I'VE basically taken a back seat this week but the likes of HullShaker, Jordan and maccathered have been driving home the winners.

All three were successful on Thursday and well done to them and everyone else for profiting on such quiet nights.

I've been on holiday this week and spending a bit of time getting sunburned on the golf course but I haven't been bone idle.

My previews for Group A, B and C and now D for the World Cup have been posted. I've also written previews for the Champions League Final, Championship Play-off Final, League Two Play-off Final and even the Scottish Junior Cup Final and I'll start posting them on tonight.

Today most of the focus will be on Ireland, Denmark and Austria and I've decided to concentrate on Saturday's games and not put up anything for Friday. Greg, Jordan and HullShaker have put up tips and I'm following them today.

As I said I've been studying the weekend card in more detail and I'm putting up a double I like just now.

Start with New York Red Bulls, who have a 100 per cent home record with 14 goals scored in four home wins, against Philadelphia. Add Ranheim, newly promoted to the Norwegian top flight and sitting third, not to lose at struggling Bodo Glimt who went up with them but haven't adjusted well.

Watch out from top tips from the regulars as we count down to Liverpool v Real Madrid in Kiev – and I sense maccathered's nerves are starting to jangle as he works out how many beers he'll need to celebrate every Reds goal.

I've picked out my tips for the game and of course goals bets are short as everyone expects a high scorer. Having not put up a Super Single this week I'm happy to risk 5pts on a goal in both halves in Kiev at 1-2.

Remember to check out welovebetting for their latest tips and chat.

3pts Daily Double

  • NY Red Bulls (12am, Sun)
  • Ranheim +1 (5pm, Sun)
  • (19-10, bet365)

5pts Super Single

  • Real Madrid v Liverpool
  • Goal in both halves
  • (1-2, Ladbrokes, McBookie)

May Super Singles Total:  -2.4pts

May Advised Accas Total: -18.4pts

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  1. bullseye 2 years ago

    Sweden Allsvenskan 18:00
    Trelleborgs FF vs Brommapojkarna – over 10 corners ✅

    Iceland Premier League Women 19:00
    Breidablik Women vs IBV Vestmannaeyjar Women – Breidablik Women -0.5, -1.0 Asian handicap ✅

    Italy Serie B Play-offs 19:30
    Virtus Entella vs Ascoli – over 4.5 first half Asian corners ❌

    Treble 4.58/1 Bet365 **NAP** LOST


    UEFA Champions League Women 17:00
    Wolfsburg Women vs Lyon Women – over 4.5 first half Asian corners ❌

    4-Fold 9.05/1 Bet365 **NB** LOST

    One corner short in each. Well done to yesterday’s winners, some quality tipping!

  2. 2 years ago

    Going from stats Fiji Cup
    Inplay-Suva FC over 1.5mgl@11/10

    • 2 years ago


  3. jamesylfc 2 years ago

    Goal short in Iceland last night and a missed penalty in the same game, sometimes it goes this way ?

    Today’s Main Bet

    Achilles 29 Women v VV Alkmaar Women
    Excelsior Women v Ado Den Haag Women
    KH Hlidarendi v KV Vesturbaer

    O2.5 Match Goals Treble

    Plus seeing as it’s Friday a smaller staked acca:

    Achilles 29 Women v VV Alkmaar Women
    Excelsior Women v Ado Den Haag Women
    KH Hlidarendi v KV Vesturbaer
    IF Gnistan v FC Viikingit
    HIFK 2 v Kaapo
    Millenium Giarmata v CS Municipal Lugoj

    O2.5 Match Goals


  4. davisam 2 years ago


    • alex_mufc83 2 years ago


    • maccathered 2 years ago

      Don’t know what you laughing at alex your side got nowhere near this season and probably wont for a long time to come,Davisam backs Madrid in name only they are not what they were when they knocked Juventus out last year they nowhere near that level if they were i would of been siding Madrid to win it.

    • alex_mufc83 2 years ago


      Total wrong end of the stick fella. I was laughing at davisam saying Hala, not sure why he’s supporting Real so much unless he’s got a bet on them, that’s what I’m laughing at.


    • old al 2 years ago

      Tense times aye Macca!

