THIS is the latest thread from Simon Wright and GillsRob whose strategy on betting on corners has proved popular.

If you have any queries about what they are doing post them as a comment at the end of this article – and watch out for their daily tips on here or the main Mr Fixit thread.

I haven't seen any Friday tips but if there's nothing they fancy they won't put anything up.


Firstly, it’s important to point out we are not professional gamblers following our tips won't guarantee a profit. We are regular punters who share a passion to try to build a system that delivers a high win ratio to bets within a strategy to maximise profits and reduce risks.

We have spent the last year trialling many systems and markets from over 2.5 goals to both teams to score to team goals. However, we were unable to forge a system that produced a win rate over 60%.

After a few months we realised one of the trials we were running was doing particularly well and decided to focus on that.

This was Asian Total Corners. Using corner, formation and some pitch data we were able to produce a decent system. We spent the next few months refining the system and changing the weightings we placed on certain stats to increase the number of winners we had to achieve our target of 70%.

In late 2014 we believed we had a system that worked and started to bet for real on these games. We found our picks were delivering 60%-70% winners consistently and started to show profit.

Our final refinement was in March when we reviewed our results to help narrow down the most successful lines we had used through bet365. Following the test we decided to drop six lines from both the over and under market and only run with the remaining six, which are Over 10.5, 11 and 11.5 and Under 9, 9.5 and 10.

I hope that clarifies what our tips are and why. However, and we feel this is really important. Our 70% success rate is calculated over a calendar month, therefore there are individual days and weeks which are loss making.


Aside from the betting lines the most important area of our strategy is the stake structure. We advise you to divide your bank by 12. This would then be your initial stake (which will allow you to make 12 bets).

The reason we suggest 12 is twofold. Firstly, as I said we do have losses. So if your first three bets are losers you need to have enough bank left to recover from this. The way we advise you count is simply starting from 0. If your first bet wins you move to +1 and if it loses then you move to -1.

Also you need to consider how many bets you place at once and have to have the bank to cover this. On a Saturday at 3pm with a full card we sometimes can have up to eight bets. The figure 12 comes from our maximum number of bets at any one time being 8 and also our maximum minus position is -3.

The risk you need to be aware of is if you are on -3 and you place 8 bets at the same time your bank effectively is more or less 0. So, back to your stake and I asked you to split your bank by 12, so assuming you have a bank of £120 your bet would be £10 per tip.

You are going to count the winners as +1 and the losers as -1 and keep doing that over and over and over again. With a win ratio of 70% you will slowly see it go up. Your aim is to get to about +12. Now I say this is your aim as if our tips were all evens, this would mean at +12 you bank is doubled. In reality the odds on our tips range from 1.7-2.0.

Therefore you actual aim is not +12 but just when you bank is doubled. In the example we are using, from an initial £120 bank and £10 stake, you are looking to reach £240. When this happens you can double your stake and your bank divided by 12 would be £20.

You can carry on doing this over and over or you can raise your stake by £10 every time you achieve the correct bank to do so, so for instance when you reach £360 move to £30 stake, when you reach £480 move to £40 stake and when you reach £600 move to £50 stake.

It is at this point when the strategy becomes most profitable and you then will want to plan when to begin to draw profits (after all that's the whole point) but always reverting back to the £600 baseline and repeating the process.


The other way you can stake, which is a lot easier to manage, is every Monday take your bank and divide it by 12 and that’s your stake for the week. This will deliver faster growth but has greater risk if our tips provide a losing week.

Anything more regular may make it difficult to track the strategy then possibly have an adverse effect on the overall performance.


We only post our selections on Mr Fixit's main forum. Due to busy work and family lives we share the workload equally. Look out for either of us, Simon Wright or GillsRob, usually about 10.30pm for the following day (and including any overnight). This ensures we all get the best odds and also allows plenty of time before the game.

Occasionally we may add one or two in the morning, usually before 10am. Additionally, we do endeavour to have at least one of us available on the site during the day, especially when bets are running.

Finally, there are days when nothing meets criteria, so it is a no bet day. We have no plans to make ad hoc bets in these situations.

