SUNDAY is Valentine's Day so let's see a little bit more love on the racing thread.

There were some good winners posted on Saturday but the baiting of busstop is childish and won't be tolerated.

Don't let one or two idiots spoil it for others and the best advice is to ignore childish comments and allow admin to deal with them.

Johnb made a 0.5pt profit on Saturday and is up 13.9pts in February.

Johnb's Sunday Tips

Exeter 3.40
Midnight Prayer 5-2 NAP Paddy Power

Southwell 3.50
Captain Revelation 4-1 NB bet365

Midnight Prayer & Captain Revelation 15.25-1 bet365

  1. Johnb 3 years ago

    0.5 point profit Saturday
    February 13.9 points up

  2. theamazingfrankel 3 years ago

    I’m off to Exeter races Sunday, does anyone have any strong tips? I shall study the cards tonight and post my tips later for tomorrow.

    • Johnb 3 years ago

      Midnight Prayer

    • rale 3 years ago

      I’ve heard that racing in Exeter might be abandoned. Already waterlogged and more rain expected tomorrow. Check before you go.

    • Johnb 3 years ago

      Clerk of the course said course is 90% racable, expecting 5mm of rain through the night

  3. jimron12 3 years ago

    Clerk of the course said course is 90% racable, expecting 5mm of rain through the night

  4. double carpet 3 years ago

    Agree with Johnb with Midnight prayer has by far the best form in the book and I also think at the odds that Masters Hill could put it up to Final Bay and repeat last year’s success
    Enjoy the day anyway.

    • double carpet 3 years ago


      • theamazingfrankel 3 years ago

        Cheers, this is my shortlist at the moment. I will check the beauties out tomorrow in the paddock (if its on), before deciding though. Love being there, gives you a real chance to choose a winner once you eye the paddock and I get the chance to speak to a few connections from Somerset way.

        I’ve looked at these,

        3.10 – Unowhatimeanharry / west approach
        3.40 – Midnight prayer/shangani
        4.10 – Fingal bay/Masters Hill
        4.40 – Southfield vic/buckhorn timothy

        So those are the ones I like the look of on paper, with the “/” as I want to see them in flesh before deciding. But we will see. I expect Ill be posting one of these as my tips for tomorrow soon anyway.

  5. ghunt11 3 years ago

    Glad to have 2 places and a winner since not having much chance to look. Well done to everyone with winners !
    May not post tomorrow as its a day for the misses but will try have a look.. Good luck

  6. double carpet 3 years ago

    I’m sticking to Navan myself with a couple of bets

    NAP PRINCE OF SCARS 5/4 3.00
    Although Cooper is on Dedigout I think POS is very progressive and will be the fitter of the two.

    EW COURT JESTER 14/1 4.30
    Winner of the race 2 years ago off 93 and in here off 88 with the jockey taking another 4lbs off. I think he’s overpriced and worth a play if he can capture the form he shown 2 runs ago when 3rd of 13. The winner of that race went on to win again off 8lbs higher mark LTO so hopefully he can give me a run for my money.

    Best of luck to all

  7. wmgy 3 years ago

    3.10 Exeter
    The Romford Pele 12/1

    3.20 Southwell
    Hoofalong 9/1

    3.30 Navan
    Railway Tommy 10/1

  8. duncanpoundcake 3 years ago

    Megara 4.50 Southwell 11/8 trainer 5 wins from last 6
    There are so many quotes from him but this one stands out for me.
    “As trainers, our great duty is to prepare them properly for what is a very, very severe test. Our duty is to make sure that a horse is never asked to do what he is incapable of doing. Just like children.

    “Because I firmly believe that no horse wants to go to a race meeting, I am grimly determined to make sure, and I appreciate how important it is, to never, ever run one that is not ready.”

    Prescott finds that the harder you work, the harder it is to surrender. Consequently he has “never lost a night’s sleep over a horse. Never. Because I don’t think I’ve ever gone to bed when I haven’t thought I’ve done everything I can do.”

  9. theamazingfrankel 3 years ago

    Main tips for tomorrow, I’m off to Exeter so hopefully can get a few tips on here. Will post if I hear anything while I’m there (if I get the chance).