    • maccathered 2 years ago

      Aye al lad

    • maccathered 2 years ago

      I know mate lol

    • davisam 2 years ago


      Liverpool were 4th in the premier league this season Macca, just remind yourself of that when you are talking up Liverpool as if they’ve been to 4 of the last 5 Champions League finals. Yes they are a great team to watch and could easily win tomorrow but your confidence is ridiculous and I’d love to see you eat your words for it.

      I backed them because I thought they’d win, just like Athletico. It’s a 50/50 game tomorrow, most pundits agree it’s a flip of a coin so take your red tinted specs off and give your opponents some respect.

      Hopefully you’ll be gracious in defeat and in victory, best of luck, hala.

    • davisam 2 years ago

      Also 2 of your front 3 will be fasting before the final, that could surely have an impact on performance/energy levels which are so key to the way they play.

    • Mr Fixit 2 years ago

      I read a report saying Salah won’t fast on Friday and Saturday – I don’t know if that’s true.
      In the past sports stars have been given dispensation.

    • maccathered 2 years ago

      Salah will be fasting but thats between certain hours so he will eat,don’t believe everything you read,as for Madrid,Ronaldo,Bale,Modric all ex premier league players who now play in a weaker league i.e the Spanish league,of course we show some respect to Madrid but they are not to be feared,like i said before if they were at the level they were at when they beat Juventus last season then i would take Madrid all day long but they are no where near that,good Madrid sides don’t lose at home to the likes of Juventus.

    • sand 2 years ago

      Totally respect your tips on here and understand you favouring your team which is only natural, but Spanish league is a weaker league than England? Utter nonsense.

    • maccathered 2 years ago

      Pundits are pundits,i’m not a pundit i am a supporter and a clued up one at that.

    • maccathered 2 years ago

      Sand enlighten me as to why the Spanish league is stronger than the premier league???

    • Mr Fixit 2 years ago

      Love the banter and your optimism and you’ve been right every time with Liverpool.
      I think most neutrals would judge La Liga to be stronger than the Premier League.
      Maybe one way to decide is how many CL and EL winners they’ve had in the past five years compared to England.
      I hope Liverpool win tomorrow but for me it’s a 50-50 game – although that makes your boys value.

    • sand 2 years ago

      It’s not really difficult is it? Look at the teams that’s won the champs league and Europa league recently? Man U comfortably finished second this year despite being largely poor and boring as hell and Sevilla knocked them out champs league. Sevilla finished 7th this year.

    • Mr Fixit 2 years ago

      You have to add in the Messi and Ronaldo factor and of course Coutinho left Liverpool to go there.
      Personally where it becomes clearer for me is when you you look at sides who finished seventh, eighth, ninth, etc – they are better than the likes of Burnley, Newcastle, Everton and Bournemouth.

    • maccathered 2 years ago

      Why come on especially to give me stick,back who you want i couldn’t really care less,we fear no one mate and thats the way it is being a Liverpool supporter.Like it or lump it.

    • jfk 2 years ago

      Hear hear. Allez allez allez

    • micky lfc 2 years ago

      Macc I would love to beat RM “love it”…TBH it’s not RM I worry about its “the officials”,Uefa & FIFA
      We have the tools to win and we like playing against a team who attack & play the high line.I can’t help falling there’s a but tho.and I think the experience of the Madrid players and”the know how” there have will in the end keep us at arms length.

    • jfk 2 years ago

      Davisam the form Madrid have been in this season they’d have been lucky to finish in the top in England this season mate

    • jfk 2 years ago

      Top 4*

    • davisam 2 years ago

      Is that right aye? Load of tosh. Sevilla put Man Utd out and they finished 7th in La Liga! Juve put spurs out, Real put Juve out.

      You can fear no one all you like mate, you’s have been getting battered for the last decade or more and I’m sure you feared no one during that period.

      Salah and Mane will fast until 1 hour before the game.

    • maccathered 2 years ago

      What do you reckon alex Fred and Pogba in midfield lol,panic buying from Utd.I reckon you will see Rashford Martial leave in the summer and Mata.

    • jfk 2 years ago

      And in terms of us finishing 4th, that position is slightly skewed by the fact we’d to put our eggs in one basket towards the end of the season because we just didn’t have the squad after injuries. If it wasn’t for the run for champs league we would have finished above Spurs without a shadow of a doubt

    • davisam 2 years ago

      Real Madrid did that in December mate, there are two teams in the final.

