1. Olga Tierney 4 years ago

    Olga is back!
    I’m very sorry if I upset anyone last time but I have grown up now and have some great tips!!!
    Olga Olga!

  2. Wato 4 years ago

    From the fairly reliable source again guys

    2.30 Sandown
    INDIAN TINKER 10/3 Bet365

    Note – You’ll notive Johnb has also included this one in his tips for tomorrow too. Plus advised that the ground would need to be on the soft side if it’s firm then maybe confidence wouldn’t be as high

  3. DeAndre 4 years ago

    Wolverhampton 7:00 Postscript 4/1 (NB)

    Just a consistent performer who I think will go close and hopefully get it’s shneb in front :-)

    Wolverhampton 8:00 Consistant 5/1 (NAP)

    Has won after a break before, so we shouldn’t have to worry about a 6-week absence…won over C&D (old Wolver that is) off as little as 2lbs below today’s mark, solid recent form before the break so let’s hope it resumes winning ways :-)

    Sorry guys I lied earlier, that write up wasn’t big or sexy, I have failed you all :-D

    • boz 4 years ago

      deandre nice winner yesterday will take a look at those two

      good luck

  4. kafkian 4 years ago

    Almanack 3:15 thirsk

  5. Bill 4 years ago

    It would be interesting to hear if anyone else is betting Collaboration in the Sandown 4.45 and experiencing bet limits. Limits applied on BET 365 and McBookie on my accounts. First time I have experienced this.

  6. Bill 4 years ago

    A couple from my bets for today are JohnB’s NAP and Apache Dawn 9/1 Bangor 2.50.

    Good luck everyone

  7. Gus 4 years ago

    I was at Newton Abbot when cyclone last ran and I think Johnb put it up then. It ran in a handicap and on the face of it seemed well in on its flat rating so I did put a few shekels on it myself and although it travelled in race ok it seemed like a horse that wasn’t truly in love with jumping game so it will be a watching game for me today. But maybe john Jo can sweeten him up a bit. So good luck to all that back him today

  8. Maverick 4 years ago

    Typical yest… didnt touch johnb nap 2 days ago as dont do his tips anymore but watched with interest as he said his nap the following day was even stronger so i decided if the one 2 days ago won then was lumping on the nap the next day… it won so lumped on the 1 yest and it finished last

  9. boz 4 years ago

    morning guys

    great day yesterday my nap won 100/30 plus other won 4/1

    profit all the way

    time to put my nose in the RP put up later

    good luck all

    happy days

  10. Napper valley 4 years ago

    So yesterday was a success with a 10/1 and 7/4 both coming in within 10mins of each other and with 2pt staked on my nap it was nice profit on both. Well done to everyone that picked winners, looks like most got at least 1 so it was back to profit profit for the thread.

    Nap sand 4.10 Childsplay 15/8 1pt staked
    I’d normally do 2pts but I am a little concerned about the Gosden horse but I hope it’ll need the run out.

    GL All

  11. theman 4 years ago

    -9 at the moment at level stakes.

    just one over price horse i see today


    9/1 which all horses or open to improvement i think 9/1 is pretty good.Good trainer jockey

  12. Dave 4 years ago

    Guys anyone thinking doubling Indian Tinkle with cyclone is a good idea

  13. Napper valley 4 years ago

    After a bit of RP time I’ve got another. So my bets for today are:

    Nap sand 16.10 Childsplay 15/8
    1pt staked

    NB DR 18.50 ram them all 7/2
    1pt staked

  14. Thehawk 4 years ago

    Rothesay Chancer 3.50 thirsk
    Caledonia 4.55 thirsk
    May Dullea 7.20 Down Royal

    EW Trixie as usual

    Good Luck All

  15. mregnid 4 years ago

    Not too much I fancy today but I am going to have a little bit e/w on the following horse as it has travelled a fair way to race.

