1. Acca backer 3 years ago

    Cmon cabal

  2. Jonnyric 3 years ago

    Cmon Eileen

  3. beachbum 3 years ago

    See the sun 5/1 e/w 1/4 odds
    Weds Ripon 8.10
    This horse must go close .
    down in the handicap again
    down in grade
    Last time ran against the likes of
    Monsieur Joe red baron willbeme
    1st 2nd and 3rd in the big sprint last sat
    Good luck

  4. Harry R 3 years ago

    Ripon 8:40 Baadi

  5. davyb 3 years ago

    under approval 2.30 wol bold max 3.00 wol smoke that thunder 5.00 wol lucy the painter 5.30 wol

  6. dougiec 3 years ago

    two off the jumps tracker to consider tomorrow Moorlands George and Perfect Timing.and Dream Child at Nottingham for trixie

  7. conor 3 years ago

    Oldcastle town Punchestown 7.00 RUBY riding for ted ill b on …good luck racing tomorrow…currently 9/1 opened at 12s

  8. Big T 3 years ago

    Nap – Seeyouallincoppers 8.30 Punchestown 3/1

  9. Big T 3 years ago

    Also like these 3 which i have thrown into a lucky 15 with the Nap

    Big Baz @ 5/2

    Tuscan Gold @ 6/1

    See The Sun @ 9/2


  10. Clem 3 years ago

    Morning all like the look of this one today was unlucky last week hopefully better look in running today


    Good luck

  11. The Postman 3 years ago

    6:00 Punchestown – Realt Mor each way

    7:10 Ripon – Miss Van Gogh NAP

  12. Sean 3 years ago



    Expecting good things from this Useless Donkey this evening,taken E/W @ 12/1 Skybet ;)

  13. dougiec 3 years ago

    Morning, I put up Dream Child 4.20 Nottingham,last night with one eye on the going.and adding Point North 2.50 although the value may be gone, was 11/2 earlier.I would advise modest stakes as Nottingham not the easiest of tracks when soft.

  14. double carpet 3 years ago

    Morning all

    Only ones ive backed so far are johns nap and STORM ALERT 8/1 ew 4.10 fontwell who looks well in at this level.
    Great card at punchestown later so until then

    Best of luck to all

  15. dougiec 3 years ago

    Van is a N/R ..postman

  16. mhb 3 years ago

    Nottingham 3.50-Extremity 5/2

    My selection yesterday was Noverre to go which ran a stinker, so hoping for a better performance today from my only pick of the day!

    Goodluck to everyone!

  17. Alanm 3 years ago

    Nap Angus 7/4 8.40 Ripon 3Pts
    NB Four Nations 3/1 4.00 Wolverhampton 2 Pts
    Double pays 10/1 1 Pts
    Good luck all
    EW Field of light 5/1 7.10 Ripon

  18. Champy R 3 years ago

    365 are offering cash out at profit for Thahab, I assume the odds have shortened. I think the same was true for JB’s NB yesterday so won’t get too exited.

  19. The Postman 3 years ago

    Hi Doughie

    It’s a non runner in the 3:20 Nottingham but it is still listed on oddschecker as running in the 7:10 Ripon.

    Best Price 7/2

    Remember this one was first past the post last time out then got disqualified, so technically it’s a winner last time out running seven days later without a penalty.

    I think Fahey was keen to get it out again because it was entered up for two races today, and the fact it’s running it the 7:10 suggests to me that this is the race Richard Fahey thinks it can win out of the two.

    7:10 Ripon – Miss Van Gogh (NAP)

  20. gerrardsyear 3 years ago

    2:30 Wolv. Diamond Vine 7/1 E/W

  21. Smurf 3 years ago

    4.40 – Moorland Geroge @ 2/1- NAP

  22. Panikos 3 years ago

    Hi Guys

    Mal Boyles best bet of the day is

    ARGUS 8.40 RIPON

  23. Fez 3 years ago

    Little treble for today

    Fleugzeug 11/4 4.10 fontwell
    Slingsby. 11/8. 2.30 Wolv
    Miss Van Gogh 7/2. 7.10 Ripon

    £5 on £200 back

  24. Gardy 3 years ago

    3.20 – Nottingham/ Roxy Star, 4.33 NAP

  25. Alanm 3 years ago

    Nice one Panikos ;-)

  26. Big gee 3 years ago

    HALLINGS WISH 3.40Font @12/1 bog

  27. Luke 3 years ago


    I’ve just been given a tip…by a someone I know that has alot of insight into horse racing…I have not what so ever…so take this as u please coz it’s an outsider.


