MONDAY was the day when a new term was introduced to the site. We've had Super Single for years and now we have Super Nap.

It's not a big sleep but a really fancied horse and luckily for alanm who posted the comment his pick won.

Unluckily for Johnb his four selections didn't – and thanks to everyone who put up our man's monthly stats. That's just what he needs as he tried to battle through a lean spell.

Hopefully on Tuesday it turns round for him on his one pick – and thanks again to everyone who posted winners. If you don't want to follow Johnb there are plenty of other good tipsters who contribute to the site.

On to Monday's offerings and as usual post your own tips and chat below.

Johnb's Tuesday tips 

Taunton 4.0
Copper Birch 13-2 NAP/NB William Hill
Joint Nap and NB so double stake advised

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  1. mrsbrown 4 years ago

    good days racing yesterday

  2. Hamish75 4 years ago

    Smurfman busstop de niro tommy d n aw the rest wi a good supply of winners today only wan fing takes the shin aff a gud day some peepil need ti lighten up a wee bit this site is aw aboot winners but we keep gettin negativity even wen the winners r streamin in wot wud it b like if there wis nae winners lighten up guys keep the fun on the site a happy site is a winnin site ktf

  3. dawnisrising 4 years ago

    Hamish75 my good god thats nearly impossible to understand haven’t got a scooby doo what your saying….and i speak the english language fluently….with respect of course

  4. ben 4 years ago

    People – peepil. One – wan. Lol!

  5. Tommy d 4 years ago

    Well said Hamish in a way lol and John b i know your on abit of a bad run but I know from the past your a great tipper your nap/nb . any chance of a reason why you fancie it the odds are getting shorter now 9/2 with William hill what am I missing ?? out of Interest of course not questioning your tip. with the phill hobs horse been so strong at taunton just wounderd why you fancied it more that appericate a replay if possible cheers . Will post my own tips later on .

  6. raaljaca 4 years ago

    Smurfman busstop de niro tommy d n aw the rest wi a good supply of winners today only wan fing takes the shin aff a gud day some peepil need ti lighten up a wee bit this site is aw aboot winners but we keep gettin negativity even wen the winners r streamin in wot wud it b like if there wis nae winners lighten up guys keep the fun on the site a happy site is a winnin site ktf

    Translates to;

    Dougie, busstop, de niro, tommy and many others supplied several excellent winners today. The only negative I can see is some other people are basically looking for more than the constant stream of winners which is a touch silly as without winners we have nothing. Lets all pull together and maintain this excellent thread we have and enjoy every day the good lord has seen fit to bestow on us all. Keep the Faith.

  7. dawnisrising 4 years ago

    Ha ha raaljaca thats fierce funny there im breaking my bollicks laughing

  8. JP 4 years ago

    Ha ha…good translation mate!!

  9. recoba1980 4 years ago

    HaHa…Always time for talking a good bit of Scottish slang ;)
    I always try tae keep it oot the posts when typing but as of course were not all blessed to be Scottish…with respect :)

  10. Wato 4 years ago

    Haha hilarious :)

  11. Tommy d 4 years ago

    2.10 ABI SCARLET 11/8. 3.40 PUNTIN 3/1 4.10 EIUM MAC 2/1 NAP Good luck everyone

  12. Tommy d 4 years ago

    Also in the 3.30 …… EW chance TORNADO IN MILAN @ 20/1 this horse has come second in class 2 race at this track and at the same distance and is well handicapped. Paul moloney is on board for a inform yard Evan Williams has not been best last two runs but @ 20/1 think it’s worth a shout .

  13. Gaff123 4 years ago

    60p l15

    Southwell 1.35 teajaybe 2/1
    Southwell 2.10 abi scarlet 11/10
    Southwell 3.40 Putin 3/1
    Southwell 4.10 risk ‘ reward 5/2

  14. Gaff123 4 years ago

    40p l31
    Taunton 1.30 aroseforoscar 15/8
    Taunton 3.00 third act 10/3
    Taunton 3.30 box office 6/4
    Taunton 4.00 copper birch 9/2
    Taunton 4.30 xaarcet 7/1

  15. Rookie 4 years ago

    A luke morris lucky 15 tomorrow is the order of the day for me!

