JOHNB delivered a winning nap on Wednesday with his 15-8 pick Always On The Run.

His other two tips couldn't follow suit so it was a 2.125pt loss for the day and May is now a 6.625pt deficit.

Johnb's Thursday Tips

Chester 3:10
Port Douglas 7-1 NAP racebets

Spas Dancer 10-1 NB racebets

Port Douglas & Spas Dancer 87-1 racebets


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  1. the notorious 2 years ago

    john, if you owned a flat horse right now who would you have as trainer, and if you had a jump horse who would you have?

  2. alanm 2 years ago

    NAP Storm Rising 7/2 3.45 Chester
    NB Alsaaden 7/1 4.55 Chester
    They’re off and running Perrault 10/1 2.10 Chester
    Gold Star Redrosezorro 20/1 EW 4.20 Chester GL

  3. hamish75 2 years ago

    Hullo chaps no been oan fir a while it’s gud ti c the thread buzzin a big fanx ti johnb oan galileo gold n a hav a tasty dbl wi idaho in the derby cheers mate al no say anyfin bout the sorry HIbbee’s. A seen a guy kyr postin ysdays thread askin fir advice oan pickin winners but wi sum of the questions ye wer askin made me laff yer either takin the mick or ye need counselling pleez fir yer own sake gie gamblin a miss
    Well dun ti wots left of the usual suspects n always ktf

    • 2 years ago

      when i read yr posts i imagine im watching an episode of rab c nesbitt for some reason

  4. gengar 2 years ago

    Win Yankee double stake single nap and nb
    3:45 Above N Beyond 9/2 NAP
    4:55 Celebration 5/1 NB
    3:00 Clubs Are Trumps 4/1 NNB
    7:10 Presented 7/2

    E/W singles
    6:20 Badger Run 40/1 E/W
    2:10 Master Of Finance 16/1 E\W
    3:20 Here’s Herbie 14/1 E/W

  5. gengar 2 years ago

    adding this for cheeky treble
    Clubs Are Trumps 4/1
    Liverpool (-1.0) 11/5
    Western Hymn 11/8

  6. 2 years ago

    morning all

    US ARMY RANGER 3:10 chester NAP
    ZULU OSCAR 4:30 newton abbot

    11-8 double

    gl happy days

  7. henrymun 2 years ago

    Hi guys new to page .. Few belter tips was on johns tip gallieo gold ? whats thoughts on dark red in firdt at chester ??

  8. gibbo 2 years ago

    3.10 Chester US Army Ranger NAP/NB – 4pt stake

    Short price but with the potential of this horse, he should take this well. Only worry is a lack of runs but very strong in the Derby market so he’s believed to be a top horse

    • gibbo 2 years ago

      Not often I go back on my selections but after digging a bit deeper in the fav, he is a very short price for what he has shown so far. Decided to cash out for a miniscule loss and just watch the race. Johns selection could be well up there.
      I fear when I bet the Fav I was taken in by the hype so better to be safe than sorry and just watch it run lol.
      GL to all today, haven’t had time to read the tips but I will have a little look later.
      Hopefully another winning day for the usual suspects
      Bring on the Derby!

  9. Johnb 2 years ago

    Thursday’s Tips

    Port Douglas 7/1 NAP racebets

    Spas Dancer 10/1 NB racebets

    Port Douglas & Spas Dancer 87/1 racebets

  10. jimron12 2 years ago

    Ode to evening 3,45 10/1 nb
    I’m willing to ignore the dreadful last run clearly didn’t want the step up in trip! and Doyle Back in the saddle 10/1 looks a lovey price

    Redeoszorro 4.20 20/1 ew
    Yard loves a two year old winner up here and looks a nice little prospect. 16/1 LOVLEY price again

    Reflektor 4.55 NB nap
    Money already coming for this into 5s now from 7s small rise in weights should be fine! Think it’s got some more Improvement in it and will take all the beating tomo!

    Stairitect 3.20 4/1 Yankee
    Unlucky at Cheltenham race wasn’t run to suit really. Aintree was too soft i feel and can be disregarded totally .Has been close to some hot handicaps and today is his day!!!

