WEDNESDAY has quite a few games that have been on the radar here at BP Towers with Norway, Estonia and Iceland providing the action.

We've done quite well recently in these countries so hopefully we can keep that run going with what's on offer today.

ICELAND 4 DIELD, 9pm (Bet365, Paddy Power, SportingBet)
KFG v Stokkseyri

KFG sit top of this 4 Deild group having hit 20 goals in their 5 matches while conceding 7. Stokkseyri are struggling, sitting 2nd bottom having conceded 18 in 5 and having lost four out of their five games so far.

KFG are one of the strongest teams in 4 Dield and have a prolific home scoring record having bagged 7, 5 & 3 in their home games so far. They also hit 8, 5,7 & 2 in their four home ties during the pre-season league cup campaign. Stokkseyri are a side from a small village in Iceland and are struggling to find their way in this league now. They conceded six on the raod to Alftanes, a side that KFG beat 2-1 away from home last week. Stokkseyri also lost 6-1 to Kongarnir at home last week, a side who are new to the leagues in Iceland.

Over 1.5 KFG first half goals (17/20)
Over 3.5 & 4.5 KFG team goals (8/11 & 9/5)

NORWAY 2 DIV, 6pm (Bet365, Paddy Power, VCbet)
Charlottenlund v Stjordals/Blink

This is Rosenborg 3's league and a league that loves a goal. Stjordals started the season as one of the favourites to win it but haven't had the greatest of starts while Charlottenlund sit near the foot of the table having been conceding goals all over the place.

Stjordals have won their last three matches and are starting to find a bit of the form that saw them being tipped up to top this league. They have managed two goals in each of their last three away games against much better opposition than this and we expect them to hit three at the very least today. Charlottenlund's home games have produced an astonishing amount of goals this season. In their last seven home matches only one has failed to go over three total goals with the rest being 8,7,9,7,10 & 10. Charlottenlund will no doubt score today and this game should see at least five hitting the back of the net to bring up the Over4.5 goal line.

Over 2.5 first half goals
Over 3.5 Stjordals team goals
Over 4.5 & 5.5 total goals

ESTONIAN CUP, 5.30pm (Bet365)
Kivioli irbis v JK Kose

This game is one of the final matches of the 1st round of the Estonian Cup and sees 2nd tier outfit Kivioil Irbis face up to 5th tier minnows JK Kose. Kivioli are struggling in their league, but considering that their second string play in the same level as JK Kose their is a clear gulf here. Kose have conceded 27 goals in 10 matches so far in their league and sit 9th of the 12 sides.

The Kivioli manager is quoted as saying that his side ‘cannot afford to underestimate their opponents' and will be taking this game seriously as they look to make the second round so we can't see him flinging out a second string side here. The side that sit 3rd in JK Kose's league faced up to a top tier side a few weeks ago in this round and lost 11-1. The Over 4.5 goal line should be fine here at just under even money.

Over 1.5 first half goals
Over 4.5 total goals

GOOD LUCK TODAY.. We may have a few more in-players later and will post on to the comments section.. BP

  1. Ruby 9 years ago

    Looks good BP will be on them all. You fancy the other Estonian Cup game too? Ajax sitting top of the fourth tier against 6th tier opposition. Ajax won a league game 9-1 this month.

  2. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    Cheers BP

  3. Richard 9 years ago

    The stats on the Kivioli game are amazing – 24 shots in the first 40 mins. How it’s still 0-0 I’ll never know.

  4. Horsing Around 9 years ago

    Wow…..that’s where Emile Heskey must be playing then.

  5. Bounty Punter 9 years ago

    How there was no goals in Kivioli is beyond me.. looks like I may have lobbed a few poor bets here lads, hopefully KFG can bail this out and a few big second halfs

  6. Sly 9 years ago

    Sheesh who would believe that with 30 mins there would be 0-0 in the norwegian game? This looks like a bust unfortunately

  7. john 9 years ago

    Not the fault of the people that tip them up, idiot players that’s who

  8. Sly 9 years ago

    My tips for 7pm action:

    Glentoran womens vs Newbridge Predators women. Glentoran sits confortably in 1st place with an impressive 45-2 goal ratio. Newbrige is second from bottom and has the second worst defence in the league with 22 goals conceeded in 7 matches. I would tip the usual +1,5ht and +3,5ft and even +4,5ft

    Second match is Iceland u19 game between Breidablik vs IA u19. Breidablik is 2nd with the best attack (17 goals) and some a decent ammount conceeded (9 if you look at the first place with just 1 conceeded). IA is 4th but it has the 3rd worst defence in a goal ratio of 13-14. I predict this will be an open match and overs are possible. Same drill +1,5ht and +3,5ft.

