JOHNB is all square for February with four points staked on Sunday and four returned after the nap Ifandbutwhynot triumphed at 3-1.

On to Monday's tips and there's a double among the picks as our man looks to land some profits.

Monday's Tips

Musselburgh 2:00
The Flaming Matron 6-1 Paddy Power

Lingfield 2:15
Coup de Grace 3-1 NAP Bet365

Wolverhampton 3:40
John Reel 5-2 NB Bet365

Coupe de Grace & John Reel 13-1 Bet365

Good luck folks and post your tips and chat here.

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  1. davyb 4 years ago

    nap semaral 320 lin nb chookie royal 510 wol

  2. Nick 4 years ago

    Good luck Johnb let’s get some winners!!

  3. Stuart 4 years ago

    He’s all over the seahawks on the other thread and fancies the spread, i must agree

  4. dawnisrising 4 years ago

    Johnb who do you fancy in the superbowl?

  5. johnb 4 years ago

    Dawnisrising i tipped Seattle Seahawks antipost at 6/1 and confident they will win by a big score but any win is enough

  6. dawnisrising 4 years ago

    I just it there,thanks stuart…..johnb i havent an iota of american football, are you fairly confident of your nap? Or would just have them to win be better? Obviously the win is safer and all that but are seattle good?

  7. johnb 4 years ago

    The superbowl tips i put up for tonight were

    Tom Brady
    total pass completions over 24.5
    10/11 hills

    Marshawn Lynch
    total rushing attempts over 20.5
    10/11 hills ladbrokes

    Seattle Seahawks over 27.5 points
    6/5 hills

    Seattle Seahawks -6.5 points
    9/4 NAP paddy power

  8. johnb 4 years ago

    A straight win would be safer or a smaller handicap
    i do fancy the -6.5 but anything can happen

    I actually think Seahawks could win by 21+ points but think most people would think i was mad

  9. dawnisrising 4 years ago

    Ok john help me please with something….i dont have the option of -6.5 ok i have -7.5 @ 5/2….would that be ok to do in your opinion? Also if i wanted to just back them to win i have options of seattle money line 10/11 and there’s an option of seattle -1 point spread match @ evens? Whats the best one to do there just to have them win?

  10. johnb 4 years ago

    Dawnisrising i would have to fancy the -7.5 aswell but just picked -6.5 because in american football betting you have big numbers & small numbers
    -6.5 is a small number because a touchdown can cover that handicap as a touchdown & extra point is 7 points
    not going to go into it too much though as not enough time

    As for the -1 i think thats ok at evens because the game cant finish as a draw

  11. Chris 4 years ago

    Hi john any tips for the grand national

  12. dawnisrising 4 years ago

    John thanks very much, im going to just go for the seattle point spread match -1 @ evens….much appreciated enjoy the game

  13. johnb 4 years ago

    Chris i usually start looking into the National this month

  14. jevan 4 years ago

    Jb would you advice big stake on straight win?

  15. leecunliffe 4 years ago

    Dawnisrising seattle -1.5 is evens at paddy power

    Its 20/21 seattle -1

  16. dawnisrising 4 years ago

    Betvictor is the only bookmaker i bet with lee check it out

  17. dawnisrising 4 years ago

    johnb sorry now again,i just put €100 down on seattle -1 point spread match @ evens…..if seattle win the superbowl do i win €100?

  18. johnb 4 years ago

    Jevan i really like the Seahawks, think their defence will be too good for New England but i cant advise a big stake
    only to bet what you can afford to lose

  19. dawnisrising 4 years ago

    That came out like i was stupid..,,I’ll reword it…,im on about the market itself point spread match

  20. jevan 4 years ago

    5% small bet
    10% big bet

    of pot to win you have to be ready to lose..

  21. johnb 4 years ago

    Dawnisrising only Seattle win that doesnt get a profit is if Seattle win by 1 point but a 1 point win should see you get your stake back
    but i dont bet with betvictor so dont know their rules but stake would be returned with other bookies

  22. dawnisrising 4 years ago

    Ok sound you wont hear from me again tonight….go on get stuck into the build up

  23. dawnisrising 4 years ago

    You have to love the american way of life!

