IT was three points lost for JohnB on Monday and a near miss for the NB which was beaten into third by a couple of noses.

April's stats are now a 6.11pt profit and Brighton is the focus for our man's Tuesday picks.

JohnB's Tuesday Tips

Brighton 7:20
Saskias Dream 7-1 NAP Bet365

Welease Bwian 4-1 NB Bet365

Saskias Dream & Welease Bwian 39-1 Bet365

  1. Stueyp 3 years ago

    Evenin all !!

  2. Stueyp 3 years ago

    Two Minds 355 Kempton, 25/1 Betfair Sportsbook

    Nearly 2 years ago during Royal Ascot I received a call that this horse was worth a few quid EW after a very lengthy lay off, almost 3 years!! Was 25s and backed in to single figures before drifting on course prior to winning comfortably off a rating of 55 over C&D. It followed up off 60 over same C&D a month later before not beaten far at Sandown off 63. It returns off 60 after nearly 2 years off and with the jockeys 5lb claim means it can run again off 55. A lot has to be taken on trust as I have no inside info this time but at 25/1 it has a lot of things in its favour in that it is more than fairly treated, has won over C&D twice and can go well off a break. B365 have opened only 14s.

  3. double carpet 3 years ago

    very interesting will have a small play

  4. TheHawk 3 years ago

    Here here took 25s wee ew gl.

  5. Tess 3 years ago

    +17p today +20p so far playing tomoz
    2pws stop at win 1pw dble

    Brt 6.15 Top Set
    Wlv 9.05 Jonnie Skull


  6. Hamish75 3 years ago

    Usual suspects take a bow some nice winners a dun no bad a dbl wi lucy wadham in the first n the auld fav mr hugo gud luk Glastonbury ktf

  7. Duncan Poundcake 3 years ago

    Big pat on the back to everybody think it was Rookie who put it up first
    Great end to the Day !!!!!

  8. Duncan Poundcake 3 years ago

    Tess ,well done AGAIN!

  9. dougiec 3 years ago

    9/2 when he put it up PP Duncan now that is worth a Gold Star anytime and 7/2 and 10/1 winners as well,I know Alanm was on early as were others so great to see

  10. Gus 3 years ago

    4.55 kempton

    Four Nations 8-1

  11. The taxman 3 years ago

    Playing safe and go with ew double tomoro john along with the singles!
    All the best pal!

  12. Rookie 3 years ago

    Only just been able to get on and post. A long hard day today! Stil cant post if not on wifi.thats why my posts tend to go on the previous days thread!

    Thanks guys.
    Wish id have seen how many picked central flame and the gooj as id have stuck some more on but there you go.

    Sorry i couldnt reply duncan but Yeah i still fancied glastonberry!lol.easier to say now mind you!

    Might have a look at tomorrow but hobestly feel like sleeping!!lol

    Who put up definite soldier? i think that might have been an early post too.

  13. Rookie 3 years ago

    Quick skim through the comments. Winners in abundance! Well done all!

  14. Kev 3 years ago

    Great picks today rookie, take a bow pal!

  15. Jonnyric 3 years ago

    Top tipping regulars … Respect

  16. Rookie 3 years ago

    Cheers kev and il try and sort an avatar soon!
    As we all know there a good days and bad days!!
    My target for this year tho is a full house on a decent lucky 15!

  17. Hellobad 3 years ago

    Two Minds is now down to 16/1 on Betfair stuey so looks like a great early price at 25s!!

  18. Luke A 3 years ago

    Nothing amazing today for WON so trying a small stakes each way Canadian on these 5. Possibly singles and double on nap and nb too

    3.10 central flame 9/2 WON
    3.20 Lexington Abbey NB 10/3 lost
    4.00 Harry Farewell 10/3 placed
    6.35 The Road Ahead 11/2 WON
    7.55 Glastonberry NAP 5/1 WON

    Like I said earlier, only small stakes, but it returned nearly 7 times the total stake in the end. Shame Lexington was so poor!!

