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IT wasn't the best of Saturdays but I expected it to be tough and it looks like I'll lose two points.

My goals treble was a Forest Green strike away from winning but anyone on could have cashed out for around 75 per cent while my moneyback fivefold will return the stake if Coventry win at lunchtime on Sunday.

There were a few winners so well done to everyone who beat the bookies.

And well done to admin for exposing shortee as a fraud who steals then sells tips – spread the word and stop him cashing in. “Your health is your health” was his favourite saying but I don't think he'll be feeling too clever today. Anyone with queries about this should contact admin.

There are another nine Euro 2020 qualifiers today including Scotland v San Marino. I've posted a preview featuring Scotland's Group I and my other tips will be reasoned there.

My San Marino +6 Super Single was posted on Friday – I'd be surprised if Scotland netted more than five. In fact I'd go for 3-0 or 4-0 to the Scots who don't have much top and may start Lawrence Shankland of Dundee United.

I've added another by taking on-fire Robert Lewandowski to follow his hat-trick against Latvia by scoring first when North Macedonia visit Poland.

Remember to check out welovebetting for their video tips and chat.

3pts Super Single

  • San Marino +6 (5pm, Sunday)
  • (5-6, Betway)

2pts Super Single

  • Lewandowski to score first
  • (5-2, Marathonbet)

2pts Top Treble

  • Russia (5pm)
  • Poland
  • Croatia +1
  • (14-5, Coral)

Mr Fixit's October Super Singles Total: -1.1pts

Mr Fixit's October Advised Accas Total: -7.7pts

  1. 10 months ago

    Mr f i was one of his victims i canae believe this. Can someone tell me do i have a leg to stand on if i contact the police? Is this classed as fraud? I am waiting till the afternoon to see my uncle as he used to be a police officer then i am reporting him. Thanks whoever has duscovered this scam.

    • sean567 10 months ago

      Kevin if your one of the people who’s been paying for his tips then I don’t think there’s anything you can do. I think It’s the people whose tips he’s been ripping off that can do something, as he’s been ahem “misusing” their intellectual property.

    • 10 months ago

      Thanks for thar sean i have already contacted the police i am waiting for them to call back this afternoon. It was only €330 he got off me i know someone who payed almost €2000. Hopefully the police will investigate and if they cant do him for this chances are he has been commiting other crimes so they hopefully get him for something

    • sean567 10 months ago

      Good luck mate I hope you get a successful outcome

    • 10 months ago

      Thanks sean fingers crossed.

      Mr fixit is their a way to contact you privatly please?

    • Mr Fixit 10 months ago

      You can contact admin using the address on the home page.

    • maccathered 10 months ago

      Just bear in mind Kevin anyone who charges for tips are not worth bothering with,real tipsters don’t charge mate ,only the scammers.

    • eddie o 10 months ago

      Dirty low life SNAKE.
      What he has done is bad enough,but recently he was looking for sympathy for an ill relative,makes you wonder how low people will stoop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 10 months ago

      Yes i know macca i do feel foolish for falling for it he did put alot of pressure on ne phoning me and emailing me to pay money. I am classed as a vunerable adult and he knew this and took advantage of me i wont say anything else on here as i need to wait till i speak to the police

    • michu in de gea ba 10 months ago

      I think the boxing tipster is legitimate.

      Anyway, I hadn’t realised that the various posts were all about shortee. Bloody hellfire what a total c*ckwomble. That’s really out of order.

      I’m a lawyer by day. I’m trying to think through what claims there might be. There may be claims by affected punters for fraudulent misrep if he was dishonestly misrepresenting the position (assuming he caused a loss). Ditto I can see the basis of a claim based on misappropriation of copyright (not sure who owns the copyright on the tips on this site and that would need considering).

      Bottom line, those affected should take legal advice.

      I hope noone has lost much money.

    • 10 months ago

      A guy called Mike Postle has just been caught cheating at (with) a poker stream, he took 300k and used the same excuse of an ill relative.
      A guy dying of cancer wish was too play with him, he laughed as he took his money. Worthless scum.

  2. tungsten 10 months ago

    Just remember one thing guys *YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR WEALTH*… mug

    • boabee8867 10 months ago

      you have to remember, whether a person pays for tips, follows a tipster, etc, its ultimately down to the ability of the teams/boxers etc to perform on the day that determines whether you are successful with your bets. its not the ability of the guy who makes the selection that determines the outcome…

  3. HullShaker 10 months ago

    Red Bull Bragantino got the job done but no away goal for the NB!


    (4/6, bet365) NAP ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ✅

    BTTS & OVER 2.5 MGS
    (21/10, bet365) NB ⭐⭐ 👎

    Well done all winners 👍

    • red_ryan 10 months ago

      good work hulster! i was on this but did wonder if had gone all wrong with the sending offs. great work dude!

      you on anything else today ?

      Greg are you on anything today ? i thought id best ask on here before you block me on twitter :D

    • HullShaker 10 months ago

      Afternoon Ryan – cheers – yeah, saw the two early reds and feared the worst so pleased with the return even if not the biggest price inthe world! Just posted below for today’s picks 👍

  4. jay fur 10 months ago

    Perth glory v Brisbane roar

    Even though it’s the first game of the new season for these teams this match has the potential to be a cracking end to end match with 2 very attacking teams. Historically this match up has seen goals with 8/8 seeing over 2.5 and 7/8 seeing over 3.5!
    I fancy Perth to edge it but the roar should contributed too.

