1. Alanm 3 years ago

    First from vegas

  2. Wato 3 years ago

    8 hours behind us doesn’t count Alanm ;) lol

  3. Ryzo 3 years ago

    Kelso 2.20

    Iora Glas 9/2

    Kelso 3.20

    Winged crusader 6/1

  4. Shogun 3 years ago

    Im going to be at Chester Tomorrow and i will also be there on Friday so will definitely be on you Chester tips tomorrow and if anyone else fancies anything else at Chester then id appreciate it

  5. Haggis 3 years ago

    Could anyone give me some good tips for Chester please?alan m,double carpet,big t,Luke a,and of course local man BOZ?are you walking the dog again BOZ?lol,please lads anything will do?also some place pots at Chester will be nice?all thoughts and tips welcome please gents?

    • boz 3 years ago

      Haggis how are you yeah still walking the dog and on my way chester today actually meeting a few guys off here near ground looking forward to it.

      stoped posting a few week ago due to comments

      but look now and again to see tips

      anyway good luck all

      happy days

  6. Recoba 3 years ago

    Johns 2 in a Yankee doodle dandy with….
    Chester 3.10…Quick Jack 92
    Brighton 2.00…Gaverne 94

    GL all an KTF ye na :)

  7. WN 3 years ago

    3.10 Chester Gabrial’s King 8/1 E/W

    5.25 Chester Hernandoshideaway 3/1

  8. Luke A 3 years ago

    Haggis, here are my 4 for Chester, for each way Yankee
    2.40 Diamondsandrubies 2/1
    3.10 Gabrials King 8/1
    3.45 Come on Dave 11/2
    4.55 Normal Equilibrium 5/2

    Good luck all tomorrow. And all those going Chester, have a great day

  9. davyb 3 years ago

    clear praise 2.30bri quick jack 310ch world record 445 bri normal equilibruim 455 ch

  10. Big T 3 years ago

    Well yesterdays Nap was a nr and the Nb’s meeting was abandoned so lets try again today !

    Nap – Arctic Lynx 9.15 Chelmsford 11/4
    Nb – Covert Love 8.15 Chelmsford 4/1

    Usual Singles and a double @ 18.75/1

    Zafayan in the Chester Cup 7/1 ew

    And a 1 euro treble pays a crazy €150

    Good luck

  11. jimmybeee 3 years ago

    Horses for courses again today
    Roys rocket 3.35 brighton nap

  12. NAGMAN 3 years ago

    8.15 STAR RIDER 5/4 NAP

  13. philip 3 years ago

    Shogun,haggis. B Fifty Two is a real Chester horse. Two from two at the track. Crack out of the stalls and make all ! Well drawn to make it 3 wins from 3 visits at the track!

  14. Haggis 3 years ago

    Thanks a lot luke a,I’ve had s bit of a whisper for Gabriel’s king,but doesn’t want it soft apparently,but then many clouds in the national only wins on heavy??but I can’t believe WELD and SMULLEN have one in the Chester cup,can any of the Irish have a say on this please?because that partnership in Ireland is phenomenal?keep the Chester tips coming please gents?thanks again luke

  15. tiptopterry 3 years ago

    I’m off to Brighton races end of may on stag do…is there any tips that are handy to know about Brighton racecourse?…Draw advantage..trainers good there jockeys etc front runners…etc John b be good to hear from u regarding this ..cheers

  16. Cam 3 years ago

    Turtle Watch 15/8 3.55 Kelso

  17. Attila 3 years ago

    TUESDAY NAP (Aussie Harness/Trotting):

    Meeting: Redcliffe
    Race #: 7
    Runner: 5. My Ajaye
    Price: $1.80
    Synopsis: Was brave in defeat behind Casino Chimes here last Thursday after doing all of the work in the run and although he will probably have to park out once more tonight he is well up to the challenge.

