FOR a while this week it looked as though the lunatics had taken over the asylum in Mr Fixits' absence but he'll be back in time for next weekend (if he can get himself out of that Bangkok jail) you'll be glad to hear.

Betway have enhanced this week's treble line of Chelsea, Rotherham & Hearts to 8-1.Given my appalling record this week back it at your own risk!

As new sponsors of this column I'll be quoting Betway's odds for each of my lines (where they have odds available). You can claim a £25 free bet when you open an account at Betway via this site. Betway will also be ENHANCING the odds on my TOP TREBLE every week so make sure you get the best odds by opening an account with them.


Each week you can also win a £10 free bet at Betway by posting your Top Treble in the comments section below. Quote the treble odds from Betway and each week I'll pick a winning treble to win the free bet.

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So here's what I'll be on this weekend. Good luck with your lines and don't forget to enter the treble competition in the comments section below.


  • Arsenal
  • Cardiff
  • Leicester
  • Brentford
  • Crawley
  • Perm any 4 and all 5 (6 bets)
  • Fivefold pays £121.50 to a £10 stake at Betway
  • Betway will refund your stake on a 5-team acca this week if one selection lets you down


  • Tottenham
  • MK Dons
  • Bradford
  • Gillingham
  • Perm any 3 and all 4 (5 bets)
  • Fourfold pays £192.10 to a £10 stake at Betway



  • Inverness v St Johnstone draw (9-4, betway)


  • Everton 0-1 Liverpool (25-4, betway)


  • Chelsea v Man Utd
  • Millwall v Huddersfield
  • Accrington v Bristol Rovers
  • Rochdale v Fleetwood
  • Fourfold pays £75 to a £10 stake at William Hill
  1. gerry 11 years ago

    could be doing with a winning line today lol

  2. gerry 11 years ago

    any 1 got hot tips lol

  3. Colin 11 years ago

    My treble today

    Port Vale

  4. Tam TT 11 years ago

    My Treble is Torquay, Gillingham & Partick Thistle @ 6.66/1

  5. Cammy MacDonald 11 years ago

    Manchester City
    (2.36/1 Betway)

  6. Steve Corrin 11 years ago

    Boro to beat bolton 8/5
    everton to beat l’pool 8/5
    wigan v west ham to draw 12/5

  7. Tony 11 years ago

    Come on Scott got a good feeling today m8, cheers for the tips m8.

  8. Maria 11 years ago

    Betway treble

    Arsenal 1.35
    Aston Villa 2.00
    Chelsea 2.35

  9. David M 11 years ago

    Stuck a fiver on Brentford, Crawley, Gillingham, Rotherham and Crawley for just under a £100

  10. Clarks 11 years ago

    Gone for crawley, accrington, notts county, Rotherham, chesterfield and wolves £5 returns £340 at William Hills.

    Looking for a first scorers or anytime scorers Heinz or lucky 15 Any ideas? Mystic or Al are usually good for a couple out there bets?

  11. al 11 years ago

    Btts Cardiff,Crewe,bury,Millwall,and Burton .get on I’m doing 80 pounds hopefully I’ll be in bookies at 4.30 to collect my money

  12. Adrian Frew 11 years ago

    £80 al are you mad lol that will be some return but dodgy with btts.


    returns about 20/1 for the 6 fold.

  13. Danny 11 years ago


    Nottingham forrest
    TREBLE – Leicester Hearts Peterhead

    SINGLE – Reading


  14. alex 11 years ago

    Who won last weeks top treble ??

  15. Daryl Cruickshank 11 years ago

    Treble Stoke,Wolves and Caley Th. Comes to 7.81

  16. al 11 years ago

    Put a bet on midweek over2.5 goals
    Shrewsbury. Won
    Stevenage. Won
    Tranmere . Won
    Bury. Won
    Dagenham. Today
    Rochdale . Today
    Stake .£ 20
    Returns . £ 741.03

  17. alex walker 11 years ago

    Adrian what bookie did you put that on? Shop or online! Looks a good bet to me!

  18. alex 11 years ago

    Top treble

    Inverness 27/20
    Chelsea 27/20
    Brentford 1/2

    8.28 tbl

  19. Adrian Frew 11 years ago

    it was online with William Hill Alex. Al i’ll be rooting for your other 2 games today good luck with that.