  16. dawnisrising 4 years ago

    I like your angle of attack rookie

  17. Gaff123 4 years ago

    Luke Morris is class. 4 timer last thurs should of been 5. He’s good when teaming up with Appleby

  18. Jamie 4 years ago

    Can only see Luke Morris ride 2?!

  19. dawnisrising 4 years ago

    No fault jamie

  20. Jamie 4 years ago

    Just Found them mate. Had to put my beer down
    Backed busstop for a few days now. Not s good day today but the guys a joke! Unreal

  21. dawnisrising 4 years ago

    I know the bloke really is very good

  22. dawnisrising 4 years ago

    I’m confident johnb will hit the mother load soon though….form is temporary class is permanent…im going mad im only starting to back other tipsters on the thread lately as i have missed some very good money opportunities…but the level on the thread is enviable

  23. D 4 years ago

    Putin 340 sou 3-1 ivanhoe 430 tau 9-1 ew

  24. Hamish75 4 years ago

    Fanx raal that’s exactly wot a wis tryin ti say ktf

  25. Gus 4 years ago

    2.10 South

    Abi Scarlet 5/4

    2.40 South

    Mega munch 9/2

    4.10 South

    Eium Mac 2/1

  26. Daly 4 years ago

    I’m sorry but your TIPS over the past couple of weeks have been pretty poor. Your super single tonight was the tip of the ice berg.

    • Mr Fixit 4 years ago

      Daly, nothing wrong with tonight’s Super Single which would have been 4 in a row – next time Benfica should let me take the pen and I’ll score. At school I was Hotshot Jainio and could show them a thing or two.

  27. davyb 4 years ago

    adili 135 south nap nb elum mac 410 south kingfisher creek 200 tau roger thorpe 340 for lucky 15

  28. G 4 years ago

    13.35 Southwell
    OSCAR BUFF wait for 13/2 price and go EW


  29. Gaff123 4 years ago

    Did that busstop have a 500/1 4 timer few days ago?

  30. dave 4 years ago

    Chesil beach boy 15.30 Taunton. 2nd in same race last year ,
    Now 6lb lower ,, good luck everyone

  31. mitchell 4 years ago

    A feel cooper birch is a very unconvincing hurdler soo be careful just my view,,, no offence

  32. Leigh Clark 4 years ago

    Whats your points record from the start of this month John B?

    • Mr Fixit 4 years ago

      Leigh, it was posted on yesterday’s thread – have a look.

  33. mitchell 4 years ago

    Copper birch ( still got Benfica on my mind,,,, sorry

  34. dougiec 4 years ago

    Might be worth throwing a few bob at Xaarcet..4.30 Taunton

  35. Gaff123 4 years ago

    Xaarcet has been punted. Was 14/1. 6s now. Ed quigley from racing post has tipped it

    • raaljaca 4 years ago

      Gaff123, just put it up myself mate with reasoning, it looks like it may well have a decent chance.

  36. raaljaca 4 years ago

    TAUNTON 16:30


    I backed this earlier at 14/1 as I was given it to look out for last time out but it was pulled up even though it went off favourite. Only putting it up as the money has come for it which makes me think it could well take this race.

  37. dougiec 4 years ago

    Gaff123..Post also tips All But Grey at 20/1.The reason I posted it was Tizzard runs two.Desperate ground LTO over fences when fav,Nice come back type of race and weight,hence the mention.Just an opinion

  38. Donny 4 years ago

    4 Taunton – milosam 9/4 nap

    Above as single plus double with abi scarlet.

  39. Pearsy 4 years ago

    My fancies for tomorrow

    Adili 1.35 south
    Megamunch 2.40 south
    For ‘n’ Against 2.00 Taun
    Remiluc 2.30 Taun
    Third Act 3.00 Taun

    Good Luck all 2moro

  40. Gaff123 4 years ago

    I got got 7/1 on xaarcet missed the boat. Tizzards other horse third act has been punted from 7/1 into 10/3. Usually when the money is down with Colin tizzard there usually no to far away

  41. Wayward Lad 4 years ago

    I think kingsfisher creek 200 taunton has a great chance tommorow 15/8 forecast odds.

    I’m laying that toto skylacchy backed it last time ran a shocker no excuses good luck all.

  42. Gaff123 4 years ago

    This gamble on teajaybe. In the 1st at Southwell should go in. A lot of Michael Appleby horses get over bet a lot of the times but does brillant with horses comming to his yard out of form plus luke Morris on board. He’s flying the now!