I hope that provides the clarification you are all looking for. This system is not thrill betting. It is methodical and at times you will go a whole week and only end up at +1) which is just like winning one evens bet. It's not really for the gung-ho gambler out for fun.

However, if your motivation is purely financial and you have the patience and discipline we believe our picks and staking plan could suit you. For others who do not wish to deposit funds anymore this also could be a good system.

All the best,
Simon & Rob

  1. Buckiejags 3 years ago

    Hi Rob/Simon
    Anything cooking for tomorrow, so I can keep an eye out on things.

  2. durike 3 years ago

    SIMON AND GILLSROB, no tips today?

  3. Harry 3 years ago

    Thought of something that people can benefit from, when you post a tip I think it would be good if you put a percentage out of 100% next to it to show how sure you are on that result

    Chelsea vs United under 9.5 corners (75%)

  4. FF 3 years ago

    As your system develops you are probably changing the parameters that have to be met before a bet is placed. Can you keep updating us as to what factors influence your choices? for example play-offs games are prob. not a good medium for your system no matter what the stats say.
    Keep up the good work.

  5. Robert miller 3 years ago

    even allowing for how strong a fancy is …only what happens on the day will govern, .example ,,last Sunday I backed England minus 2 corners against Slovenia at 6/5 with bet365..After 25 minutes they went 3-1 up on corners ..then England go one nil down…great I thought. .This one’s up the road ,.believe it or not they did not get another corner !!!!!….. no excuses bet lost,, example 2…Poland against Greece …Poland get 5 corners in the last 4 minutes ….shows the remarkable difference in what happens in live situation…

  6. Robert miller 3 years ago

    @harry…how strong is your fancy for minus 1 the aussies. In the ashes ..not sure whether to go with 5/6 on that ..or get beasted into 2/5 outright .sorry about the change of thread guys ,.

  7. Harry 3 years ago

    Yeah i know ow mate but it still helps because some of the tips might just be a bit of a guest but on others they could be more sure… Of course it’s what happens on the day but it will give people a better idea & really not sure at all mate, couldn’t even guess, know nothing about it, sorry

  8. JamieW 3 years ago

    Simon and Rob only pick ones they are very confident will come in based on the mathematically parameters they set. Posting a percentage would be a pointless exercise because the tip wouldn’t be posted unless they believe it will be successful.

    This is a betting strategy which you can’t fully benefit from if you pick and choose tips. It’s best to follow every tip to achieve the outcomes Simon and Rob expect.

  9. Tunnell 3 years ago

    Well put @jamiew

  10. GillsRob 3 years ago

    Sorry guys, busy at work.

    No tips today yet due to criteria and a small card. As it stands with the system, there is no such thing as a good or great tip. It either is or isn’t, otherwise things would get too subjective.

    In regards to dropping such games as playoffs, yes that action has now been taken and that is one example we now have no interest in.

    If there is any tips today, we will give 2 hours notice at least.

    Thank you

  11. T888 3 years ago

    Rob and Simon

    Just looking at the staking plan again and wondering if you would now advise on dividing the bank by 15 ( allowing for 8 bets at one time , and now aso allowing for the possibility of going to -6 )

    I’m sure you are looking into this already , just curious . All the best

  12. Michael C 3 years ago

    Cheers guys – looking forward to tomorrow. I’m staying with the same weekly stake until Sun. If I go bust, I’ll start again with another 60 which was my plan all along. Not going to change because of a bad run. Come Mon am I’ll divide by 12 again. Might consider the divide by 15 though. Was thinking this a while ago when you were talking about adding lines and therefore increasing the volume of bets…. anyway, weekend is here, let’s see what it brings!

  13. Simon wright 3 years ago

    Evening all.

    Very poor card for a few days (along with a lot of packing as I move next Friday) has seen me a bit quiet this week, although I know Rob has been active answering questions.

    Thankfully the card is decent tomorrow and we have 2 which we hopefully reduce the deficit of the week a bit.

    Remember , we won’t give you weekly + every week (albeit that has happened over the last 5 weeks) but we do show calendar monthly profit.