    Btts and overs 1/1
    Over 3.5 mgs 6/4
    Over 4.5 mgs 10/3
    Btts in the first half 16/5
    Btts in both halves 10/1

    Good luck

  5. bene-stevo 10 months ago

    Bet365 bet builder (scotland game)

    Under 7 goals
    Lawrence Shankland to score anytime

    Under 6 goals
    Lawrence Shankland to score 2 or more
    Scotland over 9 corners

    And singles of Shankland to score 3 at 4/1 & fgs 3/1

    Scotland rugby

    Scotland -6 handicap 6/5
    Scotland to score 2 tries in each half 4/1
    Seymour & Graham to score a try 11/2

  6. jimba 10 months ago

    Mrf or anyone do you think Shankland 💥will start? Ireland 🇮🇪 should have started Connelly yesterday was on 10 mins & should have scored at least once, surely he will start against Switzerland on Tuesday 🤔

    • Mr Fixit 10 months ago

      Pretty sure Shankland will start – we haven’t got anyone else – and I’ve tipped him to score first on my preview even if price is rubbish.

  7. maccathered 10 months ago

    Wales v Croatia
    Over 2.5 goals at 5/4*****(NAP)
    Over 3.5 goals at 3/1
    Best of luck

    • 10 months ago

      Will follow your nap

  8. michu in de gea ba 10 months ago

    Disagree there macca. I follow a boxing tipster who is excellent. 15 quid a month well spent. I agree you have to be careful though.

  9. dc john boy 10 months ago

    Morning lads, no luck yesterday with my bets. 2 games this morning that gains see goals

    Kashima antlers

    Over 2.5mgs 6/4
    Over 3.5mgs 11/2

    Also single on Volendam over 3.5mgs 11/10

    Good luck

    • dc john boy 10 months ago

      Lost….poor again

      On a bad run at moment

  10. newts68 10 months ago

    Two games of women’s football about to kick off and both should see plenty of goals
    Slavan Bratislava v Zilina over 4.5mgs
    Vorderland v Neleungbach over 3.5mgs
    Double pays 2/1

    • heisenberg 10 months ago

      Top man cash out with good profit amigo 👍😉

  11. oneoff 10 months ago

    So does this mean the lads that were giving short ase stick shouldn’t of been banned?

    • GigiKenzo 10 months ago

      Looks like those lads where a step ahead of us all as to who he really is. Getting so much stick from folks wasn’t going to be for nothing. Disgusting

  12. alex_mufc83 10 months ago

    rather shocked by the sheer cheek of it all, disgusting really. some people have no morals. well done to the admin team for gathering the evidence and outing him.

  13. wasclueless 10 months ago

    Excelsior Win & BTTS 13/10 – 3/4 stake
    Hopefully be goals as SBV play Dordrecht. Last 3 home games have seen this outcome and the same for the away sides last 2 games. GL all (apart from that tosser Shortee) today!

    • wasclueless 10 months ago

      Brazil v Nigeria BTTS 11/8 – quarter stake
      Personally think this is a little overpriced – ok it is a friendly in Singapore but Brazil have not won a game since the Copa America and if Senagal can score against them then so can Nigeria.

  14. cockerspaniel 10 months ago

    Going for bookings in the Brazil v Nigeria match
    20 + booking points in the match 1/1
    30 + booking points in the match 11/4
    Got to be worth a small punt

  15. alex_mufc83 10 months ago

    no luck yesterday as Estoril failed to score for the NAP.

    a few games I have shorteelisted for goals-potential; two from the Dutch Jupiler league, and one from the Polish second tier, on the following Overs treble;

    Volendam v Den Bosch (11.15)
    Excelsior v Dordrecht (13.30)
    Olimpia Elblag v Gornik Leczna (12.05)

    All 3 games Over 2.5 MGls
    2 POINTS

    Best of luck if you follow.

  16. maccathered 10 months ago

    Absolutely not michu,no decent tipster would charge for tips,you can bet your life that tipsters charging are doing just what that tw*t did.

  17. Christie78 10 months ago

    Sorry playing catch up here what did this shortee dude do

    • alex_mufc83 10 months ago

      click on the link in Mr F’s write up, that will explain all

  18. Christie78 10 months ago

    And has anyone one guy it Japan v Scotland tips please

    • razzler88 10 months ago

      Scotland should win will be tight safest bet won be just straight win @1.66 on Betway
      Also if your quick will bill have Scots to win by 8 or more @4s(3/1) bit of a side bet … think it will be close with home advantage but Scottish should do it … good luck

  19. Christie78 10 months ago

    Cheers mate

  20. alex_mufc83 10 months ago

    yeah it’s beyond all of us why your comments get deleted Daz, a real mystery ??????????

    • GigiKenzo 10 months ago


    • oneoff 10 months ago


    • heisenberg 10 months ago

      Brazil aye all those Gremio tips posted with large sums attached to them when we were just about to hit the hay at night always had me wondering about the fraud.

      It takes the real men courage in my opinion to take the time and study etc and then post tips on here as alot of us have to work to damn hard for us to part with our pennies on bets. Good riddance and enjoy your jail sentence RAT.

