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JOHNB had just one winner on Wednesday and was disappointed with his nap Spiriting who looked to be going so well but had no answer to the winner. Our man said: “Looking at the finish he looked like he needed the run.”

April is now an 8.5 point profit after a 1.25 point loss on Wednesday.

Johnb's Thursdays tip

Newmarket 2.55
Secret Brief 2-1 NAP/NB Betfred (double stake)

Double your first deposit up to £50

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  1. dougiec 4 years ago


  2. jerryb 4 years ago


    • bad jasper 4 years ago

      No Jerry, I am now 2nd, hahahahahaha, boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom.

      • bad jasper 4 years ago

        Ok Jerry, you pipped me this time but I will be back………

  3. Big Dubz 4 years ago

    Is it me your looking for!!!!! lol

  4. dougiec 4 years ago

    Well that was “Quite By Chance”

  5. De Niro 4 years ago

    16 points down so far


    2-55 Rocky Rider 7/2 1 point win

    16-05 White Lake 4/1 2 point win

    1 point win double also

    Cheltenham 3-15

    Mayfair Music 10/1 1 point win

    • bad jasper 4 years ago

      Match bet 3-15 cheltenham if odds are decent.
      The govaness to beat Mayfair music.
      They met here in a bumper in Dec 2013 and govaness won by 9 lengths on level weights.
      Today govaness gets 6 pounds.

      • bad jasper 4 years ago

        Odds might not be so good for matchbet as the govaness as been backed from 6-1 to 4-1…….might have a dabble at govaness to place at 5-4 with hills

  6. Big T 4 years ago

    Will repost this from other thread , had word for Katie the at limerick 7/4 with 365 as short as 5/4 with pp? And girly girl over at Cheltenham 11/2

    Just sharing so don’t shoot the messenger although Katie the looks pretty nailed on tbH, good luck

  7. WN 4 years ago

    French Navy 9/4 4.40 Newmarket

  8. Alasu57 4 years ago

    My Legal Lady 3.15 Chelt 16/1

  9. Robrobbie 4 years ago

    Music Master 9/4 @Newmarket 3.30

  10. mdshaw 4 years ago

    3:50 Foxbridge @ 4/1

    • bad jasper 4 years ago

      Has secret brief trained on ?
      Would like to have evidence that it has before betting on this and other 3 year olds.
      Look at faydhan yesterday and John f Kennedy at leopardstown on Sunday, 2 hype horses who didn’t live up to their 2 year old billing and burned a few big hitter punters no doubt.

  11. Alex 4 years ago

    Big T on those from yesterday and the nap, about to catch my flight so good luck to all.

  12. Rookie 4 years ago

    Haha dougie. Was that not a MIDNIGHT REQUEST? Or was it after you had A GOOD SKIN -ful?

  13. Rookie 4 years ago

    attempting to find some value:
    14.40 chelt lily waugh 3/1
    15.05 rip flow 11/2
    17.10 new black cherry 9/2
    16.25 chelt kingsmere 13/2

    E/w punt 17.40 new jumeirah glory 12/1

  14. Duncan Poundcake 4 years ago

    I’m with you Rookie FLOW 3.05 RIPON GL

  15. WESLEY WEST 4 years ago

    Will give my hand at tipping today gents. 3.40 ripon- tadqeeq 3/1

  16. peter Amoss 4 years ago

    posted last night- music master 9/4 in the 3.30 nap

  17. The Postman 4 years ago

    Newmarket 2.55 Greatist Journey (each way)

    Newmarket 4.05 Moheet (NAP)

  18. dougiec 4 years ago

    NAP…SIGNOR PICCOLO..4.15 Ripon
    NB….QUITE BY CHANCE..5.00 Chelt. and for Trixie/patent VALLARTA..2.30 Ripon

  19. Big gee 4 years ago

    Along with 4.25 Chelt KINGSMERE posted on yesterday’s thread I’d like to add LAMB OR COD 3.50 Chelt singles and small double.

  20. Big gee 4 years ago

    Just to add both were winners here last year and both will prefer the better ground.