    Final match is Hviti Riddarinn vs Ísbjörninn at 9pm for the Iceland 4th division

    BP already rightfully tipped the other game i was about to tip but i also like this one. Hviti is 3rd place with 3rd best attack 14 goals and 8 conceeded. Ísbjörninn is in last place with the worst attack in the league (19 conceeded) and lost the two last game. Isbjorninn already suffered two 6-0 defeats and hopefully this next game will also be a trashing. Using the same betting pattern. Cheers and i hope we have more luck than in the Charlottenlund game

  9. Horsing Around 9 years ago

    Really hope JK Kose win now.

    Cheers Sly.

  10. Patrick 9 years ago

    And btw, this has nothing to do with BP. I doubt a single person saw this one coming. A couple of early goals in the second half and we may be able to get a cover bet down! BP rarely gets many wrong so I’m very confident that KFG will do the business.

  11. Richard 9 years ago

    Kivioli 12 shots on target, 21 shots off target, 11 corners, 0 goals …..

  12. Sly 9 years ago

    Yes. It has nothing to do with the tip. I didn´t bet in the estonian match but who would have guessed that the norwegian match with all the indications would be 0-0 at ht? This is factually the first 3rd division Norway game i´ve bet without goals until ht. Happens. Hopefully the Iceland tip comes through now.

  13. Patrick 9 years ago

    Was actually considering Kose at 22/1 since matches like this have a sting, then they score!

  14. Sly 9 years ago

    Nice. Glentoran ht done and need one more in the Breidablik match

  15. Bounty Punter 9 years ago

    Horror show from me today, sorry lads. Time for a holiday i think..

    • Patrick 9 years ago

      Nah, law of averages states you were going to have a couple of misses. Can’t get 11-0 wins all the time :D

      I’m confident your 9pm will be a big success.

  16. Madi 9 years ago

    Worth getting on the 9pm game???

  17. Sly 9 years ago

    What? Don´t be silly. What about the 90% times you pick right and help people win alot of money? One bad day happens. Only ppl who don´t understand betting don´t know that.

  18. Horsing Around 9 years ago

    Shocking – even managed to pick Sly’s womens game but not the one that is already up.

  19. Patrick 9 years ago

    I was going to say it looked like we went on the wrong U19 game Sly as the other games are shitting goals but we got the late goal in the Breidablik game!
    Otherwise, luck has really deserted us and you know it’s going to be a bad day when Charlottenlund keep a clean sheet :(

  20. Sly 9 years ago

    1-1 Breidablik and 4-1 Glentoran ht. It´s 100% record so far. Hope it stays the same till the end of the night :)

  21. john 9 years ago

    1-1 in the Breidablik game

  22. Sly 9 years ago

    Yes. I checked the other games but this one looked to be the more safe bet. Guess i was wrong. Doesn´t matter since this one came through in the end too. I didn´t pick the other also because i bet strong on the Glentoran match so i couldn´t afford to use more money. Expected alot of goals in the Glentoran match but to tell you the truth not 5.

  23. Paul 9 years ago

    Cheers Sly, did the HT double with your two selections which recovered some of the earlier losses. :)

    BP, please don`t take a holiday mate! Just one of those days – hopefully the Iceland game will do the business!

  24. Sly 9 years ago

    Np mate. Hopefully the 9pm games also deliver ^^

  25. Sly 9 years ago

    There you go 5,5 ft Glentoran done. Hopefully more goals in the Breidablik game too

  26. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    Not at all BP, just a bad day at the office! Given your recent tips mate which have been 1st class, I think you can be forgiven! :)

    9pm will sort that out!

  27. Sly 9 years ago

    Yes. I have big hopes on his 9pm tip. It will make everyone forget Estonia and Norway

  28. Horsing Around 9 years ago

    Unfortunately, put five times as much on BP’s tips instead of Sly’s tips. Well done Sly. Unlucky BP, freaky day today. Roll on 9pm!

  29. Sly 9 years ago

    Breidablik bastards. One goal at the start of the second half and then nothing.

  30. Patrick 9 years ago

    This is it guys, let’s hope KFG and Hviti do what our other teams have not done and give their opponents a good slap!
    Something like what Grindavik women are doing right now would suffice!

  31. Horsing Around 9 years ago

    Why, why, why did I pick KFC?

  32. Patrick 9 years ago

    KFG missed a penalty. Ffs, I can’t believe the bad luck we’re having today.

  33. Sly 9 years ago

    It´s one of those days. So unlucky BP.

  34. Patrick 9 years ago

    I have lost a remarkable amount of bets due to missed penalties. Do they actually happen that often or is it me? Went big again so I’m not surprised.

  35. Patrick 9 years ago

    Still don’t think I’m jinxed Sly? lol!

  36. Sly 9 years ago

    Lol. I think the 9pm games aren´t worth in the recent past.