    Let’s hope for a cracking weekend to get to a much smaller deficit.

    Remember to keep checking as I know Rob is right now looking at other games on the card ( when it’s big we split the work)

    Finally – re staking questions, it’s up to you really. If you feel it’s safer for you then certainly divide by 12 now. All this means is it will take longer to grow it back. That’s ok, there is no rush.

    If you prefer to carry on with the higher stakes, then fine, the reason we built the 12 liability is to cope with weeks like this.

    That’s not to say anything is promised or you can’t go bust.

    You can but I’m sure everyone understands the risks here.

    Ok, if that’s all alright then tomorrow’s first tips are


    Japan J-League
    08:00 Shimizu S-Pulse

    Kazakhstan Premier League
    11:00 Kaisar Kyzylorda

    Remember , look out for some more that Tob may place.

    I’m doing the old, clear the garage tomorrow and tip runs so without Wifi, it may be Rob again who answers any questions

    Thanks all

  14. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    After some consideration I am dividing my bank by 12 today instead of carrying on at 57 a bet and the -6 position.

    I am in for the long game and no point rushing it. I remain at my starting position and makes sense to go 30 a bet for now.

    This system took me from 360 to 920 and back to 360 but bottom line no money lost and enjoyed it.

  15. Simon wright 3 years ago

    Just read a question so quickly

    We don’t work out our picks as a mathmatical stronger or weaker really. I guess in a way it’s there but really the sums are done in the background and the conditional formatting highlights the picks if that makes sense.

    We can look deeper into the maths to see which ones scored the best and we have looked at how we could increase stake in the better scoring ones but we found there was no consistency with our winners. Ie the stronger ones lost the same % and the weaker qualifying ones.

    In fact a line we dropped U10.5 last month because it wasn’t performing is (this month) our best performing line (we still pick these we just don’t tip or bet on them) at the end of June check for the month it’s likely we will bring it back for July.

    Finally, we have been guilty this and a bit last week of forcing some bets on games (cup, play off, internationals, women) that we normally don’t play. We did this to try to keep a good number of bets and tips coming and did do some dry running which proved to deliver a + but as we know it didn’t in live betting.

    Our decision is to drop all of these and move forward with lower tips and bets to preserve the quality and the win %. I’m assuming you agree with this strategy.

    Regarding the future, we will carry on doing this and placing on our page ( as long as Mr F keeps giving it to us) however we will not bet on leagues until at least 8 games have been played. The reason I point this out is that we won’t be looking to tip and bet on the main European games until September.

    At the end of the day, Rob and I are happy to wait and build the bank over a long time, if you are also of that frame of mind then this should suit you too.

    Thanks again

  16. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Simon – Couldnt agree more and lets go again.

  17. Danny T 3 years ago

    Hi guys said i would pop in its 14:00 in Kazakhstan not 11:00 just incase you guys were wondering where it is best of luck chaps

  18. John smith 3 years ago

    Thanks again to you both guys.

  19. Gary May 3 years ago

    5 corners already :'(

  20. Ted 3 years ago

    Make that 7

  21. BRIAN 3 years ago

    I decided not to split into 12 again, Ive given it these 2 pick today and kept my stakes going at 60.

    If both these are beat today im out.

  22. Sean567 3 years ago

    8 at ht!! Unbelievable Jeff!!!

  23. Gary May 3 years ago

    1st one is beat

  24. Razerbwfc 3 years ago

    Missed the Japanese one and can’t find the Kazakhstan one at all. Looked everywhere I can think of, where is it showing?

  25. Phillis 3 years ago

    @Razor its in the euro Saturday match list and it’s a 14:00 KO

  26. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Ok 1st one the home side decide to bang in 12 plus corners. They probably haven’t done this for ages but decide today is the day.

    -1 from the new divided by 12 bank and 11 slices left moving onto the 2pm.

    This tide will turn and I am ready lol

  27. Razerbwfc 3 years ago

    @Philips. Cheers, found it!

