IT was four points lost on Thursday and February's profit now stands at 35.63 points.

JohnB is looking to get back on track on Friday and has a treble among his picks.

JohnB's Friday Tips

Warwick 2:40
Mazurati 10-3 NAP Bet365 Paddy Power

Lingfield 3:30
Saskias Dream 7-1 NB Bet365

Exeter 4:50
Salmanazar 13-2 Bet365

Mazurati Saskias Dream Salmanazar
259-1 Bet365

Good luck all and post your racing tips and chat here.

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  1. Luke A 4 years ago

    Managed 3 from 5 winners that I posted on here for yesterday. have to admit, I don’t like today’s racing half as much, but I’ve got 4 for today anyway.
    2.50 Molo 2/1 NB
    3.10 Donapollo 15/8 NAP
    4.30 Chelwood Gate 10/3
    5.00 Indias Song 11/4

    not overly sure on John’s selections. Will wait to see if there are write ups. But for now, I’ll be leaving them be.

    Good luck all

  2. Abbas 4 years ago

    Nice tipping today luke, keep good work up bud

  3. Duncan Poundcake 4 years ago

    Going to try to steal some place money with Dunnocks Skipper 3.50 Ex
    As they say “every dog has it’s day” ypu never know it might be today ,small stakes GL.

  4. Tommy d 4 years ago

    Other have tipped horse I liked today but I will post them anyway as I like them sorry LUKE a looks like am copied yours lol

    2.50 MOLO NB 2/1 bet365
    3.10 DOHAPLLO 7/4 bet365
    5.00 INDIAS SONG 5/2 bet 365
    4.20 MASTER SONG NAP 7/2 bet 365

  5. Tommy d 4 years ago

    Sorry the NAP is MASTER MALT 4.20 7/2 not song . apologise good luck everyone was a great day on here yesterday

  6. Gus 4 years ago

    Iv had saskias dream in my tracker for last couple of runs so interested to see Johnb had put it up.
    It’s been knocking on door last couple of runs and been a bit unlucky in running. The big factor this time is kirby is on board and I believe he could make the difference as he rides Lingfield better than any other jockey.

  7. Coolbeastly 4 years ago

    Fab Lolly 16:00

  8. busstop 4 years ago

    Hi all

    Seemed a great day for the thread yesterday usual suspects in form DC DOUGIE GUS LUKE SWANY DE NIRO sorry if ive missed you.

    2 winners myself so good profit

    Exeter 16.50 TOP WOOD 7/2 NB
    Exeter 17.20 ALBEROBELLO 5/1
    Warwick 16.40 JEANPASCAL 9/4
    Warwick 16.10 QULINTON 4/1 NAP

    gl all

  9. KOI 4 years ago

    WARWICK OFF!!!!!!@

  10. JP 4 years ago

    I guess it must be too warm today or something! ;)

  11. johnb 4 years ago

    20mm of rain, Waterlogged

  12. De Niro 4 years ago

    4-00 Lingfield

    Fab lolly nap

    14-50 Exeter


    15-30 Lingfield

    Bookmaker 7/1 S/James

  13. Luke A 4 years ago

    Thanks abbas, you’ve been doing very well yourself since you’ve been back.
    Tommy, no problem mate. I like seeing others selecting the same horses. Gutted about Warwick being off. got my 4 in a Yankee. I hate it when there’s a non runner in a multiple. Even more annoying that’s it’s the nap

  14. KOI 4 years ago


  15. KOI 4 years ago

    Macs power nb .
    good luck all.

  16. Luke A 4 years ago

    I’ve placed John’s 2 that are running in a small stake each way double, more for interest than anything

  17. jimba 4 years ago

    Gus with you and johnb with saskias dream, kirby booking a big plus!! Good luck all today!!!

  18. Abbas 4 years ago

    Hi guys,

    4-00, loyalty 11/2 ling

    5-45. Diamond vine 20/1 wolves

    6-35 captain dillema 9/2 dun


    • swany 4 years ago

      You heard something about Diamond Vine abbas?