  43. Carter 4 years ago

    4.00 milosam nap 2/1

  44. Kev 4 years ago

    On a baker double at Southwell and Olympian boy and bonobo at Taunton. I can dream eh? ;)

  45. G 4 years ago

    Wayward Lad fyi there are suggestions it was the cheekpieces that brought out the worst in him. He’s clear on official ratings and doesn’t look badly priced if you can get over the last run. Not sure it is for me yet will assess tomorrow.

  46. bad jasper 4 years ago

    Didn’t have time to call in the market in ayr last week, but had a couple in the Toby jug outside Glasgow central.
    Bit intimidating for us foreigners seeing the 2 Scottish flags in the window and the 3 hairy women sat on the doorstep giving dogs abuse to passers by.
    Next course on my radar is musselburgh, probably one of the Saturday June meets.
    Thanks for the info last week bud

  47. Solskjaer 4 years ago

    1:30 Crakehall Lad 9/2 at Skybet
    4:10 Eium Mac 2/1 (NAP)

    Double pays 15.5/1

    2:10 Abi Scarlet 11/10 (NB)
    3:00 Sun Wild Life 4/1

    Double pays 9.5/1


  48. JP 4 years ago

    In on McCoy again today, so hoping for two in a row

    T 15.30 Box Office

    Gl everyone

  49. dougiec 4 years ago

    Morning all,Tizzard day today
    NAP..THIRD ACT..3.00 Taunton
    NB…EXAACET….4.30 Taunton

  50. Trix 4 years ago

    Tau 3.00 Sun Wild Life
    Tau 4.00 Copper Birch
    Sou 1.35 Teajaybe
    Sou 2.40 Tartan Trip

  51. hasheyb 4 years ago

    4:00 milosam will beat copper birch f/c and single milosam

  52. busstop 4 years ago

    Hi all One winner yesterday kept me afloat

    Only one meeting for me today Taunton and difficult open races so smaller stakes for me today last weeks big winnings are staying with me.

    Taunton 15.00 BIG CASINO 9/2
    Taunton 15.30 AVEL VOR 7/2
    Taunton 16.00 DANS WEE MAN 7/2
    Taunton 16.30 RAFAFIE 11/1 e/w

    3 small wins yankee and an e/w on the last

    couple of short priced ones in the early races but no point tipping those

    gl all

  53. double carpet 4 years ago

    Morning all

    Taking a bit of a risk with the 2 i have chosen today but small stakes invested

    1.30 DANCING SOLO 7/2
    Hcap debut and upped to 3m might be what he needs

    1.35 SAMTU 6/1
    First run for new yard

    Have also added the 2 TIZZARD horses that dougie has put up so its an ew L15 for me

    Best of luck to all

  54. Alanm 4 years ago

    Tornado in Milan 20/1 EW 3.30Taunton

  55. Alanm 4 years ago

    Lay of the day Lac Leman win and place 80/20
    2.30 Taunton

  56. double carpet 4 years ago

    SAMTU now best priced with corals at 9/2
    Got 6s an hour ago

  57. mig 4 years ago

    Looks like a tough day today so low stakes for me so many races im not confident with.

    lucky 31 for me today tips are:

    1.35 southwell crakehall lad
    2.10 southwell barbs princess
    3.40 southwell putin
    4.10 southwell elum mac
    3.30 taunton avel vor

    smaller stakes e/w lucky 15 on:
    2.40 southwell megamunch
    2.00 taunton cautious kate
    3.30 taunton hawkhill
    4.30 taunton xaarcet

    gl all

  58. dawnisrising 4 years ago

    Why would a price for a horse start drifting at 1030 are they on course at that stage? Im on about the fav at Southwell 1.35…just curious

    • raaljaca 4 years ago

      dawnisrising, a bookmaker basically is exactly that, they form a book on all markets where no matter what wins they will make a profit, in theory. A book that is anywhere above 100% prices wise gives them a profit of whatever percentage above the 100 is made so a book of 125% guarantees a profit of 25 pence for every £1 staked. As there is so much competition all bookies basically offer approx the same prices on each horse so if one or two horses are being backed then the rest must drift so they will still attract money. In the race you are looking at two horses are attracting money, Crakehall Lad and Samtu, so their prices are shortening, Adili is staying steady but the other five are drifting. It is all basically to guarantee a profit as I said. Apologies if you already knew this but if not I hope it helps.

