Confederations Cup Final, Sunday, 11pm

I PREDICTED a Brazil v Spain Confederations Cup shoot-out pre-tournament and that’s the easy part over – even if Italy threatened to spoil the samba party in the semi-finals.

Choosing a winner in the Maracana is a tougher proposition with both the hosts and world champions having good claims to be backed on Sunday night.

The tournament has been a cracking feast of football so far and rich pickings for punters. Anyone following my tips in would have landed 12 out of 14 winners on the match outrights.

That’s an incredible strike rate of 86 per cent and while all 12 were favourites it’s still worth flagging up. However, picking a winner in the Final isn't easy.

There’s no doubt Spain are better than the Brazilians but home advantage could be a leveller. They’ve also had an extra day’s rest and played 30 minutes fewer.

The slight favourites are Brazil who are 13-8 with William Hill while Spain are 7-4 at Stan James.

But for me this could be a draw, 12-5 at Skybet, in 90 minutes with both sides scoring. Brazil have netted at least two in each of their last eight but can always concede.

Spain seem to be able to score at will but the worry was the number of chances created – and missed – in their final group game by Nigeria.

The 2-2 draw has a nice feel to it and pays 15-1 at BetVictor while over 3.5 goals is 14-5 (BetVictor).

A final festival of football would be apt and leave fans anticipating a samba spectacular next summer. Of course a stalemate forces extra time and penalties and I’m punting both to win at 11-1 with BetVictor in a shoot-out.

Neymar, who'll be out to show his new Barcelona pals what he's all about, turned from scorer to creator in the semi-final win against Uruguay and is 5-1 at Ladbrokes to bag the opener ahead of Fred who I like at 15-2 with William Hill and BetVictor.

It’s unclear who Spain will play up front but Fernando Torres is their 6-1 favourite (Stan James).

Recommended Bets

(12-5, Skybet)

Over 3.5 goals
(14-5, BetVictor)

Fred to score first
(15-2, BetVictor, William Hill)

  1. cam 7 years ago

    Draw sounds very convincing mate

  2. Madi 7 years ago

    I’m thinking 1-1 or brazil to nick it 2-1. Brazil love a late goal I’ve noticed with them scoring in the 86th min last game, 88th vs Italy, 90th vs Mexico, 90th vs Japan, 90th vs France in the friendly and 82nd vs England. So I’m leaning to ht draw full time brazil or 2-1 brazil

  3. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    Fred @ 15/2 with VC and Will Hill is huge. Think I will have a flutter on 6ft 4 centre back Gerald Piqué who looked dangerous against Italy. To score anytime he is a huge price of 18/1 with VC and small stakes on him first goal @ 50/1 with Will Hill.

  4. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    Piqué is 50/1 first goal with VC and Will Hill but anytime is 18/1 with VC and only 8/1 with Will Hill

  5. Deano 7 years ago

    Dilemma guys :-/

    Done a 5 team bet today for £20. 4 came up so im left needing a Spain win tomoro for £1500!

    What should i do about covering it??

    • Mr Kop 7 years ago

      Is there an option to cash out?

    • celticfc 7 years ago

      put £100 on the draw to cover your bet

  6. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    Maybe Brazil draw no bet

  7. Deano 7 years ago

    Brazil DNB is 2/5

    Cash out is £320

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Deano, only you can decide if it’s worth taking £320 and possibly losing £1180. Draw no bet is the only way you can cover it at the moment unless you do singles on Brazil and the draw. It’s a better option than cashing out but probably the best way to do this is in-play. The only thing that could hit you badly is an early Brazil goal.

  8. SilentJoe5 7 years ago

    Going for a dbl on both matches ::

    Uruguay/Suarez, wincast @ 10/3
    Brazil/Fred, wincast @9/2
    Dbl pays 22/1 @ paddypower

  9. thechief 7 years ago

    I guess it depends on how much you wanna spend covering, is Spain outright or in 90mins

  10. Mr Kop 7 years ago

    Personally I’d just go with it after all I do fancy spain big time and at 15/8 ill have a slice of that.

  11. Deano 7 years ago

    Just to win in 90 mins @ 15/8

  12. Deano 7 years ago

    Will ponder it & wait to see the lineups tomoro nite :-/

  13. thechief 7 years ago

    Brazil 17/10 Draw is 12/5 there is value there for doing singles, depends on how much you intend to put on to cover yourself.