    Mister Universe 6.40 Salisbury

  16. DougieC 4 years ago

    NAP…STAR OF SPRING..6.10 Salisbury
    NB….BEACH BAR…3.35 Sandown

  17. shaggy 4 years ago

    Hi John et al. Going to down royal later and would appreciate any tips or fancies. Cheers

  18. boz 4 years ago

    hi guys nothing stands out a lot today not napping horses just for the sake of it just doing a small round robin thats it for the day wait for something stronger

    s 3.35 BASEM 11/2
    T 5.55 AHOY THERE 4/1

    great day for me yesterday not giving it all back wait for stronger selections

    good luck everyone

    happy days

  19. Stormin 4 years ago

    Hi Boz can you do round robins on bet365? Fancy doing something new today instead of singles on horses all the time

  20. double carpet 4 years ago

    Morning all
    gone for 4 today to make a lucky 15 so let’s see what happens

    Sandown 2.00 majestic hero 11/4

    Sandown 3.35 beach bar 11/4 nap

    Bangor 4.35 heist 10/3 nb

    Salisbury 6.40 tupi 5/2

    Best of luck to everyone

  21. mikey 4 years ago

    Fancy ultra light 7/1 bet365 4.0 bangor

  22. Frankthetank 4 years ago

    Wato if you are getting these tips from the same site i think then im afraid u have it wrong with the soft ground part, as he always recommends to check the going before betting and states : I know I’ve said it quite a few times lately but please check what the going is before you have a bet. If the word soft features in the going it means no bet to me and my figures are not accurate on soft going. This has always been the case with his tips mate, not saying he wont win like because its obviously fancies as is as short as 5/2 in places, just saying if you are sharing info from another site it should be accurate

  23. Raves 4 years ago

    Hi all,

    Thanks you Boz , Dougie , DC, john b and everyone who help me to make some money ,

    I have suggested earlier and if all of you can agree.

    All you guys select 3 or 4 best horses to win everyday.

    If we can make one lucky15 which include everyone’s 1 selection. Than we can empty the bookie.

    Like from today selections 4 best horses we all place one lucky 15, and if all wins or 3 wins than it’s bass the bookie..

  24. DougieC 4 years ago

    Raves I don’t do lucky 15s,but I know people who win usually try and pick 3 short priced selections and a 4/1 or over.Regulars like myself try and look for value in a selection regarding price.£15 on 1 bet as against £1 on 15 bets for me

  25. DeAndre 4 years ago


  26. Raves 4 years ago

    I agree with u Dougie, it’s every person’s choice.
    I was just giving suggestion. When you put ur selection u mention NAP and NB ,

    I request if you and others also mention which one you think can go on lucky 15, so that 4 bourses and make big difference..

    Like here so many legends can give you big price winner, in past and present and will carry on doing it in future.

    But if we put all 4 big price winner together than can make difference..

    Anyways thanks for your kind words..

    Looking forward for your selection everyday and ur write up..


  27. ticketyboo 4 years ago

    Good morning all a poor day yesterday seem to be having one of those weeks so like the teacher says’must do better’.

    2:00 Sandown “PERADUA” 2/1 Hill

    Last run lead from the start went further clear 2f out won unchallenged this was a nursery race so handicap may be different.

    4:55 Thirsk “DR IRV” 17/2 from 14/1 e/w bet365

    Last run stalked leaders in 3rd place challenged 1f out faded finished in 5th place.

  28. Raves 4 years ago

    Like I selected this 4 horses from all ur selection..

    4:35 heist 10/3. ( DC )
    5:55 ahoy there 4/1 ( Boz )
    3:35 sandown beach bar 11/4 ( Dougie and DC )
    8:00 wolves consistent 5/1 ( Deandre )

    Let me know how it looks or any suggestion to swap any horse.

  29. DougieC 4 years ago

    Like the look or DR IRV Tickety won race last year and nice price!!GL

  30. DougieC 4 years ago

    Wheres the Rocks DeAndre,never mind the Lobster

  31. DeAndre 4 years ago

    Lobster for tea Dougie after were done skelping the bookies!

  32. Skippy 4 years ago

    Now chaps had word for green Howard and dr irv at thirsk today 5/1 and 17/2 just passing on message good luck if you get on.

  33. Scuzzle 4 years ago

    Wee double for me today

    Majestic Hero 2.00 Sandown 5/2
    Indian Tinker 2.30 Sandown 11/4

    I’m a sucker for a ‘been told this will win’ line.

    Good luck today guys.

  34. DougieC 4 years ago

    Raves I picked Star of Spring 8/1 as it was nicely weighted bound to get price with 2 Hannon ggs running,Step up and jockey booking who has a great strike rate for C Hills,and ground,my reasoning.For what its worth I think he has more than a chance in the 7.10 also with High Church
    Gl with bets today

  35. DougieC 4 years ago

    No sand tonight DeAndre just Tapioca so we will see.No reason for any doubts for your optimism just running out of shekiels covering tips!!