  20. GEORGI STEFANOV GOGOV 11 years ago

    My treble today is
    Wigan – West Ham – WEST HAM to win at odds 3.2 at betway
    Everton – Liverpool – LIVERPOOL to win at odds 2.75
    Reading – Fulham – FULHAM to win at odds 2.4 at betway

  21. chris dawiki 11 years ago

    BRENTFORD 1.50
    SOUTHEND 2.05

  22. SUSAN THOMSON 11 years ago

    My treble is
    Ayr. 21/20
    Fulham. 3/2
    Blackburn. 17/20

  23. IAN THOMSON 11 years ago

    My treble for today
    Wolves. 3/4
    Southend. 21/20
    Torquay. 9/10

  24. Mark Kelly 11 years ago

    Going for West ham, Fulham, Hull, Stevenage, Port Vale and Morton. What you guys think????

  25. Danny 11 years ago

    aus10c hud a look at that website had tae laugh students spend 30notes oan bevy pot noodles and cheap ginger an the odd bar a soap no 3 accumulators lol and the tips are messy when your dain a 10er or more on a accumulator u want them all same ko so its no dun wae the first game well a dae anyway

  26. Natalie B 11 years ago

    Banker Treble:

    Barcelona/Schalke/Man City pays 2.04 at Betway

  27. Lord Clegg 11 years ago

    Villa (due a win)-wolves (looks like 2-0 to me) and Notts County.. that’s my treble

  28. LockupTipster 11 years ago

    Benfica/Hacken and Barcelona pays 2.41 at Betway

  29. aus10c 11 years ago

    valid point danny, hopefully people will be making so much money it won’t matter. It is only there as guidlines so a 10er doesn’t need to be placed and not on all 3. Thanks for the advice

  30. tony 11 years ago

    Just a bts for the day Danny u got a line on

    • Danny 11 years ago

      aye mate 2 5 team accumulators an a big animal of a btts 15outa16 tuesday n thursday so gawn fur it again

  31. Danny 11 years ago

    the tips do look good but anyone can pick heavy odds on teams thats why the tips say 10 returns …. single figures not returning much unless ure strategy is slow and steady insted a going for big hits a like betting on mad teams from all over the world so add be skint puttin loads of accumulators big stakes big stake better for euros world cup champs league goal scorers an so on

  32. Donald Priest 11 years ago

    Treble with Betway
    Blackburn 17/20
    Wolves 3/4
    Hearts 19/20
    Interest bet btts m/w, 20 teams and only Northampton let me down. Only 12 today, hopefully watching the two cities both score on ss2 around sixish tonight to seal a win. Good luck everyone.

  33. BIG Eric Shaun 11 years ago

    Cardiff Aberdeen Dunfermline
    returns 33 skybet

  34. Mark 11 years ago

    Avoid Port Vale, their squad is bare atm due to being in administration and they have a few injuries. A draw would be a good result for them. Good luck lads.

  35. tony 11 years ago

    Hope u get a winner a have a bts for 12 goals. U not going out the day

  36. Danny 11 years ago

    a wis oot earlier mate shoppin an booked flights n that tae denpasar tuesday tae the saturday just gettina booze n watchin the fitbaw m8 fuckin sweating oot ma box still 32 it 8 it night heavy brutal

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Danny and everyone else, I’m back and young Scott’s packed his bags. Looks like he’s had a bit of stick but that’s par for the course. I just had time to unpack this morning before heading to Auchinleck to watch Clydebank in action (big mistake) so didn’t even have a bet never mind time to think about any tips. I need to take stock of what’s been happening while I’ve been away so normal service will be resumed Monday or Tuesday but a glance at the results suggests to me it would have been a tough day for the punters. While I was away I met an old Chinese boy who liked a gamble in a bar in northern Malaysia and he told me: “Tips are often good but results are often bad.” It’s something to remember especially when you look at scores like Celtic 0, Killie 2 and Leicester 1, Palace 2. I’m off to recover from the jetlag and hopefully be on with some winners in midweek.