    Well done to all winners today, of which there were several. Mondays appear to have turned into the best day of the week over recent months. Let’s hope the trend continues. But first, let’s make this week a good one!!

  19. Alex 3 years ago

    DC- I see what you mean by Exeter! Even a 1/20 in a 2 horse race. Pick a little getting hammered in JohnB’s Nap’s race…11-2 into 4-1.

  20. Duncan Poundcake 3 years ago

    Got 9/2 and a bit more at 4/1 when I saw the confidence of the others so Thank You Rookie et al.GL.

  21. luigi 3 years ago

    16:15 neverownup
    somebody put a big bet to neverownup today!!

  22. Luke A 3 years ago

    Great day for you rookie, well done mate. I share same ambition as you. A full house on a multiple bet. I’ve had many 2/3 and 3/4, but can’t seem to get the full house. God loves a trier though, right
    Onwards to tomorrow. Best of luck to all

  23. WN 3 years ago

    Hey guys, looks like Favourite in the last race at Windsor Mondays is back :)

    Well picked out Luke and Alan.

  24. garfo 3 years ago

    Yul finegold 7.00wolves.gentleman 8.35 wolves.PONY DOUBLE WIN.CHOW.

  25. Alanm 3 years ago

    Hamish sorry mate wrong one napped for you but onwards well done all with winners and picks today.KTF

  26. dougiec 3 years ago

    Moonunderwater out tomorrow,tipped on here 7/2 4.00 Wexford

  27. The Postman 3 years ago

    You guys raised the bar today, awesome stuff, well done everyone.

  28. peter Amoss 3 years ago

    Luke A cheers mate. Got on glastonberry 4/1,
    Nice 1

  29. davyb 3 years ago

    marju s quest 2.00 ex picansort 2.20 kem guiding george 2.40 lud embankment 3.55 kem

  30. Rookie 3 years ago

    Glad youve highlighted that dougie!will be on it at that price@

  31. The Postman 3 years ago

    Nico de Boinville is currently 2 wins behind young Seam Bowen for the conditional jockeys title, which concludes this Saturday.

    He has 3 rides at Exeter, two of them at heavy odds on shots, 1/2 and 1/20.

    His ride on Rusty Nail in the 3.00 is a a race I think he won’t settle to 2nd place.

    At least you know he will be trying.

    Catch you guys later ….

  32. Winner@lrite 3 years ago

    Just got 12s on two minds betfair y’all seems to be a Sirius gamble going on thank stueyp

  33. Winner@lrite 3 years ago

    Kilbree kid NAP 2.40 13/2 great bet dropping back to 3mike after just fading @3mile6

  34. Alanm 3 years ago

    Still 14/1 bet365

  35. bobo 3 years ago

    Main bet tommorow

    QUEEN SPUD 5/2

    Good luck

  36. Davalarr1 3 years ago

    First time posting on here, so here goes nothing. 2.50 kempton Bold. 6/4. Made 2 appearances last year and looks good to make a successful reappearance

  37. jimmy t 3 years ago

    Ludlow 15.10

    Jimmy the jetplane 7/4 w.hill

  38. jimmy t 3 years ago

    21.05 Wolverhampton

    johnny skull 9/2

  39. Big T 3 years ago

    4.40 Brighton – up shanahan sending 1 over , it’s fav and short at 11/10 but I’ll be napping it

    Nb – Little Choosey – 9.05 Wolves 8/1 ew

  40. De Niro 3 years ago

    16 points down

    14-40 Ludlow
    Kilbree Kid 13/2 2 points win sky bet coral

    15-45 Ludlow
    Hawdyerwheesht 3/1 1 point win

    1 point win double also

  41. Burty 3 years ago

    7.50 poetic choice

  42. double carpet 3 years ago

    Morning all

    NAP RUSTY NAIL 5/2 3.00 exeter
    NB MOONUNDERWATER 7/2 4.00 wexford
    EW FOXHAVEN 14/1 4.55 kempton