  21. newts68 10 months ago

    Two games of women’s football about to kick off and both should see plenty of goals
    Slavan Bratislava v Zilina over 4.5mgs
    54 mins 5-0✅
    Vorderland v Neleungbach over 3.5mgs
    H-t 1-3,✅
    Double pays 2/1
    Good start to the day

    • Karmah 10 months ago

      Nice one

  22. GigiKenzo 10 months ago

    Onto betting. Staying in and around the Internationals

    Over 1.5mgs

    BTTS Double

    Poland o1.5tgs
    Hungary o1.5tgs
    Scotland U5.5tgs

  23. acsafc 10 months ago

    What’s this about Shortee?

  24. sean567 10 months ago

    Sunday’s goals tips
    Euro 2020 team goals
    Over 1.5
    39/20 bet 365

    Poland o1.5tgs
    Germany o3.5tgs
    8/5 bet 365

    No joy in oz this morning, Wellington Phoenix goal short for the btts double and a goal short in Perth for the betbuilder. As I said Friday, play it cautious just now till at least week 3.

    • sean567 10 months ago

      Other tips
      Belgium over 7.5 team corners 11/10 bet 365 NAP
      Belgium have racked up 76 corners in 7 games so far and no matter which side they put out they continue to pour forward and rack up goals and corners. I can see more of the same today. They’ve only failed to cover this line once- notching up 8-4-13-14-12-8-17.

      Asian h/c line
      Belgium -2
      Holland -2
      Germany -2
      Poland -1
      13-2 bet 365

  25. andymac1980 10 months ago

    Just caught up on the feed and other report. What an absolute scumbag and brazen/daft enough to copy and paste like that! Hope he gets all that’s coming to him! Saw a video on FB shared by a Joey Doherty where a guy has exposed him in a full video. Worth a watch.
    Well done all for exposing!

    • michu in de gea ba 10 months ago

      Andy, I confess that I copied your tip yesterday for a post to be hit in this wales game and halfpenny has duly obliged.

      Thanks dude. I owe you a beer!

    • andymac1980 10 months ago

      No probs pal. As long as you didn’t charge for it 😉

    • michu in de gea ba 10 months ago

      Only a couple of million lira but my legions of fans won’t mind.

      Trying to find it for the sweats game but can’t see it

    • andymac1980 10 months ago

      You were doing so well until that sweats comment……

    • michu in de gea ba 10 months ago

      Ha ha. Bit of auld enemy banter.

      Enjoy the game. Great game for a neutral. Hope you’ve got fingernails left in about 90 minutes

  26. Gibby12 10 months ago

    Scotland v Japan. The game that looked like it wouldn’t happen. After Scotland’s comments and anger, I expect them to come out with a quick start. Japan will have most of the crowd. When they beat Ireland, the Irish were shell shocked. Scotland will be prepared and they know everything is on the line. I do think Scotland will win and qualify. If they play there rugby and get Graham and Hogg involved a lot they’ll have a big impact.
    Scotland -6 6-5 (NAP)
    A successful drop goal in the match 9-2 (skybet)
    Darcy Graham to score a try anytime and Scotland to win 11-5

  27. bradgate3516 10 months ago

    My grandfather once told me no one is your friend or your enemy use the brains god gave you anyway today 10 POINTS Maximum north Macedonia to score big risk but they have been good to me goodluck everyone

    • GregBrowning 10 months ago

      Looks a very decent shout mate- they have been in terrific form scoring form

  28. Christie78 10 months ago

    Following on from mr f’s handicap tips this morning I’m gonna add a couple more makes sense to me well done to all the folks who run this website and to them who contribute for dealing with that tube shortee absolute waste of oxygen these games -1 a tenner is getting 370quid back on Ladbrokes boosted

  29. Christie78 10 months ago

    Cheers Gibby that will do me

  30. andymac1980 10 months ago

    Back to betting matters……

    RWC – Japan v Scotland
    To quote Scotland legend Jim Telfer on the 97 Lions Tour, “this is your Everest boys!”
    After all the talk of this crucial game being cancelled by typhoon “Haggis” (Hagibis) it now goes ahead as planned today and we simply have to win! Scotland need to win by 8 points and not concede four try’s to ensure Japan do not pick up a bonus point. Do that and we qualify for the Quarter Finals. Our reward for that? Playing the All Blacks in the next round but it’s worth it. Bookies have the handicaps set close at -3 best priced @ 11/10 with Bet365 and that’s a steal in my opinion. I can’t see any other result that Scotland winning by more than the required 8 points. Scotland -7 therefore @ 5/4 with Ladbrokes and Coral is safe for me and -8 @ 7/4 with Coral worth it also.
    For value I’ll be looking at try scorers and man of the match markets. Greig Laidlaw is our Captain today and should have been all tournament. His control and kicking will be key to the game and I can see him excelling of not also scoring:
    Scotland -3 @ 11/10 with Bet365
    Scotland to score the first try and win @ evens with PP
    Greig Laidlaw man of the match @ 12/1 with PP

    Greig Laidlaw to score a try in 80mins @ 5/1
    Fraser Brown first try scorer @ 18/1
    Both with Paddy Power

    C’MON SCOTLAND 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    • nb89 10 months ago

      Laidlaw anytime is 9/1 at William Hill

    • andymac1980 10 months ago

      Good spot nb89.
      Forgot to add above – a drop goal @ 9/4 with PP

    • heisenberg 10 months ago

      Great Start C’MON 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  31. acsafc 10 months ago

    Daz1981 you’re clearly an unhinged individual. If you went into a mental asylum and somebody was telling you a story about another patient you wouldn’t believe then would you.
    Think it says more about you than the members on here

  32. HullShaker 10 months ago

    Morning gents,

    Two bets that could be worth a look this evening:

    Best of luck with all bets!

