JOHNB had a fine Friday with two winners, a second and a third from four tips posted.

The winners included the all-important nap which was Cyclone at 85-40 while earlier Majestic Hero won at 13-2.

I've banned myself from the racing thread but I imagine it would have been a happier place on Friday.

Johnb's Saturday tips

Sandown 2.40
Future Empire 85-40 BetVictor

Fintry 6-4 NAP William Hill

Newton Abbot 5.05
Kiama Bay 2-1 NB BetVictor

Sandown Selections

2:05 Jamaican Bolt 9-1
2:40 Future Empire 85-40
3:15 Fintry 6-4
3:50 Spas Dancer 11-1
4:25 Among Angels 11-2
5:00 Blue Bounty 6-1
5:30 Telefono 3-1

Johnb says: “Sandown selections are only for a guide if anyone likes them or for a placepot & I have just the three main selections.”

Good luck everyone.

  1. One team in Ulster 4 years ago

    WHAT A LOAD OF BALLS! We are contacting you regarding bet ID YA3115381810F placed at the odds of 7/4 on Bose Ikard (Win and Each Way In-Play 7.20 Down Royal). We have identified that this selection was placed after the outcome was already known or a material advantage was gained and as such, in accordance with our rules, the selection has been made void.

    Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

    Kind regards,
    The bet365 Team

  2. DeAndre 4 years ago


  3. DeAndre 4 years ago

    Chester 2:55 Apostle 15/2 (NAP)

    Solid win last time out, and represents the Dr. who loves getting winners round here :-)

    That’s all from me, I’ll be out most if the day…good luck with all your selection everybody :-D

  4. johnb 4 years ago

    Saturdays Tips

    Future Empire 85/40 betvictor

    Fintry 6/4 NAP hills

    Newton Abbot
    Kiama Bay 2/1 NB betvictor

    Sandown Selections
    2:05 Jamaican Bolt 9/1
    2:40 Future Empire 85/40
    3:15 Fintry 6/4
    3:50 Spas Dancer 11/1
    4:25 Among Angels11/2
    5:00 Blue Bounty 6/1
    5:30 Telefono 3/1

    Sandown selections are only for a guide if anyone likes them or for a placepot & i have just the three main selections

    Good luck everyone

  5. kenneth 4 years ago

    Heavy metal 2’55 at Chester.m Johnson horse was well fancied last week but was hampered early on and lost all chance. 8/1.

  6. Gus 4 years ago

    5.50 Beverley

    Nam Ma Prow 7/1

    Been consistent and best chance yet of a win in a weak race

  7. boz 4 years ago

    morning guys just one winner from three yesterday but 11/2 so bit of profit

    just to let you know MAOI CHINN FIRE a horse which i follow and has made us a lot of money has been entered in the cesarewith currently 40/1 with a run had an each way money back if it dosent run

    ok time put my nose in RP put main choices up later

    its saturday WERE ALL DOOMED.

    good luck

    happy days

  8. DeAndre 4 years ago

    I agree Boz, Saturday is like wallet lypo suction!!!

  9. mregnid 4 years ago

    There are three I really fancy today, putting them in a win patent (7 bets)

    Cash for Steel 3.55 Newton Abbot
    Major Attitude 6.15 Bath
    Pull The Pin 6.45 Bath

    1st horse won over distance in same class recently, 2nd horse is Cox newcomer(Clive has good record with newcomers), 3rd horse has to win soon, been so close so often.

    • mregnid 4 years ago

      Sorry forgot to put prices on

      Cash for Steel 3.55 Newton Abbot 9/4
      Major Attitude 6.15 Bath 9/2
      Pull The Pin 6.45 Bath 11/8

  10. John prince 4 years ago

    Beverley. 2.25. Rock ground. 4/1

  11. John prince 4 years ago

    Rocky ground i mean

  12. Duncan Poundcake 4 years ago

    RICH AGAIN 3:05 Beverley , ELUSIVITY SANDOWN 2-05 USUAL 20/80s good luck all

  13. Rookie 4 years ago

    Sandown 14.05 Ajjaadd got 11/1 last night. Would imagine its still quite good odds. Ive gone e/w ass odds werent available for place only which id consider.
    Dougie what do you think of ann fear ciuin 15.45 wexford?also was it you who forecast that there was a BIG STORM COMING a few weeks back? Do you think there is another one due at Beverley ths afternnon?
    Thanks in advance