    Have also doubled
    TAEXALI 5/4 4.40 brighton
    HAINES 11/10 5.55 wolves

    Best of luck to all

  43. johnb 3 years ago

    For anyone that doesnt know
    Brighton is the number one track in the country where course form matters
    even more so than Epsom and Southwell

    Its an undulating track with an uphill finish which catches alot of horses out and you also see horses finding no room on the inside rail as they can bunch together
    Brighton is a paradise for punters backing course form long term

  44. Treatofatip 3 years ago

    I have looked through the card at Ludlow and which trainer is in the best form and with dan skeltons performance yesterday I can see him scoring on both of his rides today.
    2:40 guiding George
    4:45 Charlie Oscar

    Double advised 15.75/1

  45. bobo 3 years ago

    NAP Queen spud 310 lud

    NB Picansort 220 kemp

    3B Free of charge 230 exe

    Also reverse forecast PIcansort/Pearl Noir

    Good luck all.

  46. The Postman 3 years ago

    Hi DC … Glad you went with Rusty Nail as well. :)

  47. Nick 3 years ago

    Johnb, I agree with your comments on Brighton track, but are these horses good enough to win at the weights/opposition? Not sure

  48. johnb 3 years ago

    Nick both horses are in decent form just now and going to a course they run well at
    Saskias Dream is 5lb below her last winning mark and also got a 3lb claimer on
    Welease Bwian is only 2lb above last winning mark and borh horses have good claimers onboard

  49. JayJayBhoy86 3 years ago

    2.40 Aerial 3.10 Jimmythejetplane 5.15 youngjackie. gl troops.

  50. JP 3 years ago

    Morning gents,

    L3.20 Jimmy the jet plane
    W4.00 Moonunderwater
    B6.45 Fleckerl

    E4.35 George Herbert ew

    GL all

  51. dougiec 3 years ago

    Morning all,see the post for Two Minds earlier,however I had already backed Celestial Knight.So those looking for a grand send me 10% for todays not to be missed lifted from a pool of over 100 sites (building and otherwise)included
    CELESTAIL KNIGHT..3.55..Kempton
    YOUNG JACKIE..5.15..Brighton
    MISS DINAMIC..5.30.. Wexford
    QUAE SUPRA..6.15.. Brighton

  52. double carpet 3 years ago

    The postman
    yeah hopefully he does the biz

  53. Alanm 3 years ago

    Nap Kilbree Kid 6/1 2.40Ludlow
    NB Conserve 4/1 5.55 Wolverhampton
    Double pays 34/1
    Good luck all

  54. Luke A 3 years ago

    Morning all. Although 5 meetings to choose from (didn’t look at Wexford) the standard of racing is very poor, and the turnout for quite a few races is even worse. 2 bets for me today. The first is John’s two in an each way trixie with Young Jackie. The other bet is an each way Yankee on these 4

    2.40 Kilbree Kid 13/2
    3.20 My Mo 10/1
    5.25 Chetan 7/1
    9.05 Pipers Piping 6/1

    Good luck all today

  55. GAZ B 3 years ago

    Gutted I missed the earlier posts, two minds is now 7/1!!!!! Not one I would usually back but like to jump on a wagon every now and again ,

  56. dougiec 3 years ago

    Alanm took the cover bet on Conserve 10/3 earlier so good luck

  57. GAZ B 3 years ago

    2.10L sublime talent
    3.20L Jimmy the jet plane
    4.00W moon underwater RR

    3.55K two minds
    7.20B saskias Dream
    2.40L Kilbree kid. Ew RR

  58. dougiec 3 years ago

    Just a note, The Chief has won me a few bob and would suggest you check out his post on the footie!!
    Onwards again

  59. double carpet 3 years ago

    Yeah seen it dougie. Good read

  60. GAZ B 3 years ago

    Cheers dougie

  61. Alanm 3 years ago

    Cheers Dougie also good luck to you with Conserve :)

