WELL done to Johnb whose NB Going Concern won at 5-2 while his nap was a non-runner.

Hopefully the result will bring about a change in fortunes in Johnb and some positivity on the racing thread.

Regulars will know of today's developments involving raaljaca. I will speak to admin about it and have discussions with Johnb but there will be no kneejerk decision from us just because a tipster is on a bad run.

I know results have to improve if Johnb is to keep the faith and of course changes are being made to the site in due course.

Until them I've decided not to comment on the racing thread so admin will, approve, edit or delete comments. They're keen to see more tips and less arguing and that's how it should be. I'm not a contributor to the racing section anyway in terms of tips but in recent days I've spent too much time over their fighting fires.

Meanwhile, all tips are welcome and if anyone wants to keep a tally of a naps table they can put themselves forward but no one on the site has the time to manage one.

Let's see everyone tips and thoughts on Tuesday's card and maybe a bit of unity in a bid to do what we like doing best – and that's beating the bookie.

Johnb's Tuesdays Tips

Epsom 4.30
Last Echo 9-4 Bet365

Ripon 5.20
Mighty Missile 3-1 NB Bet365

Wolverhampton 7.50
Old Fashioned 10-3 NAP Bet365

Smart DJ 9-1 Bet365

Old Fashion (NAP)

This is a horse where we have to try & work out how much Old Fashion will improve. Shirocco fillies do improve well at 2yo & also Ed Dunlop usually can improve a 2yo from its 3rf run to its 6th run by about 8 lengths. But Ed Dunlop has had an strange season where he has never really had a good spell but Old Fashion does seem to be improving at the required rate.

Now I know people on here don't think you can judge improvement in a horse but you can get a rough idea & I am looking at another 3 to 4 lengths improvement for tomorrow which would make this horse hard to beat.

Last time out Old Fashion might have won but would in my opinion have been closer if Paul Hanagan had been on. She got the distance well last time & in time she should get another 3 furlongs. Old Fashion has the best form out of these but more importantly she has the scope to improve more than the others & she had to be my nap.

Good luck everyone.

  1. Donmac 4 years ago

    Thanks JB, I will be on your Nap,keep up the good work,your insight into horses,trainers,jockeys,going conditions and breeding is Fantastic,betting on horses and winning is not easy, you at least try and point us punters in the right direction and for this we are eternally grateful .

  2. raaljaca 4 years ago

    Johnb can continue tipping on here as long as he likes and my offer is only there if the guy ever wants a break from it.

  3. CAPTAIN JACK 4 years ago


    I am going to Sedgefield races tomorrow any thoughts/tips would be most welcome

  4. johnb 4 years ago

    Seems some people think i dont have time to research
    It amazes me how people think they know so much about how use my time
    I have never said what i am doing now & i never will but believe it or not it gives me more time to research
    All i will say is i wanted a job in racing.
    And for the people supporting me thankyou it is appreciated

    • cooldude 4 years ago

      John a job within the racing industry must be cherised even more so if it involves been employed by the BHA.
      Congratulations John

  5. johnb 4 years ago

    CAPTAIN JACK 5:30 Hawdyerwheesht & 8:00 Blayney Queen
    Enjoy your day at Sedgefield

  6. Abi 4 years ago

    Hi everyone, come here all the time, but don’t usually comment. Raaljaca, I don’t think that was aimed at you. There was some chat earlier about john b using his own system n not scouring the RP every day. Each to their own, There are some great tippers on here, please don’t take some of the comments personally or it will ruin a great site, good threads n brilliant banter….I can’t speak for anyone else, but I don’t care about anybody’s background, I come on here to read the chat as much as I do the tips. We’re all in this together guys, be gentle : – )

  7. Ross G 4 years ago

    NB 455 Sedgefield Admiral Hawke SP

    NAP 210 Epsom Mecado 2/1 EP

  8. Abi 4 years ago

    Sorry for wading / butting in when It looks like I had half a story…..perils of being a newbie poster. Off for some dinner n a beer…anyone else thinking score draw man city n Liverpool tonight?

  9. CAPTAIN JACK 4 years ago

    Cheers Johnb thanks for that I will enjoy

  10. 1plus2 4 years ago

    Well raal i have an apology of sorts to make i sent Mr F an email about the recent goings on in the racing thread and i said something now that looks like i was way out of line about mainly the reason you were willing to put more involvement on the racing thread and donate any fee to charity.

