JOHNB has a double-stake tip lined up for Wednesday after drawing a blank on Tuesday.

Our man is now 8.65pts up for February and is also advising a double.

Johnb's Wednesday tips

Lingfield 1:30
Inaam 5-1 skybet

Kempton 8:50
McDelta 5-1 NAP/NB bet365 (double stake)

Double 32-1 bet365

  1. moneyrider 3 years ago

    Hey folks,

    17th Feb ’16 (-2.1pts SP 26.09% SR)

    2:35 Lingfield Sir Dudley
    4:20 Lingfield Burauq
    7:50 Kempton Nasri


  2. thebz 3 years ago

    Kempton 17:50
    Isharah 4/1 NAP *****

  3. Johnb 3 years ago

    Think there has been a little bit of money for McDelta

    • jimron12 3 years ago

      No lulu Tommorrow ?? Back where the horse likes it 6/1 is a decent price!!

      • theamazingfrankel 3 years ago

        Biggest market swing. 8.89% price change from 5/1 best original odds to 5/2. Is that due to your followers, or connections then John. Good luck, looks a good bet.

        • Johnb 3 years ago

          It’s not just money from this site because every tip would be gambled if it was

      • Johnb 3 years ago

        Do like Shirataki but my two tips stronger

        • theamazingfrankel 3 years ago

          I just wondered as you see tipsters such as the ATR Hugh Taylor provide one tip and suddenly the price shoots down. It’s basically a false gamble, based on the number of page viewers a day backing that tipster. Hopefully you’ll hit the double tomorrow, tough race the first.

  4. jimron12 3 years ago

    Chetan 7.50 4/1 nap
    Kelsey 2.25 9/1 NB
    Serenity now 4.00 ew 14/1

    Round robin on them aswel

    Good luck!!!

  5. davyb 3 years ago

    inaam 1.30 lin
    Dolores delightful 3.35 tow
    el beau 4.00 muss
    brasted 4.55 lin

  6. jimron12 3 years ago

    Tracker horses

    Delors delightful 3.35
    Benbinn 3.00
    Weld Arab 7.20

  7. theamazingfrankel 3 years ago

    2/2 today, a 8/1 winner and a 6/5 NB/NAP winner.

    Haven’t had time to do much research due to work, but just the one for me tomorrow.

    NAP: Isharah 4/1 – Kempton 5:55 (level stakes)

    Was available at 8/1 not too long ago, but best price available at the moment. I expect the price to drift throughout the afternoon, while other debutants get backed in. Now the reason I like this horse is simply due to the pedigree, the cost of the horse and then the combination of Johnson/Fanning. Always put money on a Johnson newbie on the all weather, and hopefully this will provide the goods.

    Level stakes as I haven’t done enough groundwork to dig deep. The money talks on the exchange, and you can trust the trainer/jockey combo. I won’t be providing a outsider or NB unless I manage to get out of London early.

    GL all.

  8. alanm 3 years ago

    NAP New Rich 4/1 4.20 Lingfield
    NB Brasted 2/1 4.55 Lingfield
    They’re off and running Santiburi Spring 7/2 1.30 Lingfield GL

    • alanm 3 years ago

      New from tomorrow the lucky last Haames 20/1 EW just feel it is going to run well 8.50 Kempton

    • alanm 3 years ago

      off and running N/R so over to Johnb now for the off and running GL

  9. dodger22 3 years ago

    NAP/NB go west young man 13.50 towcester 5/4
    Off and running kristoff e/w 10/1 1.30 lingfield

  10. jimron12 3 years ago

    Forum Yankee

    Chetan 7.50
    New rich 4,20
    Isharah 5.55
    Mcdelta 8.50

    Let have it!

  11. davisam 3 years ago

    Vision de la vie NAP
    El beau NB
    No ceiling treble

  12. biggee 3 years ago

    6.20 kempton Diamond Charlie @5/1 bog Nap

  13. biggee 3 years ago

    3.10 Kempton Adventure Zone @5/1 bog NB

    Lucky Last.. is that not the same as gooj alanm..? Anyway Zed Candy Girl for me. Gd luck.

  14. 3 years ago

    hi everyone poor day for me yesterday but some great tipping on here by the regulars busstop alanm and dodger etc


    L 4.20 GHOST TRAIN


    L 3.45 JOHN REED NAP

    good luck everyone

    happy days

  15. Johnb 3 years ago

    McDelta as low as 6/4 now

  16. duncanpoundcake 3 years ago

    El Beau 4.00 Muss nap
    Sir Dudley 2.35 L
    John Reel 3.45 L
    Ferryview Place 5.20 K

  17. on the bob 3 years ago

    Not been on for a while but good to see there is still some quality tipping. A little break somtimes leads to a good day so let’s see.

    Nap: 2.35 Ling war department 11/2

    It’s a competitive race this and I think Jess and buying trouble will be in the mix but at the odds I’ll side with the horse that’s dropping in class and has 1lb less to carry after its last run which was its first for 100 days.