      • raaljaca 4 years ago

        In a five horse race, a bookmaker may choose to price up each horse at odds of 4/1 (5.0). In such a scenario, were he to take an equal amount of money on each runner, he would break even, as each horse would have a 20% chance of winning. In that the five runners have combined implied “probabilities” of winning of 100%, we are dealing with a “round” book.
        If however, he were to price up each runner at 3/1 (4.0), the implied probabilty of each runner winning will change to 25% from 20%. If he were again to take an equal amount on each runner, he would receive five units and pay out four. The profitable extra unit amounts to 25% and 25% x 5 = 125%. His book would be 25% “over-round”.

  59. prav 4 years ago

    Hi Guy’s

    Hope everyone is well, not been betting on the horses but following the thread and some great tips!

    Got a question if anyone knows the answer, can you do place betting on 365? Look at the other markets but can’t see place!



    • swany 4 years ago

      Prav sometimes they will offer place betting in the other markets window but they do seem to pick and choose the races they are willing to offer it on,try PP.

  60. dawnisrising 4 years ago

    Either it doesn’t look great when they arrive or someone connected to the yard said to bookmaker on track that it has a small chance….

  61. Clem 4 years ago

    Morning all no good from me yesterday just the one today

    Avel vor 3.30 taun 10/30

  62. double carpet 4 years ago

    if money comes for other horses it will drift back out. But theres still a huge varience between bookies with pp still 2s and corals out to 11/4.

  63. JP 4 years ago

    Dawnrising, tell me about it….im on Teajaybe and Box Office….both drifting….doesnt fill me with confidence – and its only 11! :(

  64. garfo 4 years ago

    10 pound ew double box office third act

  65. dougiec 4 years ago

    Dawnisrising,perhaps its double carpet lumping on SAMTU,0-14 when with Clive Brittain,but Ellison factor and never run over this far,price halved this morning.No use me giving a selection I was 0-5 here last week.

  66. dawnisrising 4 years ago

    I know although the horse doesn’t know what price it is so hopefully its the bookie playing psychological games

  67. double carpet 4 years ago

    Haha dougie
    i throw a few quid on a horse and the bookies running scared !!!

  68. double carpet 4 years ago

    Haha dougie
    i throw a few quid on a horse and the bookies running scared !!!

  69. dougiec 4 years ago

    It was that 11/1 shot you gave yesterday double carpet,and when the bookies saw that Well!!!

  70. mrsbrown 4 years ago

    ive gone for an each way treble of

    -abi scarlet 11/10 2:10 southwell –

    – copper birch 5/1 4:00 tauntuon –

    -xaarcet 5/1 4:30 tauntuon –

    £3 e/w returns £258…. heres hoping

  71. dawnisrising 4 years ago

    Lads does anyone know if Michael appleby trains his horses at southwell?

    • swany 4 years ago

      Dawn his stables are at Newark which is roughly 6 miles from Southwell racecourse.

  72. ew thief 4 years ago

    storm hawk 1.35s
    Mishrif 2.40s
    Auden 3.40s
    Lendal bridge 4.10s
    Ew lucky15 gl all

  73. dawnisrising 4 years ago

    Prav william hill and paddypower are very good for offering alot of good punter friendly markets….bet365 are good for very early prices and there in play service is probably second to none, also there cash out option is quiet good but thats where is stops in my opinion.

  74. dawnisrising 4 years ago

    Much appreciated raaljaca thanks boy

  75. Duncan Poundcake 4 years ago

    Lynch/Griffiths ??????.

  76. De Niro 4 years ago

    2-00 Taunton
    Split stake win bet

    Template 9/1 60%
    For and Against 16/1 40%

    3-30 Taunton
    Avel Vor 7/2

  77. dawnisrising 4 years ago

    Sound swany

  78. johnb 4 years ago

    Copper Birch (NAP)
    This looks the weakest race of the day which shouldnt take alot of winning
    Copper Birch was a good hurdler who showed early promise over fences but has struggled lately,
    but as i said this is weak and Copper Birch is on a very low handicap mark of 112 whith the jockey also taking another 5lb off
    when a horse is top rated its classed as the best horse in the race and although Copper Birch has come down in handicap mark he is still rated superior to these