  62. Big gee 3 years ago

    3.55Kempton WEST LEAKE Win bet

  63. Alanm 3 years ago

    Progeny of Duke Of Marmalade have been profitable to back blind at Wolverhampton since the Polytrack surface was replaced by Tapeta, winning 12 times from 42 starts (28.6% strike-rate) for a profit of £16.35 to a £1 level stake.
    That’s one good reason to back Conserve in the opening Amateur Riders’ Handicap tonight (5.55), the other is that short-priced favourite Haines is bidding to do something very rare – since the Tapeta surface was brought into play only one last-time out Southwell winner has followed up at Wolverhampton and that was an 8-13 favourite in a three-runner claimer. Haines scored at Southwell last time and, though a winner on Polytrack at Chelmsford and Kempton, that’s no guarantee that he’ll be suited by tonight’s surface.

  64. Hamish75 3 years ago

    Dougie if ye hear fae swany cud u pass on ma regards pleez ktf

  65. dougiec 3 years ago

    Will do Hamish,busy time of the year for him with the golf so he is out early and I know he was fed up with some of the sniping but have no fear “He Will Return” I will drop him a note.

  66. Griff 3 years ago

    Hey people.. Great to read what you all writing about here… I’m new here and would like to say hallo and two minds price is falling all the time 6/1 now.. Is it worth big stake or not… I had big boy barney yesterday @ 14/1 did anyone else win big on him.. Keep up the great work too

  67. Alex 3 years ago

    I like the look of Cheetan in the 5.25 at Kempton. Currently 7-1. Oddschecker says it’s 6lb higher than his latest victory. I checked and he last won at Kempton on the 20 November 2014 carrying the same weight as today. Would be fear if someone can double check for me. Decent record with F Norton on board as well. I will be on most of the regulars as well as the mad gamble which is a fraction of last night’s price.

  68. Alex 3 years ago

    *fear = grateful, damn phone!

  69. cyburn 3 years ago

    Got £2 on Rusty Nail at 3:00 Exeter (9/4)

  70. Hamish75 3 years ago

    Cheers mate yeez r 2 diamonds ktf

  71. double carpet 3 years ago

    welcome to the thread. On TWO MINDS its not run for 2 years and whilst there seems to be plenty of money coming its still a big risk so i would assume most if not all are on EW including myself so i wouldnt be betting big on it.

  72. The Postman 3 years ago

    I have been watching the money flood in for TWO MINDS all day, for a horse not only off the track for that long but also going up in class this is one hell of a gamble. Good Luck everyone.

  73. dougiec 3 years ago

    Alex ran 1/12/14 Kempton 8.12, but back at 6F I think it has a chance although Im on Marmalade for my sins
    Are you helping with the migrants?

  74. John prince 3 years ago

    people get on bobs worth in the bet365 gold cup at sandown on saturday. 16/1 last night. Im on. 12/1 now. Racing against some right donkeys. Anything near its best and it munches the rest of the field. Gerraghty nearly back from his injury. If bobs is trying and looks good at home, he will be riding

  75. Alex 3 years ago

    Dougie thanks. That’s my point it only came 2nd in that race but won over the same weight / distance in November. I think oddschecker needs to get a grip it’s 6 lbs up since its last race not win for what good it will do. On your moon underwater. I’m tipping them well so that they do not come back with me. By the pool while Mrs Lioness and the cub are at the kids club. Gl.

  76. stueyp 3 years ago

    I wouldn’t back Two Minds at best price now 13/2. At 25s it was a value EW bet. Will most certainly open bigger on course. Surely money from people reading this thread couldn’t shorten it this much?

  77. The Postman 3 years ago

    5/1 now in Ladbrokes

  78. double carpet 3 years ago

    ive just been sent a text to back AMBITIOUS ROSIE EW in the next at kempton. 25/1 with pp.
    Havent a clue about the horse as its fto but have stuck 2.50 ew on it for an interest
    gl if you have a go

  79. John prince 3 years ago

    alanm what you getting on in it ?