    Also have 2 for Kempton but I’ll wait on those.

    GL all

  18. eye on the prize 3 years ago

    Well looks like one of my Cheltenham vouchers could be going up in smoke today if what Mullins/ricci happens . Getting a run into Annie power means she would probs go for world hurdle ?

  19. 3 years ago

    Afternoon all

    Great day yesterday with 4 star nap and 3 star nb both winning

    very difficult today and wont be giving yesterdays winnings back .. small stakes only


    15.00 EMMA SODA ** NAP ** 6/1

    15.35 TIMONS TARA * 7/1

    16.10 RIDDLESTOWN * NB * 3/1

    Also had a small e/w on CASIIE 16/1 in the 14.25

    keep the stakes low today my advice

    gl all

  20. ew thief 3 years ago

    Morning all well done winners yesterday. Liking alot thats been put up today off you lads so will follow a few
    MONALEEN 3.45L@ 7-1
    DAMIENS DILEMMA 4.35M@ 6-1
    GOLDEN WEDDING 4.55L@ 8-1
    AJIG 7.50K@ 14-1
    BLACKTHORN STICK 8.20K@ 13-2
    GL ALL

  21. gengar 3 years ago

    3.45 Arch Villain 2/1 NAP/NB
    3.35 Streets Of Promise 15/2
    1.40 Proud Gamble 5/1
    6.20 Diamond Charlie 5/1

    • gengar 3 years ago


      • recoba 3 years ago

        Gengar I’m against you with your next 2 picks. Can cash out for £50 but its worth £380!!!

        Altesse De Guguye. 7/2
        Notarised…3.45. 10/3.

        I’ll take 3/4 pal ?

        • recoba 3 years ago

          Tak a bow mate…8/1!
          Should of waited till you had posted your tips. lol.
          Think ill cash it?? Ots of £s for the fav. Hmmm ?

          • gengar 3 years ago

            unlucky recoba some you win some you loose mate hope you cashed profit is profit

      • gengar 3 years ago

        boom 2 ;)

        • recoba 3 years ago

          Gengars on fire ? ? ?
          Well done mate. Great picks and all e best with your last ?

        • gengar 3 years ago

          boom 3

          • recoba 3 years ago

            Cashed out for £40 for £6.75. Might back your 4th ?

            • gengar 3 years ago

              bigee bckign it to he tipped it im fairly confident im aleeady 250 somthing up on the yankee which could end up around 2000 and singles are 170 up not bad for first day back chinnese tonight i think lol

  22. recoba 3 years ago

    With my strike rate recently some folk be glad to know I backed…

    SILVER SPRINGS…1.30. 5/1(last night) ?

    Also on Ew with…
    Freddy With A Y…4.55. 10/1
    Zed Candy Girl…8.50. 7/1

    • recoba 3 years ago

      Cash back.
      Forecast been nice but can’t back everything especially first bet of the day.

      GL with the double John ?

    • ray_ez 3 years ago

      Spotted this and had to give zed another chance. Cheers recoba.

  23. Johnb 3 years ago

    That makes the double interesting as McDelta doesn’t need to improve to win just the same performance as last time with more luck in running

    Faugheen out of Champion hurdle with injury

  24. Johnb 3 years ago

    ANNIE POWER for the Champion hurdle, got to be now

  25. dragoon 3 years ago

    Nice one on the NAP Johnb early afternoon profit! thank you

  26. ew thief 3 years ago

    Nice one johnb gl for the double
    Well done gengar

  27. rale 3 years ago

    Oh dear!!! Just read some guy had Faugheen on 32 seperate antepost bets. Ouch!

    • gengar 3 years ago

      did it say how much hes lost ?

      • rale 3 years ago

        No, but even if he put £10 each it hurts. And he will definitely do them again. Bookies won without race being run in Cheltenham.

  28. duncanpoundcake 3 years ago

    Vayland e/w next GL.

  29. jimron12 3 years ago

    Booooom 9/1 Kelsey you beauty!!!

  30. Johnb 3 years ago

    For anyone that’s not already on Thistlecrack, he is still available at 5/4
    If Aanie Power gets supplemented for the Champion hurdle which I think she will then Vroum Vroum Mag goes for the mares hurdle which then makes Thistlecrack a short odds on for the World hurdle but you can get 5/4 just now but not for long

    • jimron12 3 years ago

      I’m gonna sacrifice my ante post on Annie and faugheen and double up on that treble great shout jb!

      • Johnb 3 years ago

        jimron12 it’s days like today when news comes out punters have to react quick and not debate too much on what might happen because it’s non runner no bet now which means the punter isn’t really risking anything
        I think it’s nailed on that they supplement Annie Power and Vroum Vroum goes for the mares

        • Johnb 3 years ago

          But please everyone check its non runner no bet first as I wouldn’t put it past the bookies to suspend non runner no bet till things are sorted

  31. Johnb 3 years ago

    Bookies already getting wise to Vroum Vroum Mag for the mares hurdle as all bookies have now shortened her but 7/4 is available
    Annie Power now favourite for the Champion Hurdle

    • recoba 3 years ago

      How would you find the horse on Bet365 and back the treble if its still not been supplemented or declared for a race yet John mate?

