IT was a breeze for Cresswell Breeze on Tuesday as JohnB once again did the trick with a joint nap and NB.

The 9-2 winner at double stakes raked in a nine-point profit for the day and lifts February's profit to 41.63 points.

JohnB's Wednesday Tips

Doncaster 2:20
Neck Or Nothing 3/1 NAP/NB Paddy Power

Joint nap NB again so double stake. Only Paddy Power with odds just now

Good luck all and post your racing tips and chat here.

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  1. Alanm 4 years ago

    Well guys good luck for tomorrow great day.

  2. Duncan Poundcake 4 years ago

    PAR THREE 6.40 Kempton GL. I have tanen yhe 4/1 GL

  3. StevoB 4 years ago

    I’m just wondering what NaP/NB actually means?

    Probably explains why every horse i dabble on never wins! :D

    • AndyD 4 years ago

      NAP = Best bet of the day
      NB = Next best bet of the day

      Nap is French in origin. It’s from a card game called Napoleon, where the best hand you can have is called a Napoleon, shortened to a nap.

  4. peter 4 years ago

    nap is tipsters chosen best bet of the day. Nb is next best. The phrase nap originated from a card game i believe which is french.

  5. Duncan Poundcake 4 years ago

    for those who backed Avidity … DC ?
    “A long journey down to Sandown in the search for better ground and a 15 hour round trip and guess what it poured down and went heavy – a character building trip. It is a lovely racetrack however and a great place to go racing and we were not put off in the slightest and will have a winner there! Was it Harvey Smith who said when someone asked him why he was driving 5 hours somewhere with an outsider – “there are only two chairs that will kill you the electric one and your armchair!” Always a great man for a quote but its true enough in some ways sitting about waiting for things to happen will get you nowhere which is why we are always trying – he went off favourite but just does not handle the heavy – c’est la vie.”
    Briony Ewart
    James Ewart Racing

  6. Duncan Poundcake 4 years ago

    For those whose thoughts have turned to Cheltenham
    Food for thought,
    Willie Mullins has only scored with 1 of his last 31 Grade 1 chasers at the festival .
    Ruby Walsh hasn’t landed in the winners enclosure with any of his last 27 Grade 1 rides at the Cheltenham Festival (only 3 have managed to place).

  7. peter 4 years ago

    no worries stevo. Thanks for tip johnb. Good luck all

  8. boomboom 4 years ago

    First time poster
    Been following John B for a while, Amazing week up a great deal.
    On bet365 I only see a SP, when would you expect odds to go up? I often don’t seem to be on quick enough to get the best odds. Thanks Again, JB you’re a legend!

  9. Tommy d 4 years ago

    John b great stuff today thank you very much. Which bookies can you get a early price on your NAP/nb cause the two I use bet 365 William hill do not have a early price on your selection

  10. Tommy d 4 years ago

    Sorry haha feel a foul now says it on your write up

  11. Shogun 4 years ago

    What time are the odds usually posted on the betting website, I take it first thing in the morning.

  12. frodo 4 years ago

    The third man 6.10 tomorrow opened 16/1 already on to 5’s

  13. swany 4 years ago

    Pun 15-10 Little King Robin 7/4 Ladbrokes

  14. peter 4 years ago

    usually odds are up the night before

  15. johnb 4 years ago

    Only paddy power have odds on wednesdays Nap
    orher bookies probably wont have odds till about 9am now

  16. double carpet 4 years ago

    NINA again ? Be tough against JETT but why break a habit

  17. boomboom 4 years ago

    Cheers JB, what does everyone make of Rathlin Rose 3:55 Don ?

  18. swany 4 years ago

    A man was admitted to casualty and after an x-ray he had six plastic horses removed from his arse,the doctor later said the man was in a stable condition

  19. JP 4 years ago

    As someone who follows all the great tips on here, but a complete novice in general, can you knowledgeable lot give me some beginner tips on choosing my owns horses? There are obviosuly tons of races a day, so there must be standard ways of discounting certain races, like not lookinv at Novice Races or something similar. Are there some obvious starting points? I wouldnt mind being able to help with some winners on this cracking site – return the favour occassionally! :D

  20. double carpet 4 years ago

    A fat guy serving at the newsagents. A guy goes in and asks for a KIT KAT CHUNKY. The guy serving hands him the KIT KAT CHUNKY and the guy says “NO… i asked for a KIT KAT “

  21. barriem 4 years ago

    Neck on the line again Johnb lol

  22. Versace 4 years ago


    I’d be wary if i were you. Did you see what happened with Sensor today 2.30 Wolverhampton? Exact same situation and what happened? It came LAST! It came bloody LAST!