    *Guys, this race is in 2hrs 15mins. Bet365 have my local Redcliffe Harness racing under ‘other racing’ section. I’ve 2 from 2 so far posting on here (2 weeks ago), let’s hope it goes 3 from 3 today!

  18. Haggis 3 years ago

    Alan m,doggie c,postman,double carpet,densely,box,busstop,de Nero,and anyone else I’ve missed,are you all not posting today chaps?come on lads let’s have the tips please punters?

  19. Clem 3 years ago

    Hi Guys, nice 8/1 winner yesterday well done all who had winners

    Birdie Queen 2.30 Brighton 6/1

    B fifty two 3.40 Chester 11/2

    Good luck

  20. The Postman 3 years ago

    Nice 5/2 Winning Nap Yesterday :) QUEEN SPUD.

    Giving Chester a miss, I could not pick the winner of a two horse race at that track, Doctor Marwan Koukash is the man to follow at Chester, I read somewhere he has 20 horses entered in the three day meeting.

    I have also learned that a 2/1 winner at other tracks pay exactly the same amount of money as a 2/1 winner at other tracks.

    5:05 Kelso – GULLY’S EDGE 6/4 NAP
    5:30 Uttoxeter – Robbie Rabbit NB (in a win double with NAP)

    Tonights each way punt 6:45 Chelmsford – RUBEN 10/1

    Good luck everyone … C’Ya.

  21. Marco 3 years ago

    Farmer Matt 3.20 kelso 6/1 loves the mud!

  22. NAGMAN 3 years ago

    8.15 STAR RIDER 5/4 NAP (already posted)

    3.55 TURTLE WATCH 2/1 NB

    5.15 PERFECT PASTIME 3/1

    6.45 LACAN 9/4


    Also two each ways at Chester

    2.40 ENTERTAINMENT 14/1 – Bred to improve for step up and could be the dark horse here

    3.45 PIAZON 7/1 – hoping Spencer will hold him up and charge him late past all the front runners. Alot of pace in this race.

  23. Haggis 3 years ago

    Ok box,how are you mate?

  24. Jace 3 years ago

    Brighton 15.35

    Chester 15.45

  25. Beau Man 3 years ago

    Not much value today..

    Oxalido 2.50 kelso

    Just seen an eve Johnston houghton runner in 2.10 Chester. In Haste. Was 20s 14s now, I’ve had a little ew on it as I used to get info from their yard back in ’13. I think silver wings will have another good run tho(think I tipped it here first time out)Hope it’s a boom whatever your on.

    GL all

  26. Gaz H 3 years ago

    4.55ch- Masamah EW@11/2 loves this course 2 wins 2 2nds and a 3rd from 7 visits.

  27. Haggis 3 years ago

    Just a few tips for Chester please boz?no Alan m or de Nero today?please boz?you must have one or two?,lol

  28. Duncan Poundcake 3 years ago

    World Record 5.45 Bri GL.

  29. De Niro 3 years ago

    0.5 points up

    14-40 Chester
    What you Say 2 points win 8/1 bet fred & tote

    15-10 Chester
    Zafayan 2 point win 8/1

    1 point win double also on above

    15-45 Chester
    Confessional 2 point win 12/1

    7 points total stake

    Good luck everyone today

  30. KOI 3 years ago

    Going three winning selections on the trot.
    todays selection.masamah chester good luc all…

  31. BigDazza 3 years ago

    Right folks, my bets today:-

    310 Chester
    Quick Jack 9/2 £20 win
    Buthelezi 9/1 £10ew
    Trip To Paris 11/1 £10ew

    455 Dutch Masterpiece 4/1 £20 win
    525 Secateur 5/2 £20 win
    420 Sir Isaac Newton 2/5
    £7.50 Trixie

    Total Stake – £130.00

    Good Luck All

  32. Jimron 3 years ago

    Don’t post often on here but really fancy a candian today!

    Star rider 8.15
    Diamondsandrubies 2.40
    B fifty two 3.45
    Roy rocket 3.35
    Normal equilibrium 4.55

    Gl all!

