1. Paul 3 years ago

    Let hope for a better day
    Go go John B

  2. craigyboy 3 years ago

    Off to Worcester tomorrow so have been scouring the web and researching and I’ve found one which is absolutely nailed on:

    Hunt Ball, 20.20, Worcester

    I’ve never even seen a horse with those odds before

  3. Paul 3 years ago

    Got a chance I think!!!!

  4. The Duke 3 years ago

    Crazy odds. Enjoy your nights racing

  5. The Postman 3 years ago

    Be very careful with 1/20 shots, they don’t all win.


  6. The Postman 3 years ago

    Opps, diden’t think it would display like that, I thought just the link would come up …. Sorry Guys

  7. craigyboy 3 years ago

    Wow! haha, I’ve cashed out my fiver after watching that ;)

  8. The Duke 3 years ago

    We can see it postman – incredible

  9. craigyboy 3 years ago

    For what it’s worth here’s what I like the look of:


    Charles Bruce
    5/2 Paddy Power

    Owen Na View

    Lough Kent

    Storm of Swords

    The other races look wide open to me.

  10. john 3 years ago

    Harry Bosch 2:10 8/1
    Lady Sylvia 5:35 6/1

    double 62/1

  11. Panikos 3 years ago

    Dark castle e/w. 8.00 pon
    Stanarley pic e/w. 7.00 pon
    Love marmelate e/w 8.10 muss
    Major jack 5.10 Goodwood
    Ivory involments 2.40 bath
    Rib reserve 3.15 bath
    Mister rockandroll e/w. 3.5 bath

    Good luck

  12. Rookie 3 years ago

    19.00 pon stanarley pic 7/1
    20.00 pon yeeow 4/1
    20.30 pon next stop 11/2
    16.15 hay goodnightsuzy 9/2
    17.35 bat lady sylvia 6/1

  13. mhb 3 years ago

    Pontefract 8.00 Yeeoow 4/1 2pts
    Goodwood 4.00 Mr.Singh 7/2 3pts NAP

    Gl everyone!

  14. Haggis 3 years ago

    I was told by a good friend that neutron bomb is the best horse in the dascombe yard,my mate ex Liverpool and Wrexham player lee Jones good mates with Mr Owen,was told to back it at Chester other week,I haven’t had the nod for it today up at haydock 4.50 but worth a look gents?

  15. Jimmy Mac 3 years ago

    Hello craigyboy.

    I’m off to Worcester myself tonight so cheers for the pointers.

    Spotted the 1/20 shot when looking at the card last night. Think it’s a race where sticking a bluey on the best of the rest and hopeing something goes mammary’s north with the favourite might be shout.

    I will be in Worcester from lunchtime so if I hear of any tips I will post them here.

    Good luck punters.

    • craigyboy 3 years ago

      Have a good one Jimmy Mac! I’ll keep an eye out on here!
      Wouldn’t get putting too much on mine. I do like the look of Owen Na View though.

  16. Gus 3 years ago

    6.40 Muss

    Applejack Lad 7/1

  17. boz 3 years ago

    haydock today guys so just out take the dog round the course amazing what you can pick up

    looks a lot of open races today though

    happy days

    • swany 3 years ago

      Just remember to pop it in a little bag and pop it in the bin provided boz,as we all know there is no such thing as the sh**e fairy ;-)

      • boz 3 years ago

        always take my scooper swany its the horse ones that you have watch out for

        happy days

  18. The Postman 3 years ago

    4:00 Goodwood – Mr. Singh NAP @ 4/1

    I see mhb has already posted it up as his nap so that gives me a bit more confidence, Interesting race as five of the seven runners in this are entered in the Derby next month.

    What I like about Mr Singh is he is the only horse in this race proven at today’s distance. (John Gosden’s only runner out today / Frankie Dettori only has this one ride today)

    Mr. Singh ticks all the boxes.

