IT was a tough day on the football and it wasn't easy for Johnb in the racing as his two tips lost.

And that's right he put up two tips – the others he posted were not as he stressed tips just suggestions for anyone looking at that meeting.

Johnb's Sunday tips

Pontefract 2.45
ALEX VINO 6-4 NAP Coral, Skybet

AIR SQUADRON 11-8 NB Coral, Paddy Power, BetVictor

Good luck everyone.

  1. WN 4 years ago

    John do you have any thoughts on the Arlington Million race?

    I fancy Real Solution or Smoking Sun to win seeing as from what I can read that the ground is no better than good and it could rain.

  2. WN 4 years ago

    11.36pm Cooldude.

  3. cooldude 4 years ago

    WN, Ryan Moore riding very well

  4. cooldude 4 years ago

    John b, did you see the ride Joseph O Brien gave Magician in the Arlington Million? My god, he rode a nightmare race attacking the front runner far too soon, on ground softer then usual. He then resorts to the whip before his horse has time two change legs. Shocker and the best jockey won.

  5. johnb 4 years ago

    Sorry wasnt on here yesturday & didnt research the Million
    Not seen it yet but i will watch it
    Magician doest seem to be the horse he was & from what i have heard the ground was perfect for him

  6. chancer 4 years ago

    John any thoughts on kingsman today
    Was going to double him up with England ladies but the ground is a worry

  7. weasel 4 years ago

    Off to Southwell soon, tips all welcome !!!!!

  8. double carpet 4 years ago

    Just the one winner from 3 yesterday but we will keep trying

    2.00 west end 2/1 nap
    3.00 valleyofmilan 8/1 ew nb
    3.30 vuvuzela 14/1 ew
    all at southwell gl to all

  9. boz 4 years ago

    morning guys saturday racing is mission impossible i had four bets all day got one e/w up.

    s 2.00 MOSS GROVE 11/4

    s 3.00 OFF THE GROUND 5/1 nb

    s 4.05 KING BORU 7/2 nap

    Good luck everyone

    happy days

  10. Duncan Poundcake 4 years ago

    20/80 SOLAR SPIRIT
    17:20 Pontefract, has the ground and draw in its favour 8/1 and 13/8 GL

  11. DougieC 4 years ago

    Morning all
    NAP…ZALTY..3.40 Dundalk
    NB….MOONMIESTER..15.15 Dundalk and possible patent with
    THE BIG CAT..17.45..Dundalk
    Gl today.

  12. DougieC 4 years ago

    Moonmeister should win starting at 15.15 instead of 17.15!!!! Srrry

  13. boz 4 years ago

    who do i follow on the football thread want give it a go this season

  14. boz 4 years ago

    cheers skippy i know little on football but been told there are good tipsters here got £20 for hearts hibs dont know what put it on

  15. Skippy 4 years ago

    Boz sum good tipsters on the footy thread I tend to stick to raal and Greg and I like to look out for the chief but there is a lot if guys doing well at the moment

  16. Skippy 4 years ago

    I’m on hearts as is most of the football thread, Raal has been very confident with this one all week so that is good enuf for me,

  17. PeteT 4 years ago

    Hakan – If you dont like the tips you dont have to back them.

    …but don’t make digs at Johnb (or any of the other contributors here). They’re just giving their opinion and dont deserve snipped comments.

  18. barry67 4 years ago

    Hakan johnb may be going thru a dry spell but he puts great tips up on here up to you wether u follow or not. Personally i have stayed off johnbs tips but i have put £15 on his double today as i feel confident

  19. Maverick 4 years ago

    JonB how big a danger do you think Precision Strike is in the 15.15 against Air Squadron? Thanks

  20. Author
    Mr Fixit 4 years ago

    hakan, you are wrong.

  21. double carpet 4 years ago

    2.15 pontefract granddads world
    just had a call from a reliable source to get on it
    just said I’d pass it on current price 11-4
    fingers crossed

  22. big shifty 4 years ago

    Jonbs forms poor rite now wi naps and thers no rite about tdays ad say best left alone.

