JOHNB saved his best for last on Saturday with an 8-1 winner thanks to Meshardal's storming run at Doncaster.

That earned a profit of 3.2 points due to a rule four and took his profit for May so far to 10.20 points.

JohnB says: “I dont normally tip the same horse two times in a row but on Saturday it was the third time in three races I had tipped Meshardal who must now be one of our favourite horses on the racing thread.

“Although I didn't tip Gallant Oscar on Saturday I was happy to see the horse win after he was finally allowed to run after I tipped him for the Grand National and the Scottish National but didn't run in either.”

Sunday's Tips

Newmarket 2:25
Fintry 13/8 NAP bet365

Salisbury 4.20
Forest Maiden 4/1 NB bet365

Fintry and Forest Maiden 12.13/1 bet365


  1. john 3 years ago

    outsider 100/1

  2. marc 3 years ago


  3. The Postman 3 years ago


  4. WN 3 years ago

    Bad break cost me.

  5. winnerallright 3 years ago

    American Pharoah for the triple crown. stall 18 and won nicely. has to have a big big chance

  6. WN 3 years ago

    Trifecta paid 101! Immense.

  7. The Postman 3 years ago



    ‘FROSTED’ @ 14/1

    Bet365 paid 4 places

  8. johnb 3 years ago

    I dont normally tip the same horse two times in a row but on saturday it was the third time in three races i had tipped Meshardal who must now be one of our favourite horses on the racing thread

    Meshardal was tipped at 8/1 but there was a 10p rule 4 meaning saturdays profit was 3.20 points

    May so far 10.20 points profit

    Sundays Tips


    Fintry 13/8 NAP bet365


    Forest Maiden 4/1 NB bet365

    Fintry & Forest Maiden 12.13/1 bet365

    Although i didnt tip Gallant Oscar on saturday i was happy to see the horse win after he was finally allowed to run after i tipped him for the Grand National & the Scottish National but didnt run in either

    Odds on sundays horses might be bigger elsewhere but i can only get on bet365 because of poor internet

  9. robbo 3 years ago

    hi guys had a great day at the punchestown races 4 winners and alsao had gleneagles so profit all round hope some of you backed nina on josies order some jockey,i fancy versilia gal 3.30 sligo one of only two c/d winners in the line up will love the soft ground ,only beaten about half a length last time got going to late hes around 3/1 7/2

  10. robbo 3 years ago

    sorry guys one of 3 c/d winners in the line up ,its a bit early in the morning for me

  11. Recoba 3 years ago

    Up watching two guys throwing L&Rs an to no avail :|
    Bets on an some sleeps for a real lazy Sunday afternoon. Good weather for it in e West of :/

    Missed Johns 82 tae pre occupied was getting the fight on :(

  12. Recoba 3 years ago

    *81. Shattered an when I wake here’s hoping my account balance is healthier ;)

  13. Nicola 3 years ago

    Morning all
    Rookie, Meehan’s Agent Murphy is an early non runner in today’s 1:50 @NM

  14. ian Forbes 3 years ago

    put on jonyb horses two ingles and a double 13/8 for fintry and forest maiden 7/2

  15. davyb 3 years ago

    bell d or 2.25 nm blaine 3.00 nm purple rock 3.15 sal muqtaser 5.25 nm

  16. Duncan Poundcake 3 years ago

    Because I am completely stupid I’ll have a go at probably the hardest race of the day 22 runner 6f handicap .Eastern Impact 16/1 and Accession 20/1 both 20/80 ,going to look stupid again if I’ve got the draw wrong GL.

  17. Clem 3 years ago

    Hi guys

    Secretinthepark 3.00 new 12/1 e.w

  18. upswing 3 years ago

    well done with balty boys yesterday davyb

  19. Bun west 3 years ago

    2.45 Hamilton. Arimist 6/1

  20. KOI 3 years ago

    Bragging today for me good luck all.
    good luck johnb today, well done yesterday nice profit.
    good start to the month long may it continue…..