    Milosam the favourite is rated 6lb inferior to my Nap but he has had to run well to come up to that mark and last time out that extra raise in weights just looked beyond him
    Milosam really has enjoyed this course in the past but it doesnt matter how well a horse likes a course if its weighted too high and i think he is but thats just my opinion

    The main two dangers could be Dans Wee Man & Mrs Jordan
    but i am confidentat todays weights that the Nap can show improvement today to win
    as it does look like connections in the last three runs have tried to get Copper Birch’s mark down and it has come down 8lb but like i said also another 5lb today with Conor Rings claim

  79. dawnisrising 4 years ago

    Much appreciated johnb thanks

  80. Mezzanine 4 years ago

    Raven tower ye ha

  81. Tommy d 4 years ago

    Cheers john b I hope it wins

  82. jimba 4 years ago

    Johnb, good write up on nap, good luck all today!!

  83. boz 4 years ago

    afternoon everyone

    s 4.10 EIUM MAC got to stick with this one after tipping it when it won at 16/1 beaten since but dropped back in distance and weaker race today

    s 3.40 PUTIN great run last time when finishing second over course and distance think he will try lead from start today and great chance

    good luck everyone

    happy days

  84. Napper valley 4 years ago

    E/W double for me today

    He’s the daddy 9/1
    Tin pan alley 8/1

    Interest stakes only

    GL and nice one dc with tony star yesterday.

  85. swany 4 years ago

    Was in Sainsbury’s this morning and was pleasantly surprised to find one copy of racing and football outlook still on the rack as they are normally sold out,imagine my disgust however on arriving home to find it was last weeks copy Jan 20-26 after much cursing and swearing I decided I shall take it back at some point in the future and convey my anguish to the appropriate department”not that they will give a f*ck”.Anyway I digress,having now calmed down and sat down with a coffee I decided that as it was there I might as well look through the now useless rag!.Well they were all in there all the so called racing tipsters whom I am sure are being paid a reasonable amount for their well informed views!,well they certainly talk a good game but frankly the majority of tips were poor to say the least and if it were a competition over the last week then the guys on here Busstop,boz,dc,Dougie,Tommy d,Duncan and all the others would have wiped the floor with them.As for our own johnb who is going through a poor run at the moment I’m sure it will turn around soon as he is much better than any of the guys in the aforementioned rag and remember we get his info for free!.

    • Mr Fixit 4 years ago

      swany, all you need to do is look at the Racing Posts’s nap table to see how tough it is. By the way I’ve done that before – so I know how you feel. They’ve got to take them off the rack surely.

  86. Haggis 4 years ago

    Bus stop have you a NAP and NB today please?

  87. jaguar 4 years ago

    Unefille de guye8/1 130 taunton
    adili 135 southwell 5/1
    ravens tower 330taunton
    gluk all

  88. dougiec 4 years ago

    Never mind swany at least you got Evan Williams trainer File,put Ar Mad in your trackermate

    • swany 4 years ago

      Ah page 6 Dougie,al get her tae copy that before ah take it back,cheers mate.

  89. azz the wigan 4 years ago

    samtu 1.35 lac leman 2.30

  90. barriem 4 years ago

    Come on dancing solo lol

  91. swany 4 years ago

    South 2-40 Schottische 3/1

    Taun 2-00 Bilbrook Blaze 20/1 ew

  92. Kev 4 years ago

    Olympian boy does the business! :) c’mon bonobo

  93. JP 4 years ago

    Ill take that drift i mentioned earlier on Teajaybe!!! Smashed it!

    Quote of the day on Racing Post:

    “teajaybe laughing at them….teajaybe doing handstands”

    Ha ha!

  94. dawnisrising 4 years ago

    Haha raaljaca psychological it was

  95. Mav 4 years ago

    3.00 Taun – Sun Wild Life 7/2 NAP

  96. JP 4 years ago

    Well done kev….cracking price

  97. dougiec 4 years ago

    Not on it Kev but Olympian Boy and Opera Buff,hope you have them EW.Type of start you want well done mate and fingers crossed for the other 2

  98. jimba 4 years ago

    Appleby/morris strike again, get in, 1 more to come tartan trip 2.40

  99. Dave 4 years ago

    Cheers swanny bilbrook blaze very unlucky and I used to live in bilbrook!