  19. Lostboy 4 years ago

    Anyone else think Luke Morris could have a good night at Wolverhampton tonight?
    5 rides, I’m going to put small multiples on.

    Good luck lads.

  20. busstop 4 years ago

    Hi all again

    Warwick abandoned so just the 2 for me Not adding without reason.

    NAP now EXETER 16.50 TOP WOOD

    gl all

  21. plum86 4 years ago

    Morning everyone. Not a bad day yesterday. On another lucky 31 at Exeter my local track.

    Molo 2.50
    Knocklayde express 3.20
    Moving ways 3.50
    Salmanamer 4.50 (johns)
    Alberobello 5.20

    Good luck everyone /-)

  22. mig 4 years ago

    Shocker from me yesterday couldnt pick a winner to save my life.

    Gonna be on john bs also as a heads up the 3.30 lingfield is money back second on totesport.

    Just one from me other than whats already been posted and its 14.50 exeter bull and bush 7/1 so e/w gl all

  23. Robman 4 years ago

    Is Warwick off? No prices on ladbrokes

  24. nexus 4 years ago

    Warwick off waterlogged.

  25. Luke A 4 years ago

    Am I right in thinking that a Yankee with non runner then effectively turns into –
    3 singles
    6 doubles (each double twice)
    2 trebles (same treble twice)

  26. Marco 4 years ago

    Moorlands Mist Exeter 17:20 4/1 NAP
    Xaaretc Exerter 15:50 11/4 NB

    Tizzard double and will throw Johnb’s Saskia in for Trixie

  27. davyb 4 years ago

    nap wait a second 220 ex nb give us a belle 745 wol

  28. johnb 4 years ago

    Luke A yes

  29. Hamish75 4 years ago

    Luke a yer spot on ye still hav 11 bets awra best mate hope they come gud fir ye ktf

  30. BoomBoom 4 years ago

    Got master malt 4:20 @ 28/8, now at 15/8 the money’s coming!!

  31. garfo 4 years ago

    Tolkeins tango 5.20 exeter molo 2.50 exeter. £20ewdouble mind how you go chow.

  32. double carpet 4 years ago

    Morning all

    Found it tough to really fancy anything today so have just backed MOLO. But my NAP is at DUNDALK and its ASIAN WING 8.35. Dont usually NAP something from DUNDALK unless i really fancy it. So hopefully he does the trick

    Best of luck to all

  33. Luke A 4 years ago

    Cheers johnb and hamish. Good luck to you both today. Hope you are well hamish

  34. gerry 4 years ago

    mollys a diva 2.50 Exeter 10/1

  35. Alanm 4 years ago

    Nap Soaring Spirit 8/1 4.00 Lingfield
    NB St raise 7/2 8.15 Wolverhampton
    double 40/1
    Good luck all.

  36. Alanm 4 years ago

    SBRASSE 8.15 Wolverhamton

  37. ew thief 4 years ago

    Morning all some nice winners yesterday from the usual suspects well done
    Multitask 4.00l
    Nimble Kimble 4.30l
    Lady lunchalot 5.00l
    Gl all off to work

  38. mase13 4 years ago

    Hi guys need a bit of help i had a l15 on four horses and one was de niros flementine. I think its a n/r now, could you tell me what my bet will be now ?


  39. johnb 4 years ago

    Mase 13 you are left with 6x singles 6x doubles
    2x trebles & 1 unit of stake returned which is the single on the non runner

  40. mase13 4 years ago

    Thanks johnb big help.

    Good luck john n evryone

  41. robbo 4 years ago

    could anyone tell me. if you back a lucky 15 ante-post for cheltenham and a horse gets pulled out say a month before the meeting starts,is the whole bet down.

  42. clean the bookies 4 years ago

    Johnb would you be a backer or layer of sire de grugy tomorrow? @ 4/5

  43. KOI 4 years ago

    just on more today for my first race dundalk.
    good luck all.
    hope we all can win some money for chelt and johnb hits a great run…..
    good luck all today .
    well done to all who posted winners yest.

