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WE'RE taking a step closer to top-flight Belarus action with a couple of games on Friday so watch out for Greg posting updated card and corner stats.

On Thursday there are two Belarus reserve matches then it's back to the real thing.

There was little action on Wednesday but again some good winners on esports and stay-at-home darts so cheers for everyone who is keeping us interested.

Meanwhile, some good news for those hoping to see an end to the English season.

While the National League have cancelled their campaigns the Premier League are hoping to complete on free-to-air TV behind closed doors.

There is a tentative plan in place that would see players return to training on May 18 and the outstanding 92 league games kicking off on June 8.

That would be great news for the likes of maccathered who wants to celebrate the title and would of course prevent the clubs returning hundreds of millions of pounds of TV cash.

  1. desmond 6 months ago

    Belated birthday wishes Mr F, is that you old enough for seniors golf now? Cheers, Desmond

    • GregBrowning 6 months ago

      Hope you’re keeping well Desmond, catch up with you soon 👍🏼

    • Mr Fixit 6 months ago

      Cheers for all the birthday wishes last night. I’d play any kind of golf just now – even if it was as a senior.

  2. 6 months ago

    eSoccer Accumulators – Thu 23rd Apr
    Burnley v Arsenal
    Norwich v Sheff Utd
    Wolves v Leicester

    ePrem Invitational – FT Result treble
    Burnley (McNeil)
    Norwich (Cantwell)
    Wolves (Jota)
    All to win @ 7/4

    Wolves Leicester over 4.5 goals 4/5
    Jota v Ndidi -Jota win 8/15
    Jota is Wolves’ top FIFA 20 player he is regarded as the best after winning the players club tournament.
    He enjoys playing FIFA and has pedigree

    Ndidi – is a substitute for James Justin who I know is a decent player and him Chilwell and Maddison enjoy FIFA 20.
    Ndidi is an unknown as such to many outside Leicester as was brought in to play Jota (Justin didn’t fancy it) as he’s an avid gamer. But there is no hearing of any FIFA 20 gaming talent from socials or web. In fact Ndidi has said he been interviewed early in season says he enjoys spending his time at uni and studies than spending time playing FIFA
    Though Maddison says Ndidi and Iheanacho can play 5 hours straight! They play hours on end and have the PS4 in a suit case to game all the time.

    I’ll still side with Jota but would also think goals in that one and a great looking match up.

    Todd Cantwell – 1/4 to win Moussett
    Norwich to beat Sheff Utd.

    Cantwell is fave for epremier league tournament.
    Now Cantwell is a baller.
    Loves playing FIFA . Beats YouTubers and plays alot of pros and call outs .
    Cantwell dished out 5-0 beatings to mason mount in the England players tournament.
    He’s regarded as a very strong FIFA player and is favourite too for the england #footballsstayinghome tournament.
    He’s the best FIFA 20 player at Norwich and recently gave Max Aarons (who beat Alex Arnold in the England tournament 3-1) an absolute seeing too winning 3 matches.
    Sheff Utd Moussett tbh know nothing about but I have no knowledge or hearing anything about in FIFA community like I did on eSports with Everton Gomes. As well as Ndidi being competitive gamer.
    I have to take Cantwell even without the pre match news as he’s more than shown he’s a capable player of some pedigree.

    However, Cantwell lost 3-2 Diogo Jota of wolves after being 2-0 up in a recent king of Europe pro players tournament match so It further highlights how strong Jota is (Jota went on to lose in final) and that’s why I would have Jota winning v Leicester.

    Dwight McNeil. 2/5 – to beat Franceschi
    Burnley v Arsenal :Burnley win
    Solid performer at FIFA is O’Neil and having seen both Burnley McNeill and Arsenal representative singer-songwriter Josh Franceschi play respective matches and opponents in first round McNeill more impressive. The odds on suggest it too.
    I have Burnley down for the win again and think he has too much for Arsenal who faced a lesser challenge in Chalobah of Watford.
    McNeill another level I feel. And has pedigree whilst Arsenal player suggested in the last round he wasn’t even the best in his group of mates he plays with.

    I have to say I’m not sure pre match how Ndidi will turn out as he can play a good game when he’s not studying and put himself forward for this tournament but 7/4 on those 3 solid FIFA players are worth my money.