    I also mentioned that while commendable about the charity donation this looked like it could be a way of getting more kudos sort of thing.

    After seeing now what i seen i can only offer a sincere apology for me being way out of line on that by the looks of it, and even though i sort of knew there was stuff in the background as i mentioned it now has become apparent the reasons you are doing what you said about offering to take over the racing thread for a while and those reasons look now to be genuine and reasonable given the circumstances that was mentioned.

    So i have my tail between my legs here and i feel a bit ashamed of sending an email now because it looks like some skull duggery has been going on in the background.

    So again i offer an apology of doubting your real intentions.

    • cooldude 4 years ago

      1plus2 no need for it. This is between raal and john so sending emails has no relevance imo.

      • 1plus2 4 years ago

        The email was sent before what was said between raal and johnb earlier on here, and the minute i seen what was said it became apparent that i was way off the mark in the email which was sent because i did not like what was in effect the racing thread becoming a depressing place to go nowadays.

        And i also said to Mr F this has probably nothing to do with me but because i love the racing thread that’s why i voiced my concerns to him because i do not want to see it getting closed down as i think it still might be.

        • cooldude 4 years ago

          1plus2, dont give me that garbage. There’s no way the racing thread will close down. I for one would not mind at all if Raal took it over as any tips he puts up generally seem to do well no offence to John.

          • Author
            Mr Fixit 4 years ago

            cooldude, actually there is a good chance the racing thread will close down.

            • 1plus2 4 years ago

              Mr F by his own admission maybe dude should stop the wind up and really take on board what is actually happening on the racing thread and the negative publicity that it is causing nowadays which is not good for the site as a whole.

              • 1plus2 4 years ago

                2 horses i like the look of to be placed both are in the 2.30 at Ripon.

                1 Granola who is a half sister to a horse that won 4 times at 5 and 6 furlongs including 2 group 3 races so @ 2/1 the place at betfair i will have a tickle at that also G lee has taken over the ride from J spencer.

                2 Mary’s secret @ 6/4 betfair to be placed.

                Looking at profit if at least 1 of the horses get placed good luck all.

                • 1plus2 4 years ago

                  Ripon 16:15 to be placed

                  Woodacre currently trading at 5/6 to be placed and has course and distance in his favor.

                • 1plus2 4 years ago

                  Well Woodacre pulled me out a hole I dug earlier with a place @ 5/6 so what had turned out a bad start ends with a smile :-)

                  Winner @ 5/6 for the place

                • 1plus2 4 years ago

                  Pants is all i can say with that race i will blame the fav holding up the race getting withdrawn and unsettling the horses ;-)

        • raaljaca 4 years ago

          Don’t apologise mate as doing something you thought right is all that happened. I am leaving it be as I respect Mr F for giving us this thread, I supported Johnb tonight on this thread with the first post but he saw fit to have a dig. So be it but I have done nothing but help the guy until it was thrown back in my face.

  11. ben8719 4 years ago

    Not been on here for a few months as I wanted to concentrate on learning to pick my own without being tempted to just back other peoples. But I’ve missed the banter and doing alot better at picking winners so I thought I’d come back on and say hello.

  12. BABYSTEPS 4 years ago

    This RACING THREAD is turning into a soap opera.

  13. spitfire 4 years ago

    What a lot of cobblers eat some carrots

  14. brian 4 years ago

    Be quiet everybody and do the harlem shake

  15. 1plus2 4 years ago

    You really think so this site is predominately a football site always was and always will be you never got the same level of grief anywhere else apart from the racing thread.

    Don’t know if you were here when a guy called Milesey was here that’s when it started getting out of hand and now it’s happening again so i don’t know why Mr F would actually want the grief that the racing thread is turning into.

    But bearing in mind what you said earlier talking to you is taken with a big dose of salt anyway.

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 4 years ago

      1plus2, you’re right. Left the Man City game since it’s all over – at the moment it’s odds on we scrap the racing thread as it’s simply not worth the hassle.

  16. 1plus2 4 years ago

    Fair enuff raal and glad you have taken it as it was intended when i posted it.

  17. dave 4 years ago

    Ah I was going to say I had a horse tomorrow that would lead the commoners to the promised land, however there is more drama, suspense and accusations than an episode of Judge Judy. One was going to have a dip in one’s Jacuzzi and peruse the finical times, instead I have sent the butler out to fetch me some popcorn :-)

    Putting Jonathan on the bench for Raaljaca for a while may not be a bad thing. Raaljaca is a gentlemen of wealth.

