IT was a strange sort of day for Johnb with his three main tips losing but seven on the shortlist he asked for winning – including a 40-1 chance.

He also predicted Thistlecrack would “easily” beat Cue Card. After all that he is 52.4pts up for December.

Some of the comments made about Johnb were spot on – others were ridiculous. Regulars know what our man brings to the table.

Johnb's Tuesday Tips

Kempton 1.10
Nordic Nymph 5-2 NB William Hill

Nordic Nymph is an old favourite of this thread, she has won us plenty but that doesn’t mean she owes us nothing, no horse owes us anything. There are no sentimental selections just selections that are expected to win.
I first advised Nordic Nymph as a double stake 12-1 Nap/Nb over two years ago when I gave a confident write-up stating that for her breeding a mark of 80 was far too low and the step up to three miles would suit her. Now she is rated 118 and I still fancy her to win,
She steps up in class yet again but with only six races in two years – five wins and a second – she still has improvement in her and it’s only her third run this year. Distance and ground are yet again okay and the trainer is in decent form with his last two runners both winning.

Chepstow 2.40
Unioniste 20-1 NAP William Hill

The Welsh Grand National with 10 runners is on paper a brace Nap but here we have what is a very well-handicapped horse in Unioniste who should love this testing course. He did win easy a 3m 2f Kelso race on heavy ground and followed it up with a second to Many Clouds at the same course. Three disappointing runs since but the combination of going, distance and course here makes me fancy him strongly for the win.

0.5pt eachway double 72.5-1 William Hill

Antepost Tips

  • 1000 Guineas 2017 – PROMISE TO BE TRUE 20-1 Betfred (now 25-1)
  • 2000 Guineas 2017 – CHURCHILL 20-1 bet365 (now 6-4)
  • 2017 Derby – CHURCHILL 33-1 Racebets (now 7-1)
  • 2000 Guineas 2017 – BLUE POINT 14-1 racebets (now 33-1)

Johnb says: “I have already advised Churchill for next year's 2000 Guineas & Derby – he has been really impressive this season and my view is he will get even better next year.

“Blue Point on the other hand is harder to call for how he will progress next year. If he trains on then in my view it’s a straight fight between Blue Point & Churchill but in the Derby Churchill is the only horse for me – he gives me the same excitement as Golden Horn did.

“But to answer my question earlier the most impressive horse I have seen this year is BLUE POINT with Churchill and Annie Power a close second and third.”

  1. jazzerbhoy 2 years ago

    Johnb strange day for you yesterday, with great success from pics which weren’t your main bets.
    I’m sure most of us do the same,where we pick our 2 or 3 main fancies, and have greater success with horses we feel could win,but can’t justify them enough to be the main bets.
    Absolutely nothing wrong with what you posted yesterday in my humble opinion,you do it for the good of the site,that’s good enough for me.
    Richter Scale nb 7/2
    1:05 W’hampton
    Shan Dun Na Ngall
    Nap 4.0 3/1.
    My two nags for tomorrow. Good luck to all.

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 2 years ago

      It happens to us all. I assume most people make a list of horses or teams they like then knock down.
      I used to post a Saturday Super Single shortlist and might start that again.
      Quite often I had 8 or 9 out of 10 but picked the wrong one.

    • alanm 2 years ago

      Nice one jazzerbhoy well done

  2. jazzerbhoy 2 years ago

    Thought thistlecrack looked amazing,sometimes he looked all wrong going into the fence,but adjusted brilliantly a very clever and class horse.

    • Johnb 2 years ago

      I can’t remember another horse that wanted to jump the open ditches from so far out and it’s not mistakes, he actually means it, he is testing himself just to see how far away from a fence he can be and still get over, you could hear the gasps from the crowd at some of those fences and he is an intelligent horse as he learns from the few mistakes he makes,
      said it before the race, he is something very special,
      I heard some people say Cue Card wasn’t at his best today but that was down to Thistlecrack as the pace was relentless and the others couldn’t handle it, definitely going to be one of the best in what will be a short chase career

      A pic of just how far he was wanting to jump from the fence, awesome

      • jazzerbhoy 2 years ago

        That’s just an amazing pic Johnb thanks for sharing.