  37. Sly 9 years ago

    Disallowed. Amazing. You are not the one being jinxed. It´s Bp tonight

  38. Patrick 9 years ago

    Probably a bad time to mention this but I can’t remember the last time I’ve won a bet after the team in question missed a penalty.

    The last 2 days have just seen statistics pissed on from up high. Luck > research!

    BP’s tips were spot on today in terms of reasoning, stats and research but we’ve had Kiroli missed 56 shots, Charlottenlund keep their first clean sheet since 1987 (probably, KFG miss a penalty and as I type, have a goal chalked off for offside.

  39. Sly 9 years ago

    Well at least my tip has +1,5 ht done which is not bad. If KFG had scored the penalty and didn´t have the damm goal disallowed we would be set. It´s a conspiracy!!!

  40. Patrick 9 years ago

    I want to apologise to Bounty Punter because I have somehow passed my luck to him! I hope it washes off quickly! :(

  41. Patrick 9 years ago

    If we can just get one before HT and another before the 60 minute mark, the fishermen might collapse because it looks like KFG are battering them.

  42. Bounty Punter 9 years ago

    Did I say goals.. I meant corners!!

    Absolutely tragic day today, shots galore, domination of games, corners everywhere yet not a goal to be seen.. piss poor.

    Sorry lads

    • Patrick 9 years ago

      They have had 15 shots, missed a pen and had a goal disallowed. It will be worth betting on them if they actually score in the second half.

  43. weordie 9 years ago

    Finally a bit of luck for me, just logged on to bet365 to put £5 on Uruguay winning and as I typed in my password Brazil scored… if I’d logged in 10 seconds earlier and I’d have lost again

  44. Sly 9 years ago

    Don´t worry mate. Next times it will be 100% after this very unlucky day.

  45. Dertanyan 9 years ago

    I took total goal number 4 @5.75

    this one sided match should not end like that…

  46. Ryan N 9 years ago

    Goal 46th minute! Hopefully more to come

  47. Patrick 9 years ago

    The bellends then take 50 seconds to score in the second half! Could have done this half an hour ago lads. We’ll forgive you if you get 4 more!

  48. Patrick 9 years ago

    Then they decide to score a penalty this time! 2-0.

  49. Paul 9 years ago

    Had a small bet on over 2.5 at HT so that`s looking on now what with the second goal.

    Unlucky today BP, again great research. Please don`t disappear mate.

    • Patrick 9 years ago

      If Kivioli had taken one of their chances early doors, we might have seen something similar.

  50. Sly 9 years ago

    One more goal in the Hviti game and will only miss 1 tip in 6

  51. Patrick 9 years ago

    3-0! 1 more goal for the profits to start coming!

  52. Patrick 9 years ago

    4-0! This is chaos. Took less than 15 minutes for Dertanyan’s bet to come in!

  53. Sly 9 years ago

    Heh 4 0 Lovely. Now this is more like it

  54. Sly 9 years ago

    Lovely bet Derta

  55. Dertanyan 9 years ago

    Uuups…. 4-0… My bet turned everything reverse… For you are all guys… Cheers… :)

  56. tom mc 9 years ago

    Ha these Icelandic games have to be fixed. No goals first half, 4 in 15 min of second.

  57. Dertanyan 9 years ago

    I took 4.5 over before match and for cover just 4 goal before second half…. Now I have guaranteed profit :)

  58. Sly 9 years ago

    You might be onto something Tom mc. Remember Iceland was actually bankrupt some years ago :p

  59. tom mc 9 years ago

    Sly, im irish so maybe my people should try summat similar, cause we are seriously broke….(laughs and cries at same time)
    Keep up the good tips though. Much appreciated

    • Sly 9 years ago

      Heh i´m portuguese mate so we are in the same boat :p

  60. Sly 9 years ago

    WOOHOO 5-0 good times :) Ft done

  61. tom mc 9 years ago

    Ha good stuff. Goina gamble my way out of this recession

  62. Patrick 9 years ago

    6-0, bloody hell. Didn’t see that at HT.

    I hope BP comes back and takes a bow, he has earned it. He’s had sod all luck for the day but this second half is what his research deserves.

  63. Patrick 9 years ago

    5th day in a row where I’ve made a loss. Yet it almost feels like profit considering what the KFG game looked like at HT!

  64. Sly 9 years ago

    Can´t complain since FT came through nicely but it did look like a fix. I think KFG players bet under on ht :P

  65. Bounty Punter 9 years ago

    Never saw that coming, well hope some got something back from a day of ‘what could have beens’


  66. Ruby 9 years ago

    Hard lines last night BP, regardless of the results thanks for the tips and going by the stats in those games you were really unlucky. Hopefully, you keep up the tips on here!

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