1. cooldude 4 years ago

    John, I think Hughes will make no mistake just isla

  2. Jakey Boy 4 years ago

    After a great weekend on the football I’ve got a bit of money to spend for the week on the horses and in johnb we trust!!

  3. Gezah 4 years ago

    No we don’t worst tipster I’ve ever had the misfortune to fowwow I used to be rich but now I’m skint

    • theman 4 years ago

      More then likely betting to much. Johnny b actually pretty decent tipster but i generally use him as a guide .If i think he horse is to short a price or i or like some other horse i don’t back it.His tip today looks like a really good nap.It a cheap race and Godolphin horses using try to win .Thee usually a lot shorter price so great value bet spotted by johnnyb today

      here 2 i spotted not as goods as johnnys ones but there worth very small stakes

      miss munty 3.00 brighton 33/1
      DYNAMITE INVENTOR 3.10 Leicester 16/1

  4. boz 4 years ago

    morning guys

    great day yesterday nap won 9/2

    b 6.00 decent fella nap 9/4
    b 4.00 light of asia nb 9/4
    l 4.10 fractal 4/1

    mrs boz has plans today so i am condemmed to

    a day of shopping think of me while you enjoy yourselves.

    good luck everyone

    happy days

  5. boz 4 years ago

    dougie thanks for your nap yesterday doubled it with mine for a nice profit

    good luck

  6. DougieC 4 years ago

    Enjoy Daz,hope this week sees the old thread back,bit of chat,the one liners and of course some winning selections.
    I posted my old “get out of jail” last night W Mullins again 7.45 Roscommon CAPTAIN CAROL,May foal or may fool me

  7. johnb 4 years ago

    Gezah if you used to be rich you shouldnt be skint just following my tips because majority of months i am in profit & when i have had a bad month its only been a small loss
    You either dont back level stakes or you have more bets than just mine

  8. Grand Parader 4 years ago

    NAP: Leicester 2:10 Scoppio Del Carro 9/4
    NB: Brighton 3:30 Dream Approval 12/1 e/w
    IWAC: Huntingdon 4:50 Milan of Hope 18/1 e/w

  9. double carpet 4 years ago

    Morning gents
    2 from me today

    Huntington 4.20 that’s a fact 7/4 nap
    the fact that davy Russell has travelled from Ireland to ride this horse is I believe a tip in itself and I can only see the price shorten

    RoscommOn 5.15 three bells 5/1 nb

    Best of luck to all

  10. DougieC 4 years ago

    DC swany has just mailed me re D Russell ON IT !!! GL

  11. double carpet 4 years ago

    And to u tlo

  12. Hamish75 4 years ago

    Gezah wit wis that for the site is gettin stretched without abuse early morning cud ye no wait ti the racin starts swany n double carpet hav jist given u a free kick dry yer eyes ti t time at least ktf

  13. johnb 4 years ago

    August stats

    75 tips
    18 winners
    24% win rate

    £10 on every horse would cost £750
    Total returns £785.83

    Its my lowest profit yet but its profit considering i was 13 points down at one point this month

  14. raaljaca 4 years ago

    Translate it for him hamish ;);

    Gezah, what was that for? This racing thread is becoming rather barren without any early morning abuse. Would it be possible to wait until the days racing begins? swany and double carpet have posted an excellent tip for one and all. Please refrain from complaining until around 5pm at least. Keep the Faith

    • stagger 4 years ago

      Lol at translation! very good. Often peruse this thread for a read, so much better when there’s humour on it and not arguing :)

    • bigmick 4 years ago

      raal that is great coming from you lol, i remember you telling someone on here about the roadworks in and around princess st and that took a lot of translating between the now and the toon and so forth.lol but i knew what you meant mate

      • raaljaca 4 years ago

        Only one who understands me Mick mate ;)

  15. johnb 4 years ago

    Starting from today monthly stats will be posted every day if i have time

  16. PenguinsJames 4 years ago

    Morning :c)

    Hope everyone is well!

