JOHNB landed a brilliant full house on Thursday to bank a 17.33pt profit.

His nap and NB both won to clinch the double he's been close to on a few occasions recently and our man's February figures are now a lovely 26.98pt profit.

Johnb's Friday’s tips

Lingfield 4:00
Slovak 9-4 NB William hill

Sandown 4:20
Beg to Difer 11-4 NAP bet365

Double 10.38-1 William hill

  1. moneyrider 3 years ago

    Hey folks,

    19th Feb ’16 (-6.1pts SP 22.22% SR)

    6:20 Wolverhampton Consortium
    7:20 Wolverhampton Grecian King


    Below is a new set of selections called Power Picks. A Bankroll of 20pts is required for these bets. Again I will document them to SP , but use BOG whenever possible.

    3:30 Lingfield Lady Lunchalot
    4:00 Lingfield Slovak
    4:35 Lingfield Theos Lolly
    5:50 Wolverhampton Rivers Run
    6:50 Wolverhampton Dream Mover


  2. alanm 3 years ago

    NAP Katie Too 2/1 2.45 Sandown
    NB Pinotage 2/1 6.20 Wolverhampton
    They’re off and running Aston Cantlow 2/1 1.40 Sandown
    Lucky last unnamed Fav 9.05 Dundalk GL

  3. Johnb 3 years ago

    I may have tipped horses in the 4:00 & 4:20 but Friday is all about one person in a race bang in the middle of my two, the 4:10 Fontwell will have a few extra viewers as Victoria Pendleton takes to a full-time, professionally regulated jumps track for the first time
    Victoria Pendleton only had her first riding lesson last year so what she has done has been amazing, she has her critics but I take my hat off to her for putting in all the hard work to learn a new trade.
    I will be cheering her on hoping she wins but more importantly having a good race and getting a bit more experience for Cheltenham

    Victoria Pendleton’s mount on Friday is
    Pasha Du Polder

    • Johnb 3 years ago

      Trying to make it harder for her, it’s Fakenham not Fontwell

    • elvis parsley 3 years ago

      Exactly John, it’s about one person.
      Couldn’t have put it better.
      This time next month the national hunt reality show ends at cheltenham when she will move on to her next attention seeking project.
      What will it be ?
      Tyson fury’s next opponent ?
      Manchester United’s next manager ?
      Umpiring an England cricket test match ?
      Driving in a grand prix at Silverstone, blindfolded ???.

      On a serious note, I just hope pacha du powder comes home safe at cheltenham, if anything happens to the horse, a lot of people will have serious questions to answer.

  4. recoba 3 years ago

    Oops.. That race will be really interesting to watch and all the best to her.

  5. davyb 3 years ago

    the tichborne 2.20 lin
    start seven 2.55 lin
    what a party 3.30 lin
    galuppi 5.05 lin

  6. biggee 3 years ago

    I for one believe Victoria Pendleton is fully entitled to ride at Cheltenham she’s obviously had to go through rigorous tests to obtain her riders licence and is constantly being monitored by experts in the racing world working really hard the last twelve months riding in point to points and today at Fakenham I hope she silences the haters and begrudger’s.

  7. biggee 3 years ago

    I shan’t be following the money with mine.. two I fancy today are

    2.45 Sandown… Jessber’s Dream @100/30 bog nap looked all out the winner last Saturday until jumping let her down with a bad blunder at the last interesting that they are running her so soon after they obviously think she’s well and dropping down to novice company from last week’s listed race. King’s horse the obvious danger.

    3.05 Fakenham… The Italian Yob @100/30 bog NB Another one dropping down in grade and the likelihood of better ground than she’s been running on of late gives this one a good chance today.

    Not looked at Dundalk so my lucky last at Wolverhampton is Tatawu @14/1 bog good ew bet. Gd luck today guys. ;)

  8. theamazingfrankel 3 years ago

    Posted on all thread, but repost.

    Well done all winners again and a serious well done for Johnb.

    Nap/Nb Katie Too 2/1 – Sandown 2.45

    OTHER pick: Marden court 3/1 – Falkenham 3.05

    • biggee 3 years ago

      May the best man win! :)

      • theamazingfrankel 3 years ago

        GL bud, Marden court is a yard tip so going by the word of mouth over form. Low stakes. Lumping on the nap.

        • biggee 3 years ago

          Thanks for the heads up fella I will have a saver on yours. ;)

          • stupawley 3 years ago

            theamazingfrankel – you seem to get regular good info from the Tizzard yard, anything on Leg Log Luke today in 230F, I know it was well backed lto and there was a strong word on course on the day but didn’t perform

            • theamazingfrankel 3 years ago

              Sorry didn’t see this, and I didn’t hear a word on him. It’s a horse that needs developing, they expect a big run at Wincanton but it went on too quick and faded. Marden court is their main fancy today, but it’s not a strong fancy. Saturday the team are sending a good force to Wincanton, where most of the horses running are the lowest weighted. Gentlemen Jon is expect to run well, depending on the ground.

