SATURDAY was a disappointment for JohnB with a five-point loss and the nap making a terrible mistake at the water jump.

The profit for March is now 30.98 points and the Sunday selection is a joint nap and NB.

JohnB's Sunday Tip

Wincanton 3:25
Scoop The Pot 2-1 NAP/NB Betfred

Joint nap and NB so double stake.

Scoop The Pot (NAP)
The reasoning for this horse is quite simple. Scoop The Pot needs further than the distance he has been running.
Up 4 furlongs on Sunday will just bring out more improvement in the horse and from what I have seen after only two runs this horse looks quite decent and should be one to follow next season.
2-1 still available at Betfred but expect this horse to go off alot shorter.

Good luck everyone and as always post your tips and chat here.

  1. dave 4 years ago

    good luck tomorrow John

  2. Duncan Poundcake 4 years ago


  3. dave 4 years ago

    first tonight

    where is everybody

  4. Alanm 4 years ago


  5. johnb 4 years ago

    Scoop The Pot (NAP)
    The reasoning for this horse is quite simple
    Scoop The Pot needs further than the disrance he has been running
    up 4 furlongs on sunday will just bring out more improvement in the horse and from what i have seen after only two runs this horse looks quite decent and should be one to follow next season
    2/1 still available at betfred but expect this horse to go off alot shorter

  6. KOI 4 years ago

    Not even placed!!!!

  7. KOI 4 years ago

    Not ref to the nap johnb
    good luck as always…much respect!

  8. Kendog 4 years ago

    Ive done Johns Nap, Hibs -1 Ah, and Knight Bachelor in a trixie….

    And guess what? They’re all going to WIN DAMMIT!!!

  9. Rookie 4 years ago

    14.30 MR Midnight mustang 5/1
    15.35 MR Grimley girl 7/2
    14.50 Win Pagham belle 6/1
    15.15 DP Jumptoconclusions 3/1
    Lucky 15!

  10. Rookie 4 years ago

    Duncan you were fast out the blocks tonight!

  11. Rookie 4 years ago

    Sorry kendog, Knight bachelor cant possibly win! Its in the same race as pagham belle!

  12. Duncan Poundcake 4 years ago

    Rookie if you look at at the last thread I tried to prompt Mr Carpet so he could go first ,but forgot he said he was out all day .GL.

  13. Kendog 4 years ago

    Flip sake Rookie I was tryin a bit of of positive thinking…. A new approach:)

    What a gent Duncan is trying to get DC his elusive first!

  14. Duncan Poundcake 4 years ago

    Least I can do after the pi$h p@@r tip today Kendog.

  15. bigbobs63 4 years ago

    jonyb scoop the pot good luck for the morn loon just got 13/8 at Coral

  16. double carpet 4 years ago

    Evening lads

    Had to pull out of the race today but due to run tomorrow so i reckon there could be a gamble on me as ground distance and weight are just about right.!!

    Well done to all the winners today especially De Niro very impressive stuff.

    • De Niro 4 years ago

      Cheers dc pal

      I am on you big time for Monday could only get 4/7 so i have lumped on – I believe your ready !

  17. KOI 4 years ago

    Be my present & mister wiseman tomorrow for me gluk all
    mr 335 & 410

  18. peter Amoss 4 years ago

    unlucky today johnb. Was just one of those days, was crazy unlucky with my football bets too, lets hope for a win tommorow, gl

  19. tbone 4 years ago

    Another 19/1 4 fold place only acca came in today. And was one short in a 6 fold for 300. Enjoying this good streak of place accas

  20. peter Amoss 4 years ago

    john the race you selected looks fairly competitive at a glance, who would you say is the main danger to the nap/nb? Cheers

  21. The special one 4 years ago

    Hi john , I no a lot of people will start crying at this post , just wanted to ask you about your hibs you fancy them I was looking at hibs -2

  22. double carpet 4 years ago

    Just hearing DAVY RUSSELL has been sacked by JIM CULLOTY after his performance on LORD WINDERMERE in the GOLD CUP.
    I find that absolutely disgraceful from a trainer who hasnt trained a winner in over a year now. RUSSELL performed miracles to win on him in last years race and thats the thanks he gets.Talk about using RUSSELL as a scapegoat. He should have sacked himself as hes a crap trainer and then to add insult RUSSELL goes and has a nasty fall and will be out for several months. Have to feel for him a bit.