  21. peter Amoss 4 years ago

    anyone have any thoughts on mccoys sole ride, Milan bound 4/1

  22. boz 4 years ago

    morning everyone

    r 4.50

  23. boz 4 years ago

    r 4.50 WHERES SUE 7/1 NAP
    r 5.20 DARK RED 9/2 NB
    r 2.30 DUTCH BREEZE 14/1 E/W

    good luck everyone

    happy days

  24. Big Dubz 4 years ago

    Just one for me today
    Moheet 4.05 Newmarket 7/2

  25. RobRoy 4 years ago

    Hey Dougie is there any chance I can ask why you like Signore Piccolo as your Nap? I’m normally all over your Naps like a rash but if I’m reading it right it looks like he is up 7lbs after finishing 9th in the same class race in October – I could be wrong though :)

  26. Sirowenlee 4 years ago

    Double only for today

    Music master 3.30 nm 9/4
    Secret Brief 2.55 nm 2/1

  27. dougiec 4 years ago

    Robroy Piccolo,straight out of my tracker,now with O’Meara,nicely drawn in the middle and an apprentice I rate..Better ground and 5 in front LTO have all gone in again more than once.Always look for a price,so Ive backed the single A modest 50p ew patent were it lucky would pay over £250 but wishful thinking just think Quite by Chance a better jumper than RP nap A Good Skin.
    Gl today

  28. RobRoy 4 years ago

    Good luck today De Niro, ignore the criticism from people who haven’t had half the success that you’ve had on this site.

    Have you considered place only bets? I follow some of your tips and I know that you get a lot of 2nd and 3rd’s, with 6/1 or 7/1 tips you could get a nice 7/4 or 2/1 to place, just a thought mate :)

  29. RobRoy 4 years ago

    Thanks a lot Dougie

  30. TheHawk 4 years ago

    2 from the tracker from last season Arod 4.40 New and Music Master 3.30 New

    Good Luck All

  31. dougiec 4 years ago

    RobRoy carrying effectively 9-4

  32. RobRoy 4 years ago

    Thanks :)

  33. bobo 4 years ago

    Morning all

    255 n ROCKY RIDER 11/4 nb

    330 n MUSIC MASTER 7/4

    340 r TADQEEQ 9/4 nap

    Good luck all

  34. plums 4 years ago

    Plenty of tips today.
    I’ll throw mine in to the pot:

    3.15 Cheltenham: L’Unique 10/1 e/w

  35. busstop 4 years ago

    Hi all



    15.15 BROXBOURNE


    16.25 AQALIM

    gl all

  36. double carpet 4 years ago

    LUNIQUE 8/1 3.15
    FLOW 6/1 3.05
    AQALIM 7/2 4.25
    HUNDI 9/2 5.10
    EW L15

    KATIE T 5/4 4.30 NAP

  37. RobRoy 4 years ago

    Glad your on today DC

  38. Dynamo 4 years ago

    Newmarket 3.30 music master 7/4

  39. JP 4 years ago

    R3.40 Tadqeeq
    L4.30 Katie T
    C6.20 Tizlove Regardless

    And a cheeky rfc on de niro and johnbs in the 2.55

  40. robbo 4 years ago

    lucky 15 for today,quiet candid,milan bound,chookie royale,hundi.good luck

  41. Bun west 4 years ago

    Double carpet, too reply to your post on yesterday’s thread, this a free website, it’s open to free speech, if your big enough to post tips then you should be big enough to take criticism. I see you leaving the website lasted the whole of 12 hours as well, congratulations to you.

    1 tip today 2 points staked 4.25 Cheltenham. Milan bound.

  42. Boco1976 4 years ago

    Always one.

  43. double carpet 4 years ago

    Bun West
    If you can read then i said if critisism CONTINUES then i wont be part of it and that is still the case.

  44. SAV-DOG 4 years ago

    There is always one.

    BUN WEST – Grow up

  45. KOI 4 years ago

    GROOR 20/1 255 N
    WATCHABLE 10/1 N 330

  46. peter Amoss 4 years ago

    Double carpet stop throwing your toys out the pram, everyones allowed a say alright. Its new day just move on.

  47. SAV-DOG 4 years ago


    I am sure i speak for the other 129,987, that your comments and provocative opinions are not welcome by the vast majority.