  14. Benji 7 years ago

    Brazil will win for sure tjis match i bet 3000 euro on it!!

  15. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    Deano I agree with Paul, bet in play and hopefully Spain would take an early lead and you could back brazil and draw

  16. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    I certainly wouldn’t cash out, I’d let it ride

  17. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    If its going to be your day it’s going to be your day. If it loses you’ve only lost £20

  18. rick 7 years ago

    Lots of value knockin about.dont know what to do tbh?any suggestions.

  19. bttsfootballtips 7 years ago

    It’s a nice situation to be in deano! Good luck if u let it run

  20. celticfc 7 years ago

    or u could cover the draw and brazil so u dont lose anything i would cover the draw though but i fancy spain aswell

  21. Deano 7 years ago

    Cheers guys. True if its gonna be my day then i will be a happy man tomoro morning. If not then its only £20

    In play cover of brazil & draw sounds good. Would just need the early goal lol

    • macca 7 years ago

      @ deano i don,t think you need to worry mate,spain will win this 2 or 3 nil,fabregas should be back tonight with soldado starting,spain should walk this.

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      macca, there’s nothing to suggest Spain will walk this. I see it being very close especially after watching Italy make it tough for them in the semis. And remember Brazil knocked four past the Italians.

    • macca 7 years ago

      remember 2012 final spain put four past italy mate.with this being a final spain will be up for it,especially with fabregas back.only one winner for me,brazil simply are not good enough to beat spain,remember they have to get the ball aswell which will be a task in itself,so i also think there will be a red card for brasil.

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      macca, you have to factor in home advantage for Brazil. I said in my piece Spain were the better team but it’s a huge occasion for Brazil and winning it means more to them than the world champions. It’s a tight call for me.

  22. sam 7 years ago

    @Deano, I will advice u Cash the Money considering your stake £20 for £380 it does worth cashing mate!

  23. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    Sam it’s up to Deano at the end of the day but personally if it was me and I cashed in for £380 and Spain won I wouldn’t feel like I’d won anything, in fact I’d feel as though I’d just lost £1120.

  24. Mr H 7 years ago

    Deano I wouldn’t even bother covering the bet in that position,it would be different if the initial stake was much higher. Run with what you have and enjoy the thrill of the gamble rather than worrying about losing £20 and how too cover it. Remember it’s only the stake your losing not the potential returns

    I fancy Spain to win comfortably,apart from the semi final game their performances have been streets in front of anybody else in the competition. Even so Brazil weren’t convincing against Uruguay either,I thought they were lucky to progress too the final.

    I’ll be on Spain HT/FT,Spain 3-1 and Spain -1

    Viva Espana :)

  25. Homicide 7 years ago

    Deano cover your bet. Any money is better then nothing. You dont need to cash out as you can still make more then the 320.

    I had a 10 team acc on the prem leauge last seanson needed west ham and spurs to draw for £1000 only 1 quid stake and blae scored last minute. ..I was mad but I covered it and made 150.

    if you dont want to cover by just doing Brazil win or draw.

    you can increase the odds by btts to score brazil or btts draw.

    Its risky but im sure both will score and 4/1 with 250 stake = 1250.

    so do a bit of research and see what your happy with winning and losing.

    Id be happy to take home 1000 so id use the 500 to cover. But its your choice in the end only listen to yourself.

    good luck

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Homicide, if he’s going to cover he has to do it in a way he guarantees a win not possibly losing. I still think he should way until kick-off then see how things go.

  26. Mr H 7 years ago

    Homicide that plan is suicide! If it finishes 0-0 then he’s in deeper shit than a gay blades bell end so too say. He would then be £520 in the hole. He has to bet brazil too win or the draw too be assured of covering the bet which were his initial intentions

  27. Deano 7 years ago

    Cheers guys for all the info . . With so much counting on Spain & them with a days less rest, & a long game against Italy im not as confident as id like to be.

    Can’t guaranteed BTTS & a win but the odds are tasty @ 4/1 Brazil & 9/2 Spain

    Two singles of 13/8 Brazil or the 2/1 for the draw are tempting too

    At the minute Double Chance & Brazil is now 4/11 with William Hill . . Best i can find is 1/2 with Coral.