  14. boz 4 years ago

    hi guys off to chester races today so this it for me for today

    remember avoid them channel 4 bookies benefit races

    c 5.10 SCARBOROUGH 11/4 NAP

    c 5.40 RIDGEWAY STORM 11/2

    c 4.05 ENLACE 15/8

    b 5.45 MAYMYO 3/1 NB

    Good luck everyone

    happy days

  15. double carpet 4 years ago

    Going to stick to the jumps today as I just don’t trust the flat on saturday with the ground the way it is, anything can happen so here goes

    newton abbott 2.45 Clerks choice 6/1 nap

    newton abbott 4.30 hinton indiana 11/4 nb

    newton abbott 3.20 Daymar bay 8/1 ew

    Best of luck to all today

  16. double carpet 4 years ago

    I know I said I wouldn’t touch the flat today but I’m going to do a very small ew on

    Sandown 5.00 Special Miss 16/1

    Is handicapped to go close but has never gone on this type of ground before so there is a risk involved

  17. DougieC 4 years ago

    rookie,family day today,Ann Fear will take some catching even with weight.Ive backed Smullen in the first 11/8 and very different ground for Big Storm coming and change of stables. Anyway the horse is a Geordie so could be a double with Newcastle,Kiwi Bay 9/4 a place appeals
    Good luck today,already pestered by Grandson and well done to all yesterday

  18. Scott 4 years ago


    I got exactly the same e-mail. What a load of crap. I was watching the race live so had a punt and had the same e-mail 2 hours later. 365 stop doing odds in play on races with 1/3 of the race to go usually. Apparently knew the outcome? If so if have put everything on!

  19. Scuzzle 4 years ago

    One I fancy today at a decent price is Graylyn Ruby in the 7.45 Bath, 11/1 but only 7 runners so no 3 place E/W which is a shame.
    This horse does really well on the AW and won on fast ground at Lingfield 3 months ago but not so good on turf last 2 starts but never got the fast ground it likes so a going check is advised. Is still well treated and nicely weighted with a 7 lbs claimer Kieren Shoemark on board who has won on the horse before and ran a good race finishing behind a certain Maoi Chinn Tire not so long ago.

  20. Hamish75 4 years ago

    Saturday 12.30 and 21 posts wish i had enough knowledge to contribute to the site where are u tipsters thank goodness for the usual suspects ktf

  21. Napper valley 4 years ago

    No horses today just a treble on the footy. Watford, Portsmouth and Gateshead. 4/1

    GL on the nags lads I’m waiting till 3pm tomorrow at Brighton for mine. Just hope the odds are ok.

  22. Clarky 4 years ago

    Hamlisch you must be counting wrong paul says there are tens of thousand post a day,but then again we all know paul and the truth don’t go hand in hand.

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 4 years ago

      Clarky, what you talking about now? The guy mentioned comments. 99.9 per cent of users don’t comment and we’re not a racing site either – most people visit the football posts. The only untruths told are by you.

  23. ticketyboo 4 years ago

    Good afternoon racing fans the sum total of yesterdays winners was none,I would say it might be an idea to steer clear until my touch comes back,today hopefully.

    3:30 Chester “NOBLE SILK” 4/1 bet365

    Last run settled in 5th or 6th until 2f out a bit squeezed for room ran on final furlong finished 3rd not near 1st 2.

    3:40 Beverley “HAAJES” 11/2 bet365

    Last run stalked leaders from midfield challenged and short of room 2f out opening 1f out neck and neck with eventual winner beaten nse

  24. clean the bookies 4 years ago

    Mr f is it true that true the affiliation scheme that whichever site it goes through that site gets a percentage of each losing bet that are placed wit that bookmaker. Genuine question and one that needs answering honestly to safeguard the integraty of the website. Tks in advance

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 4 years ago

      clean the bookies, of course that’s how affiliate schemes works and most people know that. As I’ve said I might have up some bad tips but never ones I think might lose. It works the opposite way too – any winners and we go into negative. And there have been some big winners and big coups through the site.

  25. Bertie 4 years ago

    2.40 future empire is supposed to be a future superstar hopefully this will be the case good luck with yer bets !

  26. Maverick 4 years ago

    It is an honest question i asked if the colossus bet thing was part of an affiliates scheme as i know that a percentage of ur losing bets goes to the site thats promoting it but was told if i had any issues about how the site gets run to email the site

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 4 years ago

      Maverick, your comment wasn’t approved because it contained a banned word – that’s all. I went to the football which is why I wasn’t on the site. Some of the comments on the site have been a disgrace and I hope to see some apologies later.