  19. Tommy400 3 years ago

    Have to agree postie it looks good best of luck mate

  20. De Niro 3 years ago

    1 point e/way double

    Goodwood 3-25
    Zoella 9/2
    Goodwood 4-00
    Storm of the Stars 3/1

  21. Alex 3 years ago

    Freddy with a Y 2.50 Goodwood
    Dream Dreamer 4.25 bath

    Good luck :)

  22. dougiec 3 years ago

    Busy today so quick lucky 15 as the prices are poor
    Hopefully back for Cork and Mussleburgh remembering L Perrats 4 timer last time.
    KEEN MOVE..2.40..BATH
    GLENS WOOBBLY..5.00..Bath
    GRAND LIASONS..5.20..Haydock
    and throwing ten bob at CZECH IT OUT after 357 days.to place 2.50..Goodwood

  23. The Postman 3 years ago

    Hi Dougie, Bunce looks to be the best of her chances there tonight, This horse is part owned by her sister and ran a respectable race at Ayr only a few days ago under Tom Eaves, he takes the ride again tonight and worth taking note that he is the top jockey at Musselburgh with the most winning rides.

    Also the Top owner at the track is Ken McGarrity (that stat could be down to her success there last time) and he has New Colours, Jammie Moment, and Findog all trained by her running tonight. I can’t find an angle on her other two runners (Schmooze & Stentorian) but I am going to get me some 9/1 on Bunce.

    Thanks for the heads up on Linda Perratt.

  24. paul 3 years ago

    Anything today John B?

  25. swany 3 years ago

    Good 2-20 Pass The Moon

    Hay 2-30 Phantom Flipper

    ew doub

  26. Recoba 3 years ago

    De Niro…that will be the same Storm the Stars that John tipped about 2 weeks back that was 2nd to the Fav?
    It was finishing like a train but couldn’t get up in time.

  27. Napper valley 3 years ago

    Here are my fancies for today:

    Cork 5.30 Gealan 12/1 e/w
    Pont 9.00 Arc cara 9/4
    Muss 7.10 sur empire 5/2
    Hay 4.50 Neutron bomb 3/1
    Bath 3.15 rib reserve 5/4

    GL all

  28. Good Guess 3 years ago

    Joint NAP/NB today for me:
    Stormbound 4/1 2:10 Bath

  29. garfo 3 years ago


  30. john 3 years ago

    Bletchley park 2:00 haydock 6/1

  31. Hunty 3 years ago

    2.00 life less ordinary NAP

  32. double carpet 3 years ago

    Morning all

    NAP MOST BEAUTIFUL 13/8 5.30 cork
    NB ZESHOV 9/4 2.50 goodwood

    and with the 2 i put up last night thats it for me till tonight. Busy day ahead as its my daughters confirmation tomorrow so im under orders !!

    Best of luck to all

  33. slasherjack 3 years ago

    19.30 Taking liberties nap
    20.40 Mustaqbal nb

  34. Recoba 3 years ago

    The Postman
    I was on Bunce in Thursdays 4.50 if i remember correctly(no matter)it drifted right out to 12/1 from 6/1 and finished 2nd i believe,never seen the race but sure it was only paying 2 places.

    What times it running at please as ill have a bit of 9/1 Ew on it.

    • The Postman 3 years ago

      It runs in the 7:40 @ Musselburgh

      Good Luck

  35. Johny Banker 3 years ago

    FRI 2 BANKERS Bath 3.15 No 7 Rib Reserve Nap Max win Bath 2.40 No 3 Keen Move Max double

  36. mig 3 years ago

    As an fyi the horse in postmans video today mercy me is running in the 16.35 at goodwood around 20/1 gonna be worth a small e/w shout.

    gl all

  37. johnb 3 years ago

    Try again

    Fridays tips


    My Call 11/4 NAP/ NB boylesports ladbrokes bet365 (double stake)

  38. Recoba 3 years ago

    Have to disagree The Postman which probably enhance your NAPs chances now ;)

    4.00 Goodwood
    Storm the Stars NAP 3/1

    Was 2nd last time out and finishing really well over 1m 4F and has won at 1m 2F on a couple of occasions. Hopefully 1m 3f be the perfect distance. GL with it but as I think it be between the 2

    R/fc? ;)

  39. Recoba 3 years ago

    Johny Banker would you not be slightly worried about Countermard in the 3.15?