    NAP – Navan 4:00 – Black Hercules EVENS (Get on this quick, odds will drop I’m sure) Double Stake
    NB – Exeter 3:10 – UnowhatImeanharry 5/1 (Hoping I won’t change my mind when I see them in the paddock)

    Other picks:
    Southwell: 4:50 – Megara 5/4

    Outsider of the day:
    Southwell 3:20 – Apache Storm 7/1 E/W

  10. alanm 3 years ago

    Exeter Latest

    Heavy, Waterlogged in a few places 90% Racable (GoingStick: Chase 5.3, Hurdle 5.7 on Thursday at 10:30)
    Updated @ 3:03pm, Sat 13 Feb Rails: All races will be run on the chase bends, The last Fence & last Hurdle will be omitted. Race distances. Races 1, 2 & 7 + 90yds. Race 3 + 135yds. Races 4,5 & 6 + 10yds.
    Updated @ 3:03pm, Sat 13 Feb Inspections: INSPECTION NOW 8AM SUNDAY
    Updated @ 3:04pm, Sat 13 Feb

  11. alanm 3 years ago

    NAP Mazovian 11/8 1.50 Southwell
    NB Jaarih 8/1 3.20 Southwell
    They’re off and running is the Nap GL

  12. alanm 3 years ago

    Liking the last FAV at each meeting tomorrow for a 5.71/1 BOG treble looks a great bet GL

  13. biggee 3 years ago

    Think your tip the other day alanm Phantom Flipper has a great chance to finally get his head in front tomorrow.

    • biggee 3 years ago

      4.20 Southwell

      • alanm 3 years ago

        Biggee seen it but 7/4 for a 0/12 will wait till it knows how to win a race tomorrow?

    • alanm 3 years ago

      Biggee think gg has been told to stop tipping winners his picks lately have been very strange I would you say.

      • biggee 3 years ago

        Yeah you’re right alanm very strange. I guess with all tipsters including ourselves we’ll have baron spells along with hitting a purple patch although I’m still waiting to hit mine :) I think Hugh Taylor is the man at the moment it’s almost impossible to get on at his advertised odds but he’s seems to be finding a few winners lately. I see he’s taken a weeks holiday tho which is a shame. Anyway as you say onwards we go and busstop get yourself back on here you’ve been sorely missed!

  14. rookie 3 years ago

    15.20 Sou Ballista 7/1
    15.30 Nav Josies orders 9/1
    15.50 Sou Afkar 8/1

  15. jimron12 3 years ago

    Some solid favs today should be a profitable day

  16. davyb 3 years ago

    monsieur Jamie 2.50 s
    hoofalong 3.20 s
    afkar 3.50 s
    rocket power 4.20 s

  17. de niro 3 years ago

    The Eagle has Landed 7/1 stan james nap

    Guapo Bay 13/2 stan james
    Pretty Bubbles 20/1 stan james nb
    Canford Crossing 9/1 stan james

  18. duncanpoundcake 3 years ago

    Think I will take a chance at a big price with Padge ,never out of the frame over hurdles 20/80.
    Also thinking Josephine Gordon might have a big day GL.

  19. double carpet 3 years ago

    As Court Jester is now a N/R im going ti go for MAD BRIAN 3.30 7/1 ew.
    Seems to be lots of confidence behind him today when you see he was 16s last night. Rated 21lbs higher over fences and if back to anywgere near his best will take some beating

  20. de niro 3 years ago

    fantastic yesterday dc

  21. biggee 3 years ago

    Imjin River 2.50 Southwell got my tenner on it this morning at 7/1 should get a fast pace and swoop late well that’s my theory. :)

  22. alanm 3 years ago

    theamazingfrankel davyb wmgy jimron all well done guys great tips as for me crap today onwards we go.

  23. champyr 3 years ago

    Well done JohnB, although I guess it helps when it’s the only one that finished.

  24. alex 3 years ago

    Well done JohnB won by default was almost in reverse when crossing the line :)

  25. alanm 3 years ago

    Well done johnb

  26. rale 3 years ago

    Well deserved luck on the Nap JB! NB not the best ride in my opinion.

  27. Johnb 3 years ago

    Someone needs to be held accountable for Exeter going ahead today, only managed to see the 3:40 today and it’s an absolute joke, no way is that course racable, it’s embarrassing to watch and a disgrace

    • wmgy 3 years ago

      Agree John – as commented afterwards it was not a great advert for racing.

