CORAL have received a flood of bets for Louis van Gaal becoming next Manchester United manager after reports suggest David Moyes will be sacked before the weekend.

The Holland boss, who steps down after the World Cup finals, is 5-1 joint favourite along with Dortmund’s Jurgen Klopp to be the new man in charge at Old Trafford.

Van Gaal seems to be the man United want and that will become clear as the price continues to drop.

Sir Alex Ferguson, who retired from the job at the end of last season, is 6-1 to make a sensational return, but there's no chance of that happening.

Ryan Giggs, who is part of the current coaching squad and who will be put in charge for the rest of the season, is 12-1 with Coral but again isn't worth a bet.

Coral spokesman John Hill said: “The interest in the next Manchester United manager market suggests some big news is about to break. The two names who have been popular today are Louis van Gaal and Jugen Klopp.”

Coral prices: 5-1 Louis Van Gaal, Jurgen Klopp, 6-1 Sir Alex Ferguson, 9-1 Diego Simeone, 12-1 Ryan Giggs, 16-1 Laurent Blanc, 20-1 Antonio Conte, Pep Guardiola, 25-1 Carlo Ancelotti, Fabio Capello, 33-1 Gary Neville, Jose Mourinho, Michael Laudrup, 50-1 Steve Bruce.

  1. darran 7 years ago

    yes mr f i thinking jurgen klopp if england surely man u not tottenham wonder what odds moyes is of being sacked by weekend

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      darran, Moyes will be gone by the weekend so take any price you can.

  2. Stephen 7 years ago

    Why does everyone think Moyes will be gone by the weekend? If they sack Moyes then Man U will lose my respect, I thought they were a different type if club. They knew it was a massive job & that’s why he was givin a 6 year contract.

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Stephen, I told you yesterday he was gone – the minute Man Utd didn’t deny it he was gone. Also all the English papers had been tipped off which is why the stories were so definite yesterday.

  3. Rustychest 7 years ago

    Stephen, I think Moyes will definitely be gone, if not this weekend then by the end of the season. He’s not the worst manager but he has proven that he is not fit for United’s vision and it’s what the fans want. The fans will never love him. You can’t fade the fans.

    Next up will be Mancini to leave Galatasaray. That’s the hope of majority of the fans there anyway, as a sacking will land him a compensation in the area of 9m euros. Either way, he will also be pushed out at the end of the season.

  4. John 7 years ago

    Rene is coming back to take over from moyes, with fergie coming back at the end of the season to become manager again,then rene will return as number 2.You heard it here first.

  5. John 7 years ago

    Anybody defending moyes is is plain to see that he will not improve.He has lost the dressing room,and from day1 he has bowed down to the players and never told them off,he feels inferior to them,so the players have been offended by things he has done and said to them,also his tactics are just terrible.He is not an innovator,he is defence minded as a manager.the total opposite what a man u manager should be.Rooney runs back in midfield and does little fancy touches and moyes praises him! If fergie was manager he would have sold Rooney or at least dropped him or told him off.moyes hasn’t the bottle to tell off players.he doesn’t know his players yet.the decision to play nani who hasn’t played all year against everytime was a joke.they play so deep these days they look swarmed by other teams playing attacking pressing football.bye moyes and anyone who supported him.

  6. John 7 years ago

    Oh and the icing on the cake is after every terrible performance he says “well we will work hard for the next game” he refuses to criticise players or blame himself at all.He actually thought he can totally destroy the team and brush off every terrible performance by saying things like that,or “we r working on things”. He is a bad manager. He is the type manager who can make a decent team ok,but he is not a manager to take over a massive club,and buy,and play great attacking football.that was never him.He brought bargains and made profits and good players,, for everton.even when he left everton u could see he took them as far as he could as he had no more ideas to build on the base he made.he is a base building manager who is good at it. Not an attacking big club manager. Bye moyes. And btw I hate man u,but I’m sad to see my teams arch rivals for many years be reduced to this. And rvp is a disgrace.he has played for himself all year,as has Rooney and faked injury when the going got tough.Man u can see what a man he is now.

  7. Alasu57 7 years ago

    Feeling better now John? lol Fergie WONT be back, thats assured……

  8. John 7 years ago

    Much better after getting the truth out, thank u lol.Fergie will be back 100percent.