  40. Alanm 3 years ago

    Nap Muir Lodge 8/1 2.50 Good wood
    NB Jammy moment 8/1 8.10 Musselburgh
    Double pays 80/1
    Good luck all.

  41. craigy51 3 years ago

    Nap drifting out to 3s

  42. Alanm 3 years ago

    Also add Johnb Nap for a tasty 300/1 treble ;-)

  43. ew thief 3 years ago

    Morning lads having a ew lucky15 today
    MAGH MEALL 3.05H
    Gl all

  44. johnb 3 years ago

    I hope it drifts to 33/1

  45. dave 3 years ago

    DC with regards to big macintosh you mentioned last night odds have halved now
    Good sign hopefully

  46. Nick 3 years ago

    Hi Johnb, is this horse a newcomer? What makes it catch your eye mate?

  47. Tommy400 3 years ago

    Some horses moving in price quite heavily today
    Intimately 2:20 20-1
    Great glen 4:00 9-1
    Slipslidingaway 5:10 15-2
    Donttellannie 3:40 11-2
    Bigmcintosh 7:40 16-1
    Able spirit 5:45 8-1
    They are not tips but I thought I would put them up incase anyone follows these trends good luck all

  48. Johny Banker 3 years ago

    Recoba I do think that Rib Reserve is a very strong bet he has on my figures got plenty in hand of Countermand and I would expect Rib Reserve to beat him quite easily

  49. imran 3 years ago

    Hi Guys 2 from me 14.40 bath Kittens Red 8/1 & 14.50 GOODWOOD freddy with Ay 8/1 Good luck

  50. Re 3 years ago

    Well said Johnb…drift on!

    4.00 Goodwood
    Storm the Stars 3/1 NAP(posted reasoning above)
    7.40 Musselburgh
    Bunce 8/1 Nb Ew
    Just beaten on Thursday but finishing well and down 1lb today

    2x singles(Bunce Ew)
    1x Ew Double
    Slightly safer way to go an using few extra £s but there ye go
    GL all :)

  51. Paul 3 years ago

    Hi JohnB
    Got 3/1 Bet365
    Good luck

  52. Recoba 3 years ago

    2.40…Keen Move 11/8
    3.05…Ghalib 2/1
    3.15…Rib Reserve 6/5 -(been swayed)

    Treble pays 15/1 ;)
    Also done Ew 4 fold with Alanms shout in the 2.50 Muir Lodge 13/2 which I like the look of
    Single on Johnb NAP/Nb an am out this…

  53. stueyp 3 years ago

    325 Goodwood Luna Moon 15/8 (Nap)
    305 Haydock Scalzo 10/3 (Nb)
    350 Bath Belgrade 11/4

    are the ones I fancy today

  54. boz 3 years ago

    exactly why i dont tip someone calls me i reply decently gets deleted whos childish???

    • Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      boz, both yours and Haggis’s are being deleted because I’m about to answer you. Fed-up hearing this line – take a chill pill, come back and put up some tips or don’t bother commenting at all. It’s time to move on – I know you didn’t like some comments directed at you but just ignore the dafties.

  55. Recoba 3 years ago

    Oh an thanks for reply Johny Banker you’ve convinced me. Reading to much into the write ups,al take your write up mate and am on it so here’s hoping. ;)

  56. Lostboy 3 years ago

    Hi lads,

    Missed the last few days, hope you’ve found a few winners.

    My three for today are:
    Best of times 4.00 good.
    Master zephyr 3.50 bath
    Wanting 3.40 hay.

    Went for patent. Good luck.

  57. boz 3 years ago

    mr f loads of people comment without tipping i have respect for johnb and couple of other decent tipsters on here. so come on see peoples views
    but will respect your wishes and not comment

    good luck

    • Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      boz, I’ve said before about 99.9 per cent of people don’t comment. We now have 160,000 uniques so most are silent observers. All I’m saying is sometimes you fan the flames with these “childish” comments and all you need to do is put tips.

