JOHNB'S joint Nap/NB won but it was just a 0.13pt profit for the day after a 10p Rule 4.

He is on 25.62pts down for the month but hoping to recoup some on Wednesday's three selections.

Johnb's Wednesday Tips

Yarmouth 6.45
Spanish Squeeze 11-4 racebets

Reinforced 3-1 racebets

Sandown 7.40
El Hayem 6-4 NAP/NB racebets (double stake)

Also 3×0.5pt doubles & 1×0.5pt treble

Antepost tips

2000 Guineas 2017
CHURCHILL 20-1 (now 12-1) bet365

2017 Derby
CHURCHILL 33-1 (now 16-1) racebets


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  1. Johnb 2 years ago

    Message from Justine Bowdery


    There will be a Kemnal memorial to our hero horse WOLFIE , who was shot in a savage way !!! At our beautiful yard

    Service will start at 4pm sat 16th , all horsey and non horsey people welcome !!! To show your respect and stand united together ,

    This sick individual is still on our streets I hope your very very scared cause we are coming for YOU !!! ????

    Thank you xx

    • alex_mufc83 2 years ago

      That’s awful, just seen the news.

      Some seriously f*cked up people wandering the streets that need to be locked up.. failing that beaten to a pulp by a group of vigilantes.

  2. Johnb 2 years ago

    Lulu Stanford has just got her license back today after getting injured on the 13th June,
    She should be back riding on Thursday at Leicester on Tilsworth Micky

  3. dougiec 2 years ago


  4. theamazingfrankel 2 years ago


    NAP/NB – Red Box 3/1 bet365 – Lingfield 3pm

    Hoping fitness will prove vital in the battle against the favourite ‘Afjaan’.


  5. rafe 2 years ago

    Absolutely horrible what that person (s) did to Wolfie, despicable. I wish the owner and any connections well and hope he didn’t suffer too much.

  6. rafe 2 years ago

    Tips for tomorrow
    1.50 – Beautiful Escape 3/1
    4.10 – Lexington Law 3/1

    8.10 – Proctor 10/1 EW

    2.40 – Wotabreeze 4/1

    8.20 – Fol O’yasmine 4/1

  7. llamados28 2 years ago

    18:45 Yarmouth Majeed 9/1 GL all today

  8. double carpet 2 years ago

    Morning all

    NAP GENESTA 5/4 4.15 downp
    NB MASTER OF VERSE 15/8 3.40 downp
    Also XSQUARED 4/1 7.30 killarney

    Best of luck to all

  9. double carpet 2 years ago

    One more at decent odds is ABARTA 16/1 B365 6.00 downp who won this race last year off 82. Has been chasing and is now rated 103 but can revert back to hurdles off a mark of 86 so im tempted to have an ew at the price.

  10. dougiec 2 years ago

    Thanks fellas for yesterday’s winners,comments being deleted

  11. dougiec 2 years ago

    Power Up off the tracker 10/1 5.15 Lingfield,just returned to Jane Chapel-Hyam worth a look

  12. theplug 2 years ago

    For all you horsey people if you haven’t been to Killarney race track you should make it your business to get there some time soon it is breathtaking

  13. on the bob 2 years ago

    Nice to see some winners yesterday. Had a few days off myself.

    Nap: Yarmouth 5.45 Jumira bridge 9/4

    NB: Ling 1.50 beautiful escape 5/2


  14. peter daryll 2 years ago

    Jumping around 5/2
    Lingfield 1.50 nb

    Westerner lady 10/3
    Killarney 8.30 nap

    Cape cova 3/1
    Lingfield 4.10 nbb

    Treble 60.67/1


    Good luck all !

  15. 2 years ago

    I don’t know, but I do know Mr Fixit asked Bozz not to come back and busstop’s messages on telling people how to report folk got deleted too. I’m totally gutted, both fantastic tipsters and not winning anywhere near like I was when they were here. Think it’ll be a long time before we see them back but hopefully they will be back eventually.

    • iddy 2 years ago

      I don’t think Mr F asked them to leave. Boz kept threatening to leave, and Mr F was trying his best to deal with trolls with report feature etc.
      Think Mr F was just annoyed at Boz constant moaning at him and said just leave if you think, Mr F and admin are not on his side and the side of trolls.
      It’s sad really as Boz / Busstop should still be tipping here as they are good tipsters. Mr F can’t patrol the site 24/7 and they couldn’t handle getting trolled.

