1. weasel 3 years ago

    MOUNT TAHAN, Wetherby 3.05

  2. jono5000 3 years ago

    by a nose!

  3. WN 3 years ago

    Placed, much like most of my bets today. 1 winner, 2 places and a loser,

    SP was 9/2 for JohnBs NB btw.

  4. dar 3 years ago

    John b and big T saved me after a poor day!! Thanks guys

  5. Big T 3 years ago

    No problem Dar ;)

    Very good day today for me which is a pretty rare on a saturday i tell ya !

    I quite like Lord Franklin in the first race, he has a 33% sr 4 from 12 over distance with 4 out his 6 wins being on turf on going good or firmer, but with the rp analyst predicting that over this distance the draw will favour Horses drawn low and this fella is drawn out in the car park that puts me off a bit, but im still going to give it an ew shout at 20/1 !!

    Nap – Strong Steps 3.15 4/1
    Hugo palmers only runner on the card
    Nb – Save the Bees 5.45 8/1 ew
    Declan Carrolls only runner on the card, winless since October 13 but running off 3lb lower today (69), hasnt ran over this distance since that win and 3 of his 5 wins are over this distance.

    Nnb – Putin 5.25 13/2 ew ( only 2 places )

    Also fancy a Hugo Palmer across the card Double with :

    Strong Steps 3.15 Chelmsford and Persiflage 4.10 Wetherby this is 14/1

    Small stakes as we all know a good day usually follows with a bad one ;) Gl

  6. Stevie H 3 years ago

    Need abit of help here guys, yesterday I bet a treble, 2 came in but 1 failed to run (Grand Jesture) 3.50pm Sandown. Should Betfred Void that horse? My line was lost due to that horse but surley they should have paid out on the other 2?

  7. Big T 3 years ago

    #17 Should a customer place a multiple bet and any selections become void or are deemed a non-runner the bet will be settled on the remaining selections.

    Thats in their terms mate, id get on chat and ask them what the crack is

  8. Stevie H 3 years ago

    Cheers mate, yeah thats what I thought. Something no right about it

  9. dar 3 years ago

    I had the same thing stevie…. got money back as refund as it was void then the last two selections come up as a double…. I think a patent is a good bet if your gonna have three selections…. good luck today everyone :)

  10. highseastim 3 years ago

    Was down at my local bookies to put £20 on Sequester at 5/1, to say I’m gutted is an understatement as I put a £5 ew double on Waterloo Dock and Hakka to watch when I got home!!

  11. Alex 3 years ago

    Gowran Park 4:00 Carla Bianca 11/8 NAP Coral

    Chelmsford City 5:25 Little Indian 11/4 NB Bet365

    Small stab at the double 7.43/1 Bet365

  12. robbo 3 years ago

    yes stevieh you should have been paid out on the double

  13. robbo 3 years ago

    sorry stevieh just looking at that race again grand gesture came under orders but refused to run so you wont get paid sorry

  14. barriem 3 years ago

    Hi guys

    Tip today is save the bees in the 5.45 Wetherby


  15. robbo 3 years ago

    some bookmakers paid out on grand gesture as far as i know but only if you backed it a single,

  16. The Postman 3 years ago

    Bit of an in and out week for me and Chelmsford and Wwtherby on a Sunday does not inspire me.

    However … It’s hard not to take note of the day trainer Karl Burke had yesterday and today he sends two down to Chelmford, some 200+ miles away.

    Angel of Light in the 2:10 and Eva Claire in the 2:45.

    He has another one in the last race at Wetherby called Frontline Phantom and this is the one that intrests me most, it ran yesterday at Leicester finishing 5th after not getting a clear run.

    My tip today would be back all three at level stakes, you only need one winner to make a profit but the form he is in right now you could strike real lucky.

    Enjoy your Sunday … I’m outa here :)

  17. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    Hi guys I hope some of u backed my nap for today lastnight as it was 2/1 it’s now 11/8 and still dropping – SECRET HINT 4:40 w

  18. The Postman 3 years ago

    Should of said “Angel Of The Night@ not Light.