  58. double carpet 3 years ago

    hopefully he can get placed. Just thought odds looked generous and looks like i got that bit right anyway

  59. Alex 3 years ago

    8.20 at Worcester … A 1/20 shot…We know what happened to Bennesimo the other day at 1/10 and came 2nd aha..
    Always worth a fiver on the 2nd and 3rd Fav, 14/1 and 20/1 betfred!

  60. Jimmy Mac 3 years ago

    Craigyboy and anybody else.
    My picks for Worcester tonight –

    5.50 Stratford stroller. Nb
    6.20 Owen na view.
    6.50 Lough Kent.
    7.20 Kaddys girl ew.
    7.50 Storm of swords.
    8.20 Huntball ew. Nap
    8.50 Mount Vesuvius.

    Put the winnings on John b’s nap.

  61. johnb 3 years ago

    Nick yes My Call is on debut tonight in what is very weak maiden
    the horses that have run so far have shown nothing and on breeding alone My Call should be streets ahead of these
    also trainer is going well with 3yo’s with 3 winners from last 4 only loser was the one i tipped yesturday
    My Call wont need to be anything special to win this

  62. Shane 3 years ago

    Hi all new to this heres my first tips
    Goodwood 5.10
    Major jack 11/4
    Goodwood 4.00
    Mr singh 3/1
    Glens wobbly 2/1
    5er treble pays 220
    Good luck :)

  63. Bun west 3 years ago

    Haggis I had a friend go on a stable tour of dascombe 3 weeks ago and he said brown panther was his best horse and at his best. My friend followed this up with a 500 pound bet on the nose at York last week for it to lose. Please take this in mind when gambling on what trainers owners and connections have to say about there horses.

  64. Big gee 3 years ago

    Early one today 2.10Bath FLIPPING Win Bet

  65. dar 3 years ago

    Well done e/w thief on mythical city and john on harry bosch

  66. AndytheHun 3 years ago

    Thanks John for Harry Bosch!!Well done mate!;)

  67. rensen 3 years ago

    2.40PM Bath Keen Move John Egan speaking very highly of the horse.

  68. RobRoy 3 years ago

    Well done on Harry Bosch DC

  69. Hamish75 3 years ago

    Early gold star fir ew thief john I harry bosch lubbly jubbly gud luk wi bets fir the rest of the day ktf

  70. Alex 3 years ago

    quite groggy and hard to type with me left but here goes:

    Pontefract 20:30 Next Stop 4-1 NAP (Norton has already bagged the first two at Haydock but not my thinking behind my pick)

    Goodwood 17:45 Star Fire 9-4 NB

  71. Recoba 3 years ago

    Czech wee DougieC!

    Not on but nice one sir!

  72. double carpet 3 years ago

    great shout mate.

  73. NAGMAN 3 years ago

    Alanm same nap as Mal Boyle again

  74. ew thief 3 years ago

    Get in dougie

  75. double carpet 3 years ago

    EW Thief
    great start too and also all who were on harry bosch. Nice to see the studying paying off now and again !!
    well done guys

  76. ew thief 3 years ago

    Cheers dar hamish & dc for harry bosch having a great day

  77. double carpet 3 years ago

    I see my nap is now a NR so am adding one more
    NINGXAI 5/2 7.35 cork

  78. NAGMAN 3 years ago


    5.20 HAY – GRAND LIASON 7/4 NB

  79. dave 3 years ago

    Easy as you like there for rib reserve
    Nice one johny banker

  80. Alanm 3 years ago

    Postman are you backing postbag 5/1 3.25 Good wood worth a shot. Lol Nagman don’t follow that guy so don’t know

    • The Postman 3 years ago

      Wish I had, ran better than my nap :(

  81. De Niro 3 years ago

    15-50 Bath
    Shalimar 8/1 stan james 2 point win

  82. Lostboy 3 years ago

    Wanting…great start!

  83. dougiec 3 years ago

    Well home again and nice to see holiday foodstuffs paid for thanks to double carpets reasoning last night for 9/1 Harry Bosch,silver star,Ew thief diving into the Gold Star box with 16/1 shot Mythical City and winners for backers of Rib Reserve and anyone Ive missed who hasn’t told us.