  23. arsie 4 years ago

    Russell is 2nd best jockey in Ireland IMO. Had a rough time from trainers in d last couple of years.Hard to believe a top trainer has nt whipped him up.

  24. Daveyb11 4 years ago

    Man with Van 3.45 Dp
    John menash 5.25 Dp
    Arctic watch 5.00 With
    Thankyou very much 3.35 Mr (Nb)
    Ivans back 2.30 Mr (nap)

  25. Lyncher 4 years ago

    Guys, I have been following this website for some time now and I have a lot of appreciation for Johnb’s tips but Amos the honesty of the website. It is a rarity to find such passionate punters.
    The reason of my posting is that I would like to applaud Double Carpet for his comments about Davy Russell, in all honesty the jockey has probably lost me more money than I have won on him BUT his being kicked off Jim Cullohty’s horse is a travisity and an absolute disgrace.I backed the Lord last year when he won the Gold Cup. The only reason he won was the jockey, Mr Davy Russell.
    Jim is obviously clutching at straws to believe he could win back to back Gold Cups and needed a scapegoat.
    Keep up the good work guys and the freedom of information.

  26. double carpet 4 years ago

    Id have him 3rd behind PAUL CARBERRY and RUBY WALSH but yes you are right he has had it rough and deserves better.

  27. double carpet 4 years ago

    Thanks for the comment and glad you share my view on the matter.
    gl mate

  28. Gus 4 years ago

    5.00 wincanton

    Look for love 10/1 EW

  29. dh 4 years ago

    Daveyb – your thoughts on Ivan’s back would be massive, just wondered why your NAP???
    . Site has benefited massively for me, so a huge congrats to the top tipsters. Especially yourself , alanm, DC and de niro!! Keep up the great work lads!

  30. Tommy d 4 years ago

    Evening lads

    Tomorrows picks are


    THOMAS wild 11/4


    Scoop the pot 15/8 still at 365


    Simply rouge 7/4

    Also done trebble@ 26/1 and three doubles and for any one who is intresed I’ve done this if your not interested simply scroll past the comment cheers best of luck guys


    Man U v liv (btts)
    Villarreal v sev (btts)
    3.25 scoop the pot

    £40 pays £650

  31. Punting For Fun 4 years ago

    14:50 Wincanton Mistress Mole 11/10 place Betfair

    T B C

  32. Rookie 4 years ago

    Towend must be up there too dc

  33. double carpet 4 years ago

    yeah great jockey too

  34. Tom 4 years ago

    Jon b would either of these be a good shout ?

    Mac le counteau 3.05 at market rasen

    If it be your will 4.10 at market rasen

  35. johnb 4 years ago

    Tom both have a good chance with the main one being If It Be Your Will

  36. johnb 4 years ago

    The Special One it must be a good bet and i will be on Hibernian -1 in the first half handicap

  37. johnb 4 years ago

    Peter Amoss i cant see a major danger but probably best of the rest would be Seaviper

  38. peter Amoss 4 years ago

    Cheers for the reply john

  39. tbone 4 years ago

    Paul townend deffo up there and young johnny burke on the way up. Carberry is great but sometimes he tries to be too flash and gets too far back. I know some horses have to be held up but sometimes they dont get a chance as they are too far back. I cant think of many winners if any at cheltenham that where held up. Moon racer was quite far back

  40. busstop 4 years ago


    15.55 UNTIL WINNING **** NAP ****

    17.00 EDDY

    Market Rasen

    16.10 IF IT BE YOUR WILL *** NB ***
    15.05 MAC LE COUTEAU


  41. davyb 4 years ago

    water wagtail 220 win paddy the atout 355 win grimley girl 335 mr scoop the pot 325 win