    • Danny 11 years ago

      welcome back Paul did u enjoy yer holiday

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Danny, enjoyed the trip although it was a bit hectic. KL a decent city but a bit bustling, preferred chilling out on the island for a few days where my brother’s wedding was. Very hot but interesting when we went up north. Jetlag still killing me and it would be about 10pm in Malaysia just now. Going to have a quiet day watching the footie and catching up. I like btts on Newcastle v West Brom and Southampton v Spurs and might make it a treble with Chelsea v Man Utd. Not doing much else until I catch up with everything that’s been happening.

  37. mitchell 11 years ago

    a fancy reading today theyve been a bit unlucky and a think they will have a right go against a fulham team who never really travel well ,second tip niall mcginn first goal for aberdeen his confidence is sky high after his goal against portugal ,

  38. simonpetty 11 years ago

    my treble midboro Leeds aberdeen. good luck all

  39. Mark 11 years ago

    Arsenal (h), Fulham (a), Swindon (h), Torquay (h), Celtic (h), St Johnstone (a)………£3 six fold returns around £175.

  40. Knottsy 11 years ago

    Who won last weeks comp?

  41. Knottsy 11 years ago

    Top treble:-
    Bristol City
    11.76 @ betway

  42. tony 11 years ago

    Sound Danny when do u got they’re. Am going out wae kids maybe talk to u after good luck with your lines bro.

    • Danny 11 years ago

      cheers m8 good luck wae ure btts al keep an eye oot fur it leave perth tuesday tull friday midnight arrive back oan the saturday mornin it 03.00 huv ae be oot the country fur 3 workin days just spend it gettin pickled place is cheap as fuck fuula hindu monks lol

  43. tony 11 years ago

    Look out for stoke, Leeds, Carlisle, Shrewsbury, Inverness, st,mirren. Bts thats ma line for the day mate

  44. GREGG 11 years ago



  45. Craig alves 11 years ago

    Treble arsenal 1.35, city 1.25 napoli 1.35

  46. Mister Mr 11 years ago

    15 mins and my bet is dead. I put Bury vs Walsall down for both teams not to score and its now 1-1. Bollocks!!!

  47. Danny 11 years ago

    leicester are oot thare tits

  48. Craig Mc 11 years ago



  49. john.t 11 years ago

    Hay dear what an other desaster today has been, let face facts here your not very good at all, you should give this up now, foolish crap

  50. BIG Eric Shaun 11 years ago

    I hope you all followed my treble today

  51. aus10c 11 years ago
  52. al 11 years ago

    Rayo vallecano vs Barcelona
    Leo carrilho to score first goal @16/1 good price

  53. Knottsy 11 years ago

    Welcome back paul :)

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Knottsy, it’s good to be back and looking forward to a couple of quiet days before hitting the midweek card on Tuesday.

  54. mitchell 11 years ago

    Yasss niall mcginn oooooouuuuussssshhhhhh told yaaaaaa

  55. tony 11 years ago

    You up to Danny clocks went back by an hour nate

  56. Danny 11 years ago

    nada m8 kod last nyt early doors so woke up boot hof7 aye a relised the clocks m8 a put sundays coupan on and relised 1 game was saturday uk 7.00 sunday mornin here 02.00 luckily they won so waiting on 5 the night

  57. Danny 11 years ago

    dynamo moscow
    aik solna
    st gallen

    TREBLE – Levante legiawarsaw metalistkharkiv

    SINGLE – Vitese


  58. tony 11 years ago

    I mate a will keep a eye out for your teams. Danny boy good games on telly the day. U watching them.

  59. Danny 11 years ago

    aye m8 mersyside derby and chelsea manu should both be good games wis gawny go to casino for rangers game but it is too hot and will be fuula english and a cant stand the liverpool accent dus ma nut 2 big screens so thall show mersyside derby anall

  60. Mike 11 years ago

    I’ll b putting a double on

    Athletic Madrid to win

    @2.65 with William hill

  61. tony 11 years ago

    What time will Chelsea be on at over in oz 12. A think it is an 8 hour difference with us now. Watch 2 nd half ov Everton, after rangers then Chelsea. Then a should get 2nd half of Munich an leverkusen. Fancy an Everton win the day. 3 nil rangers draw Chelsea.

  62. dicobhoy 11 years ago

    5fold win,
    Chelsea,Everton,Ath madrid,B munich,Qots,Dnipri. £2 5Fold returns £137.92.