  84. Lostboy 3 years ago

    What u doing on best of times!! Doyle!! Arghh…

  85. Lostboy 3 years ago

    1 from 3..2 runners up. Onto Johnb’s tonight then.

  86. Hamish75 3 years ago

    Gie yersel a gold star dougie gud spot wi the czech
    Alanm gets his nap again gud steady stream of winners hope av no missed anyone ktf

  87. Yovan 3 years ago

    Belgrade wins, as advised last night.

  88. De Niro 3 years ago

    15.6 up

    19-40 Musslborough
    Big McIntosh 14/1 bet fred 2 point win

    20-30 Pontefract

    Dark Amber 14/1 bet fred 2 point win
    Tara Tywood 12/1 betway bet victor 1 point win

  89. Alanm 3 years ago

    Nagman I cant find where you get that nap from as he only does placepots but checked his facebook and his naps in last week where 11/1 winner 9/2 3/1 winners and they where not mine pity wish they where. post link or put saturdays up and then I can see.

  90. Hamish75 3 years ago

    Gud start fae lostboy ktf

  91. Recoba 3 years ago

    Storm the Stars 3/1 NAP
    Was swaying about in the wind but got there nicely in the end :)

    Needing BUNCE 7.40(Nb) to place at least for some nice profit

  92. De Niro 3 years ago

    dark amber now 12/1 Coral best price price as low as 4’s with some – hoping its well placed money :-)

  93. KOI 3 years ago

    Gabrial the duke 810
    Mustaqbil 840 nb
    gabrial the thug nap 910 9/2.
    Gluk all.

  94. Panikos 3 years ago

    4.25 Bath Thee and me e/w and fc with Dream dreamer

    Jockey and trainer have a good record

    g l

  95. Recoba 3 years ago

    Cheers for heads up De Niro as I might not have noticed Storm the Stars today to be honest.

    Might? ;)

  96. Alanm 3 years ago


  97. double carpet 3 years ago

    glad i managed to sway you with Harry.

    cheers mate
    on we go.
    Still under orders so only posting when i pretend i need the loo !!

  98. dougiec 3 years ago

    Get well soon Alex can always blame the anesthetic if they are down the park!!

  99. tiptopterry 3 years ago

    Good shout Alex..well done Big price14/1

  100. Panikos 3 years ago

    4.50 Hay Lopes Dancer e/w

  101. De Niro 3 years ago

    dougie meister again, dc as usual, alanm again & ew thief & john

    well done chaps !

  102. Alanm 3 years ago

    There’s nothing jumping out at today’s main meeting at Goodwood so I’ll stick with Haydock for my second bet, the John Berry-trained GRAND LIASON. Okay, she’s been put in at just 7/4 (bet365) to bring up the hat-trick after wins at Wolverhampton and Doncaster, but she needs backing until beaten in her current frame of mind and it’s unlikely a 6lb penalty for the latest success will stop her as she won with plenty in hand. She wouldn’t want the ground too fast but that won’t be an issue here – they’re calling it “good to soft”, which might dry out to good – and I can’t get excited about any other rivals, with the forecast second favourite Ferdy on a losing run of 23.

    Still 7/4 Short but worth a look

  103. tiptopterry 3 years ago

    Sorry alex I thought u did the French one in the last at bath..

  104. Alanm 3 years ago

    5.20 Haydock well done Alex 14/1 great tip

  105. dougiec 3 years ago

    Been on the £10 challenge and sifted through the selections put up and decided mine were the best for Pontefract in an EW each and Treble £1 ew and £2ew so that’s the tenner winnings spent
    6.30..Imaginary World
    7.00..Jeffersons City
    8.00..Dark Castle, easy way to make a grand Ha Ha

  106. Alanm 3 years ago

    Rensen thats where its from what are you trying to prove some people need a life ffs.

  107. Hamish75 3 years ago

    Gold star fir alex ktf

  108. Duncan Poundcake 3 years ago

    I’ll stick a few bob on the ,first time in a handicap, A Few Dollars More 6. 35 Cork
    8/1 e/w GL.