  33. Solskjaer 3 years ago

    15:10 Chester: Gabriel’s King 4 places 6/4
    17:05 Kelso: Micklegate Run 3 places 5/4
    17:40 Kelso: Down The Line to Win 15/8


    Eenjoyed a 6/1 NAP which drifted to 10/3 before the off yesterday. Hoping to finally hit some form. Good luck to everyone as always.

  34. Ticketyboo 3 years ago

    Hya all hope the winners are still rolling in my two for today for they are worth.

    3:10 Chester Quick Jack 9/2 Nap

    2:20 Kelso Lord Usher 13/2

    profitable racing all.

  35. Smurf 3 years ago

    3.35 Brighton – Roy Rocket (NB) 15/4 – 1 point
    3.55 Kelso – Trutle watch (NAP) 11/4 – 1 point

    Double @ 9/1ish – 1 point

  36. Blackwidow 3 years ago

    Going for a double,quick jack ,pair of jacks, yha

  37. Acelightning 3 years ago

    17.25 Chester Hernandoshideaway 11/4 NAP

    15.55 Kelso Turtle Watch
    15.35 Brighton Roy Rocket
    Double 9.5/1

    My Chester 15.10 is Gabriels King ew

  38. WESLEY WEST 3 years ago

    Afternoon all
    NAP- Brighton 2:30- flexible flyer 9/2
    NB- Chester 3:10- buthelezi 11/1

  39. azz the wigan 3 years ago

    Trip to paris 3.10 chester

  40. WN 3 years ago

    Adding one more,

    3.45 Chester Cruise Tothelimit 14/1 E/W

  41. Jace 3 years ago

    Chester 15.10
    Outside chance with DESTRUCT at 20/1
    Trained by Ian Williams who has a decent record at Chester and brought home a 33/1 winner of this race in 2008. Not raced since 2013 but last was an impressive win in a listed 1m 7f in France. Definitely worth an EW

  42. Solskjaer 3 years ago

    DESTRUCT currently 28/1 at SkyBet, Jace.

    Definitely worth an each way. Cheers for the tip.

  43. Ace 3 years ago

    think rah rah will win the 2.10 at chester

  44. PodTheRod 3 years ago

    Down The Line
    Stone of Folca
    Farmer Matt
    The Last Bridge

    Lucky 15

  45. WN 3 years ago

    How the hell did Rah Rah come back.

  46. Denzel 3 years ago

    How the hell did Rah Rah come back.

  47. joshyb 3 years ago

    Can’t believe rah rah came back then. Spewing

  48. Ace 3 years ago

    f Norton has won at that track more than any other jocky

  49. jim burnside 3 years ago

    A was sure norton thought heed won that race when he went pasd rah rah and then took his foot of the gas.no way shld that hav got bak up there

  50. spencer 3 years ago

    Got given two tips earlier from betinfo rah rah but I had already backed John bs the other is darsi dancer 4.30 kelso …

  51. Panikos 3 years ago

    Ace, Norton had 37 wins out of 228 16%, Ryan Moore 16 out of 58 rides 28%
    Very unlucky for Silver wings but what a come back , unbelievable

  52. WESLEY WEST 3 years ago

    NAP wins, advised at 9/2 SP 9/4.

  53. Smurf 3 years ago

    The Big One – Chester 3.10pm

    Mubaraza – 16/1 – 1pt each way

  54. joshyb 3 years ago

    Well done John b shame bout the double

  55. WESLEY WEST 3 years ago

    Well done johnb, thanks

  56. tbone 3 years ago

    wow what a performance there, blitzd them, had 100 on that and isaac newton got the 2/1 but no doubt isaac newton will lose lol

    stunning performance though

  57. Denzel 3 years ago

    Well in JB, Just shows you, millimeters away from the double! Tough old game this

  58. RobRoy 3 years ago

    De Niro I’ve done your 3 selections to place (1st to 3rd) in a Yankee with JohnBs nap, your first is in at 2/1, you are never far away from a winner at great odds, have you thought of doing your selections to place as a nap? I got 2/1 on them all

  59. NAGMAN 3 years ago

    2.40 ENTERTAINMENT 14/1 – Bred to improve for step up and could be the dark horse here ** 2nd PLACE @ 20/1 **

  60. Smurf 3 years ago

    Really looking forward to the Chester Cup with such a wide open race. I reckon about 80% of the field has been tipped by everyone on here so surely someone had to land the winner. Good luck all.