  28. Razerbwfc 3 years ago

    @Phillis sorry, phone auto-correct fail :)

  29. BRIAN 3 years ago

    Im on 9 bets @ 60 with 6 loosers, 2 winners and a void.

    The next one is my 10th bet for the week. I didnt re-divide the bank as like the system is designed for, its for the long haul, so 12 is the structure thats supposed to with hold a down swing.
    Either divide it up weekly on a Monday or when the bank roll is doubled.
    Cant just keep dividing it up when it goes wrong – otherwise then you need to revise the whole system and have to make it more bets, 24 bets not 12.

    Anyway one big upswing required asap as that one wasnt even close.

  30. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Brian – Got to do what feels right for you. I went back to my starting bank position at 360 and it felt right to change to 30 a bet from today.

    I agree that currently on the site we are -7 slices. This is a position this system has not been in for 9 plus months and for that very reason i think its important to stay in the game.

    I am happy to try and build up again from my starting point whilst weathering this unchartered teritory.

    It may be the right or wrong decision but everyone needs to make the call they are happy with.

    I hope we win 7 on the bounce and get you back to 0 :-)

  31. Tunnell 3 years ago

    I’ll second that @ davewiseman

  32. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Brian – If the next one losses and you go to -8 will you carry on and place your 4 slices left and play the system to the end.

    I think you started at a similar stake to me and was just interested in the way your playng it.

    I havent got the funds at present to justify re investing so I may even reduce and start at 120 £10 bets again until the good times return.

    I am in no rush and it does concern me that quality of picks from the system during the pre season period may be effected by reduced cards.

    I trust Simon/Rob 100% and I know they are concerned with loosing, their stakes are big and they want to rectify the current situation as much as anyone.

  33. Danny T 3 years ago

    David it is already -8 for the week mate with all bets to date . I am pretty sure the guys will turn this around . I don’t know if it will be this week I thing a -4 maybe a good comeback to be honest

  34. BRIAN 3 years ago

    No ill let it take its course, i had a start bank of 720 on Monday – 12 slices @ 60.
    I said i would run through a system and give it full commitment, which I am doing.

    To add on to this I also missed 2 over night bets as they were late listed picks, (both were losers)and I cashed out 92% on an in-play bet which was subsequently also beat. So I should be -180 (-3 bets)more than i actually am. So given that extra luck/edge I made my decision to keep running at normal stakes.
    So technically ive had 15 slices not 12. So if I bottom out then the system has failed on 15 bets and i have give it maximum stakes and a full chance to re-coup losses.

    Dave in the 9 months plus how much profit have you withdrawn from the system ? Thats the burning question i have at present.

  35. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Brian – I havent played for that 9 month period, wish i had lol. I have only played for 5 weeks am currently level excuding today. I started with a 360 bank only and thats what i had at the start of today.

    In the future there is a case for dividing by 13 each week and banking the one slice. This would build a back up over time.

  36. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Good luck though Brian I want it to turn around this afternoon for you and everyone else bud :-)

  37. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    DannnyT- It will turn around just need to be patient and stay in the game. Hope your well bud and your other bets are winning :-)

  38. Danny T 3 years ago

    David my other bets are bubbling along actually having a more profitable women’s World Cup than I did the men’s which I am surprised about made good money there my copa America bets wasn’t as successful yesterday with only 1 out of 3 . Fortunately raals double and Jordan’s cards kept me in the black for that tournement so far plus the Sweden Italy game in the euro under 21 was pretty kind from a balance point of view . Like anything in life mate you keep soildering on I guess mate .

  39. TheBoss 3 years ago

    Im on 60 back now. (2pm bet places already)
    Started at 120

    If the 2pm loses then I maybe just split the 60 by 12 which is 5 bet each but it’s kinda low or opt for 6 bets at 10 each.

  40. Michael C 3 years ago

    odds have dropped on unders for the 2pm (straw. me. clutch!)

  41. TheBoss 3 years ago

    30 seconds gone no corner get in :)

  42. BRIAN 3 years ago

    Yes defiantly as i want this system to work, maybe too much though lol.
    But if following the system for over the space of 5 weeks you would expect to be in some profit. As being even is not showing anything in the long run.
    That would be at around 150 – 200 bets placed if followed for 5 weeks.