      • elvis parsley 2 years ago

        The only disappointing thing is that thistlecrack is an old novice at 8.
        Imagine if he was 6, he could have another 3 years at the top at this distance as I don’t see many potential gold cup winners coming through.
        Today was certainly a changing of the guard day. With yanworth also seeing off the older horses. Unfortunately the changing of the guard came too soon for me as I was on new one and cue card.

        • Johnb 2 years ago

          That’s why I said short chase career, if he wins the Gold Cup he will be 9
          I still say he is the best I have seen for a long time so he could do it at 10 but there are decent horses that can be bought in France, there are some hurdlers that look capable of being possible Gold Cup horses in a couple of years time
          Nobody knew about Thistlecrack as a future Gold Cup horse two years ago

          • elvis parsley 2 years ago

            Douvan would win any race they put him in, but will they ever have the balls to run him over gold cup distance ??

  3. jimron12 2 years ago

    Jb anything I can do you can do better well done with your 40/1!!! Debating going back in on native river and obenightinvienna 10/1 , 25/1

    • Johnb 2 years ago

      Mine wasn’t a tip though I was just posting my shortlist horses that were fancies but not quite strong enough for me to tip them

  4. 2 years ago

    Im terribly sorry my short list was large and also full of winners but you don’t get anything for posting your shortlist in this game. My short list had some huge priced winners in it but as johnb knows you need to stick by the rules. We move on thankfully as my short list would have made a huge profit compared to my actual 6 bets. I’m looking for winners tomorrow expect a post shortly.

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 2 years ago

      I don’t see what the problem is with posting the shortlists. People can decide what to back themselves but might see something on the shortlist they’ve already picked out. But of course Johnb hasn’t included them in his stats.

      • 2 years ago

        Mrfixit I’m not being a b**ch all I’m saying is that everyday I start with a large short list but I don’t see any point in posting it as you then narrow down your shortlist by your given rules and criteria. That’s all I’m saying. I have never not once said a bad word about johnb and I am in fact an avid follower. I just thought I should make my opionion known. Best of luck

        • 2 years ago

          I have been a tipster in one way or another for over 7 years and you live or die by your tips. No one else gives a shortlist and all I was saying was I don’t see a point In posting a shortlist of tips.

        • Author
          Mr Fixit 2 years ago

          I wasn’t having a go at you – just saying Johnb should put up his shortlist when he wants and often he is asked to do do.
          You mention rules – I’ve never given any contributor rules.
          As headline racing tipster Johnb posts his stats as he should but his stats have to be taken long term and not short term.
          Goodnight all.

          • 2 years ago

            Sorry by rules I mean rules for giving a tip as in the weight/distance/mark ect not rules from the site. I have a number of set rules for giving a tip and if horses don’t make that they are rule out. And this process shortens my shortlist if you see what I mean. The same process apples to most tipsters.

            I know johnb is often asked for a shortlist but my point is that I don’t see any point in posting it. Because if you stick to your “rules” you shouldn’t need to post a shortlist.

    • elvis parsley 2 years ago

      6 main bets and a short list full of winners ?
      Surely that’s a long list !

      • 2 years ago


        It was Boxing Day with so much racing to study my shortlist was rather large!! 10 meetings to go over makes it rather time consuming. I wish you the best of luck tomorrow

    • Johnb 2 years ago

      harryjw Difference is nobody can see yours, mine were actually posted because I was asked if I would and some people actually backed them so I do get something out of it and even if only one person decided to back them then it’s worth it

      I have said numerous times over the years that I do not advise people to back any of the shortlisted horses but I will not refuse to post them if people want to back them

      One of them wasn’t even shortlisted, as I said it was something new I was trying for the punters that liked stat or system based horses which I have done successfully in the past and for your information there are no rules as it’s not a competition, I just post my stats to prove to people that with patience and self control betting can be profitable, win or lose I post stats because I know long term I will show a profit and all three years I have been on here have shown a profit

      • 2 years ago


        I know noone can see my shortlist that is the point I chose to post only the horses I back. I know that you and I have similar approaches to backing horses. We both take a very cautioned approach to it. I, as you know play small until I see a horse I really fancy and you stick with your system that is profitable as well. It is impossible to win by betting on every race. As I have said before my point is that I don’t see any reason to post your “shortlist” for said reasons (see above) that was all. I don’t want to cause any arguements ect. Your short list today was red God and while thats great it may annoy followers of your main tips- if you get me. I have said many many times my only enemy is the bookies!