  61. NAGMAN 3 years ago

    Well played JB unlucky for the double. Also nice winner Wesley good job

  62. Alanm 3 years ago

    Last one from Vegas Masamah 4.55 Chester
    back to normal Friday hopefully not to much lag
    Good luck all

  63. joshyb 3 years ago

    Going for smullen / weld in the cup. And Just a forecast on quick jack and Gabriel king

  64. Griff 3 years ago

    There a bet of 9/4 that marwan koukash will get one of the winners… Anyone think that’s a good bet?

  65. Ace 3 years ago

    who was it who said watch your Gabriel’s

  66. BigDazza 3 years ago


  67. RobRoy 3 years ago

    Thanks again de Niro your second pick I had to place at 2/1, never far away!

  68. Smackeroonies 3 years ago

    Ballesteros ew for me in the next

  69. Rorywhite91 3 years ago

    Secataur 7/2 5.25 Chester NAP

  70. Dariusz 3 years ago

    Trying my luck with Roskeen Boy in Uttoxeter 8.00.

    100/1 e/w (was 66/1 earlier today)

    Why? Look at the stats:
    Last six races:
    06.04.15 – pulled up
    27.04.14 – 2nd of 2, lost by 11 lenghts
    19.04.14 – 1st of 7, won by half a length
    05.04.14 – 6th of 10
    22.03.14 – 6th of 9
    02.03.14 – 5th of 13, soft ground like today
    All these races were 3-mile chases.

    Now he runs under a new stable, which gives a hint about his quality. Don’t be deceived by his recent pull-up.

  71. WN 3 years ago

    Cruise Tothelimit 14/1 Placed

    Gabrials King 81 Placed

    Come on Hernandoshideaway, give me a winner.

  72. Smackeroonies 3 years ago

    Nice one papa smurf, needed that :)

  73. NAGMAN 3 years ago

    3.55 TURTLE WATCH 2/1 NB **WIN**

  74. RobRoy 3 years ago

    I know u didn’t get any winners De Niro but your 3 to place as part of a Yankee pulled in the coins for me today so thanks u sir

  75. Cam 3 years ago

    Turtle beach!!! Great day so far. Let’s hope it continues :)

  76. Big will 3 years ago

    Is Brighton off?

  77. NAGMAN 3 years ago

    Yeah abandoned after the 2.30

  78. Big will 3 years ago

    No worries cheers mate

  79. Griff 3 years ago

    Cymro e/w In the next… Really liking this.. Come on… Got 25/1 earlier… Now look at the price

  80. Ace 3 years ago

    Cymro e/w In the next… Really liking this.. Come on… Got 25/1 earlier… Now look at the price

  81. azz the wigan 3 years ago

    Recently aqiured 5.25 chester

  82. upswing 3 years ago

    nice nagman, fingers crossed for the last two..

  83. Smackeroonies 3 years ago

    Awww man!! bet Cymru without the fav at 6/4, just won at 8/1, well done griff having the bottle to back at 25’s

  84. NAGMAN 3 years ago

    Gutted was really tempted by Cymro earlier but decided it would be pointless as the fav would hose up…..

  85. bobo 3 years ago

    1/6 hotpot gubbed thats incredible what a joke o’brien/moore .

