THERE were no winners for Johnb on Sunday so it was 5pts lost.

He's now 187.5pts up for March and has a double-stake tip advised for Monday.

Johnb's Monday Tips

Southwell 2:50
Thoonavolla 7-2 racebets

Taunton 3:10
Passing Fiesta 13-8 NAP/NB racebets (double stake)

My Brother Sylvest 6-1 racebets

Also 3 x 0.5 point doubles & 1 x 0.5 point treble


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  1. jimron12 3 years ago

    Rothman 4.10 only bet for tomo !!

  2. kelly.d 3 years ago

    after my amazing €1 profit yesterday here is todays bets

    2.30 kelso oscar oscar 2/1 €10 win
    4.30 kelso ganbei 4/1 €5 e/w
    2.20 southwell midnight chrorister 11/2 €5 e/w
    3.20 southwell monkhouse 7/4 €10 win
    4.20 southwell diego suarez 5/1 €5 e/w
    4.50 southwell empty the tank 8/1 €5 e/w
    5.20 southwell mcgregors cottage 6/1 €5 e/w
    3.10 taunton mandys boy 8/1 €5 e/w
    4.10 taunton rothman 2/1 €10 win
    4.40 taunton present man 2/1 €10 win
    staked €100

    • elvis parsley 3 years ago

      for me any horse that wins the gold cup goes down as a legend.
      today long run was retired after finishing 5th in a hunter chase at Carlisle after a 2 year absence.
      he beat the 11 year olds denman and kauto star in 2011 to win the big one.
      at the time I was pi**ed because I backed denman, but as I say the best horse on the day won and fair play to him.
      I wish the horse a long and happy retirement and thanks for the memories.

      • elvis parsley 3 years ago

        it seems the bookies as well as myself don’t see annie power as a gold cup horse.
        oddschecker quote prices for 28 horses, but no annie in next years showpiece.
        vroum vroum gets a few quotes from bookies.
        maybe like me they think she is a bit too ‘hurdley’ by that I mean she may not get away with jumping fences the same way as she skips the hurdles. I don’t think she as dominant at 3 miles in hurdles, hence her losing her only try at the distance to more of that in 2014, and I certainly cant see her staying the gold cup distance over bigger obstacles unless she can adopt a more conservative style of jumping.
        she is favourite for the world hurdle and 2nd favourite for champion hurdle.
        faugheen will be mullins champion hurdle horse if fit, so it will be very interesting to see where mullins takes annie next season

        • Johnb 3 years ago

          How many times do I have to say that Annie Power wasn’t stopping in the World Hurdle, she ran all the way to the line and was beaten because she didn’t settle throughout the race,
          Even with my record of spotting what horses need if people still don’t want to listen then listen to Ruby Walsh who also says she wasn’t stopping.

          Straight after the Champion Hurdle I said again that Annie is a Gold Cup horse, I said it two years ago, again if people don’t want to trust the judgement of me then listen to Willie Mullins who now says Annie was bought to be a Chaser and its Rich Ricci who has kept her hurdling,
          I said two years ago that Annie could emulate Dawn Run and win the Champion hurdle and the Gold Cup, if people don’t want to listen to me then again listen to Willie Mullins who says Annie is identical to Dawn Run apart from colour, she is big and strong with speed and stamina,
          Willie Mullins is now saying he would love her to go chasing now so she can emulate Dawn Run and win the Gold Cup but that decision is Rich Ricci’s and it is doubtful because he has so many options and he isn’t keen to run his horses against each other.
          Rich Ricci along with me knows Annie Power is his best horse which is why he is wrapping her in cotton wool and not letting her go chasing because he wants to keep her well to eventually breed from her

          This year I don’t think Annie Power has been given the credit she deserves, she won the Champion hurdle in a record time which was over 5 seconds quicker than Faugheen last year

          Some people on here may still not want to listen to me but time and time again I say something about a horse before the trainers because I know by watching horses and again this is why I do so well with antepost bets

    • word2mother 3 years ago

      Profit is profit, you have 6 each way bets on @kelly.d if they all place your return is only around €5.. I think a better strategy is to lump your eggs in fewer baskets as getting one winner is hard enough.

  3. thebz 3 years ago

    Southwell 4:50
    ME VOILA 5/1 NAP *****

  4. davyb 3 years ago

    ryalex 2.00 k
    thoonavolla 2.50 s
    chestnut ben 3.30 k
    visible light 4.20 s

  5. punterpounder 3 years ago

    2:10 taunton – rock on Oscar

    3.00 kelso – saintladylime

    4.10 taunton – rothman

    treble odds 3.65/1 @bet365

  6. alex 3 years ago

    4:20 Visible light 7/4 also forecast with 6, 2@ 12/1.