    Can someone please tell me what was going on there? Was it all one big con or what?!?!

  23. Alanm 4 years ago

    D/C best one yet lol

  24. Hamish75 4 years ago

    Jp its an art that escaped me that’s how the biggest majority of punters hav no ar** in their troosers it takes dedication a gud memory n ye get it free on here n a fir wan thank the guys n gals how put it there power ti them ktf

    • JP 4 years ago

      Yeah mate – some crazy good tipping on here, always appreciated. Im just trying to narrow the tips down, otherwise i back about 15 horses a day on here! :D

  25. Duncan Poundcake 4 years ago

    Two guys walking home with thier greyhound after doing all their money . One turns to the other and asks what will we do with this useless bag of bones now.
    His mate replies… Just take off it’s lead then we’ll run away from it.

  26. jimba 4 years ago

    No price for johnb’s nap yet @ lads, put bet on in the morning, good luck all on thread!! HAPPY DAYS!!

  27. double carpet 4 years ago

    Ah thanks alanm.
    i can say i won on something today afterall now !!!!

  28. Luke A 4 years ago

    Betfair started off with neck or nothing at 9/2, and already backed into 5/2

  29. Luke A 4 years ago

    Betfair started off with neck or nothing at 9/2, and already backed into 5/2

  30. blythey 4 years ago

    I’m going for 3.25 Oscar Time 11/4 Betfred

  31. Rookie 4 years ago

    A man and his pet horse walk into a bar. It’s about 5pm, but they’re ready for a good night of drinking. They start off slowly, watching TV, drinking beer, eating peanuts. As the night goes on they move to mixed drinks, and then shots, one after the other. Finally, the bartender says: “Last orders.” So, the man says, “One more for me… and one more for my horse.” The barman sets them up and they down them. Suddenly, the horse falls over dead. The man throws some money on the bar, puts on his coat and starts to leave. The barman yells: “Hey buddy, you can’t just leave that lyin’ there.” To which the man replies: “That’s not a lion, that’s a horse.”

  32. Cyburn 4 years ago

    For 3:05 Lingfield

    More Drama (14/1)

  33. Rookie 4 years ago

    I think il give KATMAI RIVER at 13/2 one last chance in the 20.10 kempton.
    Im torn between triple chocolate and yeeow for the 19.10.
    16.05 ling vejovis 5/1

  34. double carpet 4 years ago

    you were soooo right about bloody READING and after SCUNTHORPE winning 2-0 and SHEFF UTD also winning. Sick is not the word.
    I did SCUNTHORPE as a single aswell so slight profit but thought i had it nailed with the treble. Oh well

  35. recoba1980 4 years ago

    Awful! an old as the hills Rookie

    What do you cal a woman standing behind a set of goal posts?

    “al gets me coat”

  36. bigmick 4 years ago

    two drunks coming home at 3 in the morning and a cat jumps out of a bin it had been scavaging in, one drunk turns to the other and says imagine somebody throwing a good cat like that

  37. recoba1980 4 years ago

    Old as the HILLS…not William lol :)

  38. Rookie 4 years ago

    Thanks dc. I wish i was wrong as i didnt bet on that game. looking at H2hs has saved me a few quid and even won me some lately.
    I posted on the footy thread a couple of weeks ago when everyone was tipping valencia against malaga.i left this alone and malaga won one nil.
    then last week everyone was on lazio against genoa. Again i posted on there about h2h and i actualy stuck a little bit on genoa at 11/2. Genoa won.
    Always worth checkin h2h regardless of form in my opinion.

    Thanks for your SS of scunthorpe tho. Heres hoping bradford can do the business!

  39. Rookie 4 years ago

    Thanks recoba. I thought thats what we were aiming for?
    I like duncans!