  33. buzzer 10 months ago

    why would you pay for something that is not going to guarantee you a return sure these people may claim to be pro tipsters but by no stretch of the imagination can they be right 100% if you pay to follow a tipster you are still taking a chance that their tip could lose as well as win an old saying goes a fool and his money are easily parted and paying someone off of a chance that they can guaranteed return in a game as unpredictable as sports betting isn’t very intelligent if you ask me

  34. craneguy 10 months ago

    shortee free zone gallus…………….

    scotland u5.5mgs 4/5
    u4.5mgs 13/8
    scotland u3.5tgs 12/5


  35. buzzer 10 months ago

    can we ban Daz aswell please he’s a petulant and very dimwitted individual

  36. 10 months ago

    Buzzer there is no need to think your cleverer than people saying that. I have learning difficuties so i guess i am vunerable to people like the conman dean. Please climb out of your own backside and realise there are all sorts of different people in this world.(I had to get a family member to write these posts as i struggle with writing and typing)

  37. Christie78 10 months ago

    What a game already

    • michu in de gea ba 10 months ago

      Good game this. Gonna be tight

  38. richardh 10 months ago

    Please get rid of Daz1981. If I want crap useless abusive posts, I will go to Facebook, this is a betting forum for grown ups. Let’s keep it that way. I won’t be responding to any abusive replies cause that’s what people do on Facebook.

  39. buzzer 10 months ago

    if Japan were good enough to beat Ireland they are more than capable of beating Scotland

    • GregBrowning 10 months ago

      Buzzer see my post below mate?

  40. leroy 10 months ago

    Wow, all this stuff to do with Shortee… I suppose I’ve dipped in and out a lot in the past year so I may well have missed a lot of context and goings on, but I can’t say I had any idea about all of this nonsense. Taken me by complete surprise; I feel a bit of a fool for always being friendly with the lad!

    Ah well, good riddance.

    || Full Stake ||

    Slovenia v Austria

    BTTS @ 87/100 (Various)

    Good luck all.

  41. GregBrowning 10 months ago

    Afternoon rugby experts

    Japan 14-7 Scotland 33 mins

    Japan are 4/6 to win?

    I’ve backed it but keen to understand why they are such a big price especially as they are in top and have a lead

    • Mr Fixit 10 months ago

      For Japan too qualify they can lose by 7 points – maybe that’s why.

  42. Gibby12 10 months ago

    Wow speechless after that first half. Scotland bottling yet again. Schoolboy defending and errors in the scrum.

    • andymac1980 10 months ago

      Gibby – Ref has been excellent so far apart from the scrums which have been over reffed to the point we can’t even engage. Killed any momentum we’ve had and allowed them back in. They’ve taken their chances well but we can still win this.

    • Gibby12 10 months ago

      There’s no winning this. Scotland haven’t showed up and the score line is a perfect reflection of this match. Well done Japan

    • Gibby12 10 months ago

      I’ll eat my words! COME ON SCOTLAND

  43. Christie78 10 months ago

    This is pure Scottish madness I can’t take much more

  44. Nathan 10 months ago

    NFL 6pm games….

    3 selections here and I’ll post reasoning when I have time in a little while…

    NAP stake

    Seattle Seahawks Moneyline (to win)
    10/11 Bet365

    NAP stake

    Matt Ryan to throw 314.5+ passing yards (Atlanta Falcons)

    NB stake…

    Chris Carson to have 100+ rushing yards and to score a TD (Seattle Seahawks)
    9/4 skybet

    • Nathan 10 months ago

      Sorry Atlanta game is 9:05pm tonight, too busy rushing to post!

    • Nathan 10 months ago

      I’ll also have selections on later games with my picks

      BOL all today!

    • oneoff 10 months ago

      On the nap good luck

    • ChrisBax 10 months ago

      Seahawks game was definitely squeaky bum time up to the end of Q4, but got the result. Thanks Nathan :)

  45. buzzer 10 months ago

    Well done japan they fought like warriors at least the red rose is still in the touney

  46. andymac1980 10 months ago

    Absolutely gutted but nothing else to say apart from well done Japan! All bets down.

    • Mr Fixit 10 months ago

      Japan looked really good but Scotland made it too easy for them in the first half.

    • andymac1980 10 months ago

      Our biggest problem. We keep giving away early points and chasing games against better sides. Good fight back but the better team won on the day.

  47. heisenberg 10 months ago

    The hosts Japan are a very good side they also beat the number ranked side so no fluke they could make it through to the final.
    Just looked and they are 33/1 to win the tournament or you can get 3rd for them to make final with 365.
    If they can defeat the Springboks next week which in a one of could happen that’s a no bad price in my opinion.