  7. denman 3 years ago

    Morning everyone.
    3.30 the grey Taylor 13/8
    4.00 cracked rear view 11/4
    3.20 some are lucky 3/1
    3.50 minella experience 3/1
    Cracked rear view nap.
    Good luck.

  8. chrisja 3 years ago

    Let’s go for a Yankee:

    Ueueteotl at 5.00 in the 14:30 at Kelso
    All Set To Go at 3.75 in the 14:40 at Taunton
    Santas Secret at 4.00 in the 14:50 at Southwell
    Indian Voyage at 10.00 in the 15:30 at Kelso

  9. ryzo 3 years ago

    Anyone have thoughts on JetMaster in the 3.30. I see it’s well thought of at pretty big odds of 16’s.

  10. recoba 3 years ago

    2 O’clock Trixie(wee small stakes) for fun on a few fancies…

    Allow Dallow…2.20. 5/2
    Tickandemickey….2.30. 6/1

  11. dougiec 3 years ago

    Nothing jumping off the page today Caroline Bailey has the sevices of Harry Skelton today an Harry Fry sends one nearly 500 Mile round trip so place double today
    HUNTERS BELT 4.30 Kelso always seem to run into the money.
    WATER WILLOW. 5.20 Southwell ,and modest trixie Denali Highway,Diego Surrey and Being Global

  12. hamish75 3 years ago

    Dougiec wen ye wer at falkirks big wheel wis there any ma mates still goin roon n roon cos that result on Friday wis a bummer al hav a go wi ur reasonin fir the long travelers can ye imagine the trip home in the horse box singin I will walk 500miles wi the proclaimers gud luck today n as always ktf

  13. alanm 3 years ago

    NAP Mondo Cane 9/2 4.50 Southwell
    NB L’Aigle Royal 4/1 4.00 Kelso
    They’re off and running Towerburn 11/2 2.00 Kelso GL

  14. ticketyboo 3 years ago

    Afternoon all racing fans

    2:30 Kelso “Present Flight” 2/1 bet365

    4:40 Taunton “Present Man” 11/8 bet365

    4:30 Kelso “Bescot Springs” 14/1 EW bet365

  15. de niro 3 years ago

    Fantastic again Sunday alanm !

    I put all my eggs on BothToScore Manchester Derby and felt very smug 20 mins in then sick as a parrot last ten minutes and full time as no goal came for City :-(

    15-40 Taunton
    General Ginger 100/30 betway
    Southwell 14-50
    Santas Secret 100/30 bet 365
    Southwell 16-50
    Me Voila 6/1 bet 365

  16. ew thief 3 years ago

    Afternoon all well done winners yesterday
    ROBINSHILL 3.20S @ 12/1
    LANDECKER 4.00K@ 9/1
    CHAVOY 4.30K@ 14/1
    GL ALL

  17. jamiea1991 3 years ago

    Anyone got anything for the dubai world cup?

    I’m flying out Wednesday x

    • alanm 3 years ago

      Frosted for Godolphin 2/1 as he already knows what it takes to beat the Fav GL

  18. dougiec 3 years ago

    Hamish,there was lanny bottles floatin an a couple of scarfs wi a pictue of Colin Stein!! no kiddin

  19. recoba 3 years ago

    RYALEX nearly jumped through the barriers there at the last ?

  20. recoba 3 years ago

    Ach. No harm with wee small stakes done buy ill need to have a single on…

    Tickandemickey…2.30. 6/1

  21. recoba 3 years ago

    Recobas 2 o’clock donkeys! lol
    No harm but lets hope the main bet fairs better starting with THOONVALLA…2.50
    GL rest of the day guys ?


  22. punterpounder 3 years ago

    another Oscar day

  23. recoba 3 years ago

    Aye true so far @punterpounder.
    I feel like De Caprio till last month,look too ?
    Or Van Damme,were was his ‘Oscar’ No chance now too.. HaHa ?

  24. ew thief 3 years ago

    Well done kellyd 2 from2. Gl with the rest

  25. ew thief 3 years ago

    Nice start johnb gl with the rest

  26. word2mother 3 years ago

    Thooooonavolla, go.john b, was expectinf a decent day from you today and thats a good start, got passing fiesta, my brother sylvest and me.voila left in my.yankee, come.on!!

  27. recoba 3 years ago

    Jetmaster..3.30. 18/1. EW

    And am owt of it!

  28. nazalus 3 years ago

    Running like a 3 legged donkey ffs :( :( :(

  29. punterpounder 3 years ago


  30. recoba 3 years ago

    Greet,greet,greet…fight,fight,fight! ?
    Mind yer tights lads the horse ran pish but if you stick to johns level stakes pick your dummy back up!
    ? ?

  31. dirk41 3 years ago

    Come on guys.

