JOHNB had a 10-3 winner on Monday and came so close to a bumper double only for the nap to be beaten by a head.

There was a 10p rule 4 on Monday's winner and a non runner so for five points staked it was a return of 4 points. May so far 6.20 points profit.

Tuesdays Tip

Catterick 7:30

Finn Class 7/2 NAP/NB paddy power (double stake)

  1. Steveo 3 years ago


  2. Iwan D 3 years ago


  3. Denzel 3 years ago

    Waddingtown hero 2:30 6/4
    Puzzle time 4:20 7/2
    Carrigmorna king 6:50 6/4

  4. Winner@lrite 3 years ago

    Boom close short head 3rd

  5. NKAnonSureTips 3 years ago

    3.50 Trader Jack

    Bird sing last week that horse primed and ready. Told race would be winnable company and now the day it comes here, it should win race such like this but it has record quite poor reading for now. Word maybe be spread 25/1 short lived now 14, 12 or 10.

  6. Big T 3 years ago

    Nap – Extrasolar 4.50 Brighton 9/2
    Nb – Vedettariat 7.40 Ballinrobe 11/10

    Singles and a wee double @ 11.5/1


  7. Dariusz 3 years ago

    Nap: 7.10 Ballinrobe – Deano 7/1
    NB: 3.40 Sedgefield – Imperial Vic 6/1

    Great value on the nap, price is sure to drop.

  8. davyb 3 years ago

    dynamo 210 s mr eve 250 b pyjama game 310 s tears of the sun 420 b

  9. The Postman 3 years ago

    4:30 Fakenham – Queen Spud (NAP) 2/1
    5:25 Brighton – Polydamos (NB) 11/2
    7:20 Exeter – Houston Dynamo (Each Way) 6/1

  10. johnb 3 years ago

    10p rule 4 on mondays winner and a non runner so for 5 points staked it was a return of 4 points

    May so far 6.20 points profit

    Tuesdays Tip


    Finn Class 7/2 NAP/NB paddy power (double stake)

  11. Alex 3 years ago

    Great to see that the only horse I backed is in the same race as JB’s Nap! I went with Conry last night at 9/2 :/

  12. jimmybeee 3 years ago

    Nice rev fcast alex
    Good luck today

  13. Clem 3 years ago

    Hi guys

    Tears of the sun 4.20 Brighton 5/1

    Good luck

  14. Yovan 3 years ago

    Very interesting NAP JohnB. All of the betting Twitter is on Conry, on the racing forums Conry…and then double stake from you on Finn Class. Very confusing…

  15. Mr H 3 years ago

    19:30 catterick.
    Lockedoutofheaven 25/1 hills
    Great each way chance

  16. Blackwidow 3 years ago

    De,Nero. Yi,ha

  17. AndrewC 3 years ago

    Finn Class now a n/r @(

  18. Clem 3 years ago

    2.00 fakenham,Luddsdenene is drop in class,didn’t run well last time,but this is poor race worth risk I think at 7/2…

  19. Steve 3 years ago

    I think today’s hard but one that might have a chance is BENNELONG 5.25 and 8/1 GL

  20. Sean567 3 years ago

    Finn class nr

  21. Alex 3 years ago

    :) :P :D no conflict now!

  22. Yovan 3 years ago

    I don’t think Finn Class had chance today, on the soft ground.

  23. Yovan 3 years ago

    Rusty Rocket C 8:30, 3/1. just loves soft ground.

  24. jimmybeee 3 years ago

    Ginzan 4.50 brighton.
    Loves this track 11/4 nap

  25. tbone 3 years ago

    so i opened a seaniemac account and won 400 and now they are not letting me place anymore bets due to trade restrictions, complete farce, i only just joined them yesterday

    • Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      tbone, seaniemac and boylesports possibly share customer info. You may have been flagged up and then to win £400 right away – they don’t want you. Someone will take your business though.

  26. Kev 3 years ago

    Can u not just use ladbrokes tbone haha

  27. Cam 3 years ago

    Puzzle time 4/1 4.20 brighton

    Pyjama game 7/4 3.10 sedge

    double 12.75


  28. Kev 3 years ago

    Nk sure tips thanks for the shout on trader jack. Saw it 11/2 now!

  29. tbone 3 years ago

    mrfixit £400 to a bookie is nothing, theres a very high chance they will win it back off me plus more, i have lost a lot and won a lot on various other sites and never had this issue, im due a free bet from them aswell but doubt i will see that, frustrating as i liked their racing specials a lot

    ill be going back to skybet, they are by far the best betting site, fastest website, best customer service.

    • Iwan D 3 years ago

      tbone any tips???

    • Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      tbone, it’s not the £400 they’re concerned about – it’s you they fear and what you might do in the future. Best bet is as you say find a bookie who will take your business.

  30. double carpet 3 years ago

    Morning all

    Going for a bit of deja vu today with 3 that won the same races last year.

    QUEEN SPUD 4.30 fakenham
    CONRY 7.30 catterick
    BOONA ROOGETA 4.20 brighton
    Also POLYDAMOS 5.25 brighton

    Best of luck to all

  31. Marco 3 years ago

    I am worried about the 4:20 I have done Puzzle Time but as some of you maybe aware Andrew Baldings horse let me down for 6k last week and £400 on Sunday so I am currently not a fan of his, however he fancies his alot today here are the 2 I fancy in the race Trainers thoughts…

    Elbereth ran very flat last time so we’ve given her a break and she’s freshened up nicely. I think this ground will suit her well and off a mark of 80 I think she’s well handicapped and will have a great chance.

    Puzzle Time ran a cracker last time and she should be very competitive again here. I’d prefer it if this was going the other way around as I do think she’s better going right handed, but with Hughsie in the saddle hopefully that will compensate and she ought to be able to figure.

    Whatever I do I will get it wrong no doubt…

  32. De Niro 3 years ago

    0.5 points down

    Brighton 14-50
    Chavalier 11/10
    Brighton 16-20
    Special Miss 16/1

    1 point win double on above sky bet betfred

    Brighton 16-50
    Dreams of Glory 6/1 2 point win bet Coral Bet Fred

    3 points staked in total

    Good Luck everyone today

  33. Tempest 3 years ago

    JohnB Finn Class is a non-runner unfortunately. Thanks for your tips mate…

  34. Duncan Poundcake 3 years ago

    7.30 Cat DR RED EYE e/w 8/1 GL

  35. BigDazza 3 years ago

    410 Our Boy Ben 7/4
    820 Braavos 6/5
    £30 double

    420 Tears Of The Sun 15/2

    240 Major Ivan 5/6
    330 Morning Reggie 8/15
    550 Sternrubin 4/7
    3 x £25 Doubles
    1 x £15 Treble

    £150 total stake

    GL All

  36. Acelightning 3 years ago

    4.30 Fakenham Queen Spud 7/4
    4.50 Brighton Ginzan 5/2

  37. WESLEY WEST 3 years ago

    Any other fancies today Johnb now that Finn class is a NR?

  38. WESLEY WEST 3 years ago

    NAP: 3:50 Brighton- flipping 15/8
    NB: 2:30 Fakenham waddingtown hero 11/8

  39. Clem 3 years ago

    Both of my pick on the diff not a good sign…

  40. Marco 3 years ago

    Having a little go on Bison Grass each way at 20/1 Brighton 3:50

  41. Duncan Poundcake 3 years ago

    Also having a bit on Bailey’s en Premier at Brighton glook

  42. double carpet 3 years ago

    One more from me HARRY BOSCH 16/1 EW 3.50

    Won a class 4 off 77 over a mile on this day last year and today runs in a class 6 off 53

  43. Clem 3 years ago

    Sorry guys got that wrong,think betting told race 7/2 out to 9/1…

  44. mark k 3 years ago

    Forecast 2.40 sharp rise 1st major ivan 2nd 5/1 bet365

  45. Rorywhite91 3 years ago

    John bs tip a non runner ?

  46. mark r 3 years ago

    Forecast 2.40 sharp rise 1st major ivan 2nd 5/1 bet375

  47. mark k 3 years ago

    Get in there anyone get on

  48. upswing 3 years ago

    well done mark r

  49. mark r 3 years ago

    Pyjama games 3.10 sedgefield 11/4 be365

  50. Solskjaer 3 years ago

    Houndscourt 3:40 Sedgefield 6/1 (NAP)
    Shwaiman 3:00 Fakenham 6/4 NB

    Double on NAP to place and NB to win is 4/1


  51. Cam 3 years ago

    Wow what a terrible run from pyjama

  52. Mick 3 years ago

    Well done Solskjaer……….6/1 winner

  53. Clem 3 years ago

    Nice nap solskjaer good price

  54. Robman 3 years ago

    Great tip nkanon, primed and ready lol comes last and dosent stay the trip. Solid

  55. MindCircles 3 years ago

    Great shout DC Harry Bosch 3rd

  56. Wmcg1978noob 3 years ago

    Cheers DC, had a few quid each way on that

    Well done

  57. rensen 3 years ago

    4.20PM Brighton Lady Marl 15/2 E/W 3 places 1/5 odds

  58. Griff 3 years ago

    Right on dc.. Well done mate. Got it in double, hope other one comes up

  59. Ace 3 years ago

    cant see your 16/1 shot coming in de niro but good luck with it

  60. BigDazza 3 years ago

    Boom our boy ben gets the double off to a flyer.