  48. Craigy51 4 years ago

    Will try post again don’t know why my posts are nt showing up this was right early morning so odds have went in
    Nap Katy t 11/8
    Nb Kaleefa 11/4


  49. Luke A 4 years ago

    Newbies do my head in when they try talking down to those that have been here for near enough the duration! Yes it is free speech, but that doesn’t allow you or anyone else to criticise any FREE tips posted on here, by anyone! If you lose money gambling, blame no one but yourself.
    DC, if you were to stop posting, I think a few may well follow suit. Some people (very much the minority luckily) are just utter tools on here

  50. Bun west 4 years ago

    Luke iv most probably been here longer than you as said before iv been following the site since December 2013 when john b was just a poster like all the rest of us.

    I think you’re showing the thread why you’re the tool by getting irate over something irrelevant to yourself.

    Can you not just let the tips do the talking.

  51. Luke A 4 years ago

    Anyways, before anyone complains that I’m not putting up my selections, here they are
    2.55 Secret Brief 2/1
    4.40 French Navy 11/4
    Singles and double

    2.40 Mrs Peachey 4/1
    4.30 Astaire 11/2
    Win singles and each way double

    Good luck all

  52. peter Amoss 4 years ago

    Anyways, before anyone complains that I’m not putting up my selections, here they are
    2.55 Secret Brief 2/1
    4.40 French Navy 11/4
    Singles and double

    2.40 Mrs Peachey 4/1
    4.30 Astaire 11/2
    Win singles and each way double

    Good luck all

  53. Luke A 4 years ago

    December 2013? I’ve been here much much longer than that. But I don’t want to get into a debate about which of us have been following this site the longest. Originally my time would be spent on the footy thread, then my focus turned to racing thread, long before John was the headline act. I remember many people who have done well on here over the years but unfortunately no longer comment. I don’t want DC or De Niro to join that list, just because people are criticising someone’s own selections

  54. Alanm 4 years ago

    Nap Arod 11/4 4.40 Newmarket
    NB Sir Billy Wright 9/4 8.50 Chelmsford
    Double Pays 11/1
    Good Luck All

  55. Paul 4 years ago

    I am with you on your Nap

  56. WESLEY WEST 4 years ago

    Spot on as per bun. We all enjoy gambling here but Luke seems to take this website far too seriously. Bragging about how long he’s been. L O L

  57. The taxman 4 years ago

    His betting strategy is erratic at times, especially when he looses! It’s not an attack on him, it’s to save himself and his followers money!
    That was the point yesterday! Now everyone has thrown a punch and a kick it’s turned into another racing thread Jerry springer show!

  58. cattack 4 years ago

    What’s your tips for today Bun Wesley West?

  59. WESLEY WEST 4 years ago

    The taxman, that’s correct. I’m glad someone understood,

  60. WESLEY WEST 4 years ago

    The taxman, that’s correct. I’m glad someone understood,

  61. WESLEY WEST 4 years ago

    4 hrs, 50 mins ago
    Will give my hand at tipping today gents. 3.40 ripon- tadqeeq 3/1

  62. Busstop 4 years ago

    Taxman exactly right. De Niro was obviously chasing losses yesterday. Which any worthwhile tipster would tell you not to do. Not a personnel attacki just a warning to his followers which he will have due to his success in the past

    People seem to say it’s criticism or personnel caling without actually reading the comments

    De Niro. Good luck. Just don’t chase losses your better than that

    Gl all

  63. WESLEY WEST 4 years ago

    Busstop, that’s exactly right. It’s not a personal attack in anyway. I even said I’m sure he’s a good tipster, but chasing the losses was a bad example. It’s been taken way too far from people like Luke a

  64. peter Amoss 4 years ago

    lol taxman Jerry springer racing thread haha Completely agree busstop
    Stephanie frances 11/8 Nb 2.05
    Music master 9/4 nap 3.30

  65. JP 4 years ago

    De niro trending yet again – more and more famous by the day mate!! :D

  66. Luke A 4 years ago

    Correction, Astaire runs in the 3.30 not 4.30

  67. TheHawk 4 years ago

    If De Niro wants to chase losses or bet on every race that is entirely up to him but maybe an idea not to post so many tips on the forum. I am sure he will be hitting winners again soon so its a gl from me :)

    • bad jasper 4 years ago

      Jerry, Jerry, Jerry, Jerry
      W.t f is going on here, it’s not a competition.
      Hope it doesn’t come to the point where people are afraid of posting in case they flak from the snipers.
      Keep posting everyone, and the leave the pointless comments out,
      This thread is starting to look like my wife’s Facebook page, endless pointless comments
      Jerry, Jerry, Jerry, jerry

  68. Kingofkings741 4 years ago

    de Niro has took a lot of criticism on here recently. But he has done some good tipping in the past so today I’m backing him to come good. Good luck mate

  69. cobramint 4 years ago

    I’ve got drunk. Had 8 hrs sleep. Ran 10k and been shopping and you kids are still bickering. Your all gonna get sent to your rooms soon.