    Penguins are on patrol today; so we’ll all be on our best behaviour, won’t we! :c)

  17. Hamish75 4 years ago

    Fanx raal hud ti cancel ma elecution lessons rab c nesbit is ma tutor he’s ooti it lyin like a burst mattress singin ti mary doll a canny win ktf

  18. Hamish75 4 years ago

    Good morning Penquin James cud u nip roon ti Mrs wallaces hoos n tell her ur feert of the seagulls in Brighton ktf

  19. PenguinsJames 4 years ago

    Not a problem, hamish!

  20. DougieC 4 years ago

    On best behaviour James,nice to see a friendly face.Who is in charge of your team now,you have flipped over here?
    NAP…ABIGAILS ANGEL…5.30..Brighton
    NB….MILLIGAN…5.15 Roscommon and for the greedy among us
    Gl and for the restofthedoubtershawdyerwheest!!

    • PenguinsJames 4 years ago

      They’ll be swimming solo as I’m off until Wednesday! :c)

      Transfer deadline day! I think we’ve seen the biggest deal of the day with Falcao heading to Manchester. Strange one though, no champions league football etc.. Money talks though!

  21. Scuzzle 4 years ago

    I like the look of L’Addition 9/4 in the 3.35 Brighton, think Moore might have a good day, in off a mark of 70 which should be decent as Primrose Valley, the horse L’Addition beat comfortably in it’s maiden has gone on to win twice.
    Big drop in class today and although 6th LTO was running on the side with the slower pace so excuses can be made. Holds a Chevely Park entry and is highly regarded by trainer William Jarvis.

  22. PenguinsJames 4 years ago

    I’ve got a little placepot on the cards too at Leicester

    Here’s hoping! Haha

  23. DougieC 4 years ago

    DC I have done a R/FC Millington/Three Bells

  24. double carpet 4 years ago

    Was just about to say the same dougie
    great minds think alike!!!!

  25. ticketyboo 4 years ago

    Good afternoon racing fans a 11/2 winner yesterday courtesy of AP so I hope for better today.

    4:00 Brighton “LIGHT OF ASIA” 2/1 bet365

    Last run settled in midfield till made a move 3f out going smoothly 2f faded and finished 3rd.race was over 1ml 2f this is 1f shorter so in with a chance.

    3:00 Brighton “RENAISSANT” 5/1 bet365

    Last run was up with leaders throughout started to fade final furlong finished 6th over 7f.Now racing over 1f shorter.

  26. Rookie 4 years ago

    Leicester 16.10 Royal Marskell 6/1

  27. cooldude 4 years ago

    John b, just thought Id point out its the first time Ive seen a horse by Dylan Thomas running over 2m 7f in Huntingdon. Almost Gemini 2.20

  28. Snook 4 years ago

    Are you worried about the money for Classical Flyer John?

  29. DougieC 4 years ago

    Will try those tickety,see boz on Light of Asia.Missed your tip yesterday so wont miss today GL

  30. DougieC 4 years ago

    Would be nice to hear from DeAndre with all that brain power and get abbas out of the fryer!!

  31. ticketyboo 4 years ago

    yea dougie everybody seems to have gone underground think probably DeAndre will be working. Done your’s boz and dc’s naps so good luck.

  32. DougieC 4 years ago

    Just Isla not the easiest of rides even for that jockey and united your phone needs a grammar update!!

  33. Napper valley 4 years ago

    Loons like some good tips today.

    Nap 16.30 long view 6/5
    Moore up for the first time today and I elect it’s first win.

    Skinny price I know but think its good for the win.

    I’ll also be on DCs pick and Dougies GOOJ. All short but I like them.


  34. DougieC 4 years ago

    Posting on wrong thread srry 4/1 Tickety for Renaissant Well done mate and 8/1 swany Saddlers deals Thanks

  35. barry67 4 years ago

    Great stuff tickety on ur double also cheers

  36. double carpet 4 years ago

    Well done tickety

  37. Dave 4 years ago

    Thanks tickety

  38. cooldude 4 years ago

    United if you dont like Johns tips go to another site. Your bang out of order to come on here and slate John b. Were just awaiting you to be banned from the site.

