JOHNB continued his good December from with a 4-1 winner on Thursday for a 2pt profit. 

He's now 52.4pts up for the month and hoping to squeeze in more success before the new year.

Johnb's Friday Tips

Newcastle 2:20
John Milton 6-1 NAP paddy power

Haydock 12:40
Aliandy 4-1 NB paddy power

Double 34-1 paddy power

Antepost Tips

  • 1000 Guineas 2017 – PROMISE TO BE TRUE 20-1 Betfred (now 25-1)
  • 2000 Guineas 2017 – CHURCHILL 20-1 bet365 (now 6-4)
  • 2017 Derby – CHURCHILL 33-1 Racebets (now 7-1)
  • 2000 Guineas 2017 – BLUE POINT 14-1 racebets (now 33-1)

Johnb says: “I have already advised Churchill for next year's 2000 Guineas & Derby – he has been really impressive this season and my view is he will get even better next year.

“Blue Point on the other hand is harder to call for how he will progress next year. If he trains on then in my view it’s a straight fight between Blue Point & Churchill but in the Derby Churchill is the only horse for me – he gives me the same excitement as Golden Horn did.

“But to answer my question earlier the most impressive horse I have seen this year is BLUE POINT with Churchill and Annie Power a close second and third.”

  1. joshyboy3 2 years ago

    Boz I’m going to haydock tomorrow, what are the chances of it being on??

    • 2 years ago

      joshy definatley off .talking to guys last night said there was no chance

      sorry for bad news would have been there as usual myself

      happy frosty days

  2. the ego 2 years ago

    have to say the thread has been going great guns of late. dont think ive ever seen so many big priced winners in the 12 months ive followed this site. long may it continue well done to all who contribute and make this site what it is. everyone getting on well and great to see all the childish bickering has stopped also.

    On to tomorrow and i have some really big info off my brother obviously i cant post it till nearer the race time. Its from the same source as todays tip which unfortunatly finished second but was backed off the boards from 10s into 3s as our money was down. I ll post in the morning when i get a minute to keep u all informed.

    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone. best wishes rafe

  3. jimron12 2 years ago

    Anyone else think doctor Harper deserves one more chance….

    Great price …..

  4. Johnb 2 years ago


    I was really surprised to see this horse wasn’t made favourite as I am struggling to see just how he can get beat,
    The extra distance is only going to help and I can’t see the going being a problem
    Only one winner in my mind but it’s racing

  5. hamish75 2 years ago

    Johnb looks like friday is neck oan the block day aliandy sounds like a penalty kick as ye canny c how it can get beat n it’s only rated nb nap must b a steering job a like this kind of confidence ktf

    • Johnb 2 years ago

      Honestly I think the Nap is steering job even against an odds on favourite but I have been this confident before and it’s gone ? shaped

  6. jazzerbhoy 2 years ago

    Well done all the winners today. I put extra on my nap as I saw a few trusted tipsters on here go with it also. So a good couple of days betting wise for myself makes a welcome change.
    Ian Jardine/Martin Dwyer combo gave me a nice wuinner the other day they team up at Newcastle so not a tip, but just got to go with them at 12/1 ew will also be on Celtic Artisan 7/1 and Sea of Green 8/1 for small stakes only.
    Johnb I’m ready to invest in your venture m8 keep me posted please.

  7. davyb 2 years ago

    bryden boy 12.40 hay
    amazour 1.20 nc
    masterpaver 1.50 nc
    tanarpino 2.10 nc

  8. hamish75 2 years ago

    Jazzerboy watch ye don’t walk into the kitchen door cos a fink yev got yer tinted glasses oan gud luck mate ktf

  9. manictwig 2 years ago

    Pardon hamish?

