JOHNB had another winning nap on Sunday but failed to land a glory double.

It was a 1.5pt profit for the day and he is 36.37pts down for July.

Johnb's Monday Tips

Ayr 3.05
Ss Vega 3-1 NAP racebets

Nicholas T 5-1 racebets

Monsieur Glory 5-1 NB racebets

Also 3×0.5pt doubles & 1×0.5pt treble


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  1. llamados28 2 years ago

    17.10 Ayr Keystroke 5/1
    18.35 Bev Oriental Splendour 9/2
    20.10 Bev Eutropius 5/1
    GL all

  2. jimron12 2 years ago

    Like the NB jb Yankee Doodle tomorrow them three and my nap

    Cymraeg bounty 2.30 100/30

    Nothing to do with the name either!

  3. john mclaughlin 2 years ago

    Well played Peterdaryll with istan
    Cheers man

  4. peter daryll 2 years ago

    Well played double carpet !
    Cheers guys glad was able to provide 1, shame about that bloody raveloe !

    Well done alanm , and all that managed a win, johnb too

    Didn’t view any races today just saw results now , was at my baby boys 4d scan , surreal stuff !

    Will put my selections up tommorow morning

  5. double carpet 2 years ago

    Better day yesterday with NAP and NB both winning.
    Nothing really jumping out tomorrow but i do like Llamados’s KEYSTROKE and im just going to chance one more.

    CREADON 8/1 6.25 ballinrobe

    Makes his debut in what looks a poor race. Trainer has a decent record at the track with a 38% (3-8) win rate and a 33% strike rate with 3yr olds. Hes well bred and if ready fto could land this.
    8/1 EW

    Best of luck to all

  6. recoba 2 years ago

    Took your NAP D.C and Johns too for a nice 3-4 in my Yankee so much thanks.
    Right good winners from a good few yesterday guys! ?
    Jimron I’m with you on that Yankee doodle dandy…looks good so here’s hoping.

    Single on Nicholas T too.
    GL guys

  7. Johnb 2 years ago

    Jockey Ben Curtis tried to cheat his way to a win in the 3:00 Redcar
    He received a two day ban for overuse of the whip, his cheating didn’t work though as Ronya held on to win a shorthead but until they start disqualifying horses jockeys are just going to keep doing it

    • the notorious 2 years ago

      John, nothing wrong with your comment but it taints my fellow countryman Curtis in a bad way. This could be any jockey so need for names, until such time as disqualifications are handed imposed.

      • Author
        Mr Fixit 2 years ago

        Patrick, John says he was banned for 2 days.

      • elvis parsley 2 years ago

        2 sides to this.
        If ronyas jockey had over used the whip and won and got away with one would we moan about it.

        On the other hand if he has over used the whip he should get 30 days in my opinion, and the fact he got 2 days suggests he is guilty.
        Weak stewarding again let’s the system down by not disqualifying the horse to last place.

  8. Johnb 2 years ago

    Race 3 – 3:00pm
    The Starter reported that KYLLINI, trained by Marjorie Fife, was unruly behind the stalls and withdrawn. The trainer’s attention was drawn to the restriction incurred under Rule (B)44 and informed that the filly could not run until the day after passing a stalls test.

    The Stewards held an enquiry into the use of the whip by B.A. Curtis, the rider of GRANDEST, placed second, from 1 ½ furlongs out. Having heard his evidence and viewed recordings of the race, they found him in breach of Schedule (B)6 Part 2 in that he had used his whip above the permitted level. The Stewards suspended Curtis for 2 days as follows: Sunday 31 July 2016 and Monday 1 August 2016.

    The Stewards held an enquiry into possible interference approaching the 2furlong marker. Having heard their evidence and viewed recordings of the race they found that TABLE MANNERS, unplaced, ridden by Hollie Doyle, had interfered with OCEANELLA (IRE), unplaced, ridden by Jordan Vaughan. The Stewards found Doyle in breach of Rule (B)54.1 and guilty of careless riding in that TABLE MANNERS had manoeuvred into a gap and moved OCEANELLA (IRE) off an intended line. They cautioned her as to her future conduct in races.