    • Mr Fixit 10 months ago

      Winning it is a huge leap but they have a chance next week.

    • heisenberg 10 months ago

      11/1 for on form host to make the final looks a good price was the main point cannot see past the All Blacks winning it myself.

    • Alves 10 months ago

      ABE 😂

    • andymac1980 10 months ago

      Japan are good but they won’t beat South Africa. They will score a try at least though.

  48. wasclueless 10 months ago

    Brazil v Nigeria BTTS 11/8 WON :) :)
    was overpriced!

  49. heisenberg 10 months ago

    Anytime goal scorers

    De Jong
    1st goal Lewandowski
    2 goals or more Shankland


    GL all

  50. sasaharv62 10 months ago

    Anyone on Scotland/San Marino BTTS?
    Got 7/1 yesterday,its down to 18/5.
    Small stakes obviously,but why not lol

  51. BlavikenButcher 10 months ago

    Shocked about shortee, always someone who interacted with me on here, to find out he is a thieving clown makes me sick. Hope he gets what he deserves 👊

    Back to betting, was not even close yesterday with my punts 👎
    Today’s pick kicks off in ten mins from Belgium


    O1.5 1st Half Goals
    13/8, bet 365

    • maccathered 10 months ago

      We new what he was,he wants a good kicking,making out his relative was ill,attention seeking tw*t he was.

  52. oneoff 10 months ago

    Wow sorry if i offended anyone was only a bit of banter unreal

    • sasaharv62 10 months ago

      Oneoff,dont worry about it.some folk cannae take banter on here.

    • Mr Fixit 10 months ago

      Wrong time, wrong place. If you want to slag Scotland don’t do it on a site based in Scotland with predominantly Scottish contributors monents after a World Cup exit.

    • oneoff 10 months ago

      I wasn’t slagging Scotland off, but OK timing of comment was a bit early after the game.But still only light hearted banter.Point taken this is a Scottish site.

    • buzzer 10 months ago

      England 4/1 to win the rugby world cup…. Swing low sweet chariot lol

      in all fairness i feel sorry for the Scottish fans they paid at least over 2k to get out there and hotels + match tickets and didn’t even know if it would take place due to typhoon haibis / haggis and sadly they only lost by 7 points if they had started the game like they played the second half they would have been through

    • Mr Fixit 10 months ago

      I feel sorry for the English fans who expect to win it.
      At least Scotland fans know we’re rubbish.

    • oneoff 10 months ago

      I totally mis read the game buzzer i thought it would be alot tighter and went for under 45pts

    • buzzer 10 months ago

      Ha ha i jest ….. we don’t expect to win it Mr F we know its the kiwis to lose but we should make the semis at least

    • Mr Fixit 10 months ago

      A couple of my mates are English and they expect to win everything – except maybe the curling.

    • buzzer 10 months ago

      must be something in the water I don’t know where your friends are located … but I’m a Londoner were born cocky but mean well

  53. aarron19888 10 months ago

    belguim 4 plus tgls 13/5 ladbrokes

  54. wasclueless 10 months ago

    Excelsior Win & BTTS 13/10 WON :) :) :)
    3-2 in the end

    • 10 months ago

      Your at it again……. Winning thay is,well done👋

  55. Alves 10 months ago

    No much value to be had in the Scotland game, worst bet gotta be Shankland, who’s only played in the lower leagues and making his debut, 1/9 wi Skybet to score 😂.
    Scotland should score at least twice and corners seem to be a gimme aswell and can see Faroes getting at least 2. Cards could be shown for both teams if it’s a tight game.

    Over 1.5 gls, 9+ corners & 30+ BP’s 11/10 NAP

    Longshots –
    San Marino 3+ corners 6/1
    San Marino to score & 20+ Scotland BP’s 40/1

    • GregBrowning 10 months ago

      Alves, looks a cracking shout mate

      BB was the route I was going to go down to include corners and cars to try and get some value

    • flandroy 10 months ago

      san marno have not had 3+ corners in last 28 international games with the game vs andorra. gl anyway

    • duncanpoundcake 10 months ago


    • Alves 10 months ago

      Brutal when Scotland are prices like 1/100 Greg, was tempted to fire the Dutch game on but can’t no watch Scotland even if we are pish. About the only game we’ll win in the next yr

      Flandroy, no expecting it to come in but it has a chance at a decent price, it is Scotland after all but this team should’ve started v Russia. Seen treble corners loads of times, maybe no at internationals but deflected shots etc all count.

      Cheers dunc but money in Skybet account, 11/4 for 2 aswell wi 365

  56. cockerspaniel 10 months ago

    Brazil v Nigeria
    20 + booking points 1/1 WON
    30 + booking points 11/4 LOST
    1 Up 1 down . No damage done

  57. azzthewigan 10 months ago

    euros ..all over 1.5 goals acca

  58. acsafc 10 months ago

    Huge difference in penalty to be awarded odds from Skybet to William Hill
    Scotland game to have a pen 1/2 on Skybet William Hill 7/4
    Holland game to have a pen on Skybet is 11/10 and 3/1 on William Hill
    On both and as double 10/1
    Scotland -4.5 Evena William Hill
    Scotland game to have an own goal 7/2 Skybet

  59. harleec7 10 months ago

    Quick NFL double.