  109. Alex 3 years ago

    Thanks Dougie. I can blame it on the general and local anaesthetic, damn donkey!

  110. Alex 3 years ago

    well done to all the winners too many to name. Let’s hope this evenings racing is just as profitable.

  111. ew thief 3 years ago

    Gunna have a go tonight
    ROCKY TWO 6.40M
    EDDY 8.50W
    Gl ALL

  112. double carpet 3 years ago

    Ew thief
    i was just going to put up IMAGINARY WORLD but you beat me too it. Seriously well hcapped if he can transfer his aw form to turf

  113. double carpet 3 years ago

    well done mate nothing like a 14/1 shot to perk you up. KTF

  114. Wmcg1978noob 3 years ago

    Likewise ewthief fancy imaginary world to place at least. Have also added a rfc with beautiful stranger

  115. Shane 3 years ago

    One winner today onto tonite
    Cork 7.35
    Ningxai 5/2
    Pontrefract 8.00
    Jamebos girl 3/1
    5er double pays 70

  116. ew thief 3 years ago

    Yeah a think so dc seems to be abit of money for it since a last looked gl

  117. wtf 3 years ago

    Hi guys

    I keep reading about Alex tipping a 14/1 shot but cannot see the tip when was it please.

    GL all

  118. jono5000 3 years ago

    does busstop still tip?

  119. double carpet 3 years ago

    Dont know how i missed your post dougie with imaginary world but yeah on it too.

  120. dougiec 3 years ago

    You should have skipped it double carpet!!donkey Forgot basic cornering!!

  121. double carpet 3 years ago

    Oh well dougie wont lose any sleep on the amount i had on it
    on we go

  122. Eye on the prize 3 years ago

    Take a bow Duncan saw ur post mins before the off managed too get on 10/1 winner get in !!!!!!!

  123. Danny 3 years ago

    Love Marmalade 20.10 Musselburgh @ 14/1

  124. Duncan Poundcake 3 years ago

    A Few $$$$$ GL

  125. Alanm 3 years ago

    Duncan well done 10/1 :)

  126. double carpet 3 years ago

    what a shout great stuff

  127. Danny 3 years ago

    Yeeoow 8:00 Pontefract @ 10/3

  128. dougiec 3 years ago

    Wow Duncan 10/1 never had time so Few Dollars Missing,great pick!!

  129. Alex 3 years ago

    i think it was the other Alex that put up the 14-1, although anaesthetic in me says otherwise ha ha.

  130. ew thief 3 years ago

    Well done Duncan lad
    Two donkeys so far on we go

  131. Recoba 3 years ago

    De Niro my mates contaced me about 4pm about Dark Amber from decent sounding source,something he does very rarely.
    Bet365 were giving 11/2 by time i checked… Said somebody on here was tipping it at alot bigger price. 14s! :)


  132. dougiec 3 years ago

    Interest only 3 and 14 in the 7.05..Cork.
    Onwards with hope!!

  133. Duncan Poundcake 3 years ago

    while I have your attention
    have a wee look at Commodore
    Goodwood (2.55) tomorrow plenty of trouble in running at Donny still finished 3rd will be about 10/1 e/w GL

  134. billy 3 years ago

    Great tips guys. Going to haydock tomorrow. Any advise please.

  135. dougiec 3 years ago

    Well that’s me for tonight anyone who picked 7.05 winner must be relative of Mystic Meg

  136. double carpet 3 years ago

    8.05 jembatt 10/1 ew
    15lbs lower mark than last win here over 5f. Worth an interest

  137. Big gee 3 years ago

    One bet tonight 8.00Pont TEETOTAL ew @16/1

  138. ew thief 3 years ago

    Boz just do what u do best tip winners and stop making us English look soft

  139. ew thief 3 years ago

    Cheers dc again

  140. double carpet 3 years ago

    Cheers dc again

  141. Duncan Poundcake 3 years ago

    Boz is it raining ,re Jack Dexter appreciate your input ,as I am sure many of the 99% who don’t comment do GL

  142. Duncan Poundcake 3 years ago

    Superb DC.