  40. double carpet 4 years ago

    duly noted and will pay more attention to it in future. I actually remember reading through the footy thread earlier in the season when wolves played huddersfield and everyone said wolves to win and someone put up about h2h saying huddersfield have great record and ended up winning 3-1. That should have thought me but this one certainly will.
    gl with bradford tomorrow

  41. cobramint 4 years ago

    Versace. Happens all the time. People jump on the bandwagon and bookies swiftly react. To be fair sensor broke smart and looked the winner at half way. I backed it too in a double with John’s nap so we never learn. It’s greed at the end of the day and not wanting to miss out. If you don’t back a horse and it wins you’ve lost nothing. I was told years ago by a very shrewd old bookie. Sometimes you’ve just gotta let em win son. To this day I still don’t heed his words. On John’s tmrw. Gl all

  42. malcolm caithness 4 years ago

    Salvatore Fury…..from Keith Dalgleish yard the 5yo is part owned by my local pub manager although nothing been said about chance may be worth watching the odds if they come in as his odds seem to come in and it disappoints, Winner of five races from 5f to 6f including a win on polytrack , Was beat a short head at Lingfield 6f in December last year and runs today with Joe Fanning in saddle looking to go one better tonight

  43. malcolm caithness 4 years ago

    sorry forgot running at 7:10 Kempton @ 6/1 skybet 1/4 odds a place

  44. Mark 4 years ago

    Could someone tell me what h2h means?

  45. recoba1980 4 years ago

    If thats the case Rookie well in!? :P An back Dusty Carpet tomorrow…its never been beaten!
    Black beauty…hes a dark horse!
    V Neck…its a good jumper
    End o loaf…its an outsider
    Thank you very little,drive save an be sure to tip your waitress an goodnight

  46. alasu57 4 years ago

    Doctor tells a man lying in hospital bed,” we have good news & bad news for you..The bad news is we’ve had to amputate both your legs”………..”Oh my god” says the man,,,”whats the good news”…Doc says” the man in the next bed wants to buy your slippers”.

  47. alasu57 4 years ago

    Head to head Mark

  48. Rookie 4 years ago

    16.40 punchestown samandtom 7/2

    HECTOR must have a CHANCE in the 18.10 wolves at 8/1?

  49. daveydirection 4 years ago

    Dan Emmett, a horse johnb tipped awhile back is running in the first race at Doncaster, any thoughts on him john, upped to 3 miles this time?

  50. alasu57 4 years ago

    Mr F, any signs of golf thread going up soon?

    • Mr Fixit 4 years ago

      alasu57, it’s up – there is never a specific time though.

  51. Bracknell Jack 4 years ago

    Chevise 2.30 Lingfield

  52. double carpet 4 years ago

    Busy tomorrow so putting up selections now

    NAP SHUIL ROYALE 2/1 3.15 ludlow
    NB RASCAL 11/4 2.45 ludlow
    MILAN BOUND 5/2 3.55 donny
    HEAD SPACE 2.00 lingfield (small stake)

    Will also throw the usual few quid on NINA in the BUMPER will it be 7-10 ?

    Best of luck to all

  53. Ad 4 years ago

    I don’t think you need to criticise that joke from an England/Scotland point of view Alasu. Just criticise it for its lack of comic content. If youre going to have a dig at another country you have to actuslly be funny to get away with it. Do better Jasper.

    • Mr Fixit 4 years ago

      Ad, exactly – it’s gone and bad jasper should know better. Anyway what’s with all the bad jokes going up – I thought it was a tipping site not comedy central.

      • bad jasper 4 years ago

        3-25 Doncaster ikorodu road each way.
        8-1 at present.
        Hope this is better than my jokes……

        • Mr Fixit 4 years ago

          bad jasper, that wouldn’t be hard. Next time you want to put a rubbish anti-Scottish joke don’t do it on a Scottish-based site.

  54. Sean90 4 years ago

    Hey all, ain’t been on for a while, hope everyone’s been clearing out the bookies! E/w lucky 15 for me tomoro…
    355d wicked spice 9/1
    415lu Ronaldinho 7/1
    610k hectors chance 8/1
    230li ghost train 7/1
    Gl all

  55. davyb 4 years ago

    nap rathlin rose 355 don nb chevise 230 lin

  56. boz 4 years ago

    what has this thread turned into the comedians ?

  57. paul melvin 4 years ago

    Ronaldinho 7/1 Ludlow 4.15

  58. pete k 4 years ago

    nap top cop 14,15 ling 8/1 looks well handicapped third run after a break and step up to 6 furlongs will suit

  59. pete k 4 years ago

    14,30 lingfield sorry good luck everyone

  60. Richard bun west 4 years ago

    Little rough this morning after a bottle of red or two last night, quick morning down at delemere house then off to Doncaster. All over your nap johnb, had 20pounds on at 5/2, hope it comes in for everyone. Richard west

  61. Nearly Man 4 years ago

    Well done Johnb for yesterday, after a great couple of week i had a stinker on Sunday…. ( think i got carried away)…

    On you NAP today, good look everyone, and i would like to add, a thanks to everyone who inputs.
    This really is a great site (free info), where somedays its priceless..