    Left from shortlist
    Shintori 5.05
    Dark red 2.10
    Port Douglas 3.10
    High grounds 3.10

    Good luck all

  11. Johnb 2 years ago

    Finally get to see the horse I have been waiting months to see
    The most talked about horse for the last few years
    PROCONSUL brother to Frankel runs at Chantilly on Friday 12:45 GMT over 1m 2f
    Proconsul is the third foal that KIND has produced with GALILEO, the othe two being FRANKEL and NOBEL MISSION

  12. hamish75 2 years ago

    De niros cuz hamish is rab c nesbit granda n a tot him how ti speak so eloquently ktf

    • 2 years ago

      hahahahaha…..well in that case u did a great job!!

  13. 2 years ago

    Morning everyone

    were off to Chester soon so putting up now

    3 of mine are Dascombes today all with good chances

    C 4.20 HAVELOCK
    C 5.25 NEWERA NB

    had a good few days hope it continues

    good luck everyone

    happy days

    • 2 years ago

      enjoy yr day mate! we’ll hopefully spot u on c4 with yr golden hoodie on!!

  14. mitchwilkins 2 years ago

    SkyBet Place Betting

    Both horses to finish in the top 3 –

    3.00 Uttoxeter – Red Admirable
    3.20 NewtonAbbot – Braavos

    £5 returns £31.17

    • mitchwilkins 2 years ago

      Gutted about the price on Red Amirable, he was 14/1 to win early this morning and now backed into 6/1. So I was hoping of a price around 4/1,9/2 to place in the top 3 but unfortunately he’s currently 13/8 to place.

      That’s one of the main reasons why SkyBet don’t release their prices on Place Betting until 10.30. Oh well, hoping for a good day. Good luck if you follow!

  15. 2 years ago

    i posted sacra malta as my nap last night 12/1 hes now 9/1

  16. double carpet 2 years ago

    Morning all
    Congrats to all the winners yesterday.

    The Alan King yard is absolutely flying atm and since the 2nd may his form reads 22111F. His one and only runner today is LADY PERSEPHONE 7.50 wincanton and thats my NAP for today.
    Others ive backed are
    NB WOTZIZNAME 2.00 uttox
    WHIPCORD 2.20 na
    STARCHITECT 3.20 na

    Best of luck to all

  17. chrisja 2 years ago

    Phobiaphiliac at 3.00 in the 13:30 at Uttoxeter
    Wotzizname at 2.38 in the 14:00 at Uttoxeter
    Spartilla at 6.50 in the 14:30 at Uttoxeter
    Passing Fiesta at 7.00 in the 14:50 at Newton Abbot
    Bertie Lugg at 6.00 in the 15:30 at Uttoxeter

  18. 2 years ago

    newera 5-25 chester

  19. 2 years ago

    Afternoon all

    Newton Abbot

    15.55 ROTHMAN .3/1 *** NAP ***


    18.10 GURKHA BRAVE . 13/8.. ** NB **


    14.30 TARA MAC .9/2. *

    16.40 MERIBEL MILLIE . 9/2 .*

    17.15 GOODNITESWEETHEART. 5/1. **

    gl all

  20. 2 years ago

    just got text for vinniewhitefoot 8/1 uttoxeter in the 1-30

  21. 2 years ago

    On johns nap and also dc’s tip 7.50@ wincanton, good luck today everyone!

  22. recoba 2 years ago

    Busy at work but like of MASTER OF FINANCIE… 16/1 EW for an Off and running effort

    GL folk am off an running ?

  23. duncanpoundcake 2 years ago

    Afternoon All
    Kentucky Star,Looking Well but both pretty short. so What about Carlo, GL.

  24. de niro 2 years ago


    Sennockian Star 10/1 bet 365 nb
    Canock Chase 4/1 stan james
    Melesina 14/1 stasn james nap

  25. 2 years ago

    johnb ideho is running on sunday

  26. 2 years ago

    BUSSTOP why delete that CONTACT he gave me a 12/1 winner of the big race yesterday cant win em all

  27. 2 years ago

    busstop ive won more money off his tips than i have off yours ,so its a no brainer who i would like to delete,he also gave me a 40/1 winner which i put up here months ago when i was going under the name robbo .horses name was mr choclatedrop.changed to theplug because there was another robbo on the site aswell

  28. 2 years ago

    THE PLUG DEAR ME CALM DOWN why so serious lad

  29. 2 years ago

    de niros cousin /the plug the one today was beat a long way out no need be so serious we all have winners and losers

    wow talk about nervy both of you ????