  70. GD173 4 years ago

    This nonsense again.
    There are plenty other successful posters on here other than De Niro that put up multiple tips in a day. I dont see anyone criticising them. If DeNiro chooses to oost 10 tips over the course of a day that is entirely his prerogative.

    And if you cant pick from the selection posted daily with a certain degree of responsibility and self awareness then you probably shouldn’t be gambling at all.

    Good luck to you all today.

  71. Coyg 4 years ago

    I’m Backing de Niro to come good myself, I remember he won me shit loads one month. No one forces anyone to back anything it’s all your choice, bet what you can ! you don’t have to follow his stakes.

  72. peter Amoss 4 years ago

    cobramint haha i remember when i had my first beer

  73. rensen 4 years ago

    3.05PM Ripon Lesha 9/2

  74. Busstop 4 years ago

    Like I said people don’t read the comments. Just presume then kick off

  75. Tom 4 years ago

    Not seen any mention of it but winter house 2.20 newmarket ?

    Looks good possibly e/w ?

  76. Boco1976 4 years ago

    1.55 ripon French 16/1 e/w gluck

  77. TheJamrock 4 years ago

    Cheltenham 3.15
    Broxbourne 10/3

  78. Boco1976 4 years ago

    Wee buns hope somebody got a sluce.

  79. Boco1976 4 years ago

    Wee buns hope somebody got a sluce.

  80. raaljaca 4 years ago

    Bun me old mate, not being rude or offensive but judging by your pic you look as though you consume copious amounts of Class A chemicals and also look completely insane! Nice one ;)

  81. Boco1976 4 years ago


  82. Bun west 4 years ago

    Raal, you’re not far wrong!

    You win some you lose some. Am I going to advise doubling my stakes and chasing that loss? No.

    Am I going to bite at your comment. No.

  83. busstop 4 years ago

    great start STEPHANIE FRANCES 9/4


  84. Bun west 4 years ago

    Excuse me Raal, i assumed my tip had lost. Obviously you mean my display picture.

    But again, you’re not far off. I probably had consumed copious class A’s when that picture was taken.

  85. peter Amoss 4 years ago

    easy win for the tipped nb stephanie frances, thats how we like to start :)

  86. Bun west 4 years ago

    Raal a very wise man once told me that if you can’t laugh at yourself then there no point in anything.

    • raaljaca 4 years ago

      Excellent attitude Bun, very commendable.

      • Sean Ireland 4 years ago

        I too have learned to laugh at myself,every evening before i climb into the sack i stand starkers in front of the mirror and have a good old chuckle at my wotstit,my wife sometimes also takes a quick look at it and starts crying.

  87. JP 4 years ago

    Nice tip boco – completely missed it, what a price!

    Well done busstop!

  88. Boco1976 4 years ago

    Fancy intisaab e/w in the 2.30 ripon.

  89. Clouduk 4 years ago

    Hi All

    Thanks for all the great tips had some nice wins thanks to the likes of Alan M and John B and the rest of you!

    Does anyone know where you can get decent streams of the races? or tv channels they may be on? as I find the sky bet streams just stop and buffer all of the time.


  90. WESLEY WEST 4 years ago

    Couple k bags never hurt anyone.

  91. bad jasper 4 years ago

    Boco, you my friend are on fire……

  92. Boco1976 4 years ago

    On a wee roll bad jasper, long may it continue!

  93. JP 4 years ago

    Well done again boco – i was ew on Royal Connoisseur, darn it – by a nose!!

  94. Alanm 4 years ago

    Busstop Boco well done guys

  95. Alasu57 4 years ago

    My speculative tip of My Legal Lady at Chelt 3.15 is out to 33’s @ Ladbrokes

  96. bigmick 4 years ago

    secret brief my axxe

  97. Boco1976 4 years ago

    Silvery moon e/w 15/2 3.05 ripon gluck

  98. highseastim 4 years ago

    bigmick that is why I will no touch turf flat racing just now, it’s like betting blind, plenty of well backed so called hot pots been turned over since start of flat season, stick to the jumps/all weather for a month yet!!