  36. Dave 4 years ago

    Can someone help…if your horse wins and you ticked e/w does that mean you win the full return or that your odds are reduced to a quater

  37. Stormin 4 years ago

    Dave, half goes on the win odds and half on the place odds

  38. alec 4 years ago

    at the races talking abt fairview 135 just now he has picked abt 5 horses that should win doesnt leave many left to run un bielable then he will say told u that would be the winner

  39. alec 4 years ago

    no bets horses today best of luck anyone backing john b horses today his 1st race hes against ryan moore dont like backing against moore i said that about mcoy yesterday john b won tip won it well

  40. johnb 4 years ago

    I will take a 25p rule 4 any day on a 13/2 shot that wins at 9/4 :)

  41. Dan 4 years ago

    Got the first one! I’m going on Indian Tinker!

  42. Kyle 4 years ago

    For me I’m going against johnb nap and going with early applause at 11/4

  43. Kendog 4 years ago

    Get in JohnB !!

  44. Skippy 4 years ago

    Also just been told George baker 5.10 sal only passing on wouldn’t like to think they won and hadn’t shared them good luck if your on. This one and the two I said earlier pay 177/1 for the treble got to be worth a £1 trixie

  45. jim burnside 4 years ago

    Well done yet again jonb superb nap.

  46. TheBuzz 4 years ago

    I’m calling it – Johnb is officially back in town. Great nap!

  47. jazza bairn 4 years ago

    many thanks John followed your nap at 5 to 2…

  48. johnb 4 years ago

    Disapointed with that 2nd
    Nb left to try get 3 winners today though

  49. Scuzzle 4 years ago

    Think it should, thought todays Nap and NB were very strong today.

  50. Maverick 4 years ago

    Why why why did i take indian instead of majestic knew i was going to pick the wrong 1

  51. DougieC 4 years ago

    G Baker in drag? Doubt it Skippy

  52. DougieC 4 years ago

    Got 5/1 Majestic, John so well selected

  53. Stormin 4 years ago

    Thanks for the NAP JohnB. DR IRV & ALMANACK is my only other bet on horses today 60/1 double

  54. Dave 4 years ago

    Very impressive green Howard thanks Skippy

  55. Scuzzle 4 years ago

    Nice shout Skippy with Green Howard, won as easy as it liked, hope the others are just as good. Thanks Skippy

  56. Luke A 4 years ago

    Still haven’t bet on horses since my last blow out, but still regularly following the site and its proceedings. Well done johnb, goes to show that persistence is the key. Don’t ever let anyone talk you out of what you do. Hope your nb wins to well and truly put icing on the cake

  57. Kyle 4 years ago

    3.35 sandown- imshivalla 7/1

  58. Skippy 4 years ago

    Glad you were on scuzzle fingers crossed for the other two

  59. double carpet 4 years ago

    What a donkey beach bar. Total donkey

  60. DougieC 4 years ago

    Well done boz, Don’t know Skippy but wherever the tip came from 9/2 winner Well done to those who were on.

    • boz 4 years ago

      cheers dougie my first one wins BASEM 7/2

      good start to the round robin

      happy days

  61. cooldude 4 years ago

    Thank you for the nap John easy win

  62. double carpet 4 years ago

    Great tip Skippy
    didn’t back it unfortunately but have done Dr irv ew
    well done boz didn’t read anyone’s tips till now so didn’t realise u were on basem. Easy winner mate

  63. boz 4 years ago

    skippy nice pick mate

  64. double carpet 4 years ago

    Heist nap wins!!!!
    And what a drift sp 5/1
    happy days

  65. MonLosBlancos 4 years ago

    Good afternoon,

    I am doing a nosy from the football site. I have always wondered if it were gentlemen gamblers smoking cigars or vagabonds that congregated in here.

  66. Scuzzle 4 years ago

    5.40 Salisbury, Ikimasho at 10/! looks a decent E/W punt, should be an improver, Cam Hardie on board. Finished strongly in it’s last race.

  67. Bertie 4 years ago

    4.35 prince karmooum 4/9 not even placed ! Had not run for 190 days ! Crazy

  68. Napper valley 4 years ago

    On that as well Scuzzle only got 8s at b365 though. Should give us a run for our money.