    • maccathered 2 years ago

      There are two teams in the final,didn’t realise you could count.

    • davisam 2 years ago

      Do you do stand up Macca?

    • maccathered 2 years ago

      I think this Davisam character is getting the game right out of context here,poor lad he’s getting league football mixed up with european,Liverpool once finished fifth in the league but still won the european cup,all this talk of league positions is b*llocks,you can;t get the two comps mixed up totally different ball game.

    • Mr Fixit 2 years ago

      He’s entitled to his say – we’ll only find out who is right after the game.

    • maccathered 2 years ago

      Thats it Mr f,don’t give me stick now wait until after the game,then i will take any criticism thats due.

    • davisam 2 years ago

      Bit of a daft argument there really, OK remove league form. You are facing the Kings of Europe, winner of 3 of the last 4 Champions Leagues and in the final for the 4th time in 5 years. Real Madrid value the CL more than La Liga. Liverpool would bite your hand off for any trophy at the start of a season these days.

      Mr Fixit – I’m not saying Real will 100% win, I think they have a slightly better chance. It’s just the arrogance Liverpool fans seem to have about their chances that I think is misplaced.

      As for the league argument, let this be the end of it: Spain have won over 70% of the last 14 finals of both competitions combined, 5 out of the last 7 ELs and 5 out of the last 7 CLs so 10/14 to Englands 3/14. Strangely I didn’t see Liverpool on either list.

      If you need anything else to back this up: The Spanish national team won three consecutive trophies 2008, 10, 12 with the majority of their team coming from Real/Barca and the rest of the Spanish league. Oh there I go again, confusing internationals with European football this time, oops.

    • maccathered 2 years ago

      He’s now saying that Madrid favour the champions league over the La Liga title,i now know what i’m dealing with,a total waste of time even replying to this guy,moron.

    • chirry 2 years ago

      Madrid have been known to sack managers regardless of delivering the league but because they came up short in CL

      Also the english league being better than Spanish league is a ridiculous comment, you have bought into the hype of the PL

      Good luck tmrw, i, like most will be rooting for liverpool but fear referree could play a big part tmrw in favour of Madrid, they’ve got away with alot this year on route to final

    • alex_mufc83 2 years ago

      I’ve not seen much of Fred’s performances to make a judgement but there’s a lot of hype around him. Of all the players being linked to the club I’d sooner have Sandro though.. quality.

      It would be good if for once United scouted well, and bought an up-and-coming player that they can develop/improve further, instead of throwing money on well-known, over-inflated priced players… Too often United get hauled over the coals on these ‘big name’ signings and it hasn’t exactly paid off in recent years.

      I’m eagerly awaiting the latest “Bale to United” media report….

  5. xbets 2 years ago

    Basketball inplay
    Red warriors vs green archers
    First half was a dull affair but expecting a good show in the second half from otherwise very offensive teams.
    Over 133.5 total points@ 5/6

    • xbets 2 years ago

      Cant believe finished at 133

  6. boomshackle 2 years ago

    In play Rewa Vs Ba

    Looking at stats Ba look to be very much in the game and probably on top. Currently 1-0 down, just noted in the last 12mths Ba have won 2 and drawn 2 against Rewa.

    Very much a punt but Ba to to win at 7/2 looks worth a go

    • boomshackle 2 years ago

      9/2 sorry

    • boomshackle 2 years ago

      Lost, poor!

  7. aarron19888 2 years ago

    @maccathered seen a few bets was wondering your thoughts buddy.

    salah and ronaldo to both score both halves 80/1 – small stakes obv

    3 plus goals 6 plus cards 9 plus corners 5/1 same with 4 plus goals 17/2

    liverpool score 3 plus and 7 plus liverpool corners 25/1

    ronaldo bale salah and firmino all score over 3 cards and over 8 corners 55/1 boosted to 62/1

    • maccathered 2 years ago

      Liverpool 3 plus and 7 corners worth a shout.Also worth noting might sound daft Salah needs four goals to beat Ian Rush’s record of 44 in a season,can he do it lol

    • davisam 2 years ago


  8. maccathered 2 years ago

    Not sure about the cards aarron although you pretty much can be certain Ramos will get one,weakes back line in years for Madrid the rest looks ok

  9. Jordan 2 years ago

    Apologies for the minimal write-up, bit stretched for time this morning. Znojmo host Pribram in the Czech Division 2 with the visitors in with a chance of the title. Znojmo have lost seven of their last ten conceding 2+ in eight of the ten games. With Pribram pushing for the win I can see this being open. On their travels they’ve conceded in eleven of their fourteen away games and despite Znojmos form, they could knick a goal themselves.