  9. jimron12 3 years ago

    Katie too 2.45 nap/NB/treb!!! Took 9/4 last night and my biggest bet of the year so far!!! Glad to see a few on aswell!!!

    Do like bed to differ 4.20
    And the clock Leary 2.10

    • biggee 3 years ago

      Re The Clock Leary that’s an outstanding piece of form beating Cocktails At Dawn b y 11l at Ascot if it can replicate that then it has a great chance. Change of headgear might help.

  10. ghunt11 3 years ago

    is anybody worried that there is a lot of confidence on katie too?

  11. 3 years ago

    hi everyone

    Nice 11/1 winner yesterday ensured the profit

    and once again the thread had plenty of winners

    L 3.30 TOMMYS GEAL 9/2

    L 4.00 SAUCY MINX 7/2 nb

    L4.35 COLD FUSION 9/2 nap

    fancy a couple tonight but see how these go first

    good luck everyone

    happy days

    • linfieldaces 3 years ago

      Great shout on Tommys Gael mate. Took it at 4/1 but il get 9/2 with 365 £10 on it then inplay £5 at 7/1. Cheers

    • davisam 3 years ago

      Nice one Boz, didn’t back Tommys Geal as a single unfortunately so waiting on Cold Fusion for the double, here’s hoping!

      • 3 years ago

        davisam i would always do singles pal especially at 9/2 i usually do 3 wins and a trixie

        good luck

        • davisam 3 years ago

          I know, but I’d already backed my own and a few others so just took the double. Would have taken Saucy but had already done JBs in the race. Good call, fingers crossed for the full house!

  12. double carpet 3 years ago

    Morning all
    Looks like I missed a couple of good days for the thread so well done to Johnb and all the other winners. Great to see.
    There’s a few at Dundalk that I really like the look of tonight and based on previous form have been given more than a chance by the handicapper so I shall see what happens

    6.05 Sassaway 8/1
    6.35 An Saighdiur 14/1
    8.35 Elusive in Paris 12/1

    I’ve also had an ew on Clonbanan Lad 3.20 Sandown purely based on jockeys record in the race

    Best of luck to all

  13. ray_ez 3 years ago

    Ew singles and a double from me today.
    1:40 Thundering home 11/1
    2:10 The clock leary 8/1
    Hope for another good day on the thread.

  14. hamish75 3 years ago

    Hullo mr frankel can u remember oor wee chat. on a dbl stake is there confidence in your other selection in the 3 05 i will look forward ti a reply from u no pressure mate ktf hamish

  15. punterpounder 3 years ago

    NAP of the day

    1:30 fakenham – willows survivor

    1/25 @betfair lol crazy odds for a horse even in a two horse race even frankel wasn’t this short

  16. ew thief 3 years ago

    Morning all well done winners yesterday
    STEEL CITY 1.40S@ 9-1
    MALAYSIAN BOLEH 2.20L@ 15-2
    DELAGOA BAY 5.05L@ 7-2
    SINGZAK 6.20W@ 4-1
    TANGRAMM 7.50W@ 11-4
    GL ALL

  17. davisam 3 years ago

    1:40 LOCHNAGAR 10/3

    14:45 KATIE TOO 13/8

    JOHNs TWO in singles & double

    Alanms two in a double (Pinotage & Katie too)


    • jimron12 3 years ago

      Fingers crossed on your treble it’s the one I posted !!!! Cannot have to great days surely………

      • davisam 3 years ago

        Aye I pretty much took it from yours but I didn’t say specifically because JB and Alanm had already tipped two of’s hoping! I didn’t follow yesterday unfortunately but I was on Jbs so it was a good day until the footie started! GL

  18. hamish75 3 years ago

    Sorry mr frankel a didny c yer 2nd post n that answers ma question gud luck wi yer bets today that goes fir everyone onwards n upwards ktf

    • theamazingfrankel 3 years ago

      Was just a word of mouth, saying they expect a good run. It’s low stakes because they aren’t 100% confident as it hasn’t won yet. Trying blinkers again, so we will see. Please don’t lump on.

  19. wullieboy 3 years ago

    Katie too 2.45 S roycano 3.40 F. Dancing shadow 4.20 S jajamcool 4.50s

  20. jamiea1991 3 years ago

    johnb, in your race alot of money is coming for betie boru – any issue?

    • thehawk 3 years ago

      Yes but nothing that a crystal ball could not sort out I suppose.

