JOHNB is still away on his holidays but the racing thread carries on in his absence.

However, he has put up a tip for Wednesday so check it out.

And let's get the thread going with all your picks and chat and good luck in bashing the bookies.

Johnb's Wednesday Tip

Worcester 3.0
Modeligo NAP/NB (double stake)

(9-4, Ladbrokes, bet365)

Can’t get on racebets for odds


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  1. peter daryll 2 years ago

    Well done all winners yday

    I like the look of so di Mar -York
    Lucy the painter

    Not posted tip for couple days will have better look tommorow.

  2. ramey07 2 years ago

    Just remortgaged the house for this treble.
    Blessed King Perth 550 15/8
    So mi dar 5/6
    And bonobo 545 worcester 13/8

  3. tingyko 2 years ago

    Where’s Boz been at lately missing him???

    • gengar 2 years ago

      hes gone best let sleeping dogs lie shame mans a jumps genius he will return if he chooses ,but wouldnt hold your breath and cant blame him.

      • Mr Fixit 2 years ago

        gengar, he was chased by one person who is banned. Strange really to let one person beat him when he has so many supporters.

  4. gengar 2 years ago

    nice shortprice treble yesterday at almost 6/1 going in for same again i hope at 7.75/1
    3.45 So Mi Dar 5/6
    4.00 Lucy The Painter 1/1
    5.40 Psychedelic Funk 6/4
    also took So mi Dar on big single again earlier and few days back so quite invested big nap/nb on her then just the treble gl all.

  5. 2 years ago

    The three points gained on Monday was returned to the bookies satchel on Tuesday.

    Moving on and over to York

    2:40 Hoof It @ 12/1 (NAP) Decent performance LTO on ground that would not have been to his advantage, ticks the boxes today, Shrewd Trainer.

    3:15 – Goken @ 33/1 (each way) This is a race that has produced plenty of shocks in past, so why not again, was 40/1 on BFSB gutted i missed that. K Ryan / J Spencer.

    3:45 – So Mi Dar (NB) beat the colts LTO in the Epsom Derby Trial, was going to be my nap until I picked up on the comment about Promising Run not liking the dirt at Meydan when chasing home Poler River in the Musidora on World Cup night. 10/11 about SMD is sort enough (will have a saver on PR)

    4:20 – Castle Harbour. First time in a Hcp, Gosden / Detorri, 7/1 looks a big price.

    That’s it … Elvis has left the building.

  6. alanm 2 years ago

    NAP Glastonberry 100/30 Bath
    NB Santiburi Spring 5/1 2.50 Lingfield
    They’re off and running Erik The Red 5/1 2.10 York GL

  7. clouduk 2 years ago

    Thought I would post a few fancies, good luck all

    NAP – Magical Memory/Twilight Son – 2 x Straight Forecast – 3.15 York 14.94 & 12.73 current prices – Bet365
    NB – Erik The Red – 2.10 York 6.00 – Bet365
    Double – Magical Memory & So Mi Dar 5.50 – Sky Bet

  8. ray_ez 2 years ago

    Bit of time tonight so had a look for York tomorrow. My picks.

    Ew Lucky 15 coral. + small straight doubles
    2:10 Erik the red 9/2
    2:40 flaming spear 6/1
    4:20 castle harbour 7/1
    5:20 muhaafiz 7/1

    Ew doubles + EW trebles.
    2:10 off art 14/1
    2:40 bogart 9/1
    3:15 eastern impact 16/1
    4:20 Constantino 11/1
    5:20 fast pick 10/1

    Singles + double
    3:45 so mi dar 4/5
    3:15 magical memory 5/2

  9. gengar 2 years ago

    if you say so, poor guy was harassed and bullied for months and in my opinion the guy who is responsible is still here , you can say he let one guy beat him but would you keep coming back to HELP people for FREE just to have someone take digs it wasn’t right nor fair and has such we’ve lost two valuable members of this community that will unlikely be replaced.

    were all aware its incredibly difficult to implement an IP ban and has such your hands are tied since its beyond obvious the man has about 10 accounts, you or admin should have a few members you trust be given moderator status just for chat to delete the unwanted comments seeing has its not monitored enough,just a suggestion has its your sight.

    but people come here for tips and this guy is tipping from half his accounts i know people don’t have to follow but they do come here for tips if he is spreading them round separate accounts he cant be that sure and people follow and its them that are getting hit the hardest buy this mess.

    i wasn’t even going to comment and I’ve stayed out of it but you make it sound like he should just take it on chin and get on with it,bullying is wrong in whatever form it takes and it became so intolerable we lost two top tippers and nice people.

    rant over ill never mention it again I’ve said my peace shame for the genuine tippers Johnb,Doguie,Alanm,Davyb,Duncan,DC,Jimron,postman,Mr F .i wish you all the best for the future still a top thread but whats right is right and whats wrong is wrong.