  44. dougiec 4 years ago

    Afternoon all,Warwick scuppered a few selections including Luke A. Mind you his selection would have been behind Dcs Carli King and my Loughalder Ha Ha.
    Muarrab..1.05 Jebel Ali but too short. Ive just done a combination in 3.20 Exeter.2,3 and 7
    CAPTAINS DILEMA..6.35 (abbas)
    ASIAN WING.. (double carpet) all Dundalk and I may do another combo in the 7.05 or just follow the money
    Best of Luck.Onwards we Valiant punters go

  45. Napper valley 4 years ago

    Nap: bittern 8.45 wolves 2/1
    NB: dundalk 18.05 shushu sugartown 7/2

    Ex 3.20 magic Magnolia 6/1


  46. WN 4 years ago

    Was that a joke I didn’t get Dougie? 3 an 7 are non-runners.

  47. dougiec 4 years ago

    Cryptic WN I couldnt put up Twentytwo’s Taken as it is Odds on as was the case with Muarrab 4/9.Thanks mate

  48. boz 4 years ago

    afternoon everyone

    couple of winners yesterday and nap won 7/2

    L 3.00 symphony of kings
    L 4.00 fab lolly
    L 4.30 light rose
    L 5.00 apache glory

    good luck everyone

    happy days

  49. dougiec 4 years ago

    WN Im just a bit miffed I cant back W Greatrex who I had marked for 3 today Warwick and Exeter,I will try to behave.You think Im bad,what about telling me KOI S’ selection at Dundalk!!my my N/R ha ha.Just ignore me.

  50. Nearly Man 4 years ago

    Hi Boz, was on your nap yesterday, cheers for that.

    Whats your nap today?

  51. Jack 4 years ago

    Done a double today

    Lears rock 2.30 Lingfield 13/8 now 8/11
    Saskias dream 3.30 6/1 now 10/3

    Fingers crossed. Good luck lads

  52. Nearly Man 4 years ago

    Thanks Boz, good luck everyone.

  53. boz 4 years ago

    nearly man

    fab lolly nb
    apache glory nap

  54. azz the wigan 4 years ago

    e.w lucky 15 gold present 2.20 fountain blossom 3.20 its a long road 3.50 qalinas 4,20 e.w single gunner moyne 2.30 and ill follow the usaul people cheers onwards and upwards

  55. Luke A 4 years ago

    Oh no, boz has a nap against my final selection again lol. Will it be revenge or another kick in the nads for me. May the best man win ;)

  56. boz 4 years ago

    luke thanks for your comment on my nap yesterday big of you seeing you had other in your bet but still good you got 3 winners

    i like APACHE GLORY a lot and can only put up what i fancy

    but it could be your turn today mate

    happy days

  57. WN 4 years ago

    No worries, had a feeling it might have been that.

    Done one selection last night but forgot to put it up

    Tara Road was 6/1 (now 9/2) E/W 4.50 Exeter

  58. JP 4 years ago

    well done Jack – was on Lears Rock too as part of a l15 – good start

  59. JP 4 years ago

    Molo you donkey!!

  60. Chris G 4 years ago

    Agreed JP……It just had no interest in winning that race!

  61. Rookie 4 years ago

    Am i the only one feeling PATRIOTIC today?

  62. Black&red14 4 years ago

    Many thanks jerry got on @8/1, cheers

  63. Boomboom 4 years ago

    Molo should of had that!!! :(

  64. Tommy d 4 years ago

    Well done Gerry with mollys a diva great price beat my horse up. what was MOLO dint have it In Him today

  65. Luke A 4 years ago

    Just seen the Molo result and then the comments on here. The text commentary made it seem it was going to win when just read that too. Oh well, first one bites the dust.
    Cheers boz. Good luck today

  66. Boomboom 4 years ago

    Was cruising up nicely on the bridal with all other horse being ridden, then gave nothing else Luke A

  67. Luke A 4 years ago

    So frustrating when your selections travels strong then has absolutely nothing to give off the bridle. Can guarantee it was trading very short in running on the exchanges.

  68. Lostboy 4 years ago

    What a bizarre ride from kirby there. Wow.

  69. Lostboy 4 years ago

    I’ve watched it again…goes to take it between horses. Changes his mind…swaps hands, grabs whip and dosent use it, then rides hands and heals?