    (Jokes are getting a little mundane tho)…..

    GL All….

  62. Nearly Man 4 years ago

    Forgot, in the 2.20 race, is anyone worried about skylander????

  63. Jambo Dazinho 4 years ago

    £40 on Johns selection at 9/4. Using the bookies money after yesterday :)

  64. recoba1980 4 years ago

    £40 on Johns selection at 9/4. Using the bookies money after yesterday :)

  65. De Niro 4 years ago

    16-05 Lingfield

    Chasing Rubies 8/1 bet 365

    14-30 Doncaster

    Its a Sting 100/30 bet 365/stan james

    • JP 4 years ago

      Oh no De Niro, thats thrown the cat amongst the pigeons – going against johnbs! Might have to do a RFC now! :D

  66. Hamish75 4 years ago

    This site’s in gud form n posters r happy n a wee bit of humour dis ye gud we no wot the site is like wen winners r hard ti get jokes r fine withoot bein offensive so keep laffin at the booky ktf

  67. dawnisrising 4 years ago

    This site’s in gud form n posters r happy n a wee bit of humour dis ye gud we no wot the site is like wen winners r hard ti get jokes r fine withoot bein offensive so keep laffin at the booky ktf

  68. John 4 years ago

    John B , Can you please tell me does is your points profit total for all your tips or just your naps?

  69. John prince 4 years ago

    Poundcake i saw your post at the weekend. Your cheltenham lucky 15, if what you say about mullins and walsh is true, then why are you on champagne fever ?

  70. RobRoy 4 years ago

    Any tips today AlanM?

  71. NUFC4EVA 4 years ago

    I thought it was against the law to go against John b? Ha well gl all today what ever you choose.

  72. Tommy d 4 years ago

    Morning All on AP MCCOY all the way today

    3.55 MILAN BOUND NAP 5/2
    4.55 BENGO 15/8 NB
    All so done trebble with john b NAP for a £650 pay out good look everyone got a feeling MCCOY will go out with a bag

  73. Yovan 4 years ago

    Only thing missing is “why chicken crossed the road” joke, to complete the worst joke competition, that seems to go on here.
    De Niro, for once I hope you are wrong with both of your picks. Sorry.

  74. jevan 4 years ago

    Triple chocolate e/w 7.10

  75. jevan 4 years ago

    Festive fair 4/5

  76. swany 4 years ago

    Donc 3-25 Aachen

  77. Marco 4 years ago

    Canadian Diamond 10/1 4.15 Ludlow NAP

  78. daveydirection 4 years ago

    2:10 Ludlow, Dan Emmett
    Put on small stakes just to see if the horse can live up to johnb’s previously stated potential

  79. John prince 4 years ago

    Ludlow 3.15 mission complete 8/1

  80. Smokie899 4 years ago

    Man of conquest e/w 5:10 punchestown

  81. blinkerz 4 years ago

    Lingfield 14.30

    Chevise 13/2 nap

    Kempton 17.40

    Drawnfromthepast 9/1 e.w

  82. Luke A 4 years ago

    Each way trixie for me today
    2.30 Boboli Gardens 9/2
    3.55 Rathlin Rose 4/1
    4.15 Canadian Diamond 10/1

    Good luck all today

  83. dougiec 4 years ago

    Morning all,thanks for the text swany.
    NAP..RASCAL..2.45 Ludlow (double carpets)
    NB…KERRYHEAD STORM..3.45 Ludlow
    Will also be backing Gavin Sheenans 2 and Nina in a small stakes EW Trixie.
    Missed all the winners but great to see a bit of harmony and humour.
    Best of luck everyone.

    • swany 4 years ago

      No prob Dougie glad to see you up and about

  84. paul melvin 4 years ago

    No prob Dougie glad to see you up and about

  85. dougiec 4 years ago

    Wont get a chance to be back on later,but 2 that Ive backed at Kempton are Hector’s Chance.6.10 (Rookies) and Strategic Force 7.10.