    Even money skybet. Treble ACCA.
    Burnley , Norwich and Liverpool

    For those who want more of a safer bet.
    Take O’Neill , Cantwell , and Friday match Alex Arnold (v Atsu) Liverpool to beat Newcastle at a shade over evens.

    The other Thursday epremier match
    Bournemouth v Brighton
    Billing v Maupay promises to be a wonder game and I couldn’t call that.
    (Billing won through 5-0 aggregate Wednesday evening in 2-0 and 3-0 leg wins playing in #stayintertoto cup so has good momentum.
    As well as his 4-0 hammering v Southampton Gunn.

    Maupay only played a lesser player in McGinn though is an avid gamer of FIFA so expecting a decent balanced match.
    I am a Billing FIFA 20 gamer fan (he’s quite the fouler IRL on the pitch haha) and rooting for him he was second fave to win premier league tournament before the matches were played.
    I not advising or tipping bets here for this one!

    Bets of luck! and hopefully can enjoy the football season when it arrives again as we are seeing the encouraging headline from Mr F and eSports is just a little something to get by at this time

    If anyone else has any comments or prior knowledge do share.
    I’ve done a bit here and getting it up for those who want to take the sky bet special at 7/4 as of course it will go when the first match just after midday takes place.

    Otherwise listen out for team news on Sheff Utd Mouset and Leicester Ndidi(he’ll give it a go!) to see if they can ‘shock’ FIFA gaming community in beating Norwich or Wolves

    Stay safe.

    • GregBrowning 6 months ago

      Not a follower of e-sports but that’s some
      cracking insight mate – good work 👍🏼

    • alex_mufc83 6 months ago

      Great write up Maddison. I’m going on Over 4.5 MGls and will follow you on the WDWs.

    • alex_mufc83 6 months ago

      It would be a massive upset if Alexander-Arnold didn’t beat Atsu, thought the game between Atsu and Sissoko yesterday was really poor standard compared to the others, poor attacking. There did appear to be getting some game-lag but even so, wasn’t impressed with his skills.

  3. GregBrowning 6 months ago

    Hope You had a great birthday Mr F, albeit minus the pub and the golf course. 👍🏼

    Belaurs corner and card data has now been updated 🇧🇾📊🟨🟥⛳️⚽️

    Will be sharing later today

    • 6 months ago

      Birthday Wishes Mr F .
      Thanks for this website and the tips
      All the best

    • 6 months ago

      Nice one GB .
      Appreciate your comment and appreciate the research and insight you’ve done on the Belarusian league.
      And look forward to your tips as always.
      All the best

  4. craneguy 6 months ago


    neman overs, smolevichi o3.5mgs 6/5

  5. dc john boy 6 months ago


    Belarus reserves today

    Both games over 3.5mgs double 27/10

    Good luck

    • dc john boy 6 months ago


  6. maccathered 6 months ago

    Both Belarus reserve games over 4.5 goals at 11/4,2/1 singles and a 10/1 double.

  7. maccathered 6 months ago

    Happy Birthday Mr f

  8. jono5000 6 months ago

    Happy Bday Mr F

  9. xbets 6 months ago

    Table tennis 1100
    Danila andreev to beat Vladimir Petrov
    2/1 skybet

    • Kakah4 6 months ago


    • Kakah4 6 months ago

      I lost a whole lot on this, but nice one tho

  10. thepars 6 months ago

    Here are some stats ref the darts over blast few days.The market I have been looking at is the highest checkout in match.Set at 104.5 with Bet365
    PDC home tour
    Last 6 days of play
    15 matches under
    21 matches over

    Icons tour
    27 matches under
    23 matches over

    Night of darts
    18 matches under 36%
    32 matches over 64%
    There is 15 matches tonight rather than 10 and Phil Taylor is back playing. Will be intresting to see the stats after tonight.

    • 6 months ago

      Great stats. I’m not so familiar with darts but do like stats !

  11. thepars 6 months ago

    Forgot to say the last two tours are over the last 5 days of play

  12. thepars 6 months ago

    Just looked and all of Taylors matches are set at 99.5….

  13. elvis parsley 6 months ago

    Both Belarus under 20 games btts 8-15 and 4-7.
    Pays 7-5.
    Feeding off scraps today.