    420 Nottingham


    • The Postman 3 years ago

      Interesting, I did have this as my Nap when it won at Donny, big step up in class today Luke but Ian Williams is well known to pull off a punt now and again, thanks for sharing.

  28. dougiec 3 years ago

    See that now Postman, Best of luck for her back among the 3yr olds.

  29. dougiec 3 years ago

    Panikos whats your point in this,we can all read tips,Might as well go the whole hog Paul Kealy with Roxy Star,Hugh Taylors 2 or perhaps your own Nap with a bit of reasoning.

  30. gerrardsyear 3 years ago

    My Spirit Nottingham 4.20 13/2 E/W

  31. Duncan Poundcake 3 years ago

    Hopefully it will dry out a bit more at Nottingham by 4.20 so on good ground Pleasant Valley at 9/2 and 4.00 Wolves ,shame the fav doesn’t run but I thought Percella would win anyway GL.

  32. Ew thief 3 years ago

    Morning lads
    COTTRELL 2.30W
    LACEY 3.30W
    NOGUCHI 4.00W
    GL ALL

  33. dar 3 years ago

    Ella shade 3.20 nott
    Extremity 3.50 nott
    Monaleen 4.20 nott
    galileano 4.50 nott
    Gone viral 6.50 chelmsford

    good luck all e/w trebles/doubles & acca

  34. azz the wigan 3 years ago

    lawless island 2.10 modest 2.20 zoella 3.20 momentus 4.20 e.w lucky 15

  35. chancer 3 years ago

    Can’t see mystic mirage getting beaten tonight in the 7.10 Ripon . Currently priced at 2/1 from 3/1.
    Very unlucky loser at Thirsk last week from a terrible draw. Running in the same class of the same mark tonight at odds against must be worth a bet
    What do ye guys think?
    Am I missing something?

  36. Duncan Poundcake 3 years ago

    Nice one Fez, managed to get 6/4 ,never a moments worry.Thanks.

  37. mark r 3 years ago

    3.10 fontwell midnight sapphire 4/1 distance winner last week up 7lbs but thats halved with jockey on board. Won with a bit to spare last week should go close.

  38. dougiec 3 years ago

    Sorry lads Point North standing in the gate!! crap selection

  39. David t 3 years ago

    Some help please.

    Can anyone tell me if there was a rule 4 in the 2.30 wolvEs today?
    Thanks in advance

  40. blinkerz 3 years ago

    Nice one gardy had fisrt and second

  41. Duncan Poundcake 3 years ago

    Good Pick Gardy ,nice price GL.

  42. dougiec 3 years ago

    Nice winner Gardy with Roxy,Silver Star material

  43. Gardy 3 years ago

    Cheers guys! Went off at 7/1 happy days hope others got on!

  44. Chachie 3 years ago

    The word for tonight is:

    Desert Ruler e.w 6.40 Rip 33/1

  45. Haggis 3 years ago

    Barks ton ash Alan tonight?8.10 ripping?tiu always back it?

  46. jim burnside 3 years ago

    Ach well homage runs its race but was nvr going to bt the eventual winner bak to drawing board yet again.

  47. Alanm 3 years ago

    Haggis yes good shout will be giving it one last go tonight thanks if it wins I will owe you one as never even seen it :)

  48. Panikos 3 years ago

    Many people don’t read racing post and other racing newspapers . Mal Boyels best bet of the day is a winner most of the days so I just wanted to share the information.
    If people on here don’t want me to do it I will stop as I have no other intention

  49. Duncan Poundcake 3 years ago

    Poor dayfor me ,time to stop GL All.

  50. double carpet 3 years ago

    Evening all

    I notice Art Of Logistics being well supported in the first at punchestown. Has a superb record at the track. Might be worth an ew nibble. Will wait for opening show

  51. dougiec 3 years ago

    Panikos put up what you like,just came across as a dig.Paul Kealy pricewise extra put up Roxy Star and The Edge extra advised Mad Endeavour at 7/1.Im fortunate I am retired and can afford the RP Ultimate but my enjoyment comes from trying to look for a bit of value and looking at other lads selections Sorry that’s the way it came across my apologies.
    Good luck with your betting

  52. Big gee 3 years ago

    @ Chachie

    I Don’t normally question peeps info but my mates daughter is a stable lass at Jedd Okeefe yard and she tells us that on unraced horses jockeys are given strict instructions to go easy on them and not push a horse first time out not to whip the horse just show it the crook basically to just let it run and get used to surroundings. Just passing this on hope it doesn’t offend as it’s not my intention. Gd luck anyway you watch it will romp home :)

  53. Rookie 3 years ago

    18.30 Punch Make a track 9/2

  54. Panikos 3 years ago

    All good Dougie good luck to you too

    Checking Ripons card i noticed that Joe Fanning is riding some good horses tonight with very high prices c

  55. dougiec 3 years ago

    Well done Rookie!! Are you Elliots agent? Make A Track Nice pick. I couldn’t pick a winner to save myself.