  86. Jt 4 years ago

    Good man hamish keep smiling mate,
    Let’s bash the bookies!
    Good luck everyone!

  87. ew thief 4 years ago

    Picansort 2.00l
    Top cop 2.30l
    Layerthorpe 3.35l
    Will be backing a few that’s already been mentioned gl all

  88. KOI 4 years ago

    Good day yest.33/1 5/1 wins 16/1 pl
    todays all ew lucky 15
    Roskilly 255 d
    Golden jubilee 610 k
    gleeming girl 740k
    claude greenwood 810 k took early prices good luck all .ss as usual

  89. Rookie 4 years ago

    Good to see you posting dougie.hope everything is well. GL

  90. Alanm 4 years ago

    Nap Wicked Spice 7/1 3.50 Doncaster
    with Neck or Nothing in a 22/1 2.20 Doncaster
    Good luck all

  91. oxbally 4 years ago

    Catalinas Diamond 13/2 Lingfield 2.30 worth a small bet

  92. Alanm 4 years ago

    Wicked Spice neck or nothing 22/1 Double

  93. weswin 4 years ago

    afternoon chaps

    small l15 on
    milan bound 3.55 d
    bengo 4.55 d
    neck or nothing 2.20 d
    champagne present 2.10 l

  94. Shogun 4 years ago


    3.25 Oscar Time (NAP) 3/1

  95. Luke A 4 years ago

    Shogun, I like the look of Oscar time, but the only thing that put me off is the fact that he might not be pushed full tilt to win this today, as it’s likely to be used as a prep run for the national. However, if he is there to win today, I can’t see Oscar time getting beaten. Good luck

  96. Steve 4 years ago

    Hi John, considering changing my betting style to level stakes on your advised tips. Are you able to tell me the monthly points plus or minus for the last few months?

    • Mr Fixit 4 years ago

      Steve, last month was a 19pt loser but there is too much emphasis on the past – if you’re going with John all that matters is the future and there are no guarantees of profit with any racing tipster. All figures are on the site if you have want to check back.

  97. dougiec 4 years ago

    Thanks rookie as the man said when I was lying on the couch,put it back into its box,but its my favourite Partick Thistle tammy!!

  98. HELEN 4 years ago

    de forgotton man ew 445
    ostralegus ew 515

  99. jevan 4 years ago

    Swany 3.25 strong fancy?

    • swany 4 years ago

      Stable not been in great form jevan so probably not,just hopin they start running well again

  100. Chachie 4 years ago

    Todays Treble & Trixie:

    Neck or Nothing – 2.25D
    Oscar Time – 3.25D
    Paint the Clouds – 4.25D

    Also all of the above with:
    Run to the Rythmn 4.55D in seperate fourfold.

  101. big t 4 years ago

    Miami Gator 8.10 k – Nap Samanntom 4.40 pun nb

  102. N0tee 4 years ago

    To start the ball rolling :)
    2:00 lingfield picansort

  103. WN 4 years ago

    Have backed Mccoy for the double today Sky boost to 11/8

  104. big t 4 years ago

    And will add Royal Redemption 2.45 Ludlow for a trixie with the above 2

  105. azz the wigan 4 years ago

    e.w lucky 15 some article 2.05 inch rise 2.35 pippa rose 3,40 dandads lucy 4.10 and ill follow the usual people cheers onwards and upwards

  106. WN 4 years ago

    Unlucky with Picansort ew, was on it e/w so some profit.

  107. blinkerz 4 years ago

    De niro or johnb I’ve done both hope one of them wins

  108. Leewoody 4 years ago

    Afternoon all a trixie for me today

    Neck or nothing 2/1 D2:20
    Shoegazer 7/1 D3:25
    Alzammar 7/1 D2:55

    Also small e/w on roderick ramdom 40/1 D4:55

    Good luck everyone

  109. jevan 4 years ago

    Thanks…small stakes then

  110. alasu57 4 years ago

    Im on Jb’s cos of his proven record..No offence De Niro lol

  111. david t 4 years ago

    Hi johnb

    Can I get your opinion on festive fare 7.40

    Buick Only ride today.

  112. pete 4 years ago

    Neck or nothing worst jumper ever

  113. Jambo Dazinho 4 years ago

    Bombed….can’t win em all I suppose

  114. alasu57 4 years ago

    Well, that wasnt in the script haha

  115. jevan 4 years ago

    Paddy brenen tells his ‘mate’ get on this cant get beat 4/6 last of 8….never told them get on this 1 at 50/1 crook

  116. Robman 4 years ago

    Bad jumper unlucky jb

  117. The taxman 4 years ago

    Unlucky John, hopefully no flying bits of Lego coming from the pram.
    Bring on the footie tonight.