    Znojmo/Pribram BTTS & Over 2.5 Goals @ 4/5 @ 365 – 2.5 points

  10. Jordan 2 years ago

    Adding Usti nad Labem to score twice vs Vitkovice in the same league for a 1 point double ??

    Znojmo/Pribram BTTS & Over 2.5 Goals
    Usti nad Labem Over 1.5 Team Goals

    23/10 @ 365 – 1 point

  11. xbets 2 years ago

    Kenya police vs nairobi
    Btts @6/5

  12. GregBrowning 2 years ago

    Morning gents

    Been enjoying the unseasonal ☀️ We are experiencing in Scotland. Mr F is turning a deep shade of brown

    Well done to the usual suspects – great to see loads of winners despite the obscure cards

    Been a quiet week from me but It’s the final round of fixtures tonight in the Austrian 2nd tier with all 5 games kicking off at 6.30pm

    Just finalising so will post shortly

    • Mr Fixit 2 years ago

      It’s like playing golf on the Med – brilliant.
      But to be honest a little cooler with the odds shower would now be welcome.

    • alex_mufc83 2 years ago

      surprise surprise it’s p!ssing it down in Manchester

    • Mr Fixit 2 years ago

      I’ll send you the dug – she doesn’t like the heat.

  13. HullShaker 2 years ago

    Morning gents,

    Yesterday started well with both picks winning but ended up fizzling out like a fart at a funeral with an unprecedented 0-0 draw in the Copa Libertadores – don’t think anyone saw that coming!

    Onto Fridays’s card and there’s certainly games out there but not many obvious options – I’ve had a good old look and picked out three games to ponder…

    ÍA VS. NJARDVÍK (2015 KO):

    The bookies are all over IA and I don’t disagree that they are the better outfit but I learnt a long time ago to NEVER write off any team in Iceland.

    IA have started well with a 9 point haul from 3 games as opposed to Njardvik who can claim just 1 win thus far BUT the travelling side have managed a goal in 90% of their last 10 games and certainly know how to score against the IA defence…they did it 3 times in February when they came out on top by the odd goal in 5 in their 3-2 Cup win!

    Just to big to ignore:



    Two games that may offer some late night action for the Night Owls out there…


    Paraguayan top-flight here and I can see both teams finding the net – ‘Feb’ lie bottom but managed a shock brace against Olimpia last time out and have actually scored in 80% of their last 10 successive games.

    The hosts have seen 19 match goals in their most recent 6 games with FBC seeing 34 in a 9 game run – that’s a fair few goals – now factor in FBC’s ability to net away from home – they’ve done it 7 times in the last 8 games with their only blank against big hitters Nacional.

    In the last 3 H2h’s, both keepers had to pick the ball out of the back of the net and I’m fairly confident we’ll see that happen again this evening:



    AVAÍ VS. PAYSANDU (2315 KO):

    Avai start this one hot favourites at 8/15 but I’d not rule out a Paysandu side who have proved they have a goal in them having scored in their last 6 games (the last 4 have all finished 1-1!)

    There’s not a great deal separating them in the table after 6 games with Paysandu sitting one place and 1 point higher whilst Avai hold the better g/d of +6 as opposed to the vistors +3.

    The gamble here is certainly the away goal but I’m willing to take it on at a big price.





    Best of luck ?

    • oozie 2 years ago

      Anyone know what bookies @Hullshsker uses for the Icelandic games ?

    • HullShaker 2 years ago

      William Hill for this one @oozie365 have every game but limited markets and Coral can be pretty damn good for a wider market range – good luck.

    • oozie 2 years ago

      Got evens at Coral @hullshaker.
      Landed already in the crazy Icelandic league.
      Well in mate. ?