    Marjorie Fife, the trainer of KYLLINI, had obtained prior permission from the BHA to run the filly partially shod. Additionally, the Stewards gave permission for KYLLINI to be mounted on the course, and for LORD ROB trained by David Thompson to go early to post.

    • Johnb 2 years ago

      In the 5:50 race Patrick Vaughan was also given a two day ban for overuse of the whip.

      The strangest stewards enquiry of the day though was this one and it’s the first time I have seen this

      Fixture Note
      The Stewards held an enquiry following a report from the Stewards’ Secretary that she had observed Jenny Powell using her mobile phone outside the designated area. They interviewed the rider and the Stewards’ Secretary. Having heard their evidence the Stewards found the rider in breach of Rule (D)33.1 and fined her £290.

    • elvis parsley 2 years ago

      What a load of gobbledygook that is
      Fact is he whipped the horse too much and gets a measly 2 day ban, in effect for cruelty.
      And how do the b.h.a decree that x amount of whips is OK and x amount is not ?.

      In my opinion no horse should be whipped, if jockeys can’t keep horses running straight and true with hands and heels they shouldn’t be riding.
      This isn’t the place for this topic though as it would clog the thread no doubt

      • Johnb 2 years ago

        it isn’t cruelty, I have seen the whips they use, they are foam covered and energy absorbing and they don’t hurt a horse,
        Some people have said how do you know it doesn’t hurt a horse, to which I say “I have had the whip used on me” and hardly felt a thing.
        One racing journalist actually got three hits from jockey Jim Crowley on the palm of his hand and he also said he could hardly feel it,
        It’s not the force of the strike that gets a horse to improve because they won’t feel it,
        It’s the noise the whip makes

  9. sinners1975 2 years ago

    £21.888 won on Saturday with 4 fold. Have prove of screenshot on my group and another £2187.

    In total over £23k from £30

    First 4 fold was
    Kiruna peak 5/2
    Silver rainbow 11/2
    Red tornado 8/1
    Golden stunner 7/2
    £30 lucky 15 returned £2.136.91

    Then hour later with same odds I done this.

    Dutch law 11/4
    Shaan 12/1
    Peace envoy 7/2
    Stars over the sea 11/2

    £15 ew returned £21.803.21

    Wish I could post the screenshots of when I posted it before and after :)

    • peter daryll 2 years ago

      I saw the exact same winnings and bet posted on Facebook , affiliates using it to try get people to sign up there page lol


    • mossbrook365 2 years ago

      It’s not an affiliate group Peter Daryll. But it’s not your group though Sinners !!!!!! Lol it actually did happen Peter . It wasn’t a fake. I’m in the group. I’ve still no idea how they picked those 4 horses out!! The first 4 was picked by a member called Liam ( that won lucky 15 for £2k)

      • peter daryll 2 years ago

        Yes but you know how many separate individuals iv seen posting this exact same thing claiming its there own and just “another typical win” for them

  10. sinners1975 2 years ago

    Beverly 6:35 flicks a boy 5/1 now this horse he probably gonna win it hopefully as he racing this in memory of his wife 1point WIN

  11. telge 2 years ago

    Point made, let’s move on folks

  12. duncanpoundcake 2 years ago

    Don’t see much today ,7.25 Ballinrobe ,Dutch 2 and 4 and a small rev F/cast glook .

  13. Johnb 2 years ago

    The rules are, in flat racing you can hit your horse 7 times
    If the jockey hits his horse 8 times its a minimum 2 day ban
    9 times is a minimum 4 day ban
    10 or more times is a minimum 7 day ban

  14. alanm 2 years ago

    NAP Falcon’s Fire 13/8 4.40 Ayr
    NB Belarusian 13/8 8.00 Ballinrobe

    Well done all winners yesterday peter D/C Duncan Dougie Rookie johnb all well done.