  70. Luke A 4 years ago

    Not sure there was much wrong with the ride to be fair lostboy. Gung ho jack was just too good again

  71. Jack 4 years ago

    Saskia let me down. That’s twice Gung-ho Jack has beat my bet in the past few weeks. Maybe I should avoid races with “jack” horses in it. Hate backing my own name too. Lol

  72. Lostboy 4 years ago

    The horse was never going to win, but Kirby was indecisive

  73. Boomboom 4 years ago

    Top wood & Master malt double?

    • highseastim 4 years ago

      What was Fanning playing at on Fab Lolly? Worst ride of the day!!

  74. scottyp 4 years ago

    7.15 wolves My meteor
    7.45 wolves mambo spirit


  75. Yves 4 years ago

    Pathetic from Joe Fanning on Fab Lolly. Horse got away well and he decided that he didn’t want it near the front. Horse stumbles with him trying to hold it up. Then a furlong out he chucks it. If I was a steward I’d be calling him in for an explanation.

  76. JP 4 years ago

    Ewthief always in the winners circle mate – got him at 8s too

  77. peter 4 years ago

    jesus. Jockeys are ruining me today. Kirby then fanning

  78. Boomboom 4 years ago

    master malt doesn’t look good

  79. WN 4 years ago

    The champion Jockey does it again! Get in there Master Malt.

  80. Tommy d 4 years ago

    Easy money MCCOY is the boy will be sad to see him go

  81. swany 4 years ago

    Well done Tommyd,master malt

  82. Boomboom 4 years ago

    or not haha BOOM!!!

  83. Jack 4 years ago

    Know how you feel Peter lol. AP MCCoy saved me a bit there lol!

  84. SimpleDXB 4 years ago

    TommyD – legend. Master Malt, what a corking tip that was… Backed at 3/1 went off 13/8. Stunning value.

  85. dougiec 4 years ago

    Nice winner Tommy d might just have a single malt on that selection!! well done

  86. swany 4 years ago

    Well done johnb ,great stuff!

  87. WN 4 years ago

    JohnB lands a winner!

  88. Kendog 4 years ago

    You f’ ing beauty JohnB!!!!

  89. Lostboy 4 years ago

    Nice one…great price!

  90. peter 4 years ago

    really good tipping on salmanazar. My other 4 horses lost but i re couped my stake there. Cheers

  91. dougiec 4 years ago

    Well picked Johnb and what a price!!

  92. boz 4 years ago

    johnb great tip and great price

  93. Tommy d 4 years ago

    Cheers for the comments well done johnb as well was on top wood in that one should off stuck with you

  94. Hellobad 4 years ago

    Great tip JohnB jumped beautifully – Kept the faith!!

  95. Saint93 4 years ago

    Big thanks for Salmanazar Johnb, waited to see him jump the first few fences and then got on in play at 11/1. Nice one mate

  96. bazza131 4 years ago

    now thats a boooom jb

  97. Ian Ramsay 4 years ago

    Nice work JohnB!

  98. Damo 4 years ago

    What a price!! Thanks JB

  99. azz the wigan 4 years ago

    well done john b

  100. double carpet 4 years ago

    Very well done johnb

  101. John boy walton 4 years ago

    JOHNB. Your are my sunshine. Well done top tipstar.

  102. robbo 4 years ago

    thanks mr fixit ,but staff in paddy powers have told me the whole bet would be down,robbo

  103. Luke A 4 years ago

    I said the other day when I tipped city of angkor Wat that I can never pick it up on a good day. I said that before it ran and lost. Today I left it, it wins at 8/1. So frustrating

  104. JP 4 years ago

    Was on busstop and swany – completely missed that johnb! Ha ha! Well done sir!

  105. JP 4 years ago

    Ewthief u ledg! Wish they were both in my l15! Cheers mate

  106. Yves 4 years ago

    Well done JohnB!

  107. boz 4 years ago

    kirby riding like spencer on apache glory far to late

    good luck everyone

  108. Luke A 4 years ago

    Just seen John’s second one won. Great pick and price, top stuff. Brought up the place half of each way double thanks to the other sneaking third

  109. WN 4 years ago

    Ewthief with the double, top draw.