    Im in no hurry for quick profit as the is no such thing in the long term, but if a was following this for 5 weeks and placing 150 – 200 bets showing no profit I would have to pull the pin on it.

    The upswing will have to be more like +9 or +10 to pick up back to evens again- as at the price of the picks are averaging from 1.75 – 1.90 not 1/1,
    (thats without dividing your bank again into 12, by dividing it again this will require a run of +18 to +20 to break even)
    *This is only my situation*

    I think with patients and good research that this can be achieved by your own picks.
    Although people just want the easy option and to follow blindly, then get upset and bitch if its loosing.
    I followed Huggy and Jordan on this seasons NBA and took a bank from 200 to 1800 on single even money picks on the spread, this amount was reached well before the playoff places were even decided.
    NFL also provides the same opportunity for those who do their homework.

    You say you’ve never seen 7 winning bets in a row, with a bit of study and not betting for the sake of it you can achieve that.
    Ive seen Huggy running at 28/34 even money bets

  43. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Your right Brian, huggy and Jordan excellent on the NBA and other bets. Nice job on the 200 – 1800. Given enough time I would carry on following the other sports thread as some excellent genuine guys on there and have won previously from it.

    I agree with the no profit after 5 weeks opinion but I also know the last week has been brutal and something that hasnt happened before in months of live betting.

    This system has helped me learn some discipline which in its self is invaluable.

    I do feel Simon/Rob may have felt slightly pressured to keep the volume of bets up and people interested whilst trying to help people on this thread. They opened the system to games which would not normally be considered. They have openly admitted lessons have been learned and we move on.

    Lots of people bet for 5 weeks and will be not even close to evens but under normal circumstances you would see growth with this system and i believe you will in the future.

    36 mins gone
    2 corners

  44. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    No cash out option today on this one, grin and take it lol.

  45. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    No corners until


    Brutal 4 in 11 mins but will need to be 6 2nd half to kill the bet.

  46. David Wiseman 3 years ago

    An average half has around 5 corners so could be close, lets hope it falls in our favour

  47. Michael C 3 years ago


  48. David Wiseman 3 years ago

    Lets hope normality returns and we get a few more winners like the other weeks excluding this one.

    As normal end of the week will provide a break down on my performance, good or bad I like to be honest, showing this one will be painful but that is the way gambling goes sometimes.

    Cheers Simon/Rob win or lose thanks for the hard work and effort behind the scenes.

  49. Danny T 3 years ago

    David 7 more of them in a row and its naked cartwheel time mate

  50. David Wiseman 3 years ago

    DannyT – Yep and will go on avatar photo lol

  51. jim burnside 3 years ago

    Where is everyone?a take it corners not as guid as everyone thought. ?a dnt think thers a bet been invented that the bookies dnt eventually come out on top.if it wasn’t fr the buzz none of uz wld bother.its certainly not fr the money we win.av gambled fr 30 yrs good times and bad if I had to get the money back av lost ad b a very rich man? But if I didn’t gamble adda been bored to tears fr 30 years lol.

  52. David Wiseman 3 years ago

    Jim – lol you could be right but good fun trying :-)

  53. Simon wright 3 years ago

    1-1 yesterday.

    Good number of games today which could really help with the weeks deficit.

    Slight twist on the bet today.





    The 3 bets are all

    The line is currently 5, please make sure it’s 5 when you place.

    Will be good to see the end of this week, never seen anything like it but I guess it happens.

    We normally do well in Sunday’s, I hope at least that continues.

  54. trevor 3 years ago


    A rough week for all last week but I still remember the 7 in a row.

    Good days –bad days I will be behind you all the way

    keep the faith

    Good Luck with the move this week

    How far north you going


  55. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Cheers Simon on them and lets hope for 2-1

  56. Simon wright 3 years ago


    Let’s hope so.

    Leaving London and moving to Grantham, 100 miles I think(ish)

    Completing on Friday so busy busy as you can imagine.