    15.40 Haydock Druids Folly 11/4

  10. hamish75 2 years ago

    Manictwig all will b revealed wen jazzerboy wakes up guys luck wi druids folly ktf

  11. hamish75 2 years ago

    Sorry bout the typo shud read gud luck. Ktf

  12. alanm 2 years ago

    NAP Amazour 4/1 1/20 Newcastle
    NB Lets Go Dutchess 3/1 4.00 Taunton
    EW Hernando Torres 6/1 3.50 Newcastle

  13. alanm 2 years ago

    BOZ hopefully one for the lads in the pub Aubusson 8/1 2.40 Haydock

    • 2 years ago

      alanm meeting will be off which is a pity frost everywhere here and its in the ground

      inspection 7.30 but no chance

      good luck

  14. tipsultan 2 years ago

    Taunton 1.30- Song Of The Night -7/2 (NAP)
    Haydock- 3.10- Global Stage- 4/1 (NB)

    1 point singles and double

    Good luck

  15. 2 years ago

    Just checked guys their not even bothering with the 7.30 inspection Haydock is already off.

  16. jimron12 2 years ago

    Altesse de guye 2.30
    Dusky legend 3.00
    John Milton 2.20 jb
    Amanzour 1.20 alanm

    Yankee for me today as haydock is off!

    Good luck all

  17. the ego 2 years ago

    sorry everyone that horse isnt running with haydock being off. no horse bets for me today.

    seamus coleman to score first at 22-1 with pp is the standout bet for me. for those who dont mind taking shorter odds i like steve morrison for millwall to score first also. might be best having that one in a double due to the shorter odds

    good luck today everyone

    • the ego 2 years ago

      morro is 9-2 with betway. thought he might be a bit shorter tbh. had €200 on him on boxing day to score first but typicaly lee gregory got the first. morros turn today!

      • boing boing 2 years ago

        Ego yer tips ar actually first class. if ye we ‘rent such a big head pepole might actually like yer! ?

        • waxi 2 years ago

          Tbf the ego hasnt said a thing about his last 2 winners and one of those was 28-1. One person on here called himself a hero for putting up a 33-1 winner lol Although the ego i do think you should stop mentioning how much you put on your bets i think thats what winds people up! But keep posting these winners mate!

          • Mr Fixit 2 years ago

            Stakes are irrelevant so I agree with what you’re saying. Also no one knows if the stakes are accurate.

        • Mr Fixit 2 years ago

          On this site modesty counts. The more modest you are the better received you are.

  18. 2 years ago

    Morning all

    Juat 2 bets for me today with Haydock off


    14.00 THE UNIT


    gl all

  19. 2 years ago

    Morning all,

    After a non runner yesterday I have opted to sit out today’s racing with Haydock being called off. Well done to all the winners yesterday and best of luck today to anyone having a bet.

    Many thanks and GL all

  20. wmgy 2 years ago

    4.20 Newcastle
    Jebel Tara 25/1


  21. ew thief 2 years ago

    Morning all well done winners yesterday
    Tatlisu 1.20n 12/1
    Balducci 2.50n 16/1
    Princess peaches 3.20n 12/1
    Let right be done 3.50n 25/1
    Nefetari 4.20n 16/1
    Ew singles & ew lucky31?Gl all

  22. acsafc 2 years ago

    NBA for tonight another moneyline price boost:
    Pacers, Wizards, Celtics & Hawks to win 3/1

  23. haggis44 2 years ago

    Booooom Alan m your the man great tipping once again had captain lars yesterday aswell thank you brilliant alan

  24. earl 2 years ago

    Alan, tremendous tipping yet again

  25. thenewone 2 years ago

    nice one busstop with the unit ;)

  26. alanm 2 years ago

    Nice one Busstop well done.
    Thanks guys onwards

  27. haggis44 2 years ago

    Brilliant double busstop come on Alan’s henando for a lucky 15 aswell awesome tipping Alan and busstop thank you

  28. alanm 2 years ago

    Brilliant Busstop as always

  29. thenewone 2 years ago

    get in bustop and alanm… your three in a lucky 63…..behind the wire….azamour….the unit….thank you guys !!!! ;)

  30. thenewone 2 years ago

    waiting on hernando torres for four out of six…..fingers crossed

  31. thehawk 2 years ago

    Got to take your hat off to Busstop and Alanm 2 of most consistent tipsters on here well done guys.