  61. double carpet 3 years ago

    Cheers guys. Didnt get to see the race was on collecting duties but glad it placed

  62. BigDazza 3 years ago

    TEARS OF THE SUN!!!!!!

  63. double carpet 3 years ago

    great shout well done

  64. double carpet 3 years ago

    Big Dazza too well done

  65. Clem 3 years ago

    Cheers DC good diff for once…

  66. Clem 3 years ago

    Niceone DC

  67. Alves 3 years ago

    18.00 Spirit of Wedza

    19.00 Mistymoistymorning

    Double pays 9.45 @Betvictor

  68. double carpet 3 years ago

    Winners flowing now guys. Cant believe QUEEN SPUD returned 5/2 happy days

  69. The Postman 3 years ago

    Time for the real ‘Polydamos’ to put it’s best foot forward. (although there has not been a shilling for it all day)

  70. Alanm 3 years ago

    One from Vegas Secret Cause 11/2 6.00 Catterick
    Good luck guys

  71. double carpet 3 years ago

    Absolute pig. Thats him firmly struck off my lists

  72. De Niro 3 years ago

    3.5 points down going into the eve racing

    19-00 Catterick
    Our Time Will come 3/1 2 points win Boylesports/StanJ

    Politbureau 9/2 1 point win Sky Bet/ Stan James

    1 point win double also on above

    4 points staked

  73. Denzel 3 years ago

    Carrigmorna King 6:50 C’mon RJ

  74. jimmybeee 3 years ago

    Ginzan brings home the nap 3/1
    Good luck tonight people.

  75. Lord Clegg 3 years ago

    Picking horses aint my strong point but when I see Gibbons is on Old Man Clegg in the 7.30- a 5/1 shot it has to be backed.

  76. Duncan Poundcake 3 years ago

    7.30 Catterick ,I’ve gone through the race again now it is soft ,I expect Dr Red Eye to jump out grab the rail and lead ,will anything catch him ,the obvious one is Conry but not a good draw IMO ,I’ll put a line through anything drawn higher than the fav ,D Tudhope goes there for one ride so I’d expect a big run so 2,10,12 for f/casts and tricasts ,
    Let’s see how wrong I’ve got this one GL.

  77. Leewoody 3 years ago

    Catterick 7:30 OLD MAN CLEGG 5/1

  78. TheHawk 3 years ago

    Draw should make no difference at Catterick tonight on soft ground they will probably come down middle of track.

  79. Kev 3 years ago

    Nice start deniro ;)

  80. Mick 3 years ago

    8.00 cat UNDERWRITTEN deffo place if not the win 6.1 much bigger 1st thing this morning due a good run

  81. NAGMAN 3 years ago

    7.20 DREAM DEAL 9/2

  82. Martin 3 years ago

    Waiting on Conry for a trixie, comr on!

  83. NAGMAN 3 years ago

    7.30 CONRY 15/8

    Plus the double

  84. Leewoody 3 years ago

    Thanks de Niro :) also got it doubled with old man clegg

  85. Acelightning 3 years ago

    Conry for a treble too ;)

  86. NAGMAN 3 years ago

    Wow apalling run from Dream Deal, did not expect that

  87. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    8:30 Catt – ORIENT CLASS. 10/3…..NAP

  88. martin 3 years ago

    Conry drifting badly.

  89. martin 3 years ago

    Conry nowhere coming out the stalls.

  90. Duncan Poundcake 3 years ago

    Completely wrong, Sorry ,back to the drawing board GL.

  91. scotty 3 years ago

    Well done mick, had a few quid on that at 17/2

  92. Mick 3 years ago

    Hope u got on it boys was expecting a big run and got 1 at a big 8.1

  93. NAGMAN 3 years ago

    Right last two

    8.20 AIR HORSE ONE 13/2 E/W
    8.30 WINDFORPOWER 5/1 E/W

    Singles and each way double

  94. NAGMAN 3 years ago

    Good job Mick

  95. dave_bb 3 years ago

    Cheers Mick – smiling at the end of the day – got 9/1

  96. Napper valley 3 years ago

    Little punt on Eland ally in the last.

    Hoping that the fro in weights and the rise of its two appeasing horses will reverse the form.

    12/1 looks like value if it does the business.

    Well done to the winners today, not checked but I’m assuming there will have been a fair few.