  57. BRIAN 3 years ago

    I was doing some maths on my stakes and returns

    For example if i done the average of 3 bets a day, 20 bets in a week at odds of roughly 1.80.

    If I had 10 winners and 10 loosers – on the system id be at a weekly total score of 0.
    Now with out thinking you would think that this is ok, but in reality its not, its not even close !

    60 per bet = 10 losers gives -600 pounds
    60 per bet = 10 winners @ 1.80 gives a return of 1,080 less 600 for your stake = 480 pounds

    600 for 10 lost bets
    480 for 10 winning bets
    = a loss of 120 pounds for the week.

    So if i ran this at the average of 3 bets a day and 0 on the score sheet im actually losing 120 pounds a week.

    Even if this system was running at +2 per week I would still be losing 24 pound a week.

    60 on a 1.80 = 108 – 60 stake = 48 pounds for a wining bet.
    So +2 would be returning 96 pounds.
    Still 24 pounds a week sort of breaking even.

    So in reality the weeks you have been running this and have had a score of 0, +1, +2 and re-setting to 12 bets, you are losing.
    So you need to be running at +3 a week minimum to see 1/2 a bet return in profit.

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      BRIAN, try your own then.

      • BRIAN 3 years ago

        What sort of a comment was that ment to be !
        Coming from you to of all people ffs.

        Theres nothing up there thats offensive or insulting, its just an honest account of maths !

        There is not one word or sentence regarding the quality of the pick, its purely mathematical statement that –
        You need to be running at +2 to be breaking even ??????????

        So you cant speak honestly and openly about a betting system and what levels run at a win and what levels run at a loss, dead on !

  58. TheBoss 3 years ago

    Morning lads! Hungover but ready to make some money ;)

    Simon thanks it will be interesting to see how these half time Asian lines pan out :)

    Bank:48.50 (after 3 bets)

  59. Michael C 3 years ago

    Ooh a new line…! Interesting to see full time odds on unders are higher – are we all expecting a tight first half followed by an open 2nd?

  60. GillsRob 3 years ago

    Michael – statistically higher percentage of corners happen in the second half, as the game opens up.

    Brian – I understand your concern, however our average price isn’t 1.800 probably closer to 1.900. Your main point is correct, but throughout testing and live play, +2 or better has been achieved consistently. This just happens to be our worst week.

    Anyway, a good end to the week today would be nice

  61. BRIAN 3 years ago

    I was just taking 1.80 as the average, for simplified calculations.
    I know some picks vary from 1.90 to 1.75.
    Over the last 20 bets I placed the average price is 1.84125.

    If all and every pick was never below 1.90 then you could adjust the calculations above by 1 bet.

    Going on the last 20 bets and the average 1.84,
    +2 is break even and actually should be looked upon and recorded as 0.

    And so it follows that the more bets that are done the more the more bets are required to win in order to break even, as obviously if there is 40 picks a week 20 winners and 20 losers and a weekly score of 0, i would actually be losing 240 pounds a week.
    The reverse can be said when reducing it to 10 picks a week.
    So this system depends very much on quality picks as opposed to quantity.

    However if the system was able to give picks at 2.00 – 2.20 then obliviously the system running at a weekly score of 0 would be making a nice return.

    I just dont understand why people are viewing the score of 0 as a good thing, when they are clearly loosing ?
    Which makes me think do they actually understand what they are doing or just blindly betting. Or have stumbled across the thread and got in while it was on an upswing.
    Or even betting with such small stakes that they don’t even realise they are loosing, just ignoring the loss as its ‘close enough’.

    Like yesterday for example 1 winner 1 looser is perceived as being spot on, ‘like we won one we lost one we are even, thats all good’.
    When in actual fact, 1 winner 1 looser yesterday gave me a loss of 13.50 pounds.

    Anyway i know exactly where i stand with the system and the risks of the bankroll. I commited a bankroll to the long haul so i will stick with it until a.)it goes bust or b.)there is an upswing and i break even.

    So lets give the HT corners a shot and see if get back on an upswing. But no rush on the picks quality over quantity, id even be happy to see the back of this -8 in a months time.

