JOHNB is back in black for June after a terrific Tuesday saw him land a full house.

His third double-stake winner in a row helped make it a 23.34pt profit for the day and our man is now 13.82pts up for the month, with another Nap/NB among Wednesday's picks.

Johnb's Wednesday Tips

Salisbury 2:10
Sea Fox 15-8 NAP/NB racebets (double stake)

Kempton 8:50
Langham 9-2 racebets

Sea Fox & Langham 14.81-1 racebets

I was close to tipping AUSTRALIAN QUEEN in the 4:50 Salisbury at 10-1 but these other two were a lot stronger, Australian Queen was my fancy in the oaks but was well beaten, but her Musidora form behind So Mi Dar would give her a good chance.

Irish Derby (Saturday)
IDAHO 6-1 ew NAP/NB racebets

He says: “I am doing something here I don’t normally do, backing a horse each way and at a short price. The reason is the ground conditions. Looking at the runners I am expecting at least three horses to be pulled out so get your money on now because if there are fewer than eight runners you will still get 3 places.

“This is the second time I have advised each way because I thought there would be fewer than eight runners and the was last time when Special Tiara came second, This is one of the major advantages we as punters have over bookies.”

Antepost tips

2000 Guineas 2017
CHURCHILL 20-1 (now 12-1) bet365

2017 Derby
CHURCHILL 33-1 (now 16-1) racebets



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  1. the notorious 2 years ago

    John, how can you say for sure US Army Ranger will not run on Saturday?

    • shauncpfc 2 years ago

      I don’t think he did “say for sure” so to speak, I believe he meant it as an opinion that he believes he won’t run. Anyway for anyone else on Idaho, betting-wise lets hope it is the case! ??

      • the notorious 2 years ago

        Shaun one would think if Harzand and The Ranger dont ho then its a shoe in. The likelihood is that either one wont run.

    • Johnb 2 years ago

      The current going is yielding and there are conflicting weather reports but the one I am taking more notice of is the “more rain to come”
      With the rain they are saying is going to come it would make the Curragh going softer than Epsom, if thats the case I can’t see O’Brien running US Army Ranger

      • jacksonator 2 years ago

        is it just for this race, do Bet365 only offer cash out on Antepost once the normal markets become available.

        • belter 2 years ago

          US Army ranger has now been confirmed it’s not running Saturday

        • Johnb 2 years ago

          I am not sure what bet365 rules are but I think it should start offering cashout at the declaration stage which is 10am tomorrow

  2. the notorious 2 years ago

    John, even if Harzang does get the all clear which is possible, how much does it take out of a horse winning a derby? Lets not forget this horse spread a plate hours before the race, then theres the antibiotics hes on.

    • Johnb 2 years ago

      Every horse is different but it seems Harzand has taken longer to recover

  3. jazzerbhoy 2 years ago

    Sorry but that 6/1 is long gone 100/30 in most places.

    • shauncpfc 2 years ago

      The 6/1 was available almost immediately after Johnb posted it at 11pm last night when I placed my bet. It’s slowly drifted down all day long and was temporarily suspended due to withdrawals I believe, and has now settled at a lower price than when the tip was made.

      • jacksonator 2 years ago

        Yeah to be fair I got on at 6/1 too

      • jazzerbhoy 2 years ago

        I never said it wasn’t, if you look at the time of the new post,the 6/1 cannot be had.
        Good luck to all who got on at 6/1 and great advice from johnb. But 100/30 was the only price I saw when this new post was made.
        I wasn’t having a go at johnb.

  4. rafe 2 years ago

    good day yday should have tipped the double and as such can’t count it in the win column.

    10.25pts up for June

    Carlilse 4.10 – Red Box @ 7/2 (NAP) 1pt

    Salisbury 3.45 – Combative @ 4/1 (NB) 1pt

    2pts staked, gl all

  5. alanm 2 years ago

    NAP Swendab 3/1 2.40 Salisbury
    NB in the morning

  6. ray_ez 2 years ago

    Missed the double but was on singles yesterday. Top work John.

  7. on the bob 2 years ago

    Nap Bath 6.10 rasmiya 6/5

    Saw this horse was running on Monday and expected it to be odds on but glad to see it isn’t. I’ll de disappointed if it doesn’t hide up.

    NB wor 5.30 bandit country 3/1

    GL all

  8. on the bob 2 years ago

    Should read hose up.