  19. deekster 3 years ago

    Eachway trixie for me at Chelmsford today.
    Strong steps 3:15 9/2
    Three Gracez 3:45 7/1
    Putin 5:25 6/1

  20. davyb 3 years ago

    polar forrest 2.00 weth artic lynx 245 ch stopped out 335 wet secret hint 440 wet

  21. The taxman 3 years ago

    Off to the player of the year awards tonight in the thistle john so I need a winning double just to cover the beer tokens pal!
    A wee treble would be even better tho! ;)

  22. JOHNY BANKER 3 years ago

    Johnb is a bit late today but I will be a bit surprised if he does not nap Chelmsford 4.50 No 2 Nabatean

  23. Big gee 3 years ago

    I’ve been given two tips today at Wetherby today PARK PLACE 2.00 and AUSSIE BERRY 4.10 Up to you guys whether you back them don’t shoot the messenger! :)

  24. arsie 3 years ago

    2.00 Wetherby polar forest 6/1
    3.35 stanarley pic 5/1. Singles and small dbl

  25. Hamish75 3 years ago

    Big gee is this info or jist yer mate fancies it ktf

  26. NAGMAN 3 years ago

    Trying a lucky 15 with these four today –

    2.45 ARTIC LYNX 5/2

    4.50 NABATEAN 5/4

    5.25 LITTLE INDIAN 5/2

    4.40 SECRET HINT 5/4

    Also doing EW singles & double on the Swinbank/Fallon combo –

    3.35 STANARLEY PIC 9/2

    5.45 DANCIN ALPHA 11/2

    GL ALL

  27. double carpet 3 years ago

    Morning all

    NAP MICKEY HALLER 6/4 3.05 wetherby
    Meehan has started the season very well so hopefully that continues today

    NB LEGATISSIMO 4/1 4.00 gowran
    Carla Bianca is the best horse in the race but can she give 17lbs to my selection in her first start of season? Maybe she can but at the odds im happy to take her on with a horse whose already had a run.

    Ive also followed a few decent shouts already put up by others so hopefully its a profitable day but being SUNDAY im nervous as its the one day of the week that throws up some crazy results !!

    Best of luck to all

  28. ace 3 years ago

    Grand jesture was declared a loser so officially it ran some bookies gave money back as a good will gesture but didn’t have to best you may hope fore is refund of your stake

  29. De Niro 3 years ago

    half a point up going into today

    14-00 Wetherby
    Kalk Bay 8/1 1 point win
    Breakheart 10/1 2 points win

    15-05 Wetherby
    Caeser the Gaeser 50/1 1 point e/way bet 365

    (be quick wont last long the 50s)

    15-15 Chelmsford City
    Western Reserve 8/1 2 points win

    7 points staked today

  30. double carpet 3 years ago

    Am adding one more KNIGHTS TEMPLAR 5/1 5.00 gowran

  31. Steve 3 years ago

    Iv just had a call from one off my old buddy’s and he’s going for no 6 duchess Andorra 2.55. 7/1 GL guys.

  32. Alanmo 3 years ago

    Nap Compton Mill 3/1 3.45 Chelmsford
    NB Angel Way 5/1 2.45 Chelmsford
    Double pays 23/1

  33. bobo 3 years ago

    400 G Leggatissimo NAP

    225 G Aerialist NB

    345 C Flying Fantasy 3b

    PAYS 21/1 CORAL GL.

  34. De Niro 3 years ago

    50’s gone now with bet 365 lasted about 15 mins , corals just cut from 40’s also

    Hoping the price keeps falling & stays low and doesnt do the dreaded drift before the off :-)

  35. Big T 3 years ago

    Only 20s on pp de niro

  36. Nick 3 years ago

    Is this a tip De Niro have u had a word?

    • De Niro 3 years ago

      Not had the word – just a tip from me all things considered, thats why I am hoping its a genuine gamble – I noticed money for it early on and when I looked into it checking a few other bits like trainer stats/jockey combo/distance etc – It seemed worth a go at 50’s, esp being 16’s in places.

  37. Jackthelad86 3 years ago

    Has anyone sent out the search party for JohnB?

  38. Napper valley 3 years ago

    3 bets for peeps to take a look over

    Chelmsford 3.45 Rosie royal 25/1 e/w
    Gowan 2.55 aerialist 6/4
    Gowan 4.00 Legatissimo 4/1

    GL all

  39. NAGMAN 3 years ago

    I think he is probably just busier on a Sunday as it only seems to be Sundays

  40. Winner@lrite 3 years ago

    Now 20/1 pp de Niro

  41. Alanmo 3 years ago

    GOOJ Where’s Tiger 11/4 5.45 Wetherby

  42. upswing 3 years ago

    whats gooj mean?