  110. Nemo 4 years ago

    Exeter 5.20

  111. jevan 4 years ago

    Its filth how kirby never gets pulled up by the stewards….any other young jock gets banned but not kirby I WONDER WHY???

  112. Lostboy 4 years ago

    Kirby having a nightmare today.

  113. Aidy 4 years ago

    Well done Johnny b top stuff makes up for a couple of days and rockets the stats up.

  114. Napper valley 4 years ago

    Nice one EW got on at the last minute so not quite the 11s that were possible.

    Nice spot.

  115. zam 4 years ago

    Nice 1 Jhonb double in.
    Quick question had salamnazer at 10 -1
    And saskia dream at 5-1 rule 4 had £10 each way so £20 in total got back £66 is that right?

    • JP 4 years ago

      Hey zam, coz saskia placed you only get a place double unfort

  116. tonyp 4 years ago

    Nice1 jhonb

  117. De Niro 4 years ago

    Thanks JohnB

    Salmanzer – only backed it as my two were terrible ;

    sometimes when you loose you still win – GREAT PRICE TOO,

  118. Duncan Poundcake 4 years ago

    Dunnocks Skipper deleted from tracker Waterloo Duck next and on to Dundalk Thanks Johnb Top Tipping.Will have a look through the thread now to see the winners I have missed GL

  119. jevan 4 years ago

    5.45 BOLD MAX 4/1 get on

  120. zam 4 years ago

    Thanks jp

  121. swany 4 years ago

    Great double ew thief!

  122. Kendog 4 years ago

    What a pick from Abbas!

  123. gus 4 years ago

    well done all winners today
    and abbas diamond vine great shout

  124. swany 4 years ago

    abbas ya beauty!!!managed to get 14/1 cheers mate

  125. Duncan Poundcake 4 years ago

    Brilliant Abbas

  126. double carpet 4 years ago

    Ew thief
    nice double for you
    well done

  127. swany 4 years ago

    abbas you must have had a whisper that was at least 25/1 when you put it up mate

  128. Kris 4 years ago

    Abbas you Legend !!! thanks

  129. Napper valley 4 years ago

    Abbas that is one hell of a tip. Nice one

  130. ew thief 4 years ago

    well done johnb nice price. Cheers for the comments lads
    Lacey 6.15w
    First rebellion 7.45w
    Perfect cracker 8.15w
    Will be following the usuals at dundalk gl all

  131. double carpet 4 years ago

    top stuff

  132. ew thief 4 years ago

    Top draw abbas well in

  133. JP 4 years ago

    Abbas u beauty – got 10s just before the off – ew punt! Woo hoo

  134. swany 4 years ago

    abbas the chipmeister get in big man!!!

  135. Rorywhite91 4 years ago

    Abbas that’s class pal

  136. Abbas 4 years ago

    Cheers lads, just about ayy lol swany lobster tonight pal lol

    • swany 4 years ago

      Surf n’ turf again with lobster as well abbas,great tip mate made my day thanks again.

  137. peter 4 years ago

    abbas first of ur selections i chose. U legend. Thank you!

  138. dougiec 4 years ago

    Not for the first time abbas you have came up with a DIAMOND 20/1 We don’t use B…ms But this weeks Golden Sash,to wear in the front of the diner mate What a lift you have given this thread!!

  139. dougiec 4 years ago

    Ew thief thanks again nice double.

  140. De Niro 4 years ago

    what a price – Diamond Vine – wasnt on it but Superb!!!

  141. JP 4 years ago

    Close dougie mate – had him ew so all good

  142. double carpet 4 years ago

    Lets see if history can repeat itself
    CAPTAINS DILEMMA in the next

  143. peter 4 years ago

    18:45 wolves. Anyone?