  27. Melvinh 4 years ago

    It’s Saturday therefore it must be a bookies benefit day!

    2.20 Chester: Ballesteros.

    5.45 Bath: Faure Island.

  28. double carpet 4 years ago

    Just got word that wachman is very confident of winning the first 3 at wexford
    just passing it on as usual
    done a small treble myself

    best of luck

  29. cooldude 4 years ago

    DC good info but Iv’e gone for a double just in case so fingers crossed :)

  30. Gianni 4 years ago

    Fintry @ 2/1
    Price Boosts: 3.15 Sandown
    @ Sky Bet

  31. boz 4 years ago

    Guys. On phone so hope this gets there

    Big word for a horse called ready at bev.
    I’m on course at chester

  32. double carpet 4 years ago

    Cheers boz

  33. Skippy 4 years ago

    Boz just got txt saying ready will win lump on

  34. double carpet 4 years ago

    1 down 2 to go for watchman
    nice winner at 11/4

  35. cooldude 4 years ago

    Anyone else experiencing difficulty with today????

  36. cooldude 4 years ago

    DC, I picked the first and third so fingers crossed. Its not easy to be confident as the race is hotly contested. I guess all we can do is hope.

  37. double carpet 4 years ago

    2 down 1 to go

  38. Deeman 4 years ago

    Nice one john b

    Took DC’s Wexford tips too ;)

  39. clean the bookies 4 years ago

    Cheers dc

  40. Gianni 4 years ago

    Nice NAP Johnb. Well done and many thanks!

  41. Dave 4 years ago

    Where is ready at bev racing today

  42. jim burnside 4 years ago


  43. double carpet 4 years ago

    Nice one John easy winner

  44. johnb 4 years ago

    All i can say is that every tip i give i expect it to win
    it was like yesturday after first two won i wasnt happy enough with that i wanted all four to win
    I really dont lnow anything about what you are asking but i dont think anyone has anything to worry about as mr f has alot of winners i dont know stats but they must be good & my stats show profits

  45. Danny T 4 years ago

    Johnb’s stats

    May – bet £310 for £81.79 loss
    June- bet £300 for £58.98 profit
    July – bet £310 for £62.43 loss
    Aug to date – bet £290 for £116.58 loss

  46. johnb 4 years ago

    Danny i think you need to check them again because they are nothing like my stats lol
    I am out just now but i know for a fact that july was a profit & i know thos month could be a small loss at moment but not over 11 points
    Looking at the stakes i take those are for Naps only
    I never advise only backing the Nap

  47. Hamish75 4 years ago

    Well done to u johnb on a winning nap n a wud like ti think every tip u put up u wud expect to be winners ktf

  48. Maverick 4 years ago

    JohnB i think those stats are on ur NAP only at £10 level stake each day

  49. Rookie 4 years ago

    Ready is in the next at beverley16.50

  50. Rookie 4 years ago

    I guess ready wasnt ready

  51. skyfly 4 years ago

    Watched all the views over the last few weeks.
    Mostly it’s important to remember that if you are on this site you are looking for a buck off of somebody else’s back.
    Secondly.. The odds dictate your chances
    Thirdly.. Pick one yourself and post it up.

  52. Rookie 4 years ago

    Nit bad for a saturday johnb!

  53. cooldude 4 years ago

    John b your are the business
    Just landed me a sweet double dunno how you do it. This one’s for you John BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM :)

  54. Thehawk 4 years ago

    Well done JB nice double :)

  55. Maverick 4 years ago

    What was the banned word?

  56. Rookie 4 years ago

    Telefono for a tasty treble!

  57. DeAndre 4 years ago

    Another giraffe NAP from me today, but congrats to all putting up winners.

    A lot of negativity around here recently, even with the uptick in winners….it nowhere near as enjoyable as it use to be, which sucks.

    MrF will you be continuing the Other Sports threads throughout the winter?

  58. Kendog 4 years ago

    Well done today Jb
    DeAndre your banter is needed to rescue the situation on this thread!