  30. 2 years ago

    DC great start did whatzizname thanks

  31. jimron12 2 years ago

    Typical one I leave out of the main bets comes in at 11/2 knowing my luck my just incase round robin ends up all coming in!!!

  32. 2 years ago

    get in there moore

  33. double carpet 2 years ago

    Cheers Busstop. Have thrown a few quid on your NAP so BOL.

    De Niro
    Well done with Cannock Chase and also jimron and chrisja with winners too

  34. lobwedge 2 years ago

    Port Douglas wasn’t given a hard ride, thought the jock was too easy on it to be honest. I’d be gutted if I’d backed it. Bring on Idaho!

  35. Johnb 2 years ago

    I think Seamie Heffernan will be kicking himself there,
    US Army Ranger all out to win but Seamie if he had got stuck into his horse could have won,
    Port Douglas also giving US Army Ranger 4lb and on that showing US Army Ranger won’t win the Derby, good result for Idaho as I am far from impressed with US Army Ranger

    • jimron12 2 years ago

      Agreed any fans of Idaho or midterm must be pretty pleased with that!!

      Hopefully everyone will pile into midterm and push out Idaho so I can have another nibble on Idaho!

  36. jimron12 2 years ago

    Boom proper Yankee get off to a flyer!!

  37. Johnb 2 years ago

    An inquiry has been called by the stewards as to why Seamie Heffernan hasn’t been stronger in the finish
    Well done stewards, now finish the job and ban him, it’s the only way jockeys will learn

  38. mitchellmack 2 years ago

    Unlucky there Jim, I thought we were going to sneak it at the death.

    On second viewing of the race, I have to agree with you. Heffernan seemed to ease up in the last 100 yards or so.

  39. 2 years ago

    johnb at first glance i thought the jockey on port douglas gave a bad ride ,but listening to fitzy explaining that the jockey eve rtime he hit the horse he was going in on the fav and he was that close to him he could not change the whip to the other hand

    • Johnb 2 years ago

      You don’t have to hit a horse to get a response but it helps, what I am saying is his riding action just wasn’t strong enough,
      Heffernan gave the horse a crack and the horse picked up but the jockey didn’t follow it through as he could easily have been stronger with his arms to push the horse out,

  40. double carpet 2 years ago

    Didnt back Port Douglas (no bet race for me) but if i had id be well p****d off.

    • duncanpoundcake 2 years ago

      That’s a bit mild DC ,not pleased ,was the horse pulled ?

      • Johnb 2 years ago

        As Its been said, it’s the Coolmore way and it’s not the first time that has been speculated
        It’s no good for the punters as the horse was beat, it’s just about what’s right now

        But it is a long inquiry

  41. mitchwilkins 2 years ago

    SkyBet Place Betting

    Both horses to finish in the top 3 –

    3.00 Uttoxeter – Red Admirable
    3.20 NewtonAbbot – Braavos

    £5 returns £31.17

    1 out of 2!
    Not to be today, Braavos battled strongly for 2nd but Red Admirable struggled with his jumping and eventually pulled up.

  42. 2 years ago

    cant believe i didnt put up cannock chase,and ian flemming 17euro on the first and 10 win on the second happy days

    • duncanpoundcake 2 years ago

      Me too plug, regulars know I like to look a horses running from out of the handicap
      No further action from the stewards ,typical

  43. Johnb 2 years ago

    No action taken, so racing loses out again shocking

  44. double carpet 2 years ago

    Disgraceful stuff.

  45. 2 years ago

    dc again with STARCHITECT nice one

    sorry my nap hit every fence and still finished second thats jump racing

    gl all

  46. duncanpoundcake 2 years ago

    As they are talking about Ascot on ruk ,Ice Lord wherever he turns up GL.

  47. peter daryll 2 years ago

    Anyone got any opinion for the 4.55 Chester

    Unlucky Jb

  48. 2 years ago

    jimron same horse as well

    • 2 years ago

      u should be enjoying yrself at chester mate! dont worry about us lot on here!!!

      • 2 years ago

        de niros baby why are you so obsessed with this boz busstop thing .i know he said earlier he was going chester

        do you sit there thinking about boz and myself al day every day its that sad ive started feeling sorry for you

        just explain to everyone like a man why you constantly do this i really dont understand why does it govern your life

        • 2 years ago

          …my apologies mate must have got my wires crossed. enjoy the rest of yr day! well done all winners today guys!

          gl happy days!