  42. Duncan Poundcake 4 years ago

    Ulster National,Jupitor e/w

  43. BRoper91 4 years ago

    3.25 SCOOP THE POT

  44. double carpet 4 years ago

    NAP KNIGHTS PARADE 13/8 2.40 downpatrick
    NB SCOOP THE POT 7/4 3.25 wincanton

    Ive also done a very small accum at DOWNPATRICK on the following

    2.10 salsa sensation
    2.40 knights parade
    3.15 jumptoconclusions
    4.20 ardmillan
    5.25 john monash

    As i say its a very small accum and worth the risk imo.
    Now will be watching the match but once its over ill be back on

    Best of luck to all

  45. Tommy d 4 years ago

    De nero

    Was not on the thread yesterday but was just reading the comments and seen you smashed it yesterday which is great to see the bookies pay well done mate along with the two 14/1 prices you gave though the week and all the many other winners. keep up the good work great stuff !!!

  46. robbo 4 years ago

    glad to see you took my advice johnb one horse a daynow lets hope he wins

  47. Daveyb11 4 years ago

    dh ivans back wasn’t that far away over CD on boxing day and after a good rest will go well again fresh benefiting from the quicker ground

  48. Daveyb11 4 years ago

    The fact that nick Kent has put him back in at CD I think speaks volumes

  49. BRoper91 4 years ago

    Think the two short priced Nicholls runners will both come in for the double so have put a small stake at EVENS on –

    1.50 San Benedeto
    4.30 Southfield Vic

  50. johnb 4 years ago

    Robbo i didnt take your advice because i only tip what i think will win
    whether its one horse or ten horses

  51. Mav 4 years ago

    No racing for me today have invested a bit extra on my footie acca for today as it looks good

    Bristol City
    Hibs (gers fan but cant ignore this today)
    Real Sociedad

    £30 staked returns £501.30

    Also thinking of doing Messi 1st Goal and 3-1 Barca in the big game tonight the odds are 35/1 and pretty tempting

  52. arsie 4 years ago

    GlenconKeyne 14/1 e/w. 3.15 dnptk

  53. Alanm 4 years ago

    Nap Mr Wiseman 9/2 4.10 Market Rasen
    NB Scoop the Pot 6/4 3.25 Wincanton
    Double pays 12.5/1
    Good luck all

  54. Alanm 4 years ago

    Ulster National Preswell Lad 12/1 EW

    • Alanm 4 years ago

      Preswell Lad 12/1 EW IN Ulsters REAL MCCOY HANDICAP

  55. Alanm 4 years ago

    Ulster National keep on track 8/1

  56. Chachie 4 years ago

    Todays Selections: Lucky 31.

    Black Jack Rover – 2.0mr
    Thomas Wild 2.20w
    Scoop The Pot – 3.25w
    Until Winning – 3.55w
    Southfield Vic – 4.30w

  57. boz 4 years ago

    mr 3.35 grimley girl
    dr 4.20 corporate box

    happy days

  58. Winner@lrite 4 years ago

    I’m on yours tommy d looks a serious accum I only got 9/1 there but that’s what I get for sleeping in missed the price on john b horse 11/8 ah well

  59. Winner@lrite 4 years ago

    Hi john b just wondering is it significant Barry g is gone to downpatrick for mac manus and O Grady instead of riding for the boss

  60. dougiec 4 years ago

    Morning all,Missed all of yesterday but well done again DeNiro Swany and those I know picked The Unit,and anyone Ive missed Looks like same again for me today,but I see the horse Johnb flagged up in the charity race at Cheltenham is out so I will have short priced double on
    KNIGHT’S PARADE..2.40 DP and possibley throw in NINAS in the last
    Hope to get a chance later to pick something of value
    GL everyone

  61. Tommy d 4 years ago

    Still a good price mate really fancie the Acci today

    Best of luck


  62. Dynamo 4 years ago

    4.10 Market Rasen If It Be Your Will 5/4

    3.15 Downpatrick Jumptoconclusions 2/1

  63. dougiec 4 years ago

    same here double carpert!!

  64. dougiec 4 years ago

    Gl everyone moderation or NAP Ardmillan 4.20 DP,

  65. Rookie 4 years ago

    i might have small stakes on top cat henry as cover. seems like good value at 13/2.