  80. WN 3 years ago

    Cheers, DC, just backed it and bet fair gave me a price rich boosting it to 50/1!

  81. John prince 3 years ago

    well on ladbrokes it 40/1 double carpet

  82. WN 3 years ago


  83. Alanm 3 years ago

    D/C when that happens the horse has
    Saeed bin Suroor wins but good luck

  84. The Postman 3 years ago

    LOL … Just as was about to get that 40 it changed to 33/1

  85. Luke A 3 years ago

    Alex, did I see the other day that you are in Rhodes? Whereabouts are you? I’ve been to Lindos several times. One of my favourite places to go on holiday

  86. stueyp 3 years ago

    Just had a nugget EW Betfair and they boosted me to 66s !!

  87. Alanm 3 years ago

    yee haa nap wins 6/1 lovin it

  88. peter Amoss 3 years ago

    well played de niro

  89. dougiec 3 years ago


  90. Kev 3 years ago

    Thanks deniro and Alanm for kilbree kid

  91. Luke A 3 years ago

    Well done De Niro and Alanm. Alan, that’s two days in a row we’ve put up the same horse and it’s won. Can we make it a hat trick tomorrow?

  92. Luke A 3 years ago

    Just seen Gaz tipped it too. Well done

  93. double carpet 3 years ago

    Great stuff alanm and De Niro
    well done

  94. jimmy t 3 years ago

    Cum on jimmy

  95. Luke A 3 years ago

    Haha. I’ve left that race alone. But for all those that have jumped on the wagon, I hope it comes in for you all

  96. Alanm 3 years ago

    LukeA Great minds or should I say two Minds lol

  97. Alanm 3 years ago

    well done all who tipped it and backed it another great day on the thread

  98. double carpet 3 years ago

    Bloody hell rubbish !!
    Sorry guys

  99. Hellobad 3 years ago

    Haha no worries DC – I got 120/1 on the betfair exchange so couldn’t say no to that!!

  100. Davalarr1 3 years ago

    First time posting on here, so here goes nothing. 2.50 kempton Bold. 6/4. Made 2 appearances last year and looks good to make a successful reappearance


    First tip on here wins, was backed to 10/11 so glad I got on at 6/4. 100% strike rate

  101. Winner@lrite 3 years ago

    Boom get in there with the nap Kilbree kid

  102. Alex 3 years ago

    Well done Alanm and De Niro great start to the day. Luke I’m about an hour away from there in Ixia. Been told it’s well worth a trip but really needed a hol where I did virtually nothing for once. Last day tomorrow but will definitely be back as the package was really worth it. Do you tend to stay the duration in Lindos?

  103. johnb 3 years ago

    bet365 Gold Cup (saturday)

    UNIONISTE 20/1 betfred

    By far the strongest recent form in the race when beaten ten and a half lengths by Coneygree in the Denman chase at Newbury
    but Unioniste was carrying 5lb more than Coneygree that day
    fell in National but that can be forgiven

  104. Alanm 3 years ago

    Davalarr1 well done matey great start hopefully more to come :)

  105. John prince 3 years ago

    my mo nxt at kempton

  106. John prince 3 years ago


  107. Alanm 3 years ago

    Winner@lrite well done

  108. dougiec 3 years ago

    Great minds putting together 13/2 Kilbree Kid DeNero,Alanm,LukeA and Gaz well done lads. At the price Silver stars are awarded