  24. dawnisrising 4 years ago

    I havent got a clue whats happening in this superbowl theres more stoppages than a payslip

    • bad jasper. 4 years ago

      girls rugby dawny, American so called sport where they are entertained by rows of half naked footballers wives before the game waving posies of flowers in the air, then the action starts with over 4 hours of stop-start rugby dressed in full knights in armour clobber, which probably would last about an hour without the stoppages after every throw and tackle.

  25. StevenRG 4 years ago

    Chris the weights aren’t out for the Grand National until mid Feb. Be easier to get a gauge on things then. Personally I like Godsmejudge at the moment as he is getting aimed at it and is a proven stayer.

  26. Hamish75 4 years ago

    Dawnrising wi aw the questions yev asked u shud b a quarter back lol ktf

  27. dawnisrising 4 years ago

    Ha ha sorry

  28. AL 4 years ago

    Been given a tip off a work colleague to back BOBS LEGEND in the 1600 @ Musselburgh at 18/1

    JohnB can I ask your thoughts on this race? Do you give it much of a chance of placing/winning?

  29. Hamish75 4 years ago

    U wire in av learned more bout yankee fitba in the last hour than 10 yrs hope yer on a winner ktf

  30. G 4 years ago

    Just one for me tomorrow.

    15.20 Lingfield

    Also off to Musselburgh will try to post if get word for anything.

  31. clean the bookies 4 years ago

    Great game so exciting

  32. Tarquin99 4 years ago

    Squire 1.45 Ling double nap

  33. dougiec 4 years ago


  34. dougiec 4 years ago


  35. JP 4 years ago

    Cheers dougie – so my trixie on johnbs is now a tasty double!

  36. boz 4 years ago

    morning everyone

    10/1 winner yesterday

    L 2.15 investissement
    L 2.50 silent thunder
    W 4.40 prime exhibit nb
    W 5.10 graphic nap

    good luck everyone

    happy days

  37. dougiec 4 years ago

    Well done to the usual protagonists yesterday Johnb,Boz Busstop.With so few races I will stick to one selection and try
    SMERAL..3.20 Lingfield
    Best of luck

  38. JP 4 years ago

    Are you not worried about appelby/kirby in that race Dougie? Possibly 1,2 RFC??

  39. bobp 4 years ago

    Ted spread 340 w

    roys legecy 350l

    Al muheer 440w

    Miricle of medinah 510w

    Night trade 540 w

  40. dougiec 4 years ago

    JP more worried about Bint Dandy,but Ive said before Baker at 1 mile plus is a master at pace and if I develops into a sprint I think it will be the boys chasing the girl.Her race two runs back over History book went into my tracker and only an opinion but feel she will carry the weight.

  41. G 4 years ago

    Dougiec- they’re all fillies in the 15.20. And you should also be worried about STARLIGHT SYMPHONY weighted to reverse previous running with SEMERAL. I’ve taken BINT DANDY got to be the value at 5/1.

  42. dougiec 4 years ago

    Sorry G suppose the Name of the the race is a giveaway.My brain is wasted I have another girl I may put up Sorry for the mis info.

  43. Rookie 4 years ago

    Boogangoo/semaral rfc for me

  44. TheHawk 4 years ago

    L Morris day at Wolver Don’t Be Urban Castle Hardy Black Solar Deity my four.

    Good Luck All

  45. Alanm 4 years ago

    lay of the day kind Invitation win/place 80/20
    3.20 Lingfield

    week one results win 6/7 place 4/7 good profit made.