  21. robbo 3 years ago

    johnb what do you think of ralphy lad today 3-20 ham

  22. Eye on the prize 3 years ago

    Linda perrat had 3 from 3 at Musselburgh on Friday after having a couple if winners at Ayr last week . Only one runner at Hamilton today and although it’s the 33/1 outsider it must be worth a dabble eachway given the stable form
    245 Hamilton stentorian 33/1 ew

  23. NAGMAN 3 years ago

    Forgot to mentioned my NAP is OSAILA

  24. NAGMAN 3 years ago

    Forgot to mentioned my NAP is OSAILA

  25. The Postman 3 years ago

    I am informed that it is drizzling at Newmarket but set to clear up in the next hour, I very much doubt what rain they have had will change to course going from Good to Firm.

    Going for a couple of John Gosden horses today.

    Jellicle Ball in the 3:40 (each way)

    Jazzy Top in the 4:50 (NAP)

  26. Alex 3 years ago

    I am already on Global Force in the 5:25 so I will have a go at the 3pm for some interest. Just for Dougie I will be on Shore Step 16/1 E/W.

  27. Winner@lrite 3 years ago

    Can’t believe I missed the Hayley turner winner yesterday 20/1 for Hannon sickined I am sickined

  28. ew thief 3 years ago

    URAMAZIN 2.05S
    ZANETTO 3.00N

  29. NAGMAN 3 years ago

    Not sure what was going on earlier but it wouldn’t let me post properly.

    Spending some the Mayweather winnings today

    Win singles and E/W Yankee on the below –

    1.50 ASTRONEREUS 6/1
    3.40 OSAILA 8/1 NAP
    2.05 SPECTATOR 9/2
    2.45 ARAMIST 9/2

    Agree with Duncan on Eastern Impact.

    Also doing JB NAP doubled with Raal’s Nantes vs PSG BTTS

  30. swany 3 years ago

    Long 1-00 Feyzabad 4/7

    Ken 1-05 Black Tractor 8/13

    Sligo 4-05 Edelpour 8/11

    treble pays over 3/1

  31. johnb 3 years ago

    Robbo i did look at Ralphy Lad but thought Silver Duke was the one to beat but because Fergal Lynch is riding its not worth taking a chance

  32. jim burnside 3 years ago

    Jonb or anyone else on thread am of to down royal tmoro has anyone got any fancys fr the meeting. Any knowledge is betr than none.

  33. De Niro 3 years ago

    19 points down

    14-05 Salisbury
    William of Orange 5/2
    14-25 Newmarket
    Fintry 7/4
    15-20 Hamilton
    Ralphy Lad 15/8
    16-20 Salisbury
    Forest Maiden 3/1

    1 point acca pays 109.68/1
    2 point win double Fintry & William of Orange pays 8.62/1

    3 points staked

    Good luck to everyone today

  34. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    WATERLOO DOCK – 4:55 s…….NAP. 4/1
    ROYAL CONNISSOUIR – 2:10….NB 7/2

  35. deekster 3 years ago

    Fintry currently 15/8 with bet365 enhanced odds.

  36. dougiec 3 years ago

    Duncan you might be mad like the rest of us trying for the winner of the 3.00.You may be right about the draw so I will have one from each side
    I read an article about horses,doing their stuff after the Craven meeting,icluding Fadhayyil and Irish Rookie and Ive backed both
    EW..BARON RUN 2.10 Hamilton
    As they say ” The road to a friend is never long”

  37. RobRoy 3 years ago

    Dougie, have gone for Suzis Connoisseur first 4 places at 4/1 in the 3pm

  38. dougiec 3 years ago

    Swany Ive done your first 2 and stuck Wotnot 1.35 at 10/1 for the treble for play money

  39. dougiec 3 years ago

    Robroy,new stable,from Hugo Palmers,first time up for G Baker,not without a chance. Id rather stick £5 on the nose at 20/1,Christ knows what the bookies mark up will be.Best of luck.

  40. swany 3 years ago

    2 up 1 tae come for both Dougie,good luck mate.