  86. NAGMAN 3 years ago

    It’s crazy it even gets that short. no horse should be that price just way too many variables

  87. Griff 3 years ago

    Boooooooom… Get in… Hahaha.. Off to the pub

  88. Acelightning 3 years ago

    Using my profit to replace Brighton void with normal equilibrium 16.55 Chester.

  89. Griff 3 years ago

    Never had a 25/1 winner before… Big smiles

  90. Keyser 3 years ago

    Cheers Griff got on that as well at 9s

  91. Griff 3 years ago

    As I’m feeling like a lucky bugger I’m gonna go for a £30 win @13/2 lucky beggar in the next @ Chester

  92. Toronto robby 3 years ago


    You will have a huge rule 4 on ur bet as the 7/2 second fav was a non runner!!!

  93. Smurf 3 years ago

    Turtle Watch My NAP wins and my NB at Brigthon is called off so the advised double also turned the NAP into a bumper sized single winner so I can’t complain.

    However my e/w pick on the Chester Cup was awful.

  94. Griff 3 years ago

    Smakeroonies.. Cheers mate. Boom

  95. NAGMAN 3 years ago

    I had a very small win single on DUKE OF FIRENZE more as an interest than anything. Think he may have been slightly overlooked though

  96. tom 3 years ago

    what are people on 4.55 chester?

  97. Keyser 3 years ago

    Toronto Robby I got paid out in full for Cymro

  98. Denzel 3 years ago

    another donkey FFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. Toronto robby 3 years ago

    WOW Griff…You done them good there!!!

  100. De Niro 3 years ago

    17-25 Chester 11/4 boylesprts
    Secateur 2 point win

  101. Denzel 3 years ago

    Another second

  102. john 3 years ago

    17:25 no 3,7 combo

  103. Smurf 3 years ago

    Recently Aquired

    0.5pt Reverse forecast in the next

  104. barriem 3 years ago

    Hi guys dantes way in the last at kelso

    Am all in


  105. BigDazza 3 years ago

    2 days tipping on here

    2nd day of profit with trip
    To paris winning @ 11/1

    Hope this continues !

  106. ew thief 3 years ago

    Dutiful son 6.15c
    Zampa manos 6.45c
    Enlace 7.15c
    Maid in rio 8.45c
    Flying bear 9.15c
    Lucky 31 gl all

  107. Denzel 3 years ago

    and another

  108. Smackeroonies 3 years ago

    Whoever backed Robbie rabbit owes tom scudamore a drink….

  109. Griff 3 years ago

    Another longshot in the last @ kelso… Coachie bear 14/1

  110. Rorywhite91 3 years ago

    At Chelmsford tonight,
    6.15- crazy chic 11/8
    8.45 pinzolo 2/1
    9.15 flying bear 2/1

  111. john 3 years ago

    nice shout barriem

  112. Rookie 3 years ago

    i bet swany was on hugo’s there!

  113. Griff 3 years ago

    Stunned looks like a nice price 5/1 for the next at Chelmsford..along with the last bridge 6.30 Uttoxeter.. 26/1

  114. Rookie 3 years ago

    i hope some got on Trip to paris. Gt 12s when i put it up last night. And also 10s on lexi’s hero.

  115. Duncan Poundcake 3 years ago

    Gold Stars from Dougie expected Rookie …brilliant.

  116. Griff 3 years ago

    Anyone had a look at 19.15 Chelmsford?

  117. Kev 3 years ago

    Enlace looks a decent pint griff eh? Had been thinking savoy but the drift puts me off

  118. stueyp 3 years ago

    Montaly 6/1 Ladbrokes 845 Chelmsford

    Second Step and Astronereus ahead of him on its last run and both good winners at Newmarket this weekend

  119. Griff 3 years ago

    Yeah right kev… Big drift… Tricky race.. Gonna go with Welsh gem @ 4/1 also fancy Adele 19.45… Small stake double

  120. Winner@lrite 3 years ago

    Lads 20/1 looks way overpriced for savoy /Michael bell in the 7.15 wow have to be on ran in group 3 grant it was disappointing but still has to be a lot more to come in a wide open race

  121. robbo 3 years ago

    bobo and denzel, we have already said on this thread o briens horses nearly always need a run before you back them.