  15. dynamo needarest 2 years ago

    Monjeni -5:45 Bev @ 7/4 nap

    Niqnaaqpaadiwaaq – 3:40 @10/3 nb

  16. Johnb 2 years ago

    See if anyone can guess the horse I have been most impressed with this season,
    It could be a jumps or flat horse
    Answer on tomorrow’s thread

  17. peter daryll 2 years ago

    Nothing from me today !
    Will jump on Johnbs and alanms

    Good luck lads and ladies

  18. sinners1975 2 years ago

    How long does it take for comments to be approved

  19. sinners1975 2 years ago

    Oh it’s done now lol

  20. recoba 2 years ago

    Cymraeq Bounty is NR in the 2.30.
    Could cash out in my Yankee doodle dandy but as there’s been bit of money for other 3(Johns) happy to let it go. On your head be it Johnb. lol ?

    GL today

  21. 2 years ago

    5:35 Beverley – Monjeni (NAP) @ 13/8.
    5:55 Ballinrode – Specific Gravity (NB) @ 6/4

  22. dougiec 2 years ago

    Great tipping from you guys yesterday,and see Johnb picks a race where professional tipsters pick 9 different horses ie 5.10 Ayr and so long as Nicolas T behaves behind the stalls must have a shout.Im following the betting here.
    I know we try and put up 2/1 or bigger but James Moffats,Altruism 4.25 at Cartmel doubled with Toffee Apple.5.40.Ayr appeals, Looking for 2 for this evening.
    As I said before its great to see researched posts on here.
    I can post my winnings from double carpets nap yesterday,but my son would see it and want to upgrade his BMW. Ha Ha

  23. jimron12 2 years ago

    Not replacing the non runner nap and as recoba keeping the Yankee going just incase…..

  24. ew thief 2 years ago

    Aftarnoon all well done winners yesterday
    Forever a lady 2.30a 5/1
    Riponian 3.05a 13/2
    Endeavor 5.25c 5/1
    Rosie’s premiere 7.50w 11/1
    Jan de germ 8.10b 6/1
    Singles & lucky 31
    GL all

  25. punterpounder 2 years ago


    4:10 ayr- eastern dragon 5/2

    4:25 cartmel- altruism 5/4

    5:40 ayr- toffee apple 11/10

    • punterpounder 2 years ago

      patent *correct odds at bet365 ignore previous post

      4:10 ayr- eastern dragon 5/2

      4:25 cartmel- altruism 10/11

      5:40 ayr- toffee apple 5/4

  26. lamzat 2 years ago

    Ayr 4.40 Kelvin Hall
    Windsor 8.50 Seven clan
    Windsor 7.15 Pixeleen
    Windsor 5.45 Tropical
    Windsor 6.15 Makzeem


  27. dougiec 2 years ago

    Another for ew thief,5/1 advised Forever a Lady.well picked again.
    On we go

  28. lamzat 2 years ago

    Ayr 4.10 Eastern Dragon
    Windsor 7.15 Lightining Charlie
    Ballinrobe 8.30 Ebasani

  29. the notorious 2 years ago

    John, further to your comment on the horse you have been most impressed with, I would have to think Churchill on what he,s shown so far v what he can still achieve. Not every horse has the ability and constitution like this fella, and I hope Im right when I say this but this horse could go down as one of the all time greats.

  30. rafe 2 years ago

    looking for honest opinions; what do people think of the racing post, newspaper/app/website? good and bad please

    • 2 years ago

      I tend to think it puts you way rather than help you out. So much more info they could share but choose not to do so.

      Last time I looked i don’t think the weight was included in the phone apps race card.

      • peter daryll 2 years ago

        I use the app to shortlist selections. The info is fairly basic as postman pointed out not even weight is included , I tend to use a few sites which is annoying to come up with final choices

  31. punterpounder 2 years ago

    too many beaten favorites today

  32. dougiec 2 years ago

    mmm Moffat runs Fantasy King over hurdles on Sat,quote laboured and stuffs Altruism today .Dent in funds to say the least,

  33. alanm 2 years ago

    Racing can be brutal some days onwards we go.