  39. johnb 4 years ago

    United i actually prefer Racing Analyst not tipster
    I study the form & look at many more aspects than some others do
    I did say previously that i dont backmy tips because my situation was that i couldnt afford to but as my circumstances have changed i do back my tips now, i dont talk figures but i will continue to make profits

    I am sure everyone on here can decide for themselves & good luck to you whoever you follow :)

  40. WN 4 years ago

    Great stuff there Tickety, managed to get on at 4/1. Ended up about 5/2 I think.

  41. double carpet 4 years ago

    Omg Davy Russell won the 2.50 at 8/1 aswell didn’t think he would so left it but hopefully it bodes well for my nap

  42. cooldude 4 years ago

    Double carpet Im still in shock that he lost his position as number 1 retained jockey for Gigginstown. I know how good Cooper is as a jockey but when its comes to the final furlong of a race Russell for me all day long

  43. WN 4 years ago

    Okay Dougie, wish he posted it here though.

  44. double carpet 4 years ago

    Sick just sick

  45. DougieC 4 years ago

    WN when he comes back from St Andrews later Ill ask his permission. He did tell me Sat Hugo Palmer to win first group race which he did and I posted his selection.I don’t think there was a great deal of confidence behind,Saddlers Deal DC highlited his other runner so fingers crossed.

  46. DougieC 4 years ago

    Before I forget Grand Parader Scoppio De Carro Good win and nice place and unlucky with Dream approval.Milan of Hope must be worth 10 bob Keep them coming

  47. DougieC 4 years ago

    Srry Milan of Hope N/R so top billing then

  48. DougieC 4 years ago

    That’s the shopping paid for BOZ some pick FRACTAL took 7/2

    • 1plus2 4 years ago

      Some top tippers on here lads well done 1 and all.

      Just a pity my faith in racing is at a low ebb and choosing not to do the nags at the minute but great work by the lads on here.

    • boz 4 years ago

      dougie need a couple of 33/1 pay for mrs boz shopping

  49. WN 4 years ago

    Fractal was a good spot Boz, hope your Nap comes in later.

  50. Kev 4 years ago

    Was gonna say the same dougsie!

  51. Dandy 4 years ago

    Really fancy Johnb NB True Course, should run a lot better today than previous. Watched the NAP race earlier, very unlucky and the winner ran a great race. Keep up the good work Johnb, really enjoy your tips.

  52. double carpet 4 years ago

    Nice one boz well done mate

  53. WN 4 years ago

    Double Carpet your a good man and thats a fact! haha, cheers , and dougies comments added confidence to the selection. Nice one fellas.

  54. Napper valley 4 years ago

    Nice one DC. Great selection. Always like an easy win line that.

  55. DougieC 4 years ago

    Nice one DC now try and stay Coldstonesober?

  56. Kev 4 years ago

    Well done with that’s a fact dc! And swany, wherever I are :)

  57. 1plus2 4 years ago

    OK going to do my 1st bet on the nags for a wee while since I see all positives on here 2 day so johmb’s nap it is hopefully I have not jinxed it. gl all.

  58. double carpet 4 years ago

    First one I’ve ever done but think it deserves it

  59. DougieC 4 years ago

    And another Well done NAPPER impressive!! thanks

  60. raaljaca 4 years ago

    Love you swany ;)

  61. raaljaca 4 years ago

    And dc love you too :)

  62. Scuzzle 4 years ago

    Well done guys with That’s a Fact, I read Double Carpets post and liked the reasoning then when DougieC / Swany backed it up that was good enough for me. Wish I’d noticed the other Davie Russell ride as that would have been a nice double.

  63. double carpet 4 years ago

    Glad we all made a few quid off that one wish they were all that easy!!

  64. jimba 4 years ago

    Double carpet, fine tip m8, thank u!!