    Penblwydd hapus Mr fixit 🍰🍰🍰

    • Deano86 6 months ago

      These 2 games elvis hopefully will be full of goals, I’m on over 2.5 double, minsk 2.5 team goals, and both games over 1.5 fhgls singles, goodluck pal,

  14. alex_mufc83 6 months ago

    Happy Birthday Mr F 🥃

    The first paragraph of your write up made me laugh, we’re only days away from the main event… Belarus Premier league lol a sign of the times were in

    • Mr Fixit 6 months ago

      Hopefully we’re weeks away from the Bundesliga barring any setbacks.

  15. boomshackle 6 months ago

    Morning All

    Nemen Grodno have a decent corner record and I fancy them to rack up a few today against Energetyk.

    Nemen 9+ team corners 9/2
    Nemen 10+ team corners 7/1

    Good luck

  16. alex_mufc83 6 months ago

    Belarus Reserves

    Both Belarus Reserves games
    Over 1.5 FHGls
    1 POINT

    eSports – FIFA Invitational

    Jota (Wolves) v Ndidi (Leicester)
    Brighton (Maupay) v Billing (Bournemouth)
    Franceschi (Arsenal) v McNeill (Burnley)

    All 3 games Over 3.5 MGls
    2 POINTS

    • 6 months ago

      Sweet as Alex on your over 3.5 goals shout
      First one home bro

  17. swcfc1888 6 months ago

    Alex what bookie do you use for the o3.5 in esports mate?

    • alex_mufc83 6 months ago

      Hi pal

      I use Mr Play for these eSports goal bets

  18. 6 months ago

    Team news regards Leicester wilf Ndidi mentioned he gets smashed (beaten) some times so I defo like Jota to win and the 7/4 sky bet treble ACCA of wolves, norwich, and Burnley I put up is now at 13/8 .

    • 6 months ago

      Wolves 8-2 Leicester
      Jota v Ndiddi

      Wolves Leicester over 4.5 goals 4/5 **** WIN ☑️
      Jota v Ndidi -Jota win 8/15 WIN ***☑️

      Jota is Wolves’ top FIFA 20 player he is regarded as the best after winning the players club tournament.

    • Mr Fixit 6 months ago

      Nice one.

    • alex_mufc83 6 months ago

      Great start Maddison 👍

  19. boomshackle 6 months ago

    My corners bets are probably done in now that Nemen had a man sent off within 30mins 👎🏽

  20. alex_mufc83 6 months ago

    Not that it really gets ‘celebrated’ much, but happy St George’s Day 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

    • Mr Fixit 6 months ago

      It was yesterday so no worries there – I’m between the Queen’s birthday and St George’s Day.

    • alex_mufc83 6 months ago

      St George’s Day is today Mr F, the 23rd April

    • Mr Fixit 6 months ago

      Yeah I know – my birthday was yesterday between the Queen’s birthday and St George’s Day.

    • alex_mufc83 6 months ago

      Got you, hope you had a good one.

  21. 6 months ago

    Norwich 2 v Sheffield Utd 6 major shock Sheffield Utd win brilliant effort and kinda speechless on that one !
    Goes to show that the heavy favourite here was outplayed and outscored .
    Cantwell lost his head tbh and no one saw that coming.
    Tournament favourite goes out !
    The 50/1 outsider goes through.

    I think that’s taught me my own lesson ignoring to wait for team news about Mousset and going with hype of Cantwell.

    Norwich v Sheffield Utd Cantwell to win LOST ❎ 2-6

    ACCA now lost❎

    The over goals still running. As over 4.5 and over 3.5 goals

  22. jstuhhs 6 months ago

    UEFA have decided that if top European leagues are unable to finish their current campaigns due to the coronavirus crisis, then next season’s European places will be chosen on ‘sporting merit’, it has been reported.


    • bixieupnorth 6 months ago

      thats all the usual big teams then, so crooked!! sporting merit my arse, likely tv audience more likely

  23. 6 months ago

    I’m ashamed and have very much lot to learn to be a tipper like the experts on here

    • jstuhhs 6 months ago

      Dont be ashamed every good tipster (and bad ones) get it wrong now and again

  24. jstuhhs 6 months ago

    Dont be ashamed every good tipster (and bad ones) get it wrong now and again

  25. 6 months ago

    “otherwise listen out for team news on Sheff Utd Mouset and Leicester Ndidi(he’ll give it a go!) to see if they can ‘shock’ FIFA gaming community in beating Norwich or Wolves”

    Hope people listened to that advice.
    I was so convinced on Cantwell at 1/4 that i ignored the pre match amble (find the broadcast decidedly annoying) unlike listening to wilf Ndidi so I had no idea what Mosset said pre match.