  34. the notorious 2 years ago

    John, next weeks Galway festival will see 2 of Irelands finest jockeys stood down. Paul Carberry and Barry Geraghty. In Carberrys case this is a long standing injury which is failing to heal. Word is its only a matter of time until Paul announces his retirement.
    At 42 Pauls body is not recovering like it used to and years of alcohol abuse is taking its toll. Pauls retirement is yet to be confirmed, but I believe that we have seen the last of one of irelands most controversial and naturally talentd horse man

  35. dougiec 2 years ago

    Tough stuff
    City of Night..7.40.. Beverly
    That’s me today used my cash for today with a couple for tonight off the thread
    Gl all

  36. double carpet 2 years ago

    Oh well. I think if CREADON had started with the rest of the field he might have had a chance as he finished 6th in the end having given them about a furlong start. One for the notebook i think.
    Anyway will try one more

    JUDICIOUS 8.40 bev

  37. kev 2 years ago

    Thanks for city of night papa!

  38. alex 2 years ago

    Late to the party as ever, well done winners thus far. Going to have some small stakes on the following singles and a yankee.

    8:00 Ballinrobe Northern Sky 6/1
    8:10 Beverley throw in JohnB’s selection
    8:20 Windsor Fashion Parade 11/4
    8:50 Windsor Shifting Star 11/2

    Been a warm day here in London, the yankee pays 787.50/1 @ Sportingbet

  39. dougiec 2 years ago

    Ta Kev,Julie Ca macho,quiet of late but always worth a second look here and better ground suited.
    on we go

  40. alex 2 years ago

    Nice one JohnB!!!

  41. dougiec 2 years ago

    Nice early price for the Nb Johnb well picked.

  42. kev 2 years ago

    Great pick jb

  43. llamados28 2 years ago

    Nice price Johnb. Thanks

  44. shauncpfc 2 years ago

    Get in there Johnb ?? lovely win there for Monsieur Glory! Managed to get him at 6/1 as well on Skybet when tipped! Cheers again

  45. jonnyric 2 years ago

    Merci Monsieur JB

  46. peter daryll 2 years ago

    Well played jb , put abit extra on before race started too. Lovely

  47. Johnb 2 years ago

    1 point profit today after the 5/1 NB won,
    July 35.37 points down

    Tuesday’s Tips

    Ffos Las
    Flutterbee 7/4 NAP/NB racebets (double stake)

    Dollar Reward 10/3 racebets

    Flutterbee & Dollar Reward 10.92/1 racebets

    2000 Guineas 2017

    Blue Point 14/1 racebets

    I have already advised Churchill for next years 2000 Guineas & Derby, he has been really impressive this season and my view is he will get even better next year.

    Blue Point on the other hand is harder to call for how he will progress next year, if he trains on then in my view it’s a straight fight between Blue Point & Churchill but in the Derby Churchill is the only horse for me, he gives me the same excitement as Golden Horn did

    But to answer my question earlier, the most impressive horse I have seen this year is BLUE POINT
    with Churchill and Annie Power a close second and third

    • peter daryll 2 years ago

      Love Annie power. 1 of my faves

      • Johnb 2 years ago

        Yeah Annie Power was 5.4 seconds quicker than Faugheen in 2015,
        Faugheen’s race was slightly longer though but taking that into account, Annie Power was still 3.4 seconds quicker

    • elvis parsley 2 years ago

      And none of these will be remembered in 20 years outside the racing fraternity unlike the mighty Frankel.
      This horse had xxxxx factor.
      I know totally non racing people who made a point of watching his races because he was breathtaking the way he made good horses look like donkeys whenever the jockey pressed the button.

      • elvis parsley 2 years ago

        And golden horn didn’t stay around long enough to race the older horses off level weights. Fine beating them with the 3 year old weight allowance. If he had raced at 4 on level terms and won the arc again fair enough, but horn for me will not be remembered in racing history as a legend.
        Best of a poor crop of 3 year olds, where are the rest of last years derby field now ??.

  48. peter daryll 2 years ago


    Karma 9/4 Nottingham 6.10 nap

    Sirdaal 4//1 Nottingham
    8.10 nb

    16.25/1 double

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