  23. blinkerz 4 years ago

    Grandads world 11/4 nb
    14.15 pontefract

    flycatcher 7/1 nap
    16.20 pontefract

  24. cooldude 4 years ago

    John b, the improvement in form shown by Hardest core to win the Arlington Million is unbelievable. Before this the horse won a race at Delaware park worth 50k, hence the horse was rank outsider to win.
    The one thing I will say is Hardest Spun looks and runs the spit of his sire Hard Spun.

    Hard Spun was just born in the wrong year or maybe not. Incredible horse who never packed it in against against 2 other great 3 year olds.
    I think that qualifies him just a hair below Curlin and Street Sense. Also reminds me of the Alysheba, Bet Twice and Lost code era, 3 great horses slugging it out.

  25. ticketyboo 4 years ago

    Good afternoon racing fans don’t know what kind of day the tips were yesterday I hope if you had a loss it was a small stake one.

    3:45 Pontefract “VALONIA” 9/2 bet365

    Last run was in mid division stalking leaders until 3 furlongs out challenged leader final furlong was swamped by following horses finished 4th beaten 1 length.

    4:35 Southwell “MY BETTY” 1/1 bet365

    Don’t select odds on so this is right on the borderline.
    Last run was in the lead till running clear over 3 furlongs out won easily over 2ml4flg ridden by AP. This race over 2ml course.

  26. double carpet 4 years ago

    Good start to the day Nap wins easy

  27. big shifty 4 years ago

    You sticking up fr jonb mr f.i was jst making sure if it was still doji to mention anything about

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 4 years ago

      big shifty, sneaky digs are uncalled for and I hate to see comments like that. We know Johnb’s on a bad run but it’s not for lack of trying or expertise. It happens with horses – just looking at the Racing Post naps table and there’s an expert who has 22 losers in a row. That’s life.

  28. BigTone 4 years ago

    Cheers Double Carpet got on that after your comment

  29. Matt 4 years ago

    Thanks for that tip double carpet cheers mate!

  30. Russ 4 years ago

    great start double carpet cheers mate

  31. swany 4 years ago

    Great shout double carpet,cheers

  32. double carpet 4 years ago

    Not my tip but glad to pass it on
    cheers swany

  33. Matt 4 years ago

    Got yours on a Trixie today dougie :)! Good luck all

    Bankrupt the bookies ha!

  34. big shifty 4 years ago

    Mr f I do understand and jonb has forgot more than I know about horses but av been betting his of late and lost a few bob so jist a wee bit o frustration in my comment thats all.

  35. double carpet 4 years ago

    No problem guys we are all on here for the same reason
    onwards and upwards

  36. Bertie 4 years ago

    Johnb nap drifting like a barge lets hope this is not a bad Sign

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 4 years ago

      Bertie, you should always worry when you see a drift.

      • raaljaca 4 years ago

        Anybody jumping on early odds the night before really needs to look at these drifts and realise a lot of the time there is no advantage in snapping up early prices.

  37. raaljaca 4 years ago

    Maverick, bottom line is his tips are put up the night before racing. There is so much that can happen between then and the ‘off’ that you should really be looking at. Mr F pointed it out about newspaper tipsters as the vast majority basically do not have a clue and go by past form etc before any indication of the strength of support reflected in the odds. Best tipsters? Guys like Dougie, Tickety, boz etc who tip closer to the off and see what is really happening. I win money from backing horses as I am fortunate to know guys who are genuinely privilege to decent info or are professional gamblers.

  38. barry67 4 years ago

    Good shout @double carpet took a single and included it in a double with boz nap king boru

  39. alec 4 years ago

    going try just bet on football this week its to hard to pick winners even john b is strugling just now

  40. Skippy 4 years ago

    Boz did you get your £20 on hearts to win?