    The effort and time spent to try and find a working system is very much appreciated !!

  62. GillsRob 3 years ago

    Brian – thank you, a tremendous amount of work goes into this. Yes you are right we need to have good weeks rather than ok ones. That’s why we set the target of 65% on any market/line we include

  63. TheHawk 3 years ago

    If the system is so good why are you changing and now betting on half time corners ???

    • John smith 3 years ago

      Hawk, nobody claimed the system was “so good” as you put it but as Simon and GillsRob are constantly researching corner betting they’re spotting new patterns and half time corners happens to be an area they feel could be profitable over the long term.

  64. Mattr 3 years ago

    Great post Brian and something I have thought about too with the counting winning and losing Bets way of measuring. I take my hat off to the boys for putting the donkey work in and will continue to follow but am only looking at my bank regards measuring success in all honesty and unfortunately I only started following 2 weeks ago. Am sure the boys will turn it round though and look forward to being back in profit by August. Fingers crossed.

  65. GillsRob 3 years ago

    John Smith – exactly. Even in our hood weeks we don’t stop reviewing the system. This week has been ‘so bad’ but this isn’t the only time we’ve changed lines. Under the hood it has performed well hence it’s inclusion and it doesn’t mean it’ll be a permanent fixture either

  66. TheBoss 3 years ago

    2 corners in 2 mins! WTF

  67. TheHawk 3 years ago

    So what data do we have to support the change to half time corners ? This system you started on was on Asian full time corners I believe.

    You guys have gathered lots of information that showed a profit but now you are not using the system that gathered the said profit seems strange. Anyway good luck to use all and I hope you manage to turn it round and gain some profit.

    In late 2014 we believed we had a system that worked and started to bet for real on these games. We found our picks were delivering 60%-70% winners consistently and started to show profit.

    Our final refinement was in March when we reviewed our results to help narrow down the most successful lines we had used through Bet365. Following the test we decided to drop six lines from both the over and under market and only run with the remaining six, which are Over 10.5, 11 and 11.5 and Under 9, 9.5 and 10.

  68. Daniel 3 years ago

    That was killed fast 3-3 after 14 mins

    Simon / Rob

    Maybe time to put in one new parameter in the system – Only Overs for a while?

    The Unders seem to be very unreliable and also when betting for Unders a bet looking good can change very fast to get burst, while going for overs is a Yes or No – once it’s over the line, it’s Done!

  69. jim burnside 3 years ago

    Overs hav got to b the way ahead under 9 corners in any match is always gonna b hard.

  70. Tunnell 3 years ago

    12 corners first half. Unbelievable, roll on 17:00 hours :)

  71. GillsRob 3 years ago

    Thank you guys for the input and the criticism is justified on that one game. As for ditching unders and going just for overs, not something we are considering. I understand why it’s easier to have a target to hit rather than avoid but really neither is easier.

    For a while debate panned overs because it was seemingly unreliable. Swings and roundabouts as the saying goes.

  72. David Wiseman 3 years ago

    Simon/Rob – The stats and system pointed to under on that game and that is the bet to follow, it delivered a freak amount of goals and gets registered as a loss.

    Lets move on to the 5 pm games and hope for 2 wins by half time.

    Keep tipping what feels best and this will turn around

  73. Cloakandagger 3 years ago

    Staebeck to win feels right to me today

  74. Sean567 3 years ago

    Aww man. Jobby Ming Mong again :-(

  75. ross 3 years ago

    Nearly back to my original bank which is where I will stop. It’s been more fun for me that throwing money at the horses so thanks for all the hard work. Will check in now and again to see how it’s going…good luck

  76. Champy R 3 years ago

    Sorry guys but I’m going to sit on the sidelines for a while. Best of luck, and I will keep an eye on how it’s going. Just wonder if it’s the wrong time of year maybe when most seasons start again?

  77. TheBoss 3 years ago

    Still got some bank left so I’m still going to carry on :)

  78. GillsRob 3 years ago

    No worries guys. The support has been tremendous and the loyalty has been unreserved. However, I understand the need to sit it out for a while. Don’t worry though we’re not giving up. We have however have decided to go back to basics.