    Saints -3 vs Jaguars

    Arguably the most complete team in the NFC. The fact they’re underdogs in this game is puzzling had Drew Brees been in the line up I think the line would be very different but Bridgewater has been nothing short of magnificent on a very strong well rounded team that doesn’t need Bridgewater to carry it. I like Minshew for the Jags but this is game where they will be out coached and outmatched offensively.

    Cowboys -7 vs Jets

    Not sure if the bookies expect the Jets to put up a fight with Darnold back but this team was a flunking with him and even worse without him. This is the kind of rebound game Dak needs to solidify his contract extension after an upsetting loss to the packers at home last week. Look for the cowboys to absolutely throttle a team in discontent.

    Double on 365 pays at 4.01/1

  60. wasclueless 10 months ago

    Scotland < 7 TGS over 8 team corners, Most Goals 2nd Half 2/1 – quarter stake

    • wasclueless 10 months ago

      no joy there unless San Marino contribute in the 2nd half lol

  61. Alves 10 months ago

    Get Shortee in the record Paul, Saturday probably most popular day with punters.

    • Alves 10 months ago

      Obviously double post WC, no pinching yer tips 😂

      Shortee/DS for the Record this Saturday Paul??

    • Mr Fixit 10 months ago

      He’s got nothing to do with the paper so I won’t be featuring him.

  62. goalden oldie 10 months ago

    both teams to score + over 2.5 goals
    everton de vina v colo colo
    bet365 6/4

  63. sean567 10 months ago

    No joy with the Belgian corners. Didn’t get out of first gear the whole game 👎🏻

    Betbuilder the only value I can see in Scotland game. Picked this out earlier will post now it’s confirmed he starts;

    Shankland anytime
    Under 12 Scotland corners
    Over 1 card
    4+ Scotland goals
    3/1 bet 365

    Real value to be found in corners I think, Scotland not playing with 2 wingers yet line is set 12 both for match and team. I’m really not sure a Scotland team flying could rack up 12/13 nevermind one with Fragile confidence and playing in front of a ghost stadium. I’m not a fan of unders but it could be the way to go.

    • sean567 10 months ago

      Called the corners horribly wrong 🙈🙈

  64. Scooter80 10 months ago

    Afternoon guys

    First time posting tips.

    Cyprus v Russia
    Russia Win
    Belarus v Netherlands
    Over 2.5 goals
    Pays 2.42/1 with Skybet.

    Wales v Croatia
    Away win 13/10 again with Skybet.

  65. nutbutt 10 months ago

    Over 2 Scotland goals
    Under 7 total goals
    Over 7 Scotland corners
    Over 1 card

  66. bullseye 10 months ago

    Regarding the whole Shortee thing, being a bit of a corner nut my spidey senses were telling me something was fishey when he started tipping total match corners in Swedish and Norwegian cup games featuring 2nd and 3rd division teams. I mean typically on any one of those cup cards there could’ve been anywhere up to 20 matches so to run through them all, as well as all the other games from other countries for that day would be extremely time consuming. In hindsight its probably easy to spot the stolen tips now; they were always at evens or thereabouts accompanied with bullet point stats where his were basic 1.5 MG trebles accompanied with terrible write ups or some crap pertaining to Gremio. Anyway good riddance – if he had any sense he’d use some of that money to sort his hairline out, geezer looks like Sloth from the Goonies 🤣

    Euro 2020 Qualifying 17:00
    Scotland vs San Marino – over 6.0 first half Asian corners

    Mexico Cup 18:00
    Potros UAEM vs Unam Pumas – Unam Pumas to win either half
    Potros UAEM vs Unam Pumas – over 4.0 first half Asian corners

    Treble 4.25/1 Bet365 **NAP**

    Good luck all

  67. danger ranger 10 months ago

    Croatia win

    Cyprus vs Russia over 2.5 goals

    Poland vs North Macedonia over 2.5 goals

    Slovenia vs Austria over 2.5 goals


  68. nb89 10 months ago


    Anytime double just of 3/1 skybet

    Penalty in the Holland and Germany games 12/1
    William Hill

  69. GregBrowning 10 months ago

    Afternoon gents – no time for a thread for these but I do feel you get really good odds on over 1.5 goals in some international games

    I’ve picked out three games tonight ( 7.45pm)

    Poland 🇵🇱 vs N.Macedonia 🇲🇰
    Slovenia 🇸🇮 v Austria 🇦🇹
    Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 vs Croatia

    Over 1.5 goals treble
    8/5 (Skybet)

    • Mr Fixit 10 months ago

      Good luck, just settling down to the Scotland game.

    • GigiKenzo 10 months ago

      Good to see you on same Greg. Hoping for the goals. GL mate

  70. dc john boy 10 months ago


    Over 1.5tgs double 11/10


    Ags double 9/2

    Good luck

    • newts68 10 months ago

      Well done on the tgs double DC 👍

    • dc john boy 10 months ago

      Cheers newts

  71. newts68 10 months ago

    Scotland v San Marino u 5.5mg
    Holland over 1.5tgs
    Pays 6/5

  72. Alves 10 months ago

    Just the 6 corners in the 1st 10 mins for Scotland. Can the 2020 playoff be next wk 😂

    • Mr Fixit 10 months ago

      San Marino defence worse than the Hurlford team I watched yesterday. They’re worse than I thought they’d be.