    Haggas has 3 decent maidens running today in fact but I’ll side with this one and a small trixsie on his others.


  9. arsie 2 years ago

    Camelia japonica 8.30 naas 4/1

  10. 2 years ago

    Morning all

    nothing for me yesterday but some good winners on the thread

    W 14.50 EASY STREET 7/4 **

    W 15 .55 STAY OUIT OF COURT 9/2 *

    W 16.30 ALCOCK AND BROWN 9/2 ** NB **

    W 17.00 MOSS ON THE MILL 3/1 ** NAP **

    nothing big today smaller stakes for me

    gl all

  11. dougiec 2 years ago

    Morning all,busy day today,
    Nap..Higher Power..7.50.. Kempton, 5 runs in three seasons,what must it cost to train.
    Nb….Master paver. .4.40 Carlisle
    Ew….Fire Ship..4.50 Salisbury,
    Gl today

  12. 2 years ago

    Hi Dougie

    I am doing your Nap and John Bs Nap along with Dell’Acra in the 4:20 at Salisbury in a WIN Patent.

  13. coop192 2 years ago

    Afternoon all,
    4.10Car Red Box 4/1 NAP
    5.00Wor Moss on Mill 3/1
    5.10Car Hanatif 4/1 NB
    9.20Kem Harristown 7/2 NNB
    Lucky 15.

    E/W Patent all at Carlisle 3.00 Eutropius 18/1 3.35 Lavetta 12/1 4.40 Planesong 20/1.

    Happy Punting.

  14. dougiec 2 years ago

    The postman Pipes no mug when it comes to this type of race I see blinkers on and off a decent mark,Gl today.I’m just back from shelling out at the opticians so any pointers appreciated. I’m on thanks

  15. peter daryll 2 years ago

    Dell arcer 2/1 4.20 Salisbury Nap

    Higher power 9/4 7.50 kempton

    Double 9:50/1.

    Good luck all

  16. 2 years ago

    C 5.10 POPSIES JOY 6/1
    S 2.40 PERFECT PASTIME 7/1
    S 4.20 OPERA LAD 12/1
    K 8.20 MAILSHOT 3/1

    good luck everyone

    happy days

  17. recoba 2 years ago

    Yankee for today and couple of singles,one being Johns NAP/Nb
    A couple of prices are gone from last night when i should have posted.
    * for singles.

    Ruddy Article…2.50. 11/4*
    Sungal Long…3.20. 2/1
    Sea Fox…2.10. 2/1(11/10)**
    Alicante Dawn…2.30 11/10

    Single and wee Ew double

    Pepy…2.30. 10/1*
    Top of the Glas…4.40 7/1

  18. recoba 2 years ago

    See Top of Glas…4.40 is back out to 7s.
    Plenty on Masterpaver of course but not to worry its only in my wee Ew double.

    Finally…GLall ?

  19. the notorious 2 years ago

    John, harzand is right out to 2/1 and wont run imo as I said yesterday.
    What worries is the Army Ranger is now gone into 4/6 ftom 4/5. One would summise from this that there wont be enough rain for O Brien to withdraw him which leaves with a place unfortunately.

    • the notorious 2 years ago

      Suffice to say we need The Ranger to run a shocker in order to win, but at least we know we can finish second.

  20. jazzerbhoy 2 years ago

    Della arca nb 4.20 sal
    Mistime nap 3.10 sal
    Australian queen 450
    Angel way 2.40 salis
    Good luck today

  21. jimron12 2 years ago

    Master paver 4.40 NB
    Red hammer 4.30 nap

    Singles and double

    Good luck all

  22. the notorious 2 years ago

    The Curragh racecourse is currently good to yielding to an employee. Whether enough rain falls for good to soft remains to be seen.

  23. 2 years ago

    johnb how do you do it us army ranger NR

  24. the notorious 2 years ago

    F***ing love it!! Yeeee haaaa!!!!
    Now just waiting on Harzand to be confirmed non runner and were laughing all the way to the bookies lol

  25. 2 years ago

    notorious i have a gut feeling the outsider of o briens could win the derby. We seen at royal ascot two outsiders of his winning turning over the favs.and j.o.brien turned over a 4/6 of his dads last week with a 33/1. to me it all looks to easy for idaho. i backed idaho in the english derby but i have not backed him this time ,hopefully he will win because a lot of people on the thread backed him

    • the notorious 2 years ago

      The plug, theres a lot of truth in what your saying as we’ve seen O Briens outsiders turn over hotpots. Wouldn’t worry to much about Joseph turning over his dads. The reality was Josephs should never have went of at 33/1 as he was bred in the purple.