  9. John 7 years ago

    Stephen he was given a 6 year contract as a sign of “confidence” when he started.that should have enabled him have confidence in himself and his own abilities.but we can see he is like a rabbit in the headlights,so man utd really don’t care about the compensation they need to pay him,they are not a small club to worry about 10-20mil when they are losing 100mil this year with him in charge. It’s a drop in the it to how much money has been lost by the shares falling? Compare it to money lost by no European football at all next season. Sacking him doesn’t effect the coffers at man u.

  10. jimmybeee 7 years ago

    I think he was very lucky to be at man utd. He did not have the cv whch should have given him such a big job in the first place. Only fergies say so.
    Any other big club wouldnt have touched him.

  11. robert miller 7 years ago

    flippin eck never seen so many guys on this site with so much technical knowledge of football…. wonder what you would say if he walked into your workplace and pointed out where you went wrong…..

  12. jimmybeee 7 years ago

    My manager does it often m8 thats why hes the manager mmmmmm maybe theres something in that. Lol

  13. Alasu57 7 years ago

    Moyes HAS gone now, confirmed… thoughts are ……..Louis van Gaal will be next manager of Man utd.

    • raaljaca 7 years ago

      Your thoughts and also every single newspapers thoughts….

  14. John 7 years ago

    Bruce rioch when he was at arsenal mentioned John mcginley as an example for Ian wright to learn from.he lost the dressing room.he went.notes told Ferdinand to learn from phil he’s gone.

  15. Johnny J 7 years ago

    Tony Mowbary has just come onto the possible list 13/2

    man u might not be outta of the shit yet!.

    but he does play good football and would not cost too much lol

  16. Stephen 7 years ago

    John u can’t say Moyes is a bad manager, maybe just not the right fit 4 Man U. I wonder if they will go back 2 Everton 4 their nxt manager, mmmmm prob not lol. I’d give it 2 Tony Pulis 4 a laugh 2 see how he gets on, wat a job he’s done this season.

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Stephen, it will almost certainly be Van Gaal – if he turns it down they will go for Klopp. No chance it will be Martinez or Pullis and almost no chance Mourinho.

    • darran 7 years ago

      yes mr f hearing klopps pledged to dortmund cant blame him think i heard van galls in a technical role dnt no so many dipsticks on the box at the minute

  17. raaljaca 7 years ago

    I have just had my 2 shillings on Mourinho at 40/1 with Hills.

  18. DougieC 7 years ago

    Roy Keane….300 million dong to one

  19. darran 7 years ago

    ian holloway del trotter or prince phlip next man u manager. giggsy for cryin out loud hes a player not a manager, ok only end of the season but there should be a few more clampets to go,and bollo.ks it i fell a kip and woke up and davys gone sod it was gona have a punt on that.But truthfully there could be a few bob to be made if we could find out anymore info like lastnights on whol be the next on here typing and that di.khead nevilles on sky talking pure crap and now redknaps on christ almighty dum and dummer

  20. ChTheScot 7 years ago

    Dum and dummer, lol, that’s irony for you!

  21. darran 7 years ago

    yes mr f am i right in thinking moyes was sacked to keep their sponsorship firms happy in a matter of words

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      darran, no. He was sacked because they’ve been rubbish.

  22. darran 7 years ago

    moyes shot himself in the foot he wont get another job in football no leadership i can see him standing with chris kamara talking absolute pony on a luton game

  23. Rick 7 years ago

    With gaal in world cup.i think klopp would be better option.better value aswel

  24. skyfly 7 years ago

    I’m not convinced about Klopp wanting to leave. Two or three of the bookies have him very short though (comparatively).
    Van Gaal will split opinion amongst match going reds so I don’t think he is the right choice.

    Jose could be tempted IF he had the get out. He’s not happy at Chelsea by the look of his face recently.

    It’s all about availability really so I’ve looked further down the betting.
    I’ve had a fun punt on Cruyff at 100/1.