  109. Alanm 3 years ago

    John Prince thats the wifes name in short os heres hoping

  110. Luke A 3 years ago

    The first time we went Lindos, we spent a whole day going around the entire island of Rhodes with a hired jeep. Well worth it if you ever get the chance. We have visited Rhodes town a few times, nice area. But Lindos beats the rest of the Island hands down. Amazing place with cobbled little streets and alleys. Absolutely loads of great rooftop restaurants with awesome views of the acropolis. The 2 beaches are decent with perfectly still water. St Pauls bay is a must visit just round the corner too. My missus’ mum and partner got married there 3 years ago. Lindos has great character, and appeals to people of all ages. Everyone is so friendly. I couldn’t speak highly enough of the place. Check out lambis studios if you fancy staying in Lindos. A basic place to stay with a pool and bar area which serves very good value food all day. The owner there is probably the most popular guy in the resort, everyone loves him. Anyways, sorry to take over the thread. I should have left this chat for the end of the day rather than middle of the day. But if you ever need some info, feel free to ask. Anyone looking to go somewhere new this year, try lindos!!

    • Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      Luke A, I actually got engaged in Lindos but that was a long time ago – and I haven’t been back but will do one day.

  111. JP 3 years ago

    Well done de niro – nice single and being offered £90 cash out on the double too! Top man!

  112. Chef 3 years ago

    Thank you Luke !!

  113. JP 3 years ago

    Jimmy the jet plane flies in – first on my trixie! Good start at 2/1

  114. Alanm 3 years ago

    yee haaa john prince well picked mate 8/1 gold star award

  115. John prince 3 years ago

    lovely win

  116. Burty 3 years ago

    That’s 2 up luke

  117. Alanm 3 years ago

    LukeA off to Vegas next Friday any tips :)

  118. Striker 3 years ago

    Great work Luke!

  119. Luke A 3 years ago

    That’s the first two from my advised Yankee in. My mo and Kilbree Kid. The bet is worth 3068 and being offered 143 already. Obviously I’m not going to cash out

  120. Alanm 3 years ago

    Luke A GOOD LUCK :)

  121. Burty 3 years ago

    Well done Luke

  122. JP 3 years ago

    Jeez lukey old boy – thats a hell of a start with some seriius prices – good luck mate!

    John prince top tipping there – missed it of course, but another great price there

  123. Hamish75 3 years ago

    Jist bak fae the monklands nice wee surprise tenner dbl across the card fanks ti alanm luke winneralright n the auld faithful mr greatrex now am on papasmurfs 4 ig fanx again guys ktf

  124. Luke A 3 years ago

    Cheers guys. Not quite sure where this form has come from since Thursday, but I hope it sticks around. At the very least until 9.10 tonight….Alan, if these next two win, I’ll join you ;-)

  125. stueyp 3 years ago

    I am going to forgive Mazurati its last run and have a small investment 11/2 in 345L

  126. Craig 3 years ago

    Big Gee thanks very much for the West Leak tip, brilliant.

  127. Big gee 3 years ago

    16/1 BOOOOOM!!

  128. double carpet 3 years ago

    Well done stueyp

  129. OllyS 3 years ago

    Got some 6/1 a place on Two Minds just after stueyp’s post last night. Very happy with that. Good spot!

  130. Alex 3 years ago

    Luke definitely worth a visit then. I think you can get away with posting since you are backing winners :) good luck in the Third leg of your bet.

  131. stueyp 3 years ago

    Well done on your slection big gee, just nabbed a place thank goodness. Expect it to run over 10F next time out and that should bring about some improvement.

  132. double carpet 3 years ago

    Well done luke A and big gee
    duck eggs from me today hope the footy saves the day
    gl all

  133. De Niro 3 years ago

    5 points down going into this evenings races,

    16-40 Brighton
    Taxelai 8/11 stan james

    18-45 Brighton
    Mime Dance 15/8 stan james

    Just a 2 point win double on the above

    Wolverhampton 18-25
    Lady Tatiana 19/1 2 point win bet bright

    • Ace 3 years ago

      another bad day at black rock I seem to bet on all the losing tip jb de niro

  134. Hamish75 3 years ago

    Some serious posts today amazing prices deniro is bak too many ti mention respect 1 and all great day n still plenty more ti come fingers crossed fir lukea the makins fir a gud wedge awra best mate al b shoutin them home fir ye ktf

  135. Griff 3 years ago

    Thanks double carpet.. I only played a small stake in the end, well done big gee.. 16/1.. Boom

  136. stueyp 3 years ago

    Luke A, saw your post yesterday about your ambition of getting 4 out of 4, well it could be today and some awesome prices, GL

  137. Griff 3 years ago

    I see alot of people are backing saskias dream @ 7.20 Brighton.. Anyone consider no 7 port liarge at a big price 14/1..his last win was at Brighton last year in October

  138. The taxman 3 years ago

    Any nightshift tips de Niro?