      • Author
        Mr Fixit 2 years ago

        Iddy, exactly. It was too much work. I asked Boz and Busstop repeatedly not to react but they couldn’t do that.

        • champyr 2 years ago

          Got to agree Mr F, shame to see them gone but if they hadn’t reacted it would have stopped months ago, hope to see them back soon as I’m sure many do.

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 2 years ago

      Victoria Macdonald, not quite true to be honest. Regulars know the story – I was always on the side of Bozz and Busstop but there came a time when I couldn’t meet their demands. For example being able to delete commments 24/7.
      They know they’re welcome here any time but they need to stop reacting to what’s probably one person.

  16. Author
    Mr Fixit 2 years ago

    Neil Hambling, it was deleted because days ago he said he was leaving.

  17. de niro 2 years ago

    Things are looking up – 3 winning days out of 4 so optimistic going forward

    Lingfield 1-50
    Giennah 7/1 william hill

    Lingfield 3-00 nap
    Red Box 11/4 stan james /william hill

    Lingfield 16-10 nb
    Divine Prince 20/1 paddy power

  18. bobajob5 2 years ago

    Y can they not just keep posting in the forum for genuine users who appreciate them.
    To encourage good tipsters to post maybe offer free or discounted membership if they prove a profit. This would encourage many users to resubscribe. TBH without offence to the obvious work that people put in to this site I doubt I will pay again for next year.

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 2 years ago

      Bob Braithwaite, there will be changes soon and new things for members.
      Bozz and Busstop started posting on the members forum and no one’s stopping them doing so.

      • Author
        Mr Fixit 2 years ago

        mel cooper, deleted as you expected. Some things don’t need to be said.

  19. Johnb 2 years ago

    Been a lot of money for Spanish Squeeze today now 7/4, he is a horse I have tipped a few times and time and time again he never runs his best,
    I was asked about explaining my views on Hugo Palmer and this horse is a prime example,
    He is a group horse, there is no doubt about that but Palmer just can’t train horses well enough.
    I had to give Spanish Squeeze another chance last night as he doesn’t need to be anywhere near his best to win this

    • rale 2 years ago

      I think you can safely forget about that horse. Just not good enough.

  20. recoba 2 years ago

    PROCTOR…8.10 10/1 Ew

  21. dougiec 2 years ago

    Afternoon.,overspent my daily allowance already with Catterick and Lingfield,so try to claw some back
    Nap..Sand Blast..2.15..Uttoxeter
    Bob’s Boy..6.15.. Yarmouth
    Ew..Power Up..5.15..Lingfield
    Gl today

  22. recoba 2 years ago

    PROCTOR…8.10. 10/1 Ew

  23. duncanpoundcake 2 years ago

    Seems to have been eventful while I’ve been away
    Muzeel 5.45 Y win
    Give Us A Bell 3.35 L 20/80

  24. dougiec 2 years ago

    unable to post reply ?

  25. nezhambo 2 years ago

    Missed that Mr F I will put my 2 N. Hunt bets up today Uttoxeter 2.50 No 4 Bermeo
    Nap & Uttoxeter 5.05 No 2 Hindon Road Nb

  26. theplug 2 years ago

    Peter Daryll I would say ballybrit Galway but Killarney is just beautiful

  27. jazzerbhoy 2 years ago

    Afternoon guys, really only had time to study one meeting today so catterick it is,
    Falcon fire 4/1 2.40
    Twentysvnthlancers 3.15 6/1
    Smart mover nap 11/8
    Also doing a sfc with Lady Nahema in the race.
    Manatee bay 5.0 11/1
    Applejack lad 5.30 6/1 nb.
    Good luck with all your bets today,and ffs Brendan leave Effy on the rock. Well done the Gibralter boys.