    Any one hear his comments ??
    Cantwell moaned afterward he already lost 2 matches playing today ! Unbelievable tbh.

    Still up overall but found disappointing that result.

    At this time Everton Gomes and Wolves Jota are 5/1 to win tournament though I’m sure that’s changed as favourite from Norwich fave got out and have looked the 2 best FIFA 20

    • alex_mufc83 6 months ago

      Unlucky with Cantwell everyone including the bookies had him as clear favourite, he just had a bad game and Mousset an underdog who was unknown.
      I watched it and he barely said anything at all, he couldn’t hear the commentators well and when he did, he answered with a couple of words only you didn’t miss much lol. He played himself down prematch though.

  26. 6 months ago

    I ‘ppreciate ya there mate however I can’t be going round shouting up 1/4 tips and them not landing.
    I can be learning though . That occasion learning from my own advice.
    It’s quite telling that pre tournament favourites in these FIFA tournaments haven’t been landing the ‘title’ or ‘cup’ and that players/teams have come through to make strong showings and win.

    Gomes was 33/1 pre tournament for the epremier league for example and Mousset odds as high as 80 I think.

    In the Ultimate Quaran-Team tournament wolves representative I saw at some point was around 25/1 to win.
    That was 128 team tournament

    In the #stayintertoto cup
    Bournemouth 33/1
    Walsall 33/1
    And other teams higher odds still there on quarter final

    So it’s a suggestion that there are mis pricing going on as such.

    Now on to the Billing V Maupay match coming up shortly Bournemouth v Brighton

    Billing/ Bournemouth are also playing later in quarter final of the #stayintertoto cup
    Has clear pedigree and momentum

    Both odds are equal at 6/5 for the win.
    As said can’t separate very difficult
    The only slight nod to Billing would be because he has been regularly playing.

    Maupay though is pretty hard core intense on this and Billing has a laid back attitude and a decent confidence

    I see game as far too hard to call and will enjoy
    I do have Billing to win both this tournament and the #stayintertoto but I’ll save my powder because he could easily lose this as much as he could win!


    • chumpchange 6 months ago

      That last game was the most intense so far in the comp. I would never have thought it possible to get that nervous over betting on a computer game!

      We have just seen the tournament winner in Maupay. He is different class to the others.

  27. weeguy 6 months ago

    Thanks to Deano86 and Elvis for the good luck👍
    Minsk 3+ goals 6/4

    • elvis parsley 6 months ago

      The goal God’s delivered then Weeguy 🔘🍺

    • weeguy 6 months ago

      Yeah mate cheers 🍻

  28. bertie 6 months ago

    Get on James Richardson for the remote League of darts @ 100/30 with sky bet should give you a real good run for your money should have to much class for the BDO players as he is ex PDC

    • chumpchange 6 months ago

      which site is this as I can only see match betting and not overall comp?

  29. 6 months ago

    Brighton/Maupay 4- 2 Bournemouth Billing
    Decent match Maupay deserved win never being behind but very close and 2 late goals finished off a very competitive tie which looked like heading for a draw.

    Over 3.5 goals
    Over 4.5 goals

    @Alexmufc having seen all the teams / players any particular strong fancies ?

    And fingers crossed on the final leg of the over treble tip you shouted out with the last match coming up around 4pm Burnley v Arsenal .


    • alex_mufc83 6 months ago

      Cracking game that was, never thought I’d be on the edge of my seat watching a FIFA live stream but that was class, could’ve gone either way

      For me too difficult to call a winner and it’s whoever turns up on the day, Maupay is as good as Jota in my opinion.

      Mousset was really good today and not far behind those two.

      Sterling is good at attacking but not so good at defence. Alexander-Arnold a good player too.

      Can see Maupay or Jota going on to win but no way am putting money on it.

      I’m just sticking to goals, preferring Over 3.5 MGls. Tomorrow there’s only 2 games so will have a think about what to go for.
      I think Alexander-Arnold v Atsu is going to be a one-sized affair based on what I’ve seen so far (I expect Alexander-Arnold to be the clear winner).

    • alex_mufc83 6 months ago


  30. xbets 6 months ago

    Table Tennis 1530
    Andrey Menshikov to beat Andrey Titov @5/4 ladbrokes
    sensible stake please as i use my winnings to place bets and i post only value bets .