  66. Rookie 4 years ago

    Nice to see you posting boz!

  67. clean the bookies 4 years ago

    Johnb I asked this question before but u were busy. So ill ask again. Is there any horses that ran well at Cheltenham but didn’t quiet get home but might be better suited to the flatter aintree racecourse?? Hargam,turn over sivola,paint the clouds ,tagelltelle and Don cossack are ones I’ve singled out. Tks in advance john

  68. Bobajob 4 years ago

    Illusion of time 5/2 450 Downpatrick
    If had of jumped the last fence on St Paddys day wud have went onto win,

  69. double carpet 4 years ago

    Trying again

    Nap Knights Parade 13/8 2.40
    Nb Scoop the pot 7/4 3.25
    Also done a small accum at downpatrick

    2.10 7
    2.40 5
    3.15 8
    4.20 1
    5.25 7

    Hope that gets through

  70. Denzel 4 years ago

    Knights Parade 13/8 2.40
    Scoop The Pot 6/4 3:25
    Double, GL all

  71. De Niro 4 years ago

    2-00 M/Rasen
    Forever Field 6/4
    2-20 Wincanton
    Water Wagtail 5/2 nb
    3-05 M/Rasen
    Leney Cottage 9/4 nap

  72. De Niro 4 years ago

    Sorry forgot to add,

    Trixie also on above ;-)

  73. Yovan 4 years ago

    That wasn’t in the script. Rangers 1:0 up.

  74. Winner@lrite 4 years ago

    Hibs would want to have a chat with themselves there at halftime

  75. Winner@lrite 4 years ago

    Nice early goal tommy d booom

  76. Punting For Fun 4 years ago

    14:30 Market Rasen Midnight Mustang 11/8 betfair to be placed

    14:50 Wincanton Mistress Mole 6/4 betfair to be placed

    The above is for 3 places but you can get 4 places as well obviously at lower prices.

  77. Winner@lrite 4 years ago

    Thanks de Niro

  78. De Niro 4 years ago

    1st tip lands

    2-00 M/Rasen
    Forever Field 6/4 WON !!! mini boooom !!! :-)

  79. Yovan 4 years ago

    Haha, De Niro you are in for a Papa Smurf b***ing for using that word.

  80. Punting For Fun 4 years ago

    14:30 Market Rasen Midnight Mustang 11/8 Betfair to be placed

    Winner :-)

  81. Mav 4 years ago

    Oh well haha thats what a get for backing against Rangers today the coupon can do 1 as am happy with it being down even if thats the only game to let me down as least if thats the case i’ll get my stake back ;-)

  82. Punting For Fun 4 years ago

    14:50 Wincanton Mistress Mole 6/4 Betfair to be placed

    Winner 2 from 2 :-)

  83. Alanm 4 years ago

    Punting for fun nice bit of placing well done.

  84. Denzel 4 years ago

    C’mon JB’s NAP

  85. RobRoy 4 years ago

    That was absolutely terrible. Lost a bit there

  86. dougiec 4 years ago

    Well bit of freedom for the rest of today,Punting for fun,didnt get a chance to reply to you yesterday,but really didn’t fancy Alzammar,seemed to me had been tried in all the gear,but had a tenner on your place double today so thatthanks for .NB Rookie and Duncan gave me a nice forecasts with Pagham Belle and Knight’s Batchelor
    NNBB..3 runner race and a B…m!! OTT
    Onwards for NINA.

  87. David mc 4 years ago

    Unlucky John b usually ur joint nap/nb always win aswell

  88. Duncan Poundcake 4 years ago

    The one horse in my tracker today was ,jimmy the jetplane ,did I back it ,of course not ,I give up.

  89. De Niro 4 years ago

    Market Rasen 16-10
    Mister Wiseman 9/2 nap

    Wincanton 16-30
    Brother Tedd 5/2 nb

    win double also

  90. Winner@lrite 4 years ago

    Lads I need 1 winner A spare 100 to back an animal plz can some1 tell me
    1 that should hack up I know some1 is good enough here to pick one I was thinking the hawk/scudamore selection

  91. Rookie 4 years ago

    1 win and 3 places fron the lucky 15! Teach me for not doin e/w. Still one winner bonus means im no worse off. Also top cat henry placed.might start doin g pace only accas like punting who seems to be able to pick them!