  144. johnb 4 years ago

    Todays NAP was a non runner so there was 3 points staked with one winner Salmanazar at 10/1 that returned a profit of 8 points today

    February so far 43.63 point profit

    For saturday i did fancy a few but its all about winning so because i fancy one horse so strongly i am only putting the one up

    Saturdays Tip



    Tri Na Ceile 3/1 NAP/NB paddy power

    Joint NAP & NB so double stake but this in my mind is my strongest tip for a long time and i am certain J P McManus will already have his thousands on this one

  145. Nearly Man 4 years ago

    Well done Abbas “Diamond Vine” great price…..

    how you pick that one???

    Well done Johnb, great stuff.

  146. ew thief 4 years ago

    Peter redalalini gl

  147. TheHawk 4 years ago

    Lay of day Mambo Spirit think 5f far too sharp for the old boy now.

  148. dougiec 4 years ago

    peter Warm Order is 3-4 here a fiver of abbas cash

  149. dougiec 4 years ago

    Ew thief Ive covered your picks over the last week for more than trebled what Ive staked,so thanks.You go under the radar on here.Well done

    • JP 4 years ago

      Hear hear dougie – ive followed too – really helped the bank

  150. JP 4 years ago

    Just did the same dougie!

  151. peter 4 years ago

    thank you lads went on warm order.

  152. dougiec 4 years ago

    Rookie missing so Ill put up Have A Great Day 7.05

  153. Hamish75 4 years ago

    Abbas welcome back pure class well done ti johnb ewthief n anybody av missed yooz guy’s smash it on a daily basis al look forward fir dc n mavs fitba picks n dig oot 3 fi their selections ktf

  154. Kendog 4 years ago

    I dont think I am ever destined to get a winner at Dundalk!

  155. johnb 4 years ago

    Clean The Bookies i wont be backing Sire de Grugy but he should still win but you dont know how fit he is and with Cheltenham so close they wont knock him about

  156. ew thief 4 years ago

    Cheers dougie follow yours blind mate hope all is well ur lass gl

  157. swany 4 years ago

    Ahl take the guy that fell aff the totem pole Dougie good luck

  158. Kendog 4 years ago

    Jb will you put putting up a few of your fancys (not as your main tips) – just maybe to put in a wee small stakes L15? :)

  159. clean the bookies 4 years ago

    Tks john

  160. Nearly Man 4 years ago

    Good idea Kendog, 2nd that.

  161. Hamish75 4 years ago

    Papasmurf wot bout 4 n 11 fir a rfc in the next then darwins fox fir gooj ktf

  162. johnb 4 years ago

    Kendog not main tips but also liked QUEEN AGGIE 8/1 & RANDOM SUCCESS 11/4 both at lingfield 4:00 & 4:35
    KATKEAU 6/1 Chepstow 4:10

  163. KOI 4 years ago

    Well done today Johnb great price unfortunately your nap a no bet so backed your next best as I only bet the one from set aside bank but all over tomorrows nap.
    only been backing yours for 7 days but still up 7 1/2 points so happy days.
    well done to all posted winners today some great picks!!!

  164. Kendog 4 years ago

    Cheers JB

  165. gus 4 years ago

    small each way prigsnov in 7.15

  166. Rorywhite91 4 years ago

    8.35 Dundalk. Asian wing. I know a couple who are at the course tonight and they have told me to back this horse. Rumours are its looking in great shape. Had a wee dabble 3/1 :)

  167. Kingofkings741 4 years ago

    Nice one Abbas thanks although it was 10/1 for me.
    And a win for me today with JohnB thanks john
    Means I’ve x6 my money today

  168. Robman 4 years ago

    Any fancies for tonight lads?

  169. double carpet 4 years ago

    Bairns at bay in the next for me

  170. Rookie 4 years ago

    Flying visit lads. Do we have a gooj? What you think to havelock ellis guys? May do rfc with asian wing and well insured in 20.35.
    i also fancy rose angel in the 20.05. Will be back on later hopefully in time for the finale.

    I just want to say there are some craking tips coming from thus thread just lately and from some unbelievable tipsters to boot! Long may it continue. Somehow i picked 2 losers from today but not had access all day so missed a few!

  171. Robman 4 years ago

    Dc what about a bairns at bay and Asian wing double?