    Im slightly siding with Mr.F here. Wait for in-play & hope for abit of luck with an early Spain goal then back the Double Chance for Brazil at better odds


  28. Deano 7 years ago

    Over 2.5 goal market is 11/10 . . what you think? Spain 2-1 win would be perfect both up lol

    I can only wish

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Deano, if you’re going cover then do it right. How would you feel if you did over 2.5 at big stakes and it was 1-1? Remember the most you’re losing is £20 so don’t risk losing anymore when you are in such a good position to win. The more you suggest bets that don’t actually cover you the more I wonder whether you should just take the cash. I wouldn’t take it and as I’ve said already I’d be looking to cover it inplay if it looked like Spain weren’t going to win.

  29. gerry 7 years ago

    3.2 spain 25/1
    4.2 spain 80/1
    few pound on each
    spain will win there a class act
    better players all over the park

  30. Deano 7 years ago

    Good point Mr.F

    Thinking too much about it just. Let it run in-play is the better option you suggested.

    I may just bite the bullet so to speak & look forward to the thrill of the game

  31. Rory 7 years ago

    Deano my advice is to listen to mr f I had the same predicament the other night waiting on Spain win btts double for 800 so I blew 300/400 trying to cover it thinking it was a sure thing so just recognise that 320 is still a good day for 20 quid… I’d cash out and maybe take 120 of ur cash out and lump it on ur original stake… Believe when I say it can all go wrong this game could be 0-0 so wait till near kick off u may get a few more pound out of cash out then bank two thirds of it and put the rest on ur stake so you don’t feel as if ur missing out…althought 1500 is a tasty pot…listen to mr f he’ll steer u right…good luck mate

  32. Rory 7 years ago

    Deano having subsequently read the other guys Comments I’m changing my opinion and thinking u should let it ride its a 20 quid stake resting on the world and European champions so not a bad situation to be in….I’d happily hand you 500 pound to trade places with you…let it ride and reap the rewards and smash the bookies good luck

  33. Deano 7 years ago

    Yeah i lost perspective abit & it’s only a £20 stake.

    To be honest i got bored in work yesterday & threw togeather a 5 team accumulator with only a little thought.

    To my surprise the 4 European games came up & i never expected to be waiting on Spain for nearly £1500 lol

  34. gerry 7 years ago

    let it ride
    spain will win

  35. Hughie 7 years ago

    Been a good tourney for me and most punters whatever you decide hope it’s a winner I will be on over 2.5 goals gl all

  36. Benji 7 years ago

    Brazil will win this match for sure

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Benji, there are no “for sures” in games like this. Brazil to win is your prediction, that’s all.

  37. Martin 7 years ago

    All you need to go is going on Betfair and lay Spain to win. You are aswell covering it, its a no brainer, for the people saying its only £20 etc you can pretty much guarantee yourself a nice profit, either way and do it so that Spain winning still gets you more.

    Why would you want to wait in-play, if Brazil score in the first five minutes their odds will drop and your in a much worse position.

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Martin, what price is lay Spain win at the moment? I’ve said for the inplay bets the only thing that could against him is an early Brazil goal but if Spain score first he’ll be laughing.

  38. Greg Browning 7 years ago

    If you fancy the draw Mr F and over 3.5 goals, I hope you are putting a small stake on 2-2 :)

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Greg, I might do 1-1 and 2-2 but I’m certainly on 2-2 as I’ve said in the piece.

  39. John 7 years ago

    Uruguay v Italy and Brazil v Spain, the second halves in both games to have the most goals pays just over 3/1 with paddy power

  40. gerry 7 years ago

    mr f whats ur idea of a bonkers bet 4 the uruguay game

    • Sean 7 years ago

      a bet on the ref to do a streak at half time would be my idea of bonkers Gerry :)

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Gerry, Sean’s is a proper Bonkers Bet but maybe 1-0 Uruguay for me.

  41. The UHT 7 years ago

    It’s been a great tournament for football and for this site – congrats to all. Really solid picks throughout. I can’t form a view on the 3rd/4th game, as it is meaningless, and sometimes teams surprise you by caring quite a lot and other times they just look like they’d rather be anywhere else.

    The final is also too close to call, but I do like over 3.5, so, maybe just a nibble on that – and enjoy what looks likeit will be a cracking game…

  42. Cam 7 years ago

    Are the finals postponed or am I reading something wrong on skysports??? :/

  43. Cam 7 years ago

    Went on skysports and checked today’s fixtures and its saying postponed underneath both finals :s ???

