Pelicans and Boston

  215. misafir 5 years ago

    Thanks raaljaca, that was very very verrrrrryyyy helpful mate :) you could at least answer if something with my example is wrong. But though thank u, i will search more

  216. DeAndre 5 years ago

    Spot on Dougie.

  217. Stueyd 5 years ago

    NBA tips

    Over 208 points in the Nuggets Timberwolves game
    Celtics + 3.5
    Knicks – 6

    Good luck all.

  218. BenS 5 years ago

    My picks for tomorrow are

    NAP 2.10 Leicester Massena 9/4 Bet365

    NB 2.25 kelso Suprise Vendor 9/1 Bet365

  219. DougieC 5 years ago

    stueyd..Thanks 10/11 over 208 wolves etc On that
    Thanks again

  220. Danny T 5 years ago

    I apologise if this has already been asked I justddon’t ha e time on my side this evening has johnb posted his selections this evening at all I would hate to miss them . Thanks guys I am not a troll or impatient or anything like that just a genuine question

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      Danny T, I’ve not see them so hopefully I’ve not missed them.

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      Johnb might not be able to post anything for tomorrow. Hope it changes but if not just go with your own choices.

  221. raaljaca 5 years ago

    *** DAY 3 LEADERBOARD ***

    SNARK 9.25
    MARK B 7
    GARY P 7
    CRAIG ALVES 6.11
    GERDUB 6
    GRIFFY 6
    NOBBY 4
    LLAMADOS28 4
    LORD CLEGG 3.5
    MONTY MAN 3.5
    PAUL 3.5
    GEORGE H 11 3.23
    SK2 3
    SCOTLAND 73 2.75
    RANKIN J 2.75
    NEIL 2.75
    STEWART 2.69
    XBOOKIE 2.5
    ALAN M 2.5
    HUGHIE M 2.5
    GARY F 2.5
    COLIN 2.5

  222. DougieC 5 years ago

    Lads Im not asking for you to do the research. Im looking at the 7.10 Kempton Was going to give SHALAMBAR 10/1 as my NB. but I see ABLE DASH 6/1 from 14/1…100/1/66/1/40/1last three starts.. Now with trainer Im not familiar with..I will stick with my first pick

  223. Danny T 5 years ago

    Cheers cheese

  224. cheese 5 years ago

    No johnb tips yet, patiently waiting. The Williams horses are getting hammered. Might stick an e/w Yankee..

  225. Stevie mac 5 years ago

    Another sneaky wee nap up on comp today , waiting for tomorrows , in meantime my nap.tomorrow will be
    Bowie boy 18.10 Kemp

  226. WTF 5 years ago

    To all racing fans.

    I don’t think I have every seen so many horses being backed in to short odds and then losing, JohnB has had a few over the last couple of days and then to top it off Enda has one in the last race tonight. Backed at 7/2 went off 13/8 and got stuffed.

    This is not a moan just a general observation even happened in the NBA last night with DeAndres treble the shortest price was the loser.

    Good luck to all.

  227. BenS 5 years ago

    DougieC, doubt this will be of any relevance, but I backed See and Be Seen it the 7:10 @ 8/1.

  228. Danny T 5 years ago

    Cheers Mr f

  229. Xmarine85 5 years ago

    Evening Gents



    5:10 Vhujon 10/3 – 7/2
    Torres Del Paine 6/1 – 4/1 (Drops in Class)

    6:40 Bloodsweatandtears 12/1 – 10/1 – 8/1
    Imperator Augustus 14/1 – 10/1 – 8/1 (Dropped below last winning mark)

    7:10 Able Dash 14/1 – 10/1 – 8/1 – 6/1
    Final Delivery 6/1 – 5/1 (2lb below his last winning mark)

    8:10 Bussa 14/1 – 11/1


  230. luke a 5 years ago

    Wtf, enda’s nap didn’t get “stuffed”, the jockey, George Baker, got the horse boxed in and left it too late to make up the ground. It would’ve won given a more intelligent ride. It was unlucky just the same as johnb nap yesterday which missed the break from the stalls. Are you watching the races, or just seeing the results??

  231. DougieC 5 years ago

    WTF>>> That race was discussed by playePac and me should you scroll back.Quote NEW RICH for me should they go a good gallop.I backed it.

    • swany 5 years ago

      Thats right Dougie,I remember seeing that post,then I forgot about it,silly me!

  232. DougieC 5 years ago

    BenS..srry not getting back,See and be Seen has every chance along with possibly Graylyn Ruby defying penalty. I can only assume the money for Able Dash is for it being handicap debutant Good luck anyway.

  233. fred 5 years ago

    Daily Double

    Leicester 3.40 Benefit Cut nap
    Leicester 2.10 Massena nb

    Good Luck Everyone

  234. WTF 5 years ago

    Luke A

    I am sorry but I think you may have misunderstood my comments.

    I was not having a pop at Endas selection or JohnBs, I was merely pointing out that recently a lot of fav’s have not performed to exceptions and not just horse racing.

    I have followed both Jbs and Endas selections for the past few weeks and have been most grateful for the insight they have passed on.

    I try to see as many races as i can but I have not seen the 8.15 yet. Stuffed might not be the correct terminology. It lost and came 4th, and worse than that the horse could have won had the jockey not let it down.

    My comment was in general the bookies have had a field day recently

    Sorry if my comments seemed to be directed at Enda and Jb not my intention.


  235. luke a 5 years ago

    Wtf, apologies for taking your comment in the wrong context. It was the word stuffed that gave me the idea you were in fact having a go. I don’t often jump to the defence of other people, it was just that I’d seen the race myself, and that horse would’ve won given a clean run. Definitely one to watch next time out!
    I agree the bookie’s are probably raking it in, just the same as most days. Been a few days since they’ve taken a spanking from those that follow this site, so let’she hope Thursday ends that trend!
    Good luck to you and all

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