  28. theplug 2 years ago

    Peter Daryll it’s just you have top class horses at ballybrit but the scenery alone is worth the admission fee in Killarney

    • peter daryll 2 years ago

      I’d definitely like to go, I visit Ireland a few times a year and never come a racing day there. Cheers for the info

  29. hamish75 2 years ago

    Rale fanx fir the heads up oan the Twitter horse halved in price al throw it in wi papasmurf n amazingfrankel selections ktf

    • rale 2 years ago

      No worries Hamish. It opened 11/1. I got it at 8/1, now is fav 3/1 and Hugh Taylor tipped Best Trip in the same race.

  30. tommy400 2 years ago

    Adherence 240
    Ay up audrey 350
    Le rock 450
    New abbey angel 515
    Thiepval 530
    Cj parker 705
    Directorship 740
    All ew

  31. rale 2 years ago

    I guess I unintentionally reported Coop192. Pressed comment, but got automated message something like thanks we will look at it. And I don’t even have fat fingers…

  32. hamish75 2 years ago

    Bozz n busstop hav very big egos goin back ti over a year ago there wis some brilliant banter oan heer n the two guys didn’t get involved n they moaned constantly bout not gettin credit fir the winners they put up dent ti the ego some guys who still post heer regularly used ti hav a chat bout their footy selections n they wirny happy bout this wis a racin section not fir footy mibbee now some peepil will c the pattern that has followed them personally I wud like ti c them postin again but they made a choice n Mrf has got more than 2 ti accommodate for the stuff over the month wis sad uncalled fir the trolls made it personal but bozz n co refused ti listen ti the advice given by a few members none more so than Mrf n his crew the door is open ktf

  33. 2 years ago

    Not great prices, but three favorites that should be winning these races today.

    3:50 Catterick – Smart Mover (NAP)
    6:05 Sandown – Olympic Runner (NB)
    7:40 Sandown – El Hayem

  34. Johnb 2 years ago

    I see an old favourite of the site is being tipped today, MESHARDAL

    Some might remember this horse last year for us, Winning 3 out of 3 at 7/2 double stake, 9/2 & 8/1
    I have never tipped the horse again and it’s proved correct as he has only won one of his 15 races since,
    There has been money for the horse today but I seriously can’t tip him again but he was a horse I have been waiting on again with a view to tipping him soon but not today, that’s not to say he won’t win today but I am just waiting for more factors to be in his favour.

    “Here we have a horse that finally turned a corner last year. Meshardal was trained by Richard Hannon and owned by Sheikh Hamdan, he is well bred by Shamardal but his form was poor and was sold.

    “Ruth Carr has finally got this horse interested in racing with two wins and three seconds out of five runs last year. Last time out he came second again but proved he was still up to running well and with a recent run under his belt he can get on top here.

    “He was also second here last year over this distance and is the only horse in the race with a recent run.”

    Meshardal won that day at 7/2
    He also went on to win for us on the
    18th April at 9/2
    2nd May at 8/1

  35. john mclaughlin 2 years ago

    Great start guys Peterdaryll and amazing frankel thank you

  36. theamazingfrankel 2 years ago

    Lovely NAP/NB win :) drifted too.

  37. john mclaughlin 2 years ago

    Yes Peterdaryll !!!
    14/1 double excellent !!

    If you land the treble will be rest of my holiday paid

    Great stuff

    • peter daryll 2 years ago

      Thank you John buddy
      Lovely day today , however So many times iv had 2/3 !

      Would be lovely though

  38. theplug 2 years ago

    Successor 6-50 Killarney nap
    Emma beag 5-25 down two singles and a double big word going around for successor gl

  39. luke a 2 years ago

    Evening everyone. Well done to all those with winners in the bag already.
    I placed a Canadian last night. First 2 won (baraboy and red box), Hindon road lost, and Olympic runner is now void. Leaving just frank bridge in the 8.20. What do you guys think to this one’s chances? I could cash out for 3 and half times my stake, or let it run for a potential near on 8 times my stake.

    • peter daryll 2 years ago

      I’d say let it run

      But all depending on your circumstances man , not my cash to win/lose

      Or cash out and put some profits on him, guaranteed profit then

      Personally I’d only cash out if the sum was significant

      Good luck whatever you choose pal

    • luke a 2 years ago

      Thanks mate. Going to let it run. Well done with your 2, and good luck with your third one

  40. haggis44 2 years ago

    No successor 6.50 Killarney plug?????

