JOHNB had high hopes for his nap Extreme Supreme but it disappointed at Southwell.

Our man tipped it at 13-2 and wasn’t the only who fancied it as it went off at 5-2.

On this thread it’s not all about Johnb – it’s about everyone so well down to alanm and others who posted winners.

Johnb’s Friday Tips


Lingfield 2.35
Majestic Myles 6-5 NAP/NB ladbrokes (double stake)

Catterick 2.55
Tambura 11-4 ladbrokes

Double 7.25-1 ladbrokes

  1. alanm 3 years ago

    NAP Project Bluebook 5/2 3.05 Lingfield
    NB Iron Butterfly 11/4 2.55 Catterick
    They’re off and running Nansaroy 3/1 1.40 Chepstow
    Dundalk pick Political Policy 11/4 8.30

  2. rookie 3 years ago

    18.45 Wol Corton lad 9/1

  3. dabberboy 3 years ago

    I’ve found John on Facebook and regularly send him frond requests but as yet I am yet to be accepted. John, if you are reading this please please accept me I have a lot of good connections in the Barnsley area involved in local housing and would love to hear your thoughts on a few window related issues they have.

  4. recoba 3 years ago

    Great stuff today guys.
    Mon Adventure Zone..8.10
    Lucky last ?

    Quick Catterick double for couple of queen quids…

    Jaleo….1.20 Evs
    Casual Cavalier…1.50. 11/2

  5. recoba 3 years ago

    Lucky last?
    Were ate my manners?
    Kinda as it be single and 3/4 in my Yankee after couple at Meydan.
    Till tomorrow Guys.


  6. ray_ez 3 years ago

    Also on adventure zone recoba so here’s hoping. Wish I could say Compton prince gave me profit but was on an ew doubles with the other 2 picks which even for me, were poor. Singles on my own picks may be the lesson their. Onwards.

  7. gengar 3 years ago

    e/w treb
    4:20 Pure poteen 6/1
    3:50 Alberobello 10/1
    3:15 Ballyegan 6/1

    win treb
    14:35 Majestic Myles 10/11 nap
    14:55 Tambura 11-4 nb
    3:.05 Project Bluebook 9/4 nnb

    firt time ever i have naped vnd nb the same ha you JohnB which make me even ore confident and alan already tipped the nnb i feel the treble coming in already lol

  8. rale 3 years ago

    I will also try my luck at this tipping lark.
    Nap Majestic Myles
    NB Tambura
    NNB Project Bluebook
    Some of the stuff going on here is ridiculous.

    • alanm 3 years ago

      rale good luck mate hope we taught you well.

    • steevio_uk 3 years ago

      What do you mean when you say ‘ridiculous’ mate?

      • rale 3 years ago

        Look at the post above mine. Out of 34 races today, guy blatantly Naps JB’s Nap, NB is surprise surprise JB’s NB and to make it even more ridiculous he then tips AlanM’s Nap as his NNB. All that good few hours after they tipped it.

        • rale 3 years ago

          Btw, my “picks” were tongue in cheek.

          • gengar 3 years ago

            for your infor rle i hve been tipping for long time and that the only time that ha happened but yoru intitiled to yoru opinon

  9. jimron12 3 years ago

    Split the atom is out again 5.30 nap 5/1

    Like alanm s nap made my shortlist

    Johnb should win but to short for me now

    Bindon mill 2.45 8/1
    L frank Baum 3.50 20/1
    Moorlands mist 4.20 7/2

    Good luck all

  10. davyb 3 years ago

    skidby mill 2.00 lin
    lucky dottie 4.40 lin
    quality art 5.15 wol
    kiss the stars 5.30 dun

  11. wullieboy 3 years ago

    Double ws 3.25 C Free running 2.00 L. Oscar sunset 2.10Ch Say my name 2.45 Ch

  12. moneyrider 3 years ago

    Hey folks,

    No joy today. Apart from the odds on Semra that wasn’t a main tip.

