1. jimmybeee 4 years ago

    good luck with your bets tomorrow

  2. 1plus2 4 years ago

    Storm Lightning 14:20 Brighton 9/2 bet365

    Storm Lightning / Living it Large r/fc

    Good Luck for all today’s bets

  3. DeAndre 4 years ago

    I got an NB so streak partially broken, Come On Dave went in at 11/10 :-)

    I’m gonna land a NAP tomorrow, I can feel it in my bones :-D

    Don’t know what it is yet, but I’ll find it…good luck tomorrow everyone!!!

  4. abbas 4 years ago

    how you doing guys?


    bop it, 7-1, haydock 4-10


  5. Ramey 4 years ago

    Come back boz ;)

  6. Donny 4 years ago

    350 Brighton – Compton bird 10/1 Ew

  7. DeAndre 4 years ago

    Good Abbas, were all filthy rich :-)

  8. Scuzzle 4 years ago

    4.50 Brighton – Hawk Moth 7/2 Only raised 4 lbs for a half length win LTO is reasonable. Won last race for the 2nd year running so if aimed and prepped for it then should still be competitive and with Hughes booked for the ride it looks to me like a repeat performance is expected.

    • Scuzzle 4 years ago

      Big plunge on Hejaz in this 4.50 Brighton to look out for now, I keep meaning to stop making selections the night before as a couple of times now gambles have developed on plot jobs in the races I’ve picked.

  9. Scuzzle 4 years ago

    5.20 Brighton – Gabriel The Terror 5/2 Course and distance winner in this lady amateurs riders race. Ridden by Hayley Moore claiming 3 lbs and trained by David Simcock who has 20 winners from his last 54 runners which is a 37% strike rate.

  10. DeAndre 4 years ago

    Here goes…

    Brighton 2:50 Ishi Honest 8/1
    Yarmouth 3:00 Popping Candy 11/2 (NAP)
    Brighton 4:20 Sequined 5/2 (NB)

    It’s gonna be a good day folks, good luck :-)

  11. Benman 4 years ago

    Will be on John’s NAP as always and also like the look of Final Countdown in the 4:30 at Yarmouth @ 7/2.

    Anyone else had a look at Who’s That Chick in the 4:20 at Brighton? He was twice impressive as a 1/10 winner and 2/13 runner up at Sandown latest, with this only being a 5 horse race. Brighton forecast says sun all day and this can only improve Gd going which will favour him considering the current favourite Ejadah seems to prefer softer ground on recent form. However Who’s That Chick has won here on Soft last year and a course winner this year on Firm so looks like he can cope with anything. Form also shows significant recent improvement when stepped up to 1m, scoring in a 1m1f and 1m2f respectively.

    Who’s That Chick @ 4/1 (NAP)

    GL all. Thanks again for all the tips.

  12. Benman 4 years ago

    Also really like the way Oisin Murphy rode Si Senior and Elbreth home for back to back wins at Kempton on Tuesday and he is booked for Who’s That Chick today. Got a good feeling about this one.

  13. Duncan Poundcake 4 years ago

    from last night,One I have been waiting for runs tomorrow 2.30 Haycock
    NOT A TIP as I couldn’t pick my nose at the moment but have a look at Bellajue, longer trip should suit .

  14. Maverick 4 years ago

    Boz is on holiday so i’m tipping this horse on his behalf as he loves it and if he wasnt on holiday he would be letting you know it was running again today.

    5.10 Hay – Maoi Chinn Tire – Going for its 4th win in its last 6 starts and drops back in trip today. C’mon Boz lets see if you can get us a winner and u arent even here lol

  15. Donny 4 years ago

    Maverick I he also mentioned before it’s last race he didn’t tip it cause it owed us nothing and it came second in that race. I think the races were pretty close together but this race sees maoi chin tire rested for at least 2-3 weeks so I think you could be right!!!

  16. Napper valley 4 years ago

    2 horses today:

    5.40 Zuzinia 7/1
    No reasoning other than I am confident the fav won’t win.

    8.20 polish partisan SP
    No odds yet and it may well be very odds on but if this horse can’t win this then connections really have a problem.

    Given up on the charting my below average betting success so I’ll just stick these little ones up.

    GL all

  17. swany 4 years ago

    Maoi non runner

  18. Napper valley 4 years ago

    Sligo horse has opened at evens. Odds will drop so if you line get in now.

  19. Dave 4 years ago

    Hi all had Maoi in a patent what happens with the bet please?

  20. clean the bookies 4 years ago

    What was ur win ratio napper?

  21. Napper valley 4 years ago

    Sligo horse has opened at evens. Odds will drop so if you like get on.

  22. Napper valley 4 years ago

    Not worth knowing. Wasn’t Tipping really just putting up my bets when I placed them to chart what I’d make/lose for 1mth.

    I’ll just be putting up my fancies now.