  46. Tommy d 4 years ago

    WAJEEH 5/4 2.50 in a trebble with Jonhb DOUBBLE good luck everyone

  47. Alanm 4 years ago

    Roys Legacy 5/1 3.50 lingfield Nap
    Semeral 2/1 3.20 Lingfield NB
    Hardy Black 9/4 4.40 Wolverhamton
    John Reel 7/4 3.40 Lingfield

  48. Tarquin99 4 years ago

    My mate is the manager of a betting shop in Epsom the trainer of Munsarim has put £300 on it

  49. Jacqui 4 years ago

    The yank 240 wov yarhill 440 wover solar deity 510 temple rd 1550 Lin

  50. double carpet 4 years ago

    Morning all

    2 from me both at LINGFIELD

    4.20 MUNSARIM 9/2
    1.45 FEARLESS LAD 16/1 EW

    Best of luck to all

    • Black&red14 4 years ago

      DC fearless lad took 14/1 happy days many thanks

  51. Jackthelad86 4 years ago

    Small stakes Lucky 63 for me today, just hoping to hit a couple

    145 Ling – Hectors Chance12/1
    215 Ling – Kings Request 8/1
    2.40 Wolv – Delagoa Bay 11/2
    4.20 Ling – Plover 9/1
    4.40 Wolv – Doppler 8/1
    5.40 Wolv – Shaft of Light 3/1
    (Betfreds x5 odds for one winner)

  52. Tommy d 4 years ago

    Tarquinius 99 cheers for the tip been backed from 7/1 to 7/2 have got on it !!!

  53. dawnisrising 4 years ago

    Nice one tarquin

  54. GREGGE 4 years ago


    SOLAR DIETY 5.10 W


    YAIR HILL 4.40 W

    JOHN REEL 3.40 W


  55. ew thief 4 years ago

    Apache glory 1.45l
    Black iceman 2.40w
    Doppler effect 4.40w
    Gl all

  56. boppintom 4 years ago

    Hi just a treble for me all at Lingfield
    3:20 Semeral
    3:50 Novabridge
    4:20 munsarim

  57. double carpet 4 years ago

    MUNSARIM won over C&D last march off 71. Today he runs off 54 and thats why i backed him. But to hear the trainer has backed him makes me feel very confident.
    Cheers for the info Tarquin99

  58. Jt 4 years ago

    Wolverhampton 3-40
    John reel 5/2
    I’m putting a score on it for beer money yeeha
    Good luck boys

  59. Shogun 4 years ago

    3:10 Wolverhampton

    Don’t Be (NAP)

  60. skyfly 4 years ago

    Well done dc and ew thief. Great start.

  61. double carpet 4 years ago

    FEARLESS LAD 3rd @ 16s thought he was going to win at one stage but ill take that.

  62. JP 4 years ago

    Top boy ewthief – cracking start to the day at 8s! Cheers for that

  63. double carpet 4 years ago

    Ew thief
    Great stuff well done

  64. bobo 4 years ago

    One horse for me today GIMME FIVE 215 lingfield good luck today.

  65. ew thief 4 years ago

    Cheers lad’s always nice to get 1st in

  66. Alanm 4 years ago

    DC /EW thief well done guys off to a flyer hopefully more to come.

  67. WN 4 years ago

    That was a great ride, nice nap JohnB!

  68. double carpet 4 years ago

    lovely winner well done

  69. Alanm 4 years ago

    JB well done.

  70. Aidy 4 years ago

    Quality Johnny b easy win

  71. JP 4 years ago

    Nice one johnb – another winner! 2 out of 2 for me now today – cracking start!! :)

  72. bobo 4 years ago

    Easy for coup de grace always travelling well hats off to JB.

  73. Callum 4 years ago

    Great stuff johnb

  74. dawnisrising 4 years ago

    Yesssssssssss johnb fu*king yes

  75. clean the bookies 4 years ago

    Tk you john

  76. M D Shaw 4 years ago

    5.10 DIESCENTRIC @ 20/1

    This horse is back after recovering from injury. Seems prone to injury but has returned well each time.

  77. ew thief 4 years ago

    Nice one john

  78. GAZ B 4 years ago

    Gone with john bs 2 and Semaral in a rr good start :) have a little bit on munsarim and follow the trend if I get any returns GL LADS

  79. skyfly 4 years ago

    Had a feeling it could bode well on here today.