  63. colin 11 years ago

    here is a mugs treble for sunday pays around 7/2 with sportingbet

    Bloemfontein Celtic

  64. Danny 11 years ago

    aye mate midnight its on here bit ae a bastard ae be honest canny miss a game like that but aye mate its the perfect sunday nonstop dinomite fitbaw canny beat it dusny sound to far aff the mark wae your predictions

  65. Clarks 11 years ago

    Dicobhoy who do you have that on with?? Odds on William hill are poor or have changed drastically!!

    I have a £5 free bet from William hills looking for suggestions for placing it!! Bonkers bets welcome too ;)

  66. tony 11 years ago

    Am going to put on juve inter twente psv aik Stockholm levante dnipro grasshoppers u got a line for the day mate what happend with Leicester

  67. Stevo 11 years ago

    What’s people’s advice on spurs today?

  68. tony 11 years ago

    Levante juve inter twente slask grasshoppers Sparta Prague aik. That’s ma winner for the day Danny boy.

  69. tony 11 years ago

    Draw with spurs the day

  70. Danny 11 years ago

    a had white start woluwe last night mate so waiting on
    club brugge
    slask wroclaw

    and a big animal btts 20 goals canny mind hof ae them al stick them up it wins chances of that but

    aye m8 leicester were down 2-0 early doors so main line wis wasted a kod but heavy pickled

  71. tony 11 years ago

    Mad shit that the only one on that line Leicester. Am watching juve the now that’s ma 1st game on

    • Danny 11 years ago

      aye mate the usual carry on 1 team leicester and the the stoke draw dun me on another line al save sum budda this week nae bets tull saturday its illeagal to gamble in denpasar

  72. Josip 11 years ago

    Everton – Liverpool to draw 3.10

    Real Madrid 1.35

    AIK 1.30

  73. Ivana 11 years ago

    Chelsea – Manchester United to draw at 3.20

    Lorient to win at 1.75

    Bastia – Bordeaux over 2.5 at 2.05

  74. student-tipper 11 years ago

    all premier league teams to score
    Bayern Munich

    5 quid wins 127

    a spincast with betvictor for the Chelsea vs man united game.

    17-1….. Draw – over 3.5 – van persie

    all the best danny and thanks for your earlier tips. good luck to everyone.

    • Danny 11 years ago

      cheers mate good luck with your bets the day

  75. alex walker 11 years ago

    Surely this is the day rangers have a big win away from home. 6to4 minus2. By the way am not a rangers fan. QOS -1 10/11 PSV-1 4/6 . Thats my treble for today.

  76. tony 11 years ago

    That’s mad save your money for weekend mate. Got fuckin Jan peter kirsty last fuckin thing a wanton a Sunday. Wae all these games on fuckin raging mate they will talk pish all they wae through

  77. Danny 11 years ago

    just get them telt helfy fitbaw games oan the day silence or sit in the garden troops

  78. Craig alves 11 years ago

    Spurs Everton Chelsea Newcastle pays 26.1 @betvictor

  79. Bingo 11 years ago

    Everton draw, Newcastle win, Spurs win, Man U win, Bayern win, Atletico Madrid win and Real Madrid win £5 pays £415.

    Van Persie anytime at 15/8, Suarez anytime at 7/4 and Bale anytime 6/4. £5 pays £98.

    3 outta 4 draws on Tuesday, 4 outta 5 anytime goal scorers on Wednesday and also 2 outta 3 on the Irish Lotto on Wednesday… Surely I’m due a turn… Good luck everybody

    • student-tipper 11 years ago

      Good luck Bingo, hope your luck changes, really think it’s going to be a goal frenzy today so will be looking out for your goalscorers.