  118. Alanm 4 years ago

    Lay of the day Milan Bound 3.55 Doncaster.

  119. Duncan Poundcake 4 years ago

    John Prince
    It’s just information what anyone does with it is up to them ..GL

  120. WN 4 years ago

    Rascal bossed it, nice one.

  121. daveydirection 4 years ago

    Well done dougie c with rascal, bolted up, let’s hope the second one can complete the double

  122. Hamish75 4 years ago

    Papasmurf there canny b many tammys as auld as urs ye can leave it ti the granweans a family heirloom gud ti hav ye back mucker ktf

  123. jim burnside 4 years ago

    Great run rascal a think a shld b thankn double carpet.

  124. RPC 4 years ago

    Need to tell the missus that Edinburgh is cancelled this weekend, i’ll blame You JB! Haha. I’ll still be on tomorrow’s pick you can’t win them all.

  125. WN 4 years ago

    3.25 Don Shoe Gazer 13/2


  126. jbow 4 years ago

    *********** any bets you place should invlove faugheen because its a banker for cheltenham ********

  127. dougiec 4 years ago

    Thanks Hamish I only followed double carpets tail there,Cheered me up with your jim jams so I put on my Mr Marvels boxers.Not a pretty sight Tammy boxers and Mr Magoo slippers ktf

  128. azz the wigan 4 years ago

    cheers for rascal dougie and dc well in

  129. dougiec 4 years ago

    azz the wigan,20/1 Some article some pick mate!! not on but hope you get Lucy!!

  130. jimmybeee 4 years ago

    Cheers guys for rascal good luck today

  131. Alanm 4 years ago

    Well done D/C and Dougiec KBTB.

  132. azz the wigan 4 years ago

    cheers dougie all e.w will do me

  133. swany 4 years ago

    Nice one dc

  134. jevan 4 years ago

    Lucy beale killer
    iv backed ronnie mitchell

    but theres a gamble going on , on bille mitchell 66/1 into 4/1 NOT A TIP
    just heads up

  135. jevan 4 years ago

    DC whats the info

  136. WN 4 years ago

    That was some race for the 3.15

    Shuil Royale! Cheers DC, wish I did a double.

  137. Chris G 4 years ago

    Shuil Royale and Rascal…..cracking Tips lads!!! Made it a good day

  138. jim burnside 4 years ago

    Double carpet u dancer thats ur nb and nap just won great tipping mate.cheers

  139. dougiec 4 years ago

    Class double carpet well done

  140. TOM OUSE HEAD WALTON 4 years ago

    Afternoon gents, bored as Sen in work this afternoon, anyone any strong fancies / tips coming in the next hour.

  141. double carpet 4 years ago

    Litteally just in the door.
    Just glad to be back in the winners enclosure. Thanks for all the kind words.
    DOUGIE glad to see you back and hope all is well. KTF !!

  142. jevan 4 years ago

    Swany …do not know what to say…fab

  143. JP 4 years ago

    Nice one Swany! Having a terrible day so at least that slightly improved my bank! :D

    • swany 4 years ago

      Cheers guys,jevan sorry if I made you reduce your stake but better safe than sorry

  144. double carpet 4 years ago

    top stuff
    well done

  145. Bertie 4 years ago

    Burton port R.I.P

  146. dougiec 4 years ago

    5/1 You qualify for a GOLD STAR swany bookies will be aachen

    • swany 4 years ago

      Cheers Dougie,been oot runnin on the beach this mornin so i’m aachen as well

    • swany 4 years ago

      Cheers Dougie,been oot runnin on the beach this mornin so i’m aachen as well

  147. jevan 4 years ago

    Swany winner at any stake better then loser …get in son

  148. swany 4 years ago

    Dougie get in !!!magic stuff

  149. jevan 4 years ago

    One I fancy
    JOLLY ROGER 4.15 20/1 E/W

  150. WN 4 years ago

    What a ride from AP McCoy! Thats the 11/8 double in.

  151. ACCA BACKER 4 years ago

    Mcoy at his best.