        I wish you the very best of luck in the future


  5. Johnb 2 years ago

    Probably have to say it again for some people


    What’s the problem ??

    • 2 years ago

      Yes and that’s all good and well but for followers of your main tips you can’t really claim in your write up you had a 40/1 winner! That’s all I’m saying. Don’t take the credit for bets you didn’t actually tip. It’s not a contest and I hope some people beat the bookies with your shortlist. But you can’t say you tipped them when you rules them out for said reasons.

      • gengar 2 years ago

        he didnt add to his stats no offence you been here a couple months. i ask johnb for his shortlîsts because if its also on mine i back it

      • belter 2 years ago

        Harryjw if John b wants to post his shortlist then all the better for everyone on the site. He’s got an excellent record and I for 1 will follow any horses John decides to put up (whether they’re his main tips or his shortlist). My only annoyance is I was too hungover yesterday to pick up my phone and look at johns tips! John b please continue to post your shortlisted horses

  6. rc. 2 years ago

    No horse owes us nothing means every horse owes you something

  7. 2 years ago

    Evening all,

    Boxing Day was a tough day with one winner one non runner one nose second and 3 poor shows. I’ve been studying for a while now and will have to give my write ups in the morning, but for tomorrow I give 2x 15 (increased stake) bets:

    12.55 Wetherby – Azzuri 11/10 15 points

    1.55 Leopardstown – Peace News 7/2 15 points

    • 2 years ago


      That was a shocker both selections were very disappointing. That’s taken a chunk out of my profit for the month which is now just below 40 points.

      Sorry to anyone who followed.

      Tomorrow is a new day-thankfully


  8. the ego 2 years ago

    nice shortlist johnb i had €20 on that 40-1 shot. my eyes lit up when i saw u tip that. hope u post more shortlists.

    i actually posted a winning treble yesterday but posted it on a cooking page by mistake. also a 5 fold on the football so apologies to u all. ill be on shortly with some big priced tips.

  9. 2 years ago

    Great pick of Thistlecrack johnb, did fine yesterday, today working so doing johnbs tips and egos when he posts, good luck all. Happy Holidays???

  10. gengar 2 years ago

    john any idea when your first horse will be racing ?

  11. on the bob 2 years ago

    What a day yesterday. Some amazing racing all over the place.

    One I’ve tracked is might bite, looked very classy and a future champ. Had it in my shortlist but decided against it and was cursing coming to the last, haha.

    Anyway, today.

    Nap: weth 3.05 aye well 6/1
    NB: kemp 2.05 sire de grugy 13/8

  12. 2 years ago

    Hi everyone

    W 1.40 Alfonso Manana -5/4
    W 2.15 Pete So High – 5/2- nb
    W 3.25 Coilite Cailin – 5/1 – nap
    W 4.30 Lydiate Lady – 10/1 – e/w

    good luck everyone

    happy days

  13. philip66 2 years ago

    I haven’t made a post before. I mainly bet on the greyhounds. There are many fabulous tipsters on this great site, betting is all about opinions and choices. Everybody on here will have good runs then bad runs, good then bad luck. That is the nature of the game. I have a look on here for well informed tips then have a look for myself if I want to invest. We all have one thing in common it’s punters V bookies. It’s not about someone making 30 pts loss or 50 pts up or whether my pick was better than yours or if my informed opinion was my first tip or main tip, nap nb . This is a truly phenomenal site, it’s helpful in everybodys battle against the bookies!!!

  14. the ego 2 years ago

    OTAGO TRAIL 3.00 lepordstown 14-1 had a good look at the race and the more i look the more i like.

  15. geoff50 2 years ago

    We should probably end the discussion here but I appreciate seeing the shortlist JohnB. You pick your main tips and I will follow them but it gives me a few ideas of other horses to consider whether I think they are worth a bet.