  143. KOI 3 years ago

    First on in 5/1 gabrial 810.

  144. Danny 3 years ago

    Yeeoow 8:00 Pontefract @ 10/3 Won

    Love Marmalade 20.10 Musselburgh @ 14/1 Pla

  145. ew thief 3 years ago

    Knew someone tipped it nice one koi had a5 on cheers. Squire

  146. ew thief 3 years ago

    Well done danny

  147. double carpet 3 years ago

    Well done danny

  148. double carpet 3 years ago

    well done too mate.

  149. KOI 3 years ago

    Two from two, come on the nap!

  150. ew thief 3 years ago

    Gl for the last bud
    dc what do you think of cyflmender ano you had shot at it last time

  151. ACCA BACKER 3 years ago

    Cmon jb if I ever needed you it’s now. Single double,treble and four fold all resting on the nap. Cmon JB ktf !

  152. Alanm 3 years ago

    Koi and Danny well done guys D/C Jembatt really bad luck in running think it could of won that only for being badly hampered at the furlong marker onwards we go.

  153. martin 3 years ago

    Come on My Call, your due a winner John B, come on.

  154. ACCA BACKER 3 years ago

    Beautiful !! You da man JB cheers mukka

  155. James784 3 years ago

    John I love you mate I really do x

  156. The Postman 3 years ago

    John B :) Thank You

  157. martin 3 years ago


  158. Macb 3 years ago

    Easy john b. Well done

  159. Marco 3 years ago

    Legend!! Johnb

  160. ray 3 years ago

    Never in doubt dude. Thank you.

  161. NormanStanleyFletcher 3 years ago

    Nice turn of foot there for JB’s nap
    Well done JB

  162. slasherjack 3 years ago

    That won well

  163. Flandroy 3 years ago

    excellent call my call johnb mate, impressive winner

  164. WN 3 years ago

    Great stuff JohnB.

  165. jimba 3 years ago

    Johnb, superb bud, my call fly home!! Happy Days

  166. Alanm 3 years ago

    great call johnb :)

  167. Jjoe 3 years ago

    Well worth the wait! Great stuff john.

  168. Robbo007 3 years ago


  169. philip 3 years ago

    Top man again jb , got 11-4 Ladbrokes. Slow away too, did nothing right for the first half of the race then just totally blew them away!

  170. WESLEY WEST 3 years ago

    Johnb the best tipster about, no one compares! Thanks very much john. Sir John b

  171. Alex 3 years ago

    Nice one JohnB background that at 3s and 2s!

  172. Trickytjm 3 years ago

    Well done johnb…cantered in. Thanks…nice double up

  173. Phil 3 years ago

    Cheers jb well done. Well worth the wait

  174. ew thief 3 years ago

    Nice shout jb

  175. stephen caveney 3 years ago

    Wahooooo got 3/1 this morning with William Hill . Also had it in a double with dundalk at 5/4 either way it’s a great day thanks johnb

  176. pete k 3 years ago

    thanks john b class tipping again

  177. John Boy Walton 3 years ago

    Thanks JohnB Master at work. Well done.

  178. conor 3 years ago

    Thanks John good call

  179. double carpet 3 years ago

    yeah rotten ride. I think it would have won too but definately should have been placed

  180. Duncan Poundcake 3 years ago

    EW Thief I have Cyflymder in an e.w dbl with next stop so glook
    Well done Johnb

  181. SAV-DOG 3 years ago

    Well done JohnB and thanks to all the regulars as always

  182. Mick 3 years ago

    Legend Johnb…….thank you

  183. The Duke 3 years ago

    We’ll done Johnb. Absolutely hosed up

  184. double carpet 3 years ago

    Ew thief
    sorry was busy. Ive had an ew play on him mate still well hcapped

  185. Panikos 3 years ago

    Thank you JohnB and all the rest for a great day

  186. TheHawk 3 years ago

    Think JB was pretty confident on that tip today well done again quality.