  97. johnb 3 years ago

    Wednesdays Tips

    Silver Wings 11/4 NAP bet365 hills

    Diamondsandrubies 9/4 NB skybet

    Goring 10/3 betvictor hills

    Silver Wings & Diamondsandrubies 10.25/1 bet365 hills

  98. upswing 3 years ago

    nice nagman, air horse one

  99. NAGMAN 3 years ago

    8.20 AIR HORSE ONE 13/2 E/W **WIN**

  100. NAGMAN 3 years ago

    So close for the double, nabbed 2nd though

  101. upswing 3 years ago

    well done great tipping!

  102. BigDazza 3 years ago

    First day tipping on here

    £150 staked. £174.00 returned

    Profit 1/1 days

  103. BigDazza 3 years ago

    Hoping its the start of something

  104. Jonnyric 3 years ago

    Well done BigDazza , noted and here’s hoping

  105. BigDazza 3 years ago

    Never expect anyone to follow. Just sharing my bets for interest

  106. deekster 3 years ago

    On Johnb trixie plus my own
    Callmenewtown 5:30u 7/2(nap)
    Dutiful Son 6:15C 3/1(nb)
    Flying Bear 9:15C 2/1

  107. John 3 years ago

    Anyone have any tips for the Chester Cup tomorrow at 3.10pm?

    Quick Jack and Zafayan seem to be the favourites for this.

    4 places up for grabs though.

  108. davyb 3 years ago

    wed clear praise 230 bri quick jack 310 ch world record 445 bri normal equilibrium 455 ch

  109. robbo 3 years ago


  110. Bun west 3 years ago

    3.10 Chester famous kid 15-1. Small punt each way. Being a local lad I will be in Chester tomorrow, usually a very difficult days racing.

  111. double carpet 3 years ago

    The horse ive already backed for it is MUMBURASA 14/1 EW.
    This horse started fav for the race last year but finished 4th but the horses that were ahead of him that day are up in weight but he is on the same mark as last year. This race has been his target and had a run out at chelmsford to get him ready. Whether he is quite good enough to beat the 2 irish runners remains to be seen but at the price and the weight difference hes got to be in with a very decent ew shout.

  112. Rookie 3 years ago

    Hi john
    A trip to paris looks good. Also ellison runners seem to be in decent form so i may split it with buthelezi.

  113. double carpet 3 years ago

    4 different answers to your question. Just goes to show how difficult this game can be and i bet you wish you hadnt asked now !!

  114. Rookie 3 years ago

    16.10 bri Goring 10/3
    17.15 bri whitecrest 9/4
    19.15 che savoy showgirl 7/1
    18.45 che god willing 5/1

  115. Acelightning 3 years ago

    I’m on famous kid for that badboy

  116. ACCA BACKER 3 years ago

    Stone of folca 3/1 ladbrokes NAP 2.30 Brighton
    Arctic Lynx 11/4 paddy power NB 21.15 Chelmsford

  117. Rookie 3 years ago

    Fahey has a lot of runners over the next couple of days. The only ones i shall dabble with are lexi’s hero and modernism

  118. Rookie 3 years ago

    Simon dow has just the one at brighton tomorrow. stil unsure as to whether this is significant or not!

  119. Rookie 3 years ago

    Nope. Birdie queen!

  120. double carpet 3 years ago

    NAP ROY ROCKET 2/1 3.35 brighton
    NB STONE OF FOLCA 3/1 2.30 brighton
    and adding johns NAP/NB for a decent looking L15
    EW MUMBURASA 14/1 3.10 chester

    And thats me till the evening meetings. Busy tomorrow but be back early afternoon

    Best of luck to all

  121. double carpet 3 years ago

    It could be rookie. won it last year and is 7lbs lower with claimer this year but the way STONE OF FOLCA ran lto to be just pipped by RUFFORD is imo far better form than anything in the race so if he can reproduce that he should take all the beating

  122. Rookie 3 years ago

    Yea too true its just that johnb said brighton is where course form really matters and we know birdie quenn likes the track but stone of folca is yet to race there.

  123. Rookie 3 years ago

    I prefer goring to johnbs nb. as worthy a favourite it is i cant ignore dettori/gosden or bell’s runner.

  124. double carpet 3 years ago

    Wouldnt put you off them but O BRIEN has a decent record in the race and should know what it takes to win it would be my main reason for going with him again

  125. double carpet 3 years ago

    Rethinking about STONE OF FOLCA as ive just checked the weather report and rain is expected so wont suit him unless its good to firm. Will wait on that one.

  126. John 3 years ago

    Thanks for all the replies for Chester Cup tomorrow. Need to get my thinking cap on! Lol.

  127. jimmybeee 3 years ago

    Good luck today guys
    Staying with horses for courses
    Roys Rocket 3.35 Brigh nap

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