    • GigiKenzo 10 months ago

      Are the Marino players professionals or just a bunch of milk men thrown together. Horrible. Making Scotland look like Brazil😂

    • Mr Fixit 10 months ago

      None of the San Marino players are professional – it’s why they’re so bad.
      My San Marino +6 will be a loser unless the game is abandoned due to the weather.
      If it’s abandoned it will be replayed at St Mirren tomorrow – mental!

    • sean567 10 months ago

      It’s begs the question- how the hell did they keep Belgium out for 27mins the other nite???

    • Mr Fixit 10 months ago

      No idea. At home they kept out Belgium for 44 minutes.

    • HullShaker 10 months ago

      Gigi – you do know that most of them ARE milkmen, salesmen and factory workers??

      San Marino is basically a hill in Italy with about 12 miles square land – the whole population of the country wouldn’t come close to filling a third of Wembley stadium!

    • Mr Fixit 10 months ago

      Most play about Italian fifth-tier level – still managed to score against England though!
      All of Scotland laughed about that one for about five minutes.

    • HullShaker 10 months ago

      Going to be some team corner count!

  73. goalden oldie 10 months ago

    both teams to score
    Cucuta v patriotas
    bet365 11/10

  74. sean567 10 months ago

    Inplay bet builder
    Shankland Forrest McGinn all to score
    12/5 bet 365

    • sean567 10 months ago

      Ffs just as I post mcginn scores. Aff it.

    • heisenberg 10 months ago

      Christie scored it Sean

    • heisenberg 10 months ago

      Corners galore also amigo 😉

  75. goalden oldie 10 months ago

    both teams to score treble
    Poland v Macedonia
    wales v Croatia
    Slovenia v Austria
    Ladbrokes 8/1

  76. heisenberg 10 months ago

    It’ll be a better second half for goals etc. one would imagine once the milkmen the bakers and the candle stick makers tire I would imagine.

  77. sean567 10 months ago

    Sunday’s goals tips
    Euro 2020 team goals
    Over 1.5
    39/20 bet 365
    WINNER ✅✅✅

    Hoping for a bit of corner redemption and have backed over 20 at 11/10 in Scotland game. Only an eejit would’ve tipped unders 😂😂🙈🙈

  78. clydeman 10 months ago

    My god this team is horrendous, San Marino aren’t much better either 🤣🤣🤣

  79. Alves 10 months ago

    Over 1.5 gls, 9+ corners & 30+ BP’s 11/10 NAP

    • Alves 10 months ago


    • HullShaker 10 months ago

      Nice one Alves 👍

    • Alves 10 months ago

      Cheers Hull yer game later is prime for corners, will post in a bit.

    • Alves 10 months ago

      Corners down for San Marino, horrendous conditions am gonna blame 😂

    • wasclueless 10 months ago

      WD Alves!

  80. sean567 10 months ago

    Euro 2020 evening ko
    Poland v N Macedonia o1.5mgs
    Estonia v Germany o3.5mgs
    Wales v Croatia o1.5mgs
    Just over 2/1 bet 365

  81. craneguy 10 months ago

    bet LOST as scotland go nap…………..

    WD all with a winner…………… looks like a good call on the SS mr f with only a few mins to go

  82. craneguy 10 months ago

    ooops as a type scotland 6th jinxed it mr f………………….

  83. xbets 10 months ago

    WTF sanmarino goalkeeper

  84. dc john boy 10 months ago


    Over 1.5tgs double 11/10**WON**


    Ags double 9/2**LOST** no promes goal

    Happy to find a winner tho

    Well done all winners

  85. dc john boy 10 months ago

    Poland over 1.5tgs
    Germany over 3.5tgs
    Wales over 1.5mgs

    Treble 10/3


    Ags double 11/5

    Good luck

    • dc john boy 10 months ago

      Main bet lost as no Germany 4th…red card didn’t help

  86. andymac1980 10 months ago

    Euro 2020 specials with Paddy Power:
    All evening KO’s over 1.5gls @ 5/1
    Austria, Croatia & Germany to win @ 6/1

    • andymac1980 10 months ago

      1 goal short in each. Poor day today.

  87. newts68 10 months ago

    Scotland v San Marino u 5.5mg
    Holland over 1.5tgs✅
    Pays 6/5❌
    An offside goal and goalkeepers antics didn’t help. Scotland cost me a fortune today ⚽️ 🏉

    • Mr Fixit 10 months ago

      Scotland played better but San Marino much worse than I thought. Still I was 3 minutes from winning.

  88. chelseagirl 10 months ago

    Well done Scotland. Damned if you do damned if you dont.

  89. cockerspaniel 10 months ago

    20 + Poland booking points 11/10
    50 + Booking points in the match 6/4

    • cockerspaniel 10 months ago

      Winner both in before half time Happy with that .

  90. bullseye 10 months ago

    Euro 2020 Qualifying 17:00
    Scotland vs San Marino – over 6.0 first half Asian corners ✅

    Mexico Cup 18:00
    Potros UAEM vs Unam Pumas – Unam Pumas to win either half ❌
    Potros UAEM vs Unam Pumas – over 4.0 first half Asian corners (push)

    Treble 4.25/1 Bet365 **NAP** LOST

    Mexican cup game turned out to be a 0-0 damp squib.