  69. Scuzzle 4 years ago

    7.40 Salisbury Dark Amber 8/1 is another decent E/W chance. Speedy finish LTO but trouble in running. Trained by Brendan Powell ridden by Jenny Powell claiming 5. Still a maiden but got a few places in decent handicaps. Goes up in trip tonight but that might be to help avoid a situation like the last run.

  70. MonLosBlancos 4 years ago

    17.55 Thirsk : Presidente

    Watch the market, generally available @ 6.00 and 6.50

    This is my first tip that I have posted.

    • Scuzzle 4 years ago

      Must have a chance, I could not figure out why Tortoise was fav earlier this afternoon, I will probably have to eat my words but it’s form just did not seem to justify 4/1 favouritism.

  71. Skippy 4 years ago

    Sorry about the other two lads

  72. DougieC 4 years ago

    Well done DC with Griffin, Hughes and Heist,pay for the ferry !!! and nice price

  73. DougieC 4 years ago

    Skippy the 5.10 was a ladies race Baker 6.10 and 7.10

  74. double carpet 4 years ago

    couldn’t believe it drifted out so far thought the fav was very weak
    not complaining though

  75. Jimmybeee 4 years ago

    Dogie the horse was called george baker

  76. DougieC 4 years ago

    Sorry Guys brains mince,just picked up RFO back page WET SAIL..Charlie Fellowes,full page diary. Time to get my tea I think!!Sorry Skippy my mistake.

  77. Duncan Poundcake 4 years ago

    (Salisbury 7-10)usual 20/80 5/2 and 10/1 plus add HIGH CHURCH for rev f/cast
    early one for sat 3.30 CHESTER STAKES
    front runner (hopefully)Special Meaning 9/2

  78. MonLosBlancos 4 years ago

    17.55 Thirsk : Presidente

    Watch the market, generally available @ 6.00 and 6.50

    This is my first tip that I have posted.

    Apologies to anyone who backed my tip

  79. Napper valley 4 years ago

    Shit happens Scuzzle. I’d been warned about sellers like them. I’ll take heed of the advice now.

    Onwards and hopefully upwards

  80. double carpet 4 years ago

    no need to apologise just glad to have u onboard
    keep them coming mate

  81. Duncan Poundcake 4 years ago

    Jim Deluhunt tipped Groor in yesterday’s Paper, 2nd @ 33/1 .Ignored it as only 2 places Just my luck.

  82. waggy 4 years ago

    DEANDRE IS THE KING. 7pm top top tipping my MAN !!!!!! One more 2 go

  83. craneguy 4 years ago

    just waiting on consistant at wolv at 8 for a nice lucky 15 all tips taken from here, heres hoping, other 3 were

    majestic hero, cyclone, postscript

  84. Dr Greenthumb 4 years ago

    Offline all day but back in time for DeAndre’s Consistant @ 20:00.

    There goes a narwhal!

  85. AJHughes 4 years ago



    25/1 ew

    Well with a small stake, should be pushing for a place.

  86. craneguy 4 years ago

    consistant was poor, ach well tomorrows another day spose

    keep up the good tipping though gents much appreciated

  87. Scuzzle 4 years ago

    Going to do Fiftyshadesfreed in the last at Wolverhampton, Baker stable have heavily punted this twice and have lost twice, tonight they have done away with Pat Cosgrove who had played his part in the defeats and go with Ted Durcan in the saddle. Stable has their best winning record at Wolverhampton so I’m going to take the 11/2 on this.

  88. double carpet 4 years ago

    Lovely shout scuzzle
    couldn’t get on it in time after seeing the gamble

  89. DougieC 4 years ago

    Just in case I forget
    AKTABANTY 2.40 Sandown (swany)
    COMTESSE.2.35 Wexford (me) just to start the day
    Night ALL

  90. mregnid 4 years ago

    Sorry for my suggestion in the 6.40 Salisbury, Mister Universe did not do the business today, he should be made to walk the 262 miles back home!!

  91. DeAndre 4 years ago

    Sorry about the NAP guys, should’ve warned you it was one of DeAndres Giraffes TM. Thankfully there’s more racing on today to get it right :-)

    Major props to all who put up winners today, were keeping this thread ticking along nicely, it helps that JB has rediscovered his superhuman form :-D

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