    • 2 years ago

      best of luck with double rale. ive learnt from johnb level stakes is the best way to make profit so dont go to crazy on it mate. enjoy yr day

      • rale 2 years ago

        Follow the winner is my moto and you are the man of the moment. All or nothing. It’s Calculated Risk (W 4:10).

        • 2 years ago

          looks to have every chance. was on my shortlist last night. gl

    • Mr Fixit 2 years ago

      gengar, he wasn’t bullied – he may have been slightly riled.
      But if you post on a public forum you’re always going to run into 1 idiot.
      His problem seemed to be any comments put up against him weren’t immediately deleted but I told him there is no one looking at comments 24/7.

  10. 2 years ago

    SO DI MAR 3:45 york
    LUCY THE PAINTER 4:00 lingfield NAP

    11-4 double

  11. nezhambo 2 years ago

    Gengar & Rale Your doing it AGAIN take Mr F advice and just IGNORE the problem makers they will soon get FED UP if no one takes any notice THE MORE YOU GO ON THE MORE THEY WILL TRY TO UPSET THE THREAD its that simple

    • rale 2 years ago

      Problem is other people got fed up and left. They stayed.

      • 2 years ago

        Dont feed the twats!! It seems to b the reason they stay is to slag and try to b smart!! Buss and boz ru really gona let a couple of complete twats put u away!!! Come on guys dont let children get to u.

  12. gibbo 2 years ago

    Morning all, had a few days off but back on the thread for the first day of the Dante.
    4.20 Castle Harbour 7/1 NAP

    4.50 Logi 7/2 NB

    Also taken the So Mi Dar/Lucy the Painter double that a few have already mentioned.

    GL all

  13. ew thief 2 years ago

    Morning all well done winners yesterday
    FLAMING SPEAR 2.40Y 6/1
    DICK WITTINGTON 3.15Y 12/1
    FOR SHIA AND LULA 3.25L 11/1
    EQLEEM 4.20Y 16/1
    SOARING SPIRITS 4.30L 12/1
    GL ALL

  14. coop192 2 years ago

    Morning all, a few close silvers yesterday no gold medals.

    Todays tips:

    2.10 York Pacify
    2.40 York George Brown
    3.15 York Magical Memory NAP
    4.20 York Monteverdi.

    Lucky15. Happy Punting.

  15. recoba 2 years ago

    Spanish Squeeze…2.10. 4/1

    Had to take it as a single
    although ive got Erik the

    Red in my Yankee placed last night
    Really need to get a tracker…or tune in more. lol

    • 2 years ago

      Why the change to spanish squeeze recoba?? U get word??

    • recoba 2 years ago

      No I just think the drop back in distance will suit.
      Its not so much changing my mind its just the fact I took Erik the Red as a tip quiet hastily last night and never noticed Spanish was out again. Don’t want it winnings and am not on do SMALL stake single on it for me.

      GL mate

  16. peter daryll 2 years ago

    A few people already mentioned today and I posted last night but glad we’re all liking the look of this

    So di mar York
    Lucy painter lingfield
    Got 3/1 last night for the double now about 2/1

    Good luck all

  17. 2 years ago

    Morning all, on postmans nap hoof it 2.40 york, also so di mar/lucy painter double, lets get some winners. Good Luck all today

  18. recoba 2 years ago

    Need to get a tracker sorted. Keep saying and meaning to do it.
    What’s the best app etc anyone for a tracker? Cheers guys ?