    • bigmick 4 years ago

      HIGHSEASTIM think you may have a valid point mate

  99. the Postman 4 years ago

    Got the each way money on Greatest Journey 9/1 when I tipped it up, beaten a next at 8/1.

  100. Alanm 4 years ago

    Well done postman your still rolling :)

  101. wtf 4 years ago

    Graham Lee what a ride on Lesha in the 3.05 the trainer said before the race he was crying out for the extra trip.

    All that horse needed was a proper ride must be trying to move it down the handicap.

    Racing is not bent just a little curved sometimes.

    GL all

  102. Boco1976 4 years ago

    Sofi’s spirit 3.25 limerick 8/1 on the nose. Gluck

  103. jerryb 4 years ago

    bad jasper,thanks for the govaness,listened to ye pal n won a couple of £,cheers

  104. JP 4 years ago

    Safe to say – shocking day….and watchable just messed up my rfc! :(

  105. JP 4 years ago

    Now tadqeeq beaten by a nose – grrrr!

  106. bobo 4 years ago

    Time for a sharp exit woeful day GL.

  107. Yovan 4 years ago

    I will not bet on any horse that is on a first run of the season. I am suprised that JohnB tips them.

  108. Luke A 4 years ago

    Astaire wins at 9/2. I was surprised John didn’t tip this one today, and when I saw he hadn’t, it made me think twice. But although beaten the other Saturday, I liked the run and felt it would come on today. And for once, I called it right.
    Well done to all with winners so far

  109. zam 4 years ago

    4-40 Newmarket

    Educate 16-1 get on it e-w

  110. the Postman 4 years ago

    Race won by Hannons other horse :( sorry if you followed me on Moheet.

  111. RobRoy 4 years ago

    Excellent Dougie thank u!

  112. Boco1976 4 years ago

    Nice one dougie

  113. swany 4 years ago

    The Smurfmeister!!! get in cheers mate,off to the steak barn.

  114. deekster 4 years ago

    Well done DougieC great write up for your nap and had small bet at 100/30 on basis of that.

  115. Alanm 4 years ago

    Well done dougie great Nap

  116. Boco1976 4 years ago

    Lim 4.30 rfc katie t, prince kup.

  117. Hamish75 4 years ago

    Hiya raal av asked bun ti put up a new gravatar am sure a seen him oan the jeremy kyle show wis talkin bout life in the methadone q. Nice wan papasmurf a had a wee shot ktf

    • raaljaca 4 years ago

      That was him Hamish, on it when he was 14 but kicked out as his grand kids were misbehaving.

  118. Striker 4 years ago


    Thanks to busstop and double carpet for highlighting

    • busstop 4 years ago

      cheers striker nice 100/30 as well 2 from 4 today great day


  119. De Niro 4 years ago

    I am all over

    Smart Freddy 12/1 in the 5-00 Cheltenham

    last bet of the day for me
    on the account

    2 point win at 12/1 Stan James

  120. Striker 4 years ago

    Nice nap too dougie C

  121. Big T 4 years ago

    Katie T you bloody good thing get in

  122. peter Amoss 4 years ago

    french navy pretty impressive there

  123. Alanm 4 years ago

    Well done Big T well spotted.

  124. WN 4 years ago

    Get in thereeee French navy, lovely drift to 3/1!

  125. Alanm 4 years ago

    Well done WN THOUGHT I had it there but well picked.

  126. busstop 4 years ago

    well done dougie was on it


  127. WN 4 years ago

    Cheers Alan, I’m on your NB so good luck pal.

  128. dougiec 4 years ago

    Well lads,shortly be tea time so if your gravitar starts with a B Silver stars,Big T with the early price quote for Katie,Big Gee unlucky with the double,Busstop and Boco,Good luck with runners still to come,Thanks swany and others beenz meenns.

  129. dougiec 4 years ago

    Luke A nice 9/2 winner as well have a bun!!