  26. stevie 2 years ago


  27. jazzerbhoy 2 years ago

    Us army ranger out of the race

  28. jazzerbhoy 2 years ago

    Ryan Moore switches to Idaho

  29. Mr Fixit 2 years ago

    lamzat, it’s not breaking news. Johnb told you days ago.

  30. jazzerbhoy 2 years ago

    MrF it wasn’t because of the weather.But well done all who are on at a massive 6,1 11/8 now jt fav

  31. jazzerbhoy 2 years ago

    Carlisle running late
    Glenalmond ew 16/1

  32. 2 years ago


  33. kord 2 years ago

    I have a quick question, which hopefully has a quick answer. As someone who didn’t manage to get an E/W bet on Idaho (I did get a to win bet at 4/1 which I’m hopeful on now), is there a horse that people now see as a good E/W option which has good odds?

    I was looking at Port Douglas which is still out at 16/1, but don’t want to thrown money away.

    Thanks and I’m very grateful to all the great tippers for your assistance.

    • the notorious 2 years ago

      John knows best, but imo Moonlight magic and Sword fighter both represent a danger, although I think O Brien will declare one more non runner tomorrow so dont back until tomorrow after 10

  34. lamzat 2 years ago

    JohnB said it was possible. The media are treating it as a breaking news all over today!

    • the notorious 2 years ago

      Were lucky to have someone with the best racing knowledge Ive ever come across. In fact im amazed john never gained employment in the racing industry in some shape or form.

  35. jazzerbhoy 2 years ago

    Well had a nightmare of a day.
    Mistime was a big loss for me,and should have won.
    But that’s racing,managed to get ew on Australian queen at 16/1 but apart from that terrible. Even Ronaldo is letting me down. Good luck guys.

  36. dougiec 2 years ago

    Thanks on the bob 9/4 Rasmiya,cleared my feet on what’s been a lean day.You certainly do well with those maidens.Well posted
    On we go

  37. on the bob 2 years ago

    Glad you were on Dougie.

    If the next haggas horse comes up then my trixsie is in as well.

    Doc using on one type of race is paying off at the moment.

    GL for the evening bets.

  38. dougiec 2 years ago

    Bit short for my wallet on the bob but hope it seeds your wallet gl.

  39. on the bob 2 years ago

    Ahh well no trixie but glad the nap won.

    Nice work John b on reading the Derby. God knows how you do it but that is some crystal ball you have.

  40. jimron12 2 years ago

    Jb fair play your getting a nice following down my local!!!!

  41. jimron12 2 years ago

    Nice early nap NB for tomorrow hold tight 4.35 3/1

    • rafe 2 years ago

      great minds Jimron was going to put up Hold Tight as my NAP/NB as well.

  42. jazzerbhoy 2 years ago

    Well done dougiec nice winner.
    I’m on kassia in the 8’10 bath 2,1

  43. dougiec 2 years ago

    Channon having his best run for a while jazzerbhoy.but 5/2 in a 3 horse race nice

  44. Johnb 2 years ago

    June 9.82 points up

    Thursday’s Tips

    Boy in the Bar 9/2 racebets

    Silent Attack 6/4 NAP/NB racebets (double stake)

    Boy in the Bar & Silent Attack 12.75/1 racebets

  45. dougiec 2 years ago

    GOOJ tomorrow Buzz Of Barroso..9.00 Leoapardstown.

  46. Johnb 2 years ago

    Just on today’s news that US Army Ranger will not run in the Irish Derby, there was a flood of money on the horse when the doubts about Harzand surfaced, there has been a lot of money lost on him but hope nobody on here backed him

    The O’Brien duo of Sword Fighter & Claudio Monteverdi should also be confirmed as non runners,
    It would be close between running Sword Fighter and Shogun but I think Shogun would make the perfect pacemaker for Idaho

    6/1 looks good now

  47. Johnb 2 years ago

    Connections had to run BREXIT tomorrow didn’t they 6:10 Newbury

    Got very little chance but I bet money comes for it and anything can happen in racing

  48. dougiec 2 years ago

    rookie trust you to pick that race,Hannon,Bell and Hodges and Channon will sleep on it and perhaps see if there is any money coming for them
    Back tomorrow

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