  91. HullShaker 10 months ago

    One of the things that has always kept me loyal to these pages is the honesty and transparency of the community – the internet is full of chancers and charlatans; add in a betting angle with the obvious draw of money and it only intensifies the chance of it being exploited.

    This is where it differs here, a really strong and open approach to folk putting up their thoughts means individuals have little to prove to each other and at the same time, build up some cracking little niche knowledge bases which they then develop and share without looking for accolades.

    As a by-product, it’s pretty glaring when an individual or group of individuals set out with a different agenda; in my 6 or 7 years on here, I’ve only come across it on maybe 4 occasions with the same outcome every time and it was refreshing to see it out in the open again today.

    God knows, I know I’m not perfect and fair to say we’ve got our fair share of madheads on here but that’s just a great reflection of the characters and personalities – none of whom have any malice in them…I wouldn’t change it for the world and it’s what I love about the site.

    Life is fairly black and white and if someone is swaggering around like Studley Goodf*ck, claiming historical expertise, an army of followers and tying themselves up in knots with untruths, then you can bet your bottom dollar that ‘summat’s up!’

    Best of luck and let’s get back on with the programme👍

    • oneoff 10 months ago

      You should run for government hull haha well said

    • Mr Fixit 10 months ago

      We should have nailed him before but to put up what we did yesterday needed cast-iron proof though.
      And he still denied it.

    • HullShaker 10 months ago

      Spot on Mr F and it surprises me not one bit – I did my research a good few months back and learnt what I needed to know.

      Won’t be the first and alas, won’t be the last!

  92. clydeman 10 months ago

    I always got on well with Shortee, I’m pretty shocked by the events to be honest. What is really pi$$ing me off however is that I put a message on here about 6 months ago about a lovely loophole I discovered with 365, I promised I would only to share it with one person and guess who emailed me first………

    I guess you live and learn.

    ps Germany can go and do one :)

    • Ricomc77 10 months ago

      Good rant hullshaker, I missed whatever went on but I’ve only been on here a couple of weeks from a friend’s recommendation and what you say is all through. You’re up against the bookie’s as soon as you throw a bet on and because most things are in their favour we need a group like this to learn and share and hopefully have a bit of fun (and guaranteed heartbreak) along the way.

    • Mr Fixit 10 months ago

      It’s all on the post.

    • Ricomc77 10 months ago

      Ps. Clydeman, Germany can go and do one. Have them at -3 handicap 🤣

    • craneguy 10 months ago

      evening clyde, how can you possibly say you got on ok with him? you didn’t even know the guy after all……….

      also i remember you having a right pop at me for calling him out……… all water under the bridge now GL with yer bets

  93. bradgate3516 10 months ago

    No goalscorer on Poland vs my favourite team north Macedonia 1/1 even’s on William hill but praying north Macedonia vs Latvia score for four figure wager please please SCORE north Macedonia goodluck everyone

  94. bradgate3516 10 months ago

    I meant Poland sorry not Latvia

  95. bradgate3516 10 months ago

    As i was typing Poland scored 2 goals come on north Macedonia please please score

  96. GigiKenzo 10 months ago

    Nothing went to plan today. Won’t complain much as the internationals have been fair to me so far. Well done all with winners

  97. maccathered 10 months ago

    No joy with goals in the Croatia game 1-1 half time then nothing
    Well done all winners

  98. HullShaker 10 months ago

    Well, Ceará absolutely battered Avaí – 79% possession, 11 team corners v 0 and 25 shots…only one goal though 🙈

    Two early goals in T&T so fingers crossed!

  99. bradgate3516 10 months ago

    North Macedonia tried very hard to score never mind still in profit thanks to them bye for tonight see you all tomorrow

  100. craneguy 10 months ago

    nite owl

    gremio & ind. medellin to score evens

    after the past days events genuinely not at it on gremio………. ironic i know but they are on good scoring form only failed to find the net once in last 8 games and scored at least once in past 11 h2hs

    • andymac1980 10 months ago

      Now that’s what you call ironic Crane 😂 Hope it sails in for you pal!

    • craneguy 10 months ago

      aye anno andy ha ha tbh wasn’t going to post it up but genuinely think its worth a go………… ps my posts based on research and stats though and not stolen or copy and pasted from anywhere lol

    • Andya36 10 months ago

      Followed but added EM Binacional to score as well

  101. craneguy 10 months ago

    evening hull me ol’ cock……………… good work on the research on the little rat…………… all digging done on yer new Commodore 64 tae gallus…………..

  102. HullShaker 10 months ago

    Better luck in T&T…left it late after 2 early goals 😀


    Over 3.5 match goals
    (5/4, bet365) NB ⭐⭐ ✅

    Well done all winners 👍

    • Mr Fixit 10 months ago

      Nice one.

  103. Andya36 10 months ago

    I followed in here for a long time and have always liked the banter sometimes it goes over the top but it’s just sometimes the passion. I did think people were a bit harsh on Shortee yeah he was smarmy, I even followed a tip or two of his…….in hindsight they probably wasn’t even his tips lol. But betting is hard enough with the bookies trying to Rob us let alone some one who is spose to be on our side! Any way what comes around goes around, my dad always said life is about what you put in, if you don’t eventually it will catch up. Good riddance little shit bag

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