    I also like seeing your reasoning behind the selections. It helps me decide whether to bet and it’s also interesting to learn how you analyse the horse.

  16. the ego 2 years ago

    one more from me SCARTEEN 3.35 lepordstown 7-2. its a tip from my brother but its not my kind of price so im just leaving it gl if u follow

    just found a betting slip down my sofa id forgotten id put it on last week €300 on wolves who won yesterday. love it when that happens! enjoy yr day everyone

  17. klums 2 years ago

    Well done for yesterday’s shortlist JOHN B! managed to get on a couple! Why I didn’t even put a point on the 40/1 shot I’ll never know!!?

    What’s ur thoughts today?

    3:00 leopard? :
    2:20 kemp? :
    1:25 cheap? :

    ASAP IF YOU CAN, thanks in advance…..

  18. alanm 2 years ago

    NAP Temple Road 9/2 1.05 Wolverhampton
    NB More Buck’s 9/2 3.30 Kempton
    National tip Carole’s Destrier 8/1 2.40 GL

  19. 2 years ago

    Morning all 2 winners yesterday so nice profit.


    12.50 DEFINATE OUTCOME … 5/1

    15.15 ASO … 7/4 .. *** NAP ***


    14.55 DRUMCLIFF.. 6/1

    15.30 OPENING BATSMAN .. 7/1


    14.35 THE DUTCHMAN .. 2/1..** NB **

    gl all

    • 2 years ago

      Thanks for the nap mate. I lumped and it was scary lol.
      But have to say i trust ur pics

  20. 2 years ago

    Also had a bet in the welsh national ONENIGHTINVIENNA

  21. normanstanleyfletcher 2 years ago

    Great page, great write ups
    Think Harry was making a fare point just think it was taken the wrong way
    Good luck everyone and thanks for the tips JohnB and the rest of you

  22. 2 years ago

    Apologies to all (mainly johnb) about last nights rant.

    I didn’t realize lots of people had asked to see johnbs shortlist.

    I was more annoyed that I didn’t back it myself.

    Hopefully that will be the end of that and we can get back to bookie bashing.

    I won’t be able to post my write ups today i simply don’t have the time. But fingers crossed both my increased stake bets win.

    Best of luck to all.

  23. stevie 2 years ago

    I was more disappointed I thought royal vacation was a nr as I couldn’t find it due to a typo from the main man lol I’m not going to cry about it though. I do think Harry’s comments were taken the wrong way but I do like to see the shortlist as like some others compare to there own picks and if I have picked it and johnb had it on his shortlist that means I must be doing something right and gives me that extra confidence.

    Please remember all we trying to do the same thing here…. bash the bookies.

    Still don’t know which way to take the ego. He talks some rubbish which I now enjoy reading and have a chuckle at but he does give some good tips…… all good banter though!

    Last note…… THISTLECRACK………W.O.W! I’ve followed it since the first time johnb mentioned and have to say it’s more than a class act!!

  24. duncanpoundcake 2 years ago

    The Dutchman,Aso,Definite Outcome all been mentioned so Supasundae 2.30 and Court King 1.25 might go well at decent enough prices GL.

  25. azzthewigan 2 years ago

    William h Bonney 2.55 chasma 3.35 aye aye Charlie 3.50 trust the man 4.00 l15 two smoking barrels 1.30 nap native river 2.40 nb two singles and a double well done all winners yesterday

  26. Johnb 2 years ago

    Nordic Nymph is gutsy and will probably go up to a 124 rating now
    Just shows how good of a gamble we were on when she was running off 80 in a class 5

    There are so many horses out there like Nordic Nymph

  27. jimron12 2 years ago

    Eddiemaurice 2.55 nap 25/1 playing ew

    Backed native river ante post 6/1

    Also on Vienna and jb unioniste

    Good luck all

  28. Johnb 2 years ago

    Flashback to 22nd December 2014 and my write up on here for Nordic Nymph who was running in a class 5 and a handicap mark of 80

    22nd December 2014
    Bangor 3:00
    Nordic Nymph 12-1 NAP/NB Bet365

    Nordic Nymph

    JohnB says: “Here we have a horse that has run four times and been beaten a total of 146 lengths. So why is she my nap/Nb and why double stake?