  43. Nick 3 years ago

    Cheers GL

  44. Shogun 3 years ago

    where art thou JohnB?

    Just the one from me today,

    4.50 Chelsmford – Nabatean 6/4 (NAP)

  45. jim burnside 3 years ago

    Ad sooner jonb didn’t nap owt rather than put one up fr the sake of it.
    has anyone on site heard any whispers about player of yr tnite?

  46. Big gee 3 years ago

    @Hamish I don’t like to use the word info and leave myself open to negative comments my mate played rugby with half owner of these two he keeps in touch via email and texts and told him to have a dabble on these today. Gd luck.

  47. cobramint 3 years ago

    Kane young player and Hazard player.

  48. Striker 3 years ago

    GOOJ means ‘Get Out Of Jail’ and implies a winning bet usually in the last remaining races of the day to bring you out of a negative balance.

  49. double carpet 3 years ago

    I mentioned ACTIVAL last night running at AUTEUIL 4.15 for HARRY FRY. I took the 7/2 available last night but he is now fav. 3s still available some places but as low as 2s with b365

  50. Author
    Scott Allot 3 years ago

    JohnB has been having trouble getting online today but his tips are up on the thread now folks.

  51. upswing 3 years ago

    oh ok. thanks striker

  52. dougiec 3 years ago

    No Time today EW only bet
    ENTER THE PRIORY..10/1 3.25 Gowran

  53. Hamish75 3 years ago

    Big gee fanx mate a never shoot the message wen peepil get a nod the guys oan here post their selections n we get a great return from them wen ye get a nod that’s different fir me straight fae the horses mooth if ye like no negativity fae me gud luk ktf

  54. Denzel 3 years ago

    sakhee’s jem in the first at chelmsford

  55. Alex 3 years ago

    surprised no one has at least mentioned Sakhee’s Jem today!

  56. Denzel 3 years ago

    donkey as usual haha

  57. Alex 3 years ago

    Great shout Denzel ;)

  58. Ace 3 years ago

    already looks like a bad day

  59. Ace 3 years ago

    lets see if the first fav at wetherby does the biz

  60. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    SAVED MY BACON 2:45 chel – NB

  61. ian Forbes 3 years ago

    Got your horses on jonyb two singles and a double best of luck ma loon

  62. double carpet 3 years ago

    Bobo and Napper
    well done with aerialist and nice drift too

  63. bobo 3 years ago

    Cheers DC 5/2 nice price.

  64. double carpet 3 years ago

    I did say MEEHAN has started the season well and there he goes with a 16/1 winner just there

  65. double carpet 3 years ago

    Well done how easy was that !!

  66. wooooohooooo 3 years ago

    Great call….Thank you…

  67. Ace 3 years ago

    well saved my bacon just saved my bacon

  68. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    Very easy DC, if only they all won like that mate

  69. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    Ya welcome wooohooo

  70. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    Gonna hav a bit ew on GLASSATURA in 2:55 gowren

  71. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    Steve nice one mate!!

  72. Alex 3 years ago

    Mickey Haller seeing all the money in the next and some winners out of that last race at Newbury.

  73. Steve 3 years ago

    Cheers hope ya were on.

  74. Rookie 3 years ago

    May have got the wrong meehan horse dc!
    trojan rocket now best 8/1. So at the least ive had some value!!

  75. double carpet 3 years ago

    Ah i give up. I just hate bloody SUNDAYS!!

  76. Rookie 3 years ago

    But you love fridays right?

  77. Rookie 3 years ago

    How was the film dc?

  78. double carpet 3 years ago

    Highly recommend it rookie.

  79. Alex 3 years ago

    Nice one Dougie highlighting Swany’s pick Strong Steps!!

  80. double carpet 3 years ago

    haha yeah love me friday nights !!

  81. Rookie 3 years ago

    Nice one swany

  82. Striker 3 years ago

    Well done Big T, Deekster with the NAP

  83. Alanm 3 years ago


  84. Jonny0902 3 years ago

    Cheers for strong steps lads!!