    5nd Feb ’16 (-4.1pts SP 25.00% SR)

    2.00 Lingfield Slovak
    4.40 Lingfield Trending


    PS Some more odds on low hanging fruit for tomorrow, though not my main tips

    6:15 Wolverhampton Field Of Dream
    7:45 Wolverhampton Giovanni Di Bicci

    • moneyrider 3 years ago

      Sorry made a mistake,

      5nd Feb ’16

      4.10 Lingfield Tilsworth Micky
      4.40 Lingfield Trending

      PS I still have Slovak on myself but even though it has a much better chance of winning than Tilsworth Micky. Also Giovanni Di Bicci NR today after running today.


  13. theamazingfrankel 3 years ago

    Evening all.

    Fridays tips:

    Catterick 1.20 : Jaleo EVENS NAP

    Only bet of the day, going triple stakes as pretty confident. Saving my money for Saturday, which looks an exciting card.

  14. ray_ez 3 years ago

    My picks for tomorrow
    6:00 D Captain midnight 5/2 Nap
    6:45 W Off the pulse 6/1

    On others as usual.

  15. recoba 3 years ago

    Pants e ray_ez
    3/4 in daytime Yankee and 2/4 in night time. Going to pick one for full cards and stop being a wee touch hasty me thinks
    Missed the forecast at Meydan with Think of you an Ellival bit was only backing if any return from other bets.

    Onwards.. ?

    • ray_ez 3 years ago

      Yeah not the best. Still a profit for the day though. Rely on others to keep me afloat on here but thats the beauty of the site.

  16. tipsultan 3 years ago


    2:55 – HAINAN 5/1 (NAP)- 1.58 points

    Good Luck
    February- Profit +3.58 pints
    2016= Profit- +3.58

  17. ghunt11 3 years ago

    Johnb, alanm, dougie, rookie and any other racing tipsters i have a question for you… With football betting i tend to have certain leagues and teams i look out for when im placing my bets but what do you guys looks for when picking your tips for the day? with so many races and horses every day i always struggle to narrow down my selections and decide on what i think would be the best 1 or 3 for the day

    • Johnb 3 years ago

      Easiest races to work out are sprints as the form is more reliable, also look for races with weak favourites but when you do that you can also find a strong favourite like today

  18. haggis44 3 years ago

    Are you their rookie?thats a strange tip from you pal?you normally put up a few?are you friend with mr dalglish?a decent bet on by any chance?let me know if you could please?well done Alan once again yesterday?brilliant tipping,I always seem to miss,working afternoons keep the site going please brilliant tipping from everyone

    • rookie 3 years ago

      Hi haggis. Quick break from work. Not a friend no. If only!
      Im on a bad run and trying to cut down the selections and looking for value. It strikes me as a great e/w bet at the least. There are a few others i like but quite short priced and mostly posted already.

  19. haggis44 3 years ago

    Recoba were is 8.10 adventure zone?their is no 8.10 today??

    • rale 3 years ago

      That was yesterday’s race.

    • recoba 3 years ago

      Aye it was the last yesterday pal. Posted late last night on here as everyone had shifted to the 5th o Feb site.
      Got pumped anyway ?

  20. 3 years ago

    Hi everyone had a few days away in France .Hope youve all had winners .

    L 3.05 .. SABAANI

    L 3.40 .. TAKE THE HELM

    L 4.10 .. HOT STUFF

    L 4.40 .. TRENDING

    good luck everyone

    happy days

  21. nezhambo 3 years ago

    Very confident 1 bet today Wolves 6.45 No 11 Off The Pulse > 7/1 Paddy Power & Bet Victor > I will put my head on the chopping block and say that I think this is a handicap certainty