  14. radu 2 years ago

    Real Madrid – Liverpool
    – Liverpool over 1,5 goals @ 2.06 NAP
    – X2 & over 1.5 goals @ 2.05 NB
    – Milner over 0.5 shots on target @ 3.00 SNB
    – over 3 goals (AT) @ 1.72
    – btts both halves @ 8.00
    – Casemiro to score @ 7.00
    – Van Dijk to score @ 11.00
    – CS multiple @ 2-2 , 3-2 , 2-3 , 3-3 @ 6.20
    – CS 2-2 @ 11.00

  15. williegee 2 years ago

    Hi Folks, Straying into Hullshaker,s territory today, of but feel there could be value in the Finnish 4th division today. Third placed TiPS Vantta take on 3rd bottom HIFK/3 at 16:00. Although it,s early in the season, both teams having played 5 games, TiPS have 13 pts, 4 wins & 1 draw against 2nd placed Ponnistajat, whilst HIFK/3 have 3 pts from a single win against FC POHU, a team mentioned by Hullshaker yesterday. A goal difference +22 already between the teams suggests there may be a gulf in class. TiPS last 12 home games have produced 8,4,7,6,6,4,4,2,6,4,2 & 6 goals, while there is not much info on HIFK/3, their most recent results are 3-0 win to FC POHU, then 4 losses 4-0,1-0,7-0 & 2-0.The Asian goal line is set at 4.5 @ 1.900, fee this has a realistic chance,would like to hear Hullshaker’s thoughts on this game!

    • HullShaker 2 years ago

      Sorry @williegee – not looked and won’t have chance – seriously snowed under here…best of luck pal!

  16. cottweiler 2 years ago

    Hi Folks, it was mentioned that skybet are doing salah/ronaldo price boosted to 5/1 for £10 Max bet, just to let u know betfair sportsbook are doing same price double but their Max is £50, also their betbuilder is refunding up to £10 back as a free bet if your bet loses, if this has already mentioned just scroll past. Gl all.

    • Mr Fixit 2 years ago

      Cheers, good to know.

  17. GregBrowning 2 years ago

    Wacker Innsbruck v FAC

    It’s party time for the hosts as they will be presenteed with the league trophy after securing their return to the top flight. FAC though have their own agenda and know a win keeps them safe from the drop. The leagues best attack meet the worst defence and although Wackers season is over they may well exploit gaps left as FAC go for the win. FAC have been terrific recently, a few weeks ago they were doomed but 7 point from 9 ( those 3 games ended 3-2 3-3 5-0) they’ll fancy their chances of completing the great escape. This should be a decent game and whilst Wacker have been terrific at home and deserved champions, really fancy FAC to score at least once

    Back BTTS and over 2.5 goals 4/5 (Coral) (NAP)

    FAC to score before 61 mins 5/6

    • hairyheid 2 years ago

      Followed your goal time Greg, thanks for that ?

  18. williegee 2 years ago

    Thank HullShaker, Your snowed under and I’m sitting here melting, HaHa!

  19. bullseye 2 years ago

    Denmark Superligaen Play-Offs 18:00
    FC Copenhagen vs AGF Aarhus – over 5.0 first half Asian corners

    Iceland 1 Deild Women 20:15
    Throttur Reykjavik Women vs Keflavik Women – over 3.5 first half Asian corners

    Double 2.27/1 Bet365 **NAP**

    The two H2Hs between FC Copenhagen & AGF Aarhus this season saw 6 (3-3) and 8 (4-4) corners at the interval.

    The 3.5 line first half corner line set for the Icelandic ladies clash is low and attainable. 3/4 of the games played by Throttur Reykjavik Women this calender year have seen at least four. 4/4 of the games played by Keflavik Women this calender year have seen at least four.

    Good luck all

  20. xbets 2 years ago

    Kenya police vs nairobi
    Btts @6/5

  21. dc john boy 2 years ago


    Over 2.5mgs Double 7/5
    Over 3.5mgs Double 5/1

    Good luck

    • dc john boy 2 years ago

      Lost as utim finished 0-2

      Not going my way atm

  22. Jordan 2 years ago

    Any of the regulars live in Cork? Traveling there for business all week next week ??

    • oxbally 2 years ago

      I live in the real capital Jordan,how can I help?

  23. alex_mufc83 2 years ago

    Couple of very small stake long shots for the 4PM kick off Czech II games.
    All 8 BTTS – 49/1
    All O2.5 mgls – 42/1

    • elvis parsley 2 years ago


    • alex_mufc83 2 years ago


    • alex_mufc83 2 years ago

      Came close with my pocket change but not quite

  24. leroy 2 years ago

    Quite of late for myself and it might be the pattern throughout the summer.