  28. wn 3 years ago

    Seriously, Ruby Walsh needs to be investigated, how is he constantly falling at the final fence/hurdle?

    • jimron12 3 years ago

      It does make you wonder doesn’t it as he is employed by a bookmaker Annie power falls and he get a rise!? Purely speculation I might add but I wouldn’t be surprised

      • champyr 3 years ago

        But then what about Killultagh Vic, horses fall when tired mostly and that’s likely to be at the last if they get that far.

  29. jimron12 3 years ago

    Another good day today looked good for a few well done to all alanm your human after all!!! @alanm

  30. theamazingfrankel 3 years ago

    Exeter was great today guys, the conditions were bad though. A lot of fallers. John well done with the nap, but you were very very lucky. Had no energy left at all, if Golden didn’t fall it would’ve romped home. I backed ur nap though so I was cheering! Haha.

    Great day today, the NB was fantastic, and I put extra on after seeing the beast in the flesh. Very sad about hercules falling, was winning by a length and jumping very well when fell at the last. Incredibly unlucky, backed at evens and was backed into 1.3 odds! Incredible.

    Well done all today. My favourite winner was when I backed Ben to beat Southfield vic, the bookies were not pleased! So many punters backed against Southfield who jumped and ran terribly. The conditions so testing however.

    • 3 years ago

      Mines was even worse theamazingfrankel a was on Black Hercules at 11/8 TBH a was never happy at Walsh sticking to the inside you hardly ever see horses going round Navan hard to the inside for some reason the fences look bigger inside plus he also kept taking a pull fiddling the fences instead of just letting the horse stride out using its fast jumping to cocky IMO just looking to ease away in the run in.
      I hope its not picked up an injury av got 16s for it to win any race at Cheltenham the horse is made for Patrick in the 4miler.

  31. Johnb 3 years ago

    0.25 point loss today because of a rule 4 thanks to Midnight Prayer winning or being handed the race but if a tired horse falls then maybe it’s not that lucky
    February 13.65 points up

    Monday’s Tip

    Pancake Day 13/2 NAP/NB bet365 (double stake)

    • Johnb 3 years ago

      Before anyone starts saying Golden Chieftain would have won if not for falling, I am not saying that,
      yes the horse would have won but it was a tired jump and if you can’t jump you don’t win

      • theamazingfrankel 3 years ago

        Wins a win John. I was very relieved to be honest though. Don’t think midnight would’ve been able to give anymore, had to slap her over the finishing line. Well done though.

        • theamazingfrankel 3 years ago

          John, does it not worry you that Novabridge has been backed from 12/1 to 3/1 favourite in the matter of an hour or so? High draw to run from, and no form. Must be some word on it?

  32. 3 years ago

    Johnb looks like you can bin your Ttebbob antipost slip getting beat of a horse thats going for the 4miler was a shocker.
    Looked like a horse that had its hart ripped out by Douvan.
    Agree about Exeter its should never had been on watching horses being pulled up refusing or finishing legless does the sport no favours mind you some late gamble on the Hobbs bumper horse in the last 2mins it went out to 10/11 then hammered into 8/15 only horse that finished its race all day.

  33. rookie 3 years ago

    16.30 Plum Lord bryan 5/2
    16.10 Catt Another hero 5/2
    15.50 Wolv Space mountain 5/2
    14.40 Catt Sailors warn 11/2

    E/w fancy
    16.00 Plum Hallingham 12/1

  34. davisam 3 years ago

    Struggle to post tomorrow.

    1.50 wolve SERAPHIMA E/W 10/1

    2.40 Catt SAILORS WARN 5/1

    3.10 Catt ASKAMORE DARSI 5/2 NB

    4.10 Catt ANOTHER HERO NAP 5/2

  35. theamazingfrankel 3 years ago

    Let’s get the week off to another cracker, and have plenty of winners on the site.

    NAP: Razor Wind 7/4 – Wolves 4:20

    NB: Novobridge 7/2 – Wolves 1:50

    Outsider of the day:
    Billy no name 6/1 – Plumpton 3.00

  36. Author
    Mr Fixit 3 years ago

    rale, you and the other guy can’t say that unless you have proof.
    You didn’t say but you agreed with the inference it was done on purpose.

  37. duncanpoundcake 3 years ago

    Mont Ras ,4.20 up in distance for new trainer ,goes well fresh,shame there’s not 8 runners GL.

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