  22. Johnb 3 years ago

    Rugby League Super League

    Top 8 finish
    CASTLEFORD TIGERS 1/2 Stan James Betvictor NAP

    Top 4 finish
    CASTLEFORD TIGERS 4/1 betfred NB

    Hull KR v Castleford Tigers (Sunday)
    CASTLEFORD TIGERS to win 1/1 William hill

    CAS TIGERS will not finish outside the top 8 that’s a certainty “it has to be for me to advise odds on, but even this bet is better than backing Frankel”

  23. 3 years ago

    john only other sport i bet on is Rugby league bet warrington beat leeds last night

    only 12 teams in league so Castleford should finish in top 8 only problem is their squad for me dosent have the strength in depth of other teams and injuries could play a big part .Catalan this year are the best outsiders for me they have bought really well see how they go at Wigan tonight on tv.

    good luck

    • Johnb 3 years ago

      They will finish top 4 and you heard it here first, Tigers to win a trophy this season.
      I think the squad is strong by holding on to players and also strengthened it well
      No anytime scorers odds yet for Sunday but looking at Monaghan, Shenton and Solomona to see what odds I can get as all three will score, preference is for Solomona but depending on odds

      • 3 years ago

        lost their biggest name justin carney … wheeldon and finn both gone as well there young fullback robson already out
        for up to eight months with an injury .Hope they do well but top 4 will be a struggle

  24. bracknell jack 3 years ago

    Cloudy Joker 16.00 hrs Catterick.

  25. on the bob 3 years ago

    Ok so it’s fun Friday and thee are a few horses I like so I’ll have an Acca plus a few singles:

    Nap chep 2.10 Baltimore rock 5/4
    Catt 4.00 the cobbler swayne 10/3
    Chep 4.20 buckthorn Tom 15/2
    Catt 15.25 just George 9/2

    £4 Acca plus a single on the nap

    Also a horse I think should place today is quality art at Wolves 5.15 14/1 looks good for e/w or place with Betfair


  26. jake04 3 years ago

    Double W’s – 3:25 cartrerick (7/4) Nap

    Wild West wind – 2:45 Chepstow (3/1) nb

    Double 10/1

    P/L = 0pts
    Tips= 3

  27. de niro 3 years ago

    14-35 Lingfield
    Never to Be 9/1 bet 365

    15-05 Lingfield
    Ms Gillard 15/2 william hill

    Ms Gillard/Lord Huntingdon r/forecst

  28. ew thief 3 years ago

    Morning all well done winners yesterday
    TOPTEMPO 4.40L
    QASSER 6.45W
    GL ALL

  29. alanm 3 years ago

    New off and running Oscar O Scar 7/2 1.50 Catterick GL


  30. ticketyboo 3 years ago

    Good morning racing fans 2 nice winners from 2 yesterday hope some of you fancied them as well. On to today:

    6:45 Wolverhampton “Off the Pulse” 13/2 E/W bet365 J Mackie / G Gibbons normally a good combination beaten by the top weight now 2lbs better off over C/D.

    7:15 Wolverhampton “Jintshi” 0/30 bet 365 M Johnston / J Fanning only combination runner should give a good account.

    GL all

    • recoba 3 years ago

      Agree wit JINTSHI Tickety ive got it written down but waiting to see the return in my Heinz. 2 ? 2 ? an 1 to run…HOT STUFF 4.10.
      Off the Pulse looks good to with Gibbons up but not sure about the win. Which maybe why you have advised Ew eh? ?

  31. davisam 3 years ago

    14:55 – Tambura (NAP Double Stake) – 2.1 Pts @ 3/1
    16:00 – The Cobbler Swayne NB – 1 pt @ 10/3
    18:45 – Corton Lad – 1 pt @ 6/1

    0.5pt Double on NAP/NB, 0.5pt Treble and 0.25 Doubles x 3

    Total Outlay – 5.85 points = £58.50

  32. dougiec 3 years ago

    Afternoon,Great to see plenty of selections. Got my fingers burnt yesterday,never mind,and sorry I missed a deserved well done to winners posted yesterday,Tickety,Alanm and everyone else.
    Nap..Desert Retreat..4.50 Chepstow
    Nb ..Alberobello..3.50.Chepstow and throw in a hopeful forecast with Skidy Mill/Slovak in the 2.00,back hopefully for a couple this evening.