    • Johnb 3 years ago

      jamiea1991 not really, the horse is too inconsistent but even if Bertie was to run well still think Beg to Differ is better

  21. 3 years ago

    Afternoon all


    14.00 VERTUEUX 5/1 *


    14.45 JESSBERS DREAM 11/2 *

    16.20 LOOSE CHIPS 6/1 * NB *

    16.50 ONE STYLE 3/1 *** NAP ***

    gl all

    • davisam 3 years ago

      I’m not a jockie but I’ll never understand why jockies take the horse to the right (or left)of a horse that is jumping right (or left). Watching the first two fences I was shouting take it up the inside.

  22. gengar 3 years ago

    2.20 Chelwood Gate 2/1
    2.00 Henry Oliver 9/2
    1.40 Lochnagar 7/2 NB
    2.45 Katie Too 6/4 NAP

    OFF N RUNING no bet
    LAST CHANCE SALOON 9.05 Temasek Star 5/1

    • davisam 3 years ago

      Shocking ride from George Baker, just like the other night on McDelta. Not backing him again

      • rale 3 years ago

        That’s what you get with Baker. You in fact do 2 gambles. One on the horse to be best in the race and second that GB will time it right. Don’t like that type of jockeys. Give me Kirby any day, over GB.

  23. ghunt11 3 years ago

    can anybody see Katie too not winning? obviously there is loads of confidence in her and everywhere i look people have tipped her yet she’s still above evens so must be some doubts? any thoughts guys as was thinking of going in big here?

    • davisam 3 years ago

      @ghunt11 Racing is racing mate, anything can happen and if you glance at the race there are a lot of horses with 1sts and 2nds next to there name. Good tipsters on here think it will and the price has come right in to 5/4 which would suggest there is a lot of confidence behind it, if you are talking your “challenge” type stake then I wouldn’t man but I’d throw 2 or 3 times your average stake at it!

      • davisam 3 years ago

        I’m on it anyway! And I’ve done a £2.50 RFC with ACTINPIECES who is the main threat in my eyes

  24. gengar 3 years ago

    very big well done

    • elvis parsley 3 years ago

      Is pacha du polder OK ?.
      Shame as it was the best horse in the race, but with a Lycra lout on it

      • Johnb 3 years ago

        Take it you didn’t watch the race?
        Victoria actually looked the best jockey in the race and looked better than some pro’s, she just can’t help what happened with the other horse as its racing and interference happens but she will bounce back and good luck to her

        • elvis parsley 3 years ago

          I’m not worried about her. Its the horses welfare I worry about.
          2 non completions on the trot now.
          I know betfair are paying her a back hander for this charade but the damage to the sport if something goes wrong at Cheltenham will give the animal rights brigade plenty to chew on.
          If she was taking it up as a profession fair enough, but this is a personal crusade by her to prove what exactly ?, I don’t know

          • Johnb 3 years ago

            She has a licence and it’s been harder for her to get one than anyone else, she looks accomplished and a trainer like Paul Nicholls wouldn’t let her ride if she couldn’t
            She hasn’t said what she is doing after Cheltenham but I expect her to continue and she has said if horse racing had come along earlier then she wouldn’t have taken up cycling
            Yes the horse is ok he didn’t fall

  25. alanm 3 years ago

    Well done great start.

  26. nazalus 3 years ago

    Davyb…12/1 winner..crackin stuff :)

  27. bertie 3 years ago

    2.45 Mia’s storm @ sandown 25/1 each way poke for me got turned over at very short odds last time but is very well thought of by the stable

  28. biggee 3 years ago

    Whooooosh!! Jessber’s Dream

  29. rale 3 years ago

    Ok, I’ll get my coat.
    That pretty much ruined all my bets today. It was sooo obvious that it was gonna lose. It was tweeter, paper, Internet Nap. Serves me right.

    • davisam 3 years ago

      Yep, always the same, even in the football. When everyone is fancying or tipping up the same team they get beat. Next time it happens I’m not backing it!

  30. 3 years ago

    well done

    DAVYB with tichbome great price

    BUSSTOP with jessbers dream

    happy days

  31. 3 years ago

    BIGEE with jessbers dream as well

  32. alanm 3 years ago

    Well done Biggee and Busstop feel my pain onwards

  33. davisam 3 years ago

    Looking like a shocking day, well for me anyway…unless JB can turn it around!

    Well done winners though.

  34. 3 years ago

    ALAN think your PINOTAGE has a good chance tonight ..CONSORTIUM the danger for me but think yours will edge it

    good luck

  35. thebz 3 years ago

    Looks like Marden Court is dead

  36. ghunt11 3 years ago

    Could see that coming, every man and they’re dog were ripping Katie too glad I left it now as was really toying with going big!