  92. Winner@lrite 4 years ago

    De Niro what’s your reasoning for the nap plz

  93. dougiec 4 years ago

    He is the only one allowed as many naps as he wants winner@lite

  94. tbone 4 years ago

    Rookie i do place only accas and had 6 and wolves on friday for 25/1 and 4 at newbury in sat for 19/1

  95. RobRoy 4 years ago

    On your nap De Niro really hope it comes in as I’ve lost a fair bit this wkend!

  96. Rookie 4 years ago

    Nice nap bus stop

  97. luigi 4 years ago

    dougie, on what race is NINA???

  98. dougiec 4 years ago

    Forgot to mention Davyb,Nearly a b….m with a 15/2 NAP Ivans Back and so so unlucky with 10/1 shot Man With A Van.Looking out todays stars!!

  99. RobRoy 4 years ago

    Many thanks De Niro made some money back with your nap!

  100. Denzel 4 years ago

    Boom Mister Wiseman 13 year old :O, well done De Niro

  101. James Slater 4 years ago

    Excellent DeNiro with Mister Wiseman!

  102. Alanm 4 years ago

    Yeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaa9/2 get in no boom Dougiec. Lol

  103. Duncan Poundcake 4 years ago

    Well done DeNiro even I couldn’t jinx that one.

  104. Finchy 4 years ago

    Cheers Alanm for Wiseman

  105. dougiec 4 years ago

    Well in DeNiro great strike rate.

  106. KOI 4 years ago

    Mister wiseman wins hope you got 11/2 last night……

  107. Duncan Poundcake 4 years ago

    And Alanm too well done.

  108. De Niro 4 years ago

    9/2 BOOM !!!!

    cheers denzel,duncan,james, rob roy


  109. Alanm 4 years ago

    Koi De niro well done as well great minds think a like.

  110. RobRoy 4 years ago

    I’m not on the NB de Niro gunna have a rest until tomorrow I’ve broke even today! Thanks again though

  111. double carpet 4 years ago

    Well done De Niro alanm koi and davyb and if ive missed anyone apologies.
    Last bet for me TITCH STRIDER EW 14/1

  112. double carpet 4 years ago

    5.00 wincanton

  113. KOI 4 years ago

    Cheers alanm well done all lets keep bashing them bookies…

  114. Rookie 4 years ago

    The dougie double is always welcomed. After all its all about profit!

  115. dougiec 4 years ago

    At least shes not lost a race in two years double carpet

  116. KOI 4 years ago

    Guna have a little on artic watch in the last won after rest before .
    bat running out pn phone fogive me now

  117. tturnip 4 years ago

    Not a tip but really like snow prince e/w in next at market rasen been flat bread and its noted to like good ground and is first run for its new ground lets hope for a win good luck all

  118. tturnip 4 years ago

    Its first run for new trainer any way heres to hope

  119. double carpet 4 years ago

    Exactly dougie

  120. dougiec 4 years ago

    See money for Gus’s 10/1 tip Look For Love,so small interest tricast combination with double carpets Titch Strider and Ill throw in Fire Tower and Karl Max.

  121. Alanm 4 years ago

    Karl mark 5/2 5.00 wincanton big shout.

  122. De Niro 4 years ago

    Well done

    bus stop nap, koi great early price 11/2, alanm too,davyb and all winners on a tricky day

    good luck any with runners still to come

  123. RobRoy 4 years ago

    Well done AlamM and DC

  124. De Niro 4 years ago

    Alanm – top big shout :-)

  125. dougiec 4 years ago

    Unlucky with Strider double carpet,money back though

  126. double carpet 4 years ago

    Yeah thought he was going to do it at the last but profit nonetheless

  127. double carpet 4 years ago

    Well done alanm

  128. RobRoy 4 years ago

    I was on your tip DC Titch Stryder to place at 7/2 thanks for that

  129. RobRoy 4 years ago

    Does anyone think any horse apart from John Monash and Lip Service has a chance in the last

    • De Niro 4 years ago

      robroy at the risk of looking very silly when one dots up at 20/1 I would say 99.9% no chance of any other winner other than Nina sorry the top obvious ones I meant ;-)

  130. Alanm 4 years ago

    Cheers guys big well done to all the winners today job done.