  19. jimron12 2 years ago

    Flementime 3.00
    Fast pick 5.20
    Magical memory 3.45
    So di mar 3.45

  20. stu2tru 2 years ago

    14:00 Worcester
    Nearest the pin 12/1
    14:20 Lingfield
    Berrahri 9/1
    14:30 Worcester
    Lord Landen 11/2

    Wee triple good luk everyone!

  21. 2 years ago

    NAP GEORGE BOWEN 10/1 york 2-40

  22. double carpet 2 years ago

    Morning all

    2.10 have gone for PACIFY @ 6s who only went down by 3/4L to DARK RED LTO giving him 11lbs. DARK RED boosted that form at chester last week off 6lbs higher.

    8.00 Bath Interesting to see Jonny Murtagh sending SISTER BLANDINA over and have had a nibble @ 3s

    My NAP is KELLSTORM 7.40 naas

    Best of luck to all

  23. Johnb 2 years ago

    By the sounds of it I have been missing the fun again,
    For comments earlier I have always said I don’t mind getting slagged off,
    People just need to act like adults and accept childish comments
    its not life or death, there are more serious problems in the world to worry about

    Racing today is all about So Mi Dar, she doesn’t need to win as Epsom is the main one but should win
    Bookies are running scared not offering even money so no bet

    • Mr Fixit 2 years ago

      Johnb, not really. One person who made one comment against boz and was banned within 30 minutes of making it.

      • Johnb 2 years ago

        I just don’t know why people can’t just ignore it because when admin see it they do delete comments

  24. Johnb 2 years ago

    Wednesday’s Tip

    Modeligo NAP/NB (double stake)

    Can’t get on racebets for odds

  25. rookie 2 years ago

    First 3 at york
    Spanish squeeze 10/3 (9/2 long gone)
    George dryden 9/1
    Dick whittington 18/1

  26. word2mother 2 years ago

    The way I see it, people who bet sensibly, within their limits and understand all the possible variables that going into trying to pick a winner will never moan.

    Those who moan are those losing what they can’t afford to and expecting johnb + other tippers to provide them with consistent, guaranteed wins. They also must lead a very, very pathetic life to want to troll these boards, so let us pity them and nothing more.

    Take a leaf from my book, I am the poorest person on here and I guarantee I risk more of my total net worth than any other person, I’ve lost everything three times in three months using this site and no discontent, not even asked for a food parcel from anyone.

    Got £5 to spin up today, Ill be back later to tell you how unlucky I was losing it.

  27. de niro 2 years ago

    15-45 York
    Promising Run 22/1 Nap/Nb stan james

  28. jimron12 2 years ago

    Nice johnb I was given clementine and had already put bets on before your post

  29. duncanpoundcake 2 years ago

    Thanks and Well Done Johnb .

  30. 2 years ago

    get in modeligo thanks john have a nice drink now !!

  31. 2 years ago

    brilliant stuff johnb cheers

  32. 2 years ago

    johnb just got my bet on in time thanks man enjoy the rest of your holidays

  33. wn 2 years ago

    That was lovely from So Mi Dar!

  34. wn 2 years ago

    I missed JohnBs pick, grrr! Well done mate.

  35. the notorious 2 years ago

    John, the ante post double i done is looking sweet as a nut.
    Boylesports were giving So Mi Dar 7/1 to win today and her next start

  36. el tel 2 years ago

    Magical Memory, JohnB’s – Modeligo, So Mi Dar and Lucy the Painter… WHAT A DAY!

    Looking forward to the next double, De Niros Cousin.. On fire mate!

    • 2 years ago

      great stuff mate well done. well done other lads, peter,gengar and others who put up same bet as well.

  37. Johnb 2 years ago

    Didn’t see So Mi Dar but must have been impressive as bet365 now 5/2 for Oaks
    Can’t get any other odds in Spain
    Still not being offered cashout for my 20/1 but wouldn’t take it anyway

  38. alex 2 years ago

    I think a lot of us will have made a killing today. Thanks to the thread main bet was obviously So Mi Dar, had Magical Memory as a single and double and then a cheeky treble with Lucy the Painter. Thanks plug I mean de niros couz who was it again?! :D Also well done JohnB, I saw your post but my bank was already applied in full to the aforementioned bets! Enjoy the rest of that holiday.

  39. duncanpoundcake 2 years ago

    Fine day today well done all.
    Lucky Beggar 2.10 York.
    One more Word 3.45 York
    Both 20/80 GL.