  152. Chris G 4 years ago

    How on earth did McCoy get that yo win!!!! Reckon using the pain of poor old Burton Port….R.I.P GREAT HORSE

  153. Hamish75 4 years ago

    A wis paintin the livin room fir ma wee wifey so a put oan ma leather jacket n ma parka ma wee wifey came in sed look at the state of ye the sweat is drippin aff ye n a sed u told me it wud look better wi two coats ktf

  154. Robman 4 years ago

    Jevan- why? 493 days off!

  155. double carpet 4 years ago

    great stuff mate
    and milan bound comes in too
    what a day

  156. Tommy d 4 years ago

    what a ride by the champ !like I said he will go out with a BANG ! Well done all the winners today DC swany douige and everyone else’s great stuff ! ! !

  157. Kev 4 years ago

    Thanks dougsie and dc :) great day for u two.

    Onto Kempton later :) can’t wait, already got my Trixie on

  158. Alanm 4 years ago

    Well done all you guys on Milan Bound great job by AP.
    On to tomorrow.

  159. WN 4 years ago

    Mad Jack Mytton 4.15 Ludlow 12/1 E/W

  160. swany 4 years ago

    Nice treb dc joy day!!!

  161. ew thief 4 years ago

    Great tipping dougie dc swany

  162. Tommy d 4 years ago

    Fancied this horse last night K DALGLEISH horse money coming in for it now 4/1 ARCHIE’S ADVICE 6.10 kempton

  163. Scotty2hotty 4 years ago

    Don’t normally tip just follow some of the great tipsters in here.
    But had strong word for
    strategic force 9/2
    7.10 kempton
    Good luck if your on

  164. WN 4 years ago

    Ascendent the bent running fool, was interfering with Mad Jack Mytton and made him switch, grr.

  165. azz the wigan 4 years ago

    thanks dougie and dc you legends im of down the pub onwards and upwards cheers

  166. dougiec 4 years ago

    3 Silver stars double carpet,well done.

  167. jevan 4 years ago

    Robman just follow the trainer….gets his fair share …big prices too…defo not this 1 then

  168. dougiec 4 years ago

    Unlucky there WN.

  169. WN 4 years ago

    Amber Gambler 4.55 Doncaster 16/1 E/W

  170. joshyb 4 years ago

    On the eastenders one mick carter was 100/1 backed into 9/1

  171. jevan 4 years ago

    7.10 kempton

    YEEOOW backed from 14 to 6/1
    I stongly fancy TRIPLE CHOCOLATE for a place
    guy mentions his local pub manager part owns SALVATORE FURY

    GLASTONBERRY won last race
    POUR LA VICTOIRE won race

    Let see the outcome…everybody fancies their selections

  172. jevan 4 years ago


    stable already had a winner in a small field? Info from stable??

  173. johnb 4 years ago

    2 points lost today
    february now 39.63 showing a point profit

    Thursdays Tips

    Ginger Jack 9/4 NAP/NB bet365

    Chelmsford City
    Winter Queen 9/4 bet365

    Ginger Jack & Winter Queen 9.56/1 bet365

    Double stake again for the joint NAP & NB Ginger Jack and its a strong pick

  174. barriem 4 years ago

    I am sure Johnb tipped archie advice a few weeks ago. Runs in the 6.10. What the thoughts guys

  175. johnb 4 years ago

    Barriem yeah tipped Archies Advice couple of times a while back
    got chance today but worth watching in market because jockey never tried last time

  176. RobRoy 4 years ago

    Ginger jack already 7/4 William hill, on it though

  177. barriem 4 years ago

    Cheers john mayb do it e w thanks

  178. dougiec 4 years ago

    Greatrex/Sheehan back in business!!

  179. dougiec 4 years ago

    Lovely Nina rookie

  180. Smokie899 4 years ago

    Backed man of conquest today £10 ew @ 14/1 and bet365 were offering me £24.76 cash out before the race started would that be due to the fact that it went from 14/1 to 7/1 at the off .
    Just found it strange.

  181. RobRoy 4 years ago

    Appreciate the tips John as always

  182. johnb 4 years ago

    Steve i am out just now but 39 points profit this month
    i think but cant be sure till i get in last month about 12 points loss
    december about 60 points profit but november was a loss
    last year was atleast 150 points profit

    If people were to only back my tips they would get a decent yearly profit to 1point per bet but when its joint Nap/Nb making it 2 points

    But there are alot of good tips from different people on here most days but i know people cant back every tip from everyone

    But just want to thank everyone on here for making it a great thread and great site

  183. jevan 4 years ago

    1 winner thanks to swany…14 seconds….3 nowhere

  184. double carpet 4 years ago

    Greatrex sheehan back alright dougie and then NINA goes and does it again.