  85. double carpet 3 years ago

    Well done guys with strong steps

  86. Alanm 3 years ago

    Big T well done and great price 6/1 Swany well done :)

  87. Alex 3 years ago

    Cracking drift and all.

  88. Big T 3 years ago

    Lovely stuff, 3 winning naps in a row !! :) Really thought Lord Franklin would put in a decent show but never mind , over to persiflage for the double now and he’s been well supported :)

  89. Robman 3 years ago

    Waiting on save the bes (from big ts nap nb double( for 245, however if it places I will only get 24, I can cash out for 42.. What Yous think? Thanks as always

  90. NAGMAN 3 years ago

    Definitely leave it running in my opinion

  91. Alex 3 years ago

    Get in AlanM!!!

  92. Kev 3 years ago

    So unlucky deekster! :(

  93. Alanm 3 years ago


  94. Alex 3 years ago

    I have a treble with Strong Steps, Carla Bianca and Little Indian. Considering cashing out my nap for a small profit and letting the treble run but just cannot bring myself to do it :P

  95. deekster 3 years ago

    Well done Alanm,thought Gracez had it when got in front, held on for a place tho.

  96. Denzel 3 years ago

    4.40 Wetherby Secret Hint

  97. Alanm 3 years ago

    Deekster yes thought you had it as well would have been nice double but well done anyway.

  98. Alex 3 years ago

    Well done lads with Legatissimo, took a cover bet since so many fancied it and because of the weight.

  99. blinkerz 3 years ago

    DC napper bobo nice pick thanks

  100. double carpet 3 years ago

    Nice ond Alanm
    well done

  101. Kev 3 years ago

    Nice one dc :)

  102. Alanm 3 years ago

    D/C Napper BoBo well done nice pic 3/1 :)

  103. double carpet 3 years ago

    Cheers guys and to the others who were also on

  104. ray 3 years ago

    cheers again DC.
    Thanks to the postman also. Cashed out an EW trixie bet on your earlier tip for just under treble money. I’ll go on your fancied one as a single.
    This room is full of quality. excellent stuff.

  105. mckay 3 years ago

    Cheers to DC and the others who tipped Legatissimo!

  106. Big T 3 years ago

    20/1 wins !!! Ah well

  107. Alanm 3 years ago

    Big T bad luck onwards keep them Naps coming 4/4 tomorrow:)

  108. De Niro 3 years ago

    Big T & DC well done
    Alanm ,bobo napper – well done

  109. Denzel 3 years ago

    What do people think for the 5:35 at Gowran? Only 3 horses in it

  110. double carpet 3 years ago

    any of them could win but my preference is for O Brien but not touching it

  111. Alanm 3 years ago

    Denzel let the market answer that unnamed fav for me. IMO

  112. Denzel 3 years ago

    cheers Alanm, i’m possibly siding towards Zafilani, he had a decent run last time

  113. Winner@lrite 3 years ago

    Denzel I’d be with I brien it’s well entered up

  114. WN 3 years ago

    Well done on the winners fellas.

    My one for today, Snappy Guest 5.15 Wetherby 4/1

  115. Alanm 3 years ago

    WN good luck matey.

  116. WN 3 years ago

    Get in there.

  117. WN 3 years ago

    Thanks Alan, didn’t need much luck there thankfully, no messing about there by Fallon, why can’t he always ride like that.

  118. Alanm 3 years ago

    WN Well done nice one.

  119. Alanm 3 years ago

    Deekster feeling bad now my nap done you out of a brilliant treble hopefully you only done singles.
    Big T on fire mate first class tipping mate well done.

  120. Rookie 3 years ago

    Houston we have a problem. Im not sure the rocket even took off!

  121. swany 3 years ago

    Takin the big magic man

  122. swany 3 years ago

    Well done Big T,Alanm,dc,Wn,and anyone else I missed,some nice winners today.

  123. Alanm 3 years ago

    Well worth keeping a watch on C/D at Chelmsford some nice winners and f/c to be won

  124. deekster 3 years ago

    Haha happy enough £1.25 each way trixie returned £134
    Was going to cash out the 30 and put 20 on Putin but bloody fell asleep watching the footie lol Think would have been bout a grand for treble

  125. double carpet 3 years ago

    nice winner well done

  126. double carpet 3 years ago

    Taking FALLON EW in the last

  127. swany 3 years ago

    Big Pat the magician! get in.