    • boz 4 years ago

      yeah followed raal and greg like u said brilliant

  41. double carpet 4 years ago

    Vuvuzela 3rd got 14-1 this morning ew. More profit for the day

    Just a later possible ew chance is
    the black devil 16/1
    won the race last year Off 5lbs lower but has a 7lb claimer on board
    tough race though
    dundalk 5.15

  42. swany 4 years ago

    Another Smullen masterclass

  43. Russ 4 years ago

    cheers tickety one more to go

  44. Napper valley 4 years ago

    2that I’m on today.

    4.45 Dundalk elusive Laurence 9/2

    4.50 ponty flawless pink 7/4


  45. ben 4 years ago

    Afternoon guys been a quiet day for me today but I’ve seen one horse at 4:35 at southwell. This horse Is called MY BETTY and is todays NAP for me. Price is 5/4 at corals and william hill. Cannot see past this horse

    GL :)

    Bash the bookies

  46. swany 4 years ago

    Well done Tickety,great tip mate.

  47. DougieC 4 years ago

    well done tickety is that 5 or 6 in a row And well done carpet!! Too busy grandsons been landed on me. No swany I dismissed Smullens 25/1 shot Grrrr and here is me saying a few weeks ago Im having a couple of quid on everything he rides
    Gl Ebor week coming up.

    • swany 4 years ago

      Me too Dougie,couldn’t bring myself to do it,

      • raaljaca 4 years ago

        Tickety, double carpet, great stuff guys.

  48. double carpet 4 years ago

    Cheers dougie

  49. ben 4 years ago


    DUNDALK 4:45


  50. ben 4 years ago

    Chief suspect just got beat my half a neck gutted.

    Will find something guys to repay losses

  51. ben 4 years ago

    DUNDALK 5:15


    GL :)

  52. double carpet 4 years ago

    Thanks raal
    hope u enjoyed the hearts victory earlier!!

    • raaljaca 4 years ago

      Loved it double carpet mate, never tire of humping that lot and winning money on the back of it. Couldn’t believe the number of people who backed the Jambos from the site today, easy money ;)

  53. ben 4 years ago

    Swany should get a place mate run 3rd on last run and should improve of that hopefully

  54. Duncan Poundcake 4 years ago


  55. Russ 4 years ago

    cheers Dougie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  56. ben 4 years ago

    Tranmore 5:25
    Definite ruby 5/4

    Get on this horse go large it will win take my word.

    • raaljaca 4 years ago

      Daft statement to make ben, stick to tipping a horse like the guys do without bigging it up mate.

  57. raaljaca 4 years ago

    Does Smullen ever lose?

  58. double carpet 4 years ago

    Excellent tipping dougie

    • raaljaca 4 years ago

      Dougie, I tip my hat to you mate, absolute quality.

  59. ben 4 years ago

    NAP 2nd NB 2nd gutted what a shit day.

    Raal its my tips I’m aloud to write what I want. I don’t persue or make anyone back them. The reason I said go large and it will win was because one of my contacts said to me back it and his strike rate is pretty good matey so I take his word and try to make people money by informing them on the tip.

    You have to also consider I’ve backed 7 winners from 12 tips. That’s over a 65 percent strike rate.

    • raaljaca 4 years ago

      Agreed ben, write what you like mate but you will look a touch daft guaranteeing a horse to win that loses.

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 4 years ago

      ben, I agree with raaljaca, saying a horse will win is setting you up for a fall. 7 out of 12 is great but it’s not 12 out of 12. I said the same to Jesus yesterday and he wasn’t happy but some people will have a bet going on confidence of the tipster so I have to point this out.

  60. ben 4 years ago

    Raal I do also consider and see where your coming om. Maybe I need to rephrase how I write a tip mate

    • raaljaca 4 years ago

      7 from 12 is excellent ben and you don’t need to guarantee anything mate, just tip your horses. Just my opinion.