  80. tony 11 years ago

    They have been fairly quite mate

  81. student-tipper 11 years ago

    yer didn’t think there would be many goals !!!!! haha

  82. Bingo 11 years ago

    When both teams score it’s goals galore!!! Suarez in. All I need now is Van Persie (5 goals in his last 2 visits to Stamford Bridge) and Bale (players always score against their old clubs) to score… You’re right student tipper looks like a few goals on the cards today…

  83. student-tipper 11 years ago

    your sitting pretty handy bingo, if van persie is up for it then there will be no stopping him and with bale confirmed in midfield taking Sigurdsson’s place, I think he will net one. good luck

  84. student-tipper 11 years ago

    your sitting pretty handy bingo, if van persie is up for it then there will be no stopping him and with bale confirmed in midfield taking Sigursson’s place, I think he will net one. good luck

  85. student-tipper 11 years ago

    and there’s your bale goal

  86. Jonathan Grieve 11 years ago

    Hernandez anytime @ 11/4 2day. He’s scored 4 times against Chelsea which is impressive considering he’s not been in English football for long. Also,going by the game in midweek he’s back in form

  87. Bingo 11 years ago

    Hernandez not in starting 11. Get your hard earned on RVP at 15/8. My acca’s coming along nicely with Spurs and Newcastle up and Everton finishing a draw… Long way to go though…

  88. Mike 11 years ago

    I got on your anytime goal scorer bet bingo!! I owe you a pint!

  89. Bingo 11 years ago

    Get in there RVP. Hope some of you guys were on my anytime goal scorers treble? Acca sitting nicely… For the time being!!!

  90. student-tipper 11 years ago

    well done bingo. nice one mate

  91. Bingo 11 years ago

    It’s the way forward troops. Anytime goal scorers. I got greedy on Wednesday night though. Jordan Rhodes let me down for £400. I had £5 on Huntelaar 2/1, Kerzhakov 10/11, Ronaldo 4/6, Ibraihimovic 10/11 and Rhodes 6/5… 3 or 4 max usually gives you a nice return and your not relying on a team winning, just goal scorers doing what they do best…

  92. Knottsy 11 years ago

    Wow nice bets bingo!!! I put on rvp fgs in betfred shop. Think i will get paid in fgs but would i qualify for dd and hh if he scores more cos of luiz own goal?

  93. Bingo 11 years ago

    Student tipper all Prem Teams scored as you said Lorient were unlucky to draw 4-4 nearly made a stunning comeback… Go on Newcastle last minute winner to keep my acca alive!!! Yaaaassss. Fancy your other teams to win. Your spincast on the Chelski v Man U looks good as well. I’m obviously hoping Man U hang on though…

  94. student-tipper 11 years ago

    agree bingo, its a good way of doing it and both teams to score (I hope someone took my all prem teams to score). What a game going on at the bridge.
    Anyone want a go at FT score ??!!

  95. student-tipper 11 years ago

    lorient game killed me. I was ripping out my hair. twice off the post and a disallowed goal. They just ran out of time. Awful display of defending from both sides though….it was comical

  96. Bingo 11 years ago

    Defo get fg for RVP Knottsy and surely dd and hh if he scores more… Both to score always a good bet as well Student Tipper, I always get greedy though… I had 11 games on Tuesday – 20 teams scored.. Hull and BATE let me down £5 for about £1100. Loadsa folk musta got btts up through the week. It was a crazy goals fest.

  97. Bingo 11 years ago

    I’ll take any sort of Man U win Student Tipper. It’s not looking likely at the moment though Chelsea are running amok…

  98. student-tipper 11 years ago

    shit. thats the spincast gone. surely chelsea can’t hold on with 10

  99. student-tipper 11 years ago

    lucky for you Bingo, last half hour is going to a cracker

  100. student-tipper 11 years ago

    WOW… that’s a shocking decision. Chelsea could be in trouble with torres suspended !! Man U must surely take this now

  101. Bingo 11 years ago

    Bayern Munich have gubbed my acca!!! 2 comic cuts goals they lost as well. Still got to be happy with the anytime scorer treble. As that old fella told Mr Fixit “Tips are often good but results are often bad.”

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Bingo, I think it’s an old Chinese proverb. I did the btts treble I mentioned earlier and that came up without a sweat. But I looked at six other games including Heracles 6-3, Hannover 2-3 and Kortrijk 1-1 so maybe it was a day to be a bit greedier. However, my brain’s still suffering from jetlag so I’ll take the treble.

  102. student-tipper 11 years ago

    Ah Bayern an accum for me too !!! thought Bayer L would have had europa hangover but guess Bayern had it worse.