    However, I do love a tournament antepost and with success in the last two CL’s and Euro 2016, it seems rude not to chance a punt before the World Cup gets underway. Having looked through the groups, the bookies seem to have priced things up with little wriggle room, but there is one selection that I’m gonna chance at a slightly shorter price than I’d like.

    France have a lovely group and you’d fancy them to take 9 points out of the three games. I expected the price on them to top the group so be about 1/3 so I can’t moan at the 9/20 about in some places. Therefore, I’m gonna chuck Germany (who will surely qualify) and Uruguay (who have goals in their team and much the best side on paper in Group A) into the mix and bank on them to get out the groups.

    France [To Win Group C]
    Germany [To Qualify]
    Uruguay [To Qualify]

    Treble @ 5/6 (Sky Bet) *10/11 available with Black Type.

    I also like the chances of four European sides progressing from their groups. While putting faith in England at a major tournament is often a recipe for disaster, I like the profile of their group seeing as the big hitters meet in the final group game. Hopefully both sides would have virtually qualified by that point having played the ‘weaker’ sides. Opposite situation in Group B, but you’d have to fancy Spain and Portugal progressing past Morocco and Iran.

    Third Stake:

    Add: Spain/Portugal, Belgium/England Dual Forecasts

    5-Fold @ 12/5 (Sky Bet)

    Nothing remarkable here but it often pays to back the favourites pre-tournament like this. Just got to hope you avoid the 1 or 2 that will inevitably have a mare!

  25. evens knievens 2 years ago

    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s game. Should be a classic.
    To make it even more exciting have been looking at the more preposterous type of selectabets or in this case William Hills your odds.

    Small bet on the following 65/1 shot
    Liverpool to win
    Over 4 goals
    Over 3 cards
    Milner and Ramos to be carded.

    More feasible 7/2 shot
    Liverpool to win +3 goal handicap. Each team over 3 corners and each team over 1 card.

    This to me seems great value. With the skill and pace on show there will be fouls and skulduggery and this should lead to bookings.
    The corners is always a coin flipper in my opinion but hopefully there will be many.

    Will put some more normal bets on tomorrow.
    Fancy Liverpool to score 3 and can also see Ronaldo being booked as he’s bound to take his shirt off when he scores.

    Good luck tonight People.

  26. 2 years ago

    Falkenbergs btts&overs@11/8

  27. jfk 2 years ago

    Dundalk HT/FT vs Bray
    Akranes vs Njardvik BTTS
    *Double 17/10*

  28. bully 2 2 years ago

    Maccathered people are not showing you the respect you should have you have been right about all these champions league games man city will get beat by Liverpool people disagreed!!!real Madrid will beat a slow Bayern Munich side at home!!!!!

    • maccathered 2 years ago

      @bully2 i’m used to it mate,what about Juventus beating Monaco away i got a lot of stick on that one,or what about Madrid to thrash Juventus in last seasons Final i got stick on that one also,i even did the correct scores and they landed what more can you do lol,the secret is though bully i tend to delve that little bit deeper sometimes,where others don;t think about treading and it pays off proof is in the pudding as they say.

    • maccathered 2 years ago

      That was the best one the Man City debacle lol,i got the red tinted specs and all that and as i stated we would thrash them they duly obliged,i mean 5-1 on aggregate in my book is a thrashing,whats more astounding to me today is that they are now talking about league positions which has no bearing on this competition whatsoever,i mean Barcelona won there league but got knocked out of europe by roma,so where’s the logic in league positions???this is my point sometimes people slate me but they have no clue what they are taking about.

  29. craneguy 2 years ago

    tonite, just sipping a mojito looking out over a crystal clear pollensa bay gallus……………… hull hope you’re enjoying a warm bottle of brown ale looking out onto red brick back to backs……………..

    akranes overs, Dundalk o2.5tgs 7/5
    add cabinteely overs 33/10


    • HullShaker 2 years ago

      Thought you were going to burst into poetry and start weeping. The only outside drink worth having is in horizontal sleet with a soot-covered hand sheltering your roll-up. Get a grip man.