  44. gerry 7 years ago

    might have a pound on that sean whats the odds lol

  45. Cam 7 years ago

    Sunday 30 June 2013
    All KO 15:00 unless stated
    Confederations Cup
    Brazil v Spain 23:00
    Winners SF1 P-P Winners SF2 23:00
    Loser SF1 P-P Loser SF2 17:00
    Uruguay v Italy 17:00

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Cam, it’s just not been updated. Both games are on.

  46. bttsfootballtips 7 years ago

    Well done in your tips in this tournament Mr fixit, wish the confederations cup was on every summer haha.

    Cant make my mind up tonight on who to back, I think a draw is likely but I never back draws so just going for neymar/Brazil anytime wincast at 6/1 and iniesta/Spain anytime wincast at 10/1

  47. Benji 7 years ago

    We will see tokighet when brazil win the match

  48. Jimmy Mac 7 years ago

    Mr F. what if he back brazil + a goal. if its a draw he will get something back.

  49. lee 7 years ago

    Deano don’t you dare cash out you nutter that’s like having Spain at 4/1 ( SPAIN best team in the WORLD ) scary what goes through peoples head

  50. Cam 7 years ago

    Tar mate

  51. Madi 7 years ago

    Been thinking about this game all day. So far my one bet is ht draw full time brazil at 6.80. I’m also going for correct score 1-1 and brazil 2-1. Now to look at goal scorers. Neymar will be out to impress as you say mr fixit playing against barca teammates so he looks a good bet for fgs also might get on Fred and Torres to score. That will be my bets on this game. I really can’t see more then three goals will be a tight game especially the first half. Anyway that’s my view on it. Good luck with whatever you guys are on

  52. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    Bets for tonight:

    £40 Piqué First Goal @ 50/1
    £20 Fred First Goal @ 15/2

    Good luck people

  53. MrT 7 years ago

    Hoping for a convincing Spanish victory. Have a lot riding on it. First goal is vital. If Spain get it massive pressure from crowd. Especially considering brasil have done well to take lead in all matches thus far, most early on.

  54. Craig alves 7 years ago

    neymar 2-1 Brazil 40/1

    luiz 4-2 Brazil 900/1

    luiz anytime 10/1

    alba anytime 10/1

    alba 4-2 spain 700/1

    over 4.5 gls 8/1

    50p singles :)

    btts 5/6 £24

    1st gl

    51-60 11/1 £2

    61-70 14/1 £2

  55. Craig alves 7 years ago

    £2 cover bet double 25/1

    spain v brazil no gl scorer
    team playin Barcelona (Ecuador) double chance

  56. Deano 7 years ago

    The prices seem to have swapped . . Spain are now favourites @ 7/4 and Brazil are priced at 9/5

    Must be alot of money on the Spaniards . . Good omen for myself :-)

    Prices mite look better for me to cover incase of an upset

    • jasper 7 years ago

      This has under 1.5 all over it.
      How many good finals have ther been recently in any comp.
      it will be like the semi final.
      0-0 spain on pens.
      or 1-0 either way, edging towards brazil.
      Fred to score .

  57. RabTheHermit 7 years ago

    I do fancy Spain to win tonight but I fancied them more against Italy. Hoping that was just down to the heat. I couldn’t stand another repeat of that match.

  58. gerry 7 years ago

    3.2 4.2 spain

  59. Madi 7 years ago

    Possibly be my last bet until the new season starts up so hoping for a good night :)

  60. Deano 7 years ago



    Lets go :-)

  61. Adventurous value gambler 7 years ago

    After last time of doin 2-2, 3-3, 3-2, 4-2 either way with Spain v Italy a d it finished 0-0 I’ve decided to……… Do exactly the same for tonight… Hopefully ill have the big wedge back at the end tonight… Good luck mr f and all you guys… Lets hope it’s a cracker of a game… AVG

  62. FATHEAD 7 years ago

    BTTS 10/11

  63. Sean 7 years ago

    Never thought id see the day so many turned their noses up at a spain win with odds in excess of 17/10!!!

  64. bob 7 years ago

    These teams rarely pick up.bookings and have not piked up many in.competition a low booking game? Thoughts?

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      bob, the games haven’t been that intense so possibly. If you’re doing it try to check ref stats because obviously some flash cards more than others.