  33. champyr 3 years ago

    Who tipped Bollin Line? I was on it but not sure why. Well done whoever it was.

  34. 3 years ago

    hi all

    Not been on for a week had a bereavement in the family hope the thread has been doing well

    last 3 at chepstow

    15.50 AYALOR

    16.20 PURE POTEEN NB

    16.50 ALF N DOR NAP

    gl all

  35. Johnb 3 years ago

    Got to say that’s an absolutely shocking ride on Tambura, he will hack up next time “if wanted”

    • davisam 3 years ago

      Strangest ride I’ve ever seen! I missed the start of the race but it was about 6/7 lengths out the back of the field when I switched it on, did he miss it at the start or what? Then it cruised into midfield, fell back again before finishing like a train! Frustrating

      • Johnb 3 years ago

        She is a horse that needs be be asked, she needs a real test of stamina and she never gives up, she hits flat spots in her races but will go on and off the bridle, when she hits a flat spot you just need to ask her and she will respond but she needs to be ridden closer to the pace
        She got away ok but jockey seemed content to have her well off the pace, but she has run on really well for 3rd

  36. dougiec 3 years ago

    Rale you are like a scab you want scratch but think better off. Why are you even on here. You obviously trawl Web sites then stick in a snide comment. We have had you and a few of your pals contributing nothing,no need to name them Sad.

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      dougiec, I think he’s a gardener – always digging. Brings nothing to the site and would be gone if it was down to me but I’ll leave that to Johnb.

  37. hamish75 3 years ago

    Big well dun to tipsultant wi Hinaan a used ti say that ti ma granny every time a saw her. PLUS a nice wee dbl wi jaleo napped by the amazingfrankel n majestic myles fae johnb a will hav a go wi dougiec nap threads doin well wi winners alanm tickety deniro boz busstop sad ti heer bout yer loss ktf

  38. dougiec 3 years ago

    Mr F as you well know some of us put up racing tips a good time ago and Johnb came on with and as I remember quite a few NFL winning tips and so it developed which has been great.Im fortunate that I have a bit of time reading your column and looking at the other sports,along with that St Johnstones man and Ace etc,Ok if someone tips a short priced selections surely he or she is only trying to contribute to the site.I only put up selections Ive backed and try to pick the odd one the bookies may have left. I hope it wont put anyone off.I still hold the record for 17 2nds and 1 winner.You could do worse than put ten bob on Alnahar in the 8.00 at Dundalk hit with 11lb rise but went straight in my tracker.
    On we go

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      dougiec, I don’t remember being critical of anyone putting up tips – that’s what it’s about.

  39. chrisja 3 years ago

    Bit late in the day for a lucky 15 but here I am nonetheless:

    Sory at 34.00 in the 16:30 at Catterick
    Galuppi at 13.00 in the 16:40 at Lingfield
    Desert Retreat at 2.63 in the 16:50 at Chepstow
    Toymaker at 3.75 in the 19:45 at Wolverhampton

    I can’t stay away from the temptations of big money win 🙂 £1 wins £8,432.82:,13.00,2.63,3.75

    Good luck all!

  40. dougiec 3 years ago

    Tripe and onions teapot black as HELL reminder fur me Hamish happy days! ARE YOU PULLING THAT CATS TAIL!