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Student-tipper, Bayern certainly was a shocker. For anyone who likes btts bets though all Sunday top-flight games so far in England, Germany, Spain and Belgium have featured both teams to score and only one side in Holland didn’t net.

    • John 11 years ago

      My local bookie recently got rid of his fixed odds dockets as he felt he was losing money so now i’ve got to go by prices, was getting 12/1 for 5 matches btts now i’m lucky if i get 9/1, going by price is new to me so any tips would be helpful….i realize 9/1 is not all that bad so maybe i shouldn’t complain :-)

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      John, you should pick your sides then worry about the price. At the end of the day a price shouldn’t change your opinion about the result.

    • John 11 years ago

      So your saying that once i have chosen my games, i should then choose my stake as normal? Like i said this way is new to me as the odds are lower than with the fixed dockets but i’m guessing not many bookies do those anymore, at least not in shops anyway

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      John, the fixed dockets restrict your choice. Forget about them and pick any sides you want. If the odds aren’t great but you are confident about the bet increase your stake.

    • John 11 years ago

      Cheers for that, the dockets had fixed odds for a certain number of matches but you could pick any matches you wanted except under 17s obviously…lol but i’ll get the hang of it soon enough

  103. John 11 years ago

    Just seen a nice little thing for tomorrow night, Antalyaspor have scored 4 goals twice and 5 goals once in their last 5 games, ok they are up against Fenerbahce but for them to score 2 or more it’s 3/1, 3 or more it’s 11/1 and 4 or more it’s 5O/1….might be worth a small stake on paddy power

  104. alex walker 11 years ago

    Will never bet bayern ever again. 10 team acca and they are the only ones to let me down. Thats twice they have done me! German —–. Cant believe it always 1.

  105. Striker 11 years ago

    Bayern Munich, bust a lot of coupons today. They are w@nkers, even though they could not master BATE.

  106. Danny 11 years ago

    not much on tonight few games look btts


    pays about 16/1


    short priced homes pays about 5/1

  107. student-tipper 11 years ago

    not a lot to shout about (at all really) for monday football. Nevertheless,

    Olympiakos Piraus
    Kayseri Ericyesspor
    Fenerbache vs Antalyaspor….over 2.5

    5 fold. 5 quid bet returns 68.27

  108. Striker 11 years ago

    Next bet for me will probably be btts treble (Southampton, Chelsea, Reading) Capital Cup on Wednesday

  109. tony 11 years ago

    Danny ware is it you are going mate is it,tomorrow

  110. Danny 11 years ago

    gawn to denpasar in bali mate 12.45pm tuesday my time arrive at 4.25 perth n indonesia has the same time difference am not looking forward tae the flight mate dont know how but ave dun ma back in

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Danny, tell them you’ve got a bad back and they might upgrade you. I don’t mind flying but KL to Glasgow was a bit of a bind and I’m still recovering.

    • Danny 11 years ago

      a might just do that Paul the flights in 6 hours and am still in a bad way only problem is its jetstar budget airline dont think thall be as accomdating as emirates flight is a bit of a killer to kl and so on well worth it but

  111. Bingo 11 years ago

    I got my stake back for Bayern being the only team to gub my acca with Willy Hill yesterday. So I’ve stuck it on Copenhagen, Hammarby, Brann all to win and Sheffield Utd, Fenerbache btts. £5 returns £82.57. Anyone playing bigger stakes looking for a single could do worse than Fenerbache btts 10/11 yer dosh. As John says earlier that Antalyaspor mob have been banging them in lately and you’d expect Fenerbache to score at home…

  112. student-tipper 11 years ago

    Also Antalyspor have had 9 days to prepare for this fixture whereas Fenerbahce had a game 4 days ago away in Cyprus. I’m not saying Fenerbahce will lose or have Europa hangover, I just think Antalyspor will have had this game in their sights for some time.

  113. tony 11 years ago

    That’s a bastard doing your back in mate. You staying in a hotel. What’s there weather like. Enjoy your holiday bro

  114. Danny 11 years ago

    tell me about it mate in agony aye they call it a holiday villa buts its a hotel the weather is horrible wan ae they clammy sweatin heats

  115. tony 11 years ago

    Fuck somewhere different for a wee change see what that neck of the woods is all about

  116. Stevo 11 years ago

    Mr fixit what are your thoughts on fenerbache btts tonight?