  25. Kuba354 7 years ago

    Guardiola looks like a good shout, apparently he’s not happy at Bayern

  26. shaky 7 years ago

    Got 5/1 for Van Gaal yesterday, can’t see Klopp leaving Dortmund so LVG is the obvious choice. Most of us Utd fans are just happy whoever comes in next won’t be Moyes! The 100/1 for Moyes to be next celtic boss I mentioned a couple of months ago is looking a good value punt now too :)

  27. raaljaca 7 years ago

    Personally I think Van Gaal is to old. They will look for someone to be there for 10-15 years.

  28. Sean Ireland 7 years ago

    Could be a lot of fans at Newcastle,Aston villa etc crapping themselves in case David {pass it back to the keeper}Moyes is announced as thier manager come the end of the season…AT LAST SOMETHING TO SMILE ABOUT FOR US UNITED FANS :)

    • macca the red 7 years ago

      @mr ireland its not the managers fault its the players dude.

  29. misafir 7 years ago

    Anyone knows where can You find this bet with bet365? Under Football or anywhere else? I didn’t find it

    • shaky 7 years ago

      it’s usually under football specials

  30. robert miller 7 years ago

    how ironic that picture of the Everton fan in the grim reaper gear at the game on Sunday…. wonder if he turned up in that when Moyes gave Everton a degree of respectability for around 8 years…..

  31. manboobs109 7 years ago

    I took a bit of Antonio Conte at 40/1 yesterday. Apparently he was close to getting it when Moyes was appointed.

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      manboobs109, as I said yesterday I’m pretty sure it’s van Gaal’s unless he rejects it.

  32. manboobs109 7 years ago

    It probably is his but he’s quite an awkward character, I’m thinking they might be put off by his argumentative nature like they were by Mourinho. I’m probably totally wrong though.

  33. John 7 years ago

    I can’t see why van gaal would b chosen to take the club forward.He was a disaster in his second spell at barca and is a very aggressive manager for holland.He is not a tactical master. People need to stop looking at the papers choice from a available big name and look realistically. Football is forward thinking now,there is a new breed of managers who have changed the game.Pep G,M poc(Southampton) klopp,B rodgers. These managers have shown the van gaals of this world are yesterday’s managers.Man utd need to be forward thinking.Personally I see a temp taking over until the end of the season, with fergie coming back for another year or two until one of these managers is available.

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      John, I can’t see Fergie coming back – he’s going to enjoy his retirement and he’s too old to want to put himself through it all again.

  34. Alexjs 7 years ago

    Is it worth putting a fair chunk of cash on Van Gaal at evens then do you think?

  35. Stevie H 7 years ago

    John Mjallby quitting Celtic…what price is he lol

  36. ChTheScot 7 years ago

    Someone with premiership experience is what United need and want, Van Gaal maybe the bookies favourite but I think wrongly. Can’t say who I think as I’m really unsure, but from what Utd say and have said in the past Premiership experience is a MUST!
    Trying to think of managers who have been in the prem who would be big enough and good enough, Hodgson, Mancini, dare I say it Rafa Benitez. We’ll see soon anyway.

  37. ChTheScot 7 years ago

    How about Michael Laudrup at 33/1, plays the game as Man Utd want to play, has premiership experience, looking for work. Worth a punt in my book.

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      ChTheScot, 33-1 tells the story – it won’t be Laudrup.

  38. Mr Fixit 7 years ago

    John, it’s such a daft comment I’m deleting it. Ferguson didn’t need to retire in the first place.

  39. John 7 years ago

    Nothing daft about it at all.Your naive and too scared to tell it how it is.You must be team fergie to delete my comment.Good luck with that.

  40. John 7 years ago

    Fergie didn’t need to retire but he did as he did needed a break from the strain of managing man utd for all the years he did.He will be back and i will remind u about this when he is back.

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      John, if you’re right I will apologise to you but don’t make up daft stories. Right, off to watch the Chelsea game.

  41. J 7 years ago

    Looks like van gaal going to get the job. 3 year contract.

  42. darran 7 years ago

    no way would it be laudrap when at swansea he said he wanted to win every home game and would go for a draw in all aways not much use really

  43. Scuzzle 7 years ago

    Ferguson won’t be back, he’s thankful he retired as champions with the decidedly average squad Moyes inherited, without RVPs goals last season Utd could be in exactly the same league position they are now.
    Man Utd just like every other team now, playing the managerial merry go round.
    Be interesting to see how they perform under Giggs interim management.

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