  100. Kev 4 years ago

    Took them all as singles e/w papa got a lucky 15 with bonobo elium mac and xaarcet also fingers and toes are crossed at work ;)

  101. dougiec 4 years ago

    Money in the bank swany well picked out

  102. Kev 4 years ago

    Get in George baker!

  103. swany 4 years ago

    Cheers guys,well done kev

  104. double carpet 4 years ago

    Well done kev/swany

  105. mig 4 years ago

    1 lost 1 win so far wish I was on teajaybe in the first!

  106. dougiec 4 years ago

    prav just saw your comment.Bet 365 just go race,which will show fixed odds then select all markets GL

  107. Alanm 4 years ago

    Odds on stuffed ;-)

  108. JP 4 years ago

    Bl00dy ladbrokes said i didnt qualify for BOG on Teajaybe coz i placed the bet at 7am – some sort of 9am earliest rule – jokers!! :(

  109. Yovan 4 years ago

    Well done for that lay, AlanM.

  110. Yovan 4 years ago

    JP, I closed my account with them long time ago. Rubbish!

  111. JP 4 years ago

    Yeah i just withdrew my ££ and closed it – i usually place my bets at 6.30 on the way to work….cheeky gits

  112. Kev 4 years ago

    Bonobo ya big clown!!

  113. mike 4 years ago

    Cheers mav was on your tip.

  114. dougiec 4 years ago

    Well no 4th Act then srry

  115. tonyp 4 years ago

    Mav, great tipping mate

  116. dougiec 4 years ago

    Well done trix,with Sun Wild Life money came for it and jockey booking perhaps told the story well done.

  117. swany 4 years ago

    Brilliant Baker!

  118. Alanm 4 years ago

    Lay of the day result win evens place 4/1 ;-)

  119. nathan ufton 4 years ago

    With Derby’s John Eustace recovering from surgery ( maybe he’ll be ready for a few cameo appearances in a month or two ), George Thorne is working up his match fitness by being involved in friendlies and reserve games. It would be nice to have him back in 2 or 3 games time which I’d say is a possibility.

    Landed my Australia/Basel double today that I put on just before bed time, It was great to turn on my screen today to see that after losing 85% of my bank on the 2 south American U20’s games that failed to deliver a single goal ( only wanted 1 in each ), I managed to recoup 80% of my losses. I’m actually £3 up on what I started yesterday on but £25-£30 down from my high-point of the day. I have gone back to my small odds/high chance betting strategy and I shall decide later in-play if I shall have any bets on the derby and Chelsea game. whats the general concensus on these games folks?

    Do you think Derby will get back to winning ways? Are Blackburn having any unsettling approaches for gastede and/or Rhodes?
    Do you expect that Mourhinho will of given his overpaid prima-donna’s the hairdryer treatment? Will Liverpool finally beat Chelsea after 5 or 6 straight losses to them?

  120. dougiec 4 years ago

    too many questions for us here nathan

  121. swany 4 years ago

    Hard to say

  122. Alanm 4 years ago

    Is that a boooooooooooooooooooooom

  123. Aidy 4 years ago

    The racing is not bent after that race because that’s how 16/1 shots should win what a joke

  124. Kev 4 years ago

    Haha Alanm brilliant :)

  125. Clem 4 years ago

    Well done Tommy D great price

  126. dougiec 4 years ago

    Great write up Tommy D for Tornado in Milan and Alanm highlighted too You are on fire Tommy 20/1 not to be sniffed at
    Well done

  127. swany 4 years ago

    Well done alanm,thats a boom

  128. Kev 4 years ago

    Thought my 18/1 on Olympian boy was good until that Alan!! 22/1, take a bow

  129. swany 4 years ago

    Well done Tommy D,great price

  130. double carpet 4 years ago

    tommy D alanm
    tornado in milan awesome stuff

  131. Alanm 4 years ago

    Great day for anyone who took my back and lays today back tomorrow. ;-)

  132. Mav 4 years ago

    No bother Mike glad you were on it mate :-)

  133. Hamish75 4 years ago

    Tommy d alan m massive respect guys great touch wi tornado yecannywackit nearly sed the b**m word fink trix is doin well today al wait ti later n fank everyone at the same time. Ktf

  134. double carpet 4 years ago

    Sorry mav
    well done mate

  135. Nick 4 years ago



  136. barriem 4 years ago

    Get in there John b

  137. Kev 4 years ago

    Get in johnb! Nice picks Trix!