  187. double carpet 3 years ago

    Nice one johnb. good call

  188. Bracknell Jack 3 years ago

    Nice Johnb had £40 @ 11/4 nice little return. Keep em coming my magic friend

  189. Lostboy 3 years ago

    legend Johnb.

  190. ew thief 3 years ago

    Gl lads

  191. Deeman 3 years ago

    First horse bet in ages.

    Cheers john :)

  192. swfc 3 years ago

    Nice1 johnb your the man. And to all your regulars. …Thank you

  193. Llamados28 3 years ago

    Great NAP / NB again John B thanks

  194. Bracknell Jack 3 years ago


  195. double carpet 3 years ago

    Ew thief
    did you get on ?

  196. ew thief 3 years ago

    Yay or nay lads

  197. Rookie 3 years ago

    A fine gooj from johnb!

  198. ew thief 3 years ago

    10 ew bud has it was tight

  199. ew thief 3 years ago

    Happy days bud well in Duncan love owt like that

  200. Alanm 3 years ago

    EW Thief great pic there pal

  201. double carpet 3 years ago

    Good man ew thief. I was worried you missed it as i hadnt posted it. Didnt realise the time.
    well done duncan too
    looks like it was a good day for the thread after a couple of tough days so well done to all the winners and onto tomorrow. Ive already done my bets for tomorrow and will post soon as i wont be around

  202. ew thief 3 years ago

    Dc that alan flagged last week

  203. Jonnyric 3 years ago

    Nice touch , thanks

  204. Paul 3 years ago

    Top to jhon

  205. Yaseen 3 years ago

    placed this bet for 2 places along with Chennai IPL match to win .. 2.5 points returned 13.1 points

    Thanks JohnB

  206. Duncan Poundcake 3 years ago

    Always a Good day when the Nap/NB wins but some great picks again
    Well done everyone for your work/study

    Tac De Boistron 3.45 Longchamp 1/1 ,short but hopefully should win GL.

  207. azz the wigan 3 years ago

    well done john b

  208. KOI 3 years ago

    Well done all on what turned out to b a good day allround sorry about the last one but like the song says two outer three aint bad…

    Great pick again johnb.superb sir.
    back tomorrow guys .

  209. Hamish75 3 years ago

    Nice wan johnb gud vein of form respect ktf

  210. Duncan Poundcake 3 years ago

    Sorry should have said Tac De Boistron Sunday GL.

  211. swany 3 years ago

    Hay 1-25 Not Never nap

    Hay 3-10 Gathering Power nb

    Bev 2-40 Furiant

  212. johnb 3 years ago

    May so far 26.95 points profit

    Saturdays Tips


    Mister Universe 5/1 betfred bet365

    Oasis Fantasy 5/1 NAP/NB betfred betvictor

    Mister Universe & Oasis Fantasy 35/1 betfred

  213. double carpet 3 years ago

    Ok hers my selections for tomorrow

    NAP ROUND TWO 9/4 2.15 curragh
    NB BACK ON TOP 4/1 4.30 currach
    also MUTARAKEZ 4/1 2.35 haydock
    SO ITS WAR 4/1 5.00 Bev
    will also follow your nap swanny

    Best of luck to all

  214. KOI 3 years ago

    KINGSGATE NATIVE 11/1 loves this race won twice placed twice in last five years. nuff sed.gluk all.good luck johnb esp with it been bookies day(sat).

  215. dougiec 3 years ago

    Great well done everyone today and especially this evening,stars galore.Was well warned as visitors arrived.Good to see bokkies money going the right way
    On to Tomorrow

  216. Paul 3 years ago

    Just got in from work and watch JohnB horse selection hose up
    Lovely end to a Friday
    Well done in finding that gem.

  217. Denzel 3 years ago

    Cheers Jb great pick

  218. PA 3 years ago

    Did someone say Varese would not score today? That WAS the bet, he was confident,. On Raal’s double in morning, that guy provides stats and is a decent TIPSTER. And Johnb, what a guy, thanks for yesterday Johnb

  219. Rookie 3 years ago

    west ham
    man city and btts
    dundee utd and btts

    £3 returns £1k

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