    The lines and methods that served us so well until the past 10 days or so.

    We will endeavour to earn your trust back and come August I am positive we will be in good shape.

    We will continue to post our tips so that you can all see our progress and of course if you wish to follow.

    Thanks guys

  79. Doc 3 years ago

    Rob (and Simon) – I believe in the model and even if it fails I’m enjoying the ride. I’m still on board, albeit with a smaller stake for now. Thanks for all your efforts.

  80. Michael C 3 years ago

    I’m still in – divided my bank by 12 again and off we go for another week. Still in the game. Cheers guys! Effort much appreciated!

  81. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    I expect to see a bit of tension as people are only human and want to win. It has been a tough week and i know Simon/Rob will be trying there hardest to turn it around. They also back all tips and share the pain.

    Its still nice to see support and genuine understanding from people.

    For me it has always been about gaining some control over my betting and hoping in the long run it pays off.

    I will post a summary later but I am roughly £10 down from my starting position. After the week we just had i will take that.

    Started with 360 got to 920 and back at 350. Would be well up without this week but thats life and we go again.

    Another comeback required lol

  82. Tunnell 3 years ago

    It’s been a very tough week for this system but I’m still on the money train. Shall look forward to your end of week write up if you have time si/rob then tomorrow is a new week. Fingers crossed.

  83. Michael C 3 years ago

    I started with £60 on June 4th, got up to £81 and now down to £19. Have a spare £60 up my sleeve, but not going to plough that in just yet. Gonna go with £1.60 bets this week lol

  84. Tunnell 3 years ago

    @ Michael C, nowt wrong with that mate, even @ £1.60 for another week to see how it goes is worth it.

    I was on £33 stakes initially, then went £42, decided to divide by the twelve when things went bad. I felt safer having another 12 bets for a reduced stake and now I have ten bets left at £17 stakes. Here’s to another week.

  85. T888 3 years ago

    Rob and Simon I’m staying with this and praying that your system and our gods are kind to us :-)

  86. grimsbyevertonian 3 years ago

    I’m still on board guys, going to be for smaller stakes due to the losses this week. Thanks for the effort you put in.

  87. Clarks76 3 years ago

    Still on board as well guys! In order to enjoy the good you must ensure the bad! It’s a rough old game but discipline and patience are a must (as I’ve learned the hard way all to often). Roll on a new week and a few winners to get us back on track! Thanks for all the effort guys very much appreciated.

  88. David Wiseman 3 years ago

    My stats update

    Was an interesting week and as usual I like to share good or bad how my betting bank is performing. Fingers crossed for a good week starting Monday.

    This system has still been good for me in many ways and I did reach £920 before the results turned sour, but got to stay with it good or bad and its you guessed it “the long game” :-)

    Starting bank = £360

    Starting Monday week bank = £376.81

    Current bank = £376.81

    Stake per bet = £31.40

    Last week profit = – £307.19 (brutal but sucking it up)

    Current overall profit = + £16.81

    • BRIAN 3 years ago

      Watch you don’t get shot down for putting up some honest figures!!

  89. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Lol I still enjoy this way of betting and on a positive havent lost anything in 5 weeks.

    If it wasnt for the nasty week I would be well up.

    I see no reason for the upward trend not to continue and this is just a blip.

    A blip for me before would be a zero bank and lumping on games to recover, something I gladly dont do anymore.

    Good luck all who are on it this week :-)

  90. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Brian – I wont get shot down for my figures bud, they will go up and down over the period on corners.

    I think maybe your post just came across a bit negative which i dont think you intended as I know you want it to work.

    It is the long game with this type of betting on 60% winners (at times up to 70%) and even if I have to go again i believe it will deliver for another period of time.

    I am thinking about dividing by 13 each week and banking 1 stake as back up.

  91. Tunnell 3 years ago

    No tips today so far then ay lads. I was looking forward to a fresh week. Cards looks pretty small till Saturday in all honesty so Doubt we’ll have many picks.

    Hope all are well.

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