  18. dave 4 years ago

    Benny, or Benjamin as I shall call you that is a vile thing to say. Hang your head dear boy!

  19. ben8719 4 years ago

    Don’t say that Mr. F I’ve only just come back.

  20. alec 4 years ago

    all this arguments and nothing will come out of it its just a pantomine

  21. raaljaca 4 years ago

    Mr F I will happily stop posting on it now as I have no desire to share it with Johnb anymore. Keep the thread as it does plenty decent work finding winners and a lot of guys get a lot of enjoyment from it. I will stick to the football as it was always much more enjoyable fighting rival fans than jockeys or horses.

    • cooldude 4 years ago

      Mr f raals right. there is always good info posted here from Boz raal dougie swany and double carpet. the thread would be a loss

      • Author
        Mr Fixit 4 years ago

        cooldude, things to need calm down – people want racing tips not arguments.

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 4 years ago

      raaljaca, OK. Prefer to make any changes that we do when the new site launches.

  22. craneguy 4 years ago

    never post on here either but quiet watcher, becoming ma dads bigger than your dad….

  23. craneguy 4 years ago

    long term watcher, becoming boring know guys

  24. SAL 4 years ago

    “So be it but I have done nothing but help the guy until it was thrown back in my face.”…… are u sure??

  25. Burty 4 years ago

    Hi mr f when does new site launch , many thanks nick

  26. Dee 4 years ago

    Nothing to do with racing but what an absolute steal man city to win & btts with coral connect was 3/1 £20 max thank you very much lol

  27. Big T 4 years ago

    Evening All,

    I have followed the page now pretty much since it started although rarely commenting i do come on every day and appreciate the efforts of everyone incluing raal, tickety, swany and Dougie just to name a few, you guys have made me some nice coin over the last few months so thankyou. From the way the last 2 days have gone it seems like the racing thread is on borrowed time and will only be a matter of time before its closed which will be a big shame as some lads put some cracking tips up and are pretty consistent which i cannot say the same about johnb’s tips which have gone off the boil for a long time, yeah you have a couple of winners here and there but nothing compared to the likes of when the page started, i actually dont really bother doing johnb’s tips much anymore and only come on to follow the likes of the above mentioned lads, so i for one would be gutted should the thread close.

  28. chris huskie 4 years ago

    First time post from me. Keep up the good work everyone

    3.40 ripon. Snap shot (NAP) 6/4
    4.30 epsom. Last echo (nb). 7/4

  29. daz 4 years ago

    It is getting crazy like the betfair forums.It is about helping each other not who bets the biggest or think it is all a big competition.

  30. conor 4 years ago

    John b is is one of the finest tipsters ive come across….I mean the guy can give big priced winners well in advance for top races….we need to all start suppporting one another you cant win alll the time but together we can win more often than not…..look at that write up and we get it for free ….thanks john …we must remember john gives us tips everyday because we expect it….it doesnt mean john is necessarily putting his hard earned on them everyday but pehaps when he provides us with a gòod preview then is the time to place a bet at level stakes… top gamblers dont bet everyday only when something appears to be a good things…thanks and good luck everyone

  31. davyb 4 years ago

    nap jumeirah glory 215 eps nb links drive lady 325 eps

  32. conor 4 years ago

    Raal too a great tipster wirh vast knowledge across various sports whos input is greatly valuedand appreciated ….we all need to start supporting 1 another….forgive and forget

  33. keano 4 years ago

    forgive me for saying but whoever that guy cooldude is I would suggest you learn to keep your nose out.your last few comments where not needed they are designed to ignite a reaction.If something is directly aimed at you then feel free to comment but when they are not it would be better for all if you kept your comments to yourself please.

    example 1Plus2 comment was for Raal yet you felt the need to comment??? Why

    The site would be much improved if people just went about their business.

  34. 1plus2 4 years ago

    Hamish m8 he did the site a favor when he came out in a reply to boz about wind up, now everyone and his dog knows what we all suspected that he is just a waste of rations and cannot be taken in a serious mode.

    He is now just the site leper lmao

    • boz 4 years ago

      1 + 2 I should have took him on and will ignore from now on
      just had enough of his continual rubbish hes on ignore from now on

      good luck

      • 1plus2 4 years ago

        Actually boz I think I have mentioned to MR F before that on the new site changes an ignore option would be a great thing m8.