    Some of the users who post picks on here are beyond reproach. John is easily one of the better ones.

    Sometimes favorites have bad runs. It happens. The other week I was also very surprised with Konig Dax and the other day on a flat race the fav stopped racing after the final turn.

    Moaning, cracking jokes is just silly, considering the track record of some of the users on here and that we are fortunate that they post here freely.


  32. punterpounder 3 years ago

    tbh thares no set way to beat the bookies only ways to take some cash off them if betting made us rich we wouldn’t need to work got more chance of being able to buy my own house outright on minimum wage than become a millionaire off betting

  33. elvis parsley 3 years ago

    You just did.
    And as you are flying out to Dubai on Wednesday, maybe you could learn some manners while you are there.
    Nazalus was venting his frustration not having a go at John.

  34. jamiea1991 3 years ago

    Can anybody tell me WTF WAS THAT?

  35. alanm 3 years ago

    punterpounder you are 100% right reason being is we all can’t control when things go wrong like losing streaks chasing loses not big enough bank and that is why you or anyone else here today or next year.
    Finding winners is the key but controlling emotion is the holy grail sort that and then maybe the path will become clearer.
    Alanm 2016

  36. davc 3 years ago

    Very nice double johnb. Thank you for the tip.

  37. recoba 3 years ago

    Go on John pal ?
    A great priced Ew single for me and a double up too.
    On a wee Yankee as its really a non football day so its a Gee G day! ?

    Visible Light…4.20. Evs
    Ganbeu…4.30. 6/1*
    Present Man..4.40.(Ticket)
    Conda Mqne..4.50(Alans)

  38. kev 3 years ago

    Brilliant john

  39. champyr 3 years ago

    Well done JohnB, it’s been a great month, I was wondering what’s your best month since this thread started?

    • Johnb 3 years ago

      This month so far, January 2014 was the best at about 160pt profit but this month is probably only the second month since January 2014 that we haven’t been hounded with bad luck with horses being placed and not winning,
      Said before on here I used to regularly hit 500+ points a year and 500 points was a minimum but last two years have seen too many 2nds

  40. Johnb 3 years ago

    Good news coming out the Tizzard yard that Thistlecrack will run at Aintree and Punchestown to attempt to become a triple festival winner

  41. Johnb 3 years ago

    Thanks everyone, pity Passing Fiesta never ran a yard today but still over 20pt profit today

    • recoba 3 years ago

      Good news with Thistlecrack john. Well done today.

      2 placed 1 win in the Yankee ?
      Ganbei nice * single and johns makes it a late profitable dat. ?

  42. ockers123 3 years ago

    Great tips today John!! Had a great day from you keep up the good work!

  43. alanm 3 years ago

    Sorry guys onwards and upwards well done all winners today.

  44. nezhambo 3 years ago

    Well done Johnb superb tipping carry on the good work and thanks a million you are simply the BEST

  45. -wato- 3 years ago

    Brilliant again Johnb thanks again mate

  46. -wato- 3 years ago

    Don’t want March to end lol

  47. jonnyric 3 years ago

    Some comments that appear on the racing thread are truly baffling at times… Very nice profit on your tips today JohnB, thanks

  48. gengar 3 years ago

    appologies for not tipping today been rather busy plus thought best to take a day off after a bad couple days since cheltanham i did manage to put on a loose change trixie though john so ty mate will have a look at whats on tommorow and tip if anything stamds out well done today all winners

  49. ooseven 3 years ago

    Ah well I just went for Passing Fiesta but as you say can’t win them all. Plus it’s my own fault for not taking the other two anyway!

  50. Johnb 3 years ago

    20.13 point profit today after a 25p rule 4 on Thoonavolla & My Brother Sylvest returning at 7/1
    March 207.63 points up

    Tuesday’s Tips

    Wolftrap 3/1 NB racebets

    Three Faces West 15/8 NAP racebets

    Three Faces West & Wolftrap 10.5/1 racebets

  51. kelly.d 3 years ago

    2.30 kelso oscar oscar 2/1 10 win RETURNED €30
    4.30 kelso ganbei 4/1 5 e/w RETURNED €41.25
    2.20 southwell midnight chrorister 11/2 5 e/w RETURNED €52.63
    3.20 southwell monkhouse 7/4 10 win LOST
    4.20 southwell diego suarez 5/1 5 e/w LOST
    4.50 southwell empty the tank 8/1 5 e/w LOST
    5.20 southwell mcgregors cottage 6/1 5 e/w LOST
    3.10 taunton mandys boy 8/1 5 e/w LOST
    4.10 taunton rothman 2/1 10 win LOST
    4.40 taunton present man 2/1 10 win LOST
    staked €100
    returned €123.88
    overall profit €24.88

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