  23. ticketyboo 4 years ago

    Good morning racing fans 1 winner from 2 yesterday lets do better.

    3:40 Haydock “SHADES OF SILK” 7/2 bet365

    4:30 Yarmouth “GO SAKHEE” 3/1 bet365

    Sorry no reviews today.

    A wee extra today in SA 2:55 Turffontein “NIGHT EDITOR” 5/2.

  24. Maverick 4 years ago

    Dave i had it in a trixie and i dont know what happs wae that either?

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 4 years ago

      Maverick, it’s void – Trixie will become singles and doubles with the unit stake slightly bigger.

  25. Rossco 4 years ago

    Fancy Notarised in the 3.50 at at Brighton today. Will be sticking some of my winnings from yesterday on it :)

  26. Maverick 4 years ago

    Found this about the trixie so its still a valid bet just not as a trixie anymore.

    If horse A is your non-runner you finish up with a single on Horses B and C as well as a double on horses B and C, while your treble now becomes a second double on horses B and C.

  27. Russ 4 years ago

    3:00 Yarmouth Champagne Charley has gone from 6/1 earlier to 6/5 within a couple hours..I think I backed the wrong horse in that race !

  28. Napper valley 4 years ago

    See jbs nap has been backed as if it can’t lose. Here’s hoping

  29. TurboDave 4 years ago

    Any one like the look of the two Browing runners in Southwell, Sophies No 1 and master of song both back on fibre sand and getting heavily backed

  30. Chico 4 years ago

    Champagne charley , Hejaz , drunken doctor , Steuben 4 fold

  31. DougieC 4 years ago

    Afternoon all
    NAP…PEARL NATION…7.00 Southwell
    NB….BIG STORM COMING..EW..7.45 Newcastle
    Get out of Jail
    FAST NET RED.. 7.55 Sandown and if that fails
    TIDES REACH..8.25 Sandown

  32. TheButler 4 years ago

    Hi guys, my accumulator today is Joys of Spring 4.00, Supreme Occasion 6.00, Cool Strutter 5.40, Tides Reach 8.25. Fourfolds and Fivfolds for me. It feels lucky

  33. TheButler 4 years ago

    Oops Azmaam 2.40 also.

  34. DougieC 4 years ago

    Russ not to worry wont last the distance DeAndres Popping Candy to sneak it at a price

  35. Wez_1982 4 years ago

    Hi Guys

    My Accumulator/Doubles for today are:

    2.40 Haydock – Al Ryyan @9/2
    4.20 Brighton – Who’s that Chick @4/1
    5.30 Yarmouth – Bladewood Girl @9/4

    Let’s hope for a good afternoon of lucky racing!

  36. Hamish75 4 years ago

    Ur right maverick u get 2 singles n 2 dbls at unit stakes if only 1 winner u get a single at unit stakes gl

  37. Russ 4 years ago

    On your out of jail double just in case Dougie ;)

  38. alec 4 years ago

    hughes at brighton today expect he get a few winners

  39. Stormin 4 years ago

    Got a keen eye on Newera about to race at Haydock

  40. 1plus2 4 years ago

    Well Storm Lightning didn’t go to plan ran a shocker there and was way off the pace strange one.

  41. Kyleh 4 years ago

    Bang in trouble backed in from 16/1 to 6/4 then drifts back out to 12/1 and comes last.Think the bookies tried to get a few bob there.

  42. Rossco 4 years ago

    On al rayyan in the 2.40 at haydock :)

  43. Rossco 4 years ago

    Great start to the day 20 e/w on al rayyan :)

  44. raaljaca 4 years ago

    BRIGHTON 5.20


  45. Kyleh 4 years ago

    6.10 Sligo- THE DRUNKEN DR. 7.35 Southwell- STUEBEN. 8.05 Southwell- BWINDI. 4.50 Brighton- HEJAZ. ALL HORSES TO LAY TODAY.

  46. Kyleh 4 years ago

    I am very confident most of these horses will not win today.

  47. John prince 4 years ago

    Im back

  48. John prince 4 years ago

    The holyman, brighton, 3.50

  49. PhilMc 4 years ago

    Cheers jb with barwick

  50. Yugo 4 years ago


  51. jimmybeee 4 years ago

    Boom johnb nice 1

  52. barry67 4 years ago

    Spot on johnb barwick took all ur selections as singles and an ew treble magic

  53. Benman 4 years ago

    Brilliant tip on Barwick. Many thanks again.

  54. FF 4 years ago

    johnb in the house super tipping thanks

  55. Black&red14 4 years ago

    Many thanks Johnb!

  56. deekster365 4 years ago

    Brilliant tipping again Johnb

  57. Stormin 4 years ago

    Top one johnb. The nap and nb now for £97 off a £0.63 straight treble lol

  58. DougieC 4 years ago

    Good write up Benman for the Chick I didn’t even consider the race until I saw your post.Nice tipping and a geat price WD

  59. DougieC 4 years ago

    Wez 1982 Best of luck in the 5.30.. Profits the name!!