  185. dougiec 4 years ago

    double carpet saw you and rookie chatting re Nina 11/4 bogs nice!!and Davy Doubt 9/2..Not down in the dumps now,thanks for flagging her up again. Onwards

  186. Jimmybeee 4 years ago

    I’m in the bank and a robber comes in and holds it up as he is about to escape his mask slips a bit did you see my face he asks the teller a little she said and he shoots her he comes running over to me did you see my face no I said but my wife sure did.
    Well done to the winners today got out of jail thanks to doublec.

  187. Scotty2hotty 4 years ago

    My friend owns a few horses and he told me to back it can’t really say anymore than that sorry

  188. johnb 4 years ago

    Ginger Jack available at 9/4 with ladbrokes but beware they are not best odds guaranteed till 9am tomorrow

  189. Duncan Poundcake 4 years ago

    Since everyone has had a go at the 7.10 I’ll take Secret Asset now 7/1 & 15/8 GL.

  190. barriem 4 years ago

    Praying that archie advice wins

  191. KOI 4 years ago

    hard lines today jb
    but they all can’t win
    onto tom…gluc all, well done to all winners posted.

  192. double carpet 4 years ago

    Gone for an EW double for tonight

    SECRET ASSET 7/1 7.10
    NOUVELLE ERE 11/4 8.10

    GL All

  193. barriem 4 years ago

    Anyone no if archie won can’t got it to load

  194. Duncan Poundcake 4 years ago

    Barriem ,sorry mate it was last .

  195. Jimmy 4 years ago

    Johnb. Ginger Jack is 15/8 with Paddy Power.

  196. Kid kipper Tommy k 4 years ago

    On the NAP tomorrow. One step closer to getting my bulldog hopefully, sound

  197. Duncan Poundcake 4 years ago

    About bloody time I tipped a winner GL.

  198. recoba1980 4 years ago

    Superb DougieC and Swany…An well done to the rest again too. Great tipping lads! :)

  199. blinkerz 4 years ago

    Par three nie pick Duncan poundcake

  200. dougiec 4 years ago

    Second post on the thread and its a birdie,for Duncan again advised 4/1 Great early post!! well done.

  201. John prince 4 years ago

    7.10 kemp doc hay 16/1

  202. Hamish75 4 years ago

    Another gud day on the site usual suspects strike again gud stream of winners ktf

  203. Duncan Poundcake 4 years ago

    Cheers lads ,struggling to keep up with all the top tipsters on here ,so a welcome winner ,Well done Today Dougie ,Swany ,DC ,and all winners .How I love that Nina.

  204. Richard bun west 4 years ago

    Had a wonderful day at Doncaster today, won a dime or two, weather held out which was nice. Back home now and settling in with a glass of red, back to delemere house tomorrow. Like the look of Tomrrows nap, will be placing double stakes as advised, hopefully a dime or two to be won tomorrow, good luck all, Richard west

  205. double carpet 4 years ago

    nice one. Great shout

  206. Carter 4 years ago

    I’m going against the odds on at 7:40
    gleaming girl

  207. JP 4 years ago

    either my phone has crashed or they are taking an age with the 7.10 resukt!

  208. Rookie 4 years ago

    As i was torn i ended up dutching them both So bit of a result as was 11/1 when i posted!

  209. Rookie 4 years ago

    Dougie are u on katmai in the last?

  210. barriem 4 years ago

    Did secret asset win that race

  211. JP 4 years ago

    Is there a GOOJ floating around on here tonight – i need one!

  212. Duncan Poundcake 4 years ago

    Sorry Barriem Triple Chocolate ,money spoke there .

  213. Robman 4 years ago

    What about the last lads?

  214. barriem 4 years ago

    Nightmare dunc

  215. jevan 4 years ago

    Hope some were on
    7.10 triple chocolate
    7.40 festive fare….watch out for its next race

  216. jevan 4 years ago

    Guys I might be wrong but im 97% confident will buick will be champion jockey this up comin season…..start taking prices ..where available

    scotty2hotty unlucky mate

  217. Tommy d 4 years ago

    Ginger jack is short with William hill 7/4 John b

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