  41. swany 3 years ago

    Ham 1-40 Economic Crisis ew

    Ham 4-30 Skiddaw Valleys nap

  42. robbo 3 years ago

    cheeres for that johnb

  43. NAGMAN 3 years ago

    Did both your early ones for the double Swany, great job mate

  44. NAGMAN 3 years ago

    1.50 ASTRONEREUS 6/1 *WIN*

  45. Thespecialone 3 years ago

    Well in nag man on your tip for the 1000 backed it when it won last out here’s to hoping gl pal

  46. Big gee 3 years ago

    4.15 Newmarket DEHBAN Win bet

  47. tommy400 3 years ago

    Redstart ew and local time and osaila in rfs for the guineas today best of luck to all

  48. swany 3 years ago

    Well done NAGMAN,great start

  49. NAGMAN 3 years ago

    Thanks guys. Shame about SPECTATOR, looked to be in with a chance then just dropped out instantly

  50. dougiec 3 years ago

    Smashing pick Nagman Amanda Perrett again after yesterdays winner starting show her ggs are ready,.Great price.Silver Star material!!

  51. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    Well done nagman great stuff

  52. Duncan Poundcake 3 years ago

    Well done KOI bragging rights to you

  53. Hamish75 3 years ago

    Braggin rights fir koi well done mate nagman gud winner n swany 2 up wan ti go awra best boys ktf

  54. KOI 3 years ago

    Thanks guys .
    nice to give something back!
    gluk all with the rest of the day!

  55. Rookie 3 years ago

    17.25 New Murgan 8/1 e/w

  56. NAGMAN 3 years ago

    2.45 ARAMIST 9/2 *WIN*

  57. swany 3 years ago

    2.45 ARAMIST 9/2 *WIN*

  58. Kev 3 years ago

    Nice 2/3 so far nag man ;) fingers crossed for the last one! Same with you swanny!! :)

  59. NAGMAN 3 years ago

    Thanks Kev, I had the most hope for OSAILA at the start of the day so fingers crossed!

    Have had a small stake on both EASTERN IMPACT & HUNYSMANS CLOSE in the 3.00 for an interest

  60. swany 3 years ago

    nice doub NAGMAN,cheers kev,keep em crossed

  61. Duncan Poundcake 3 years ago

    Well in Nagmam again and Bun

  62. Alex 3 years ago

    Decided to take another runner in the bookies benefits race. Gone Huntsmen cover bet 4 places 8-1. Feasting off Money Mayweather’s win money. DC wake up fella :)

  63. Alex 3 years ago

    Some form Nagman, nice one!

  64. NAGMAN 3 years ago

    Mayweather points at Evens was bet of the century, huge price.

    He always says if you bet on him its guaranteed money and so far he hasn’t been proven wrong haha

  65. Kev 3 years ago

    I’m £10 on the treble swanny so I will keep em crossed.

  66. Duncan Poundcake 3 years ago

    Waiting on Havisham 3.50 for a place trbl with Kleo and William of Orange probably be 2nd ,Huntsman Close was the last one I discarded to leave the 2 posted earlier GL.

  67. Duncan Poundcake 3 years ago

    Well done Nagman f/cast ?

  68. NAGMAN 3 years ago

    Well how about that?!! Got the 1-2 in a 50p reverse forecast too!

  69. NAGMAN 3 years ago

    Have had a small stake on both EASTERN IMPACT & HUNYSMANS CLOSE in the 3.00 for an interest *WIN*

  70. Kev 3 years ago

    Great shout Duncan

  71. Nicola 3 years ago

    Eastern Impact and Huntsman close in doubles with Osaila and Legatissimo.
    Come on! Cheers NAGMAN.
    Fingers crossed

  72. Duncan Poundcake 3 years ago

    3rd did me for 10p tricast ,always complaining about what could have been

  73. St 3 years ago

    Thank guys eastern impact

  74. Bun west 3 years ago

    Nap won advised 6-1. Little bit of money for the horse into 9/2. Happy days winner is a winner

  75. dougiec 3 years ago

    Some IMPACT Duncan well done should have jumped on !! GOLD STAR!!

  76. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    MAXWELL 3:15 Salisbury

  77. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    Typical I tipped maxwell to win the 3:15 at Salisbury but it was under moderation!!

  78. swany 3 years ago

    Well done Duncan

  79. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    Do what you wish with this info! My reliable friend has just rang me and told me to back LEGATISSIMO in the 3:40.