        You have just reminded me about it m8 so i might mention it again see what occurs.

        It would certainly make sense tbh lots of sites have that option and could save a lot of grief, being able to have the choice at least would certainly be welcomed.

        • cooldude 4 years ago

          1plus2 that’s a poor comment. There’s no need for an ignore option as Mr f said he’s only banned 20 people from the sight and it really takes something vulgar for Mr F to resort to this.

          • 1plus2 4 years ago

            Worried your mundane drivel would be only seen by you alone with an ignore button available lmao.

            • cooldude 4 years ago

              1plus2 unfortunately this thread is not run by you its run by Mr F. I dont see fit to argue anymore for a couple of names around me are the main perpetrators.

  35. Scuzzle 4 years ago

    I hope the racing thread continues, personally I like seeing tips with reasoning and very often if I think a good case has been made I will follow them.
    Between the regular posters there have been days when it has been possible to land some monster accas and a few of the guy have done just that so that’s fantastic.

    Gamblers do tend to be a bitter lot sometimes especially after a day of backing nothing but losers so some leniency should be given to mild venting as I honestly think that’s unavoidable but not to anyone being downright abusive.

    As said I hope the racing forum continues and I for one appreciate the efforts of all those who contribute.

  36. DeAndre 4 years ago

    I like this place it makes me smile…there’s always a good argument or two, a scandal, some cracking banter and the occasional horse racing tip :-D

    Gutted to find out that Jakey didn’t run, guess you can’t rely on a Jakey to make you a few bob nowadays.

  37. markyt 4 years ago

    Raise Hell a horse not this thread !! 7.10 at Ballinrobe should have won last time out but for fluffing the last.. gl all

  38. shaky 4 years ago

    I don’t get why people feel the need to have digs at each other about their ability to pick winners. If you don’t trust in someones judgement, just don’t back their tips. It’s that simple.
    There is absolutely no need for anyone to make Mr F’s job harder than it already is by starting petty slanging matches on here.
    It would be a massive shame if the horse thread got closed down because a few people can’t keep their negative thoughts to themselves.

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 4 years ago

      shaky, it should be about tips or banter about tips only. This will be my last comment on the racing thread for now – admin will approve or delete comments. I’m concentrating on football and other sports but will put up a starter thread each day.

  39. PA 4 years ago


  40. Steve The Pirate 4 years ago

    Garrrr, Steve doesn’t know…

  41. Ramey 4 years ago

    Just ban people who post stupid provoking comments constantly mr f and the thread would be fine. For no reason at all cooldude starts arguments constantly So ban him or tell him straight if he carries on hes gone?

  42. Stealth 4 years ago

    Sorry but certain individual(s) will not be content until the thread is closed down and at the moment they’re well on the way to achieving their objective and will succeed if allowed to do so

  43. Bill 4 years ago

    JohnB on your nap and NB as normal and value the insight as I value a number of others on the site. If the thread does close then I would appreciate it, and I am sure there must be hundreds more, if you would keep posting. I have been following your comments, insight and tips since January and still learning from you.

    It would be relatively simple to set up a blog page or other platform. Saying that I hope the thread continues and other threads developed for those who enjoy other sports. However maybe the plan is to have a football only site.

  44. Bill 4 years ago

    JohnB there seems to be early support for the nap (11/4 from 10/3) and your NB ( 11/4 from 4/1). Put on a small double as well. Good luck for today.

  45. CAPTAIN JACK 4 years ago

    I believe the racing thread should stay as good tips and info are given
    if all comments that did not include tips or were abusive for example should be deleted
    people would soon stop if that happened to their wind up posts

  46. Duncan Poundcake 4 years ago

    Sophisticated Heir 4.15 Ripon 11/2 20/80 NB.

  47. pete k 4 years ago

    Hazza the Jazza 7.20 wolvs .Tipped yesterday got price wrong.Thought 11/2 was good then drifted to 10,s.Still think it will win though.Good luck all

  48. rolanrat 4 years ago

    I think it would be a big shame for the racing thread to stop all because of some little children wanting to start f block the people who are wanting to cause trouble and argue like little girls.there are some good tips put up on the thread and would be ashamed to lose it.for all those little people wanting to start arguments and trouble theres a place for that its called fb!!now sort yourselfs out and grow the f**k up

  49. Napper valley 4 years ago

    Let’s wipe the slate today and start a fresh. Not a great card for me today so I’ll be poaching a few instead, so much easier that was as well. ;-)

    GL all

  50. Bill 4 years ago

    Mr F/Admin
    It may be my PC but the updates are appearing above the bottom 8 old post from RAAL, Cooldude, Mr F and 1+2.
    Not sure if others are experiencing this?