  80. GAZ B 4 years ago

    Well done ew thief

  81. JP 4 years ago

    Chees ewthief (again), nice place – storming day so far!

  82. mig 4 years ago

    Done a Trixie with johnbs 2 and the yank just need john reel to come in for a £66 return on a £5 Trixie :)

  83. skyfly 4 years ago

    And again ew thief. Ta.

  84. Jervis 4 years ago

    £5 4 Fold For £586
    Coup De Grace Won
    Wajeeh Won
    John Reel
    :D Being Offered £33 Thoughts?

    • JP 4 years ago

      I wouldnt cash out when u have 2 out of 2 mate. Potential drop is small compared to the potential gain!

      Looks like everyone needs John Reel to b quids in – including me! Come on horsey!

  85. alasu57 4 years ago

    Fashion Line NAP..on it 3 mins left

  86. Shogun 4 years ago

    Dont Be wins at wolverhampton, only one i fancied today, not the biggest odds but a profit is a profit,

  87. JP 4 years ago

    Apart from the first, 4 favourites win – bookies must be happy! :)

  88. Jervis 4 years ago

    Cheers mate Fingers Crossed for John Reel!

  89. Luke A 4 years ago

    Johnb you beauty, great double big man

  90. Dave 4 years ago

    Happy days Johnb
    Well done

  91. Kev 4 years ago

    Thanks john. Great tipping sir

  92. Shogun 4 years ago

    Nice on JohnB John real brings it home.

    Double lands. Well done

  93. Kendog 4 years ago

    Well done Jb :)

  94. Jp4 4 years ago

    Johnb has been flying over the past week. Well done

  95. Liam 4 years ago

    nice one johnb was on double

  96. ew thief 4 years ago

    Quality john

  97. skyfly 4 years ago

    Quality john

  98. WN 4 years ago

    Class that JohnB, pity I did smaller stakes again today, ah well.

  99. double carpet 4 years ago

    Superb stuff johnb

  100. since1902 4 years ago

    Great double johnb.

  101. Tommy d 4 years ago

    Brilliant John won me a lot with my trebble thanks a lot

  102. JP 4 years ago

    Johnb – u absolute ledg-end! Thats a big double (for me!), and two good singles!

    Sorry gents – but that has earnt a boom for john! :)

  103. keano 4 years ago

    Thanks JB your the man.

  104. mig 4 years ago

    Get in there!!!! Great tipping john et all

  105. Damien 4 years ago

    Thank you JohnB great tipping

  106. dougiec 4 years ago

    sorry lads re Semaral,thats two races Ive watched 1.45 and 3.20 both devoid of pace.Good luck to the others who have put up selections.

  107. johnb 4 years ago

    I have to say that was very impressive from John Reel because if anyone saw that race John Egan was pulling the head off the horse trying to get him settled but couldnt and the horse was pulling the arms off Egan trying to go quicker
    so hopefully the handicapper doesnt take that into account because John Reel could be one to follow

  108. Youngy 4 years ago

    John B outstanding tipping!

  109. John boy walton 4 years ago

    Your are the best johnb. The best I have ever followed in 40 years of betting. You always keep me in black. Well done.

  110. Aidy 4 years ago

    Munsarin for 4 out of 4 on a lucky 15 thanks for the 2 John b top man

  111. alasu57 4 years ago

    Good luck Aidy, hope it comes in for you pal :)

  112. Aidy 4 years ago

    Thanks Alasu

  113. mrkrabs 4 years ago

    chookie royale %:10 @ Wolverhampton trained by dalgliesh won lat time out and should get the better of the rest @ 11/8 with coral

  114. johnb 4 years ago

    Thanks everyone and good luck if you are still waiting on horses

  115. Kev 4 years ago

    Wow great day for the thread

  116. WN 4 years ago


  117. mrkrabs 4 years ago

    everything is falling into place today £££ welldone punters

  118. Aidy 4 years ago

    Quality tipping on here today Munsarin for a lucky 15 4 out of 4 nice.