  65. Madi 7 years ago

    Brazil slight favourites again at 2.82 with Spain at 2.86

  66. Craig alves 7 years ago

    jasper you still on the bevy fi friday :) this will be a gl fest and price is huge for btts

  67. bob 7 years ago

    True mate any news on the reff ureself mate

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      bob, sorry was too busy celebrating Fred goal.

  68. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    Nice on Free. 15/2 huge price £170 back

  69. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    Wish I’d stuck more on him.

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Chris, I wish I wasn’t working and could crack open a bottle to celebrate a nice windfall. As you say 15-2 was massive.

  70. Madi 7 years ago

    I was also on Fred aswell as neymar fgs lovely stuff could have been either one of them scoring there. Need a Spanish goal before half time would be nice

  71. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    I was also on Fred aswell as neymar fgs lovely stuff could have been either one of them scoring there. Need a Spanish goal before half time would be nice

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Chris, I don’t have a boylesports account but that’s a good offer.

  72. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    A bit feisty, I can see someone getting sent off, possibly Torres

  73. Callum 7 years ago

    what site do you guys use for stats ie corner count etc during a live game?

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Callum, usually I look at bet365.

  74. Ellis 7 years ago

    first time I bet on the confed cup and last haha. Had £50 on spain to lift trophy and don’t know what was put in their water bottles but they are as eratic as ive ever seen them

  75. Ellis 7 years ago

    its quite funny all these ‘spains will walk this’ the only walk I see them doing is to the plane home

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Ellis, it was never going to be a walk over for anyone. Still alive if Spain score next.

  76. Jack g 7 years ago

    Shouldn’t have been to keen on Spain to win Ellis, I went by Italy vs Spain , when Spain has a team that play fire with fire ( press the ball, bit aggressive) spain don’t look half the team, neymar 2-0!

    I went over 2.5 goals
    Fred to score first
    Neymar to score anytime

  77. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    William hill taking an absolute spanking on this game. They had Neymar to score anytime @ Brazil to win @ 6/1 and they had another special of Neymar to score anytime including extra time @ 2/1. Coupled by the fact they had Fred overpriced @ 15/2. Love to see the bookies getting spanked. Got to be a very big loss for them tonight.

  78. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    Yeah Paul they were doing double the odds for first 20 mins and cash back up to £100 if your losing first scorer scored second. Great offer.

  79. Madi 7 years ago

    Amazing by Luiz to clear that, I was willing it in! Spain are playing like they did vs Italy. Hoping it finishes 2-1 but I can’t see that happening now

  80. 1plus2 7 years ago

    Took over 2.5 goals in this game so looking ok also did a wee bet on a penalty being given so next goal via a penalty would kill 2 birds with 1 stone :-)

  81. bttsfootballtips 7 years ago

    Woooohooooo get in haha

  82. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    Betfred getting spanked too now

  83. Craig alves 7 years ago

    just put £24 on btts no at evens, guaranteed they score the now :)

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Craig, 1plus2 has his penalty and you got lucky with the miss.

  84. Craig alves 7 years ago

    unlucky ramos :)

  85. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    Just trying to work out what my returns are for backing Villa tournament top Goalscorer. Backed him £50 EW and I think I might be lucky. Think I’ve gotten my £100 which is quite good considering he barely played.

    1st – 5 goals Torres, Fred
    2nd – 4 goals Abel Hernandez, Neymar
    3rd – 3 goals Cavani, Villa, Suarez, Oduamadi, Javier Hernandez.

    £50 EW @ 12/1 so place is 4/1

    4/1 divided by 5 = 0.80/1 so I calculate a return of £90.

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Chris, can’t believe Torres still got a share with all but one against Tahiti. Just think if he’d scored that penalty.

  86. Dee 7 years ago

    Brazil Won :D. Easy Win! ;)

    Firstly thanks to Mr F for singles :D

    Hope everyone has been to profits in this confederation cup. :D Congratulations to all the guys who backed BRAZIL.

    PS: Last but not least – I still can’t say that Brazil is great team but you all must agree that Spain has completely lost their defense and it is their first disaster performance I ever watched. :D Hope they bounce back in for future matches :)

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Dee, Spain will be getting written off by so many but it’s too early to do that. One bad display doesn’t make them a bad team although there’s no doubt they need freshened up and maybe have a slightly different approach. There are players such as Isco to come in from the Under-21 so the future still looks good for them.

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