  80. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    People are saying the trip will be too sharp for him, this is wrong!!!! He’ll get it!!!!

  81. Duncan Poundcake 3 years ago

    Just for interest I’m with Dougie and Hannagan e/w.

  82. NAGMAN 3 years ago

    Given how the Swinbank/Fallon combo is going today done two small singles and small double on

    4.30 SKIDDAW VALLEY 6/1 – Swanys NAP and popped up on my tracker this morning after run LTO

    5.05 DANCIN ALPHA 11/4

  83. Kev 3 years ago

    Johnny it’s Sunday relax :P

  84. Jonnyric 3 years ago

    Well done Bun , got in a double with johns next one so here’s hoping

  85. Kev 3 years ago

    Just messing. I’ll be on your tip :)

  86. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    I’m fine kev

  87. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    No pressure then kev!!

  88. Alex 3 years ago

    Jonny0902-great info, spanked the bookies with that one mate thanks! 13-2!

  89. Kev 3 years ago

    Never in doubt jonny ;)

  90. NAGMAN 3 years ago

    Thanks Johnny, chucked a few bob on Legattismo

  91. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    Get in!!!! I’m shaking haha

  92. PA 3 years ago

    Now that was a belter Jonny! Cheers

  93. wooooohooooo 3 years ago

    Jonny 0902 thank you…
    A generous gesture to pass on your info…
    Lovely touch me…
    Wooooohooooo. …

  94. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    Glad you got on lads

  95. NAGMAN 3 years ago

    Brilliant day for the thread hey.

    3.50 FABRICATE 5/2

  96. Duncan Poundcake 3 years ago

    Well done Johnny ,winners all over the thread today .

  97. Nicola 3 years ago



    2nd Double


  98. Ace 3 years ago

    another losing day for me

  99. NAGMAN 3 years ago

    NAP ends up being my worst bet of the day, typical lol

  100. NAGMAN 3 years ago

    3.50 FABRICATE 5/2 *WIN*

  101. dougiec 3 years ago

    Johnny,thanks from the thread for putting forwardLegatissimo,not on myself,but connections and yourself knew it wouldn’t be too quick for her Well done.

  102. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    No problem dougie thanks

  103. NAGMAN 3 years ago

    Just so you guys know when I get a couple of winners I will pick a few more horses for the night. I know not everyone likes lots of tips being posted but I never chase losses.

    I tend to have winning days and losing days so try to make most of winning days.

    4.15 – CARRINGTON 7/1 E/W

  104. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    AGE OF EMPIRE 4:15 Newmarket each way 14/1

  105. dougiec 3 years ago

    Profit the name Well done Swany with you treble Three bronze stars making One Gold Star 3-3

  106. Kev 3 years ago

    Well done swanny :)

  107. Hamish75 3 years ago

    Johny legatissimo whoever put up eastern promise pure dead brill cheers fir the tbl swany hope av no missed anyone ktf

  108. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    Well done swanny mate the winners keep coming

  109. Hamish75 3 years ago

    Nicola had a gud dbl n the bun posts a 6-1 winner jist wish ye wud change yer avatar bun well dun ktf

  110. Duncan Poundcake 3 years ago

    Well done Swany

  111. davyb 3 years ago

    poor day by me well done to all that picked winners

  112. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    Had word for MALEFICENT QUEEN 4:30 Hamilton, gonna hav a small bet on it myself gl

  113. Nicola 3 years ago

    Tar very much Hamish.

  114. Ace 3 years ago

    just beat john

  115. Ace 3 years ago

    almost got me out of jail jonny

  116. Hamish75 3 years ago

    U luk as if ye need ti shave nicola ktf

  117. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    Sooo close, had it each way so still nice profit

  118. Ace 3 years ago

    whats your nap jonny

  119. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    Sorry ace I should of stated each way with it being 14’s, I was told it was good enough to win and it nearly was, I’m hoping for my nap now!