  37. punterpounder 3 years ago

    3:40 fakenham- roycano 2/1 @bet365

  38. 3 years ago

    TOMMYS GAEL get in 9/2

    happy days

  39. 3 years ago

    SAUCY MINX wins 9/4 (took 7/2) sweating on the last one now

    happy days

  40. alanm 3 years ago

    if it’s large take it out and put a bit back on money in the betting bank.

    • recoba 3 years ago

      Would say the same Alan. Done it Wednesday and last came 3rd(good cash out considering stakes)
      I would definitely back last pick with the leftovers. I.e £847 cash out…£47 on Cold Fusion.
      But Boz knows best so all the best with it mate. ?

  41. jamiea1991 3 years ago

    Great NAP johnb, thanks d

  42. singhsimma 3 years ago

    Nice one JB, had went all in with that one, only bet of the day.

  43. recoba 3 years ago

    Cheers John. Day saver and good start to this evenings Yankee ?

    Ach Vicky! Just caught it and it wasn’t great

  44. chilleden 3 years ago

    Great tips today John B you are hitting form

  45. dancingbrave 3 years ago

    Well played Boz GL with the last :)

  46. 3 years ago

    pity about the last one .ran green for me and definatley one to follow

    still a great day

    time for a pint

    happy days

  47. alanm 3 years ago

    Great Nap Johnb hopefully Boz hope you got took the cash out.

  48. double carpet 3 years ago

    Great stuff today again lads. Johnb busstop boz davyb biggee and anyone ive missed well done all.
    Onto tonight

  49. thehawk 3 years ago

    Agree with Elvis she should forget about Cheltenham would be happy to bet she will not make it round.

  50. rale 3 years ago

    Very strange ting just happened here. In the last race in Lingfield won by 66/1 Pao De Acuca, Bet 365 showed results just as the race started, as DH between Master Burbridge and 66/1 shot…and 66/1 shot only goes and wins it and jockey on fav tries her best not to win.

  51. spurs55 3 years ago

    any body help me cover for Celestial Bay ?

    got it in a lucky 15 and the other 3 are already in …Slovak.Beg to differ and Canadian diamond.

    cheers all.

  52. spurs55 3 years ago

    1 min ago
    any body help me cover for Celestial Bay ?

    got it in a lucky 15 and the other 3 are already in …Slovak.Beg to differ and Canadian diamond.

    cheers all.

    • alanm 3 years ago

      spurs55 Slovak was second mate sorry to say.

      • spurs55 3 years ago

        yeah alan i did know but still pretty healthy return.

        just have to hope mr morris will come home for me !!

  53. recoba 3 years ago

    Much like last 2 days i really should start betting on more singles,5 winners today but for minor profit back and all just to go AGAIN ?

    Tonight’s effort…

    Beg To Differ…won 5/2
    Percella…5.50. 5/1*
    Dream Mover…6.50. 10/11
    Tangraam…7.50. 3/1**

    GL Recoba. Single on *s but won’t be big.
    To many picks to many permutations ?

  54. Johnb 3 years ago

    Saturday’s Tips

    Shirataki 5/1 bet365

    Franklin D 5/4 NAP/NB bet365 (double stake)

    Double 12.5/1 bet365

    • Johnb 3 years ago

      0.75 point profit today thanks to another NAP Beg to Differ
      February 27.73 points up

  55. biggee 3 years ago

    Well said johnb! I think her involvement is actually a positive for the sport. The publicity she’s bringing will highlight to ordinary people who have little or no interest in racing just how dedicated hard working fit and above all else how brave you have to be as a jump jockey. I agree she probably has been given the opportunity that ordinary lads and lasses wouldn’t get but if her involvement highlights things I’ve just described then surely it can only be a good thing for racing.

  56. davyb 3 years ago

    whisle 7.20 wol ew 14/1

  57. duncanpoundcake 3 years ago

    “Probably the most exciting young horse we have at the moment ” Paul Nicholls 6 months ago ,hasnt take to fences but back over hurdles tomorrow Ascot 3.00 Sirabad 8/1 GL.

  58. chilleden 3 years ago

    any chance of seeing your short list of horses for tomorrow please John?

  59. matty 3 years ago

    Any advice on covering sir raston gratefully received as waiting on a big treble. Thoughts guys?

    • ew thief 3 years ago


    • double carpet 3 years ago

      The way mine have run tonight I wouldn’t pay much attention but Bolger has had a good night so maybe Locus Standi but I’ve had 50c ew on Perfect ten @ 66s

  60. gengar 3 years ago

    last chance wins at 5/1 hope tommorow is better then today though

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