  122. Hamish75 3 years ago

    Papasmurf hope aw is well al gie rookie his gold star really gud picks well dun ti aw the winners today n gud luck fir the rest of yer punts ktf

  123. NAGMAN 3 years ago

    6.45 LACAN 9/4 ** WIN @ 3/1 **

  124. NAGMAN 3 years ago

    Just need my NAP for the Yankee as Brighton abandoned

  125. Griff 3 years ago

    Gl Nagman…. Gonna have a few quid on your nap..

  126. Kev 3 years ago

    Nice one nagman

  127. Griff 3 years ago

    Hoping Welsh gem comes home for me now

  128. double carpet 3 years ago

    Evening gents

    What a crappy day but finally home in time for the match but will have a quick flutter on WELSH GEM.
    well done to the winners today and Rookie some nice going there mate well done

  129. robbo 3 years ago

    winner@lrite unlucky

  130. double carpet 3 years ago

    That went well !!

    Good luck for the rest of the day guys Barca and BTTS for me

  131. Kev 3 years ago

    Like few on the footy thread dc I’m on barca prematch £50 and Suarez anytime inplay. Why not. On Adele in the next griff, it’s my sisters name after all haha

  132. NAGMAN 3 years ago

    Kev I quite like the look of Adele too, think it could improve for step up

  133. robbo 3 years ago

    any one any fancys for the last few races tonight

  134. NAGMAN 3 years ago

    Only my NAP in the 8.15 for me fella

  135. double carpet 3 years ago

    Van diest ew

  136. Duncan Poundcake 3 years ago

    That’s another for Swany .GL.

  137. Kev 3 years ago

    Great finish from the fave there

  138. Big T 3 years ago

    Nb Wins 4/1
    ew placed at 7/1 for small profit

    Now for the Nap which has drifted like a bargepole

  139. Paul 3 years ago

    Well Rosekeen boy going to a new stable didn’t help!!!

  140. KOI 3 years ago

    Posting these now as i wont be around tomorrow HANS HOLBIEN 9/4& CANNOCK CHASE 7/4 good luck all.
    well done to all posted winners today…

  141. Griff 3 years ago

    That was unlucky kev… Nevermind
    Hopefully Suarez gets you a goal
    Evening DC

  142. NAGMAN 3 years ago

    ahh my NAP drifting never good

  143. Alex 3 years ago

    Orange Bloom seeing the money in the 8:15 will have a small punt on that since I’ve hardly had any bets today 4-1.

  144. Kev 3 years ago

    Well done nagman. Good day for u mate

  145. Griff 3 years ago

    Robbo… My last bet of the night
    Montaly 20.45 5/1

  146. upswing 3 years ago

    superb nagman, quality..

  147. NAGMAN 3 years ago

    8.15 STAR RIDER 5/4 NAP (already posted)

    3.55 TURTLE WATCH 2/1 NB

    5.15 PERFECT PASTIME 3/1

    6.45 LACAN 9/4


    Also two each ways at Chester

    2.40 ENTERTAINMENT 14/1 – Bred to improve for step up and could be the dark horse here

    3.45 PIAZON 7/1 – hoping Spencer will hold him up and charge him late past all the front runners. Alot of pace in this race.

  148. Kev 3 years ago

    Quite liking the looks of a George baker double

  149. Griff 3 years ago

    Congrats Nagman

  150. DCFC 3 years ago

    I’ve got an 83p four fold on with 3 winners and one to run which is Arctic lynx in the 9:15. Cash out is £23.25 four fold pays £155. Any advice on what to do? Ha. Part of me saying its only 83p but the other side of me is saying its £20 from 83p. Baring in mind I only bet with £1 on the nose.

  151. NAGMAN 3 years ago

    Really good day guys and hope some of you got on one or two. I saw Smurf posted one up as his NAP too so at least some will of!