  172. double carpet 4 years ago

    haha no not this time. Think the fav will win…hopefully

  173. Rookie 4 years ago

    Not smullen/weld dc?! Tut tut!

  174. double carpet 4 years ago

    it could come up but id advise singles

  175. Luke A 4 years ago

    Well done abbas, awesome tip earlier!
    I feel a bit rough, so put a quick 65p each way trixie on before I slept For bit. Quality art won at 8s which I saw result of upon waking up. Then I had rat catcher in the 7.15. I started watching with furlong to go, and the git gets done on the line. Wedgewood estates is my final horse, would’ve been needing it for 277 had rat catcher held on. Ah well, always next time

  176. toptipterry 4 years ago

    7:45wolverham….First rebellion.. 10/1 great ew shout ..fancy it

  177. swany 4 years ago

    Seamie and the Sea the Stars filly for me

  178. double carpet 4 years ago

    That was poor

  179. swany 4 years ago

    Well am seein stars but they are oot the windae,lovely moon eclipse though

  180. JP 4 years ago

    Need Bittern in the 8.45 for 3 out of 4 on a l15 – unfort u all seem to be backing the others! :(

  181. ew thief 4 years ago

    Gl jp with the last

  182. N0tee 4 years ago

    Just got in & checked site congrats all plenty of winners …multi task does it again :) :) @ 9/1
    3 for tmrw grendisar,searchlight & bivouac

  183. dougiec 4 years ago

    Likely to get you all back in jail,but unless double carpet comes up trumps it will be back on HAVERLOCK ELLIS EW 7/1 in the 9.05. Too short a trip last time and back with right jockey.ktf

  184. N0tee 4 years ago

    Alvar ,poker gold & mountain gold in a trixie for the interest

  185. Duncan Poundcake 4 years ago

    Glad to see you like Queen Aggie Johnb as I have it in 2 e/w singles and an e/w dbl with Tenor Nivernais GL.

  186. gerry 4 years ago

    just glad a few back mollys a diva its a fav horse of mine

  187. Rookie 4 years ago

    Dougie exactly my thinking! I have learned a lot from you!
    if napper’s bittern comes in il b on that for sure. I thort the price looked too big!

  188. ew thief 4 years ago

    Hope u had that covered dougie:-D

  189. Kendog 4 years ago

    Cmon Asian Wing restore my faith in Dundalk Friday night racing!

  190. double carpet 4 years ago

    Sorry guys

  191. WN 4 years ago

    Grrr Im back to disliking Dundalk.

  192. N0tee 4 years ago

    1st 1/2 a length short 2nd up need the third

  193. Kendog 4 years ago

    I actually hate the dump! LOL
    Thank goodness for the Dutch Jupiter league on a Friday night to fund it!

  194. ew thief 4 years ago

    Unlucky dc on to the next gl mate

  195. KOI 4 years ago

    Unlucky dc on to the next gl mate

  196. double carpet 4 years ago

    Cheers ew thief
    we can only keep trying

  197. dougiec 4 years ago

    Talked me into it Hamish Darwin fox £30 and a£10 EW on old Ellis

  198. Rookie 4 years ago

    Quite confident on darwin then dougie?

  199. Rorywhite91 4 years ago

    Took havelock Ellis at 7/1 e/w fingers crossed :)

  200. double carpet 4 years ago

    Darwin for me too and an ew on rory o moore

  201. Rookie 4 years ago

    Im strugglin with horses so throwin some loose change on a btts and win treble for the weekend
    Around 40/1

  202. dougiec 4 years ago

    rokkie not sure about these ggs mixing it over the jumps and then back on the flat,Just the handicap debut steers me towards the Fox!!after last two runs

  203. Duncan Poundcake 4 years ago

    KOI ,well done mate ,Gogglebox and study for tomorrow GL.

  204. Napper valley 4 years ago

    Sorry Rookie. Never turned up.

  205. gus 4 years ago

    judging on hurdles form mac and darwins well in but mac shades it for me

  206. Duncan Poundcake 4 years ago

    DC ,Sheff Utd or Derby ? Can’t decide.

  207. Rookie 4 years ago

    a perfet cracker for koi amd ewthief!