  131. robbo 4 years ago

    hi johnb,robbo here im not saying your a bad tipster anything but ,its just easier to concentrate on one race rather than four or five,i think you are one of the best tipsters around

  132. double carpet 4 years ago

    well done glad you were on.

  133. RobRoy 4 years ago

    Thanks :)

  134. robbo 4 years ago

    storming strumpet 2-50 taunton tomorrow paddy brennans only ride

  135. Alanm 4 years ago

    Rob Roy Preston De moi 40/1 wee shout. 5.25 Downpatrick.

  136. Alanm 4 years ago

    Pres De moi bloody word spell.

  137. Alanm 4 years ago


  138. Denzel 4 years ago

    John Monash to finish for me

  139. De Niro 4 years ago

    lip service to break the Nina spell

  140. Alanm 4 years ago

    D/C we missed a big F/C only seen your post really bad luck but good place money so well done again.

  141. De Niro 4 years ago


    where’s the photo sure lip service just got up? ;-)

  142. RobRoy 4 years ago

    Unlucky AlanM didn’t see your post til after the race anyway but bit of a surprise that one

  143. Yovan 4 years ago

    Damn you Nina. Went for Dougies treble.

  144. double carpet 4 years ago

    yeah missed opportunity but only thought about it after the race…..its always easier then !!

  145. Alanm 4 years ago

    The thing about the last fav in Ireland mostly win but when odds on don’t strange but if you back check it you make money backing odds against favs just watch.
    D/C keep watching. Lol

  146. John Boy Walton 4 years ago

    Bad day at horses. Never mind at least the Bears won.

  147. De Niro 4 years ago

    Early tip for Monday

    Wolverhampton 3-10 E/Way
    Mambo Spirit

    10/1 Betfair Sportsbook most others around 6’s

  148. De Niro 4 years ago

    Big fancy for above shout maybe only tip for Monday

  149. Hamish75 4 years ago

    Nice winners oan here once more de niro alanm dc dougie n aw the wans av mist great thread constant stream of winners on a daily basis need ti go over ti the footy site ti say well done raal n aw the jambos they done well gud forward finkin ktf

  150. robbo 4 years ago

    Lyncher,have to agree with you sacking davy russell is a disgrace jim cullothy is not a good trainer,but davy is a great jockey,best of luck to davy .tip for tomorrow storming strupit 2-50 at taunton

  151. robbo 4 years ago

    sorry ,storming strumpet

  152. De Niro 4 years ago

    Also on dc to be 1st on Mondays thread

    took the 4/7 as hes a hot fav &
    also took 1/8 for him to place in top 3 ;-)

    offskies till Monday

  153. Skidpants Shawzen 4 years ago

    Unlucky today john, horse couldn’t handle the pace set. Onto tomorrow!

  154. KOI 4 years ago

    Well done to all the great tips today you all know who you are.
    not a bad day at all for me football bet up .nice wee double on the ggs ..
    on to tomorrow with plenty o profit to play with ,looking forword to the flat at the weekend but before then hopeing for plenty of winners this week .nice early tip de nero hope your form continues great tipping m8.

  155. rookie26 4 years ago

    4pm tow tomorrow FRANK N FAIR 14/1 E/W shot, good/ good to soft could very well spark a revival in form. won well in december last year in a class 5

  156. KOI 4 years ago

    TARA TAVEY 10/1
    swampfire 25/1
    Both ew obv..

    Gluk all…

  157. double carpet 4 years ago

    Cant wait any longer for todays thread so

    NAP LORD LANDEN 3/1 3.30 TOW
    EW BOND EMPIRE 14/1 3.10 wolves

    Best of luck to all

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