  59. Maverick 4 years ago

    Well i know there was no swear words in my post thats why was wondering

  60. double carpet 4 years ago

    Special miss advised earlier 16/1

  61. Rookie 4 years ago

    Had word for springnherstep at MR 19.00.
    But be warned the word is from an unreliable source- being the voices in my head…

  62. cooldude 4 years ago

    could hear a pin drop in this thread :)

  63. Rookie 4 years ago

    Top stuff again DC although I missed that one myself

  64. Rookie 4 years ago

    Did you hear it then cooldude? I just dropped one

  65. Rookie 4 years ago

    Forgot to say cheers to dougie for swanys tip!

  66. double carpet 4 years ago

    Cheers rookie
    it was weighted to win I was just concerned about the going so only had a small ew on him still a win is a win

  67. Clarky 4 years ago

    Paul you said I don’t put tips up but I put up old pals act and it won at 10/3 but no one seen it as it’s waiting for the moderate to approve you want me to post tips or am I wasting my time.

  68. Rookie 4 years ago

    Of course! Especially at that price!

  69. DeAndre 4 years ago

    Beaten a short head AL….shoulder haha, that’s funny :-)

  70. AL 4 years ago

    Didn’t have anything on the tips today Johnb, but another good day from you. 2/3 & beaten by a shoulder on the losing tip. Hopefully the tide has turned

  71. DougieC 4 years ago

    Rookie I hope you took the place 9/4 Kiwi Bay..As for what has been going on today I may or may not comment,but I along with raal and a couple of others pushed for a racing thread and the emphasis was on the chat.We soon got rid of the plonkers and attracted some really good tipsters.I will be contacting Donald before I say anymore on the subject. Well done to those who posted winners.

  72. Centrecircle 4 years ago

    Whers raaljeca???

  73. JonnyRic 4 years ago

    Thanks to all those that posted winners today , rescued me from man city’s coupon busting display … I’m miffed at talk of the racing thread closing when I’m sure there’s loads more people who want it to stay than don’t

  74. Deekster 4 years ago

    Well done Johnb and anyone else with winners today no bets for me as was working then part of a 12hr footiethon!!!!
    Plus 5 days of grassroots football keeping me busy!!

  75. Rookie 4 years ago

    I hate those voices…

  76. DeAndre 4 years ago

    Don’t worry G Force, it’s my personal goal to keep the ‘duffers’ raining in :-D

  77. g force 4 years ago

    Mrf,John b,and all the rest,thanx for the entertainment u provide,It’s a rare site,the bitchin makes it more interstin but a wouldny take that seriously,keep the winners an the duffers comin,am gonna post sum masel this week hopefully sum winners,good luk.-

  78. Duncan Poundcake 4 years ago

    DeAndre count on me to help with the duffers

  79. g force 4 years ago

    Ha,Deandre,good tae hear cos it’s the differs that win most o the time,it’s just figuring out where an when.

  80. g force 4 years ago

    Differs duffers ther awe the same.!

  81. azz the wigan 4 years ago

    my god cannot pick my god nose lately its that long since i have had any money i have forgot what the queen looks like the queen looks like the only tip im going to give is dont eat yellow snow

  82. g force 4 years ago

    Azz,think ur on the wrong site,check out lonely soles,unless u’v got a certainty for tmora,tasty bye lol

  83. Duncan Poundcake 4 years ago

    On the verge of chucking this
    All the fun and banter has gone .I absolutely love the horses but the football is keeping me afloat .The thread is now going back to the days when the betfair guy was tipping 1/2 and 8/13 shots and advising everyone to lump on .KTF this time next year we will all be millionaires.

  84. azz the wigan 4 years ago

    no g.force im on the right sight just on the wrong horses

  85. Ally 4 years ago

    Where’s raal

  86. g force 4 years ago

    Duncan p c,don’t desert the site,it’s the original guys that will keep it goin but maybe sum new voices mite come up with sum different views and winners,”talkin bout winners,Greatest journey 3-00 Brighton been reported flying in the gallops,and only 3 runners fairyinthe wind should beat authinger in the 2-10 barring a fall.lets see

  87. Duncan Poundcake 4 years ago

    G Force ,studying is becoming a pain when the football seems easier.I should really keep records.Pat Smullen on a first timer for Jessie Harrington tomorrow ..intereresting ….Curragh 2.05

  88. bjk 4 years ago

    mr. f thot u had banned urself from racing thread or do u only post to defend the untouchables

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 4 years ago

      bjk, I haven’t been on the racing thread since I said I wouldn’t be on – but I’m still starting the thread off.

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