  40. Johnb 2 years ago

    from the Sporting Life but I do like the word pulverised

    So Mi Dar (4/5 favourite) pulverised her rivals to win the Group Three Tattersalls Musidora Stakes
    Daughter of the high-class Da Re Mi, beaten in the same race on the Knavesmire, John Gosden’s filly took her unbeaten record to three with a convincing success under Frankie Dettori, who had earlier ridden Magical Memory to victory in the sprint feature.

    Having been prominent on Magical Memory, Dettori took his time about So Mi Dar, who settled nicely enough in rear as Best In The World took them along.

    Asked to go and win the race three furlongs from home, So Mi Dar took lengths out of her rivals before stretching clear to win by four lengths, with Fireglow (3/1) just edging a bunched finish for second.

    The winner had previously landed the Investec Derby Trial at Epsom, form which had been well advertised since, and is expected to head back there for the Oaks in which she could face 1000 Guineas winner Minding, although her previous Epsom win qualified her for a free entry fee for the Derby 24 hours later.

    “She’ll give me a good spin around Epsom,” said Dettori.

    “She’s got what you require (for the Oaks) – she’s got tactical speed, she travels, quickens and stays the distance.

    “Now it’s up to Minding (hot Oaks favourite). She’s got to step up in distance – she’s very good – but I’ve got a good one, also.”

    Gosden said: “She’s a lovely filly. She settled well and is very progressive.

    “I could not be more pleased with her. She’s very generous and settles like a grandma.

    “We’re heading towards Epsom. She’s a proper mile and a half filly and if those two run (Minding and So Mi Dar), it will be some Oaks.”

    When asked about the Derby, the trainer said: “The man who will probably make that decision is the man who named her, Andrew (Lloyd-Webber, owner-breeder).”

    Lady Lloyd-Webber said: “She does look really good and we feel very lucky to have had these very good fillies.

    “I think that (Derby) would probably be a longshot and I don’t think we should be frightened off by other fillies that have got entries in the Oaks.

    “You should never be frightened off by one horse, so hopefully we’ll be there.

    “This story goes back 20-odd years to when we bought her grandmother, so this is very special and like a member of your family.

    “It would be very difficult for her to be as good as Dar Re Mi. She won the Sheema Classic, she won the Yorkshire Oaks, she won the Pretty Polly over a mile and a quarter so she was versatile, she also won the Prix Vermeille and was disqualifed unfairly. But we did expect her to win today and she really did win well.”

    Fireglow’s trainer, Mark Johnston, said: “It’s hard to know what to make of that. She looked beaten a long way out, but then plugged on.

    “We need to put our thinking caps on. She’s probably not an Epsom filly and at the moment, 10 furlongs looks about right.”

    Saeed bin Suroor was pleased with the performance of fourth-placed Promising Run.

    He said: “She’s run well at the weights, but I think a mile will suit her better. Maybe she could go for the Coronation Stakes (at Royal Ascot).

    “It’s so far so good and she should improve for the run.”

    Sky Bet So Mi Dar to 5/2 from 11/2 for the Oaks and Michael Shinners said: “The Derby picture may remain a little cloudy but it couldn’t be more different in the Oaks, with two high-class fillies set to go head-to-head.

    “In any other year, that exceptional performance from So Mi Dar might have seen us cut her to a very short price but in Minding she will face the sternest test of her career. The Oaks is a race to look forward to.

  41. recoba 2 years ago

    Late late show.after a fine day. Nice treble,mention to @gengar

    Wee small Canadian before I get the work head on and relax…

    Percys princess …8.30*

    GL or and a goodnight ?
    Work in the sun kicks yer ass. Hopefully not fried my brain with all they picks in the lates ?

  42. word2mother 2 years ago

    Skint so my bets were accys. I had three 3 outta 4s, let down by 4 diff horses, 2£ for tomorrow, onwards

  43. alanm 2 years ago

    Well done all winners today yes rale follow the winners as for me colder than a iceberg in the South pole but but onwards we go.

  44. alex 2 years ago

    Putting one up for the Dante and although I do like Wings Of Desire I feel that it is suited better to a mile and a half. I will take a chance on a bit of value with Choreographer 20/1 E/W.

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