  128. double carpet 3 years ago

    Nice one swany well done

  129. Alanm 3 years ago

    Swany well done

  130. swany 3 years ago

    Cheers guys just got home in time for that

  131. WN 3 years ago

    Thanks guys and well done Swany.

  132. Big T 3 years ago

    Putin @ 13/2 yes please !!!!

  133. WN 3 years ago

    Oh wow, great shout Big T, drifted to 8/1 as well.

  134. swany 3 years ago

    Yes Big T well done again,great price.

  135. chippy 3 years ago

    Hi guys,can anyone tell me how much a placepot would cost if i picked 2 horses in each race to a £1-00 stake

  136. Lord Clegg 3 years ago


  137. davy 3 years ago

    Chippy. £64

  138. Lord Clegg 3 years ago

    Todays match convinced me to Cancel my Sky Sports. What a load of rubbish and Sky have upped the price again. At least I took the draw- should have lumped on 0-0 as Mourinho is boring his way to the title.

  139. Napper valley 3 years ago

    Well done to the winners today guys. Nice that I could get a few up as well.


  140. robbo 3 years ago

    if your looking in waxie whats your nap for tomorrow

  141. Hamish75 3 years ago

    Swany got on hugo nice winner shame bout

  142. Hamish75 3 years ago

    Shaky hauns shame bout his other wan n a got big paddy in the last a fink it cud b a gud season wi hugo a big well dun ti the winners today sometimes Sundays r a wash oot ktf

  143. tess 3 years ago

    -5p today +29p so far playing tomoz
    2pws stop at win 1pw dble
    Wnd 7.30 Civil War
    Wlv 9.20 Ballyfarsoon


  144. swany 3 years ago

    Good stuff Hamish,did the other wan maself pity,but aye could be a good season fur him,big Pats always good fur geettin ye oot the shite ktf

  145. robbo 3 years ago

    dont know if any of yous look at the voice of ireland,the final is on now and you can get 3-1 on emma humber to win. i think its a great price for her to win shes brilliant

  146. robbo 3 years ago

    Anthem alexander nap Naas tomorrow

  147. Stueyp 3 years ago

    Lord Clegg, phone Sky to cancel, they will try to give you an offer to stay like they did with me last week cos I phoned to cancel after they put the price up again. I was offered Sports for 10 months for £10 instead of £25 and a one off credit on my HD of £56, which equates to 6 months free. I went through with my cancellation knowing they’d phone and they contacted me Friday. Couldn’t speak as at work but they will be in touch with a better offer!!!!!

  148. robbo 3 years ago

    down to the last two come on emma

  149. The Postman 3 years ago

    With you on Anthem Alexander Robbo.



    Recent Winners
    2014 125 Guerre
    2013 118 Maarek
    2012 115 Santo Padre
    2011 126 Inxile
    2010 118 Velvet Flicker

  150. chippy 3 years ago

    Thanks for the info guys,been let down by 1 leg in p/pot few times lately,so gona try 2in each race.thanks mr f lord clegg and davy

  151. double carpet 3 years ago

    Thanks for the info guys,been let down by 1 leg in p/pot few times lately,so gona try 2in each race.thanks mr f lord clegg and davy

  152. johnb 3 years ago

    3 points lost sunday so April now a profit of 11.11 points

    Mondays Tips


    Mistamel 7/1 NAP bet365


    Spirit Of Asia 9/4 NB bet365

    Mistamel & Spirit Of Asia 25/1 bet365

  153. davyb 3 years ago

    mon imjim river 240 south chookirs lass 225 ayr go go green 3.00 ayr riverlynx 3.45 south

  154. The Postman 3 years ago

    Thanks DC will do.

  155. Shogun 3 years ago

    Just so we are clear JohnB, I take it the horse is LIGHT of Asia, not spirit

  156. Chip 3 years ago

    Light of Asia?

  157. johnb 3 years ago

    Yes sorry Light Of Asia

  158. johnb 3 years ago

    3 points lost sunday so April now a profit of 11.11 points

    Mondays Tips


    Mistamel 7/1 NAP Bet365


    Light Of Asia 9/4 NB Bet365

    Mistamel & Light Of Asia 25/1 Bet365

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