    “Well to start with we have a yard in Henry Daly that are going fine but that’s not enough for a horse that has shown little. I have always said I study handicap marks a lot and this month it’s paying off.

    “I also study breeding which is important for this horse. Quite simply a handicap mark of 80 is far too low for a horse of this breeding but on form it’s a reasonable mark.

    “But I can see a lot of improvement that the bookies can’t. On breeding Nordic Nymph will relish this ground and the breeding also tells me this step up in distance is perfect and what a step up it is.

    “Nordic Nymph is now moving from two miles up to three and this is where the improvement is coming from.

    “This is a weak race and we have Nordic Nymph being upped in distance a lot which is eye-catching. She also has what should be her preferred ground for a yard in form and on an extremely low handicap mark and I honestly can’t see anything but a win here.

    “Nordic Nymph form reads 5-0-0-0. This is me putting my neck on the block.”

  29. fraser51 2 years ago

    Carole’s Destrier – was coming home like a train in the Hennessy, up in distance off the same weight, great chance at 7/1

    Sure De Grugy – an entertaining race against special tiara, the sire wins for me here

    Regarding thistlecrack, what a performance, I had to stick with cue card after last year but I should of had went with my head like I did in the gold cup and go against Cue Card. I would love Mullins to have the balls and say let’s enter Douvan into the gold cup, then we will have a proper race!

    • Johnb 2 years ago

      Douvan is very very unlikely to get the Gold Cup distance it’s like putting Usain Bolt in the 1500m

    • fraser51 2 years ago

      Sire didn’t even get going, was there for the taking as Special Tiara wasn’t that impressive.

      Native River was very impressive, up in weight and trip and performed like that! I backed Native River in the Hennesey but today was much more impressive. I do agree with John that it’s not a gold cup winning horse.

  30. Johnb 2 years ago

    Good performance by Native River but not a Gold Cup horse, sorry
    He just doesn’t have the speed that the Gold Cup has
    One year if it was really bottomless ground then maybe but it’s a no from me

  31. 2 years ago

    NAP wins got 7/4 that will do me

    well done johnb and bozz nap just won 5/1

    good day for the thread again

    gl all

  32. alanm 2 years ago

    Well done Busstop boz johnb jimron as for me NEXT

  33. 2 years ago

    thanks alan sure you be back in the winners tomorrow always consistent

    and well done jimron


  34. nickb 2 years ago

    Busstop, Bozz great work gents.

    Had your NAPS in a treble with Yorkist – love a low stakes bumper return just after Xmas!

    Top work as always

  35. jazzerbhoy 2 years ago

    Anyone still betting I’m looking at secret millionaire in the lucky last as a small ew bet around 10/1 any thoughts.

  36. 2 years ago

    Hi everyone
    hope your all having a great Christmas, I see a lot of winners still been posted keep up the good work ,and lets try and take the bookies down, I had a great day myself getting up a lucky 15 and a single Christmas well and truly paid for .I said I would have good word for horses over the Christmas period .the first one is running tomorrow at leopardstown lord windermere in the 3-00 hes 20/1 now from 33/1 .will post the others later ithink there running thursday

  37. Johnb 2 years ago

    1pt profit Tuesday
    December 53.4pts up

    Wednesdays Tips

    Paddy The Dee Jay 8/1 NAP bet365

    Drop down in distance is definitely what this horse needs and is sure to improve for it, the cheek pieces will help along with the jockey claim as the horse is already on a low mark

    Hyland Heather 10/1 NB betvictor

    I get the feeling with this horse that there is a lot more to come and after a decent run last time after a break Wednesday could be the day with the cheek pieces back on

    0.5pt e/w double 89/1 coral

  38. 2 years ago

    the other two are for Thursday at limerick
    don’t have any prices yet

  39. 2 years ago

    Dont normally put up early but one for tomorrow where i think tonights price will disappear

    TIMOTEO i have took 9/2 with bet365

    gl all

  40. 2 years ago

    Bozz on your nap today. Big thanks bud, well done to all winners. Happy Days?

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