    8.15 STAR RIDER 5/4 NAP ** WIN **

    3.55 TURTLE WATCH 2/1 NB ** WIN **

    5.15 PERFECT PASTIME 3/1 ** N/R **

    6.45 LACAN 9/4 ** WIN @ 3/1 **


    Also two each ways at Chester

    2.40 ENTERTAINMENT 14/1 – Bred to improve for step up and could be the dark horse here ** 2ND @ 20/1 **

    3.45 PIAZON 7/1 – hoping Spencer will hold him up and charge him late past all the front runners. Alot of pace in this race. ** LOST **

  152. Griff 3 years ago

    Well done Nagman

  153. Kev 3 years ago

    If it’s an Acca id cash out and stick a fiver on Hayley. Tbf she usually rides well at Chelmsford and that horse is in some form. Totally upto u though. U should do a Yankee or l15. I hate getting beat by one horse or team

  154. Jason 3 years ago

    Big T, awesome picks mate! Im on your double. Been offered 58.50 (New Zealand Dollars) to cash out after Covert Love won. How confident are you in Artic Lynx, as you say “its drifting like a barge pole”? Thanks man

  155. Hamish75 3 years ago

    Swany hope ye had a wee shot wi shugo today hav ye heard fae dougie or raal hope all well wi them ktf

    • swany 3 years ago

      Hid a really busy day the day Hamish bit a goat thim baith this mornin so hid a right good wee turn in its steak the morra,hope ye wer oan yirsel in yer dain no Garngad,hid a wee word fae Dougie hes chillin in the gairdin bit he hid thim anaw so a few extra floowers,ktf

  156. Griff 3 years ago

    DCFC….THAT race is really open mate..any of the 5 have a chance… Artic lynx already beat sir Billy Wright couple of races ago, only by a short head… 4 wins already this year… But yours is drifting in the market which is never a good sign.. Your call.. If it was my choice would stick with artic lynx

  157. Hamish75 3 years ago

    A forgot well dun nagman ktf

  158. NAGMAN 3 years ago

    Small punt on Lycidas in the next

  159. NAGMAN 3 years ago

    Thanks mate

  160. Griff 3 years ago

    Hey kev.. Gonna lump a few quid on bayern at 9/2…was hoping it would be still a draw at half time.. Think I’m gonna wait till it gets to 60/65 mins.. Then wack 20 quid on.. What you reckon.. Think bayern gonna sneak it mate

  161. NAGMAN 3 years ago

    That 9.15 is a tough race but I actually think the value is ROYAL ACQUISITION AT 7s as has run ok here before and posted some decent speed figures. Has Never run well at Wolverhampton sO can forgive last run and trainer I’m half decent form at the mo

  162. NAGMAN 3 years ago

    Sorry for awful English, predictive text

  163. DCFC 3 years ago

    Cheers lads. I’ve cashed out n chucked a fiver on Arctic lynx but don’t want it to win because I’d have lost out on over £100 ha. All the best whatever ur on!

  164. Smackeroonies 3 years ago

    Going for sir billy wright in the last, too much money coming for it for it to be ew so confidence for a win must be strong…..

  165. Griff 3 years ago

    OK time is right… Bayern Munich @ 13/2

  166. Griff 3 years ago

    Come on ze Germans

  167. Rorywhite91 3 years ago

    Flying. Bear in the last 2/1

  168. davyb 3 years ago

    wd rookie and all who got winners

  169. Griff 3 years ago

    Argggggghhhh…. Definitely not one of my brightest ideas.. Hahaha… Nevermind

  170. joshyb 3 years ago

    Had George baker double so frustrating. 1st one should of won and second one wins!! Had nearly caught to beat pinzolo aswell

  171. Kev 3 years ago

    Me too Joshy! So close!

  172. joshyb 3 years ago

    2 doubles today both lost by one horse losing by less than 1/2 length. It’s a fine line

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