          • 2 years ago

            lol like the same mistake you make every single day

            just so childish mate lets act like men and give it a rest now


  49. double carpet 2 years ago

    On tomorrows card the 3.10 race. Can you explain why Ryan Moore is not riding Father Christmas and is on Dartmouth?. Does he get choice?

  50. Johnb 2 years ago

    Seems strange that every stewards report has been published except the 3:10 race

  51. Johnb 2 years ago

    Idaho has been shortened for the Derby
    25/1 still available with two bookies but now as low as 12/1

  52. 2 years ago

    well done de niros cousin

  53. recoba 2 years ago

    Is it just me or is this big thing about stall bias etc that ive been reading about off a few whose knowledge I would never question seem a lot of ROLLICKS? Certainly seems if horse IS good enough it can go round the outside especially if its a small field and win.

  54. recoba 2 years ago

    At Chester ?

  55. Johnb 2 years ago

    Official Stewards Report

    Race 3 – 3:10pm MBNA CHESTER VASE (CLASS 1) (Group 3)
    The Stewards held an enquiry to consider why Seamie Heffernan, the rider of PORT DOUGLAS (IRE), placed second, had appeared to allow his mount to drift off the rail from 2 furlongs out around the bend into the straight to the benefit of the winner, US ARMY RANGER (IRE), ridden by Ryan Moore who got a run up the inside to win by a short head. They interviewed Heffernan and Aidan O’Brien, the trainer. Having heard their evidence and viewed recordings of the race, the Stewards noted the rider’s explanation that his instructions were to make the running as the horse was a staying type who would be suited to front running tactics, and would be running in the race on his own merits. He added that he had stepped up the pace from halfway down the back straight and had always intended to take the middle line to avoid getting his horse unbalanced by “dragging him around the bend”. He therefore gradually came off the rail. He further added that he was unaware of the position of US ARMY RANGER (IRE) when coming off the false rail. The Stewards also noted the trainer’s explanation that he had removed the blinkers for today’s race, as PORT DOUGLAS (IRE) was stepping up ½ a mile in trip and he didn’t want the colt over racing. The trainer further added that his instructions to Heffernan were to make the running if he could and stated that he always leaves it to the rider regarding where to kick for home.

    The Stewards further enquired into Seamie Heffernan’s ride on PORT DOUGLAS (IRE) in the home straight where the colt appeared to be tenderly ridden in the final 100metres. They interviewed the rider and the trainer. They also received a report from the Veterinary Officer who confirmed that there were no post race abnormalities, and observations from the Handicapper. The rider again confirmed his instructions in that as the colt broke well and that he is a staying type, he was quite happy to make the running. The rider further added that the trainer always leaves it to him where to kick in a race. In explaining his ride in the final furlong, the rider stated that he had used his whip twice in his right hand and both times the colt lugged left in towards US ARMY RANGER (IRE). He therefore felt it prudent to put his whip down and to straighten up PORT DOUGLAS (IRE), as if he continued to use his whip he would have interfered with US ARMY RANGER (IRE). He therefore gave a hands and heels ride to the line. When asked about the amount of effort he made in the final 100metres, Heffernan stated that this is his usual style of riding and that, in his opinion, he had obtained the best possible placing. The trainer again confirmed these instructions, stating that he was satisfied that the ride given was in accordance with these instructions. Having heard their evidence and viewed recordings of the race the Stewards noted their explanations.

  56. 2 years ago

    get in there newera

    • 2 years ago

      get in plug mate!!!! just seen result there….thanks once again!

  57. 2 years ago

    boz well done with your nb NEWERA

    dc and jimron with winners on what seems a difficult day

    bad day for me with one to come

    gl all

  58. 2 years ago

    one for tonight 8.10 carlisle ACT OF SUPREMACY 7/2

  59. hamish75 2 years ago

    Dear mr plug ano its got hee haw ti do wi me a fink busstop wis meanin delete the horse no the contact
    The more contacts the better keep them comin buddy well dun ti aw the winners today pleez ktf

    • 2 years ago

      translation plug…..he says he knows it not got anything to do with him but he says the fella who griefed u meant delete the horse not yr contact..says more contacts the better and keep them coming pal

      hope that helped plug ?