  51. oioi 4 years ago

    So who do others think is the best tipster on here?

  52. Meadhran 4 years ago

    Mr F, who are “admin”?

  53. Napper valley 4 years ago

    2 for today

    Ripon 3.40 zeb un nisa 11/8
    Ballinrobe 7.10 imperial Joey 11/2

    One I’m still deciding on is:
    Ballinrobe 16.40 beyond intensity 11/2

    GL all

  54. Dave 4 years ago

    Raaljaca this thread is about tips and not ego and it feels like you are leading a campaign against John – and there’s a concern your offer to donate Johns wage to charity is sugar-coating the fact you will be taking his job, I know you mean well but this is creating a bad atmosphere

  55. Idle Days 4 years ago

    Any opinions on push me in the 7.30 at sedgefield? I’m a big fan of this horse and remember john b successfully tipping it last time out.

    Good luck to all


  56. Harley 4 years ago

    Yesterday’s results
    1 winner (9-2) out of 4 ment a small profit on the horses. v Liverpool
    Lucky the trend of there being over 2.5 goals in the second half between these two teams continued . Used my free bet on over 3.5 match goals at a tasty 4/1 .

    Tough card today could only find one horse that took my fancy .

    Ripon 3.40

    Miss mulberry 4/1 bet365

    As long as the going stays the same am quiet conferdent on my selection beating the field.

    Miss mulberry recorded a better time over the 5f than the joint favourites. the joint favs have gone up slightly in the weights as well.
    But miss mulberry has not s.james is the jockey today and gets 3 pounds allowance.

  57. Maverick 4 years ago

    Dave was there actually any need for you to post what you just did? Why cant ppl just let it go and get back to posting tips instead of continuing with this garbage?

  58. Kris 4 years ago

    This is a great thread (minus the arguements) – would be very disappointing if you closed this down ! Hopefully we get back to reality today.

  59. Dave 4 years ago

    Maverick I know it may not be pleasant to hear but we shouldn’t brush things under the carpet. Im only speaking in defence of John because he has made me great profit during the time he has been here and I for one would be disappointed if the thread was closed down.

  60. Maverick 4 years ago

    I know you are just trying to stick up for john but you are also bring raals name into the gutter at the same time and 2 wrongs dont make a right we need both johnb and raal on here and whats been said has been said and we shld all just leave it at that.

    Right onto my tips for today as yesterday was poor from me :(

    4.15 Rip – Woodacre 10/3 NAP
    3.40 Rip – Snap Shots 13/8 NB
    4.55 Sed – Questioning Evs

    Good luck everyone

    • raaljaca 4 years ago

      Maverick, don’t get into any argument mate as it is not worth it. I know the truth as do several others.

  61. Scuzzle 4 years ago

    8.50 Wolverhampton – Admiral Duque 10/1

    Originally an 8 runner race but now 7 so the EW play is not as good as it should have been which is a shame as I really think this would have deffo made the frame.
    It’s still worth a small play on the win as Admiral Duque is the only course and distance winner in this field and off higher marks than he runs off of today plus looks to have the versatility that means he should act on the new Tapeta surface as he has won on both Polytrack and Fibresand. Martin Lane on board who has steered the horse to victory in the past.

  62. Centrecircle 4 years ago

    Mr f -please dont close down the racing thread,some of us need it

  63. Hamish75 4 years ago

    Good morning punters don’t know wot ti do today horses or football may take a nap bet fi three tipsters johnbs nap being one n do a trb at the football once av seen the teams gl today ktf

  64. Maverick 4 years ago

    Cheers Dave… i was looking at Last Echo as well but it went odds on so left it out my selections as Last Minute Lisa a danger

  65. Dave 4 years ago

    Maverick I have taken your point on board and appreciate your sentiments and will stick to the tips too:
    Epsom 4:30
    Last Echo (NAP)
    Good Luck All

  66. Baz 4 years ago

    The sight should never have been named after someone, that is the problem! Yes johnb knows his stuff as do others who post on hear so to name it after him is wrong and unfair on others. Put it back to racing tips and chat and then no 1 can come on and complain about the main mans tips, its also unfair on john as there is so much pressure to deliver and that is probably why his tips are not coming good, who agrees that it should be put back as it was and all will be well again?