  56. double carpet 3 years ago

    Nice one rookie

  57. Sean 3 years ago

    Was told a while back to wait for Old Castletown with ruby in the saddle,looks an absolute donkey form wise but been told to take a price which i did this morning EW @ 12/1 down to 8/1 now,I havent a clue myself heres hoping anyway. ;)

  58. johnb 3 years ago

    Thursdays Tips


    Overlord 15/8 NAP/NB skybet

    Sublimation 4/1 betvictor paddy power betfred

    Overlord & Sublimation 12.75/1 skybet

  59. double carpet 3 years ago

    Great shout postman

  60. JP 3 years ago

    Brilliant NAP POSTMAN

  61. Sean 3 years ago

    Old donkeytown!!let me down there ruby :(

  62. Alanm 3 years ago

    Postman and Rookie well done guys ;-)

  63. Panikos 3 years ago

    7.30 pun

    Sandy mount duke

  64. Kev 3 years ago

    Nice one e/w thief for Noguchi. And postman for the nap :)

  65. Rookie 3 years ago

    Thanks guys
    It would take a very Especial horse for me to have two winners in one evening!

  66. Rookie 3 years ago

    Well dougie you’ve carried me through enough times! You will hit form again soon!

  67. double carpet 3 years ago

    Ew thief
    apologies for missing you out with Noguchi. Great shout mate

  68. Gardy 3 years ago

    8.30 – Punchestown/ Seeyouallincoppers, 3.50

  69. joshyb 3 years ago

    Big gee that’s a load of bull mate cuz If anyone watched the 4.30 at wolves then a 25/1 1st time out beat a 4/5 shot so bit of silly comment

  70. jim burnside 3 years ago

    No more naps fr me stikn to footy.

  71. double carpet 3 years ago

    Chilworth Icon 9/1 ew
    out again quickly after missing the break on saturday.3lbs below last win mark

  72. Recoba 3 years ago

    Not even got result through yet but going by comments…pants! :|
    Last nights was well backed too and I watched that flop big time?

    Not a criticism Johnb sir just strange…could of cashed out twice for profit?? Lol

  73. Panikos 3 years ago

    8.10 Rip

    Barkston ash because of draw has better chance but I like
    Fast shot as e/w

    I will try r/f

  74. Alanm 3 years ago

    EW Thief well done ;-)

  75. Napper valley 3 years ago

    Next to at Ripon

    Cosmic chatter 8/1 e/w

    Argus 11/8

  76. Wmcg1978noob 3 years ago

    Adams Ale in the next at Ripon 8/1 should place at least I think

    Good luck whatever you are on tonight

  77. Alanm 3 years ago

    Come on Barkston Ash the time must be now you owe me big time.;-)

  78. Big gee 3 years ago


    I don’t think you comprehend fella. I know not all unraced horses are given an easy ride first time out I’m talking about horses trained by Jedd Okeefe he gives the jockey strict instructions on his! This is genuine info I was just passing it on. Next time I’ll keep it to myself!!

  79. dougiec 3 years ago

    Well spotted Postman and a nice price,ew thief again and good luck for later

  80. double carpet 3 years ago

    Right as i keep getting placed gonna try one more. FIRE IN BABYLON W/O FAV EW 11/1

  81. Lostboy 3 years ago

    Champagne Ransom 8.20. Only bet tonight. 6/4.

    Fingers crossed.

  82. Alanm 3 years ago

    Ahhhhhhhh to late what was he playing at that was his chance and the jockey blew it.Ffs

  83. Rookie 3 years ago

    Onto tomorrow:
    15.30 Ham Im super too 9/1
    16.00 Ham First sitting 9/2
    19.20 Kem Highest level 10/3
    19.55 Kem Early morning 8/1

  84. Lostboy 3 years ago

    Can’t believe that lost. Wow. Threw it away.

  85. Alex 3 years ago

    Did anyone watch the 8:20 ha ha what a run by Champagne Ransom, J walking springs to mind!

  86. Recoba 3 years ago

    8.30…Shutter Island 10/1 ew
    9.10…Accramante 10/1 ew
    9.20…Stunned 9/4

  87. Panikos 3 years ago

    Alex I had £50 on Champagne , what a crazy run

    • Alex 3 years ago

      Panikos-unlucky mate, I had 0.54 pence on the winner. I don’t think I have seen anything that bad, we are dealing with beasts afterall.