    • jfk 2 years ago

      Good shout mate I’d similar but didn’t think about the o2.5. Well in

  30. kyle b 2 years ago

    Toronto vs Dallas
    Dallas GOAL before 57 mins
    365 – 6 Points

    I believe the away side are being underestimated in this encounter and it would be no surprise too see them come away with a positive result given the defensive frailties of the Canadians this campaign, Toronto boast a number of first team absentees coming into this fixture and possess just the one clean sheet in the league in 10 outings. They come up against a Dallas side in good form and effective on the counter attack, Toronto should dictate play and that should play into the Americans hands when given the opportunity to break. I’m liking the look of the goal time in a game Dallas can expect to pick up a result.

    • hairyheid 2 years ago

      Sounds like you have done your usual thorough research here Kyle, I’m following – good luck ?

  31. bully 2 2 years ago

    Maccathered without any doubt you are a top top tipster and I have no idea why no one is listening to your advise!!!!!

  32. dc john boy 2 years ago


    Over 2.5mgs double 19/10

    Also can’t resist

    Over 3.5mgs double 13/2

    Good luck

    • dc john boy 2 years ago


  33. nathanufton 2 years ago

    After a hit n miss start to the Giro d’Italia that saw Chris Froome crash twice ( once on a recce for the time trial ), he’s hovered in and out of the top 10 general classifications positions this past week.
    Sunday, he was 33/1 to win the Giro D’Italia 2018 with all the headlines being made by Simon Yates – (I mentioned him in last year TDF ).
    Froome didn’t show the dominance that he used to enjoy in the 33km time trial but did put a steady performance together for that 2 stages back that saw him back up to 4th but the big gain that day was Tom Damoulain’s. Damoulain laid into Yates yesterday and the young Brit conceded a big chunk of his advantage to him…….. BUT

    Fast forward to today: One of the most brutal climbs left and Froome pulled out an amazing solo break with 80km to go. Froome is now heavily in the drivers seat to take the pink Jersey and now all eyes are on him rather than Yates or Damoulain. I doubt that the 33/1 that was on offer for Froome 5 days ago is anywhere close to that price with anyone. Its now his title to lose. He started today with a gigantic 3 mins 22 off Yates time, and now he’s got a 40 second cushion.

    We all know that the French hate the British ( everyone hates us ) and each year they try to tweak the TDF to suit other riders strengths to produce a different winner with any nationality other than British. Last year they messed around with the TT lengths and the days on which they were held, cut the mountain sections, but Froome still found a way to win. I think the French need to concede defeat if they thing they can stop him picking up his 5th TDF title. If he manages it, he’ll join 1 rider from the 50’s ( I forgot his name ), Eddy Mercx, Bernhard Hinault and Miguel Indurain in that very select club.

    I know on Sunday, Froome was 9/4 to win the TDF, i’d be very surprised if that price hasn’t fallen after todays showing.

    • mr. orange 2 years ago

      I think the Dutch are the only ones who like the British from mainland Europe. Ok I said that,than this:

      I am following cycling more than 20 years and I can tell you Froome can’t win the TDF. In modern cycling it’s impossible to win 2 GT’s in a row. In the dope years there were guys who could peak these weeks in a row. In the modern era, no way.

    • nathanufton 2 years ago

      He did the La Vuelta straight after the TDF last year. His aim is to do 3 in the same year. I know back in the day Bernhard Hinault did it but that was 40 odd years ago. I was watching a youtube vid with Lance Armstrong commenting on Froomes 32-38 gearing, he was saying that’s mountain biking gearing, and back in the 70’s everyone in the field would of laughed at his choice of gears yet he used every scrap of gearing last year. I’ve not seen the course layout this year but knowing how team Sky set up Froome today by breaking up the main field including forcing Yates to concede over 30 mins in the first half of the stage with attack after attack, I think nobody but Froome had anything left to give today, but I was highly impressed with going it alone for 80km’s.

      The cycling world have been moaning about the fact that team Sky are ” managing ” each race in a way that can put their GC rider at the top of the classification come the final day, but I was thinking ” isn’t that what a team is for? to manage the whole team, to get their man on the podium ? Every team from moviestar to astana is doing the same, but they’re just not doing it as well.

      Todays stage was thrilling, a little bit disappointed that Yates fell to pieces early on, but you know, it will make him a better rider long term. If I was Dave Brailsford, I’d be signing both the Yates twins, nurture them for 3 to 5 years as domestique’s/super domestique’s and then if Froome is done with racing by then, team sky could well be set up for the next 10 years or more.