  60. double carpet 2 years ago

    Well done jimron plug boz and anyone ive missed.

  61. 2 years ago

    well my NB WON to save my day so off for a pint

    gl all

  62. de niro 2 years ago

    Clonmel 7-30 (1 point on each to win)

    Carridadi 11/1 stan james
    Bobskier 25/1 bet 365

  63. Johnb 2 years ago

    Galileo Gold will not run in the Derby after tests revealed he wouldn’t stay the 1m 4f distance,

    Equinome tests – from the scientists at University College Dublin reavealed what I think some people knew already,
    What happened to good old fashioned using your judgement, this just underlines what I have said about Hugo Palmer all along, the man knows very little to be relying on scientists,
    Although I would agree with them as I was never convinced Galileo Gold would get the 1m 4f
    I even think Minding will struggle over that distance which is great for So Mi Dar

    I wonder what these scientists would have said about Golden Horn last year as the vast majority of people said he wouldn’t get the distance

    • Johnb 2 years ago

      Sorry the tests said Galileo Gold had a 1% chance of staying 1m 4f

      • alex 2 years ago

        JohnB it’s actually less than 1% but who is splitting horse hairs…

        “Palmer told his Betfair blog: ” Nobody who witnessed the speed and power of Galileo Gold winning the 2000 Guineas will be surprised to learn that the result of his Equinome tests – from the scientists at University College Dublin – is what they call a ‘CC’.”

        He went on: ” This means that there is a less than one per cent chance of his optimum trip being a mile and a half and therefore, having consulted with Harry Herbert and Sheikh Joaan (of Al Shaqab Racing), I can reveal that the horse will not be running in the Derby.

        ” In many ways this is a relief, as if the results had come back a ‘CT’ then we may have faced a dilemma.

        ” Our priority is now to cement his position as a superstar miler and, all being well, we will now run in the Irish 2,000 Guineas, and hopefully then on to the St James’ Palace Stakes at Royal Ascot.

        “I can honestly say that I have never had a horse take a race so well as he has his Newmarket run. He has literally lost no weight, hasn’t left an oat, and looks a trillion dollars.”

        The victory was a landmark achievement for Palmer in claiming a first British Classic winner, and one he feels has helped calm any early-season nerves.

        He said: “I’ve been absolutely blown away by the support and the messages of congratulations, I still have over 150 messages that I’ve got to get back to but I will get through them all.

        “It is extremely exciting and hugely important for the yard when it has grown so significantly. It has settled a lot of nerves and no one can say in this early part of the season the yard can’t take the growth it has had.

        “For me and my team it is magic to have such a lovely group of horses at the end of the day.”

    • lobwedge 2 years ago

      That’s a good point JB, however I think Golden Horn had much more of a chance of getting the trip than Galileo Gold has.

      • Johnb 2 years ago

        lobwedge very few people thought Golden Horn would stay 1m 4f and majority of experts were saying no chance on breeding although I kept saying he would

    • elvis parsley 2 years ago

      It did help that last year’s 3 year old opposition to golden horn were average, and that’s being kind…

      • Johnb 2 years ago

        Won the Arc as well though

        • lobwedge 2 years ago

          And he just didn’t win it, his performance and the ride from Dettori was superb. Not that I was on him, my Treve slips have long since been recycled!

  64. blaxi263 2 years ago

    Hi John you putting tips up tonight or tomorrow morning?

  65. 2 years ago

    Johnb very unlucky with nap today, good write up about 3.10 race on bbc sport website, nse mind bud

  66. alex 2 years ago

    JohnB- really feeling Dartmouth tomorrow go on tip it.

  67. Johnb 2 years ago

    May 9.625 points down

    Friday’s Tips

    Elidor 14/1 NB racebets

    Sarmadee 9/2 NAP bet365

    Elidor & Sarmadee 92.5/1 bet365

    Racebets still no odds for Nottingham so advising bet365 odds

    • jimron12 2 years ago

      You know best !!

      • alex 2 years ago

        Elidor will have to step up for this John. I’m going to stick with Dartmouth, goes on the ground, fit and has a turn of pace. Best of luck.

  68. kingkris 2 years ago

    20 on your nap , 10 on your nb and 5 on the double come on jb !!

  69. lobwedge 2 years ago

    So it’s either Leopardstown or York for Idaho. 16’s is the best price now.

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