  138. Liam 4 years ago

    yes johnb nice one

  139. Jamie 4 years ago

    Honestly glad for you johnbb

  140. dougiec 4 years ago

    You keep them coming Mav.Can see your mind working overtime will I wont I and that’s just the six folds. Well done

  141. Dugclark 4 years ago

    Heeeeeeeessssssssss back

  142. jimmy t 4 years ago

    Jb is bak. Cant keep a good man down, well done & a cracking 13/2 price

    • Mr Fixit 4 years ago

      jimmy t, I also congratulate johnb – but he’s not back because he was never away. First comment I deleted was giving his figures for this month – come on guys give him a break and let him enjoy today’s win.

  143. swany 4 years ago

    Well done johnb!!!

  144. dougiec 4 years ago

    Master at work Johnb and bogs too trix on 3 too

  145. Coulter93 4 years ago

    Well done JohnB just won me £1200!

  146. Superwall 4 years ago

    Eye Eye JB – Top man with today’s shout.

  147. barriem 4 years ago

    Wish I had more on it

  148. blinkerz 4 years ago

    First one I’ve backed from johnb in a while easy money thanks john start of a run

  149. barriem 4 years ago

    Now for boz tip for a double loving it

  150. mig 4 years ago

    Well done johnb had a spare fiver puts me firmly in profit today always keep the faith!

  151. tonyp 4 years ago

    Well done jb…

  152. Striker 4 years ago

    Nice to see you in the winners enclosure JohnB!

    Also nice tipping AlanM, finally helping me make use of my betfair account!

  153. JP 4 years ago

    Nice one johnb….back in the winners circle!! Cheers!

  154. prav 4 years ago

    Not had a bet today but looks like a great day. Well done all.

  155. double carpet 4 years ago

    very well done

  156. prav 4 years ago

    Just noticed, 18/1 ,15/2, 20/1, 4/1! Incredible, what a day have off. Simply gutted.

  157. The taxman 4 years ago

    Cheers John, as one of your long term followers and avid reader of this sometimes embarrassing thread I hope you can continue it tomoro.
    We need to start clawing a wee bit of this loss back.
    Best of luck buddy and always behind you.

  158. Luke A 4 years ago

    Still not looking at racecards at the moment as not really appealing to me. But still keeping up to date with the thread, and it’s great to see so many winners today. Not only are there plenty of winners, but some great prices too. Big well done to kev, Tommy d, Alanm, Johnb etc etc. Days like this make me a little interested again!

  159. Tommy d 4 years ago

    Thanks a lot guys and doggie c cheers mate am on a lucky roll haha john b well done mate I never backed it today wish I has now lets hope this kicks off a run and gets rid off some off them trolls on here . Just 1 winner today but @ 20/1 Ellu Mac ran a stinker and couldn’t make it 3/3 on the naps will have a look at tomorrow’s cards later on and posted them no tomorrow’s threads cheers guys and well done them with the winners today great stuff .

  160. azz the wigan 4 years ago

    well done john b onwards and upwards

  161. Augustus 4 years ago

    Well done JohnB. I have been hanging on for dear life for your winning return. I will be dining in style tonight. No beans on toast for me tonight :-)

  162. busstop 4 years ago

    johnb nice winner well done

    more gloom than boom for mine today like i said small stakes though

    onto tomorrow

    well done all the winners


  163. Aidy 4 years ago

    I never looked at your post Tommy if so would have been on it great write up will be looking in future well done mate and John b did post for John b but not on here.

  164. Kris 4 years ago

    What a day to pick JB’s nap. Great work Sir !

  165. mitchell 4 years ago

    A hold my hands up well done jb great tip,,,,I bow too your skills that pay the bills for

  166. Willie McGuire 4 years ago

    good tip from johnb

    I made a Noel Hunt of it though by doing a Reverse Forecast with Milosam after seeing that the latters course form was something like 12121 – needless to say that came to an end wi a crashing fall and the tip stoats home!!