    • mr. orange 2 years ago

      Froome did won the Vuelta, but he also tested positive.

      Sky has got Bernal. He is the next big thing.

  34. HullShaker 2 years ago

    Prices been drifting against Njardvik all day…nowt like a 4th minute goal to stick two fingers up at the bookies ?

    ÍA VS. NJARDVÍK (2015 KO):

    The bookies are all over IA and I don’t disagree that they are the better outfit but I learnt a long time ago to NEVER write off any team in Iceland.

    IA have started well with a 9 point haul from 3 games as opposed to Njardvik who can claim just 1 win thus far BUT the travelling side have managed a goal in 90% of their last 10 games and certainly know how to score against the IA defence…they did it 3 times in February when they came out on top by the odd goal in 5 in their 3-2 Cup win!

    Just to big to ignore:




    • maccathered 2 years ago

      Nice and quick Hull well in.

    • hairyheid 2 years ago

      Another cracker Hullshaker, and cheers to Elvis for the heads up on William Hills as I couldn’t see the market on 365. Tremendous ?

    • alex_mufc83 2 years ago

      Brilliant ??

    • dc john boy 2 years ago

      Well done hull, just brilliant tipping

    • jfk 2 years ago

      Brilliant shout mate

  35. philwindy 2 years ago

    Blimey Hull lad that was some bet in Iceland ??????

    • 2 years ago

      Brilliant tip again

    • HullShaker 2 years ago

      Cheers gents ??

  36. elvis parsley 2 years ago


  37. -wato- 2 years ago

    Bet 43
    Austria – Erste Liga – 6.30pm
    FC Wacker Innsbruck vs FAC Team für Wien
    2-3 Match Goals

    2.15 (Bet Victor)


    Profit/Loss: -12.55pts

  38. nathanufton 2 years ago

    @hullshaker what are your thoughts in South America tonight? Atletico Goianiense – Oeste. I think Atletico Go will cover a -1 h/c and deliver a 4/1 + stake with betfair. Straight win is 6/5 I think.

    • HullShaker 2 years ago

      Evening Nathan – hope you are well sir – not enough to tempt me on that one – GO ought to be winning but have covered that h/cap just once in the last 4 attempts…too close to take on on current form. Best of luck if you go for it ?

    • nathanufton 2 years ago

      appreciate the heads up. If it lands, its a bonus. if it don’t, my bet bank for the Fulham game is smaller.

  39. jfk 2 years ago


    Dundalk HT/FT vs Bray
    Akranes vs Njardvik BTTS
    *Double 17/10*

    • HullShaker 2 years ago

      Nice double JFK – think ould Crane had a similar one up ?

    • jfk 2 years ago

      Hull I’d toyed with the Akranes one all day until you tipped Njardvik to score and I knew then I’d get the btts ? 11/10 was insane for that. Thanks pal

    • jfk 2 years ago

      Oh yeah just seen his he was a lot bolder. That’s a few more sex on the beach for him then ?

    • jfk 2 years ago

      I’ll have to keep an eye on prices around different bookies too as I see some folk said Njardvik price to score was similar price with some bookies to what I got with PP for btts. No brainer to go with the one team for similar price.

  40. yidder 2 years ago

    Great double jfk cheers for that one

    • jfk 2 years ago

      Cheers Yidder glad you got on ?

  41. 2 years ago

    Cheers Yidder glad you got on ?

  42. craneguy 2 years ago


    akranes overs, Dundalk o2.5tgs 7/5 WON
    add cabinteely overs 33/10 LOST late cabinteely 3rd goal chopped off………..

    WD all with a winner

  43. craneguy 2 years ago

    hull, didnt mention earlier but on your 3 as singles an a wee treble too…………. fingers crossed

  44. 2 years ago

    Atletico GO btts&overs@15/8

  45. nathanufton 2 years ago

    @hullshaker they’re 2 nil up with 19 mins on the clock. Fingers are gonna be gnawed to the knuckles on this one.
    I took the -1 @ 4/1 and dropped a £10 on it.

    • nathanufton 2 years ago

      lol, you couldn’t make it up. Oeste get a goal before ht, then get an equaliser with 10 left to play.

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