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Stevo, I’m not officially back till tomorrow so not saying too much. The price on the away looks big so I was considering away draw no bet. Btts must have a chance as well.

  117. Tony C 11 years ago

    @Tony and Danny can’t you just email your conversations to each other. This is a tipping site and not a social networking site.

    • Danny 11 years ago

      Tony c naw a use the site fur tips n bets so the odd comment to my brother who is 12000 miles away fae me is doing no harm to anybody if you dont like it lump it.
      I do believe the site is MR FIXIT TIPS if Paul insists on it then thats a different matter until then

  118. Bingo 11 years ago

    Stevo if you’re looking for a super single other than Fenerbache btts. Look no further than Izale McLeod anytime scorer for Pompey at 6/4 yer dosh… Also fancy Dave Kitson to net for Sheff Utd against his old club at 10/11 but he’s struggling for tonight’s game apparently so McLeod offers better value and is a proven goal scorer in the English leagues.

  119. Stevo 11 years ago

    Thanks Mr Fixit and Bingo. Have gone for McLeod anytime single, and Sheff / Fener btts double

  120. Striker 11 years ago

    Went for the fenerbahce btts single big stake. The underdogs are certainly banging them in. Hopefully the home side favourites get one in at least in the second half!

    • John 11 years ago

      It was 11/1 on paddy power for those Antyalspor guys to get 3 or more goals tonight, can’t see them getting those odds again

  121. robert miller 11 years ago

    jumpingahead to wednesday, massive difference in Rangers shop prices on Hills and Lads coupon for there game against ICT, Hills go 11/10 and Lads only 4/5, can see that being cut if it aint been done already

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Robert, at first glance I’d have to say the 11-4 on Inverness looks big. Biggest as has been said on Rangers is 6-5 with Coral but Inverness are playing well enough to justify a punt.

    • robert miller 11 years ago

      not touching it Paul, its a very rare sight to see such a massive difference when the old firm are playing and even more so when Alec poits out Corals 6/5

  122. Robbie 11 years ago

    Is it likely that there will be a couple of goals in the sheff utd game, over 1.5, 2.5 cheers

  123. Striker 11 years ago

    Job done. Cheers Bingo!

  124. alex walker 11 years ago

    Robert corals are 6to5 rangers!

  125. Bingo 11 years ago

    No probs Striker. Glad you’ve made a few quid mate. Robbie defo fancy goals in the Sheffield Utd v Pompey game. Pompey 22 for 22 against so far this season…

  126. Robbie 11 years ago

    Cheers bingo

  127. tony 11 years ago

    Danny boy what’s happening you not sleeping must be half 6 seven in the morning over your way. U all set for Bali mate told Aimee your going to Bali an she asked what you were wearing. Hope yous enjoy it bro an have a safe journey bad place. Seems mad some reports a read. Talk to u when u get back mate

  128. Danny 11 years ago

    a canny sleep mate ma backs ruined canny stand up straight gawny attempt a shower lol just shorts n tshirt aye u need tae be careful mate its a 3rd world country so the people are among the porest in the world so any oppertunity they get to rob you they will take it everything you buy you have to negoiate with them but things are so cheap its ridiculous taking $300 which is nearly 3 million of there money fags booze n food is pennys aye al phone you when am back mate good luck with midweek coupans

  129. Bingo 11 years ago

    Midweek treble Arsenal Reserves @ 5/6, Aberdeen @ 4/5 and Inverness tomorrow @ 5/2. I’m a Rangers fan though so can’t bring myself to bet against them but 5/2 is some price for Inverness… Capital One cup is hard to judge unless you wait for team news. Paul Lambert’s Villa need a win 13/10 away to Swindon and the same can be said for Nigel Adkins at Southampton who are 19/10 away to Leeds. Both managers are under a bit of pressure so may field strong teams. If they do I fancy Christian Benteke @ 6/5 and Rickie Lambert @ 5/4 anytime scorers. Niall McGinn for Aberdeen has been on fire lately he’s available @ 5/4 anytime…

  130. John 11 years ago

    Aberdeen to score 2 or more is even money with paddy power, that could swing either way with them not scoring many per game recently

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