  61. swany 4 years ago

    Cheers Dougie,cant go wrong with big Pat!!!
    Bet Confirmation – AB4987194910I – Internet Time of bet: 17/08/2014 17:09:31 Print
    No. Selections Event Event Date E/W Terms Odds Result
    1 Moonmeister 5.15 Dundalk
    (Win and Each Way)
    Live Stream 17/08/2014 3 Places
    1/4 Odds 3/1 Won

  62. barry67 4 years ago

    Well in dougie gutted i put ur double on earlier but had a late 5er double ther with poyle vinnie and definate ruby totally forgot Moonmeister. Ah well on to tomoro

  63. Olz 4 years ago

    I enjoy reading the tips on this page. I’ve made some solid returns following some of them.
    However, I would be wary of following tips from somebody who thinks 7 winners from 12 tips is a strike rate over 65% though….

  64. DeAndre 4 years ago

    What a great day Raal!!! Just in from work and watched the game on TiVo….managed to avoid the score all day.

    • raaljaca 4 years ago

      DeAndre, great result but we need to start playing for 90 minutes and also improve our discipline. 2 games and 2 wins though mate is all we could have asked for.

  65. barry67 4 years ago

    Footys been good for me today though

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 4 years ago

      barry67, it’s been good for me apart from Marseille who have beaten the top treble. Single up, double that I commented about up and a chance to cover goals in Benfica game for the other treble.

      • Author
        Mr Fixit 4 years ago

        Anyone following the golf tips? Meant to say well done to Ace who has made it four tournament winners in four weeks with Marc Warren at 30-1 – and it could be five with Webb Simpson tonight.
        Made in Denmark
        Marc Warren 2.5pts ew, 30-1 Betfred WIN

  66. DougieC 4 years ago

    I hold the record I had 14 out of 14 in June pity they were all second..

  67. DeAndre 4 years ago

    That’s how champions are made…winning when you play less than your best :-)

  68. DeAndre 4 years ago

    How’s the racing been going lads, haven’t looked at a paper so have no idea even what meetings were on! Up nice and early tomorrow with some bets though…..HHGH :-D

  69. ben 4 years ago

    Olz 58 percent to be accurate (know it all)

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 4 years ago

      ben, calm down. His comment wasn’t offensive, it was accurate and you have now put up the correct figure.

  70. DeAndre 4 years ago

    Don’t rise to it Ben 7/12 might not be 65% but it’s still a fat wallet :-)

  71. ben 4 years ago

    DeAndre I know mate just people need to grow up and stop being pathetic with needless comments.

  72. barry67 4 years ago

    Mr.f im goni have a read through the footy page see if i can pick anything up nothing big, not for giving the bookies their cash back

  73. double carpet 4 years ago

    Guys no need for it, we are all here to help each other

    • swany 4 years ago

      Mrs swany gettin ideas above her station,hid tae pit the laptop doon tae get ma tea the night!

      • raaljaca 4 years ago

        Could she not just feed you swany if your busy?

  74. DeAndre 4 years ago

    I’ll have a quid on it if you’re offering ;-)

  75. Dr Greenthumb 4 years ago

    Re the golf Mr F, pass on my thanks to Ace , I was on Warren and Bjorn each way, love his tips.

    Shame I wasn’t on Agnetha, ahem.

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 4 years ago

      Greenthumb, knowing Ace he’ll feel that way again but it wouldn’t have been good for his dodgy ticker.

  76. DougieC 4 years ago

    And here you are swany thinkin the Aga was a horse owner Tut Tut

  77. alec 4 years ago

    good advice radjca and mr f about people saying a horse to win is a banker ive bet on people saying that and put more money on because u think its a cert to win most of the time it gets beat its like chaseing money lost

  78. DougieC 4 years ago

    teas finished,family thrown oot,granson off with a tenner from raals 10/1 shot yesterday.Feet up and watching Dragons Den!!No excuse DeAndre Wolverhampton and Windsor for you after work!!tomorrow,hard to know what to invest in!!

    • raaljaca 4 years ago

      Agree lads Wolverhampton is where we made our fortune many many threads ago!

  79. DeAndre 4 years ago

    Wolver, Wolver and thrice Wolver… that track :-D

    Can’t wait for our Friday nights, destroying the bookies via Wolver and Dundalk :-)

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