  119. alasu57 4 years ago

    Well done Aidy, pleased for you :) :) :)

  120. double carpet 4 years ago


  121. Lostboy 4 years ago

    Well done lads, didn’t have bet today. But looks like loads of people had good wins.

  122. Dynamo 4 years ago

    Great day on here, thanks to all who provided winners. much appreciated! Munsarim romped home!

  123. Hamish75 4 years ago

    Yee ha munsarim n johnbs 2. Brings a lubbly jubbly 3x fanx every poster fir ur time n effort ktf

  124. ew thief 4 years ago

    Well done dc & tarquin top stuff nice1 aidy

  125. Aidy 4 years ago

    Thanks Alasu all thanks to this site

  126. Haggis 4 years ago

    Top man tarqin great tip,love it got it at 5’s aswell great bet,won well mate

  127. Black&red14 4 years ago

    Tarquin99 fabulous get in THANKYOU

  128. Langerdan007 4 years ago

    DC and Johnb serious tip of the cap to ye today. I had munsarim doubled with both of John’s selections and singles.
    A f**kin superb day! !!

  129. Tommy d 4 years ago

    Tarquin cheers mate got another trebble on the go worth over £500 had don’t be and the last one is hardy black fingers crossed had the singal as well of course brilliant day bookies been smashed even if the trebble don’t come in

  130. ADC 4 years ago

    Great stuff everyone. Main thanks to JohnB and Tarquin for the info on Munsarim. £5 trixie and a straight £5 treble. Happy February. Long May it continue

  131. Tommy d 4 years ago

    Well done dc who also tipped it and everyone with winners today

  132. Jonnyric 4 years ago

    good work you lot , cheers

  133. Chachie 4 years ago

    Thanks to JohnB & Tarquin99, credit where credit is due.
    Had a nice trixie & separate treble with your selections.
    Much needed after a poor weekend, thanks fellas!

  134. GAZ B 4 years ago

    Great work everyone personally I didn’t add anything today which never feels the best but sounds like most people were on similar things great stuff

  135. JP 4 years ago

    Cheers everyone – what a day! 5 winners, 1 ew, 1 double….and only one loser! Worst odds of 9/4, best of 8s! That’ll do me

    All thanks to you lot – bookies have been bashed! :)

  136. dawnisrising 4 years ago

    Absolute top top class tipping today johnb and tarquin thank you very much

  137. Jt 4 years ago

    Yeehaa got the dbl in,just done the splits and downed a can of fosters! Nice one johnny b

  138. Kris 4 years ago

    What an incredible day .. top top tipping. Absolute Soaring into profit.. thank you JB/DC/Raq. A treble which landed me near to a grand.

  139. Tommy d 4 years ago

    Arrrrrr hardy black so close never mind still a good day

  140. double carpet 4 years ago

    Great day for the thread today.johnb magical stuff and to everyone who made a profit (and that seems to be many)
    well done all

  141. dougiec 4 years ago

    Great write up dc and Tarquin for the info along with Johnbs super double and Prescots Don’t Be winners all round Gold stars galore Well done lads.

  142. Simon Eales 4 years ago

    We’ll done John B, DC & Boz great tipping. Nothing mad, but will keep me going for a bit

  143. dawnisrising 4 years ago

    What a day

  144. luigi 4 years ago

    great tipping guys top classs!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

  145. Aidy 4 years ago

    Brilliant day was unlucky on a place pot as well great write up by Tarquin and dc that swayed it for me on munsarin cheers lads.

  146. Chris G 4 years ago

    Great Great day on here today lads!!!My confidence in Munsarim and Prime Exhibit was enforced by comments on here and John you had a stormer!!! Hoping Graphic in 5:10 at Wolverhampton finishes a good day

  147. TheHawk 4 years ago

    Well done all guys who tipped winners today sounds like bookies lost for a change we like that :)

  148. mike kelly 4 years ago

    Thankyou for ur tip double mate absalutely smashed it for me this 170 quid was much needed . You are a legend

  149. gugs 4 years ago

    brilliant as usual boz, well done everyone top thread today

  150. WN 4 years ago

    Diescrentic good run that, thought he was going to get there at one point. 33/1 place

    Can’t remember who tipped it but thanks.