  139. Big T 3 years ago

    Nap wins 11/10 , just for little choosey now , thanks to stueyp for two minds , happy enough with the place

  140. Duncan Poundcake 3 years ago

    Some serious tipping again today ,Well done. Just the one for me,
    Born to Fly 7.20 Brighton 20/80 .Looking forward to Perth and Epsom tomorrow GL.

  141. Cam 3 years ago

    Great day guys.

    6.25 W – anniversarie 5/2

    Will do single and add johns nap


  142. Luke A 3 years ago

    Thanks again guys. Shame Chetan was rubbish. I would’ve been happy enough with all 4 just placing at start of the day, so if I end up with 3 winners and 1 unplaced, I’ll settle for that!
    Mr F, I wonder how much it has changed over the years! I’ve been 5 times I think, possibly 6. And will most certainly be going again in the coming years. Alex, if you like Ixia, you’ll love Lindos

  143. Wato 3 years ago

    Alanm where are you staying in Vegas? Been before?

  144. Alanm 3 years ago

    Planet Holywood first time can’t wait just need a few more naps in for gambling

  145. Rorywhite91 3 years ago

    One tip today from me, for Shia and Lula 3/1 ladbrokes, 8.35 wolves

  146. Alanm 3 years ago

    Biggest fight in world history taking place gonna be mad rooms now $1000 a night for the standard room.

  147. Wato 3 years ago

    Alanm lol hope the naps come in so you can clean out the casinos too. It’s some place and should be brilliant with the fight on too. I’ve been there the last 2 years and heading back again in June lol

  148. Hamish75 3 years ago

    Alanm try n spend some time in caesars palace n the venetian awesome places n the buffet at bellagio ktf

  149. Alanm 3 years ago

    Wato gonna do my best trust me and cant wait to count the hopefully can still post a few winners as don’t think I can back online

  150. Gaz 3 years ago

    Alan – just got back from there recently…

    Paris is decent atmosphere and next to PH, have a chat with billy (Scottish guy who does the electronic roulette) good guy and can give u some pointers.

    stratosphere rides are worth a trip on the monorail – area around strat is a bit dodgy at night tho and apart from the view and the 3 rides not much else round there.

    Downtown worth a trip at the weekend (shuts around 1/2 tho) but pretty dull any other time.

    Casino royale do $1 beers too.

    Mirage volcano and bellagio fountain shows worth a look.

    If you’re into the female “artists” spearmint rhino or sapphire.

    Couldn’t get on to most betting sites, skybet was an exception tho.


  151. RobRoy 3 years ago

    Have fun in Vegas, I’m getting married in Ceasars palace this year!

  152. Alanm 3 years ago

    Thanks Hamish 75 and Gaz and Robroy Congratulations mate.

  153. Alanm 3 years ago

    Hamish need lots of winners thinking more like $ a beer

  154. The taxman 3 years ago

    Alanm, my sister stays in Vegas and me and my good lady go over there 2 or 3 times a year! Especially for the UFC! Ceasers and bellagio is a must! New York New York and Mandalay for irish bars and planet Hollywood for shopping if the lass is with you! I’m away in 4 weeks! Enjoy mate!

  155. martin 3 years ago

    Well beat in third, thankfully did each way.

  156. KOI 3 years ago

    Well beat in third, thankfully did each way.

  157. Damo 3 years ago

    Olympic Charm in the 8.05 anyone with better knowledge than me have a steer? Just got a text about it.