  41. haggis44 2 years ago

    Missed it plug 5.50 gutted and won!your post was 6.50 gutted that’s gambling???

  42. jazzerbhoy 2 years ago

    Pat smullen take a bow son
    What a piece of jockying
    Saddle slips and he keeps the horse straight to win hands and heels.

  43. peter daryll 2 years ago

    Would have loved a winner from Johnb

    Nervy half hour wait for me now

  44. dougiec 2 years ago

    posts dissappear, so short well done great tips today. me 0000 never mind

  45. fred battersby 2 years ago

    i see the term long term profit banged on about on here a lot, i have followed jon since january but haven’t been able to keep track of my bets, can you please post his +/- for the year exclusing antepost as i have never bet on them, need to start my count again, cheers.

    • ewy2006 2 years ago


      I think they are

      Jan -30.67
      Feb +3.98
      Mar +252.98
      Apr -26.1
      May -25.05
      Jun +6.02

  46. kev 2 years ago

    Well done Peter! Nice treble

  47. peter daryll 2 years ago

    Yes ! Go on the ruby Walsh !!!!!!

    Chicken dinner tonight :D

  48. john mclaughlin 2 years ago

    Peterdaryll !!!! Whaaaaaat!!!!

    Treble paid just over 70/1 !!!

    Legend !!! And doubles/singles !!! Made close to 600 from you

    Was watching with the family what a result !!

  49. peter daryll 2 years ago

    Thank you kev
    Cheers John pleasure to be of service

    Couldn’t understand why the nap drifted. Trip/ground perfect , jockey great. Yes the long layoff but never worries me with Mullins he knows how to ready them I find

    Cracking day

    • the notorious 2 years ago

      Well done Peter, whatever you read in form seems to happen easier said then done. I notice Rubys been riding very little these days.

  50. luke a 2 years ago

    Awesome tipping today Peter. Amazing stuff mate. Hope you made plenty of profit today. I had a nice little bit on your last one. Went in again once it went to 4’s

    • peter daryll 2 years ago

      Thank you lads !

      Luke so did I , I get bog but when I saw 9/2 I put more on , selection had 2 main market rivals behind lto and was on a great mark for this

      The notorious – I think he’s got plenty of money and basically turns up on “a good thing”

  51. bazz4nik 2 years ago

    Some great tipping on here today & lately , well done everyone !!
    Let’s keep bashing those bookies

  52. rafe 2 years ago

    Well done all winners today, Procter at 10/1 along with fol o’yasmine and wotabreeze made a nice 276/1 treble . Hope someone got on!

    Cheers lads

  53. jazzerbhoy 2 years ago

    Well done Peter richly deserved,also rafe with 3 nice winners great tipping by all with winners everywhere bar mine. Well done onwards tomorrow.
    Did any of you watch pat smullen with the saddle slipped on xsquared what a piece of riding.

  54. peter daryll 2 years ago

    Thanks jaz !

    Well done all winners today , bookies got a spanking from the thread

  55. dougiec 2 years ago

    Hope this posts,great tipping Peter, can see you made a few a bob or three,myself included,So gold stars to you and Recoba.well everyone .

    • peter daryll 2 years ago

      Thank you mate , glad you got your share

      • elvis parsley 2 years ago

        You guys here have dished out some punishment to the bookies today.
        Top work, and remember level stakes now you have their dosh ensures they don’t get it back In a hurry, or hopefully not at all

  56. luke a 2 years ago

    Sorry rafe, hadn’t noticed your 3. That’s awesome stuff from you too! Did you back the treble? Some odds those!!

  57. theplug 2 years ago

    Just back from the races another great day hope everyone had plenty of winners

  58. Johnb 2 years ago

    July 31.62 points down

    Thursday’s Tips

    Fendale 9/1 NAP racebets

    Penwortham 11/4 NB racebets

    Fendale & Penwortham 36.5/1 racebets

  59. cavaggio 2 years ago

    HURRICANE RUSH 7.15 Epsom Big eyecatcher on debut where 4 of the 5 horses to have run since have won since.. 9/4 NAP

  60. cavaggio 2 years ago

    4 of the 5 that finished AHEAD of Hurricane Rush to have run since have won:)

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