  41. Johnb 3 years ago

    0.40 point profit today
    February 21.40 points up

    Saturday’s Tips

    Cold As Ice 7/2 NAP bet365

    Bitofapuzzle 4/1 NB paddy power boylesports

    Cold As Ice & Bitofapuzzle 19.25/1 bet365

    • Johnb 3 years ago

      Saturday’s Shortlisted horses

      Leopardstown 1:55 Bellshill 11/8
      Lingfield 2:20 Taajub 9/2
      Sandown 3:00 Invicta Lake 20/1
      Lingfield 1:10 clement 9/4
      Sandown 1:50 Chris Pea Green 13/2

      Remember these are not my main picks

    • Johnb 3 years ago

      Cold As Ice getting hammered, bet365 now 9/4 but 3/1 still available at ladbrokes william hills

  42. recoba 3 years ago

    £8 back for my £12 spent on a Canadian ?
    Got Trenting in a single 3/1 but so just in profit and a bit(most) be going on another wee small Ew stake Canadian for tonight…

    Kiss the Stars…5.30. 7/1
    Celtic Artisan…6.15. 3/1
    Cotton lad…6.45. 5/1(abandoned Off The Pulse)
    Jintshi…7.45. 7/2
    Neds Indian…8.00. 9/1

    GL folk an am out

  43. recoba 3 years ago

    Celtic Artisan…6.15. 3/1

  44. duncanpoundcake 3 years ago

    Thanks everyone ,a good day just following so I won’t disgrace myself by tipping will just follow GL

  45. waystrong 3 years ago

    Hi All, If your about JonhB or anyone else that has a few spare mins, could you look at 7.30pm dundalk please? I am waiting on spruce meadows for a single, 2 doubles and a treble, do you think it has a good chance if not what do you think has a good chance of winning? thanks any input will be appreciated.

    • Johnb 3 years ago

      It’s a really bad race with a lot closely matched, you have a chance but if I had to pick one it would be Dashing Chief 9/1 but not confident

  46. duncanpoundcake 3 years ago

    But I will be on Scenic Star 20/80in the last.

  47. alanm 3 years ago

    waystrong your taking on 3 AP horses with money for his wifes 9/1 to 6/1 Ineffable GL

    • alanm 3 years ago

      waystrong Just seen a quote from the Trainer of your horse after it won and he had this race in mind

      • waystrong 3 years ago

        thanks alanm, going have few small stakes on couple others but i picked it for a reason so fingers crossed.

    • alanm 3 years ago

      nice tricast lol

  48. theamazingfrankel 3 years ago

    Woop another winner, 3/4 for the tips posted so far. Was my triple stake bet today, I do tend to go large on evens or lower if I’m confident. Tomorrow looks fantastic, well done all today.

  49. alanm 3 years ago

    theamazingfrankel Well done keep them coming 🙂

  50. wullieboy 3 years ago

    Political policy 8,30 Dun

  51. spurs55 3 years ago


  52. spurs55 3 years ago

    Shukhov?? I THINK IN THE NEXT OR Manorov decisions decisions ?

  53. theamazingfrankel 3 years ago

    8.30 Dundalk Marise could be the one to be one. Has faced Political Policy before and wasn’t that far off. Now races against again, but around 13lbs better off. Must go close. I do love Political policy though, so hard to go against.


  54. spurs55 3 years ago


  55. theamazingfrankel 3 years ago

    Marine isn’t a tip btw, I’m just looking into this. I see a lot fancy Brosnan. Extremely light, but I’m not sure. Looks like a race to spectate.

  56. spurs55 3 years ago

    lets try Shalaman maybe…. got one of my feelings!!

  57. theamazingfrankel 3 years ago

    Marine did it! Very close, but though she was well in with the weights this time. I won’t count it to my stats, as I posted I won’t tip it. I did have some money on her, but didn’t feel confident for people to follow.

  58. spurs55 3 years ago

    lucky guess but got Temasek Star @ 8-1

    could not publish it was just another one of my feelings

    onto dodgy saturday

  59. tipsultan 3 years ago

    CATTERICK- Results

    2:55 – HAINAN 5/1 (NAP)- 1.58 points *WON**

    February- Profit +11.48 pints
    2016= Profit- +11.48

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