  67. Dave 4 years ago

    Maverick I think the overnight rain should suit Last Echo best but with a poor day yesterday I would advise all to be sensible with Low/Level stakes

  68. double carpet 4 years ago

    Morning gents
    poor day yesterday just too many meetings not enough time to study properly and ground changing didn’t help either
    Just one today so far

    Epsom 3.55 skytrain 11/1 ew
    taking a chance with this one as his last 2 runs have been poor but if back to his best would have a great chance
    waiting for word On another at Epsom and if it’s good will pass it on as usual

    Best of luck to all

  69. DeAndre 4 years ago

    Wolverhampton 6:50 Venturous Spirit 3/1 (NB)

    Wolverhampton 8:50 Dino Mite 7/2 (NAP)

    Good luck today everyone :-)

  70. kenneth 4 years ago

    please do not shut down the racing thread Mr F. Baz made a very sensible comment re the naming of the thread…racing tips and chat. on to today and echo brava a horse I looked at yesterday runs in the 8.50 wol after being withdrawn yesterday.

  71. Napper valley 4 years ago

    Deandre I like you NB a lot. I had it short listed as it ticks a fair few boxes to me but the market move for stoute/Moore put me off.

    Any thoughts on the Moore ride??

  72. Kris 4 years ago

    no tickety today ?

  73. Cookie Monster 4 years ago

    Mr F. Not sure what changes are in store for the site but surely removing the racing thread will confuse matters. The racing guys will be posting on the football thread and the whole thing will just get messy.

  74. DeAndre 4 years ago

    Gosden > Stoute
    Moore > Buick

    So it’s a toss up :-)

  75. Napper valley 4 years ago

    I know mate. I’ve bet it now so lets see what happens, I think it’s good though just never like moves like that for good trainer/jockey combos.

  76. Napper valley 4 years ago

    I know mate, well I’m on now as well so lets hope the market is just trying to call our bluff.

  77. Thehawk 4 years ago

    Like betting number 1 in nursery handicaps so today its

    Midlander 3.05 Ripon
    Guiding Light 2.15 Epsom
    Agadoo 7.50 Wolverhampton

    Good Luck All posters today :)

  78. double carpet 4 years ago

    I said earlier that I was waiting for word (from my source whose usually reliable)for a horse at Epsom, well here it is

    Kifaaya 2.15 Epsom

    Best of luck and don’t shoot the messenger !!

  79. Idle Days 4 years ago

    I’ve rewatched push me’s last race and it won with quite a bit in hand, just travels so effortlessly it’s part of my picks for today:
    2.30 grand beauty 11/10
    3.25 arctic feeling 9/4
    & 7.30 push me 2/1
    3 doubles from the above.
    Good luck to all and let’s hope for winners across the board today!

  80. dodgy2459 4 years ago

    Arctic Feeling 3.25 epsom 2/1

  81. theman 4 years ago

    only tip i have today NORTHERN STAR 4.15 ripon .Think he is over priced at 100 to 1 on betfair .Won over the distance in the past.Bombed on his last race but that after a long lay off and usually there improve for next race

  82. TheBuzz 4 years ago

    Brilliant Davyb! Good on you mate! Got on at 4/1 very nice :)

  83. double carpet 4 years ago

    Apologies to anyone who backed my tip

  84. TheBuzz 4 years ago

    Thanks for the Arctic feeling tip lads. Going well.

    Duncan your NB is scratched, but I can’t see your NAP?

  85. TheBuzz 4 years ago

    3:55 Epsom
    Brocklebank, backed from 11/1 to 5/1.
    Get on.

  86. Napper valley 4 years ago

    Nice tip on miss mulberry Harley. Shame I had tipped the fav ready.


  87. TheBuzz 4 years ago

    Nice one Harley, got 7/2! Your logic was spot on.

    Very quiet around here but it’s raining winners!