  120. alanm 3 years ago

    One from Vegas Jezzi top 4.50 Newmarket hope all you guys are bashing them bookies

  121. swany 3 years ago

    Cheers guys

  122. Kev 3 years ago

    Waterloo Dock ace

  123. Ace 3 years ago

    cheers 7/1 now from 9/2

  124. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    Cheers kev it wouldn’t let me reply

  125. Nicola 3 years ago

    Will do Hamish

  126. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    Anarchist is a huge price in 4:50

  127. NAGMAN 3 years ago

    Anarchist is a huge price in 4:50

  128. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    Cheers alanm

  129. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    And postman

  130. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    Sorry guys terrible nap from me

  131. Ace 3 years ago

    well that’s 100% loss for me today every tip I back loses just cant get a break

  132. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    We’ll shake hands ace

  133. Kev 3 years ago

    Thoughts on brotherly company? Seems big price

  134. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    It is big Kev and I think I would probably back it if someone else was riding it!!! I’ve already backed global force

  135. Kev 3 years ago

    That was my only concern jonny, fkn franky spencer

  136. Nicola 3 years ago

    Marmas boy WIN
    Lovely jublee

  137. Ace 3 years ago

    oh I give up

  138. Hamish75 3 years ago

    The booky must really dislike this site intensely weer even gettin winners fae vegas keepup the gud work total respect they will b gettin edgy the noo cos johnb is ripe fir a big hit ktf

  139. dougiec 3 years ago

    Well done everyone today,Busy tomorrow but One off my notes” Finished like at train” IFFRAJA.5.25.Curragh.She might be a good GOOJ.
    Tea time

  140. Bun west 3 years ago

    Hamish what’s wrong wit my avatar??

  141. Nicola 3 years ago

    What a day! Love this site!
    And my first 3 out of 4 tips came in. Legatiasimo and Marmas Boy winning.
    Cheers lads. Learning loads here.

  142. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    Another good day on the thread well done all

  143. Hamish75 3 years ago

    Yer no very easy oan the eyes bun may auld matey ktf

  144. Tbone 3 years ago

    Help ! I have been using boylesports and got the 50/1 all favs to place at uttoxeter

    Anyway today i cant place bets due to automatic risk controls from their traders

    I have been betting for years and never had this message

    What can i do ?

  145. NAGMAN 3 years ago

    It means you have been winning too much lately and they don’t like you anymore So your account is restricted. You will have to speak to them to see what the maximum stake they will allow you on at

  146. cobramint 3 years ago

    Tbone. 50/1 for all favs to place. They’ve fcuked right up. You’ll have to ring up and get bets approved by the underwriters. Good going fella! Don’t worry tho bookies are greedy people they’ll take any bet.

  147. Don 3 years ago

    Ha same thing happened to me with bet fair, restricted me to max stake of £3 for reasons they couldn’t explain.

  148. The Postman 3 years ago

    Just 50 races for tomorrow … 50 RACES!

  149. Tbone 3 years ago

    Yes 50/1 all favs at uttoxeter. Had 7 pound on it

    Im only up about 700-800 thats nothing to a bookie

    I cant even place a 1 pound bet just now

    Don did it ever resolve itself ?

  150. dougiec 3 years ago

    Tbone,think the odds for that would have been 5/1 at the most.Did they pay you?

  151. Nicola 3 years ago

    Going for 2 mixed ew doubles at Kempton tomorrow and adding 2 trebles with pics from Windsor.  BOL

    Gallery Exhibition
    Shuil Royal

    Duke of Navan 7/2
    Dunraven Storm 11/2

    2.25 Windsor
    Persona Grata 5/2
    Bint Dandy 6/1

    See if I’ve learned anything from you lads tomorrow. 

  152. Nicola 3 years ago

    sorry, Gallery 8/1, Shuil 7/2

  153. Tbone 3 years ago

    Dougie no it was 50/1 8 races not one odds on fav. A lot of them where 3 or 4/1 roughly . I also had the first 7 at pubchestown but the last fav didnt place that was 66/1

    Where do you get 5/1 from ? Thats crazy talk

    Even 3 horses to place at evens each is 7/1

  154. dougiec 3 years ago

    tbone picked u up wrong there sorry.Just ignore me Off on a tangent.

  155. Tbone 3 years ago

    Lol ok mate. Anyway im gutted i cant place any bets just now.

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