  151. Striker 4 years ago

    Well done Boz on Graphic

  152. Jamie 4 years ago

    Wasnt on the double, but i was on the singles
    Thank you sir!
    Thanks boz for graphic too

    I had the 33/1 To win and graphic to come second, thought i done reverse but i didnt!!!!!!!!!!!

  153. BestFred 4 years ago

    Boz and JohnB your legends had both your Naps and nb’s in a lucky 15 £30 total paid just short of a grand.
    Sadly my timing belt also went on my car at 4 pm this afternoon so it’s all going on paying for that.
    Keep it up lads

  154. boz 4 years ago

    hi everyone

    great day on here well done everyone with winners

    my NAP GRAPHIC WON 11/4


    john with a great double
    tarquin great piece of advice
    dc great winner

    happy days

  155. Chris G 4 years ago

    Boz awesome tipping today!!! Graphic brilliant……Morris to bring spray tan home in last?

    • boz 4 years ago

      ive put a small bet on rat catcher just a bit on interest

  156. Jonnyric 4 years ago

    Happy days indeed boz , well done … And thanks Mr shaw … I didn’t have the cheek to do the rfc tho but still happy

  157. GAZ B 4 years ago

    Lads that’s unreal today surely everyone is in profit these are the days we do it for

  158. dawnisrising 4 years ago

    Boz your an excellent tipster

  159. Mav 4 years ago

    haha ya dancer i put on a £10 4 fold this morning using the tips on the site logged into my account and i’ve only went and won £711.54 haha booooooom that’s the £300 from last week made up and then some. Thanks to whoever posted these horses as can’t remem whos they were

    John Reel 15/8
    Wajeeh 6/4
    Don’t be 4/5
    Munsarim 9/2

  160. Jono5000 4 years ago

    Cheers boz topman

  161. Aidy 4 years ago

    Well done boz top tipping

  162. RPC 4 years ago

    Gotta say thanks to JB and DC, some great wins to start the week had them all on singles and doubles so I’m a very happy man.

  163. JP 4 years ago

    Well done Boz – usually follow urs, but was too caught up on the other winners to remember to back them – ha ha! Top day gents

  164. Luke A 4 years ago

    Well done all today. Johnb, ew thief, dc, tarquin and whoever I missed. everyone appears to have won money off tips from here today. Awesome day

  165. double carpet 4 years ago

    Top stuff boz

  166. mig 4 years ago

    Cracking day all round well done lads bookies got a smashing!

  167. boz 4 years ago

    dc cheers and well done yourself lot of good tipping on here today great to see.

    very happy days

  168. hasheyb 4 years ago

    Well done today guys. Had waajeh and john reel in double which won and then saw someone mentioned munsarib and did a treble with bozs prime exhibit and graphic. Thanks everyone up over a grand today :)

  169. Mav 4 years ago

    well done hasheyb :-)

  170. Elvis 4 years ago

    Great day! Thanks to johnb, double carpet and tarquin, boz, shogun and whoever tipped winners!!!

  171. RobRoy 4 years ago

    Should have posted earlier but today’s treble was:

    Coupe de Grace – Lingfield 2.15pm *WON*
    Munsarim – Lingfield 4.20pm *WON*
    Valencia Draw no bet *Pending*

    30/1 Come on Valencia!

  172. Mav 4 years ago

    good luck RobRoy

  173. kris 4 years ago

    still buzzzing !!! boz ensures i end the day 1600 up . love this site thanks all

  174. weswin 4 years ago


  175. RobRoy 4 years ago

    Cheers Mav
    Malaga 1-0 so I’ve covered so I guarantee profit :-)

  176. frodo 4 years ago

    Thanks all for today. 570 profit

  177. Slimyouth 4 years ago

    Stuck with you John, for better or worse! Today was great mate, small stakes, but still profit, here’s to tomorrow.

  178. Alanm 4 years ago

    Well done all you guys that put up some dam good tips to many to mention but we’ll done again.

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