  88. betsencs 4 years ago

    650 freemason 2/1 stan james
    750 western playboy 7/2
    820 solstala 3/1

  89. betsencs 4 years ago

    650 freemason 2/1 Stan James
    750 western playboy 7/2
    820 solstala 3/1

    600 mawalla 6/1
    620 dynamic ranger 16/1 coral
    720 serveriano 6/1

  90. Maverick 4 years ago

    Cant pick my nose right now :(

  91. Dave 4 years ago

    Maverick I have taken your point on board and appreciate your sentiments and will stick to the tips too:
    Epsom 4:30
    Last Echo (NAP)
    Good Luck All


  92. dodgy2459 4 years ago

    Artic feeling 3.25 epson 2/1 won hope some got on

  93. WN 4 years ago

    Good start JohnB, any idea what the rule 4 was, if any?

  94. WN 4 years ago

    Okay was 45p, still ended up around evens though.

  95. Duncan Poundcake 4 years ago

    Echo Brava Nap missed Epsom yesterday for this last 3 runs on grass all placed probably better on all weather surface 8.50 wolves 11/4 was 7/2

  96. marcus 4 years ago

    6.50=flawless pink
    8.20=captain revelation

  97. Ross G 4 years ago

    Ross G
    21 hrs, 25 mins ago
    NB 455 Sedgefield Admiral Hawke SP WON

    NAP 210 Epsom Mecado 2/1 EP NOWHERE!

  98. double carpet 4 years ago

    Going to do just one more today

    Wol 7.50 mikandy 11/1 ew

    Gl to all

  99. Duncan Poundcake 4 years ago

    Missed some good tips today well done all

  100. Matt 4 years ago

    Is that worth a lump on incase of a place double or is it a shot in the dark mate?

  101. Duncan Poundcake 4 years ago

    I see young Mr Tudhope still managed to ride the winner of the 4.15 at Ripon after my NB was a n/r ???

  102. gus 4 years ago

    8.00 sedgefield

    the phantom winger 18/1 ew

    this horse got loose going down last run and i thought should have been withdrawn but it went on to run a decent 3rd. i put it in my tracker and although this is a much deeper race with some top yards entered i am gonna have a very small each way punt but only after it gets to the start safely

  103. Kyleh 4 years ago

    Wolverhampton-6.50- FLAWLESS PINK 7/1.

  104. Napper valley 4 years ago

    Glad you put it up Deandre great race by both horses and even better that the bet came in.

  105. WN 4 years ago

    Well in Deandre had a good feeling about that one, thank you!

  106. WN 4 years ago

    Those posts that remain at the bottom of the thread aren’t half annoying.

    • 1plus2 4 years ago

      WN try and click reply and put a comment up that might get them pushed up a bit m8.

      Does get annoying when you see the same posts all the time when u scroll down.

  107. johnb 4 years ago

    Todays NB Mighty Missile gambled from 3/1 to 5/4 was 2nd beaten a 1/2 length although 14 lengths ahead of the 3rd horse but that means nothing

    Last Echo won & was advised at 9/4 but with the non runners the rule 4 was 50p in the pound although some bookies waived the 5p rule 4 so some were only 45p in the pound
    Anyone who took the 9/4 would get just under 6/5 which was alot better than the 4/9 sp price

    Two of my tips including the Nap are still to run tonight

    Wednesdays Tips

    Charter 5/1 NB bet365

    Winter Queen 2/1 NAP bet365

    I know i will get slated for saying this but i will not stop telling people how much i like a horse
    wednesdays Nap is my strongest for a long time & i know some people like to know that
    For everyone else i always advise level stakes
    I will be doing a write up later

    Good luck everyone

  108. double carpet 4 years ago

    Sorry Matt
    been busy it’s a bit a shot in the dark but I always take notice when I see money come for a Cox horse he’s a very shrewd trainer and he’s come in from 16s to 11s

  109. Thehawk 4 years ago

    Good Luck JB 5/1 and 9/4 with PP

  110. Harley 4 years ago

    Tough card today could only find one horse that took my fancy .

    Ripon 3.40

    Miss mulberry ****4/1 Won !!!***

    Cheers nv & buzz its good when a plan comes together .

  111. Hamish75 4 years ago

    Fair play to all who posted winners today n fair play to all who took time n effort ti keep the site worthy of mrf,s time n dedication ktf

  112. Rookie 4 years ago

    Buckstay 19.55 Kempton 6/1

  113. Duncan Poundcake 4 years ago

    Well done Kenneth with Echo Brava looks like I stole your tip ,just been going through the posts to see who tipped winners and saw yours …Sorry.

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