  60. Dave 4 years ago

    Superb benman many thanks

  61. Wez_1982 4 years ago

    Thanks Dougie, I should have put as singles as well really considering the odds but I’ve been staking too much recently so going back to a nice even stakes philosophy lol

    Plus a few Accy’s

  62. DougieC 4 years ago

    Nice to see you back to your usual prince Holyman 12th of 12 who you going to knock today pal!!

  63. DougieC 4 years ago

    Wez 1982 I know its easy to chase,been there and done it.I usually do patents at those prices,but great picks today.Fingers crossed.

  64. Rossco 4 years ago

    Did anyone see the ride sanna have joys of spring in the 4.00 at Yarmouth. A stronger jockey would surely have won when looking good a furlong from home. Needless to say I got burned

  65. MonLosBlancos 4 years ago


    thank you kindly for the Barwick tip. @ 13.00 which I took a decent bite of E.W.


    thank you kindly for who’s that Chick @ 5.00, I took it as single and as winning 2nd leg of a treble.


    I took the France women game for over goals market, not BTTS but I couldn’t refuse the 10.00-15.00 odds on offer, also the Costa Rica goal tipped my goals over the golden 5.5 that I needed.

    It pleases me to see that you tipped Gabrial The Terror as I am waiting for it, to finish of a tasty 55.00 treble.

    This feels like an Oscar’s speech,

  66. Kyleh 4 years ago

    And the first horse I said to lay lost. It was 5/4 when I posted earlier

  67. jimba 4 years ago

    Johmb got barwick .@ 14./1, superb again m8, thank u!!

  68. gus 4 years ago

    6.25 southwell

    call me crockett
    5/2 for a place

  69. Kyleh 4 years ago

    And THE DRUNKEN DR loses as advised :) was 2/1 when I posted earlier and it drifted to 12/1

  70. dave 4 years ago

    nice winner today John

    well done !!

    hope your NB can do th ebusiness as well

  71. Duncan Poundcake 4 years ago

    Well done johnb, very topical today dougie GL

  72. Russ 4 years ago

    Nice one Dougie !

  73. Granty Boy 4 years ago

    Got Barwick @ 9-1 thanks John B, top man!

  74. Kyleh 4 years ago

    For me STUEBEN in the 7.35 Southwell has to be the best LAY of the day for me. I really see no way this horse can win and at 6/4 I’ see value. Then again my luck it will win by 20 lengths haha I like YASIR at 7/1.

  75. johnb 4 years ago

    Well my Nap & Nb gets beat but my 12/1 tip wins
    Racing is a weird game

    Fridays Tips

    ALEX MY BOY 7/4 NAP hills

    GINZAN 11/2 NB hills

  76. Kyleh 4 years ago

    Ahhhhh well looks like I know nothing haha sums up a very bad day ! Otherwise great tipping everyone else :)

  77. swany 4 years ago

    Cheers raal MFAR as usual mate!

  78. Kev 4 years ago

    Dougsie dougsie dougsie dougsie ahhhhhhahhhhahhhhh! :-) love u mate

  79. raaljaca 4 years ago

    Dougie C, faith was justified. 10/1!! top stuff Papa Smurf.

  80. swany 4 years ago

    Cheers Dougie,great shout mate

  81. Duncan Poundcake 4 years ago

    Magnificent DOUGIEC.

  82. DougieC 4 years ago

    Thanks lads nice 9/4 and 10/1,time to take plane out for a spin

  83. John prince 4 years ago

    Dougie C. Everyone has an off day

  84. John prince 4 years ago

    Royal duchess. Newcastle on now

  85. Bertie 4 years ago

    Lol k.fallon has never ever tried so hard to win A race for his old mate johnny unlucky there

  86. Rookie 4 years ago

    Roring Samson Lingfield 16.50 5/1

  87. Kev 4 years ago

    Had a tenner on your nap dougsie, 2.5 e/w on the NB and 5 e/w on the double :-£

  88. Kyleh 4 years ago

    I know it’s very short odds but LYRICAL THEATRE 1/2 7.50 Sligo must be a strong bet

  89. Andy 4 years ago

    1/2 horse, yeah a strong bet. Cheers for the info.

  90. Kyleh 4 years ago

    Andy I’ve seen 1/2 horses which aren’t strong bets and lose so just cause a horse is odds on doesn’t mean it’s a good bet.

  91. Andy 4 years ago

    A good bet now. I’m just stating anyone who can read knows its a “strong” bet as you put it. Sorry wasn’t trying to offend.

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 4 years ago

      Andy, what are you talking about? And when you say you’re not trying to offend that worries me.

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