  88. SefK 3 years ago

    Champagne Ransom been on the sauce cos that was ridiculous

  89. Recoba 3 years ago

    Oops! Above…wee singles and small Ew treble fir intrest on above

  90. Striker 3 years ago

    Champagne Ransom, that was not funny you idiot animal

  91. Lostboy 3 years ago

    Sore one there…I’m on seeyouallincoppers @ punch. Recoup the loss.

  92. double carpet 3 years ago

    Another place landed. All adds up !!

    Its got to be the fav in the next at punch

  93. Acca backer 3 years ago

    Horse only jinked when desousa started looking round.

  94. Carter 3 years ago

    8.20 race was a fix

  95. Lostboy 3 years ago

    With jonhston’s runners going so well. Mediate 16/1 e/w….ripon 8.40. Worth a few quid.

  96. dougiec 3 years ago

    Well will just have to be 12 and 4 F/cast in the 9.00 for a GOOJ

  97. Lostboy 3 years ago

    Ouch….2nditis tonight. Come on.

  98. Alex 3 years ago

    Come on Lucky Pat!

  99. Alex 3 years ago

    Argus in the next why not :)

  100. Alex 3 years ago

    One more from in the 8:50 Bint Dandy 6-1, will also have a little on Fruit Pastille 10-1 e/w as the trainer has won 5 races tonight I think.

  101. double carpet 3 years ago

    i wouldnt discount 4 yet going to watch market

  102. Napper valley 3 years ago

    Not an even money in my eyes but argus did the biz just about.

  103. Alex 3 years ago

    Panikos- just realised I had already back Argus when you posted earlier on in the day accidentally rebacked it again so thanks.

  104. Lostboy 3 years ago

    Sticking with Johnston…enlace 4/1. Last bet.

  105. busstop 3 years ago

    alot of real poor days for the thread recently

    it can only improve

    gl all

  106. The Postman 3 years ago

    Not sure if I fancy Peregrine Run in the 9:00 at Punchestown with Katie Walsh on it or just fancy Katie Walsh.

    Anyway I have just back it @ 7/1

    Good Luck

  107. Lostboy 3 years ago

    Well…that is poor. Bad hour. On to tomorrow.

  108. Alanm 3 years ago

    Nap wins 2.25pts profit for today
    June to date +6.75pts profit onwards we go KTF

  109. Alex 3 years ago

    And I said to myself that Boonga looked like a beautiful horse!

  110. Alex 3 years ago

    Right on Big T’s Tuscan Gold and that’s my lot.

  111. Panikos 3 years ago

    Thanks Alex but that was Mal Boyles best bet of the day and I just posted it on here.
    Argus was his 3rd in a row.

    Alan M also tipped it , thanks Alan

  112. dougiec 3 years ago

    The Postman money now for your Peregrine!!

  113. Baz 3 years ago

    Late info, Tuscan gold 9.10

  114. Panikos 3 years ago

    9.20 che

    Dynamo walt

  115. dougiec 3 years ago

    9.20 che

    Dynamo walt

  116. The Postman 3 years ago

    LOL Dougie

  117. Baz 3 years ago

    Foxy forever 9.20 chelms claw back all your losses!!!!

  118. Baz 3 years ago

    Foxy forever 9.20 chelms

  119. leicesterlad 3 years ago

    you doing any write ups on the horses JB love reading your thoughts it add to my confidence fingers crossed you get back on track tomorrow

  120. Baz 3 years ago

    Bummer, AW well focy forever to save the day

  121. Alex 3 years ago

    Stunned another looker!

  122. V P 3 years ago

    Nice one Panikos thank you

  123. Duncan Poundcake 3 years ago

    Well done to all winners ,tough day today
    From my tracker Penang Paparaja 3.40 Lingfield 20/80 GL

  124. double carpet 3 years ago

    Well done alanm and well done to all the winners today. Its proving a tough week so far but we will bounce back

  125. Alex 3 years ago

    Does anyone have any strong views on The Oaks? It would be good to hear from the chap who has contact with the yard of Legatissimo. Must be the stand out horse. The confidence of Sir Michael Stoute’s trained Crystal Svezda made me sit up and take notice. I think he is expecting further improvement and this one is in the bag.

  126. Clem 3 years ago

    Well done to all who had winners..

  127. dougiec 3 years ago

    Alex I backed LADY OF DUBAI AFTER Goodwood and expect her to place at least.Not many handle Epsom so its only more in hope. Johnb mentioned Jazzi Top the other day

  128. Duncan Poundcake 3 years ago

    So did I Dougie ,but probably more in hope than judgment ,She looks a tough girl ,but have backed Jack Naylor as well.

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