  31. maccathered 6 months ago

    No joy in Belarus.
    Well done all winners

  32. bertie 6 months ago

    Cumpchange the remote darts overall betting is on sky bet currently 100/30 Richardson is top of the table and unbeaten at the moment

    • chumpchange 6 months ago

      cheers sir.

    • chumpchange 6 months ago

      Richardson and Williams both made mincemeat of their opponents. John Boy Walton looks a shadow of his former self. Had them both in a -3.5 game handicap double. Cheers for the tip.

  33. Deano86 6 months ago

    First half goals in belarus was a goal short in both games but minsk just about got there with the team goals bet and the over 2.5 match goal double landed 👍

  34. alex_mufc83 6 months ago

    FIFA tip went to plan. The quarter finals are likely to be tighter affairs, 4 goals still very achievable though so will likely do all 3 again as a treble. Goal short in Belarus for the other lower stake pick.

    eSports – FIFA Invitational

    Jota (Wolves) v Ndidi (Leicester)
    Brighton (Maupay) v Billing (Bournemouth)
    Franceschi (Arsenal) v McNeill (Burnley)

    All 3 games Over 3.5 MGls ✅✅✅
    2 POINTS

    • 6 months ago


  35. craneguy 6 months ago


    neman overs, smolevichi o3.5mgs 6/5 LOST……….. goal short in smolevichi game


    managua 20s

    u3.5mgs evens
    u2.5mgs 5/2

  36. thepars 6 months ago

    Chump change
    U can get Richardson at 100/30 on bet365

    • chumpchange 6 months ago

      cheers i’m on.

  37. alex_mufc83 6 months ago

    Waiting for all 4 of tomorrow’s eFIFA games to be added properly to Mr Play, will either do O3.5 MGls Treble again or the 4-Fold. Will post when full markets have been added.

    Also tomorrow in the Belarus Reserve matches. Odds likely to be shortened this evening so getting on now;

    Brest O1.5 TGls
    Minsk O1.5 TGls
    2 POINTS

    All 3 Reserves games Over 2.5 MGls
    2 POINTS

    • alex_mufc83 6 months ago

      *all placed with Mr Play

  38. 6 months ago

    Can anyone explain on Darts match coming up at 620pm between Boris Koltsov v Jason Askew
    Modus Icons of Darts
    Boris Koltsov is 11/10 outsider despite beating Askew 5-1 twice most recentky.

    Monday and Tuesday Boris Koltsov won both times convincingly yet askew is fave at 4/6 ?

    • 6 months ago

      It was 5-4 win to askew didn’t bet as don’t get this darts thing ?! But wondering if anyone knew much . Cheers anyway for anyone with information generally on what to look for in darts.

    • elvis parsley 6 months ago


      I’ve found as they have been playing often recently it’s rare one player will beat the other 3 or 4 times on the bounce.
      Njiman was top dog last week in the mornings, but not as good this week, Adams was poor last week but won 8 on the bounce last 2 days.

      I backed a player last week who had his highest average yet 90.99, scored most 180 and 140 had best checkout average and lost 5-4 🎯 bonkers.

      Tbh I just do one, maybe 2 a day for interest, none if there is footy on
      I’ve also noticed Boyle sports often offer better prices for total legs and handicaps 🎯

      Basically what I’m saying is treat it as a fun bet and don’t go overboard with stakes.

      I see some players laughing and joking so maybe they aren’t in the same zone that they would be in for circuit competition.

      By the way well done for taking your time out to do your fifa write ups, they’re not for me but where there is money to be made why not bud 🌈

  39. Deano86 6 months ago

    Tomorrow belarus reserves,

    Gorodeja/BATE, over 3.5 goals 21/20

    Goodluck lads….

  40. craneguy 6 months ago

    belarus reserves tomorrow………….

    brest btts, gorodeya & mozyr u4.5mgs 17/10

  41. elvis parsley 6 months ago

    Pdc darts.
    Phil Taylor v Martin Adams.
    Adams +1 handicap 5-6 (Boyle sports)

    this is a best of 7 match, won’t see it as I will be clapping the NHS.

    • 6 months ago

      Elvis any good with Phil Taylor thought that darts guy had retired tbh ? I mean I’m not big on it but fair play to them all playing from home.

      I only just checked in with this thread and appreciate your feedback on the darts. Wise words.
      I’ll have to keep observing with this thanks
      And may look to follow in on people’s tips here for the fun side of things

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