      • recoba 3 years ago

        Got it ?

      • Johnb 3 years ago

        The Champion hurdle & world hurdle are under Antepost uk & Ireland NRNB

        The mares hurdle is under antepost uk & Ireland
        But this race is not non runner no bet

  32. ew thief 3 years ago

    Nice winners Jimron busstop & boz gl for rest of the day everyone off to work

  33. gengar 3 years ago

    this is looking good day for the site weve prettynmuch covered half of the races and evryone is winning lol lets keep it up

  34. tomt 3 years ago

    Don’t normally have chance to use the the racing thread but on half-term this week. Big thanks to Jimron, Boz and Busstop for some big priced winners – backed the last 2 favourites at Punchestown in between races too. My balance is now extremely healthy. Keep it up lads, cheers.

  35. thebz 3 years ago

    Awesome ipping Busstop with Emma soda!

  36. alanm 3 years ago

    Well done Boz Jimron Busstop great tipping guys and nice off and running Johnb onwards

    Biggie lucky last is very last race of the day.

  37. bigdazza123 3 years ago

    Ghost Train 420
    Brasted 455

    10/1 Double

    Good luck

  38. jimron12 3 years ago

    14/1 ew 9/1 winner ew round robin looking good just waiting for the 4/1 for Cheltenham to be all paid for :)

  39. gengar 3 years ago

    lmao this becoming funny evryome is winning lmao nice one alan m lol

  40. alanm 3 years ago

    Nap 4/1 ?

    • jimron12 3 years ago

      Great start to the forum Yankee alanm I’ve gone a bit big on this one today!!!

  41. 3 years ago

    cheers guys nap wins 6/1 but i did go lower stake today .. looks a great day for the thread with plenty of winners

    john gengar alanm boz jimron all with winners sorry if ive missed anyone


  42. eye on the prize 3 years ago

    Well what a day 3 sizeable antepost trebles bite the dust with faugheen another one definently in the balance with Annie power . On the plus side 3 out of 4 on the Yankee with johnbs innan bozs frivolous lady and busstops Emma soda cheers guys !!

  43. Johnb 3 years ago

    Thursday’s Tips

    Sabaani 10/3 NB bet365

    Bracken Brae 2/1 NAP bet365

    Double 12/1 bet365

  44. gengar 3 years ago

    ah well 3 1sts and a second cant complain well done today everyone

  45. alanm 3 years ago

    NAP Coorg 2/1 6.40 Chelmsford
    NB Bracken Brae 5/2 8.10 Chelmsford
    They’re off and running Road To Gold 4/1 1.20 Kelso
    Lucky last is the NB @ 5/2 GL

    • jimron12 3 years ago

      Oh no we have the same nap and NB just vice versa!!!!! We never usually do well together hahah

  46. belter 3 years ago

    Thanks John b, Alan M and busstop great tipping guys. Just need John’s 2nd horse for a tidy grand on my super heinz. Had a cash out of 1700 earlier but would of been more gutted taking that and the others winning. Still got a nice profit today ragardless of what happens in the last. Thanks again guys

  47. alanm 3 years ago

    SORRY 7/4 Bracken Brae

  48. kev 3 years ago

    Well done to all winners today guys, on fire! ;)

  49. jimron12 3 years ago

    Any news on my nap I’m out and signal is very bad!!!

  50. alanm 3 years ago

    jimron winner mate well done

    • wmgy 3 years ago

      Yep – long wait but Chetan gets it. Personally I thought it was Ajig.

  51. thebz 3 years ago

    God knows how that wasnt a DH, well done though Jimron nice winner

  52. ray_ez 3 years ago

    Had an ew Yankee on today.
    Thanks out to jb, boz, Alanm, and Theamazingfrankell.
    2 wins 2 places.
    Also on zed candy girl. She was u lucky last time out and the price was mental for jb’s pick.
    Guess what I’m saying is add me to the ‘good day’ list.
    Still my favourite place on the Internet this forum. On to tomorrow.

  53. Johnb 3 years ago

    Seen George Baker stronger in a finish, think he thought he had won and was looking at a future handicap mark there, you can see the glance over in despair

  54. recoba 3 years ago

    Yip john… unlucky. I had the winner but after Ronaldo first goal I think in fact i would have took an Ew for you with 7/1 on Zed Candy Girl. ?

    Onwards… ?

    Ps well done ALL the winners

  55. jimron12 3 years ago

    Brilliant day today on the forum and personally aswell

  56. biggee 3 years ago

    Definitely a lucky last! Well done all winners today too many to mention thread’s on fire!!

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