  130. Luke A 4 years ago

    2.55 Secret Brief 2/1 LOST
    4.40 French Navy 11/4 WON
    Singles and double

    2.40 Mrs Peachey 4/1 LOST
    4.30 Astaire 11/2 WON
    Win singles and each way double

    Not a bad day in the end. Shame neither double came in though. Also had all 4 with Stephanie Frances in a Canadian, so 3 winners from that made profit. Girly Girl win at 5.30 would be nice as this is my last horse in each way trixie, which has 1 winner and 1 placed so far.

    Great write up and winner Dougie, top stuff
    Well done all others with winners too, which appears to be quite a few of you!

    • bad jasper 4 years ago

      Match bet 3-15 cheltenham if odds are decent.
      The govaness to beat Mayfair music.
      They met here in a bumper in Dec 2013 and govaness won by 9 lengths on level weights.
      Today govaness gets 6 pounds.

      Odds might not be so good for matchbet as the govaness as been backed from 6-1 to 4-1…….might have a dabble at govaness to place at 5-4 with William Hill

      She won 3-1, had a nibble at 4s…….

  131. TheJamrock 4 years ago

    Was a great run from French navy, some turn of foot! and just managed to bag a good skin at 9/2

  132. Boco1976 4 years ago

    Ive had some day also hit tobouggalloo and dissolution in an e/w double, cant believe it!
    Sorry didnt post it but it was just a lucky one.

  133. Big T 4 years ago

    Sickened girly girl backed in from 6s to 5/2 as well , crazy price for the winner really after winning first time out, glad I got 7/4 last night on Katie t , and well done to everyone with winners today , would be even better if everyone could just get along ! :)

  134. wtf 4 years ago

    Hi Dougiec

    A quick question if i may (sorry if its daft) but mentioned recently that you are backing Appleby blind is it M or C Appleby mate.


  135. philip 4 years ago

    Means Charlie appleby

  136. Rookie 4 years ago

    Wtf dougie has been backing m appleby blind.

  137. Rookie 4 years ago

    Two early ones standing out for tomorrow
    13.50 newb destalink 20/1 e/w
    14.40 font opening batsman 5/2

  138. tess 4 years ago

    +5p today +7p so far playing tomoz
    2pws stop at win 1pw dble
    ayr 4.10 run ructions run
    sth 5.55 moonlight Maggie


  139. Rookie 4 years ago

    Did anyone else get the TIP from DAVINIA?

  140. arsie 4 years ago

    Sure did nice price too

  141. Rookie 4 years ago

    Have NO FEAR Smullen will get us out of jail at dundalk!

  142. Rookie 4 years ago

    Wow that was quick destalink now 8/1 at best!!

  143. Alanm 4 years ago

    Pot noodle it is.:'(

  144. Johnny J 4 years ago

    whats everyone fancy for scottish national on sat looking at gallant oscar the now as im sure John B mentioned the horse a while back, not sure. hoping to get an earlt price

  145. Duncan Poundcake 4 years ago

    Hope to have something in the morning ,two that are interesting are Lucky Beggar 3.55 Newb ,won the race last year off roughly the same mark and will like good to soft ground and the improving Arosto Due Plessis 2.00 Ayr e/w was 9/1 now 7/1 GL

  146. amastatman 4 years ago

    Testing testing 123

  147. johnb 4 years ago

    2 points lost today so April now a 6.5 point profit

    Fridays Tips

    Explain 9/4 NB skybet

    Dancing Primo 7/1 NAP skybet

    Explain & Dancing Primo 25/1 skybet

    Just a word on my NB’s race Vejovis who has a chance to get placed is over priced with hills at 12/1 but only 5/1 with other bookies but Explain is a strong favourite

  148. Big gee 4 years ago

    2.00 Ayr JACK STEEL This one interests me tomorrow Scudamore does well when riding for Mcmanus

  149. dougiec 4 years ago

    Note to self C Dore 20 horses in training 18 winners mmmm

  150. RobRoy 4 years ago

    Any early thoughts for tomorrow Dougie

  151. Big gee 4 years ago

    Well done with signore piccolo Dougie

  152. Duncan Poundcake 4 years ago

    Aye Dougie and that woman rides most of them for him .

  153. dougiec 4 years ago

    RobRoy..see plenty fancy DEMORA 6.10 Bath 9/4 but just early look at Bath seeing as that’s where Johnb headed

  154. RobRoy 4 years ago

    Sounds good Dougie look forward to tomorrow’s tips GL

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