  167. Hamish75 4 years ago

    Yee ha johnb gud priced winner kev n trix a winnin site is a happy site big fanx ti everyone who posted winners the booky wis well spanked today ktf

  168. JP 4 years ago

    Thanks for all the tips this week gents….5 out of 7 since Monday for me. After last week when i got zero out of god knows how many – things look like theyre on the up and for johnb too! Cheers all, hopefully lots more bookie bashing tomorrow! :)

  169. recoba1980 4 years ago

    Well done Johnb!
    Backed it but only one other(Toto Scyllachy) turned up in my Yankee.
    Bit of profit so :)

  170. EddieM 4 years ago

    Does anyone know of firms that cover Happy Valley meeting tomorrow night in Hong Kong

  171. RPC 4 years ago

    First post here been watching this site for a week after opening a betting account for the first time in years. Wanted to thank JB and Tommy D for the two tips I followed today have also had a little luck on the football with some of my own and some tips from the folks here. Hope I am welcome and I look forward to a long and happy relationship.

  172. dawnisrising 4 years ago

    Delighted for you johnb

  173. Duncan Poundcake 4 years ago

    Well done everybody

  174. Sean1892 4 years ago

    Well done everyone, great day!

  175. johnb 4 years ago

    Finally a winner to make januarys stats 21.72 point loss

    Wednesdays Tip

    No Through Road 11/8 paddy power hills coral betvictor

    Dan Emmett 6/4 NAP/NB paddy power

    Joint Nap & Nb means double stake for Dan Emmett

    But also advising a double
    No Through Road & Dan Emmett 4.94/1 paddy power

  176. johnb 4 years ago

    Dan Emmett (NAP)
    this horse stood out a mile when 4th on hurdling debut and he must be screaming out for this step up in distance
    anyone who hasn’t seen the last run by Dan Emmett really have to watch it
    out the back most of the race never really given a chance by Andrew Tinkler but Dan Emmett finished off strongly without really having a chance with the front three

    It was one the the best debuts by a horse i have seen for a while without winning
    ran 2m 2f on the flat so this sort of distance hurdling will be no problem and he should want further in the future

  177. Hamish75 4 years ago

    Welcome on board rpc hope ye hav plenty winners in the locker dawnrising a thru in a new word fir yer vocabulary in an early post “yecannywackit” ye shud try n get a dvd of stanley baxter a genius wi the queens english ktf

  178. double carpet 4 years ago

    Will add ZIP TOP in the first to johns double

  179. Tommy d 4 years ago

    Beat me to it dc was waiting on prize for zip top do you know what price he might be ?

  180. double carpet 4 years ago

    Probably evs or odds on but should win and will make the bet imo

  181. johnb 4 years ago

    Tommy D/ Double Carpet
    Zip Top 11/10 paddy power Fascino Rustico is the evens favourite

  182. Clarky 4 years ago

    Johnb thanks for putting up you’re stats.i know Paul’s not happy when you’re on a bad patch,but I think every bit of info good or bad can help punters make there mind up before having a bet.
    Let’s hope you can pull a few rabbits from the hat and make January a winning month.

  183. Tommy d 4 years ago

    Cheers pal also like the look of AP other ride HIGH BRIDGE also no price

  184. Tommy d 4 years ago

    Thanks John b will be on your double tomorrow as well. Some really good racing tomorrow fancie quite a few.

  185. double carpet 4 years ago

    You are very welcome mate. Good luck

  186. Mav 4 years ago

    Well done today John and every1 else wgo got winners

  187. double carpet 4 years ago

    i wouldnt underestimate MAHER LAD in that one. His p2p win looks solid form so maybe the market will tell us more.

  188. double carpet 4 years ago

    thanks for that. which one of the two would you be on in the first ?

  189. Tommy d 4 years ago

    Cheers for the heads up DC am going to wait until tomorrow until I post my tips like you say maybe the market will guide .

  190. johnb 4 years ago

    Double Carpet its between the two and in what should be a straight fight between them i would think McCoy would have the better in a tactical battle
    also with Zip Tops flat form you have to fancy him
    only beaten just over 2 lengths in a group 2 race by Camelot is strong form

  191. frodo 4 years ago

    Well done johnb I chose the right day to stop being daft and take your advice.

  192. johnb 4 years ago

    Clarky always try to put up every day but sometimes forget if i am busy & hopefully turn this month around in last 4 days

  193. dougiec 4 years ago

    RPC..welcome I backed both of them today.Mine will have wings tomorrow super duper,not to be missed etc etc.

  194. double carpet 4 years ago

    Thanks john

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