  208. Rookie 4 years ago

    Ah gogglebox! Thanks for the reminder duncan!

  209. double carpet 4 years ago

    my ss for tomorrow is ASTON VILLA what you think ?

  210. dougiec 4 years ago

    Christ worst Dundalk ever

  211. double carpet 4 years ago

    Bloody gordon elliott

  212. Rookie 4 years ago

    No worries napper. Im sure you will hit some good priced winners soon!

  213. N0tee 4 years ago

    I was hoping for £10k an hr ago then Wud av settled for £550 half hr ago but now zilch and back to earth lol onto clicket game now :):)

  214. dougiec 4 years ago

    More chance of me picking the culprit on CSI,EW thief and KOI I doff dcs cap to you both,at least still have some of abbas cash!! Onwards

  215. Rookie 4 years ago

    I think its funny because i was looking at that earlier. I think villa may have turned a corner form wise, so have stoke but in the opposite direction. Stoke are missing some of their key players. Head to head doesnt exactly favour villa At home. But i think given team news and the fact that villa played well against chelsea then beat leicester and stoke took a battering from blackburn Then they are a good bet and i will stick a tenner on them. Villa also beat stoke in the reverse fixture on the first game of the season without benteke.

  216. double carpet 4 years ago

    Have to 2nd that dougie. Terrible

  217. Rookie 4 years ago

    Dundalk used to be such a nice meeting!

  218. Kendog 4 years ago

    Good grief I was considering taking a run up the road to Dundalk some night but at this rate I wouldnt be able to afford to get home! Lol

    Im gonna throw a few quid on Leeds tomorro, playin pretty well and have a great record at the Riverside 112

  219. double carpet 4 years ago

    they should both win but if opting for one then sheff utd. They are on a great run of form at present

  220. dougiec 4 years ago

    I know double carpet and the jockey only weighs 5 stone!!

  221. JP 4 years ago

    Awful – safe to say tonight was shocking compared to earlier! Onwards and upwards gents

  222. KOI 4 years ago

    Cheers guys .
    on to tomorrow. Gluknow especially because it’s Saturday. .buT we can do it ……? Predicted text doing me head in !

  223. Rookie 4 years ago

    Dougie, It was bobby!

  224. Rookie 4 years ago

    A double on elliots first 2 at fairyhouse tomorrow should rectify him robbing us tonight!

  225. double carpet 4 years ago

    Rookie plus the fact SHERWOOD had an immediate effect at ht in the dressing room against leicester i think he’ll have them pumped up ready for his first home game

  226. double carpet 4 years ago

    Haha duncan…might come back to bite you now though !!

  227. Duncan Poundcake 4 years ago

    Thanks DC ,Derby it is …,only kidding.

  228. dougiec 4 years ago

    Ah Rookie Elliot,Mullins,Elliot that’s the first three races then,Guess it wasn’t Ena Sharples then, Scottish L 1 all five BTTS pays about 12/1

  229. Rookie 4 years ago

    He only got that job because nobody else wanted it….

  230. Rookie 4 years ago

    Thanks dougie i may stick ten bob on it! Thats the btts not ena!

  231. Rookie 4 years ago

    I also see that the DESTINY of NIGEL is in the hands of ryan moore.

  232. double carpet 4 years ago

    Right then
    can someone explain to me why MCCOY is not riding for JP/ONEILL combo in the first at kempton. The horse carrys 11-4 so whats going on there.??

  233. Rookie 4 years ago

    15.45 kemp Rocky creek 8/1

  234. Rookie 4 years ago

    Tom cannon only got the one ride on a saturday? At newcastle?

  235. Tommy d 4 years ago

    MCCOY bust think the other horse is better simple DC he will only ride the best horse avluble to him in any race has gone agiand Jono horse before

  236. Tommy d 4 years ago

    Morning all at kempton today so will look out for any trainers putting money down lol here are my pick

    2.00 BIVOUAC 5/2
    2.35 IRISH SAINT 9/4 NB
    3.10 DAYS OF HEAVAN 5/4
    4.20 AUVERGANT 3/1 NAP
    Good look everyone

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