  65. Maverick 4 years ago

    Cheers DC

  66. double carpet 4 years ago

    Will try stay sober until about 5.17 which is approx when three bells should have passed the winning post 1st and if he does I defiantly won’t be stonecoldsober

  67. 1plus2 4 years ago

    DC you should get a nice shag pile avatar to stand out like the rest of the top tippers do ;-)

  68. barry67 4 years ago

    DC ,Boz brilliant tipping been off the thread a few days great stuff today profitwise

  69. cooldude 4 years ago

    Boz. got me out of a hole. cheers

  70. boz 4 years ago

    hi guys
    my shopping nightmare is over

    cheers for the shouts nice price for as well for FRACTAL
    11/4 I took the 4/1 this morn PROFIT

    just need the nap now
    happy days

  71. double carpet 4 years ago

    Maybe I will 1 plus 2

  72. boz 4 years ago

    Well done TICKETY DC nice winners

    waiting for dougies two now good luck mate

    very happy days

  73. cooldude 4 years ago


  74. ticketyboo 4 years ago

    Hya guys well done boz, dc,swany,and any other winning tipsters. Sorry about that fav guys hope the 1 winner was enough.

  75. boz 4 years ago

    raal cheers mate miss your tips bring it on

  76. DougieC 4 years ago

    DC don’t forget when its running then use the money wisely,another few bob from Top Billing so Im under pressure now with all you guys posting great tips

  77. raaljaca 4 years ago

    Great tipping boz you old rascal :)

  78. cooldude 4 years ago

    DC great stuff cannot believe didnt back Russel today at 8/1

  79. Kyle 4 years ago

    Leicester-5.10 BIOTIC 4/1

  80. double carpet 4 years ago

    Well done again boz
    hope the shopping wasn’t too costly
    on your nap

  81. double carpet 4 years ago

    I’m sick over it but at least the other one won

  82. double carpet 4 years ago

    Excellent stuff dougie

  83. Duncan Poundcake 4 years ago

    Unlucky dougie

  84. ticketyboo 4 years ago

    Hya dougie no luck there mate!!!!!

  85. boz 4 years ago

    dougie nice one mate

  86. johnb 4 years ago

    Tuesdays Tips

    Flash Fire 3/1 NB ladbrokes betvictor

    Statutory 4/1 NAP bet365

    Meritocracy 6/1 hills

    After the first day of september
    2 point loss

    Good luck everyone

  87. jim burnside 4 years ago

    How did boz nap go jst in frm work.

    • boz 4 years ago

      no good jim but still profit on the day thats the main thing

      well done everyone picking winners today

  88. Hamish75 4 years ago

    Tickety swany mr smurfman boz grand parader top tipping winners galore dn russels penalty kick hope av no missed anyone a doff ma cap to all n johnb a tad unlucky ktf

  89. Napper valley 4 years ago

    Not a tip but I’ll highlight a gamble on fruits of glory in the last at Riscommon.
    50/1 into 8/1

    GL if any one gets on .

  90. Rookie 4 years ago

    Still confident on the mullins get out of jail dougie?
    Thanks dougie/swany/boz/ DC/tickety. Excellent stuff!
    Im not worthy!

  91. Napper valley 4 years ago

    I should say that I’m already in dougies pick so I’m screwed if the gamble is real. Anyhow just something I thought worth pointing out.

  92. DougieC 4 years ago

    rookie..in for a penny and Im on Colstonesober 6/1 EW 7.15 too

  93. Rookie 4 years ago

    I thought so dougie! With your tipping style to DC! Already backed magical moon so yours is hopefully a saver at least!

  94. DougieC 4 years ago

    never tried a leg

  95. Jeanmax36 4 years ago

    Great btts raal got on at half time at 12/5 nice one

  96. Napper valley 4 years ago

    Getting them up early as I’m busy all tomorrow. Sadly all are SP so can’t advice prices but I’ll be on and I don’t expect any to be as short as today.

    Great day again on the thread. Seems to be back in shape.

    3 for me are:

    Nap Goodwood 2.55- Too the stars

    NB Hamilton 3.50- potente embrace

    NB Carlisle 3.40- whispering Star
    You might look at this and think WTF but I actually really like its chances here.

    2pt staked on all bets.

    GL all

  97. Rookie 4 years ago

    Ahh bugger. Good job theres mullins to come!
    Its been a strange meet at roscommon-some big priced winners!

  98. Rookie 4 years ago

    Oh poop

  99. double carpet 4 years ago

    Very enjoyable and profitable day here today with lots of genuine support for each other which is the way it should be
    lets keep it going guys

  100. jim burnside 4 years ago

    Its looking like everyone is starting to pull together on here agen HAPPY DAYS.

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