  158. dougiec 3 years ago

    Duck egg day for me today,sorry lads,company in so well done everyone and will be back tomorrow,next time Ill remember to go with my gut Hamish ,glad you stuck with Greatrex
    Onwards,limping badly

  159. davyb 3 years ago

    wd to all with winners bad day for me again

  160. Duncan Poundcake 3 years ago

    MEZAJY 4.30 EPSOM ,if there is any 11/10 still about snap it up GL.

  161. Dynamo 3 years ago

    Cheers JB!

  162. peter Amoss 3 years ago

    Lovely jubbly. Nice 1 johnb

  163. Kev 3 years ago

    Well done john

  164. jim burnside 3 years ago

    Get in jonb just finished wurk my only bet o day thank u.

  165. Ace 3 years ago

    shame the double didn’t come in jb

  166. JP 3 years ago

    Nice one johnb – totally forgot to back urs today, but wacked a twenty down on the off – happy days!

  167. dougiec 3 years ago

    Damo see there is money for it,ignore form, Shaw known,to place them.Worth a Tenner

  168. double carpet 3 years ago

    Well done johnb

  169. The taxman 3 years ago

    Cheers fella!

  170. Duncan Poundcake 3 years ago

    Well done Johnb GL

  171. Alex 3 years ago

    Nice one JohnB. Should have gone with my gut in your naps race. Oh well day ends in profit so on to tomorrow.

  172. frodo 3 years ago

    Lads any thoughts on last at wolves.I need jonnie skull for a treble, should I cover????

  173. Rorywhite91 3 years ago

    I fancy dimitar in the last at Wolves 8/1 e/w

  174. Big T 3 years ago

    Personally on Little choosey frodo, Johnny skull has done me so many times over the years i dont touch him anymore, i hate the horse, although if given a better ride today he should be up there , i need little choosey for 4 up in a lucky 15 well 1 winner n 2 places so far so hoping for a place at least , you should be ok with johnny mind he wins when i dont back him so …… good luck either way !

  175. frodo 3 years ago

    Nice one Big T

  176. Rorywhite91 3 years ago

    8.35 wolves Shia and Lula 3/1 #WON#

  177. blinkerz 3 years ago

    Pipers piping 7/1

  178. Alex 3 years ago

    Classical Art in the 6:45 at Taunton, only 10/11 generally but worth having in a double somewhere perhaps.

  179. Big T 3 years ago

    well done frodo ;( im sad , i thought little choosey would hang on but no ;(((((

  180. frodo 3 years ago

    Thanks Big T and unlucky. I’ve hit the bar a few times in last fortnight but 5er treble on the last 3 at wolves has replenished the pot. Well done to everyone who picked a winner today and on to tomorrow!!

  181. Alanm 3 years ago

    Cheers Taxman hoping for a jackpot ;-)

  182. The Postman 3 years ago

    Well Done JohnB and everyone else who found winners today.

    Looking forward to seeing what I believe will be the Derby winner tomorrow, John Gosden runs Christophermarlowe, this horse is part owned by his wife with Michael Tabor, should it win I think the 33/1 for the Derby could be halved by this time tomorrow (or 66/1 if it dosen’t win)

    Good Night.

  183. tess 3 years ago

    +4p today +24p so far playing tomoz
    2pws stop at win 1pw dble
    Tnt 5.15 Flashy Star
    Fos 6.35 Express Du Berlais


  184. Rookie 3 years ago

    19.25 FH Windy millie 6/1
    14.45 ED Lungarno palace 9/2
    16.50 CB Mercury 9/2
    14.00 CB El che 6/1

    In honour of Luke A i might chance a taunton gooj of Lukes hill 9/2

  185. Rookie 3 years ago

    My e/w punt will be mercers row at 8/1

  186. KOI 3 years ago

    Maid of the glens 16/1 nb245ep
    gluk all…

  187. martin 3 years ago

    Well done on the NB John

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