  32. nazalus 2 years ago

    Effin typical..Had Amazour….The Unit…..Behind The Wire & John Milton in 3 different bets…Yankee,,,L15 & an EW Acca…….Johnb’s let me down for over £900….Aw well,profits profit…£110 from £13 is not to be sniffed at..Thanks guys for the tips,i aint got a clue about horses except they got 4 legs & go Neigh !!!!!

  33. jimron12 2 years ago

    Dusky legend To not make the day a total loss!!

    Well done alanm and bus!!

    Early nap for tomorrow elegenat escape 10/1 betfair

  34. 2 years ago

    Busstop & Alanm, Super Tipping. Big well done?

  35. 2 years ago

    cheeers guiys great day 2 from 2 2/1 6/1

    alanm well done with your nap

    been some great tipping on here of late john alanm bozz jimron tipsultan etc etc
    great to see

    but everybody will have good and bad days thats horseracing

    one last thing wheres dougie anyone know

    gl all

  36. azzthewigan 2 years ago

    hellavashock 3.20 tinker time 3.30 little rocky 4.00 canford bell 4.20 ewl15 well done busstop awsome double cheers also Alanm cheers

  37. 2 years ago

    azz behind the wire ?? did a wiganer bet that mate.


  38. alanm 2 years ago

    Mr Sundowner in the lucky last Newcastle 5/1 GL

  39. Johnb 2 years ago

    December 50.4pts up

    Yanmare 5/1 NAP/NB william hill (double stake)

    Won for us last time and still improving, distance and ground will be fine,
    5/1 looks a tad on the generous side and he is clearly the one to beat,
    On a mark of 104 Yanmare is still well ahead of the handicapper, he does need to run a bit more fluently but that will come in time and any sort of improvement from his last run would be good enough to win this and there is stills plenty of improvement to come from Yanmare

    • jcb 2 years ago

      Any reason to not fancy Aliandy in the 1.40 tomorrow JohnB after tipping him up today?

      • Johnb 2 years ago

        I though today’s race was perfect, it was a lower grade over further and was a conditional jockeys race,
        Aliandy does have a decent chance Saturday but today wouyhave been significantly easier

  40. azzthewigan 2 years ago

    best wire I have ever bet on busstop cheers mate

  41. 2 years ago

    well done alanm and busstop

    thought id put mine up this morning dont know what happened to bothered about Haydock being off .Good thing is first one lost so just 2 now.

    3.50 oak bluffs
    4.20 mr potter

    good luck everyone

    happy days

  42. kev 2 years ago

    Great stuff today bustop! And nice nap again Alanm! hope you all have a great new year guys and thanks for all the tips through the year!

  43. alanm 2 years ago

    Early Nap Temple Road 7/2. 3.45 Lingfield

    Happy New year everyone

    • jimron12 2 years ago

      I’ll add it to the 3 below for a nice big Yankee end the year with a bang!!!

      Happy new year all have a good one ?

  44. jimron12 2 years ago


    Elegenat escape 1.50
    Yanmare yours
    Aliandy 1.40


    • Johnb 2 years ago

      I like all three, both Elegant Escape and Aliandy were on my shortlist but today would have been a lot easier for Aliandy for the reasons I stated above

  45. kev 2 years ago

    Alanm, DC, boz, bustop, dougiec, swany, e/w thief,Tipsultan, Jimba, Elvis, hamish, also new addition this year jimron – thanks for all the tips – much appreciated! Happy new year!

  46. kev 2 years ago

    And johnb for another good year! Hope hibs win the league pal! Thanks for all the information and work you put in all year round – appreciated

  47. kev 2 years ago

    Forgot Duncan ? Sorry pal and see you tomorrow maybe ?

  48. sean ireland 2 years ago

    John hope hibs do the business this year, have them in a few season long bets alongside the great Churchill. Commons surely will tip the scale in their favour

  49. 2 years ago

    Happy New year all,?? racing thread on fire recently, long may it continue!!

  50. sean ireland 2 years ago

    Will nick luck be sharing his thoughts this weekend

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